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Five Years After: 911-Truth Movement Growing

LA, 13.09.2006 02:38

Five Years After: 911-Truth Movement Growing

Chile: Presos Políticos Mapuche

Argentina, 13.09.2006 00:38

Interrogantes y desafíos tras rechazo al proyecto Navarro

Philly IMC Podcast: Telecoms and Net Neutrality

Philadelphia, 13.09.2006 00:38

Talking about Sexual Violence.

Ireland, 13.09.2006 00:09

Report from the RAG dayschool A bit later than I h ...

CIEs de Canarias: Más de 10.000 migrantes detenidos y tres motines durante los últimos días

estrecho / madiaq, 12.09.2006 23:37

A lo largo del verano han llegado a Canarias más de 24.000 migrantes, en su mayoría embarcados en cayucos, procedentes de las costas del África continental, primero desde Mauritania y a continuación desde Senegal. Las cifras oficiales hablan de cerca de 500 muertos en el intento, mientras que otras fuentes sitúan el número de muertos entre los 2.000 y 3.000. Según el ministro Rubalcaba, el número de migrantes internados en CIEs en el estado es de 11.000. Diferentes fuentes citan 10.000 en Canarias, - siendo la capacidad de los CIEs de esta comunidad de 5.000 plazas. La situación en los centros de internamiento es calificada por los propios sindicatos de policía como "desoladora, insoportable e insostenible". (Se trata de los centros de Hoya Fría y Las Raíces en Tenerife, Barranco Seco y La Isleta - un campamento militar - en Gran Canaria y el Matorral en Fuerteventura. Fuentes locales han comunicado a Indymedia Estrecho que en el sótano de la comisaría de Tenerife se hacinan mil personas que difícilmente pueden llegar a tenderse para dormir (continúa en "leer más").

Carlos Jones WCW ad

Cleveland, 12.09.2006 22:07

World Can't Wait Spot Ad from Carlos Jones

9/11 Commemoration: American Women Demonstrate in Chains and Burkas Against Afghan Embassy on 9/11

NYC, 12.09.2006 21:38

"America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way around.
Human rights invented America." - President Jimmy Carter

Following that credo, on September 11, 2006, American women handcuffed and chained themselves to the Afghan Embassy in Washington, DC to protest against Hamid Karzai's oppressive government. A spokeswoman stated that this was "just the start of demonstrations against the Afghan Embassy in Washington to protest President Karzai's illegal imprisonment of innocent Americans and treatment of Afghan women."

9/11 Commemoration: 9/11 Remembered

NYC, 12.09.2006 21:08

At ground zero today, thousands gathered to commemorate the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks. Families and relatives of those who died lit candles and signed murals to honor their loved ones. Artwork and collages were on display, as well as large scale photographs of the events surrounding the WTC disaster. Among those present were groups claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, planned and executed by the government.

Ed Rosenthal and Richard Watts to Hold Sept. 13th Press Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.09.2006 20:09

Ed Rosenthal and Richard Watts will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, September 13th at 12pm outside of 450 Golden Gate Ave. in San Francisco, following their 10:00am status hearing inside the Federal Building. The U.S. Attorney's office is attempting to re-indict medical cannabis guru Ed Rosenthal and Richard Watts for growing and providing medicinal marijuana. Two people were subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury last month, and they invoked their constitutional rights and refused to testify.

Daniel McGowan off of house arrest!!

NYC, 12.09.2006 20:08

read on

Photos: Our Grief is not a Cry for War

NYC, 12.09.2006 20:08

5 years ago, September 22, 2001 a group of artists performed “Our Grief is Not a Cry for War.” It was just before the war with Afghanistan.

FELCO no Rio!!!

Brasil, 12.09.2006 18:38

Procès des 4 d'Aix, ne les oublions pas !

Marseille, 12.09.2006 18:38

Procès des 4 d'Aix, ne les oublions pas !

