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Pro-War Diane Feinstein, What Are The Alternatives?

Santa Barbara, 29.08.2006 15:08

Feinstein herself has directly profiteered from the U.S. imposed misery she voted for in Iraq. Her husband, Richard Blum, is a billionaire investor that together with CEO Ronald Tutor own investment companies that hold 75% of the voting stock in a company called Perini. On March 12, 2004 Perini was awarded a $500,000,000 contract for rebuilding the electrical infrastructure of southern Iraq. So Feinstein is profiting from the U.S. bombing of the Iraqi infrastructure as well as its inefficient rebuilding by private U.S. contractors.

Local Pols Take Stance on Global Warming

Philadelphia, 29.08.2006 14:38

when it comes to katrina, spike ain't cicero (film review)

Boston, 29.08.2006 14:08

Oak Bluffs, Mass - The isle of Martha’s Vineyard provides intriguing theater in mid and late august, particularly for black folk of means. There’s a “history”, and culture and cash often collide. This year cinema entered the equation on the evening of August 23rd when filmmaker Spike Lee, a summer resident of the island, rolled on and rolled out, his version of the events around August 29, 2005 when a hurricane named Katrina slammed into the gulf regions of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. On August 30th, the levees designed to protect “n’Orleans” broke, sending torrents of water and death into the city’s primarily Black and poor 9th Ward. “On the Vineyard…high cotton”, Mr. Lee said. “Lobster and stuff…Chardonnay. Think about ‘em over in the muck of New Orleans.”

Warped Priorities Exposed on Eve of Katrina Anniversary as Public Housing Resident Reoccupies Apartment

San Diego, 29.08.2006 14:08

A representative of HUD announced monday to 1000 contractors and executives meeting in Jefferson Parish that it would open 5000 public housing units in New Orleans previously slated for demolition; that Wal-Mart would withdraw from low-income neighborhoods to support local businesses; and that Exxon and Shell would spend $8.6 billion on wetland restoration in southern Louisiana.

Ok, so i didn't expect you to buy that, but...

Μεξικό / Οaxaca

Athens, 29.08.2006 13:08

Λαϊκή εξέγερση στην Oaxaca

National day of solidarity with Lebanon and Palestine

Aotearoa, 29.08.2006 12:11

#media_7410;left#Saturday September 2nd has been declared a national day of solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Palestine who are being brutalised and oppressed by the Israeli military. Marches and demonstrations around Aotearoa/New Zealand Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland Stop Israel's War On Palestine & Lebanon Meet at 1pm, Aotea Square Organised by Global Peace & Justice Auckland and Students for Justice in Palestine ALSO Action Against Rakon! September 1st, 12:30pm at Unite! offices (6a Western Springs Road, Morningside) for car pooling to Ellerslie or alternatively meet at 1pm outside the Ellerslie Racecourse, 80-100 Ascot Avenue, Greenlane. Global Peace and Justice Auckland and Students for Justice in Palestine are holding a joint demonstration at Rakon's first ever shareholder Annual General Meeting. Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington Israel OUT of Palestine & Lebanon Meet at 1pm, Glover Park (Ghuznee St), marching to Midland Park (Lambton Quay) Organised by the Wellington Palestine Group, Peace Action Wellington and Aotearoa Jews For Justice ALSO Fundraising Dinner Date/Venue to be confirmed Aotearoa Jews For Justice will be holding a dinner for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. It will raise funds for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Otautahi/Christchurch March against Israeli aggression and occupation Meet at 12 noon, Bridge Of Rememberance, marching to Cathedral Square ALSO Teach in September 23rd, venue to be confirmed Teach in and discussion on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict - giving a background to the current crisis and exploring opportunities for peace.

Hackers e animalisti s'icontrano...

Switzerland, 29.08.2006 10:37

Due importanti eventi controculturali si svolgeranno in contemporanea, agli inizi di settembre, nella vicina Italia, l'Hackmeeting06 e l'Incontro Nazionale per la Liberazione Animale.

