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Colombia, 14.09.2006 20:08


Colombia, 14.09.2006 20:08

Recorrido de muerte y corrupción

SHAC 7 Defendants Sentenced This Week

Rochester, 14.09.2006 20:07

SHAC7/a> [permalink] Trenton, NJ—The SHAC 7, who were convicted in March of 2006 under the contentious Federal Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992 of engaging in conspiracy to commit animal enterprise terrorism, labeled “domestic terrorists”, and “allegedly operat[ed] a website that reported on protests against the investors, stockholders, and customers” of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), were in court on September 12th and 13th for sentencing.

The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty or SHAC campaign is an international effort to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe's largest contract research organization (CRO), which has gained international notoriety for its animal cruelty and bad science. HLS tests products by forcing animals to inhale or ingest excessive amounts of chemicals, sweeteners, designer drugs, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The CRO, with labs in New Jeresy and London, kills approximately 500 animals every day including rodents, cats, dogs, primates, and rabbits.

Part of the SHAC campaign involves a divestment strategy to eliminate support for HLS, which has been successful enough to drive the lab 80 million dollars into debt, run its share price into the ground, get it kicked off both the New York and London stock exchanges and convinced hundreds of institutions around the world to sever their relationships with the lab.

Throughout their trial, the defendants maintained their actions constituted free speech and that their 1st Amendment rights had been violated by the US government. Because of the convictions, the State now has legal precedence to go after any activist or organization that is effective in their actions and speech for social justice causes.

The seven defendants—SHAC USA Inc., Kevin Kjonaas, Lauren Gazzola, Jake Conroy, Josh Harper, Andy Stepanian, and Darius Fulmer—4 of which received sentences ranging from 3 to 6 years on the first and second days of sentencing with the last two defendants listed above to be sentenced next week, were greeted to a packed courtroom of some150 activists from around the country with another 50 or so waiting outside at the Trenton Federal Courthouse.

All seven defendants were ordered to pay joint restitution to the “victim,” HLS, in the amount of $1,000,001.00, among other stipulations such as self-surrendering to the appropriate authorities within 30 days.

Read the full article here.

Things you can do:
Attend the sentencing next Tuesday in Trenton, NJ.
When: September 19th, 9 a.m.
Where: Trenton Federal Courthouse, 400 East State St., Trenton, New Jersey
Judge Anne Thompson's courtroom (4th floor)
Transportation: There is free parking a few blocks away and a paid lot one block away. The courthouse is transit accessible. Take New Jersey Transit, Septa, or Amtrak trains to the Trenton station. Courthouse is 2 blocks away.

Also check out the SHAC 7 support site for further information and mailing addresses while incarcerated.

Sgomberato Paguro

Italy, 14.09.2006 18:38

CSOA Paguro sotto attacco

Primer Encuentro Transfronterizo de La Otra Campaña

LA, 14.09.2006 18:38

Primer Encuentro Transfronterizo de La Otra Campaña

Solidarity with New Zealand workers

Melbourne, 14.09.2006 15:09

Consumer Boycott of Woolworths Urged

Más de 30 años de lucha

Argentina, 14.09.2006 13:39

Por el Boleto Estudiantil

Town Hall Meeting vs. Back Room Dealing

Philadelphia, 14.09.2006 13:38

Roots of Resistance Camp

San Diego, 14.09.2006 13:08

From Project Steev:"This past weekend I and 4 other Tucson activists drove to San Diego for the Roots of Resistance Summer Camp. The Organic Collective had organized it to get people, mostly border activists, to come and share skills and talk about plans. It was a really great time and really inspiring... I took a few photos, not only of the camp but our brief visit to the border wall on the beach - where there are gaps in the wall right now big enough that people can easily squeeze through, and do. Mexicans were casually slipping over and wandering the sand, but a border patrol truck on the hill was making sure no one went too far. We played soccer and talked with some of the Tijuanans for awhile. It was really cool. The whole weekend was just really really awesome.

From lotu5:"I spent this past weekend at the o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective's Roots of Resistance Camp, rootcamp. It was an amazing experience, with people there from Arizona, Los Angeles, Orange County and lots of new and old faces from San Diego."

event announcement

San Diego Side of Cross-Border Encuentro

San Diego, 14.09.2006 12:38

The Other Campaign will be holding a meeting in Tijuana Fri Sept 15 - Sun Sept 17 (more information here). A two day satellite event will create a space where people on the San Diego side can hook up to the actual encounter happening in Tijuana. Everyone interested in the Other Campaign is welcome.

Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway, one block from city college in downtown san diego

Friday, September 15, 2006, 6-9pm
Sunday September 17, 9am-1pm

Sgomberato Paguro

Italy, 14.09.2006 10:38

CSOA Paguro sotto attacco

Sgombero Paguro

Italy, 14.09.2006 09:39

Nuovo Sgombero a Parma: Il PAGURO

Sgomberato Paguro

Italy, 14.09.2006 09:39

CSOA Paguro sotto attacco

Governo PS aprova novo regime de subsídio de desemprego

Portugal, 14.09.2006 09:38

Governo PS aprova novo regime de subsídio de desemprego

(Still) The Most Radical Thing Ever

Urbana-Champaign, 14.09.2006 03:09

To love ones’ enemies is extremely subversive, not just emotionally, but politically – perhaps now more than ever.

NYPD Impedes Planned Bush Protest

NYC, 14.09.2006 03:08

Next Tuesday, September 19, President George Bush will be addressing the United Nations in defense of the disastrous Iraq War. United for Peace and Justice has planned a peaceful march and rally to voice our opposition and call for the troops to come home.

Yesterday we met with the New York Police Department, who informed us they will not allow any marches near the United Nations that day.

IndyKids: New Volunteer Open House

NYC, 14.09.2006 03:08

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2006, 7:30 PM: IndyKids is helping to create the next generation of informed thinkers. Get involved! [Indykids Website and Back Issues || Critical Literacy Podcast on Indyids]

The Courts and Congress Will Not Halt the Surveillance Programs of Hereditary Kings

Arkansas, 14.09.2006 02:39

The Bush administration is pushing legislation to legalize its vast spy operations on the American people. Can we depend on Congress to defend our rights? Do not count on it!

Ministério da Justiça Recebe da FUNAI Parecer Favorável aos Índios de Aracruz/ES

Brasil, 14.09.2006 02:08


Four SHAC7 Defendants Sentenced, More to Follow

United States, 14.09.2006 00:07

Trenton, NJ: On September 12, the first three SHAC 7 defendants -- Kevin Kjonaas, Lauren Gazzola, and Jacob Conroy -- were sentenced to prison terms of four to six years for their alleged role in campaigning to close down the notorious animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences. The following morning, Josh Harper was sentenced to three years. Andrew Stepanian and Darius Fullmer will be sentenced next Tuesday, September 19th. [Read Details: 1 | 2]

The SHAC7 are 6 activists and a corporation -- Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA, Inc. -- that have been found guilty of multiple federal felonies under the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism" Act. They are not accused of actually smashing windows, liberating animals or even attending demonstrations, rather reporting on and ecouraging others to engage in legal demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action. After being found guilty, with defendants facing up to 13 years in prison, they are beginning their appeal. This appeal will be made from prison.

SHAC 7 Website

Uruguay: La Pastera Botnia traera 1000 operarios europeos para la construcción

Argentina, 13.09.2006 23:38

homenajes en todo el país

Argentina, 13.09.2006 23:38

A 30 años de la "Noche de los lapices"

11th September 2001, Five Years On

United Kingdom, 13.09.2006 23:08

Five years after 9/11, a large number of protests, screenings, concerts and meetings were held across the US (New York: 1 | 2 | SF Bay Area: 1 | 2 | Los Angeles: 1 | 2) to demand the truth about the events of September 11th 2001 and the subsequent "War on Terror" and the imperial invasion of key countries in the oil-rich Middle East. In the UK over 100 truth protestors gathered outside the US Embasy in London to oppose the official conspiracy theory, photos: 1 | 2.

The attacks of September 11th 2001 have been used, on both sides of the Atlantic, to justify a spectrum of attacks on civil liberties and illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 9/11 Truth Movement fears that until the lies are exposed the attack will continue to be used to justify perpetual war, with the next one possibly being with Iran and/or Syria, and further attacks on dissent and freedoms at home. In the UK post-9/11, steps down the road to a police state have included terror raids, shoot to kill, detention without trial, torture training, profiling, rendition and a host of other Orwellian "Big Brother" proposals like ID cards.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has received varied responses from Indymedia, ranging from feature articles condemning conspiracy theorists (NYC) to dedicated 9/11 topics and feature articles asking why the network is ignoring the call for a 9.11 investigation (Portland). In the months following the attack UK-IMC carried many articles questioning the official story and analysing what the attacks would mean for the anti-capitalist left (for example: 9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism), but in the years following the attack an ad-hoc policy of hiding all articles questioning 9/11 was adopted. This has now changed, the 9/11 Truth Movement is gradually gaining recognition as a legitimate, albeit still controversial, part of the broad global justice movement.

Read on for more on the events of 11th September 2001, the 9/11 Truth Movement and a look at one of the big answered questions, what happened to World Trade Centre Building 7?