Oaxaca: Resistance &amp; Repression

United States, 12.09.2006 17:07

In 2004, Ruiz Ortiz came to power through an election viewed by many as illegitimate and corrupt. But, after years of organizing, social movements are poised to take him out. Over the course of four months, a teachers’ strike has morphed into an all-out popular revolt. Protestors had reclaimed a state-owned television station and numerous state and corporate radio stations. All seats of government have been blockaded, forcing legislators to meet in secret and remote hotels outside the City of Oaxaca. A parallel and popular governance has formed and is gaining legitimacy as the true authority in the state. Ruiz Ortiz’s exit is whispered through the streets, painted on city walls, and demanded by daily direct actions.

Reports from Indybay's JLaw: La Toma de Canal 9 | Aug21: Oaxaca Media under Attack | Aug23: Terror Continues in Oaxaca

Reports from SC-IMC's Bradley: Aug29: Oaxaca is Closed in Solidarity with APPO | Slideshow: Un Pueblo Unido Avanza Sin Partidos | 5th MegaMarcha


Un balance necesario

Argentina, 12.09.2006 15:08

¿Qué quedó después de las cumbres?

UMBC workforce endures silently in the summer heat

Baltimore, 12.09.2006 14:08

While most of UMBC went into its quiet summer routine, about a hundred campus workers were left unemployed after Abacus lost its contract for janitorial services with the university.

Planning Officor Recommends Rejections of Incinerator Expansion

United Kingdom, 12.09.2006 13:08

Today the Planning Officer made public the report and recommendations on the proposed expansion of Nottingham's controversial waste incinerator.

The report recommends rejection!!

Today the Planning Officer made public his report and recommendations into the plans to expand Eastcroft incinerator. This report will go to the Development Control Committee on the 20th September, when the report will be considered and the application voted on.

The Planning Officer is recommending that the Committee REFUSE PERMISSION on several grounds, mainly in that the proposals go against the City's plans for the River Side development and concerns on the commutative effect on emissions on people living near by.

Software Freedom Day

Melbourne, 12.09.2006 12:09

Software Freedom Day Populises Gnu/Linux

sexualities (en)

Barcelona, 12.09.2006 12:09

I Tranzmarikabollo video festival: birth given with pain, pleasure and solidarity

In this occasion the tranzmarikabollo (transsexual, gay and lesbian) collectivity from barcelona will surprise us with a great amount of creativity, solidarity and breaking in video form. A programme full of shorts, artistic films and performances which may be seen in Barcelona from 2006 September 14th to 16th. The profit will be appointed to those detained in the present year.

[Sept. 14th-16th]video festivaltransmarikabollo: Sept. 14th] 18h, Festival inauguration + Programme

related news: the lesbian barbie appears ::: A homosexual and a transsexual will not earn the compensation as Francoism victims because the new law left these collectives! ::: the erroneous use of term paedophilia ::: homophobia in the education system

more info: >>>sexualities + festivaltranzmarikabollo

sexualitats (ca)

Barcelona, 12.09.2006 10:09

I Festival de Video Tranzmarikabollo: parit amb dolor, plaer i solidaritat

En aquesta ocasió la col.lectivitat tranzmarikabollo de barcelona ens sorprendrà amb una gran dosi de creativitat, solidaritat i trangressió en format video. Una programació repleta de curts, cintes artístiques i performances que es podran visionar a Barcelona del 14 al 16 de setembre del 2006. Els guanys es destinaran a persones detingudes enguany.

[14-16set]festivaltransmarikabollo de video: `14 set] 18h, Innauguració del festival + Programació

notícies relacionades: a pareix la barbie lesbiana ::: Un homosexual i una transexual no cobraran l'ajut per ser víctimes del franquisme perquè la nova llei s'ha deixat aquests col.lectius! ::: l'ús erroni del terme pedofilia ::: homofobia en el sistema educatiu

més info: >>>sexualitats + festivaltranzmarikabollo

sexualidades (es)

Barcelona, 12.09.2006 10:09

I Festival de Vídeo Tranzmarikabollo: parido con dolor, placer y solidaridad

En esta ocasión la colectividad tranzmarikabollo de barcelona nos sorprenderá con una gran dosis de creatividad, solidaridad y transgresión en formato vídeo. Una programación repleta de cortos, cintas artísticas y performances que se podrán visionar en Barcelona del 14 al 16 de septiembre del 2006. Los beneficios se destinarán a personas detenidas este año.

