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ESP'ye yönelik gözaltı terörü

Istanbul, 23.09.2006 03:39

ESP'ye yönelik gözaltı terörü ve yoğunlaşan baskılar

BACORR Meeting at 2pm on Saturday, Sept. 23rd

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.09.2006 02:38

On Saturday, September 23rd, BACORR, the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights, will host a meeting at 2:00pm in the Women's Building in San Francisco. The Women's Building is located at 3543 18th Street (between Valencia and Guerrero), San Francisco. Several Bay Area activists, including Linci Comy, the Executive Director of the Women's Choice Clinic, will speak about the current climate and what is at stake in the battle for reproductive justice. During the meeting, the group will discuss proposed upcoming activities.

Pro-Choice Rally

Houston, 23.09.2006 01:09

Pro-choice rally this Sunday!

Green Party Files to Form Senatorial Campaign Committee

Tennessee, 23.09.2006 00:09

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party became the first alternative political party in history to register a national senatorial campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission last week. The filing sets further precedent because the Democratic and Republican Senate campaign committees were grandfathered in when the FEC was formed. The FEC has never dealt with a request to form such a committee. "We are taking this step because Americans need a viable alternative to the two old parties, and the Green Party is serious about offering that alternative," said Teresa Keane, a former Green Senate candidate from Oregon and Chair of the eight-member Green Senatorial Campaign Committee. "Voters are upset with both the Republican and Democratic parties this year, and are looking for candidates who take principled positions on issues that are important to them."


LA, 22.09.2006 23:38


Hugo Chavez: Welcome Here

NYC, 22.09.2006 23:38

I had the good fortune of being one of the folks in the audience at Cooper Union when Hugo Chavez came to speak. As the yellow corporate media here in New York City continue to lie and obfuscate about Chavez's appearances, all in the interest of fomenting yet another conflict, I felt compelled to write.

Pyeongtaek Solidarity Action

LA, 22.09.2006 23:09

Pyeongtaek Solidarity Action

Pyeongtaek Solidarity Action Held on International Day of Peace

United States, 22.09.2006 23:07

LOS ANGELES, September 21, 2006 – A demonstration for International Day of Peace and to express solidarity with the Korean farmers of Pyeongtaek was held today. Protesters performed a mile long procession of Sam-bo-il-bae (a Buddhist prayer tradition) from the Korean Consulate down Wilshire Blvd. The Korean farmers are currently resisting removal from their land by force and the demolition of their homes for the construction of a US army base. Joining the demonstration were local farmers from the South Central Farm, members of the Bus Riders Union, and other local peace and justice groups.

Background: Houses Demolished in Korean Resistance to US || Save the Pyeongtaek Farmers Website

Roadless Rule Re-instated!

Rogue Valley, 22.09.2006 22:41

In a major, sweeping decision, a federal judge in California today reinstated Clinton-era protections of 58.5 million acres of national forests.

*NOTE* This story is being made a feature on Rogue Indy in recognition of all the hard work done by forest defenders here in Southern Oregon and throughout the region we call the State of Jefferson --Rogue IMC Volunteer

Wizards of OS - Information Freedom Rules

Germany, 22.09.2006 22:40

Am Donnerstag begann in der Columbiahalle in Berlin die interdisziplinäre Konferenz Wizards of OS (WOS), welche Wissenschaftler, Techniker, Künstler, Journalisten und Aktivisten der "Befreiungsbewegungen des Wissens" aus aller Welt zusammenbringt. Unter dem Motto "Information Freedom Rules" sollen eine Bestandsaufnahme der Bewegung gemacht, sowie medientechnische, rechtliche, kulturelle und künstlerische Veränderungen der vergangenen Jahre aufgezeigt werden.
Der erste "Wizards of OS" (1999) drehte sich um Freie Software allgemein. Der zweite Kongress 2001 diskutierte die Frage der Übertragbarkeit des Prinzips. Erstmals wurden Projekte wie vorgestellt. Beim dritten "Wizards of OS" 2004 zeigten Lösungen und Erfolgsbeispiele, daß freie und offene Kooperation funktioniert. Erstmals wurde ein selbstorganisierendes, dezentrales Freifunknetzwerk zum Datenaustausch präsentiert. Heute sind diese Netzwerke aus vielen Städten nicht mehr wegzudenken. Das zu dieser Zeit wenig bekannte Wikipediaprojekt fand ebenfalls viel Beachtung.
Auch in diesem Jahr werden sich neben etablierten wieder neue, junge Projekte und Netzwerke vorstellen, die in einigen Jahren vielleicht unseren Alltag bestimmen werden, wie zum Beispiel, P2P-Piraten-TV-Sender oder die Piratenpartei. Im Umfeld der Konferenz gibt es Netlabel-Parties mit freier Musik, Workshops, Filmprogramme und Community Meetings.

