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Climate Camp News, Wed 30th August: &quot;If not Tomorrow, then When?&quot;

United Kingdom, 31.08.2006 10:08

The Camp for Climate Action has been hailed as a success, with an impressive collective commitment to organising the camp in an environmentally-friendly way, and with hundreds of people just over half way through a packed programme of workshops. One statement said:

"What has really struck me is the way in which everyone who has come to the camp is getting involved. People from all walks of life and with all sorts of previous experiences are here, and everyone is doing their bit to make the camp tick. From action planning to compost toilet building, everyone is getting involved..." [read more]
See also Life at the Camp - a personal perspective | todays pics from inside the camp.

Thursday sees the Reclaim Power mass day of action against Drax Power Station, and preparations are underway with people making banners, puppets and other props.

Meanwhile throughout the day the police have been using Section 60 powers to stop and search all people entering or leaving the Climate Camp [report and pictures 1 | 2] Undeterred, people continue coming and going, some taking tours around the increasingly guarded perimeter of Drax power station [pics]. Later in the afternoon at around 2.30pm the police were denied entry to the camp [report and pictures] in a peaceful but strong reaction by camp residents, with similar scenes repeated again at around 5.30pm [report].

Seel also: Drax Shares Take A Slide | Drax to Stop Smoking | Power Line Pole Allegedly Cut | Oldbury Nuclear Power Reactors to Close | Feminism and Climate Change [more] | Green Spirituality Workshop | Greenwashing Climate Change

omicidio a focene

Italy, 31.08.2006 06:39

L'ennesima vile aggressione con lame alla mano

Inky in Continued Decline

Philadelphia, 31.08.2006 04:17

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 31.08.2006 03:09

Swan Valley Nyungah Community: Legal action finally coming to trial

Please Help.

Portland, 31.08.2006 02:38

As most of you know I had my court date for "Resisting arrest" "Dissordly Conduct" "Interfering With A Public Sidewalk" on March 4th 2006 at Schumacher Furs. I only got charged with one offence which was Interfering with a public sidewalk. I need to raise $350.00 for court fees. Anyone have any ideas so I can get this taken care of. I had a job and then got fired the next day after court. Please help and post some ideas to this bulletin [ Read More ] [ Related to Schumachers ]


Portland, 31.08.2006 02:38

It began on May 15 this year when teachers belonging to the 70,000 strong National Union of Education Workers in Oaxaca, Mexico took to the streets for the first time to press their demands to the state government to address their long-neglected needs. They included restructuring teachers' salaries, improving the deplorable educational infrastructure forcing teachers to conduct classes in laminated cardboard shacks, a lack of books and other educational materials and providing food for the many impoverished children who come to school each day hungry.

After Chiapas, Oaxaca is the poorest of Mexico's 31 states, each of which has its own constitution and elected governor and representatives to the state congresses. Both states share a common border in the extreme south of the country, and both are predominantly rural which exacerbates the impoverishment of their people. That poverty level worsened substantially in the 1980s and especially in last dozen years because of the neoliberal so-called "free market" policies adopted by President Carlos Salinas and maintained by successive presidents up to the present that included the destructive NAFTA trade agreement with the US and Canada. [ Read More ] [ ]

DC-IWW and Supporters Picket Starbucks in DC to Support Fired NYC Organizers

DC, 31.08.2006 01:09

On August 28th, 5 members of the Washington DC Industrial Workers of the World (DC-IWW) and several local supporters met at Dupont Circle to stage an informational picket of the nearby Starbucks.

2007 G8 Summit set for Germany

NYC, 31.08.2006 01:08

On June 6-8, 2007, the G8 Summit will be held in northern Germany. Radical activists have been meeting to plan protests since January and have just completed a protest camp (Campinski) in the area of the summit one year early. Many other political groups are organizing as well. Come if you can, get informed or organize solidarity events-smash capitalism.