[14-16sept] festivaltransmarikabollo de vídeo: 14 sept, 18h, Inauguración del festival + Programación

noticias relacionadas: aparece la barbie lesbiana ::: Un homosexual y una transexual no cobrarán la ayuda por ser víctimas del franquismo ¡porque la nueva ley se ha dejado estos colectivos! ::: el uso erróneo del término pedofilia ::: homofobia en el sistema educativo

más info: >>>sexualidades + festivaltranzmarikabollo

98-0 for More War

Portland, 12.09.2006 10:08

Ninety-eight senators last week voted more tens of billions for war, while not one senator has signed Declaration of Peace or related bills. (Two senators did not vote: Chaffee & Lieberman.) The senate has no problem with continuing to fund war, yet has infinite trouble even voting on Department of Peace, let alone passing it, as another example.

In the PacNW, Cantwell, Murray, Smith, Wyden, all united to sign onto more war. None has signed Declaration of Peace, & the deadline is September 21. I think there'll be some visits to congressional offices nationwide.

West Nile Confirmed in Multnomah County

Portland, 12.09.2006 10:08

Public health officials have confirmed today that two dead birds found in Multnomah County have tested positive for West Nile Virus. Both birds were from the corvid family. Looks like it might be a good idea to take some mosquito precautions.

This is not the deadly bird flu that has been making its way across the world in migrating bird populations. West Nile is a much less virulent disease, and cannot be spread to people by either birds or other humans. It is spread by mosquitoes, through their bites. There is no need to panic, as most people with West Nile experience either no symptoms, or very mild, flu-like symptoms. Fewer than 1% of people who get the disease will ever go on to develop the much more serious complications that have made headlines in the past.

Military training at Portland Public Schools

Portland, 12.09.2006 10:08

Heads up everyone! My daughter, age 10, brought home a flyer from school saying that they were to have "educational training" in science, math, etc. at the Jackson Armory and Portland Air Base. Personally I think its the beginning of military indoctrination and sorting out children at an early age to be coroprate soldiers. To quote the flyer:

"STARBASE is a partnership between Portland Public Schools, and the Oregon National Guard. Congressional appropriations were avaliable through the Secretary of Defense for this innovative program as part of the National Guard's commitment. The Oregon National Guard is providing facilities at the Jackson Armory, Portland Air Base and volunteer Oregon National Guard personel to serve as guests speakers during five days of field experiences."

Personally I see Donald Rumsfeld funding soldiers to talk to my child as a red flag. How about you?

&quot;One Man Parade&quot; - BushCo Must Go!!

Portland, 12.09.2006 10:08

About 5 months ago, I decided that I'd had enough of the charade I felt we all were living abiding the corruption of the Bush Administration!! I had grown tired of feeling voiceless in the face of the GOP scandals surfacing weekly, the threat of nuclear war with Iran looming, the undermining of the integrity of our elections, our government's moral bankruptcy on the various human rights issues facing the world, and the utter dismantling of the civil rights guaranteed to Americans through the Constitution. I felt the need to try to stimulate more political consciousness, and more ACTION, among fellow progressives, and even conservatives, who believe that NOW is the time to ACT.

I decided to carry a sign wherever I go in Portland, essentially becoming, as one passerby dubbed me, a "one man parade." My aim is to try to make people think... "Wow, if this guy is so committed and so passionate that the Bush Administration (hereafter BushCo) is destroying the USA, he is daily carrying a sign and connecting with hundreds/thousands of people on the way to and from work, maybe I should be doing more, or at least something... I, too, am disgusted with what is happening to this country, under the leadership of a cadre of politicians that doesn't believe in any role for Government beyond making war and enriching the wealthy!"