Webseite zum Kongress | Blog zum Kongress | Livestream | Programm | c-base

Resistance to Corporate Climate Change

San Diego, 22.09.2006 22:38

San Diego Indymedia will be sponsoring a Climate Justice/Resistance film screening and discussion in advance of the G8+5 Climate Change Talks in Mexico City: Wed Sept 27 7PM at Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway, 1 blk from City College Downtown San Diego. Details soon...

From UK Climate Camp:
The Climate Camp was about squaring up to climate criminals. Hundreds of people converged to take action on Drax - from a colourful kids demo blocking the main gates, to small teams of people locking themselves to machinery inside the fence, the intent was clear. Drax must shut now! It is time to push aside the big money makers of the world – and make space for a future where the needs of people and the planet come first.

From UK Indymedia:
Actions against Drax Power Station started early on August 31 and continued all day, with the Drax perimeter being breached several times. Up to 600 campaigners against climate change participated in the Reclaim Power mass action. Four main blocs gathered at the centre of the Climate Camp before splitting off into different groups, with some heading towards Drax across fields to avoid police road blocks.

Just after 4.30am seven activists occupied a Drax lighting tower. Later nearby roads were blocked by different affinity groups and another Drax lighting tower was also occupied with a banner reading "No Future For You". More perimeter penetrations occured as more groups arrived at the fence to be met with police in riot gear, horses and dogs.

From Rising Tide North America:
The idea battle that UK activists face is more against rampant greenwashing and the notion that green capitalism, carbon trading and other market-based carbon-offset schemes will save us. Micro-reductions are not only insignificant when you consider that the numerous feedback loops (trapped methane in the Siberian permafrost, the shrinking arctic, the Greenland ice sheet, and the amazon, to name a few) are causing climate change to occur much faster than expected; such incremental reforms are actually quite damaging, in that they reassure the public that everything is under control when we all need to be making drastic lifestyle changes.

We must make it clear that the system that created this shit is not going to fix it - the struggle for social justice, for sustainability, for equality, must necessarily be a struggle against capitalism. Those of us living in the US have more opportunities than anyone else in the world to hit the Earth-destroying machine where it's most vulnerable - from inside the brain of the monster.

UK Climate Camp | Rising Tide North America | UK IMC | Contra G8+5 Website | Climate IMC

A short rant on Robert Ehrlich, Ben Cardin and voting

DC, 22.09.2006 21:11

I am or have never been a supporter of Ehrlich or the Republicans or Democrats

University Club goes bonkers over Negroponte fliers

DC, 22.09.2006 21:11

Today at noon, activists handed out fliers at this exclusive private club, where John Negroponte is a member. The fliers warned club members about Negroponte's past, and asked them to boot Negroponte from the club and its premises at 1135 16th st.


Colombia, 22.09.2006 20:39


More Media Bias and Slander, Disinformation etc

Urbana-Champaign, 22.09.2006 18:09

Last Sunday's News Gazette editorial featured an attack a longtime union and anti-war activist! The Publishing Editor of the News Gazette ( John Foreman ) wrote a THREE column opinion piece ( last Sunday 9 / 17 / 06 ) attacking all who criticized Bush's war as the " bash America first crowd " and specifically attacked FW. Bob Wahlfeldt was called a " draftee potato peeler in Virginia for the duration of WW -2 ". FYI, FW. Wahlfeldt was a Navy rescue swimmer who from 1943 to 1945, swimming in shark infested waters and artillery barrages from enemy ships and planes to rescue downed U.S. pilots and torpedoed ship survivors. This publisher of the News Gazette ( John Foreman ) revealed his extremist right-wing ideology and his ignorance in this opinion piece and refused to meet with FW Wahlfeldt on Monday and Tuesday when FW. Wahlfeldt went to the News Gazette with his military service records in hand.

