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SHAC 7 Case Comes to a Close--Fulmer Gets 1 Year and 1 Day, Stepanian Gets 36 Months

Rochester, 21.09.2006 05:07

SHAC7vert/a> [permalink] Trenton, NJ—September 19th was the final day of sentencing for the SHAC 7. Darius Fulmer and Andy Stepanian were greeted by 30 supporters at the Trenton Federal Courthouse that morning. Both men were convicted of conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992 this past March.

SHAC or Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty is an international effort to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), Europe's largest contract research organization (CRO), which has gained international notoriety for its animal cruelty and bad science. Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Fulmer, the second to last defendant to be sentenced, spoke about his commitment to his position as an emergency medical provider and how it had turned his life around. He asked the judge for leniency and a probationary sentence.

Assistant US Attorney Charles McKenna disagreed with Fulmer’s plea for leniency by bringing up his past arrest record as well as the fact that in his statement to the court, Fulmer never apologized for the tactics used by SHAC against HLS.

Federal District Court Judge Anne E. Thompson concluded that for deterrence purposes a sentence of 12 months and one day would be sufficient punishment coupled with a year of probation and joint restitution, among other stipulations.

The last defendant to be sentenced, Stepanian, stated, “I’m very scared; I don’t want to go to jail." He apologized to his friends and family for the grief he was putting them through.

McKenna stated that, “The notion of being well intentioned will insulate you [from the law], is a notion that needs to be disused." He urged the court to grant the maximum sentence of 36 months in prison.

Judge Thompson agreed with the prosecution and sentenced Stepanian to 36 months in prison with a year of probation following his release. She also ordered him to pay joint restitution with the rest of his co-defendants.

While the judge was reading the sentence to Stepanian, he fell down into his chair, unable to stand; his mother in tears and Fulmer along with their lawyers, surrounded him and gently soothed him attempting to calm him down.

Court was adjourned. The defendants will be appealing from prison.

It was a demoralizing day as it marked the end of a process where six people, devoted to their communities, devoted to animal and human liberation, principled and passionate, were sentenced to time in prison—labeled terrorists—and yet the real terrorists, Huntingdon Life Sciences and the US Government, continue to murder and torture animals and humans for private gain on a daily basis.

This isn’t over though. The struggle for animal and human liberation continues as does the SHAC campaign. It will not be silenced by this act of tyranny as long as people with consciousness continue to struggle and do the right thing.

They're in there for us; we're out here for them.

Video c/o Time for Action | Time for Action 2 | Time for Action 3
Additional Links: Inside HLS | SHAC | the Green Scare | North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network

B. Ander's Speech at Save Franklin Shelter Rally

DC, 21.09.2006 03:09

This is the speech delivered at Thursday's rally in support of saving DC's Franklin Shelter on 9-14-06 by Brian Anders, long time housing and homeless advocate and former member of the Community for Creative Nonviolence. Residents of the threatened shelter and their supporters marched from the WB/IMF to the Franklin Shelter on Thursday, drawing a connection between the financial institutions' neoliberal policies globally and the neoliberal policies of the DC government.

Testing Weapons on the American Public to Make us Safer

DC, 21.09.2006 03:09

As if things could not get any scarier or weider in Washington among members of the Bush regime and their plans to “make us safer”, the Associated Press reports that Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne stated Tuesday, September 12, that weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on Americans in crowd-control situations before being deployed on the battlefield. Such weapons are being designed to not only disable people, but also to disable tanks and other weapons by “zapping” and destroying their electronic gear.

Prof. Jonathan Turley: “Stop Being a Country of Chumps!”

DC, 21.09.2006 03:09

A conference was held on 09/18/06 at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), in Baltimore, to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Constitution. One of the speakers was Professor Jonathan Turley of the GWU’s School of Law. He accused George W. Bush of creating an “uber presidency” and violating the “Separation of Powers” doctrine. He also blasted the two-party system as a monopoly. Prof. Turley said: “We need another political party!”

Why We Can't Afford Another Ford

Tennessee, 21.09.2006 03:09

Harold Ford, Jr. is running in Tennessee against a neo-con leaning nutcase named Bob Corker, who literally bought the Republican primary by outspending the other candidates, including the incumbent, a solid red right-wing neo-con stooge if there ever was one (guess it's true there's no friends among thieves). Corker repeatedly lied and trashed his opponents in various commercials that inundated the airwaves every few minutes for weeks on end (so what else is new?).