:: Hackmeeting06
Si sta costruendo anche il nono hackmeeting, il consueto incontro annuale delle controculture digitali italiane. Al solito autogestito, autofinanziato e aperto a tutt* coloro che intendono sporcarsi le mani nella tecnologia, nell'informatica e nell'autogestione della propria vita, l'incontro si terra' nella citta' di Parma dal 1 al 3 settembre 2006 in uno spazio occupato per l'occasione. Offrira' a chi lo vivra' un modo diverso di pensare la rete tramite seminari, giochi, hacking, discussioni, laboratori e workshops e la possibilità di imparare a comunicare le proprie idee.

manifesto|storia|logistica| faq| seminari

:: Incontro per la liberazione animale
L'obiettivo primario dell'incontro, che si svolgerà dall'1 al 3 settembre a Montepastore (BO) è quello di allargare e migliorare la rete di attivisti e di gruppi locali, in modo che il cambiamento di rotta di questa società basata sullo sfruttamento parta dal basso, da chi predilige non delegare ma autorganizzarsi.

sito | info pratiche | programma | flyer

Nova lei de imigração: diferente retórica com o mesmo espírito

Portugal, 29.08.2006 09:08

Nova lei de imigração: diferente retórica com o mesmo espírito

Camp For Climate Action

United Kingdom, 29.08.2006 08:39

In the shadow of Drax power station, hundreds of activists have gathered at the Camp for Climate Action [see report and location | first pictures and call out]. The camp, which started officially on Saturday, August 26th, is based on squatted land and will have over 160 workshops over the course of the week. For more information and background, see the climate camp special reports section. Click the Full Article link for updates.

Sunday, 27 Aug - reports: 1 | 2 - photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Monday, 28 Aug - reports: Police Refuse Offer to Tour Climate Camp Site [2] | Kids Walk to Drax Power Station | Audio of Faslane Workshop

Desproporcionada situación

Argentina, 29.08.2006 08:39

Medio Oriente: Hecha la tregua, sigue el asedio

Desproporcionada situación

Argentina, 29.08.2006 07:08

Medio Oriente: Hecha la tregua, sigue el asedio

familias recibieron apoyo de varias organizaciones

Argentina, 29.08.2006 07:08

Desalojaron una casa comunitaria en La Plata

Xicana Moratorium Day Celebrated in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2006 06:39

Xicana Moratorium Day was celebrated on Sunday, August 27th in San Francisco's Dolores Park. The yearly event commemorates the original Chicano Moratorium Day in Los Angeles in 1970, when 30,000 marched and police rioted, killing three people. Youth in an organization called Huaxtec now organize the commemorative event. This year, around 1,500 people went to Dolores Park to enjoy hip-hop and roots Xicana music. The theme of the 2006 Xicana Moratorium was "Stop the Violence on the Borders and in the Streets." Photos

Whistleblwing the Nuclear Industry

Melbourne, 29.08.2006 05:11

Nuke Industry attacks Whistleblower over near Meltdown

100 Top Wage Earners

Worcester, 29.08.2006 04:21

City Employees: Top 100 Wage Earners for 2005

A look at the First Annual Sacco And Vanzetti Memorial Parade

Boston, 29.08.2006 04:19

On Sunday, August 27th, 2006, about 50 people braved the pouring rain to gather for the first annual Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial Parade.

Remembering Katrina and the Need for Climate Justice

DC, 29.08.2006 03:09

Nearly one year after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the Bush-Cheney Gang has done little, on the issue of global warming, to prevent another devastating disaster. At a rally, on Aug. 26, 2006, at the main headquarters of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm. (NOAA), Mike Tidwell, the author of “The Ravaging Tide,” charged that unless something is done now about the warming of our global atmosphere, more Katrinas are on their way.

