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Million Worker March-Twin Cities Organizing Committee

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 01.09.2004 14:39

Twin Cities Million Worker March Organizing Committee kicks off first working meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 6pm at Resource Center of the Americas, big meeting room, lower level.

Republican National Convention Protests

DC, 01.09.2004 14:36

LIVE reports from protests: Webstreams 1 2

8/31 7:30 Police beatings and pepper spray.

8/31 5:30 pm: At Ground Zero in NYC, members of DAWN DC, SOA Watch DC, and War Resisters League are surrounded by cops and probably going to get arrested, for peacefully protesting without a permit, even though they moved to the sidewalk when asked. | Report 1 Audio: Interview with Protestors

Análisis arrestos

Puerto Rico, 01.09.2004 14:31

ESTADOS UNIDOS: Coartado el derecho de libre expresión en la ciudad de NY


Puerto Rico, 01.09.2004 13:37

ESTADOS UNIDOS: Masiva protesta frente a la sede de Fox News en NYC

Arturo Commando, pdx indymedia radio reporter, arrested in NYC on Tuesday

Portland, 01.09.2004 12:46

Solidarity Anti-War Action

Sydney, 01.09.2004 12:44

Spank Hallibaba! Solidarity Action with New York protests

Solidarity Anti-War Action

Sydney, 01.09.2004 12:44

Spank Hallibaba! Solidarity Action with New York protests

Republican National Convention Coverage - Aug. 31, 2004

Urbana-Champaign, 01.09.2004 12:27

Breaking reports from UCIMC reporters in New York 6:22PM CDT: Report from Time Square. 20-25 people arrested for blocking the street. 4:57PM CDT: Report from Ground Zero. Three police buses have taken marchers away. 4:40PM CDT: Report from Johnny Cash protest. Still going strong. Protesters are singing Johnny Cash songs. 4:20PM CDT: Marchers are still waiting on sidewalk to be arrested. 4:00PM CDT: It is confirmed that arrests will be made. Police have brought a bus. Marchers are still on the sidewalk. 3:23PM CDT. They are receiving reports from march organizers that everyone on the sidewalk in the orange fencing has been declared under arrest. Our reporter has not yet seen anyone being taken away. 3:13PM CDT. Police are fencing in marchers using orange plasic fencing. Protesters are chanting: "Let us Disperse" 3:07PM CDT. March has stated to move. Police are calling it illegal and saying they will arrest anyone who violates traffic signals. 2:40PM CDT. They are at ground zero with the War Resisters' League March. Three is heavy police prensence. 1:50PM CDT. Police seem to be headed to the Convergence space at St. Mark's Church. 12:10 CDT. At the immigrant's march there are about 200 protestors and 500 police officers. march is mainly a lecture, but there are bike and riot police.

Nova York: 500 000 marcham contra Bush

Portugal, 01.09.2004 11:54

Nova York: 500 000 marcham contra Bush

Nova York: 500 000 marcham contra Bush

Portugal, 01.09.2004 11:54

Nova York: 500 000 marcham contra Bush

Solidarity for Seattle's Infernal Noise Brigade, arrested in NYC on Tuesday

Portland, 01.09.2004 11:52


belgrade, 01.09.2004 11:09



belgrade, 01.09.2004 10:59


A31 Wrapup

NYC, 01.09.2004 10:21

Waves of autonomous, well-planned, yet unpermitted direct actions swept the streets of Manhattan today. They stopped traffic, performed street theater and crashed parties, striking fear in the hearts of delegates. While none of the actions today could claim to have brought down the walls of the Empire, they may have, through their boldness and volume erroded some of the layers of its facade.

A31 Report From the Streets

Portland, 01.09.2004 10:01

Fighting Like Hell for the Living: Remembering Palestinian Activist Farouk Abdul-Muhti on A31

NYC, 01.09.2004 09:39

Several hundred people rallied in Columbus Park in Chinatown on August 31 to highlight the issues that many immigrants have been facing since September 11, 20001: racial profiling, unjust detentions and deportations of immigrants by the BICE (formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service). The rally also celebrated the life of Farouk Abdul-Muhti, a Palestinian immigrant activist.