UFT To Rally in Support of Oaxaca Strikers

NYC, 21.09.2006 02:38

See More from Edwize || See More from IMC-US: Oaxaca: Repression & Resistance

NYC Area Activist Gets 3 Years in Prison for Peaceful Protests

NYC, 21.09.2006 02:08

Andy Stepanian and Darius Fulmer of the "SHAC 7" were sentenced to three and one years in prison for their participation in the campaign to end cruel animal experimentation by the Huntington Life Sciences (HLS) corporation.

Massive victory for anti-incinerator campaign in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 20.09.2006 23:08

Today the Development Control Committee of Nottingham City Council unanimous agreed on rejecting the application to expand Eastcroft Incinerator, which burns most of Nottingham's waste. At the moment 150.000 tonnes of waste goes through the incinerator owned by waste giant Waste Recycling Group (WRG) each year. The expansion would bring in waste from neighbouring counties and bring capacity up to 250.000 tonnes.

Local residents who for the last year have campaigned under the banner of NAIL (Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill) are now celebrating this massive victory. Owner WRG could appeal the decision, but the council stands a strong case that they seem to be willing to defend. Aside from stopping the expansion, NAIL is continuing its struggle to close down the facility and campaign for better management of waste and recycling facilities in the city.

Video: The NAIL film (10 min. various formats) | NAIL Slideshow (avi 9M)

Audio: NAIL Public meeting and debate (1hr 20mins - 32kbs, 19Mb) | You can't do that here! NAIL banner drop (mp3 911K)

Photo: Photos from the incinerator protest at Council House before the vote

Links: NAIL Website | View planning application | Nottingham Friends of the Earth | The Mischief Makers | Notts Indymedia health topic page | Wikipedia on Incineration

Previous feature articles: Planning Officer Recommends Rejections of Incinerator Expansion | Council backs off from incinerator expansion decision | Incinerator Public Meeting - Public Bodies pull out! | Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill campaigners hand in petition | Planning Officer insists on wider public consultation for incinerator expansion | Campaigners meet Environment Agency over incinerator | Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out 1 - The Days Events | NAIL campaign 'banner drop' at Sneinton Boulevard | NAIL campaign hammers on... | The air that we breathe...

Condena histórica para Etchecolatz

Argentina, 20.09.2006 22:38

Las cosas por su nombre: al genocida, GENOCIDA

Condena histórica para Etchecolatz

Argentina, 20.09.2006 22:38

Las cosas por su nombre: al genocida, GENOCIDA

Condena histórica para Etchecolatz

Argentina, 20.09.2006 22:09

Las cosas por su nombre: al genocida, GENOCIDA

Nuevo crimen a los derechos humanos en Salta

Argentina, 20.09.2006 22:09

Ingenio Tabacal: esta vez, sus guardias torturaron y mataron a un joven ladrón de naranjas

Feet Forward: The Pitfalls of Protest in NYC

NYC, 20.09.2006 22:08

Although sixteen antiwar activists were arrested in a separate act of civil disobedience at noon in front of the UN on First Avenue and 44th St., the UFPJ march characterized an event that was a far cry from wholesale civil disobedience threatened earlier in the week. Officially permitted by the NYPD at the last minute, much of the march happened in the far left lane of traffic-clogged Midtown streets before ending in a rally behind barricades at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza.

Bush in NYC: A Report from Inside and Outside the UN

NYC, 20.09.2006 22:08

From the newswire: "Just days after the startling declaration from United For Peace and Justice to protest President Bush’s speech to the United Nations, “permit or no permit,” 1,500 protesters made their way to the UN on the morning of Sept. 19.“We got to get a message to that son of a bitch! We are serious about this! No more killing!” said Marie Runyon, 91. The silver-haired, longtime activist and former Assemblywoman is now a member of the Granny Brigade for Peace. Last fall, she was one of 18 “peace grannies” arrested when they tried to enter the Times Square recruiting station." [Read More]

Meanwhile, inside the UN Building, "it was wearisome. I wasn’t personally tired – maybe a little discouraged by all the nonspeak – but I could go on for years, as they had signaled they could if permitted." [a href=>Read More]