Two Bay Area Events for Mumia This Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.09.2006 08:09

The struggle to free Pennsylvania death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal has reached a crucial juncture, and two events will be held in the Bay Area this week to raise awareness of and funds for his legal struggle. The Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia will hold a rally at the Alameda County Courthouse (12th Street and Fallon, south side) on Friday, September 15th from 4pm to 6:30pm. On Sunday, September 17th, a Night of Music and Poetry for Mumia Abu-Jamal will be held at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. This event, which will begin at 7:00pm, will include Boots Riley from the Coup and many others.

Taller de Radio Libre / Free Radio Workshop

New Mexico, 12.09.2006 07:38

Taller de Radio Libre / Free Low Power FM/AM Radio Workshop

Nader to Fenty: Do you have a plan to fix the stadium mess?

DC, 12.09.2006 04:16

Letter from Ralph Nader to DC Councilmember Adrian Fenty requesting his plans to fix the baseball stadium mess should he become Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Protestors return to Silver Spring Recruiter

DC, 12.09.2006 04:16

Mid afternoon on Saturday, September 9, Resistance and Solidarity protested at the armed forces recruiting center at 8202 Ga Ave in Silver Spring.

London Indie Media Fair

London, Ontario, 12.09.2006 04:14

Last Saturday local artists and activists gathered for the London Indie Media Fair in the exhibition space at the Forest City Gallery. Some participants came to the Fair to sell or trade their work, while others (including London Indymedia) were there to build support for their projects.

The Fair involved zines (one from Colombia), web sites, poetry booklets ("chapbooks"), CDs, photography, and wax paintings. Other forms of expression and communication -- beyond "media" in the usual meaning of the word -- included clothing, sculptures, earrings, and stuffed dolls.

A Day of Action Against Israeli Aggression

London, Ontario, 12.09.2006 04:14

On Saturday, July 22, thousands of Londoners joined a demonstration against Israeli attacks on civilians in Lebanon and Gaza. This rally for peace was part of a much broader International Day of Action Against Israeli Aggression -- including at least a dozen demonstrations in Canada.

Culture of Silence

London, Ontario, 12.09.2006 04:14

Over the past year many Ontario cities have seen a dramatic escalation in the commission of gun crimes, London is no different. The city has been the site of several violent incidents, many with tragic results. An alarming consequence of the increased gun violence is the development of a culture of silence. People are unwilling to discuss the growing epidemic and this further enflames the problem. Thus, efforts must be made to highlight the issues surrounding the surge of gun violence in London.

Clowns Bomb London

London, Ontario, 12.09.2006 04:14

Satuday August fifth: CIRCA and Food not Bombs appeared in McMahon park in London.

“Disturbing” college working conditions: impact on education quality

London, Ontario, 12.09.2006 04:14

Think Ontario's community colleges are a workers' "promised land"? Think again...

Black Flag Opperations: Is Your Government Telling You the Truth?

Cleveland, 12.09.2006 00:37

Black Flag Opperations: Is Your Government Telling You the Truth?

Black Flag Opperations: Is Your Government Telling You the Truth?

Cleveland, 12.09.2006 00:37

Black Flag Opperations: Is Your Government Telling You the Truth?

CNI noroeste

Tijuana, 12.09.2006 00:08

Comunicado del Congreso Nacional Indígena CNI (zona Noroeste)

Legal Battle to Protect Mountain Comes to San Francisco This Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.09.2006 22:40

On Thursday, September 14th, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in a legal battle that, many believe, could decide the future of American Indian religious freedom and the ecological integrity of the San Francisco Peaks. The mountain in question is located in Northern Arizona, and is held sacred by some 13 Native American nations. Tribes and environmental groups have united to halt development plans to expand a Ski Resort and to use treated sewage effluent to make artificial snow on the sacred peaks. A caravan from Flagstaff, Arizona will be welcomed to SF on Wednesday, September 13th, and several events will be held that day and the next.

