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GLADIO: The secret U.S. war to subvert Italian democracy

Miami, 19.09.2006 15:37

GLADIO: The secret U.S. war to subvert Italian democracy

ACLU Rally to Save the Constitution

Philadelphia, 19.09.2006 14:38

Save Darfur Rally

NYC, 19.09.2006 12:08

Over 20,000 people rallied on Sunday for an end to the genocide. According to Save Darfur, over 400,000 civillians have been killed by the Sudanese government and its Janjaweed militia: "with much international pressure, the Darfur Peace Agreement was brokered in May 2006 between the government of Sudan and one faction of Darfur rebels. However, deadlines have been ignored and the violence has escalated."

Kevin Zeese: “It’s Time to Try Diplomacy in Middle East!”

Portland, 19.09.2006 10:38

Since the end of WWII, the U.S. policy in the Middle East has created only "more anger-more hatred for our county," said Kevin Zeese. Speaking on 09/13/06, at the Palestine Center, in D.C., Zeese ripped the Bush-Cheney Gang for giving Israel the "green light" to terrorize Lebanon for 33-days. Zeese also took it to task for abandoning the Palestinians and for its hostile attitude towards Iran. "It's time to try diplomacy in the Middle East," he said.

Clackamas County deputy gets 13 years

Portland, 19.09.2006 10:38

Yet Another Miscarriage of Justice: Clackamas County deputy gets off easy with 13 years

Once again, the stenographers in the MSM have shown how the scales of justice are gamed by the heavy thumb of the state.

The mentality and philosophy of modern law enforcement was plain to see once again in the recently quoted comments of Clackamas County deputy David Verbos, his wife, friends, superiors, and colleagues. And, as usual, the MSM dutifully records their callously arrogant and ethically corrupt views without question.

Amazing Kaady Family

Portland, 19.09.2006 10:38

I visited Middle Eastern Festival at St George Church. (I love Lebanese food!) I hesitated going, not wanting anyone to divert from being happy. I planned to eat a small spinach pie, say "Hi", & leave. Not to be. The wonderful Kaady family spotted me & treated me like a member of the family & gave me much more than a little pie to eat. My God, i love those people. So warm & generous & strong. And, i will tell you, determined!

We must support them, & one another, as we work for Justice, for ALL. I promised Fouad's Mom & Dad that we will never forget Fouad, or them.

Deputy Grope 'em Green not off hook-yet

Portland, 19.09.2006 10:38

Despite Bernie Giusto's efforts to hide Deputy Green in some bureau until his groping activities were forgotten, thanks to his victims, and of course some public outcry, it seems that DA Schrunk has reoppened the case.

Never mind the fact that long before the shit hit the fan, and the victim's outcry over the fact that Green was back on patrol, deputy district attorneys had served Sheriff Bernie the good ol boy Giusto with notice that they would no longer be calling Green as a witness in any case that they were called upon to prosecute. Shrunk finally felt the need to proceed, "when several more witnesses/victims came forward."

AUDIO FILE: Proposed Copper Mine at Mt. St. Helens

Portland, 19.09.2006 10:38

These are audio files from an event sponsored by Gifford Pinchot Task Force which took place at the Hollywood Theatre on August 29, 2006, concerning the application for a 3000 acre lease to mine copper just north of the Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Monument.

In March of 2005, Idaho General Mines, Inc. of Spokane, WA applied for a lease from the federal government to land just north of Mount St. Helens. The mining company has stated in press reports that they hope to construct a 3,000 acre copper mine at the site. The federal government is expected to release a draft Environmental Assessment in consideration of the lease application in the coming weeks.

Protesters Tell Wells Fargo to Stop Lootin’ and Pollutin’

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.09.2006 05:38

Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace and Amazon watch held a protest at 8am on Monday, September 18th to demand corporate responsibility from Wells Fargo, Kimberly Clark, Monsanto, and ConocoPhillips. Representatives of these companies, as well as some 200 other CEO's, were meeting at an Investors Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco. Robbin Hood made a surprise appearance at the Investors Conference, calling for distribution of wealth. Photos


Rogue Valley, 19.09.2006 05:09

3 - 7pm
Oak Street, between Lithia & Main Streets

Disparador de violencia

Argentina, 19.09.2006 05:09

Comentarios discriminatorios del Papa hacia el Islám

Support Your Local Firefighters!

