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Mild-Mannered Labor Rally Against Bush; Central Labor Council Honors Pledge to Respect the RNC

NYC, 02.09.2004 16:03

Yesterday, after days of demonstrations and direct actions by radicals, bikers, anarchists, community groups, and ordinary New Yorkers, it was labor's turn to show its displeasure at the policies of the Bush administration.

In the morning, thousands of people formed a symbolic "unemployment line" and waved "pink slips" in the air. In the afternoon. thousands of labor activists jammed eigth avenue to rally outside of the RNC.

Nevertheless, more wide-scale labor disruption did not occur during the RNC. Indeed, it seems as if the lack of labor strife can largely be attributed to a deal struck by Bloomberg and the Central Labor Council of NYC in which unions agreed not to disrupt the convention, which runs from Aug. 30 through Sept. 2, despite Bush's overwhelmingly anti-labor policies.

A Hip-Hop Response to Bill Cosby

DC, 02.09.2004 15:46

More Cosby panels this month inspired this response.

Convention repubblicana a NYC

Italy, 02.09.2004 15:45

Convention repubblicana a NYC

Convention repubblicana a NYC

Italy, 02.09.2004 15:41

Convention repubblicana a NYC

While You Were Out: News Roundup for Sept. 2

NYC, 02.09.2004 15:15

A helpful poster updates us on events in the world in additon to the chaos at the RNC.

AFL/CIO to knock on 1 million doors during Bush speech. Bush sues 527 that don't support him. Most firefighters back Kerry, NYC local supports Bush. Abu Ghraib in Afghanistan you never heard of.

Parade for Peace event pictures

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 02.09.2004 14:52

What a great day! The rain stopped, people gathered in solidarity and we were only harassed by one old fool. The times they are a changin'... let's keep the momentum going in a positive direction.

S2 Look Ahead: Convention to End, Bush Still President, Protests Continue

NYC, 02.09.2004 14:27

On the final day of the RNC in New York, protests are likely to me smaller and more subdued than in previous days. Actions against the RNC will, however, continue.

United For Peace and Justice will hold a candlelight vigil at 8:00pm in Union Square.

International ANSWER will hold a rally outside the Garden starting at 7pm, 31st St. and 8th.

The Artists and Activists United for Peace Coalition has planned a march through Harlem, preceded by a rally at the Harlem State Office Building.

And of course, there may be numerous small, unplanned actions against the RNC by the people of New York throughout the day.

Reports from jail in NYC

Portland, 02.09.2004 13:18

Aborto Governamental

Portugal, 02.09.2004 12:59

Aborto Governamental

Aborto Governamental

Portugal, 02.09.2004 12:59

Aborto Governamental

Aborto Governamental

Portugal, 02.09.2004 12:59

Aborto Governamental


Brasil, 02.09.2004 12:19

Desempregados protestam em hipermercados

Miami Model screening at Pioneer/ Two Boots Theater

NYC, 02.09.2004 11:44


UCIMC Reporters Arrested in NYC

Urbana-Champaign, 02.09.2004 11:41

Eight UCIMC reporters attended the Republican National Convention protests that began in New York last Sunday, August 29. Five of the UCIMC reporters were arrested during the War Resisters' League March on Tuesday, August 31, 2004.

From the Newswire

Perth, 02.09.2004 11:18

Betty Cuthbert pleads mercy Tol Tran and Hoa Nguyen.

Cesare Battisti

Italy, 02.09.2004 10:57

Non ti curar di loro, ma guarda e passa!

September 1: Breaking News

NYC, 02.09.2004 10:48

Listen to Anoise radio, live from the IMC through the webstream or over the phone at 212-400-7458 (select option 4).

To provide breaking news, call 212-233-5767
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Previous days' Breaking News: [ A27 | A28 | A29 | A30 | A31]

Cesare Battisti corri!!!

Italy, 02.09.2004 10:37

Non ti curar di loro, ma guarda e passa!