Sentenza 11 Marzo

Italy, 28.08.2006 23:39

L'assurdo continua

Sentenza 11 Marzo

Italy, 28.08.2006 23:09

L'assurdo continua

Student fingerprinting - not so VeriCool

United Kingdom, 28.08.2006 23:08

While the national ID card scheme has been watered down a little, moves continue to increase tracking of us by using biometrics. One unexpected front where this dystopia is already rearing its ugly head is in our schools. Several companies, with VeriCool the current front runner, are aggressively marketing fingerprinting solutions – solutions to what is not exactly clear as we'll see – to primary and secondary schools, as well as libraries. Let us start by looking at one particular case, Impington Village College (IVC) on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Read on for the full story.
Links: LeaveThemKidsAlone | VeriCool | Indymedia article | BBC news article | BBC action network article | TES online article | Gummy finger article

Mike Cannon Show – Nazis in Madison &amp; Black Block.

Madison, 28.08.2006 23:08

Mike Cannon Show – Nazis in Madison & Black Block. Edited first hour of this weeks IndyMedia Radio for Central Wis. Download here:

La Comisión de Casas Ocupadas seguirá luchando por vivienda digna para los trabajadores y el pueblo

Argentina, 28.08.2006 22:38

Fue desalojada la casa comunitaria

Pro-War Diane Feinstein, What Are The Alternatives?

Santa Barbara, 28.08.2006 22:07

Feinstein herself has directly profiteered from the U.S. imposed misery she voted for in Iraq. Her husband, Richard Blum, is a billionaire investor that together with CEO Ronald Tutor own investment companies that hold 75% of the voting stock in a company called Perini. On March 12, 2004 Perini was awarded a $500,000,000 contract for rebuilding the electrical infrastructure of southern Iraq. So Feinstein is profiting from the U.S. bombing of the Iraqi infrastructure as well as its inefficient rebuilding by private U.S. contractors.

Ribbon Cutting on Completion of Missing Link to Southwest Bike Path This Monday -- Murray Street Underpass

Madison, 28.08.2006 21:09

Considered elsewhere as the "bicycling capital of the Midwest", the City of Madison lives up to its bicycling reputation this Monday, August 28, at 11:00 AM with a mayor-attended ribbon cutting ceremony in downtown Madison near the UW-campus, to recognize the successful completion of construction of an 18-mile loop running throughout Southwest and central Madison.

Regional ARA actions against the NSM last saturday

Madison, 28.08.2006 21:09

On the 25th After more than a month of promotion and trying to persuade people into caring about something so obvious as fascism in our own backyards we managed to attract a relatively small but more experienced group of down ass folk from the Midwest (mainly from Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago). We held a regional ARA meeting the day before the NSM rally to come to a consensus about what we were willing as a group to do and what seemed possible with the numbers present. Since actual confrontation didn’t seem likely with the projected numbers of the police being 500, with the numbers of our small group being about 20 at the meeting, and 3 layers of fencing, our strategies focused on intimidation of NSM members and prevention or at least a delay of the arrival of their police escorted convoy.

Rustbelt TV - new season

Pittsburgh, 28.08.2006 20:39

Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006!

Busy Week for Community Courtwatch

Urbana-Champaign, 28.08.2006 20:09

Update on Community Courtwatch

Workers Rights Trampled by Federal Government Reforms

Perth, 28.08.2006 18:09

Defend the right to strike - Aug 29 solidarity with CFMEU 107

ARA Photos Agsinst the Nazis

Madison, 28.08.2006 18:08

pictures from around the Anti-Racist Action Bloc on Saturday

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.08.2006 17:09

GUNNS 20 writ rejected - a slap in the face for SLAPPs

call to action for jail solidarity for those arrested at anti neo nazi protest

Madison, 28.08.2006 17:08

As of right now, at 3:36pm, at least one person (possibly from new jersey) participating in the anti racist action bloc (some masked, some not) are in police custody. At least 4 other were arrested (from at least milwaukee and chicago) at one point and have been released already.

kontraŭfaŝismo (eo)

Barcelona, 28.08.2006 16:09

70 jarojn post la puĉo kaŭzinta la Hispanan Enlandan Militon, ĉu ne jam temp' estas por la justeco?

