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The Threat That is Fort Detrick

Baltimore, 30.09.2006 22:08

Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland is on its way to becoming the most dangerous developer and repository of chemical and biological weaponry--superbugs capable of cruel and mass deaths almost beyond imagination.

California's Prop 85 Threatens Young Women's Access to Abortion

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2006 21:08

Proposition 85, the "Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of a Minor's Pregnancy" initiative, would amend California's state constitution to young women under the age of 18 from obtaining abortion care without government-mandated parental notification. Prop 85 is one of the initiatives on the ballot for the Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 general election in California. Opponents of Prop 85 point out that California's adolescent pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates have declined in the last ten years.

No on 85! Day of Action on October 7th

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2006 21:08

Saturday, October 7th will be a No on 85! Day of Action. A rally will be held in Dolores Park at 12pm (20th Street and Dolores) in San Francisco. People will join together to try to form the World's Largest Human No on 85 Sign. The No on 85 Campaign is hoping that over 300 people will participate in this visibility action. At 1pm people will conduct voter outreach and visibility in District 8, and at 5pm, a NO on 85 Happy Hour and Comedy Show will be held at Martuni's Martini bar.

Now It's The Turn Of The 'B52 Two' To Face Trial

Bristol, 30.09.2006 19:38

Following the trial of Margaret Jones and Paul Milling - known as the 'Fairford Disarmers' - which ended with no clear verdict, now Phil Pritchard and Toby Olditch - known as the 'B52 Two' - face trial. The trial begins Monday 2nd October at Bristol Crown Court, and is expected to last up to two weeks. During March 2003, fourteen U.S B52 bombers arrived at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. These were the very same bombers which had been used to carpet bomb Vietnam a generation earlier. Protests broke out in opposition, and escalated. Others broke in and attempted to prevent, or delay, their take off, and the bombing of Iraq which began on 20th March 2003. "Oxford peace activists Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch entered RAF Fairford and attempted to disarm USAF B-52 bombers early on 18th March 2003. Their decision to take this peaceful direct action was a response to absolute frustration; that all previous international pressure and efforts to prevent the prosecution of an illegal and unjustified war had come to nothing." More On The 'B52 Two' WebsiteGreen writes: We are inviting people to come at any point during the trial. There will be a gathering of supporters at 9am on Monday 2nd October outside the Court. Please show your support! There will be cakes and pretty banners! Full Article. Bristol Crown Court is on Small Street, off Corn Street, in the Centre. Margaret Jones writes: They're charged with the same thing as Paul and me - conspiracy to commit criminal damage. They were trying to reach a B-52 bomber to disable it, when they were both arrested. Naturally Paul and I, while awaiting our re-trial, are watching ... how this second trial may turn out. Paul and I had magnificent support, which I shall remember with deep gratitude all my life. We hope people will feel moved to come down and offer similar backing to Phil and Toby. Also to Josh Richards, when his trial comes up in Nov. Full ArticleCelebrate Resistance! : Free Music and Poetry Event. Thur 5th October 7.30pm to midnight at the Queen's Head, Easton Street, Easton, BS2. To celebrate resistance to state violence and war | (Images: THEN and NOW : Left - A B52 carpet bombs Vietnam. Right - B52s over Baghdad a generation later.) | Support the B52 2! | Support Phil and Toby @ Bristol Crown Court in October + 'Celebrate Resistance' Gig on 5th October | Trial Of Margaret Jones and Paul Milling: 'Fairford Disarmers' Trial Ends With 'No Clear Verdict' | Fairford Disarmers Trial - "THIS WAS NOT A PROTEST" | Contribute An Article

Last Call to Shut Down the KKK at Harper's Ferry

DC, 30.09.2006 19:10

5th Annual Women's Words $400 Slam

DC, 30.09.2006 19:10

The 5th Annual Women's Words $400 Slam took place on Friday night at Provisions Library on Connecticut Avenue. This year's slam featured women poets from New York City, Philadelphia, as well as the Washington metropolitan area.