Legal update from NYC: Arturo Commando &amp; others released; others still detained

Portland, 02.09.2004 09:15


belgrade, 02.09.2004 07:57


Asambleas Rebeldes

Puerto Rico, 02.09.2004 07:45

VENEZUELA: Asambleas Populares Plantean "Revolución dentro de la Revolucón"

Guaicaipuro se alza

Puerto Rico, 02.09.2004 06:06

VENEZUELA: Comunidades del Municipio Guaicaipuro Se Rebelan Contra Alcalde "Revolucionario"

Accounts from IMC reporters inside The Tombs

NYC, 02.09.2004 05:21

There appears to be at least 1,000 protesters being held at "The Tombs." Males are occupying at least an entire floor. They believe people are no longer being held at Pier 57 (is it a coincidence that a federal judge is reportedly on his/her way to the Pier to inspect it?) One detainee offered a report of extreme police violence, more of which are sure to surface as people are released.

Read the Call to City Hall: Shutdown Little Guantanamo on the Hudson

Drawings of Sept 1 protests

NYC, 02.09.2004 04:12

Drawing Bloc covers Sept 1 events

From the We-Couldn't Make-This-Up Department

NYC, 02.09.2004 02:46

Caught our eye on the newswire today ...

Eyeseverywhere writes: "The entire Scooter Goon Squad is wrapped around Fifth and 48th reading INDYMEDIA from an internet phone booth. Everyone should come by and bring your video cameras. It's a beautiful sight to make your heart pound with pride." [Read More]

Meanwhile, another poster calling himself a policeman writes: "I am a law enforcement officer, howvever I want to thank all of the protesters who came to NYC to protest this absolute lying, disgraceful administration." [Read More]

True or not, the post was rated an "84" on the open wire-- the highest rating of an IMC newswire post ever.

6 Neglected Horses Rescued

Portland, 02.09.2004 00:53

Ultimas Noticias- Cobertura de las Protestas de la Convencion Nacional Republicana

NYC, 02.09.2004 00:18

IndyMedia Puerto Rico se une en colaboracion con Indymedia Ciudad de Nueva York para llevarte las ultimas noticias en nuestra lengua.

Ultimas Noticias-Cobertura desde Nueva York/RNC 04

NYC, 02.09.2004 00:08

IndyMedia Puerto Rico se une en colaboracion con Indymedia Ciudad de Nueva York para llevarte las ultimas noticias en nuestra lengua.

Wajid Discusses Jail Conditions At Pier 57

Madison, 01.09.2004 23:48

Pier 57. Guantanamo On The Hudson. Here's Wajid interviewing with A-Noise webradio and 88.7 fm.

GEO Protest Thursday, Sept 2 Against UIUC Violations of New Contract

Urbana-Champaign, 01.09.2004 23:11

Don't Let them Strangle our Union! Protest Union Busting Thursday, September 2, from 11:30AM to 1:30PM Henry Administration Building (Meet on the South side)


Perth, 01.09.2004 22:20

New York City Rises: A31 Resistance

Youth will deliver letters to Tommy Thompson

DC, 01.09.2004 21:41

Local youth will deliver your letter asking Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services Dept., to give back our $1 Million in youth-focused HIV prevention funds!

Brief report-back from Unwelcome Bush protest in Elmhurst, Queens

Portland, 01.09.2004 21:39

D.C. Activists Group Takes Over Wall Street Area For Party

DC, 01.09.2004 21:28

The Party Liberation Front reclaimed an area of New York's Financial District yesterday morning, celebrating Wall Street's success in oppressing people the world over and hijacking American democracy.


Uruguay, 01.09.2004 21:28

Intento del gobierno de los Estados Unidos de los registro de Indymedia.


Brasil, 01.09.2004 20:56

Repressão em manifestaçao contra o FMI

Sarah Bishop Memorial &amp; Celebration This Saturday

Portland, 01.09.2004 20:27

Important: Read before posting photos

NYC, 01.09.2004 20:17

There are almost 2,000 people in jail. The system is overwhelmed. Many of these prisoners will go to court. Some of these people have committed nonviolent acts of civil disobedience and will be prosecuted more severely than your average rapist. Please don't make it more difficult for these folks. During the 2000 RNC during which only 480 people were detained/arrested and 420 faced charges, prosecution had to prove that the defendants were at the "scene of the crime". Without video or photo evidence, charges were often dropped. During the trials resulting from Bush's inaguration, police successfully used photos pulled from indymedia to prosecute protesters. Therefore, when you post your pictures (which are fantastic, by the way - keep them coming!), please smudge the faces of the people in them if they're doing civil disobedience. Just because the prison system thinks you should spend a year in jail for nonviolent protest, that doesn't mean we need to enable them and put good activists behind bars. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Report from NYC - I'm NOT in jail!