Mexico’s Walls Exclaim: “The revolution of the 21st Century will arise in Oaxaca”

NYC, 31.08.2006 01:08

Some of the teacher’s demands include living wages, sanitary schools, text books, and more public school facilities. Historically, these strikes have lasted short periods of time and caused minimal or no disruption to the state’s economy. The government, except for minor concessions, has been able to ignore the teacher’s strikes and their demands

Nuclear Waste

Melbourne, 31.08.2006 00:39

Communities Unite to Oppose National Nuclear Waste Dump

Propuestas Represivas

Argentina, 31.08.2006 00:38

Vos podés ser la próxima víctima


Argentina, 30.08.2006 21:39

La iglesia se debate entre la vida y la muerte

el municipio no cumple

Argentina, 30.08.2006 21:08

Ba$ura in$o$tenible

Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Blockaded For Ten Hours

United Kingdom, 30.08.2006 20:09

Climate Action News: Tues 29th August:
From 8am a group of nine climate change campaigners blockaded the front and back gates of Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, sending out the message that nuclear power is not the solution to climate change. The blockade was in place for ten hours until the last person was cut out of the arm tubes they had locked themselves into to form the blockade. Police arrested a total of twenty people including non-blockading supporters and a freelance journalist.
[see Blockade Reports + Updates | Reclaim Power Press Release | Mobile Photos | More Photos + Report]

Climate Camp News:
The comprehensive programme of workshops continues at the camp, with sessions on practical steps individuals can make to reduce their impact upon the environment, across to debates about biofuels and carbon trading schemes. See Workshop Audio Interviews [1 | 2]

A Bicycology cycle caravan left en masse from the Climate Camp to establish a presence in nearby Selby town centre, holding bicycle maintenance workshops and promoting sustainable energy [Report and Pics].

During the day the police were allowed onto the site for a walking tour around the camp, as well as the fire brigade [see Reports + Pics]. Meanwhile in the evening people at the camp continued preparing for the day of mass action on thursday.

IMC Now Hiring

Urbana-Champaign, 30.08.2006 18:09

The IMC is now taking applications for these positions: Treasurer, Book keeper, Membership Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator. Read the job descriptions and application process here:

Lessons from Katrina: One Year Later

Boston, 30.08.2006 17:08

“The source of the flood is not the water, is gentrification,” said Keric Johnson from the Builders Guild at a rally yesterday in Roxbury organized by the Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee to remember the ongoing suffering of the people of New Orleans from Katrina and its aftermath. “The land belongs to the people. It isn’t the water that drove us away, it’s the globalization of the economy, it’s the end of the post-industrial cities. We need to build a damn ourselves.” Photos by Jonathan McIntosh

Another priceless moment with American President George w. Bush

Miami, 30.08.2006 16:37

Another priceless moment with American President George w. Bush

9 Arrested in Action to Reopen New Orleans Public Housing

United States, 30.08.2006 15:07

At 2pm on Monday Gregory "DJ" Christy, a resident of the Lafitte housing development, joined by more than 70 supporters entered his apartment with the intention of reoccupying it for the first time since August 2005. 9 supporters of Christy were arrested in the attempt to reopen public housing. All 9 have been bailed out of the Orleans Parish Prison.

Christy’s apartment was opened by a group of activists including C3/Hands Off Iberville and the United Front for Affordable Housing. Legal observers from the Common Ground Collective were onsite to monitor the police response. Read report...

Related: Pay To Be Saved: The Future of Disaster Response by Naomi Klein | San Diego IMC: Warped Priorities Exposed on Eve of Katrina Anniversary as Public Housing Resident Reoccupies Apartment | Philly IMC: A Call for Housing on Katrina Anniversary | Portland IMC: Once You’ve Been Homeless, You Can Never Go Back | NY IMC: Blogwire Roundup - Katrina Plus One | DC IMC: Demonstrators demand climate justice on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Revolta social em Oaxaca