United Kingdom, 19.09.2006 04:14

Local firefighters are currently on strike against £3.5 million worth of cuts to essential services. Merseyside is without much of its cover, since the Territorial Army are currently in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kazakhstan, supporting Blair's oil wars. However, this is not the firefighters' fault, and they are only striking to prevent cuts that would leave Liverpool city centre with less fire engines than we currently have, and at least one hundred less firefighters. If the government pulled out of any Middle Eastern country, they could invest the money in more fire engines, and lots of other positive things!

Liverpool Indymedia reports: Mersey Firefighters to Fight Service Cuts | Ex-Firefighters To Stand With Bosses On Cuts Agenda? | Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Mersey Fire Authority | Firefighters to Strike Over Cuts | Area Commander Dan Stephens Betrays Merseysiders | Fire Scab Scandal | Eight Day Strike For Liverpool Lives | Day 1 of Mersey Fire Strike: Great Show of Solidarity | Day 2 of Mersey Fire Strike: Authority Calls On "Fantasy firefighters" | Day 3 of Mersey Fire Strike: FBU's Skarratts Blinks First | Day 4 of Mersey Fire Strike: More 'Negotiating' Amid Allegations | Day 5 of Mersey Fire Strike: Talks Break Down | Day 6 of Mersey Fire Strike: "We are not getting anywhere." | Day 7 of Mersey Fire Strike: More Delaying Tactics By Authority | Day 8 of Mersey Fire Strike: Scale of Cuts Confirmed | Day 9 of Mersey Fire Strike: FBU publish alternative cuts plan | Day 10 of Mersey Fire Strike: Yet More Strike Dates Promised | Day 11 of Mersey Fire Strike: Desperate Authority Makes False Accusations | Day 12 of Mersey Fire Strike: Massive March and Rally in Liverpool | Day 13 of Mersey Fire Strike: Negotiations Continue Following Rally | Day 16 of Mersey Fire Strike: Authority Claims "positive and constructive" Talks

Philadelphians Observe Constitution Day with Activism

Philadelphia, 19.09.2006 03:38

Dragon Valley

Houston, 19.09.2006 03:09

The Real School (AKA Dragon Valley) has a home

Se desconoce paradero de Julio López

Argentina, 19.09.2006 03:09

Green Party Senate Candidate Chris Lugo Urges Inclusion in Senate Debates

Tennessee, 19.09.2006 02:09

Nashville, TN: Green Party of Tennessee candidate for US Senate Chris Lugo is urging the League of Women Voters and other organizations sponsoring debates in Tennessee to open up the debates to all candidates on the ballot,"This is a democracy and the only way the voters can know who they are voting for is if they have a chance to see them and hear them. It is of vital importance in this important statewide election that the media not exclude candidates and thereby hand the elections over to the campaigns with the most money."


Athens, 18.09.2006 23:09

Tο κράτος δολοφονεί, οι παρίες αντιστέκονται

African American Day Parade

NYC, 18.09.2006 23:08

Over 10,000 people attended yesterday's African American Day Parade in Harlem For over 30 years, the parade has been a convergence of Black pride, power and beauty. The Free Mumia Coalition/Jericho Movement, along with the New Black Panther Party received a ovation from the crowd.

La caravane de l'UDEP passe par liège

Liege, 18.09.2006 23:07

La caravane de l'UDEP entame sa tournée dans différentes villes dans le contexte des élections communales: avec ou sans papiers, tous des citoyens! Régularisation!

Chile - Hip Hop Activista

santiago, 18.09.2006 22:09

Tour de Axión Social

Дзень міра ва ўсім свеце!