From the Newswire: A Belligerent Bush Addresses the UN || UFPJ March Photos || 17 Arrested || Photos of Civil Disobedience

International Day of Peace This Thursday

LA, 20.09.2006 21:38

International Day of Peace This Thursday

Mobilizações contra a violência do Estado

Brasil, 20.09.2006 20:39


1 milhão 25 mil e 724 delegados proclamam López Obrador presidente do México

Brasil, 20.09.2006 20:39


G8 trial - defendant found guilty against all evidence

Scotland, 20.09.2006 19:39

A demonstrator has been found guilty of Breach of the Peace at Edinburgh�s anti G8 Carnival for Full Enjoyment � despite a police witness identifying someone else entirely as the alleged offender. When asked if he saw the person who had committed the offences PC Timothy Fawcett of West Yorks police pointed straight at a spectator in Edinburgh Sheriff Court�s public gallery and confidently declared : �That�s him, there!� Despite this misidentification, and despite a complete lack of video or any other credible evidence, Sheriff Poole ruled that the defendant did swear at the police and that, astonishingly, he did �threaten to urinate and defecate on police officers.� She then shocked even the Procurator Fiscal by calling for a social enquiry report, meaning that she was considering a jail sentence. Finally, yesterday 19th September, over a year of stress for the defendant ended with the sheriff admonishing him, meaning he was convicted but received no penalty apart from a reprimand.

7 de Octubre de 2006: Día de Acción por los derechos de los migrantes

estrecho / madiaq, 20.09.2006 19:37


En el marco del pasado Foro Social Europeo de Atenas decenas de organizaciones de Europa y Africa decidieron convocar para el día 7 de Octubre una Jornada por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes.Dicha convocatoria fue ratificada en el Foro Social Mundial de la Inmigracion (Rivas, Madrid).

Se trata de un paso más en el trabajo de coordinación que se esta desarrollando desde hace años entre asociaciones y redes de ambos continentes para denunciar las consecuencias de la política migratoria europea.

Este día de acción se dirigirá contra la negación de derechos, contra la criminalización de migrantes y contra todos los controles migratorios, articulando claras demandas dentro del marco de la libertad de movimiento y del derecho a la permanencia:
- Por una legalización incondicional y equiparación de derechos para todos los migrantes en Europa
- Por el cierre de los centros de detención en Europa y en cualquier parte
- Por el fin de todas las deportaciones y del proceso de externalización de fronteras
- Por la separación entre el permiso de residencia y el contrato de trabajo para luchar contra la "precariedad".

>Manifiesto Europeo (castellano)
[english]-[french]- [german]-[Greek]-[Italiano]
>Cartel Europeo de la convocatoria
>23-24 de Sepriembre: Encuentro Estatal por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes (Rivas, Madrid)

communication (en)

Barcelona, 20.09.2006 19:09

"Salvador", distortion of historical memory?

In front of "Salvador"'s première at comercial cinemas, a film about the anarchist Puig Antich, many have been the voices risen up against it because of the appropiation and the forgery of the history, amongst other reasons because they omit key issues to understand his figure like the MIL, the OLLA..., or because he's presented as just an anti-Francoism fighter, avoiding the anti-capitalist struggle.

[Thursday Sept. 21th, 20h, Can Vies] Press conference of former MIL, OLLA and GARI members

related news: About MIL, El Topo interview to Sergi Rosés ::: Download a pamphlet to spread ::: Voices of people close to Salvador Puig i Antich ::: Critic web with the film ::: "Salvador", manipulation of historical memory ::: Reasons to not see the film ::: "Detention of the 113" - More manipulation in TV3 ::: Roundtable about the film "Salvador" ::: A positive vision about the film ::: Interview to the film's director

+info: >>>communication + Webpage about Salvador Puig Antich

Chaco y Neuquén

Argentina, 20.09.2006 19:08

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.09.2006 18:39


A volunteering adventure

Ireland, 20.09.2006 17:08

Freezing in Ostfriesland The purpose of this artic ...