S.F. Protests 34 Years Of Martial Law in The Philippines

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2006 17:38

On Sept. 21, about 100 protesters in San Francisco marked the 34th Anniversary of martial law in the Philippines and the murder of Filipinos. Photos. Earlier in the day activists dropped banners over freeways and street overpasses. Photos. Since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo came to power under martial law, at least 752 Filipinos have been murdered in politically motivated killings while 184 have gone missing.

To save the planet from the imperialist threat

Arkansas, 22.09.2006 15:39

The right to live in peace, justice and dignity for all.

Shriners Sue for Silence

Miami, 22.09.2006 15:07

Shriners Sue for Silence

15 Jahre Hoyerswerda

Germany, 22.09.2006 10:39

Vor 15 Jahren begann eine Welle von Übergriffen auf "Ausländer" im gerade erst wiedervereinigten Deutschland. Auf Hoyerswerda folgten Rostock und schließlich Mölln und Solingen...

21.09. Mobilisierungsseite für Nazidemo gehackt
23.09. Antifaschistische Demonstration zum Jahrestag (Vorschau)
[Vor 15 Jahren]
Kurzchronologie der Ereignisse

Local Declaration of Peace Actions, Sept. 21 - 28

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.09.2006 09:38

Pink Eyes writes, "The Declaration of Peace is a nationwide campaign to establish a concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq. Join the movement to Declare Peace!"

Local actions:

Thursday, Sept. 21, 5:30-6:30pm - Candlelight Vigil (SC Town Clock)
Friday, Sept. 22, 5-6pm - Stand on the corner for peace in Iraq
Saturday, Sept. 23, 10:30am-12pm - Silent Peace Walk (starts @ Mission Plaza, SC)
Monday, Sept. 25, 12-2pm - Die-In & Rally to end the War in Iraq (main SC Post Office)
Tuesday, Sept. 26 - Commuter Traffic Banners (Highway 1 & 17)

Read more and find out the details

And the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today.

Cleveland, 22.09.2006 08:07

Rise Up Against the Empire - Hugo Chavez at the UN


Argentina, 22.09.2006 06:39

Sigue sin aparecer Jorge Julio López

Clean Lake Eagle Scout Project

LA, 22.09.2006 05:38

Clean Up Effort Continues in the San Gabriel Mountains


Argentina, 22.09.2006 05:08

Aparición con vida de Jorge Julio López

The Local Media Bias

Urbana-Champaign, 22.09.2006 03:09

Local media, the newspaper and television stations here in our community refuse to publish fairly.


Arizona, 22.09.2006 02:07

New Arizona Gun Law Targets Animal-rights Activists


Arizona, 22.09.2006 02:07

New Arizona Gun Law Targets Animal-rights Activists

Cuban VP Council of State Speaks at Church in Harlem

NYC, 22.09.2006 00:08

The Church of Intercession in Harlem, which has a history of opposition to the blockade in Cuba, drew a large crowd of ticket-holders to an evening that included key note speaker Esteban Lazo Hernandez, Vice-President of the Council of State, Head of the Department of International Relations and Member of the Delegate Committee to Cuba’s National Assembly of Popular Power.

Young Boston Jewish Activists Confront CJP Board of Directors

Boston, 21.09.2006 21:08

On Thursday, September 21st, 2006 at 7:30 AM, young Boston Jewish activists confronted the Board of Directors of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) at their board meeting at 126 High Street.

Coming Soon -- The New UCIMC Site

Urbana-Champaign, 21.09.2006 19:11

We're getting ready to change over from IMC-Dada, the software currently running this site, to new software called Drupal.


Argentina, 21.09.2006 19:08

Reprimen a vecinos de Lugano por exigir viviendas dignas


Argentina, 21.09.2006 19:08

Buenos Aires: violenta represión a vecinos de Lugano por exigir viviendas dignas

Adult Ed Student Claims Bigotry Underlies Ouster from Class

Santa Barbara, 21.09.2006 19:08

A student translating English to Spanish left the Beginning Electronic Keyboard class at the Schott Center with another who spoke only Spanish, contending that bigotry was the cause and calls for a boycott of that class.