Portugal, 30.08.2006 14:09

Revolta social em Oaxaca

BIMC Film Night: Land and Freedom

Bristol, 30.08.2006 14:08

70th Anniversary Spanish Civil War- Monday September 4th 2006 @ Cube Cinema 70th Anniversary Spanish Civil War- Monday September 4th 2006 @ Cube Cinema Monday September 4th 2006 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds.This year is the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Many see this as a prelude to the second wold war as it drew in Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy, Stalin's Russia and volunteers from all over the world who came to fight the fascists and to fight for a better world. As the anarchist Buenaventura Durruti said of the struggle; "We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that. The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing this minute." This months Indymedia film night brings you 'Land and Freedom', Palme d'Or winner Ken Loach's multiple award winning account of a British volunteer who fights in the Spanish Civil war. Film is based loosely on George Orwell's book 'Homage to Catalonia' and tells the story of one ordinary persons journey from Liverpool to Spain to fight for his belief. The film uses all of Loach's skill and technique to craft a film of substance, emotion and beauty that is in stark contrast to much of the vacuous entertainment in the Hollywood mold.Full ArticleVenue: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Land and Freedom / 70th Anniversary Spanish Civil War | Also Of Interest: Sunday Lockdown: Prisoner Support Night, Sunday 2nd September films on show - 'Surplus-Terrorized Into Being Consumers.' Winner of the Silver Wolf award for best short documentary 2003 and Green With a Vengeance; "Welcome to the struggle of all species to be free." | Contribute An Article

A Call for Housing on Katrina Anniversary

Philadelphia, 30.08.2006 12:38

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 30.08.2006 12:08

Bigwigs pillaging the territory

The bigwigs; transnational companies, corrupt politicians, landowners, companies groups' head managers, etc...enroll, with impunity, in the enrichment at the expense of mortal pillage of our territory, but the proliferation of denunciation platforms and actions both local and global makes their dirty work more and more harder.

town planning destroying territory the little pool: P. J. Ramírez corrupt initiative ::: and more... ::: summer campaign against obsolete and brutal town planning in Costa Daurada ::: Mallorca blazes against coast privatization ::: town planning saturation: the coasts leak ::: Let's save the coasts! ::: stop Mandraval town planning project ::: [caufec] little owners get angry ::: galicia: fire war ::: The Andalucia autonomous government opens the season for territory pillage
demeaning installations: Montilla warns he's in favour of MAT and the 4th belt! ::: S.O.S Portbou ::: Llorens Platform against the Maldà's concealed garbage dump ::: Vandellós2 out of order again due to a fault ::: Golf course in Tortosa, speculation go out!
energy at the expense of what? Nuclear, yes or no? ::: Nuclear plants doesn't guarantee the power supply Catalonia needs ::: the future of nuclear plants ::: REPSOL-YPF gets the Atila Award to the larger environment destruction in 2006
transnational friends of GMO: GMOs out of Earth. Report of state decree on coexistence. ::: solidarity with peasants assembly comrade

related news COLLSEROLA FIRE: Can Masdeu is working in wood maintenance since months ago ::: the wolf and the bear mark the path ::: Bombs against clouds, why does not rain in lleida's lands ::: reduce your gas consumption ::: A Device Burns Gas with an emission level close to zero ::: cyclemarch itoiz


The Pride Beatings

San Diego, 30.08.2006 11:38

On the surface, the reaction of the city and the police to the assaults that took place outside the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Pride Festival July 30 seem fine; mayor Jerry Sanders made appropriately supportive remarks and three suspects were in custody within days of the incident. But a closer look reveals both city officials and members of the Queer community more concerned about damage control and protecting the profits of Queer businesses and the estimated $21 million the city takes in from the Pride events than in actually protecting the lives and safety of Queers in San Diego.

Links: Bigots Bash Queers | Security Guard Attacked Aug 1 | John Robert Wear Murder | Transgender Day of Remembrance

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 30.08.2006 11:08

Popular revolt in Oaxaca

Oaxaca state, specially Oaxaca city, continues on the warpath in a conflict which has lasted 3 months already. What started being a teachers struggle to demand labour improvements, has end becoming, since the removal attempt from Zocalo in June 14th, in a spreading popular struggle against Oaxaca's PRI governor Ulises Ruiz and the whole government cabinet.

