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Mini-Riot at Columbia as Minutemen Forced Off Stage

NYC, 05.10.2006 03:38

As a large, vocal protest raged outside Roone Arledge Auditorium at Columbia University, Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist was heckled and confronted onstage by students, prompting a fistfight between students and the Minutemen. According to an on-scene report, "there [were] at least two minutes of chaos between students, other students and the Minutemen." It seems Gilchrist was prevented from speaking. [Read Original Post and Comments]


Argentina, 05.10.2006 03:08

Intimidaciones a querellante en la causa Feced


Argentina, 05.10.2006 03:08

Rosario: Intimidaciones a querellante en la causa Feced

On Your Own Terms: An open letter to activists regarding World Can't Wait

NYC, 05.10.2006 02:38

Tired of stewing in anger while "long war" and torture are normalized, working on campaigns that don't touch the highest powers and an activist culture where we tear each other down instead of pushing forward? Me too. That's why I'm getting involved in this fight and taking it to my neighbors, friends and the street on October 5. This is not a one-day fight. It's nobody's dog-and-pony show.

The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Arkansas, 05.10.2006 02:09

We bring to the attention of our readers, this carefully documented review of the ongoing naval build-up and deployment of coalition forces in the Middle East.

O Forat de la Vergonya foi hoje despejado

Portugal, 05.10.2006 01:39

O Forat de la Vergonya foi hoje despejado


Athens, 04.10.2006 22:39

Ελλάς, Ελλήνων Φυλακισμένων


Athens, 04.10.2006 22:39

Φέτος, το μάθημα αρχίζει με Α-περγία

GAO Shows Biscuit Logging Lost Money

Rogue Valley, 04.10.2006 20:39

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today shows the Bush administration lost taxpayer dollars by logging remote, sensitive forests after the 2002 Biscuit fire. This definitive report by the government's own watchdog group deals another serious blow to Congressman Greg Walden's post-fire logging bill now pending in Congress.

Why Hillary Clinton Voted for the Anti-Immigrant Wall

NYC, 04.10.2006 20:08

Last May, in the wake of mass demonstrations that brought millions of immigrants to the streets in cities throughout the United States, New York’s Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton spoke with disdain for the Republican right’s proposals mandating a crackdown on foreign-born workers.

This Republican-backed legislation, which turned undocumented workers—as well as anyone who provided them with aid—into criminal felons, was the provocation that sparked the mass protests.
“I cannot and will not support one-sided solutions that sound tough but neither deal with our porous borders nor treat with respect and dignity the millions of families who live and work in our country,” Clinton declared.

Last Friday, however, she did exactly that, joining Senate Republicans and the majority of her Democratic colleagues in voting for an ignominious piece of legislation known as the “Secure Fence Act of 2006.”

San Diego Indymedia Events for October

San Diego, 04.10.2006 19:38

Wed Oct 4, 7-9pm - HANDS-ON INDEPENDENT MEDIA TRAINING WORKSHOP - TONITE! DIY community media making: event coverage, story writing, photography, audio, video, and posting to the SDIMC website. FREE

Wed Oct 11, 7-9pm - SDIMC 101. An introduction to the San Diego Independent Media Center: how to become a community media maker and participate in SDIMC. FREE

Wed Oct 18 The Borderlands hackLab and San Diego Indymedia present OPEN HACK NITE -- CANCELLED this month because of EZLN visit.

Thurs Oct 19 - In collaboration with Collectivo Zapatista, borderlands hackLab and Voz Alta. Tentative: Cross-Border Audio or Video Streaming of the EZLN Sixth Commission/La Otra Campaña meeting in Tijuana. More details as they become available...

Wed Oct 25, 7pm - FILM SCREENING Robert Greenwald, "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers." The story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war. $3-5 donation requested.

All Events at Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway, one block from City College, downtown San Diego.

Stop the Titnore access road! Support the tree camp!