Court Victory for FTAA Protestors

Miami, 30.09.2006 17:07

Court Victory for FTAA Protestors

Alegadas torturas na prisão de Paços de Ferreira

Portugal, 30.09.2006 13:39

Alegadas torturas na prisão de Paços de Ferreira

BNP Action in Loughborough

United Kingdom, 30.09.2006 13:08

Get out to stop the BNP! Campaign to stop the BNP in forthcoming
Loughborough Shelthorpe Ward by-election

*****Important leafleting this Sunday 1st October *****
Assemble 11am outside McDonalds on Ling Road/Shelthorpe Road roundabout

Leicester Unite Against Fascism are calling a day of action to leaflet Loughborough Shelthorpe Ward against the fascist British National Party this Sunday. The fascist British National Party(BNP) are standing in the election on Thursday 5th October in Loughborough Shelthorpe Ward. Shelthorpe is a largely white working class estate in Loughborough and the BNP have been campaigning on the issue of a recently opened East Midlands regional immigration reporting centre. The seat is a two councillor seat and both seats were won at the last election by the Labour Party. There are fears that a low turnout may provide opportunities for the fascists. The fascist BNP is relying on a low turnout in order to get elected. The vast majority of people in Shelthorpe oppose the fascist BNP and can use their vote to stop the BNP.

Civilian weapons inspection in Biscarrosse.

Scotland, 30.09.2006 11:39

The French government is participating in war crimes and is violating international law and the Non Proliferation Treaty by developing new nuclear weapons instead of reducing nuclear armaments. International activists from Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden participated in the action and entered the base in small groups to inspect the area and search for evidence of testing sites.

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 30.09.2006 11:09

nenes a shaara Guerra al Líban

Reaccions a l'alto al foc i l'enviament de tropes al Líban: Exèrcit espanyol al Líban: el bomber piròman ::: Comunicat de CGT sobre l'enviament de tropes al Líban ::: Alternativa Antimilitarista-MOC i altres front l'invasió del Líban

Diumenge 1 d'octubre: Mani contra la guerra al Líban

altres notícies sobre el conflicte a l'orient mitjà: Quina vergonya! ::: Qué pasa amb l'ONU al Líban? ::: Pel dret a la resistència dels pobles de Líban i Palestina ::: Proves del llançament de bombes de fòsfor blanc sobre la població civil libanesa ::: Militar israelià compara el bombardeig de Beirut amb el de Gernika ::: Entrevista a George Galloway ::: Especialista en drets humans de l'ONU denuncia a Israel per convertir Gaza en una "espantosa y tràgica" presó

+info: >>> guerra

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 30.09.2006 11:09

niñas en shaara Guerra en El Líbano

Reacciones al alto al fuego y el envío de tropas al Líbano: Ejército español en el Líbano: el bombero pirómano ::: Comunicado de CGT sobre el envío de tropas al Líbano ::: Alternativa Antimilitarista-MOC y otros ante la invasión del Líbano

Domingo 1 de octubre: Mani contra la guerra en El Líbano

otras noticias sobre el conflicto en oriente medio: ¡Qué vergüenza! ::: ¿Qué pasa con la ONU en Líbano? ::: Por el derecho de resistencia de los pueblos de El Líbano y Palestina ::: Pruebas del lanzamiento de bombas de fósforo blanco sobre la población civil libanesa ::: Militar israelí compara el bombardeo de Beirut con el de Gernika ::: Entrevista a George Galloway ::: Especialista de derechos humanos de la ONU denuncia a Israel por convertir Gaza en una "espantosa y trágica" prisión

+info: >>> guerra

2006 SFA Encuentro a springboard for action

United States, 30.09.2006 09:07

From September 21-24, over sixty young activists and organizers from across the country gathered in Immokalee, Florida for the 2nd annual Student/Farmworker Alliance Encuentro: three days of reflection, discussion, and strategizing about the struggle for fair food and building a more just world. Youth and student leaders from more than 15 states and representing more than 30 organizations and campuses – a sample of the breadth of support that the Coalition of Immokalee Workers(CIW) can count on in the months and years ahead – participated in the Encuentro. Old and new allies from Southern Illinois to Miami, from UC Santa Cruz to Notre Dame, from the Bronx to Southern Mississippi, came together for this important weekend in the birthplace of the CIW.

This year's Encuentro took place against the backdrop of an escalating campaign against the multi-billion dollar McDonald's Corporation – the largest fast-food chain on the planet and an enormous buyer of Florida tomatoes. As in the four-year Taco Bell Boycott, student and youth organizing will play a critical role in the campaign's overall success. The weekend in Immokalee inspired and re-energized the SFA network, serving as an important springboard for the work ahead as we turn McDonald's marketing "sweet spot" (18 to 24 year-olds) into a well-organized sore spot. full 2006 Encuentro report || 2006 Encuentro photo gallery

FNB v Parks Dept

Houston, 30.09.2006 08:39

Food Not Bombs Threatened with Imminent Action

The First Cross-Border Encuentro of La Otra Campaña: Summary

San Diego, 30.09.2006 07:38

The First Cross-Border Encuentro of La Otra Campaña was held in Tijuana and San Diego September 15-17.