Belarus, 18.09.2006 15:07

Roundtable on the Borderline

Beirut, 18.09.2006 15:07

Anarchists from Israel and Lebanon discussed together about the effects of the latest war, their helplessnes, fear and the reasons behind it. Eyal and Anat, holding Israeli passports; and Hazem and Imad holding Lebanese passports are all risking persecution simply for talking to each other. According to Lebanese and Israeli law communication between the respective citizens is prohibited and in some cases punished with a court-martial (though more applied in Lebanon). For this, this is an illegal roundtable – part of it was a defying, challenging and painful conversation that did not go smooth without tears, rage, apologies, pain, guilt, affinity, discussion, smiles, and tight embraces. This conversation is not representative of the mass majority of both populations; it is rather an anarchist worm-eye view of the latest Israeli war on Lebanon. The meeting was facilitated by networks of global solidarity within autonomous spaces in Europe, and also through the growing global anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian movement. A movement that is witnessing crises, but also signs of life!

AUDIO FILE: Portland Call To Impeach Bush

Portland, 18.09.2006 14:08

This is a twelve minute interview with Styve, who has been diligently on the streets of Portland for many months now with signs encouraging the Impeachment of George W. Bush.

I videotaped these interviews on the corner of SE Madison and Grand, where Steve and Kathy were standing with their signs encouraging motorists to stand up for impeachment. Styve, who has "been protesting Bush since before he was elected," gives a brief synopsis of the process which led him to his present stand, and both Styve and Kathy give their reasons why Bush deserves to be impeached. Among them, lying us into war and warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, in any sane society, should give the population and their legislators cause to indict.

"What I started doing this for was to raise some awareness, to try to motivate people to say, DAMN!, if this guy cares this much, that he's doing this to and from work, why aren't I doing this?"

Report of Demise of RateYourSolicitor Premature

Ireland, 18.09.2006 11:39

Move to take way internet freedom www. rateyoursol ...

A 30 años de la Noche de los Lápices

Argentina, 18.09.2006 11:38

Por la educación pública

I Predict a Riot

Bristol, 18.09.2006 09:38

Bristol Radical History Week 2006 : Saturday October 28th - Sunday November 5th 2006 Bristol Radical History Week 2006 : Saturday October 28th - Sunday November 5th 2006 Roger writes: The largest celebration of peoples' history that Bristol has ever seen with academics from Europe and North America, local historians and members of the public taking part in a number of commemorations, public lectures, debates, and a film festival that will uncover some of the forgotten history of the city. The inspiration for the event is the following two anniversaries: The 175th anniversary of the 1831 Queen’s Square uprising. This insurrection, which put the city of Bristol in the hands of the revolutionary mob for several days, had a profound influence upon the rise of democracy in Britain. The 350th anniversary of the 'blasphemous' ride of James Nayler into Bristol. Nayler, a radical preacher and Civil War soldier, believed in the freedom of worship, universal suffrage and the end of slavery. The week will include: Public commemorations, a series of public lectures and debates, piracy and mutiny, a film festival at the Cube Microplex, gigs including folk legend Leon Rosselson, exhibitions, history walking tours, Children's events and more skulduggery. Bristol Radical History Week is a non profit event, will be open to all and will be free or of minimal cost. It is being organised by local people from Bristol and is NOT funded by Universities, Political Parties or Local Government. Bristol Radical History Week 2006 : Saturday October 28th - Sunday November 5th 2006| Bristol Radical History Week 2006 | - Bristol Radical History Week Website | 1831 Bristol riots nominated in search for the most overlooked moment in British radical history ( |Contribute An Article

William Donald Schaefer Exits the Political Stage

Baltimore, 18.09.2006 06:08

In Maryland, on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, the people said in a loud voice that they have seen enough of William Donald Schaefer, the State’s Democratic Comptroller. He was defeated in his bid for reelection. For close to 50 years, Schaefer has been in public service, in jobs, like: Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland. During some of that time, he openly supported Bush I and Bush II. Schaefer's past, finally, caught up with him.