The repression exerted during the attempt of removal was bloody and also was one of the causes to the involvement of many social organizations, collectives and individuals who helped in the resistance to removal and in the retake of this squatted space and more new ones.

Currently the situation continues being very critical and an increase of repressive practices by Ulises Ruiz's government has been detected, with several dead, missing and detained, and a drift of some sectors to more institutionalized positions.

Listen audios: Paramilitary attack to Radio Universidad ::: Police shots against the demonstration

more info: Oaxaca Indymedia ::: >>>latin america

“Creating Chaos” Teach-In Explores Middle East

San Diego, 30.08.2006 09:11

A teach-in called "Creating Chaos" in Golden Hill August 25, sponsored by the Middle East Cultural and Information Center (MECIC), featured three Arab-American speakers who challenged the view of Middle Eastern politics, especially the Israel-Lebanon war and the U.S. occupation of Iraq, commonly presented in the mainstream U.S. media. The speakers said the chaos created in the wake of the U.S. conquest of Iraq was deliberate and denounced the American peace movement for refusing to support the armed struggles of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in occupied Palestine and the resistance in Iraq.

Mantuvieron reunión con Educación

Argentina, 30.08.2006 07:08

Malestar en escuela Dalagaic Quitagac

Program Council/Management Bans Labor Programming By KPFA Labor Collective

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2006 07:08

On Labor Day, Monday September 4th, KPFA's Labor Collective will protest the station's banning of labor program proposals. People will gather at 1pm outside of KPFA's studios, 1929 Martin Luther King Drive at University in Berkeley. The Labor Collective says, "We call all supporters of 'Free Speech Radio' to join the picket line and speak out to protest the banning of labor programming proposals to KPFA."

martin draghon

Houston, 30.08.2006 05:08

Faulty HPD testimony leads to Martin Draghon being released from Death Row

Young Activists for Crummell School Dominate Ward 5 Town Hall

DC, 30.08.2006 04:21

PRESTON WILCOX - Activist/Schoar/Educator - Fondly Remembered

NYC, 30.08.2006 04:19

They dressed in their best - some humble, some proud, some silver haired, some silver tongued. Politicians, clergy, artists, elders, activists, scholars, family and friends gathered on Wednesday, at Benta's Funeral Home, to honor Preston Wilcox - activist/scholar/educator - who passed away in Harlem, on August 12, 2006, at the age of 82.

Ecological Rights

Perth, 30.08.2006 03:40

Acquitted Palmer forest rescuer gives account

Workers Rights Trampled by Federal Government Reforms

Perth, 30.08.2006 03:09

Perth: Workers take action as 107 people face Howard's anti-worker laws - This is not an Australia we want

Kelelahan Kaum Buruh Perkebunan

Jakarta, 30.08.2006 03:08

Diantara demikian banyak tumbuhnya serikat-serikat buruh independen yang ada saat ini, nyaris jarang sekali kita dengar tumbuh dan berkembang serikat buruh dari kalangan buruh perkebunan. Pasti ada, tetapi bertumbuhan dan pergerakannya tidak sedinamis gerakan buruh dari serikat buruh industri. ...

News about Japan/in Japanese

Japan, 30.08.2006 02:07

Some Japan-based activists continue to publish stories here, although most of what is posted is being hidden because it is neither Japan-related nor original. Please—if you are in Japan and involved in social justice issues—post something. You do not have to be involved in any particualr group, though people representing groups are ost welcome. In the interim, here are some things being published outside in other places. 反戦翻訳団-Antiwar Translation Brigade- OhMyNews 日本 OhMyNews Media Comments on OhMyNews Japanese version INTER-PRESS 日本語 INTERPRESS ASIA ENGLISH JANJAN ASIA MEDIA FORUM 田中宇の国際ニュース解説世界はどう動いているか NIKKAN BERITA 益岡賢のページ: 私はイラクでプロパガンダ見習い生だった, イラク・ファルージャ最新情報は『ファルージャ2004年4月』ブログへ,ウリベの新たな経済改革はコロンビア人ではなく企業を利する(8月15日)など 法政大学大原社会問題研究所 オイサー・オルグ OISR.ORG 総合案内 The Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University