Trabalho Temporário: o prolongamento da precaridade

Portugal, 20.09.2006 17:08

Trabalho Temporário: o prolongamento da precaridade

22 сентября - Всемирный День Без Автомобиля

Belarus, 20.09.2006 15:07

4 giorni al Mezcal Squat

Italy, 20.09.2006 14:09

Si riaprono i palcoscenici dell'autogestione

Call for the formation of neighborhood anarchist collectives and projects

Boston, 20.09.2006 14:08

BAAM Boston would like to encourage all Boston area anarchists and anti-authoritarians to form collectives, organizations, or projects in their neighborhoods and schools. We encourage these groups to first organize themselves, and then tackle the issues present in their neighborhoods and communities. Learn about ongoing struggles, and get involved. Start new projects against oppression and exploitation, and invite your neighbors.

Under New Ownership The Inquirer Moves to More Entertainment, Fashion and Sleaze

Philadelphia, 20.09.2006 12:38

Ecologistas en Acción y la asociación ciclista &quot;A Contramano&quot; piden que se aplique en la ciudad una política de movilidad y accesibilidad sostenible

estrecho / madiaq, 20.09.2006 12:37

La invasión del espacio urbano por parte del vehículo privado es un hecho evidente. Esta invasión se manifiesta, no sólo en la ocupación de todo el espacio viario por parte de los vehículos (incluidas las aceras y pasos de peatones y personas discapacitadas), sino también en menoscabo de la salud de las personas (contaminación atmosférica y acústica y peligrosidad del espacio público), en aumento de la contaminación y en despilfarro energético (en Sevilla el crecimiento del parque móvil se cifra en unos 8.000 coches anuales).

En este sentido, Ecologistas en Acción y la Asociación Ciclista “A Contramano” recuerdan que, según encuestas fiables, como máximo sólo del 35 al 40% de los ciudadanos se desplazan diariamente en coche (el resto anda, utiliza el transporte público o usa la bicicleta). Sin embargo, a este colectivo, minoritario en cualquier ciudad, se le reserva la mayoría del espacio público (cerca del 80%) y de las inversiones viarias (más del 90%), al tiempo que se le permite hipotecar la salud y la seguridad de la mayoría de los ciudadanos.


Barcelona, 20.09.2006 12:09

"Salvador", falsificació de la memòria històrica?

Davant l'estrena als cinemes comercials de "Salvador", pel·lícula sobre l'anarquista Puig Antich, moltes han estat les veus que s'han alçat en contra per considerar que s'apropien i falsifiquen la història, entre d'altres raons perquè ometen temes claus per entendre la seua figura com el MIL, l'OLLA..., o perquè se'ns el presenta com un lluitador antifranquista sense més i obviant la lluita anticapitalista.

[Dijous 21 set, 20h, Can Vies] Roda de premsa d'ex membres del MIL, OLLA, GARI + Manifest

notícies relacionades: Sobre el MIL, entrevista amb Sergi Rosés per a El viejo Topo ::: Descarrega't pamflet per a difondre ::: Web crítica amb la pel·lícula ::: "Salvador", manipulació de la memòria històrica ::: Raons per no anar a veure la pel·lícula ::: "Detenció dels 113"-Més manipulació a TV3 ::: ::: Taula redona sobre el film "Salvador" ::: Visió positiva sobre la pel·lícula ::: Entrevista al director de la pel·lícula

+info: >>>comunicació + Plana sobre Salvador Puig Antich


Barcelona, 20.09.2006 12:09

"Salvador", falsificación de la memoria histórica?

Ante el estreno en los cines comerciales de "Salvador", película sobre el anarquista Puig Antich, muchas han sido las voces que se han levantado en contra por considerar que se apropian y falsifican la historia, entre otros razones porque omiten temas claves para entender su figura como el MIL, la OLLA..., o porque se nos lo presenta como un luchador antifranquista sin más y obviando la lucha anticapitalista.

[Jueves 21 set, 20h, Can Vies] Rueda de prensa de ex miembros del MIL, OLLA, GARI + Manifiesto

noticias relacionadas: Sobre el MIL, entrevista con Sergi Rosés para El viejo Topo ::: Descárgate panfleto para difundir ::: Web crítica con la película ::: "Salvador", manipulación de la memoria histórica ::: Razones para no ir a ver la película ::: "Detención de los 113"-Más manipulación en TV3 ::: Mesa redonda sobre el film "Salvador" ::: Visión positiva sobre la película ::: Entrevista al director de la película

+info: >>>comunicación + Web sobre Salvador Puig Antich

Nottingham Asylum-Seekers will be Heard

United Kingdom, 20.09.2006 11:09

The situation faced by Asylum-Seekers in the UK is enough to make you realise we live in an insane society. In the East Midlands a centralised HO reporting building has been set up in the small town of Loughbrough, twenty miles from the towns where most A-Ss actually live.

