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Philly Groups Want Open Election for City Council

Philadelphia, 02.09.2006 19:38

Global Warming Fears Rise at Bristol International

Bristol, 02.09.2006 16:37

Evening Protests Hit South West's Number One Polluter Global Warmingwrites: campaigners in Bristol today focused on Bristol Airport’s absurd plans for expansion and the harmful greenhouse emissions from air traffic, currently running at 700 million tonnes of CO2 per year in the UK. Today’s early evening airborne protest saw a banner proclaiming ‘Stop Airport Expansion’ float to the ceiling in the airport building, using helium balloons. There was no risk to travellers or staff, unlike actual air travel itself. A second ground level banner stated “Destination Climate Chaos’. Full Article Airborne protest at Bristol Airport against climate chaosPhotos from demoClimate CampNews from Stop Bristol Airport Expansion: Bristol Airport Bans ProtestsContribute An Article


Arizona, 02.09.2006 16:07

Charges Dropped Against No More Deaths Volunteers


Arizona, 02.09.2006 16:07

Charges Dropped Against No More Deaths Volunteers

A carcinicultura é o câncer do Brasil

Brasil, 02.09.2006 15:38


Arizona, 02.09.2006 15:37

Charges Dropped Against Daniel & Shanti!

Concord Hospital Workers Stage Two-Day Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.09.2006 10:08

On Monday, August 28 and Tuesday August 29, hospital workers at John Muir Medical Center's Concord Campus went on strike, urging the management to come back to the bargaining table. Without a contract since October, members of the 450-strong union have been struggling to prevent the profit-oriented John Muir management from cutting back their families' healthcare packages. Other issues of concern include the need for safe staffing guidelines, protection from unnecessary layoffs, and a ban on low-bid subcontracting.

“Walking, We Ask Questions”: The Other Campaign in Spanish Harlem

NYC, 02.09.2006 07:38

NarcoNews By RJ Maccani
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign on the Other Side

August 31, 2006

Inspired by the Black Panther Party and Chicago’s Young Lords, the New York Young Lords Party launched a surprising first campaign in the summer of 1969. Called “The Garbage Offensive,” it was designed to force the New York City Sanitation Department to make more frequent pick-ups in East Harlem (often referred to as Spanish Harlem or simply “El Barrio”). The Garbage Offensive won the trust and respect of their neighbors and garnered the Young Lords Party local and national visibility. Although inspired by the Black Panther’s community-based programs, the New York Young Lords didn’t expect to be picking up garbage when they discussed forming an organization to improve living conditions in their primarily Puerto Rican neighborhood. Before launching their first campaign, however, the Young Lords went to their neighbors to find out what they most wanted to see changed. The Garbage Offensive was the fruit of this dialogue, the will of the people. Proudly inclusive of their Latino and Black neighbors, the New York Young Lords’ center of gravity was Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorkers), and the independence of their homeland, Puerto Rico, a central concern.

This Labor Day Weekend, Portland Joins National Effort to Renew Call for Immigration Reform

Portland, 01.09.2006 23:09

This Sunday, Portland will join close to a dozen US cities to usher in the fall by renewing demands for fair and comprehensive immigration policy reform.

A "Labor Day" demonstration will converge at 2pm in the South Park Blocks (SW Salmon & Park), calling for rights and respect for immigrant workers and all workers. The event is organized by a coalition of organizations, including VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project, Portland Jobs with Justice, PCUN, PCASC, and others. For a full list of sponsors and march details in english and en Espa?ol, click here.

Mobilizations planned in other cities include:

Events are also reportedly planned in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Phoenix, AZ. According to the We Are America Alliance, organizers expect the mobilizations to attract a million people, cumulatively.

National Links: US-IMC Immigrant Rights Coverage Archive | National Day Laborers Organizing Network | We Are America Alliance | Immigrant Solidarity Network | National Network on Immigrant & Refugee Rights (NNIRR)


Jornada de seminários A Flor da Palavra chega a Tefé – Amazonas

Brasil, 01.09.2006 22:39


Editorial Cartoon: A Year After Katrina

DC, 01.09.2006 22:09

Here's one that's begging for a good, solid anniversary pasting. Time to make some noise with the buckets around Capitol Hill, especially the Ronald Reagan Center and the GOP National Committee Building. What hilarity would ensue the next morning.