Communities Celebrate A Day Without Cars

United States, 21.09.2006 19:07

September 22 marks the seventh annual World Carfree Day -- an annual celebration of and demand for public life that is free from the noise, stress and pollution of cars.

Carbusters Magazine first called for a World Carfree Day on September 22, 2000. Today Sept. 22 is celebrated in 1,500 cities in 40 countries with carfree festivals, bicycle demonstrations, street closures and permanent changes to make cities more environmentally and socially sustainable.

This year, the World Carfree Network’s activities will specifically focus on street conversions. The network's member groups all over the world will be working with municipalities to convert streets, intersections and parking areas into spaces for people to use for recreation, commerce, social life and education. Space will be made for children’s games, neighborhood parties, street theater and outdoor cafes -- allowing people to see their cities the way they could be with fewer cars.

US events: Portland || Ashland || Santa Cruz

World Carfree Network


estrecho / madiaq, 21.09.2006 18:37

ART PROJECT: At Your Service:Daily Creative Treatments (9/11 to 12/4)/「いらっしゃいませ:あなたの忙しい毎日に小さな変化を」アート・プロジェクト

Japan, 21.09.2006 16:07

Daily creative treatments in urban environments delivered by artist-in-service Markuz Wernli Saitô. Rain or shine. Seven days a week. Free of charge. 新しいアートプロジェクト〜 あなたが造る、毎日生活のアート〜


Peru, 21.09.2006 15:40

Jueves 21 de septiembre 2006 | CGTP, gremios estudiantes y hasta nacionalistas


Colombia, 21.09.2006 15:09

Misión Internacional de Verificación para visibilizar la situación de los pueblos indígenas

Houses demolished in Korean resistance to US base expansion

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

For over four years, the Korean villages of Daechuri and Doduri have defiantly resisted the seizure of their homes and fields for the expansion of an United States Army base. On September 13 at dawn, 22,000 riot police invaded and occupied the villages. Police demolition equipment managed to wipe out 68 empty houses. But the vastly outnumbered villagers and supporters put up a fierce resistance, and managed to stop the cops from destroying many of the houses that the Ministry of Defense had threatened to destroy.

Fifty years ago these communities lost their land as 2 foreign forces (first Japanese, then American) built and expanded the base. Now the US military wants to push them off their land again. The US base expansion is part of an aggressive transformation of US global military strategy. The main mission of the US Forces in Korea will be not just to defend against North Korea, but to contain China and act as a rapid deployment force for the entire Asian-Pacific region.

IMPEACH BUSH cleared at the voting polls

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

I went to vote today. I had a cloth sign taped to my shoulder bag that simply read:


I went to the check-in table and was about to sign my name to receive my ballot when one of the poll workers noticed the sign on my bag. I wasn't allowed to sign and was told no political messages were allowed.

I didn't get irate, but I did state that I had 1st amendment rights and would they please show me an RCW (Washington State law) or a Federal law that prevented me from displaying such a sign.

Corporate overcharges

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

At a lecture by Michael Shuman (Author of The Small-Mart Revolution) last week at First Unitarian Church, he analyzed how much one "saved" shopping at WalMart. One of the "hidden" expenses are overcharges at the cash register which he claimed amounted to 7% for WalMart. Please note they aren't the only corporation overcharging unknowing customers.

Yesterday I bought a headset and microphone for my computer at Office Depot. I bought two other computer related items as well so I was sure I would have everything I need when I got home. The price of the headset was $41.99 on the shelf. Thankfully I was paying attention because it rang up at $49.99. Had I not been paying attention, I probably wouldn't have noticed since it was just one or three items and I hadn't added them up in my head to know what total to expect.