A key component of the Zapatista Other Campaign, originating with the Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona, is a tour of Mexico to offer an alternative to the farce of electoral politics, by documenting the struggles of and listening to "the simple and humble people" - a national program of struggle from Below.

The EZLN Sixth Commission's tour has been suspended since the brutal attack by state and federal forces on the people of San Salvador Atenco May 3-4. Local groups working with La Otra Campaña organized the Cross-Border Encuentro as the Sixth Commission focused its attention on solidarity with the people of Atenco.

In Tijuana, 250 compañer@s heard from activist panels discussing women in resistance movements; indigenous struggles; autonomy; culture and art; culture and media; resistance against borders; and resistance against climate change and environmental destruction; as well as music, dance and theater from the struggle.

In San Diego, parallel meetings on the 15th and 17th were organized as freeflowing, participatory roundtable discussions that covered diverse topics, including women, patriarchy and machismo; personal connections with La Otra; listening as a tactic; maquiladora workers; struggles and resistance north of the border; and community building vs. armed revolution.

The Sixth Commission recently announced that it will resume its journey on October 9, following the arrival of reinforcements to work for the release of Atenco prisoners, and will travel to Tijuana for a cross-border meeting planned for October 18.

Reports: Tijuana español-1, english-1 español-2, english-2 | San Diego english

Photos: 1 2 3

Audio from Tijuana, Day 2 (español): 1 2 3 4 5 6

Announcement: español, english

Sixth Commission of the EZLN Proposed Itinerary: español, english

Background: Sixth Declaration español, english | La Otra Campaña Documents thru June | Up to Date Reports Indymedia Chiapas, EnlaceZapatista, NarcoNews | La Otra Tijuana | Colectivo Zapatista San Diego

Climate Refugees Flee Rising Seas

Melbourne, 30.09.2006 07:09

Carteret Islands Evacuated Due to Rising Sea Level


DC, 30.09.2006 06:10

"With the defeat of the Specter Amendment to the Military Commissions Act, Congress has sacrificed any semblance of a meaningful balance of power. Congress is now rubber-stamping a bill that was written by the President which gives the President expansive power to detain without judicial oversight. If the Military Commissions Act is passed, it will grant the President the privilege of kings, allowing him to imprison any critics as alleged 'enemy combatants,' never to see the inside of a court room or to have the chance to challenge their detention or their treatment. What would we say if another country passed a law making it legal to snatch U.S. citizens and detain them indefinitely?

AWOL, Conscientious Objector, Agustin Aguayo Turns Self In

LA, 30.09.2006 03:08

AWOL, Conscientious Objector, Agustin Aguayo Turns Self In

Logging in Water Catchments

Melbourne, 30.09.2006 02:39

Protests Escalate Against Logging in East Gippsland

Green Party Candidate for Governor Howard Switzer Calls for Healthcare for All Tennesseans

Tennessee, 30.09.2006 02:09

Howard Switzer Refers to the Major Party Candidates for Governor as 'Killer Bs' Referring to both the Democrat and Republican candidates for governor, Bredesen and Bryson, the Green Party candidate, Howard Switzer, said "These guys are killer Bs because they both support policies that kill people unnecessarily." Primarily Mr. Switzer was referring to the estimated 18,000 people who die each year due to lack of access to the much touted great American, for-profit, healthcare system. Governor Bredesen has refered to single-payer insurance as "socialism," which it is not, and claims no one has died because he dropped them, 330,00 of them, from TennCare. "We need to join the rest of the industrialized world and provide healthcare for our people, said Switzer, "We have the most unhealthy population in the industrialized world because of our leader's penchant for profits."

¿Hasta Cuando?

Argentina, 30.09.2006 02:08

Aparicion con vida y Castigo a los culpables

Movimentos sociais de ação direta ão criminalizados e reprimidos

Brasil, 30.09.2006 00:38



Colombia, 29.09.2006 23:08


Iru�ea: Campa�a contra las guerras en Oriente Medio

Euskal Herria, 29.09.2006 21:39

el delito de ser pobre

Argentina, 29.09.2006 20:15

Más de 5000 presos en huelga de hambre en penales bonaerenses

el delito de ser pobre

Argentina, 29.09.2006 20:15

Más de 5000 presos en huelga de hambre en penales bonaerenses


San Diego, 29.09.2006 20:11

This past Saturday, with more than 300 supporters, the community shut down the attempted rally of 87 Minutemen in front of the National City, City Hall offices. People young and old, in a rainbow of colors joined forces to say YES to the proposed Sanctuary City for National City and NO to the vigilante minutemen that tried and failed to promote hate and stop the sanctuary city movement. One minutemen was arrested and more are expected to be arrested, as videos from humanitarian groups show the minutemen physically assaulting peace activists as well as spraying peace activists with mace.