Lucha en contra de la privatización del teatro

Puerto Rico, 01.09.2006 20:40

Alerta, Pendiente... ¡La universidad se vende!


Colombia, 01.09.2006 20:39

Bienvenida la descomunión
y una plegaria de respeto!.

RBS compra A Notícia e domina mídia de SC

Brasil, 01.09.2006 19:08


No Sweat, Portland! Portland Sweatfree Event

Portland, 01.09.2006 18:39

Are taxpayers subsidizing sweatshops? Our city spends over $60 million on purchasing goods. Shouldn't these goods be free of exploitation? In response, a coalition of over 20 different labor, community, faith, and student organizations has emerged in support an ordinance that would mandate strong labor standards for city contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. Chie Abad, a former sweatshop worker from Saipan, will come to Portland to ask our city to end government purchasing from sweatshops. She will share the realities of sweatshop conditions and her involvement in the victorious campaign in which San Francisco adopted a strong sweatfree ordinance.Will Portland be next?

American Apparel Issues Further Demands of Clamor Magazine

United States, 01.09.2006 18:07

On Friday, August 25, 2006, Clamor Magazine founder Jen Angel received an email from American Apparel Media Relations Director Cynthia Semon. The email contains an embarrassing amount of typographical and factual errors for a letter alleging inaccuracies. It fabricates claims Clamor's articles did not make and makes misleading comments about factual events in the UNITE union drive.

Following is Clamor's blog post, links to the letter and rebuttal, links to a PDF of the entire section, and links to previous press releases on this topic.

Clamor has spoken to at least eight media outlets off the record that have reported similar tactics from American Apparel. We will release a full report when we have finished our research.

Clamor editors as well as the writers for this section are available for comment.

My Last Meeting with Hasan Shakur

Philadelphia, 01.09.2006 16:38

omicidio a focene

Italy, 01.09.2006 15:39

L'ennesima vile aggressione con lame alla mano

Wausau’s LNP station WNRB and the Mike Cannon Show is being taken off the airways.

Madison, 01.09.2006 15:08

Help! Wausau’s LNP station WNRB and the Mike Cannon Show is being taken off the airways. With no warning, just out of the blue move Northcentral Technical College (NTC) just shut down WNRB which has been running for a year and 5 months. We will lose the FCC license if NTC dose not allow us to transfer it, it already may be too late.

the compost pile, 31 aug 06 -- GM Contamination in US Rice Supply

Madison, 01.09.2006 15:08

the compost pile is a weekly feature on In Our Backyard, which airs on WORT-FM 89.9 M-Th from 6:30-7:00p. this week: interview with John Peck of the Family Farm Defenders about GMO in the food supply. MP3 - 4.02 MB -- 00:04:23

Charges Dropped Against One Activist Arrested at anti-Nazi Demonstration

Madison, 01.09.2006 15:08

Today, Madison City Alderman and Assistant District Attorney Mike Verveer informed Miles Kristan that the charges against him were being dropped. Kristan was one of 5 people arrested on Saturday, June 26th during the counter-demonstration to a rally on the capital steps, held by the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi hate group.

Orgoglioso antifascismo

Italy, 01.09.2006 13:09

Manifestazione nazionale antifascista, Catania - 16 settembre 2006

NSA wiretaps in Oregon Eco Case?

NYC, 01.09.2006 12:09

A federal judge in Eugene wants to know whether the government used warrantless wiretaps to investigate a group of radical environmentalists charged with committing more than a dozen acts of sabotage in Oregon and the West between 1996 and 2001.

portland freeskool: call out for teachers!!

Portland, 01.09.2006 10:38

the next term of the portland freeskool is starting in october.

we are looking for people who want to share their ideas, knowledge, talents with others in the community. the freeskool is dedicated to social change through free education and community building. you could lead a reading group, teach a class or facilitate a one day workshop. check out our website for more info.

Sgt. Kevin Benderman released

Portland, 01.09.2006 10:38

On July 27, 2005, in a military court martial held at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, Sgt. Kevin Benderman was convicted of Missing Movement for allegedly refusing to board a plane for a second deployment to Iraq.

Sgt. Benderman had filed an application for Conscientious Objector status in 2004. This application was ignored, mishandled, and disrespected by every level of command in an effort to punish this 10-year veteran for exercising his rights and making a choice of conscience against the wishes of his command. Sgt. Benderman did not fit the military mold of a Conscientious Objector - he did not cite religious verses, he could not recount his moment of epiphany - but Sgt. Benderman did listen to his conscience.