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 18.09.2006 06:08

The Ehrlich Report is a monthly column of political sociological analysis. This month we look at the Peace Path.

Die-In at the Ferry Building

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.09.2006 05:39

On Saturday, September 16th, the anniversary of the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon, over 40 Bay Area activists staged a "die-in" at the Ferry Building in San Francisco to highlight the fact that US tax money has been used to fund the attacks on and killings of civilians in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. Photos

Measures 41 &amp; 48 Forum Monday Night in Medford

Rogue Valley, 18.09.2006 03:09

Medford - September 18th
7-8 pm. Doors open at 6:30
Rogue Regency Inn
2300 Biddle Road
Hosted by: Stand For Children and Oregonians for Health Security

"It's vital to defeat these two extreme right wing measures--they are funded by out of state interests and will damage Oregon tremendously. Please help spread the word." -Peter Buckley, Sate Rep. District5

Another young man killed by police.

Portland, 18.09.2006 02:38

In Washington County, a young man has been shot and killed by police. Apparently Lukus Glen came home from a party at 3 a.m. and was drunk. He and his father began to argue, according to corp news, and the father called police. Lukus got ahold of a knife and the officers "felt their lives threatened", so tried to stop him with bean bag shots. That did not work, so they shot Lukus. This is very sketchy right now, but I was watching corp news and saw interviews of neighbors who were in shock.

They said that they had watched Lukus grow up and could bot believe that he had been shot. This very is similar to what happened to Fouad Kaady, except, of course, that Fouad was not drunk or armed. Still, on the surface, I have to wonder about the way each of these young men died. Once again someone called for help and that call ended in death.

read the full article...Fair and Balanced ? What about Fouad Kaady's story? Being older and perhaps having spent more of my life in the "mainstream," many of my acquaintances often ask me why I spend time, here, on IndyMedia. "don't you think that most of the articles are slanted toward the radical left?"

My response is that the so called mainstream media does a swell job of covering the "news" according to the corporate leaders' view. It is fair and balanced, as long as you do not ask any questions, and as long as you believe that the government-any government, is always right. Was it fair, was it balanced, when two murderous thugs in uniform tortured, then murdered, Fouad Kaady?

read the full recollection...

Missione Improbabile

Italy, 18.09.2006 01:09

Missione improbabile


Arizona, 18.09.2006 01:07

Hundreds Show Support During Peaks Appeals!

üniversiteler açılıyor

Istanbul, 18.09.2006 00:39

Üniversiteler sermayeye açılıyor, müşteri olmayan öğrenciler atılıyor

Newt Gingrich Talks to the New School About Poverty

NYC, 18.09.2006 00:38

Newt Gingrich!

Toll Brothers And The Environment

Philadelphia, 17.09.2006 23:38

Community and Family March on the First Anniversary of Terence Wheelock's Death.

Ireland, 17.09.2006 23:08

There was a large turnout today on the 1st anniver ...

(en)(pl) CENTRAL/EASTERN EUROPE IRC GET-TOGETHER #europe Thu 28.09.2006 19:00 UTC+2

Belarus, 17.09.2006 22:07

Otro Grito

Houston, 17.09.2006 18:39

The Other Grito celebrates resistance and demands freedom for political prisoners

Após protestos, UFPR decide cancelar experimentos em animais

Brasil, 17.09.2006 15:38


Dancing around the flame: A Letter to Helen Thomas

Miami, 17.09.2006 15:37

Dancing around the flame: A Letter to Helen Thomas

Masacres de indígenas en el siglo XX

Argentina, 17.09.2006 08:08

Demandas por genocidio: “El Gobierno se ha opuesto a que se sigan excavando las tumbas”

42 libel raps

QC, 17.09.2006 02:39

42 Journalists Face Libel Raps from Arroyo’s Husband

Why are we in the streets today?