On Saturday, September 30 at NOON, the sanctuary movement will be holding a celebration of the declaration of National City as a sanctuary for migrants: adjacent to City Hall on the corner of 12th and National City Blvd.

Past Coverage and Videos | Commentary on Corporate Coverage

Project Hot Seat: Oct 4th South Florida Greenpeace Rally to Stop Global Warming

Miami, 29.09.2006 16:37

Project Hot Seat: Oct 4th South Florida Greenpeace Rally to Stop Global Warming

Severely poor are fastest growing segment of U.S. population

Richmond, 29.09.2006 14:38

Severely poor are fastest growing segment of U.S. population RICHMOND, Va. (Aug. 29, 2006) – Americans are getting poorer each year despite reports of positive economic growth, and the severely poor are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, according to a Virginia Commonwealth University study.

Hundreds of Richmonders attend public forum on torture and the &quot;War on Terror&quot;

Richmond, 29.09.2006 14:38

The 289-seat lecture hall overflowed with students and adults from across the generations Wednesday night. organizers estimate that well over 300 people attended the public forum on "Torture and the War on Terror", an event co-sponsored by Amnesty International and the Richmond Peace Education Center.

Los municipales continúan en lucha

Argentina, 29.09.2006 13:39

Escrache a los despidos y el trabajo precario

Браузер Torpark для анонимной работы в интернете

Belarus, 29.09.2006 13:07

Анонимайзеры или CGI proxy серверы

Belarus, 29.09.2006 13:07

Maralinga Atomic Tests

Melbourne, 29.09.2006 12:39

British Nuclear Tests at Maralinga Commemorated

&quot;Houston with Hills&quot; once again Demonstrates Its Lack of Urban Vision

Portland, 29.09.2006 12:38

Alone among major US cities, Seattle embarks on a pro-freeway transport policy that would do the late Robert Moses proud.

People often talk about how Seattle has some sort of abnormally high commitment to urban livability and ecological values. I say: money talks, bullshit walks.

A textbook example of this disconnect between perception and ugly reality is to be found in the probable approval of an absolutely wretched freeway-construction proposal by the Seattle City Council today. With the exception of Houston, TX, Seattle is about the only major American city I can think of with a public consensus in favor of major new freeway construction.

Court Victory for FTAA Protestors

Portland, 29.09.2006 12:38

In a significant victory for constitutional rights, today, the Eleventh Circuit handed down its ruling denying qualified immunity to several officers who engaged in unlawful arrests at the demonstrations against the meetings of the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Miami, Florida, during November 2003. This ruling clears the way for the demonstrators who suffered constitutional rights deprivations to proceed with their litigation.

The case, Killmon, et al. v. City of Miami, et al., was brought to challenge the widespread assault on the civil rights and civil liberties of protestors during the demonstrations, including challenging the so-called "Miami model," a deliberate and coordinated effort by over 40 local, state and federal authorities to engaging in silence dissent and engage in widespread political profiling, and swept the streets of anyone viewed as being an anti-FTAA activist, effectively suspending the Fourth Amendment in the city for ten days using excessive force and unlawfully arresting hundreds of people engaging in lawful political protest.

Second day of civil disobediance on Hill nets over 20 arrests

DC, 29.09.2006 12:10

On September 27, "lobbyists" from the Declaration of Peace returned to Capitol Hill for the second day in a row. Once again peace activists lacked those giant buckets of campaign cash to buy access so they were once again arrested.

Smashy Smashy for Silver Spring Recruiters

DC, 29.09.2006 12:10

With Iraq Vets against the War actions, Counter recruitment demos, Camp Democracy, Plea for Peace and the Uprise tour in town it's a great month for anti-oil war activities, we figured a little property destruction would be the icing on the cake.

Protestors serve Bechtel with eviction notice, &quot;ambush&quot; Iraq reconstruction boss ouside Rayburn Building

DC, 29.09.2006 12:10

Direct action protestors from the Uprise! Counter-recruiting tour and Iraq Veterans Against the War backed by local activists attempted to serve Bechtel with an eviction notice from the entire planet at about noon on September 28.