Oregon Supreme Court Rejects PGE Arguments Concerning Profits on Trojan Nuclear Plant

Portland, 01.09.2006 10:38

Today's decision by the Oregon Supreme Court in Dreyer v. PGE was a significant victory for ratepayers in fight to get back from Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) the excess profits on Trojan, collected from ratepayers during the period April 1995 through September 2000.

In a carefully-reasoned opinion, the Court rejected all of the arguments presented by PGE on the merits of Plaintiffs' claims in the class action lawsuit against PGE in Marion County Circuit Court. That suit seeks to get back from PGE the over $200 million ratepayers paid to the utility for profits on Trojan between April 1995 and September 2000, plus a large amount of interest on this money. The Court agreed with Plaintiffs that their case against PGE was based on legitimate claims and that PGE was not immune from being forced to give back the money. The Court agreed that ratepayers can sue PGE directly for illegal charges included in past rates.

Congressman Blumenauer Fails to Respond to Concerns About Lebanon

Portland, 01.09.2006 10:38

Awhile back, someone posted to this site that Earl Blumenauer was refusing to admonish Israel even as they dropped bombs down on little sleeping babies in Lebanon. I could not believe that it was true. So I contacted the congressman's office. And sure enough. He not only refused to speak out against the violence, he was actually going out of his way to support Israel in this. I just couldn't believe it, and I told his staffers so. This week, I received his response. I am so saddened by it that I want to share it with others, in the hopes that they, too, might make their voices heard by the congressman.

I do not have the text for the original letter that I sent to him, nor do I remember what I said word for word. I only remember that I told him how upset I was to learn that he was refusing to condemn Israel for what it had done, and how dismayed I was to read his statement of support for Isreal in the face of little dead babies lying in the rubble in Lebanon. I was crying when I wrote it, as we all should be crying for what has been allowed to happen in this world. Here is the cold, disembodied reply that I received. Note that there is almost no mention at all of the deaths in Lebanon that were the focus of my letter to him.

Rosario: Al concluir el paro de 72 horas

Argentina, 01.09.2006 10:38

Clase pública de docentes y estudiantes universitarios

Al concluir el paro de 72 horas

Argentina, 01.09.2006 10:08

Clase pública de docentes y estudiantes universitarios

Nuevo caso de brutalidad policial en el sur de Chile

Argentina, 01.09.2006 10:08

Carabineros mató a un mapuche y se reavivaron las críticas

Chile: Oficialismo no cumplió con promesas

Argentina, 01.09.2006 10:08

Mapuches reiniciaron protestas por los presos políticos

Piden la renuncia del gobernador

Argentina, 01.09.2006 06:09

Oaxaca: "Que se vayan todos"

Piden la renuncia del gobernador

Argentina, 01.09.2006 05:39

Oaxaca: "que se vayan todos"

Oaxaca City SlideShow: Un Pueblo Unido Avanza Sin Partidos

San Diego, 01.09.2006 04:39

Santa Cruz IMC reporter Bradley wrote on August 29th: "Oaxaca City is almost entirely closed today... I am the only tourist staying at my hostel today... I can't believe I was able to find an internet connection, this one is wireless, since almost every single door in the city is closed and locked. Since I got to Oaxaca City on August 26th, the Zocalo has been filled with people selling wares and showing videos of Oaxacan resistance, but today even the Zocalo is eerily quiet...
Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

The radio transmissions for Radio La Ley were cut-off sometime during the (early morning hours). Radio La Ley, a corporate radio station owned by Texas based Clear Channel, was recently taken over in solidarity with Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca (APPO). Right now there are still about three corporate stations which have been taken over and are broadcasting vital information in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca.

A MegaMarcha will take place on September 1st starting in the community of San Felipe and ending in the center of Oaxaca City ...the details are being broadcast on the radio, both on AM and FM stations. Oaxacans are calling for (Governor) Ulises Ruiz Ortiz to leave office... The marches, along with today's closure of the city, are demonstrations of the overwhelming unification of Oaxacan civil society. I was told that Oaxaca will be open tomorrow, August 30th." Read more

APPO CODEP Regeneración Magisterial | El Enemigo Común

Jailed Journalist Josh Wolf Granted Bail

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.09.2006 04:20

Independent journalist, Josh Wolf, has been granted bail by a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals this afternoon and may be released as soon as this evening. Wolf, 24, has been in federal prison since August 1 for refusing to provide raw video footage to a federal Grand Jury of a 2005 San Francisco protest against the G8 that resulted in violence.