La Rioja se organiza en asamblea

Argentina, 30.08.2006 01:09

Más comunidades contra la minería

&quot;They Have No Bread? Let Them Eat Cake!&quot;

Cleveland, 30.08.2006 00:37

We're Number 1! Cleveland Supplants Detroit as Poorest Big City in US!

Once You’ve Been Homeless, You Can Never Go Back

Portland, 29.08.2006 22:39

I was riding the bus today, lost in thought, when the bus pulled up to a stop and I looked out the window I was leaning against to see several women, with their baggage and small children, sitting on the pavement in a parking lot, looking weary and forlorn. I was immediately overcome with a familiarity; it reminded me horribly of my mom and me, when I was a child. I immediately realized this was a pick up spot for homeless shelters. As my bus rolled on, I saw the next block was lined with women, young and old, carrying their bags, hovering around, looking agitated, anxious, hot, worn out, and desperate, waiting outside the YWCA in downtown Seattle, to see if they will have shelter tonight (as local shelters cannot accommodate all of the women who need shelter nightly). By the time we had rolled past that block, I was in tears. I looked around me on the bus. It seemed no one even noticed what was outside our windows for the full length of the previous block. read more...

palestine journal: 25 august: israeli ceasefire violations don't count

Portland, 29.08.2006 22:39

"Twelve day ceasefire continues to hold" say the headlines. but what they really mean is that, in the twelve days since the UN-brokered ceasefire began, no rockets have been fired by Hezbollah into israel. what is left out is that in every single one of those twelve days since the "ceasefire", israeli forces have continued to launch raids deep into lebanon, and to drop missiles from airplanes onto the already-devastated ruins of lebanon...

jonathan cook, an analyst in israel, has this to say about the 'baalbek raid': "Israeli special forces launched the covert operation to capture a Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbak, way beyond the Litani River, the northern extent of Israel's supposed 'buffer zone'. The hit squad were disguised not only as Arabs -- a regular ploy by units called 'mistarvim' -- but as Lebanese soldiers driving in Lebanese army vehicles. When their cover was blown, Hizbullah opened fire, killing one Israeli and wounding two more in a fierce gun battle.


palestine journal: 21 august

i, unfortunately, recently made the mistake of engaging a zionist in an online forum...big mistake. but there was one statement that she made in the course of the 'discussion' that i'd like to expand upon a little.

the statement was made in regard to the 'security procedures' at the allenby bridge border crossing between the west bank and jordan, which is tightly controlled by israeli I questioned the beatings, harassment, delays and etc. there, she said, basically, "palestinians should be expected to endure extra security procedures - after all, look at what they've put israel through...."


related: Palestine Today

Stand Against Militarism

Portland, 29.08.2006 22:39

During last week's demonstration, the father of a young man came to ask questions of the recruiters. His son had sent him to get information and literature about enlisting. Fortunately, several of us were there to give him information the recruiters don't volunteer. There was a Viet Nam vet who told the man that the illustrious careers supposedly waiting for vets just don't exist. There were people with printed literature outlining some of the other bogus claims recruiters make. One of us told tales of rapes and murders of 14 year old girls and others, as well as torture. The man was very inquisitive, asking questions back and forth between the recruiters and the demonstrators. He seemed genuinely surprised by the information we gave him. The recruiters apparently felt outdone and they slunk back into the dark recesses of the recruiting office to plan more murder. Best of all, a young man may change his mind about joining the military.

Come show your support for peace and opposition to the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq each Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 at 1317 NE Broadway, Portland.