Rob los Ricos Makes First Post-Prison Visit to Bay Area this Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.09.2006 22:40

Anarchist political prisoner Rob Los Ricos was released from prison this summer, after serving a sentence of seven years for hitting a police officer with a rock in Eugene, Oregon. He will be speaking at several Bay Area events between September 14th and 26th about his experiences in prison, what it takes to make it through, and the scene in Eugene (pre and post prison), amongst other topics.

5 Years Later: U.S. Government Complicity on 9/11

Portland, 11.09.2006 21:38

Today marks 5 years since September 11th 2001 and the infamous events of that day. Though the U.S. government quickly imposed its story of what happened upon the people of this nation and the world, a trickle of voices asked questions and had doubts. That trickle became a stream and is now a river moving with a power that can no longer be shut up. A significant percentage of the people of the country believe or suspect that the US government had a hand in 9/11. Dr. Robert Bowman, former air force pilot, stated before a large conference audience that at the very least top levels of the U.S. government allowed 9/11 to happen and that is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder and they should be removed from office and incarcerated.


pdximc 9/11 investigation page | Scholars for 911 Truth

Despejo de catadores/as é suspenso em Curitiba

Brasil, 11.09.2006 20:08


Massive Terrorist Cells Identified in US

Miami, 11.09.2006 20:07

Massive Terrorist Cells Identified in US

White House Targets Conspiracy Theorists As Terrorist Recruiters

Miami, 11.09.2006 20:07

White House Targets Conspiracy Theorists As Terrorist Recruiters

Anti-Casino Ferver Grows in South Philly

Philadelphia, 11.09.2006 19:38

Começa a campanha pela reestatização da Cia Vale do Rio Doce

Brasil, 11.09.2006 17:39


Un balance necesario

Argentina, 11.09.2006 17:09

Qué quedó después de las cumbres

Boston Coalition Protests Dick Cheney Visit

Boston, 11.09.2006 16:08

A few hundred people gather outside the Harvard club on Commonwealth Avenue Friday evening September 8th. A coalition of groups from a wide range of political and community organizations were in attendance to protest the Vice President's visit to the Boston area.

Primer Encuentro Transfronterizo de Adherentes a La Otra Campaña/First Cross-Border Encuentro of The Other Campaign

San Diego, 11.09.2006 12:08

Las organizaciones, grupos, colectivos y personas en lo individual que a ambos lados de la frontera México-Estados Unidos forman parte de La Campaña Nacional con Otra Política por un Programa Nacional de Lucha de Izquierda y por una Nueva Constitución (La Otra Campaña), convocan a comp@s adherentes y simpatizantes a la Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona, a chambeadores, jóvenes, indígenas, luchadores sociales, intelectuales, artistas, y a todas y todos aquellos que se identifiquen con las luchas desde la izquierda y desde abajo, a participar en el Primer Encuentro Transfronterizo que tendrá lugar en Tijuana, B.C. México, los días 15, 16 y 17 de septiembre de 2006.
leer mas

The organizations, groups, collectives and individuals from both sides of the US-Mexico border who are part of the National Campaign with the Other Politics for a National Program of Leftist Struggle and for a New Constitution (The Other Campaign), call to friends and adherents and sympathizers of the 6th Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, to workers, youth, indigenous, those in social struggle, intellectuals, artists and all those out there who identify with struggles from the left and from below to participate in the First Cross-Border Encuentro, taking place in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, on the 15, 16 and 17 of September, 2006.
read more

La Otra San Diego with Borderlands HackLab and San Diego Indymedia will be presenting a video simulcast of some of the events in Tijuana. radioActive sanDiego will be broadcasting from the event. More details available soon...