United Kingdom, 04.10.2006 19:08

ECO-CAMPAIGNERS in Worthing, West Sussex, are battling on to save Titnore Woods and warning against falling for a dubious "partial victory" presented to them by the council and developers.

They are holding a protest on Saturday October 7, meeting at 2pm at Durrington railway station (two stops west of Worthing) to head en masse for the woods.

Projeto de reciclagem na Ocupação Prestes Maia

Brasil, 04.10.2006 16:39


Democratização da universidade em Tefé - Amazonas

Brasil, 04.10.2006 15:08


As 25 histórias mais ocultadas nos EUA em 2006

Portugal, 04.10.2006 13:38

As 25 histórias mais ocultadas nos EUA em 2006

PigBrother show comes to Oxford

United Kingdom, 04.10.2006 13:38

Internationally, police officers who mutilate or kill people on duty usually get off scot-free, often without the cases even making the news. The Swiss internet site exposes such cases and the police weapons involved. Though often labelled "less lethal" and portrayed as "harmless", many have proved to be fatal; others have been banned for use in war by e.g. the Geneva Convention yet still frequently used by policeforces worldwide.

In a multimedia live show, Soulless and Anger (the makers of present typical cases including weapons, injuries and favourite police excuses from the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, USA and Switzerland. The show takes place on 9th October, 8pm at East Oxford Community Centre.

Despite the heavy going topic and its technical aspects, the show is presented in an easy to understand and concise way, and Soulless & Anger also focus on the funnier aspects of several Police Operations making the Officers involved look only too human. They demonstrate how persistent work in this area can make a difference, forcing the police and the official media to at least sometimes act more by the book or even abolish some weapons or tactics.


Argentina, 04.10.2006 13:08

UPRISE Counter-Recruiting Tour Visits New York

NYC, 04.10.2006 12:38

The UPRISE Counter-Recruitment Tour is traveling via bio-deisel bus to 24 cities in five weeks to promote a culture of resistance not only against the Iraq War but against the economic and social system that makes it possible. “Our country was more radical when it was founded," said one young veteran from Indiana. "We’ve become dumbed down and enslaved by rhetoric and propaganda.” || NEW Counter Recruitment Poster!! || UPRISE Counter-Recruitment Tour || Iraq Veterans Against the War || Previous Coverage: Military Recruiters Make a Big Summer Push || Counter-Curriculum || /a> || Bushwick students Buck Military


Houston, 04.10.2006 06:38

Wednesday at 11am: Cheney Protest, Thursday at 5pm: World Can't Wait


Valparaiso, 04.10.2006 06:37

Miércoles 4 Octubre 2006


Anti-Bush Protests Planned for this Thursday, October 5th

LA, 04.10.2006 04:38

Anti-Bush Protests Planned for this Thursday, October 5th

Bikes Not Bombs at the Oct. 5 Rally

LA, 04.10.2006 04:13

Bikes Not Bombs at the Oct. 5 Rally

COPWATCH REPORT-Zoo Police stealing bikes from children in Rock Creek Park

DC, 04.10.2006 03:10

Today my bike ride in Rock Creek park was interrupted by a disgusting and sickening sight: a huge zoo cop stealing a bike from a small African-American boy.

Human Rights Experts: “Israel Committed War Crimes!”

DC, 04.10.2006 03:10

On Sept. 27, 2006, two leading experts on Human Rights spoke at the Palestine Center, in Washington, D.C. Curt Goering of Amnesty International, said Israel’s massive bombing campaign in Lebanon, including dropping more than a million cluster bombs, was a “war crime.” His group is pressing the UN for a full inquiry. Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch called the Israelis’ destruction of Gaza’s only electric power generating plant a “war crime.”