The new centre is like Fort Knox. Its barred windows and security checkpoints make it clear that if they don’t want you to get out, you won’t. Many from Nottingham have been told to attend Nottingham with no indication of whether they can claim the fare back. Little or no information has been given about how to get to Loughborough, when the switch would be made, and how to get more information about it. One of the first asylum seekers to be transferred to the new office was told to sign on the fifth of every month! What if it’s a weekend? Who would invent such a system except an idiot; or a sadist trying to prevent A-S having any identity except one of dependency on the system.

Sigue la represi�n en Iru�ea tras las diferentes okupaciones...

Euskal Herria, 20.09.2006 10:09

Josh Wolf Ordered to Return to Prison

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2006 08:38

Josh Wolf has been ordered to turn himself in to the Dublin Correctional Facility by 1pm on Wednesday, September 20th. On September 8th, the court re-affirmed the civil contempt charge against him. He is being returned to jail pending a hearing before the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In an interview on September 19th, he said, "I am not a flight risk. I have not committed a crime." A press conference will be held at 11:30am on Wednesday at the gates of the prison in Dublin.

4 giorni al Mezcal Squat

Italy, 20.09.2006 08:09

Si riaprono i palcoscenici dell'autogestione

Immigration Raid Protest in Watsonville This Sunday!

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.09.2006 07:38

* Protest in Watsonville
* Sunday, September 24th
* 2:00pm
* Watsonville Plaza
* Carpool from Santa Cruz
On September 7th and 8th, the communities of Watsonville, Santa Cruz, and Hollister woke up to attacks (arrests & deportations) from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE, formerly INS). The ICE told local media that they targeted undocumented people with prior warrants, but of the 107 arrested, only 19 had warrants for arrest, and up to 90 were immediately deported without an opportunity to see an immigration judge or receive any kind of legal advice. It was reported that the ICE told the victims that they were either police or school officials. Once in the house, they questioned all people living there about their immigration status. Children were left without their parents, husbands without their wives, and wives without their husbands. All college students, business owners, and church members are especially encouraged to participate! Read more

see also: The 13th Annual Peace and Unity March on October 7th

Protests and Civil Disobedience Mark Bush’s UN Speech

United States, 20.09.2006 07:37

NEW YORK CITY, September 19, 2006 - While President Bush was speaking inside the UN General Assembly building today outside over a thousand people marched to the UN Building to protest Bush’s policy of war on the people of the Middle East and elsewhere. Seventeen protesters were arrested when they engaged in an act of non-violent civil disobedience by blocking 44th Street at 1st Avenue. There are reports that some of those arrested have been brutalized by the police.

From the NY-IMC newswire: Photos: Civil Disobedience at the United Nations || 16 Arrested at U.N Today || Same Old Nonsense at the U.N., Bush and Annan Offer Empty Gestures || 17 Arrested at UN Rally || Images: March to the UN

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.09.2006 06:40

Perth Nyoongar native title claim upheld by Fed court - State to appeal

Mindwalk 50: Net Neutrality &amp; Israeli Apartheid

San Diego, 20.09.2006 06:38

Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra and Ted Kennedy on the same page? Yeah, guess so. All in favor of maintaining Net Neutrality. David Gregory gets barked at by GWB about the Geneva Convention. Huey P. Newton reminds us the people have the power set to the theme music from Blade. Audio posted on IMC of "El Enemigo Comun" the common enemy. Burroughs fills in a little time as a "Private Asshole". We close with CBC reporting on what Israeli TV decided not to ban from the people of Israel, mixed with Israeli soldiers shooting rubber bullets at Anti-Apartheid activists in Bilin 11/8/06.