Protesten in NY tegen Bush en RNC, een samenvatting van de voorbije dagen.

West Vlaanderen, 01.09.2004 07:58

Protesten in NY tegen Bush en RNC, een samenvatting.

Report from 8/29 Actions

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.09.2004 06:21

8/29, Hundreds of Thousands March, Chaos on Broadway


Puerto Rico, 01.09.2004 04:48

Incidentes en Argentina ante la visita del FMI: Detenidos y heridos.

Actual. Internacional

Peru, 01.09.2004 04:08

Resistencia Mundial

Grecia y Powell

Peru, 01.09.2004 04:01

Griegxs se movilizan e impiden visita de Powell

Represión en Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 01.09.2004 03:36

Verguenza: represión en Plaza de Mayo

UFPJ Calls for RNC Actions Wednesday &amp; Thursday

NYC, 01.09.2004 03:34

WED., Sept. 1, 10:00AM
Protest Appalling Detention Conditions for RNC Arrestees
at Pier 57, "Guantanamo on the Hudson" (West Side Highway @ 15th Street)

THURS., Sept. 2, 8:00PM
Candlelight Convergence for Peace and Justice Union Square
14th Street & Broadway


Peru, 01.09.2004 03:32

Inmensa movilizacion en NY


Brasil, 01.09.2004 03:15

Famílias ocupam terreno do Governo do Rio de Janeiro

FMI en argentina

Peru, 01.09.2004 02:42

Protestas con el FMI en ARGENTINA


Puerto Rico, 01.09.2004 02:32

ESTADOS UNIDOS: Masiva protesta frente a la sede de Fox News en NYC

tejas block arrests

Houston, 01.09.2004 01:57

Six or Seven Members of Radical Tejas Block Arrested in New York

photos from herald square - 8/31

NYC, 01.09.2004 01:45

die in at 33rd and broadway

La policía de Nueva York arresta corresponsal de IndyMediaPR

Puerto Rico, 01.09.2004 01:38

ESTADOS UNIDOS: La policía de Nueva York arresta corresponsal de IndyMediaPR

Detroiters at the big Anti-RNC March

Michigan, 01.09.2004 00:33

People from Detroit and Michigan participated in the march, "The World Says No to the Bush Agenda!" on Sunday, August 29th in New York City, the city hosting the Republican party National Convention (RNC).

Abandoned rabbits need home

Portland, 01.09.2004 00:05

One Hundred Protesters Gather at Nashville's Opryland to Protest Bush Visit

Tennessee, 31.08.2004 23:16

For the second time in as many days, members of the Nashville Peace Coalition and broader peace community stood in public witness to the policies of the republican administration towards war and to the odious presence of the resident thief in Nashville Tennessee. The corporate media circus was there in full regalia running around getting sound bites here and there and peaceful folks were gathered on the streets mostly holding peace signs and a few folks were holding kerry/edwards signs. The cops were there to make sure that no one walked on the street and everybody had a good time yelling at the president as the military style black van motorcade drove by. . .read more for a full story of the August 31st Bush Bash. Photos by Al Levenson.

Old Fashioned Labor Day Picnic

Rogue Valley, 31.08.2004 21:08

The Southern Oregon Central Labor Council (SOCLC) will be hosting an old
fashioned Labor Day Picnic - this Sept. 6 Labor Day 2004.

We invite ALL Workers in Southern Oregon, union or not, to come celebrate
the day that honors ALL the Working People of America...

"Let's join our union friends for a great Labor Day Picnic, labor music, mixing with candidates and old fashioned fun." -Rich Rohde, Oregon Action.

8-31 Lo-Down on the RNC Ho-Down

Portland, 31.08.2004 20:45


San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2004 20:40

Foie gras almost banned in California — call the Gov!

Animal Lib page header

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2004 19:49

Cascadians occupy Unit 5d of Blue River Face timber sale

Portland, 31.08.2004 19:45

A31 Events, From the A31 Website

NYC, 31.08.2004 18:32

Day of Action

Permits were not sought for or granted to any of the following events; other events, both spontaneous & planned may also occur.