Dum la 20a jarcento multegaj landoj spertis militajn konfliktojn kaj diktatorajn aŭ perfortajn periodojn, sed post demokratiiĝo oni iel okazigis revizian procezon, riparadon kaj justecon por la viktimoj de tiaj reĝimoj kaj por la socio. La Hispana Ŝtato, kun unu el la plej malnovaj kaj longaj perfortaj reĝimoj ankoraŭ staras malantaŭ multaj aliaj landoj, kiel Argentino aŭ Ĉilio, suferintaj post ĝi similajn reĝimojn. La laŭdire modela transiro, la laŭŜtupa demokratiiĝo kaj bela titolo por leĝo ne forgesigu nin, ke oni devas fari justecon, restarigi la memor-kulturon, malaperigi la restaĵojn de la faŝismo en niaj vilaĝoj kaj ripari la doloron de la viktimoj de ;terura diktaturo, kia estis la frankismo.

Fari justecon ankaŭ postulas la restarigon de la memorkulturo sen fortranĉoj: Emfaza NE al la leĝo de la hispana registaro pri la "Historia Honto" ::: bedaŭro kaj elreviĝo de la Komisiono por la Digno antaŭ la leĝopropono publikigita de la hispana registraro ::: pledoj por nuligi la juĝojn de la faŝismo kaj fari justecon ::: Omaĝo de Ariadna Pi al la batalintoj kaj rezistintoj de julio 1936

rilataj novaĵoj: EL JÚPITER (Poble Nou, Barcelono, de la 19a de julio de 1936 ĝis la Forumo 2004) ::: Savintoj de Katalunio ::: 70 jaroj da subfosado de la sistemo ::: Makisoj: cele al restarigo de la memorkulturo ::: En la parlamento oni planas proklami la 3an hispanan respublikon ::: Revolucio kaj enlanda milito en Hispanio - DVDisko - Nova dokumentfilmo de Contraimagen

+infoj: >>>kontraŭfaŝismo

L'odissea di Erdogan in Svizzera

Switzerland, 28.08.2006 16:07

Da diversi mesi è in atto una mobilitazione popolare con lo scopo di impedire l'estradizione, dalla Svizzera verso la Turchia, di E. Erdogan. Quest'ultimo, militante politico, ha fatto richiesta di asilo per cercare di sfuggire all'ergastolo inflittogli dallo stato turco che lo accusa, dal 2002, sulla base di dichiarazione ottenute tramite tortura, dell'uccisione di un poliziotto.
Erdogan è stato arrestato il 21 febbraio 2006 a Biel-Benken (BL) e in seguito trasferito in quattro prigioni differenti. Dal 10 al 31 luglio ha portato avanti uno sciopero della fame per denunciare il trattamento ricevuto dall'amministrazione svizzera, la criminalizzazione della lotta del popolo kurdo e l'uso della tortura da parte della Turchia.

L'estradizione di Erdogan non sarebbe un caso isolato. Le pretese da parte della Turchia per l'estradizione dei rifugiati politici stanno aumentando. A causa dell'inasprimento della legge sull'asilo, diventa sempre più difficile sia per i rifugiati politici che per i rifugiati per ragioni umanitarie, vivere legalmente in Svizzera.

Materiali: Alleanza contro i rimpatri in Turchia | manif 18.3 - striscione a Basilea - manif 20.5 - manif 29.6

Toll Brothers and Urban Sprawl

Philadelphia, 28.08.2006 14:38

Proteste für bedingungslose Rechte - ein Jubiläum?