HUNGARY: national television under siege - clashes on the streets

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

Thousands of angry demonstrators occupied the state television headquarters on Liberty Square in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. They also attacked the parliament. Some police cars were burned. more than 100 police men were injured. The people had been gathering at Kossuth square (in front of the parliament, pretty near to Liberty square) since Sunday evening, with the strong will to send away the government. Before that on the same day a record was leaked with a speech from Gyurcsány Ferenc, the prime minister. He hold a secret speach to members of his party and the government, declaring that the politicians in hungary, including him, have betrayed the hungarian people for years and lied about the true state of the county. He announced that massive social cuts were necessary. The tape was recorded during a closed meeting of the ruling parties fraction in may, after they have won the elections.

Willamette Week Slams Free Access to Online Education

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

This week's "Rogue" article slams the ODE (Oregon Department of Education) for seeking to provide FREE online education to Oregon students. The real "Rogues" here are the Wilammette Week, The Scio School District and Sylvan Learning.

This "Rogue of the Week" piece seeks to spin a yarn about the Big Bad Public sector and how it's muscling out the Poor Old Scio School District and it's Poor Old partner and online education provider, the Oregon Connections Academy. The article fails to mention that the Poor Old online education provider, Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA), is a subsidiary of the uber-icky Sylvan Learning Systems, that beloved corporate army of national tutoring racketeers.

ORCA/Sylvan is smart and has gone straight to the public trough here. Instead of billing students and parents directly, they bypass these "middle men" and stick a feeding tube directly into State education funding -- greedily sucking dollars that were earmarked for local schools. See, each student in the public school system is given State dollars -- those dollars go to local schools to pay for important things like teachers and vomit cleanup in the hallways. More students = more funding. However, when these students enroll in the Connections Academy, those dollars are yanked from the student's local school and given directly to Sylvan! Less students = less money for YOUR local school.

House Passes Student Search Bill

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

I work in the public schools. I think this is utterly reprehensible and horrific. I will never comply with 'warrantless' searchs on my students. These kids are in my care for their education, not demonization. I would lead them on the path of joy and enlightenment, not despair and entrapment.

I remember when stop and search laws were passed for cars. I was shocked and horrified that any person can be stop because some one thinks there is a problem. Well, I think there is a probelm in the House - let's all go search there - every nook and cranny.

Twenty Three Rabbits Liberated for the SHAC 7

Portland, 21.09.2006 10:38

Bite Back is reporting that 23 rabbits were liberated from the dungeons at Capralogics, a vivisection lab in Massachusetts. The liberators dedicated this action to the SHAC 7 defendants, who were sentenced this week to years in prison for the crime of talking. As one of the SHAC 7 said in a recent interview, "If we're facing prison just for talking, then we may as well be out committing the acts of sabotage that tend to be more effective." So be it.

In spite of the government's best efforts, animal rights activists have not been silenced, and are as effective as ever. Twenty three rabbits, whose lives would otherwise have ended in a pool of blood, have been saved. They are now free and loved, and will live happy lives. Other rabbits were also freed, and it is hoped that they, too, will survive and flourish. Please see the complete communique here:

habra conferencia de prensa a las 12 hs

Argentina, 21.09.2006 08:39

Aparición con vida de Jorge Julio López

House Approves School Drug Searches; Students Continue Fight

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2006 08:38

On July 19th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed by voice vote a bill that could lead to more wide-scale drug searches in public schools across the country. It would allow schools to search large groups of students on the mere suspicion that just one of them has drugs. Despite the bill's controversial nature, House leaders skipped the committee deliberation process and brought the bill directly to the floor, effectively giving its sponsor, Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY), a victory to help his reelection bid this November. The bill, "The Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006," H.R. 5295, mandates that school districts adopt written policies allowing expanded searches, under threat of losing federal anti-drug funding. There is not yet a Senate version of the bill, so it might not become law.


Argentina, 21.09.2006 08:08

Aparición con vida de Jorge Julio López


Argentina, 21.09.2006 08:08

Aparición con vida de Jorge Julio López

Women Protest US Marines' Raping of Filipina National

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2006 05:38

On the evening of Friday, September 15, 2006, members of the Filipino/ American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity (FACES) and Women for Genuine Security (WGS) lay in symbolic protest around the Dewey statue in downtown San Francisco. The silent protest was held in response to the brutal rape by US Marines of Nicole, a 22-year-old Filipina woman, at the former Subic Naval Base in Olongapo, Philippines on November 1st, 2005. Currently, the Marines face trial in the Philippines.

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