Jet Blue Bans Arabic T-Shirt From Airplane

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.09.2006 04:20

On August 12th, Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar was told by airline Jet Blue that he could not board an airline with a t-shirt saying "we will not be silent" in Arabic and English. One official told him, "Going to an airport with a T-shirt in Arabic script is like going to a bank and wearing a T-shirt that says, `I'm a robber'". Raed Jarrar is currently living in the Bay Area and is the Iraq Project Director for Global Exchange. Before the US invasion of Iraq, Raed lived in Iraq and ocasionally wrote on Salam Pax's blog before starting his own blog "Raed In The Middle".

protesta ininterrumpida

Argentina, 01.09.2006 03:08

Arhehpez: el conflico continúa


Italy, 01.09.2006 02:08

La morte di Sebastiano

Lo que queda de la guerra

Argentina, 01.09.2006 02:08

Líbano: Los ataques israelíes continúan a pesar del alto al fuego

Proyecto de Ley nacional

Argentina, 01.09.2006 01:08

Educación sexual o las trampas de la fe

Proyecto de Ley nacional

Argentina, 01.09.2006 01:08

Educación sexual o las trampas de la fe

Move-On Backs Down, Sponsors Tasini vs. Clinton Poll

NYC, 31.08.2006 22:38

After months of stonewalling, is sponsoring a member poll that pits Hillary Clinton vs. anti-war insurgent Jonathan Tasini.

In the latest Indypendent, Nicholas Allanach wrote that "Sen. Hillary Clinton caught a break – if an incumbent with a war chest of tens of millions in corporate money needed one – when NY1 cancelled her debate with antiwar challenger Jonathan Tasini." || Indypendent Coverage: The Antiwar Electoral Insurgency || Alternet: Move On and Hillary Clinton || Anti-War.Com: Move-On Makes Peace with War || Tasini For New York

La Gran Marcha Laboral

LA, 31.08.2006 22:38

La Gran Marcha Laboral

Hotel Workers March in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2006 22:08

San Francisco hotel workers and their supporters will gather for a march on Thursday, August 31st, at 4:15pm, next to the Four Seasons on Market Street between 3rd and 4th Streets. Last week, over 93% of Local 2 workers at 13 hotels in San Francisco voted to give union leadership the authority to call a strike, if necessary. These UNITE HERE! Local 2 workers have been working without a contract for two years, and have not received a raise in three years.

Hip-Hop against Police Brutality on September 2nd

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2006 22:08

A hip hop show will be held on Saturday September 2nd at International Capoeira Angola Foundation, located at 2513 Magnolia St. in Oakland, to benefit the Doe Family. The Doe Family is a group of activists sueing the SF Sheriff's Dept. for using torture against non-violent protesters, which left several people with lasting injuries including broken bones, torn ligaments, nerve damage, and post traumatic stress disorder.

8,000 Murders, 35,000 Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Haiti During U.S.-Backed Coup Regime

Miami, 31.08.2006 16:07

8,000 Murders, 35,000 Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Haiti During U.S.-Backed Coup Regime

New! Stop the War lawn signs now available!

Miami, 31.08.2006 15:37

New! Stop the War lawn signs now available!

The nutty editor: The Union Leader needs an investigation

New Hampshire, 31.08.2006 14:10

Is the editor of the Union Leader insane?

Are There Any Women in Iraq?

Baltimore, 31.08.2006 12:09

Ilario Salucci's 'Peoples History of Iraq' focuses almost exclusively on the activities of the Iraq Communist Party (ICP) and is a powerful antidote to the patronizing orientalism many leftists and anti-war activists have towards Iraq. Through the lens of the ICP, Salucci shatters the illusion that Iraq is a backward, undeveloped society dominated exclusively by a reactionary political Islam without any substantial leftist history. Revealed is a society that grows from a British-installed monarchy with an agrarian economy, through a period of communist resistance to the monarchy and colonial exploitation that was interwoven with tribal and peasant uprisings, to the labor struggles of an emerging industrial proletariat centered on the oil industry. Read more...

В Бобруйске задержаны участники акции протеста

Belarus, 31.08.2006 11:07

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