Friday: Statewide Protests Against Federal Raid of Modesto MMJ Dispensary

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2006 09:08

The California Healthcare Collective (CHC) in Modesto was raided on the morning of Wednesday, September 27th by local and federal agents. The homes of several dispensary workers were also raided. The city had last year banned dispensaries, except for those that are nonprofits. Last week, the Modesto City Council voted to repeal the non-profit provision, thus making the CHC "illegal," and setting the scene for the raid. Protests will be held around the state on Friday to tell the DEA that medical marijuana supporters in California will not stand for these continued attacks on medical cannabis patients. Protests will be held at 12pm outside of DEA offices in Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Modesto, and other cities.


Valencia, 29.09.2006 08:37

El capitalismo nos obliga a luchar por una vivienda digna, pero no sólo queremos una vivienda. Necesitamos espacios por vivir, pero también espacios por reunirnos. Okupamos para dar vida a espacios abandonados y para crear otras maneras de relacionarnos paralelas al modelo de ocio consumista que el sistema nos tiene preparados. Queremos viviendas dignas si, pero la lucha anticapitalista, contra l’especulación no acaba aquí: defendamos los centros sociales, la calle también es nuestra.
>> Manifestació 30 de setembre per la Pilona i els nous espais

++ Les Males Puçes tornen a València amb més força que mai ++ Acció aquest matí davant de l'Ajuntament de València. Campanya nacional de Maulets per un habitatge digne

Més info:
¿De quién es la calle? Lucha antiespeculación en Burgos ++ NO - Desalojo de republica 550 (AUN hackmeeting Chile.)


Valencia, 29.09.2006 08:07

El capitalisme ens obliga a lluitar per una vivenda digna, però no sols volem una habitatge. Necessitem espais per viure però també espais per reunir-nos. Okupem per a donar vida a espais abandonats i per crear altres modes de relacionar-nos paral·lelament al model d’oci consumista que el sistema ens té preparats. Volem vivendes dignes però la lluita anticapitalista, contra l’especulació no acaba ací: defensem els centres socials, el carrer també és nostre. >> Manifestació 30 de setembre per la Pilona i els nous espais

++ Les Males Puçes tornen a València amb més força que mai ++ Acció aquest matí davant de l'Ajuntament de València. Campanya nacional de Maulets per un habitatge digne

Més info:
¿De quién es la calle? Lucha antiespeculación en Burgos ++ NO - Desalojo de republica 550 (AUN hackmeeting Chile.)

Frederick Street Park and Neighborhood Update and Petition Drive

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.09.2006 05:38

Developers are moving forward with a plan for 170 Frederick St., current site of Kingdom Hall, to build a high density, 3-story project that that would fundamentally alter the park and neighborhood. The City of Santa Cruz is only letting people know what's going on if they reside within 300 feet of the site (that's only about 100 people!). Even if you live in the area or use the park, the City thinks your voice doesn't matter.

A planning commission public hearing will take place Thursday, October 5th, 7:00pm, City Council Chambers (809 Center Street). Read more

Hundreds arrested at Civil Disobedience action near LAX

LA, 29.09.2006 03:38

Hundreds arrested at Civil Disobedience action near LAX

Benefit Reception for KSKQ - Meet Amy Goodman

Rogue Valley, 29.09.2006 03:09

Join us for KSKQ's Benefit Reception with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!
Friday October 6th at Southern Oregon University's Britt Building Terrace prior to the Southern Oregon Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union Forum in the Britt Ballroom Auditorium.

Tom the Nurse Acquitted

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2006 03:08

In a major victory for San Francisco medical cannabis caregivers, Thomas Juzbasic LVN was acquitted on all cannabis charges stemming from his bust in June 2003 in Municipal Court. After over 39 months and a week long mistrial, the second trial lasted only two and a half days before the jury came back with the not guilty verdict in under two hours. Photos

SF Protest Against Torture and Indefinite Detention

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2006 03:08

On September 28th, Act Against Torture protested in San Francisco against torture and indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Bagram AFB in Afghanistan, and in secret prisons and other torture-sites all over the world. Staff at Senator Diane Feinstein's downtown San Francisco office refused to even meet with the protesters. Photos

Heinemann Picket Enters Fourth Week

Melbourne, 29.09.2006 01:09

Heinemann Picket Enters Fourth Week

Big Brother is watching you!

Liege, 28.09.2006 21:07

Suite à une décision du conseil communal, il y aura 109 caméras de surveillance dans le centre-ville d'ici la fin de l'année.

Minuteman Founder to Speak at Columbia

NYC, 28.09.2006 19:38

On Wednesday October 4th, Jim Gilchrist, founder of the rascist vigilante group the Minutemen, will be speaking at Columbia University's Lerner Hall (114th and Broadway) thanks to a lovely invitation from the campus Republicans. We're asking for people to come out and creatively resist the event. [Previous Indypendent Coverage of the Minutemen]

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