9/11 - Five Years On - A Bristol Perspective

Bristol, 11.09.2006 11:38

Living in the Shadow of Bin Laden summary Anarchist606 writes: I heard about the first plane from a work colleague who was sat on the desk next to me. It seemed pretty unreal. I checked the net to see what was going down. Breaking news was a plane had hit the world trade centre ... In 2001 incidents of terrorism are running at about 1700 per year, globally ... Flashback to then. As the second plane hits, the net goes down. I can not remember a time then or since that this had happened. At first the BBC site went to a text only version, then that too would go ... Soon after this Bu$h would declare that either you are with him or with the terrorists. Rumsfeld would take the Iraq war plans off the backburner and once more put them into motion. In Afghanistan, Bin Laden would argue with Al-Zarqawi about how the US would respond to his attacks. Al-Zarqawi says they will attack Iraq and set off there to prepare for their coming.Now – there is a vigil in Bristol each day to protest the wars. This has been going on since they started bombing Afghanistan. In Bristol there are also companies who make missiles that they use in the war on terror. Dick Cheney said that this war would not end in our lifetimes. A forever war. As if to prove this, the war in Afghanistan that we have supposedly won, still rumbles on there with no end in sight ... Now – the forever war takes in Iraq to sit alongside Afghanistan, Colombia and Palestine in their crusade for enduring freedom. During this war on terror they would use torture, cluster bombs, detention without trial, phosphorus shells, depleted uranium and bomblets ... In 2005 incidents of terrorism are running at around 5100 per year. Since that day when Bin Laden killed 2,973 people to set his agenda, the west's fury and blundering would add another 62,006 dead to the tally ... Cost of war so far: $313,693,687,636 and counting.Before – A couple of years after 911, I would hold my nose and vote Lib Dem to oust Neo-Labour in the national election. They won in Bristol West. The media, taking their cue from Neo-Labour ... said people don't care about the war. I did. In the run up to the largest ever demo sends coach after coach from here to London to say No War. Bliar ignored us ... He said history would be his judge. Instead the dead of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are his judge ... Now; I want us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I want the billions spent on war to go on making poverty history. I want Neo-Labour to consume itself in an orgy of destruction ... (epitaph; 'Here lies the Labour Party 1900-2006, an opportunity lost. May future generations learn from our failure.') ... I want the court to issue an arrest warrant for Bliar on charges of war crimes. I want Bin Laden caught and put on trial in the Hague. I want the Fairford disarmers to be acquitted and offered the Freedom of the City of Bristol. Full Article| (Image Left: U.S military uses phosphorous weapons as it flattens the Iraqi city of Fallujah in Nov 2004) | Living in the Shadow of Bin Laden | Bristol Peace Vigil: Mon - Fri @5:30-6:30pm. Sat @3:00-4:00pm. Opposite The Hippodrome, St. Augustines Parade, Bristol City Centre | Fairford Trials: Paul Milling and Margaret Jones : Verdict Expected By Next Wednesday | Also Of Interest: Profiles of Bristol based Arms Companies | Bristol arms manufacturers are targetted | Palestine Zaytoun Olive Harvest Tour | Bristol Stop The War Newsletter : September 2006 |Contribute An Article

Monday's Events

Portland, 11.09.2006 10:38

Blogging Overpasses on 9-11 - I will be holding giant signs over the 205 on Monday 9-11-06. BUSH LIES is one. Another is 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. 9-11 will be a great day to remind folks that Bush is a liar and needs to be removed from office. Lets give people something to talk about at work Monday morning. I will be over the 205 with a 20 foot wide 5 foot tall sign during rush hour traffic. [ read more ]

Community gathering for peace: Sunday and Monday - Code Pink Portland will join with People of Faith for Peace and other peace and justice organizations for a public fast on September 10th and 11th. Our mission is to unite clergy, lay leaders, peace groups and individuals from all persuasions and to bring attention to the urgency for peacemaking and provide opportunities for personal commitment, education and discussion - a reflective, supportive, joyous event. [ read more ]

Impeachment flash mob tomorrow - Impeachment flash mob tomoroow, 9/11/06. 4:30 to 6;30 PM. Eastbound side of Morrison Bridge. Impeachent signs with "" included welcome! Call city council members and persuade them to impeach the Bush Administration! [ read more ]

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