Blogwire Roundup: Katrina Plus One

NYC, 29.08.2006 22:08

Black Man With a Library: Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans || All City NYC: One Year Ago Today || DMI Blog: Remember: Nationwide Insurance is On Your Side - Unless You are a Katrina Victim || DMI Blog: America's Poor: Abandoned Before and After the Storm || City Belt: School Overview || NYC IMC, One Year Ago: Katrina's Brutal Aftermath

Attacks on Oaxacan People's Movement Continue With Silencing of Radio La Ley

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2006 21:38

Santa Cruz IMC reporter Bradley wrote on August 29th: "Oaxaca City is almost entirely closed today... I am the only tourist staying at my hostel today... today even the Zocalo is eerily quiet... The radio transmissions for Radio La Ley were cut-off sometime during the (early morning hours). Radio La Ley, a corporate radio station owned by ... Clear Channel, was recently taken over in solidarity with Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca (APPO)." Approximately three radio stations are still in the hands of APPO and its supporters. A "MegaMarcha" will be held on September 1st, and another on the 2nd.

propuestas represivas

Argentina, 29.08.2006 21:09

Vos podés ser la próxima víctima

Sur de Bolivar

Colombia, 29.08.2006 21:08


OSP Ignore Reckless Driving Complaints on Off-Duty Firefighters?

Portland, 29.08.2006 20:39

Firefighter of not...the kind of driving that took place at my risk and the rislk of others is absolutely wrong. If it was a regular citizen doing in front of a cop dash camera like what is on MY citizen dash camera...we would get a handful of tickets. At least! This happened about 4:05 pm last friday at hiway 205 north bound just on the 14(to 205)on ramp. The White Jeep careened in one fast and dangerously close to me and others, move from the on ramp to the inside lane. No regard for anybody.

Highest Tides for 20yrs Due on the River Severn

Bristol, 29.08.2006 19:38

No risk of flooding expected...? summary Nennius writes: The Severn with the second largest tidal range in the world, will have the highest tides for 20 years on Sat 9th & Mon 11th Sept, coinciding with the Severn Bore. Described as one of the 13 wonders of Britain in Nennius' Historia Brittanum (800AD) is this one worth a trip towards Gloucester? ... The largest Bores are expected Fri 8th - Mon 11th September, when it is at its greatest during the Spring tides - after the New and Full Moon closest to the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes (this year Autumn's September 23rd) ... Severn bores happen throughout the year and can be seen best where the Severn is at its narrowest around Gloucester ... An ‘exceptional’ bore and spring tides, created storm surges resulting in a possible Tsumani in the Great Flood of Bristol Channel, 1606. There were many deaths due to the surge, boats overturned, livestock killed and flooding from the South Wales coast to Dorset. The Bore itself only effects the Severn Mouth region, even so this year the Environment Agency have covered themselves stating: "The tides should not cause any problems unless coupled with storm surges and severe weather conditions." As in the case of 1606… (Image: Storm flood defences along the River Severn.) Full Article| Severn Bore due during highest tides in 20 years! |Contribute An Article


Arizona, 29.08.2006 19:07

Oaxacan Benefit Dinner & Video Night

Chalk-It-Up! A Success: A22 Nova University Rally support for Janitor’s Health Care

Miami, 29.08.2006 15:37

Chalk-It-Up! A Success: A22 Nova University Rally support for Janitor’s Health Care

Exploiting Sickness

Melbourne, 29.08.2006 15:10

Herceptin: Hype in the Sickness Industry

Jesse Diaz, leader of the Los Angeles March 25th Coalition successfully concluded visit to Massachusetts

Boston, 29.08.2006 15:08

Jesse Diaz, one of the leaders of the March 25th Coalition in Los Angeles, California, that started a process of massive immigrant demonstrations, visited Boston from 8/24 through 8/27. Diaz was invited to tour the area to share his organizing experience with local pro-undocumented immigrant rights organizations by the Boston May Day Coalition.

STL Activist with ISM in Palestine Sends Reports

Saint Louis, 29.08.2006 15:08

A St. Louis activist, "Anna," known to many of us, sent me the following accounts and photos of Occupied Palestine. She asked me to repost them here.

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