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.09.2004 19:50

On August 31, nearly 1000 people were nabbed by the NYPD during widespread direct actions around New York City. (A number of medics over the past few days have been singled out and arrested). The mainstream coverage describes these protests and arrests as "confrontational" and "scuffles," etc, but protesters held their composure and kept to their well-organized plans, despite aggressive police tactics that included orange plastic fencing to keep protesters penned in, and "snatch squads" that targetted individuals standing in the middle of otherwise peaceful crowds. Actions I witnessed included a "shut up-a-thon" in front of fox news headquarters (there were over a thousand chanting "shut the fox up"), a road blockade by comrades from the bay area, a die-in by members of the war-resisters league, a street party near union square, and lots of arrests. It felt like spontaneous eruptions all over the city, the grassroots pushing up through the concrete at every park and major intersection, strategically non-violent and with powerful messages against the war in iraq, the corporate agenda of the bush administration, and the lies propogated by the corporate media. more updates: [ Are You A Peaceful Police Officer? I Interviews from the RNC ] see also: [ NYC-IMC I Portland Indymedia Coverage I Puerto Rico Indymedia Corbertura en Espanol ]

Reflections from a Portlander on cops in NYC and a neat tactic that worked against Republican delegates

Portland, 01.09.2004 19:48

A31: Breaking News

NYC, 01.09.2004 19:24

Listen to Anoise radio, live from the IMC through the webstream or over the phone at 212-400-7458 (select option 4). To provide breaking news, call 212-233-5767
Listen to PDX IMC, live from Portland. Call in to talk to PDX IMC at 800-939-7973. Get text messages by signing up at Email camera-phone photos directly to the web at or

August 30: Breaking News

NYC, 01.09.2004 19:20

Breaking News from August 30

More than a Thousand Arrested in Direct Actions at RNC

Hudson Mohawk, 01.09.2004 18:29

More than a thousand people were arrested in NYC during the A31 day of direct action in conjunction with the Republican National Convention. Cops were performing massive pre-emptive arrests, with people being arrested before any actions were taken. Demonstrations are being planned concerning the unsafe conditions at the temporary jail facilities. Code Pink and AIDS activists were arrested inside the RNC.

On August 31, Ruppert Publicly Calls out Cheney as Grand Master Organizer of 9-11 events

Portland, 01.09.2004 17:26

Big Brother

Melbourne, 01.09.2004 17:18

Federal Police Harass Local Anarchist at Request of FBI

AIDS Activists Strike Inside the Garden

NYC, 01.09.2004 17:11

The activist group that staged the first protest of the Republican National Convention by “telling the naked truth,” has moved the issue of the Bush global AIDS policy to the forefront once again today. Members of the group ACT UP have just now dramatically disrupted the speech of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card to the Youth Convention at the Republican National Convention (RNC). The activists stripped off their outer shirts to reveal t-shirts emblazoned with “Bush lies. Stop Aids. Drop the debt now.” Chanting the same message and blowing whistles, the activists succeeded in disrupting Card a minute into his speech. Many of today’s participants were part of the group who “bared all” in front of Madison Square Garden last Thursday pressing for changes in the Bush Administration’s AIDS policies. The activists were taken away by security.

Marcha Universitaria

Peru, 01.09.2004 16:57

Marcha interuniversitaria

Kissinger to Speak in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, 01.09.2004 16:14

War Criminal Kissinger to Speak at Robert Morris University

Venezuela Bolivariana victoriosa

Puerto Rico, 01.09.2004 15:36


Dakota Burial Mounds

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 01.09.2004 14:40

To All My Relations, We, the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community (MMDC) and supporters, are trying to protect a burial mound of our Relatives located on South 34th Ave. in the City of Bloomington, Minnesota.

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