Photos from all 3 Declaration of Peace Actions

DC, 04.10.2006 03:10

Citizens Declare Peace; Hundreds Arrested

Medical Examiner Reports: James Chasse was bludgeoned to death

Portland, 04.10.2006 01:38

According to Olwen, who called a short time ago to share this report, the cause of James Chasse's death is now public. All 13 of his ribs were broken, and his lung was punctured by the Portland police. After this extreme beating, which also included head trauma from officers kicking him in the head while he was on the ground, he was taken not to a hospital, but to jail. He died in the back of the squad car.

In short, like so many other people who do not conform to the Bland Consumer ideal, he was tortured to death by the Portland police death squads. And then the Grand Jury placed its obligatory seal of approval on the crime. We do not consent.


LA, 04.10.2006 00:08


especulacio (ca)

Barcelona, 03.10.2006 23:09

Alerta al Forat de la Vergonya

A les 8 del matí de dilluns 2 d'octubre dues excavadores van entrar a la pista de bàsquet del Forat amb la intenció d'obrir pas per a unes tuberies que passarien pel carrer Jaume Giralt. L'acord que s'havia assolit amb la Regidoria preveia que no es tocaria per res el terreny del parc del Forat; per això es va demanar al director de la obra que parès. Com a resposta, aquest va trucar a la Guàrdia Urbana, que va protegir les excavadores desplegant un cordó d'antiavalots que, de moment, porta tot dilluns i dimarts. És possible que aquest sigui un primer pas cap al desalltojament del Parc; així que es convoca una manifestació dijous 5 a les 19 en defensa del parc conquerit a través de sis anys de mobilització veïnal.

notícies relacionades: Denúncia del procès participatiu del forat [pdf] ::: Normes reguladores de la participació ciutadana de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona ::: El forat és un bitxo extrany ::: Concentració el passat dimarts al Forat ::: Alerta al forat [Cronologia] ::: Actualització des del Forat [dimarts migdia]

Més info >>> especulació

especulacion (es)

Barcelona, 03.10.2006 23:09

Alerta en el Forat de la Vergonya

A las 8 de la mañana del lunes 2 de octubre dos excavadoras entraron a la pista de baloncesto del Forat con la intención de abrir paso a unas tuberías que pasarían por la calle Jaume Giralt. El acuerdo que se había logrado con la Concejalía preveía que no se tocaría para nada el terreno del parque del Forat; por esto se pidió al director de la obra que parara. Como respuesta, este llamó a la Guardia Urbana, que protegió las excavadoras desplegando un cordón de antidisturbuios que, por el momento, lleva todo el lunes y martes. Es posible que este sea un primer paso para el desalojo del Parque; así se convoca una manifestación el jueves 5 a las 19 en defensa del parque conquistado a través de seis años de mobilización vecinal.

noticias relacionadas: Denuncia del proceso participativo del forat [pdf] ::: Normas reguladoras de la participación ciudadana de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona ::: El forat es un bitxo rario ::: Concentración el pasado martes en el Forat ::: Alerta en el forat [Cronologia] ::: Actualitzaciones des de el Forat [martes mediodía]

Más info >>> especulación


Colombia, 03.10.2006 23:09

V Plenaria de la Asamblea por la Paz

Governo Mexicano ameaça Assembéia Popular dos Povos de Oaxaca

Brasil, 03.10.2006 22:08


Residents Celebrate as National City Becomes Sanctuary

San Diego, 03.10.2006 20:38

Early in September, Mayor Nick Inzunza announced that he intended to proclaim National City a sanctuary from the harassment and collaboration between local officials and federal immigration enforcement that have been springing up in other cities, such as Vista and Escondido. On Saturday, 350 residents and supporters gathered at city hall to celebrate. Last weekend, at an anti-sanctuary protest in National City shut down by 300 sanctuary supporters, minutemen were filmed assaulting and pepper-spraying members of the Boredom Patrol of the Clandestine Rebel Insurgent Clown Army.

From Leslie Radford:
"National City today thumbed its nose at Congress and skipped through the streets. It had declared itself a haven for people of foreign descent, even as the federal government intensifies mass roundups and deportations, and neighboring cities legitimate ethnic profiling. The proclamation, signed by Mayor Nick Inzunza, adds National City to a roster that includes big cities: San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and small: Maywood, Pomona, Huntington Park, Coachella."