Poor People's March in NYC Attacked by Cops

DC, 31.08.2004 17:31

A diversity of viewpoints found expression at the Poor People's March on Tuesday, and as police attacked the peaceful protestors, different visions of revolution were clarified, and the spirit of resistance learned and grew.


Uruguay, 31.08.2004 17:20

Cuatro mil personas volvieron a quebrar el silencio

Imagen A31

Puerto Rico, 31.08.2004 17:18


News from NY

Houston, 31.08.2004 17:10

News from the RNC in New York City

Republican National Convention Coverage 8/30/2004

Urbana-Champaign, 31.08.2004 17:08

Reports from the UCIMC Reporters on the streets of NYC during the RNC protests on Aug. 30, 2004 -- in reverse chronological order: 8:15PM CDT Report from Colleen. She is out of the pen. Police are letting people leave. 7:40pm CDT Report from Zach. Talked with National Lawyers Guild. They don't think people in the pen will be arrested. 7:30PM CDT Report from Colleen. She is in the pen that the policed forced some of the marchers into. There are approximately 250 people in the pen. About 75 people are lying down spelling peace with their bodies. 7:00PM CDT Report from Zach. March is being pushed in a fenced in pen. Police have split the march in two. Half the march in the pen. Others are being asked to disperse. People are being arrested. Police are using billy clubs. 6:50PM CDT Report from Colleen. March is festive. People are still joining the march. 6:45PM CDT Report from Zach. March is headed up 8th Avenue. Police presence is still there, but calm. 6:05PM CDT Report from Zach. The police have informed the National Guard of the march. Still no arrests. 5:20PM CDT Report from Zach. The police presence has thinned out and half a street has been blocked off for the march. Mood is still festive and peaceful. 5:15PM CDT Report in from Zach. The march is 1000+ people strong and there are several hundred people in front of the march videotaping. 4:00PM CDT Report in from Arun. They have joined in the March for Our Lives. Police presence is strong but peaceful. Mood is festive. 1:50PM CDT Report in from Pauline. Police are breaking up a march into one block chunks. Mood is still festive.

Personal notes on A-29

Baltimore, 31.08.2004 16:24

IMCer editorial collective member shares his personal observations on a summer day's walk in NYC

Indypendent Distribution Rolls On, But We Need Your Help!

NYC, 31.08.2004 16:15

Every day for the next three day days, Indymedia members will be sitting patiently at the big cube at Astor Place at noon, getting ready to distribute the current issue of the Indypendent.

We will be saturating various parts of New York: Tuesday: lower Manhattan Wednesday: labor march, upper Manhattan, Irving Plaza gig Thursday: Brooklyn.

Pass this feature along to your friends, your mom, anybody who wants to spend a fabulous afternoon with members of the IMC Print Team, cruising along the city with thousands of copies of NY's best newspaper and handing them out to those who need it.

New York City Rises: The birth of a movement led by people who live the issues

NYC, 31.08.2004 13:32

More than 52 New York City community-based organizations led by people of color and poor people marched on Madison Square Garden under the Still We Rise banner as the Republican National Convention began there today. “People came out of the shelters, out of the sweatshops, the soup kitchens, and into the streets, with a platform that speaks to all of us as New Yorkers,” says Louie Jones, a New York City AIDS Housing Network (NYCAHN) board member who has lived with HIV for 18 years and was formerly homeless.

The World Says No to War!

San Diego, 31.08.2004 13:11

"Every two days we spend 1 billion dollars in Iraq... Imagine what that money could do for the causes we believe in.... What they are doing with our money is criminal."
Bob Filner was one of several powerful speakers at Sunday's "The World Says No to War" Demonstration in Balboa Park.

About 500 San Diegans took part in the demonstration organized in solidarity with the Anti-war March in New York. The march following the speeches was loud and invigorating. As we marched we reminded on lookers that the war is not over yet and there is still a lot of peace work to be done.

Interview with a DNC to RNC marcher

Portland, 31.08.2004 12:36

A29 njujork

belgrade, 31.08.2004 08:56

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