The Boston Globe Must Cover the Crisis at CPCS

Boston, 13.09.2006 22:08

The most diverse college within the most diverse university in the Northeast, the UMass Boston College of Public and Community Service (CPCS), is in serious risk of destruction at the hands of its own Dean (supported by the UMass Boston Provost and Chancellor). For months, the CPCS community has tried to get serious coverage of this crisis in the Boston Globe, and has been repeatedly rebuffed. Now the CPCS community is demanding coverage, through this petition, after providing statistics demonstrating that the Boston Globe has an established pattern of seriously underreporting events at UMass Boston--a large public college--when compared to its generous coverage of large private colleges in the Boston area.

Amy Goodman at Skylight Books This Friday

LA, 13.09.2006 21:08

Amy Goodman at Skylight Books This Friday

16 de Septiembre 1976 - 16 de Septiembre 2006 | A 30 años de la &quot;Noche de los lapices&quot;

Argentina, 13.09.2006 20:08

Lapices que escriben

Réunion de rentrée!!

Marseille, 13.09.2006 19:08

Réunion de rentrée!!

SHAC 7 Sentenced

Philadelphia, 13.09.2006 17:38

Gresham/ Troutdale 9/11 Protest

Portland, 13.09.2006 16:38

I just wanted to report that me and two other people did what we could on 9/11/06. We live out in the Gresham/Troutdale area, so the three of us walked up and down 257th near Start St with signs. Every protest that I have ever been to has been downtown so I was not sure what kind of reaction we would get out here in suburbia. We had our share of people yelling at us and middle fingers being thrown our way but overall we got way more honks and cheers. For the most part though, most people tried to act like they didn't notice us. read the full report...

for more recent 9/11 coverage, visit the 9/11 investigation page

Gresham officer involved in deadly crash resigns

Portland, 13.09.2006 16:38

The Gresham police officer who ran a red light and hit a mini van has resigned. Officer Joshua Linstrom, who ran a red light, hitting a mini van and killing Marino Sanchez-Sanches, has resigned. A 'Grand Jury" cleared Linstrom after an investigation, but on September 11th, the officer decided to leave the force. I did not hear his reason.

A Parently contributes: It appears that someone in the Gresham Police department command has a firmer grasp on what is right or wrong than the DA or the "grand" freakin jury. He was given the ultimatum-resign or be fired. More sense than Sandy or Clackamas County, at least.

contribute to this article...

Daniel McGowan is off house arrest

Portland, 13.09.2006 16:38

Great news! Today (9/11/06) Daniel's lawyers received word that Judge Aiken signed off on the motion which allowed Daniel's electronic monitoring device to be removed. Other restrictions still apply, but he is allowed to be out of the apartment and enjoy the crisp autumn weather coming our way. contribute to this article...Support Daniel by organizing your community!So far Daniels supporters (and that includes you!) have done an excellent job of organizing ourselves to support him in these difficult times. We have been drawing on Daniel's connections to the community to build support for his freedom. It is also important that we map out our relationships (political, social, cultural, etc.) so that we can expand the scope of our work. We plan to reach a broader population of potential supporters who do not share an immediate or obvious connection with Daniel McGowan himself by utilizing all of the connections to broader communities that exist within our networks. read the full call for support...

Three SHAC7 Defendants Sentenced More to Follow

Portland, 13.09.2006 16:38

Ok. So, it's bad, but not as bad as it could be. Today, 3 of the defendants were sentenced. Jake got 48 months. Lauren got 52 months. Kevin got 72 months. That's a long time to spend in jail for speaking, but at least it wasn't as much time as our piece of crap government was trying to get out of them.

dissident comments: "This is designed to put a chill into us. Because these people never committed a crime, and we all know this. All they did was speak. None of the charges had to do with any crime. They all had to do with speaking. This is supposed to scare us all into silence. It will NOT. SPEAK.

I will not be silent. We will keep struggling for what is right in the world, for what we believe in, and we will NOT cower in corners. May they be broken out of jail even as the unjust walls come tumbling down and the oppressor shatters."

Josh should be sentenced tomorrow, with Andy and Darius to follow sometime next week. Everybody keep your fingers crossed.

read on to find out how to support these folks...

Chile: 33 anos do golpe e ataque aos símbolos do capitalismo

Brasil, 13.09.2006 15:39


Court Solidarity Email Scooped by State Police Snoops

Boston, 13.09.2006 15:08

The Massachusetts State Police "Fusion Center" has intercepted an activist court solidarity email and forwarded it to the Lexington police department who passed it to the Concord district court where it was entered into evidence against a demonstrator on trial today.

brussels protests vs. killings

QC, 13.09.2006 14:39

Protests over Political Killings Hound GMA in Brussels

Australian Uranium

Melbourne, 13.09.2006 14:39

Uranium Enrichment May Lead to Regional Nuclear Arms Race

I�aki de Juana Chaos, m�s de un mes en huelga de hambre

Euskal Herria, 13.09.2006 14:39

The NHS is on its knees Get on your feet to save it!