Download Audio Here

Upstart Radio

Houses Demolished in Korean Resistance to US

San Diego, 20.09.2006 06:38

For over four years, the Korean villages of Daechuri and Doduri have defiantly resisted the seizure of their homes and fields for the expansion of an United States Army base. On September 13 at dawn, 22,000 riot police invaded and occupied the villages. Police demolition equipment managed to wipe out 68 empty houses. But the vastly outnumbered villagers and supporters put up a fierce resistance, and managed to stop the cops from destroying many of the houses that the Ministry of Defense had threatened to destroy.

Previous Indymedia Coverage: 1 2 3 | Save the Pyeongtaek Farmers

Bureau of Development Services DENIES Kurisu Development

Portland, 20.09.2006 02:38

The Kurisu family submitted a proposal to the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) for a four story mixed use building near the corner of Mississippi and Shaver. The BDS has denied their proposal.

In early August the Kurisu's submitted thier proposal to the BDS and I received it at my home. It took me awhile to find the words to respond to the proposal, but heres what i said:

"I am writing in opposition to this proposal...

read the full article...

related: Rosefriend Articles | Kurisu Articles | Mississippi Avenue Lofts Articles | all articles by bht

Activists Score Big Victory in Fight Against Battery-Cages

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2006 02:38

In a concerted and multi-faceted 7-month campaign, East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA) and other activist groups successfully convinced Andronico's Markets to forgo the use of any and all egg suppliers that rely on intensive battery cages. While Andronico's previously had claimed it was "committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry," an EBAA undercover investigation found that Andronico's primary egg supplier, NuCal Foods, kept egg-laying hens in squalid and cramped conditions. Now, Andronico's Market, a 10-store grocery chain based in the San Francisco Bay Area, plans to no longer sell eggs from chickens confined to battery cages by October 1, 2006.


Colombia, 20.09.2006 02:09

Tribunal Indígena en Jambaló por Asesinato del Niño Nasa

Media Revolution in Hungary? Riots in Budapest

Ireland, 19.09.2006 23:09

Riot police have been firing tear gas at demonstra ...

Peace Camp Set to Defy Ban

United Kingdom, 19.09.2006 21:09

"We think it's because it's the Labour conference and they don't want us going and voicing our opinions" Rose Gentle, Military Families Against the War

"They have got every right to protest, and I think we will find they will protest. Whoever is responsible for this are idiots." Walter Wolfgang

A protest group is planning to defy a ban on setting up a peace camp in Albert Square imposed on them by Manchester City Council. Military Families Against the War - an organization of relatives to members of the Armed Services opposed to the war in Iraq - will be pitching camp outside the town hall in the run up to the Labour Party Conference. Come Saturday the camp will be joined by thousands of people protesting against the continuing military occupation of Iraq and British foreign policy in the Middle East.

The Council claim the ban is in place for 'logistical' and 'health and safety' reasons, a claim that is strongly disputed by MFAW, who say the council is merely doing the bidding of the Labour Party. A further claim that there were 'security issues' with the camp have been denied by GM Police.

The conference is set to meet a high level of dissent this September. Aside from the peace camp a march and rally has been called by the Stop the War Coalition on Saturday 23rd. Also on the menu, welfare rights group, Coalition Against the Welfare Reform Bill, are planning a demonstration and lobby on Monday 25th in reaction to the punitive approach towards disabled welfare claimants outlined in the bill.

Military Families to Defy Ban [ 1 | | Demonstrate Against Welfare Reform Bill [ 1 | 2 ] 2 ] | Military Families Against the War | Stop the War Coalition

Black Panther Party 40th Reunion to Be Held in Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.09.2006 20:38

October will be Black Panther History Month 2006 in Oakland. A number of events will be held in the Lake Merritt area, starting with the Black Panther Film Festival on Sunday, October 1st, and leading up to the Black Panther Party 40th Reunion, which will take place from Friday, October 13th through Sunday, October 15th.

Il silenzio è dei colpevoli

Italy, 19.09.2006 16:38

Il silenzio è dei colpevoli

Il silenzio è dei colpevoli

Italy, 19.09.2006 16:38

Il silenzio è dei colpevoli

Il silenzio è dei colpevoli

Italy, 19.09.2006 16:09

Il silenzio è dei colpevoli

Operation Gladio: Watch 3 video documentaries about it

Miami, 19.09.2006 16:07

Operation Gladio: Watch 3 video documentaries about it

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