DC, 17.09.2006 02:09

This statement was issued by a coalition of organizations including the Committee to Save Franklin Sehlter, Mobilization for Global Justice, Board of Social Action of Plymouth UCC, Gray Panthers, 50 Years is Enough, Jubilee USA and others on the occasion of the march from the World Bank and IMF to Franklin Shelter on September 14. The purpose of the march was to make the connection between policies of privatization, corporate welfare, and forced displacement in Washington DC and worldwide. Audio B. Ander's Speech at Save Franklin Shelter Rally

Los lápices siguen escribiendo

Argentina, 17.09.2006 02:08

Flores de Septiembre

Los lápices siguen escribiendo

Argentina, 17.09.2006 00:08

Flores de Septiembre

Aracruz Celulose é acusada de racismo pelos/as índios/as Tupiniquins e Guaranis do ES

Brasil, 16.09.2006 22:08


&quot;Planet of Slums&quot; Author Speaks in San Diego

San Diego, 16.09.2006 21:08

Mike Davis, author of several best-selling books on urban corruption and apocalypse, spoke at the First Unitarian-Universalist Church Wednesday, September 13 and outlined the basic themes of his new book, "Planet of Slums." His argument was that one billion or more people worldwide now live in slum conditions, that they exist almost totally outside the organized world economy, and that the breakdown of any sense of community and the rise of the "Washington consensus" and the structural adjustment programs it imposed on the Third World have pretty much wiped out any chance for these people to work themselves up economically and better their lives.

Previous Coverage, Incl Audio/Transcript | UN-HABITAT Report: Challenge of Slums | Challenge of Slums: Case Studies | Mike Davis: Planet of Slums | Mike Davis: Slum Ecology | Reviews: 1 2 3 | Interviews: 1 2a 2b 3 (audio)

Photos 1st night of Transfronterizo Encuentro

San Diego, 16.09.2006 21:08

Photos from the Tijuana side of the first Cross Border / Transfronterizo Encuentro of the Other Campaign. The theme of the forum was women in resistance. Speakers were from Atenco, Tijuana, Los Angeles and Arizona. There was also a short, but powerful theater piece demonstrating the violence of the mexican government against the people of Mexico.

Announcement | San Diego Satellite Event

Palace: quintali di macerie nel lago

Switzerland, 16.09.2006 21:07

Sono partiti in questi giorni i lavori per l'ennesimo megalomane e inutile progetto della città di Lugano: il Polo, cosidetto culturale, che sorgerà al posto dell'ex albergo Palace sul lungo lago verrà a costare almeno 250 milioni di franchi. Il progetto ha fatto discutere sin dalle poco chiare procedure di concorso, che hanno portato l'assegnazione del lavoro all'architetto Ivano Gianola.
Il lavori sono iniziati in questi giorni con il taglio di tutti gli alberi del parco annesso alla struttura, al loro posto un'immensa voragine. Anche tutti i fiori e gli arbusti sul lungolago sono stati eliminati per permettere alle ruspe per scaricare nel lago almeno 200'000 metri cubi di macerie derivate dai lavori, facendolo passare per una "riqualifica ambientale". Nonostante i finanziamenti ricevuti dalla confederazione con la clausola di non costruire nuovi parcheggi nel centro della città elvetica più inquinata e motorizzata e al PRAL (che pone come obiettivo l'eliminazione di 3 mila e 400 posteggi), nel progetto sono inseriti quattro piani di posteggi sotteranei.

L'achitetto Tita Carloni, in un partecipato intervento del 2004 al Molino faceva notare che: "Lugano è forse il campione svizzero delle demolizioni del proprio tessuto vitale. La città ha continuato a demolire e ricostruire in sé stessa, con esiti spesso negativi nel piano sociale e nel piano architettonico e urbanistico.

:: Piccola panoramica di scempi edilizi luganesi: Galleria Vedeggio-Cassarate | Ippocastanti al Lambertenghi | Abbattimento della CLI | Coop sul sedime degli ex molini

Critica alla politica culturale di Lugano
Città del nostro tempo: betonaggi e abitazioni, macelli e conventi - Tita Carloni (da Area)

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