United Kingdom, 13.09.2006 13:08

Defend the NHS! March and rally - Sat 23rd Sept - 11am Forest Recreation Ground (assemble 10am) Nottingham.

This year the East Midlands faces 5,000 job losses (with 1,200 to go in Nottingham), £200 million worth of cuts, the sale of NHS Logistics, hospital ward closures, a review of NHS Direct and Patient Transport Services, and operations undertaken by private health firms run solely for the profit of shareholders. We say it's time the Government stepped in to stop thee cuts and end privatisation of our local NHS. Join us!

Links: Unison website | UK Indymedia health topic page | NHS England

Más de 30 años de lucha

Argentina, 13.09.2006 13:08

Por el Boleto Estudiantil

Uribe: Responsable

Colombia, 13.09.2006 12:39

Uribe: Responsable político de terrorismo

a 30 años de las noches de los lapices

Argentina, 13.09.2006 05:38

lxs escritores independientes siguen escribiendo

Manifestación de Organizaciones de mujeres al comienzo de juicio a violador

Argentina, 13.09.2006 05:08

Neuquén: Comenzó el juicio a Gallone


Urbana-Champaign, 13.09.2006 04:15

The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center Foundation (IMC) has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Illinois Arts Council to further develop its Community Media and Arts Center in downtown Urbana.  The IMC received the full amount of their request.  The grant will help support general operations and comes less than a year after its grant opening in the historic downtown Urbana post office building.  The IMC purchased the building; the post office remains as a tenant.

Dedicating September 11th to Bush

DC, 13.09.2006 04:15

George W. Bush is an ordinary human being, in fact a quite stupid one. So are all of his handlers. They are ordinary people, and we have the power, should we choose to use it, to throw them out of our public housing.

Anti-Arab Racism, Islam, and the Left

DC, 13.09.2006 04:15

Racism against Arabs and Muslims long preceded the 9-11 terrorist attacks and has much of its roots in Western imperialism in the Middle East, especially Israel’s colonization of Palestine. Yet, the escalation that we witness today can be traced to the war on terror launched after 9-11 by Bush and his neoconservative ideologues with the backing of the Democrats. Anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism has helped sell the detentions, wars, gulags, and occupations of US imperialism’s latest and boldest venture into the Middle East and South Asia. In turn, this imperial venture has further inflamed racist views of Arabs and Muslims. What makes this growing racism so frightening is its wide acceptance in US society, particularly by the left. With the latter, it is not as much conscious racism as not doing enough to fight it. Part of this may be due to ambivalence, but it also stems from a lack of a dynamic understanding of Islamism. Broad support gives anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism a sense of legitimacy and respectability that makes building a mass movement that can end the war and occupation of Iraq difficult, if not impossible, since so much of the support for the war is fueled by fear and racism.

&quot;Liberdade, essa palavra&quot;

Brasil, 13.09.2006 04:14


Cartunista brasileiro é ameaçado por partido conservador de Israel

Brasil, 13.09.2006 04:14


International Peoples Forum vs the IMF &amp; World Bank

Jakarta, 13.09.2006 04:14

Batam 15-17 September Sebanyak 42 organisasi non pemerintah (NGO/LSM) internasional dengan jumlah peserta sekitar 900 orang, dipastikan bertemu di Kota Batam pada 15-17 September 2006 mendatang dan sepakat menjadikan Batam sebagai basis untuk menggelar sejumlah aktivitas berskala internasional yang antara lain ditujukan mengimbangi sidang IMF dan Bank Dunia di Singapura, 14 - 19 September mendatang. Mereka akan membahas berbagai persoalan global, mulai dari kebijakan bank dunia (world bank) dan international moneter fund (IMF) terhadap negara ketiga. Juga membahas berbagai isu sosial yang merebak di berbagai belahan dunia, termasuk di Indonesia. ...


Japan, 13.09.2006 04:13

 【1:50現在、ウォンジョン3通り速報】 300名余、徹夜座り込み突入 ウォンジョン3通りにいる300名余の平澤チキミが寒さも気にせず、徹夜座り込み に突入しました。 全羅道光州など各地から集まった平澤チキミたちが明け方から行われる村破戒及び住宅強制撤去に対峙し、徹夜座り込みを行いながら、非常待機している状況です。

IMF/World Bank Protests

Melbourne, 13.09.2006 03:39

Singapore Bans NGO Delegates from IMF/World Bank Meeting

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