Austria, 28.08.2006 14:37

"Am 30. August 2006 ruft die Initiative: Ehe ohne Grenzen bereits den 20. Mittwoch in Folge zu einer Kundgebung vor dem Innenministerium in Wien, um gegen staatliche Rassismen zu protestieren. Außer "unmoralischer Angebote" kam von Seiten der PolitikerInnen und Beamten kein Entgegenkommen. Statt dessen gab es zahlreiche ablehnende Bescheide. So gibt es für viele Menschen nach wie vor ein de-facto Heiratsverbot in Österreich, vielen bereits verheirateten Paaren wird das Zusammenleben erschwert oder verunmöglicht, Schubhaft und Abschiebung inclusive. Dabei kommt es immer wieder zu Misshandlungen und Folter... Kein Wunder also, dass viele Menschen in Österreich (und anderen Ländern der EU) nicht ohne Angst leben können. Widerstand gegen Rassismen und Ausgrenzung inclusive.

Higher Ed. in NYC: NYU's GSOC to Drop Strike as New Year Begins

NYC, 28.08.2006 14:08

we'll let you know that as the year begins we will not be on strike. This is primarily because the turnover the bargaining unit is so large each year (probably about a quarter of workers are replaced) that last year's strike authorization vote would no longer have legitimacy. Our pressure campaign continues, however, as we work to organize the group of brand new employees who start work over the next two weeks, and we expect exciting things to happen this semester. [Read More]

Higher Ed. in NYC: The Gentrification of City College

NYC, 28.08.2006 14:08

City College of NY (CCNY) like Hunter College, which is the only other 4-year CUNY college where there are dorms, reserves a huge chunk of its housing for the CUNY Honors program, which which is a program that is at the forefront of creating an elite section of the university in the 4-year colleges of CUNY, through scholarships to students primarily based on standardized test scores- which are not actually a good marker of a students actual intellgence, but rather, their class and race. [Read More]


santiago, 28.08.2006 13:39

Comunero Mapuche muere en allanamiento policial

un ostello a 5 stelle

Italy, 28.08.2006 08:38

Un ostello a 5 stelle!

un ostello a 5 stelle

Italy, 28.08.2006 08:38

Un ostello a 5 stelle!

Ecological Rights

Perth, 28.08.2006 08:09

Palmer Forest tree sit activist aquitted

La Batllia haurà d’investigar l’actuació del cap de la UPB en l’afer “Mármol Rojo”

Andorra, 28.08.2006 08:07

La Batllia haurà d’investigar l’actuació del cap de la UPB en l’afer “Mármol Rojo”

House Arrest

Melbourne, 28.08.2006 07:39

Ruddock places Curfew on Jack Thomas


Argentina, 28.08.2006 06:38

Demarcación del circuito represivo en Santa Fe


Argentina, 28.08.2006 06:38

Demarcación del circuito represivo en Santa Fe

Calling ALL Working People - Labor Day 2006

Rogue Valley, 28.08.2006 03:39

* * * * * * * * * * * * YOU ARE INVITED! * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oregon State Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner will deliver keynote address.

Its time to celebrate the many contributions of the working class.

This year's Labor Day picnic will be at beautiful Tou Velle State Park on the Rogue River and planners have put together an afternoon of food & fun...

Escape the hustle and bustle. Lunch on the Rogue beneath the Table Rocks. Play horseshoes! Let someone else do the cooking.
BTW, you retirees are "working people", too, as you well know.

street poster Portland, OR


Valparaiso, 28.08.2006 02:37

Domingo 27 Agosto 2006 | En la calle nuevamente

VALPARAISO: Prende de nuevo el fuego de los pinguinos


Colombia, 28.08.2006 02:09

Bogotanos pagarían 180 mil millones por Peña-losas de Cemex

Portlands Homeless Busine$$

Portland, 28.08.2006 01:38

For six years before I left to run for Sheriff of Multnomah County, I worked with homeless men, as the de-facto day to day manager of a homeless men's shelter in Portland. From this position I had an opportunity to observe the other major players in the local homeless business. And believe me, it is a business. Unfortunately, over the years I came to realize that neither the nomeless population they serve nor the tax payers that foot the bills are top priority of these agencies. What is priority?

Portland IMC Newsletter for Aug 27, 2006

Portland, 28.08.2006 01:38

Portland IMC Newsletter for Aug 27, 2006. Featuring articles:

Please help print and distribute...related: portland imc print

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