From Miguel:
"As the rally came to an end, pro-Sanctuary supporters provided musical accompaniment while Rebel Clown Army members danced in the street to the lyrics of "Canta y no llores, porque cantando se alegran cielito lindo los corazones" - Sing don't cry, with song our hearts feel happy my darling - reflecting the sunny disposition of the Mexican people in contrast to the bitter hatred racists thrive on."

Reports with Photos: Leslie Radford | Miguel

Prior National City Story

Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

Saint Louis, 03.10.2006 19:08

On Saturday 9/30 an annual afternoon picnic for St. Louis-based national white supremacist group, Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), turned sour shortly after one o'clock in Affton's Mathilda Park. "We will rise again!" filtered through their PA just before dozens of anarchists suddenly emerged behind a large "FUCK Y'ALL! Social Liberation, Not Anti-Immigration" banner.

Chicago Indymedia Movie Night, October 5

Chicago, 03.10.2006 18:08

On Thursday, October 5, Chicago Indymedia will premier two new documentaries on Iraq and Argentina — plus independent shorts from around the country and the world.

"My Country, My Country" — documents the life and struggles of an Iraqi doctor in the months before the 2005 Iraqi elections. And "i": the film — presents Indymedia journalists in Buenos Aires who report on the political upheavals in Argentina in 2001.

Plus, the evening will include short films from Chicago Indymedia's acclaimed monthly TV series, 'Chicago Independent Television' and a collection of incendiary documentary, satirical and political shorts from around the world.

Date: Thursday, October 5
Event start time — 7pm
Place: Acme Artists Community, 2418 West Bloomingdale, Chicago (off Western, near the Western CTA Blue Line stop)

Wheelchair accessible. Recommended donation, $10. Free to the unemployed. No-one will be turned away. Read more.

Erris is Now A Police State, Report Phoned in from Ballinaboy

Ireland, 03.10.2006 15:38

But the mood amongst protestors is resilient and s ...

Community members and labor leaders defend immigrant worker rights in Emeryville

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2006 15:09

On Friday morning, September 29, community members including faith-based leaders, local union members and residents demonstrated their support for immigrant workers at the Woodfin Suites in Emeryville. Carrying mops, brooms, drums, and noise makers demonstrators demanded "Woodfin Clean-Up your Act" and "Worker Rights Now!" Photos

Dawn raid on babies in Glasgow

Scotland, 03.10.2006 14:39

Between 6 and 7 am on Monday morning, Caritas Sony, 24 years old, and her two children, Heaven (son), 2 Years old and Glad, (daughter), 4 Months old, were woken by around 10 immigration officials who broke down her door with a metal battering ram. She was then handcuffed while her children were distressed in the bedroom, her two-year old was screaming for her.

Dos miradas colectivas

Argentina, 03.10.2006 14:38

La historia no es para mujeres

Has Bertie's Begging Bowl Exposed The Emptiness Of The Oppositon?

Ireland, 03.10.2006 14:08

After nearly a fortnight of political turmoil, whi ...

Portland CopWatch Urges D.A. Shrunk in Chasse Case

Portland, 03.10.2006 13:38

On Monday, October 2, Portland Copwatch, a grassroots organization promoting police accountability through citizen action, sent a letter to Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk urging an "aggressive and thorough" presentation of the in-police-custody death of James Chasse Jr. to the grand jury.

The jury, which meets tomorrow, will be deciding whether the officers involved in the case should be indicted on criminal charges in Chasse's death.

Portland Copwatch points out that the reports published to date imply that the officers could at least be charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 3, 2006

Portland, 03.10.2006 13:38


Stop the Illegal Logging of Eight Mile Meadow
James Chasse: Beaten and Murdered by Police
The explosion to come

Is Britain ready to defend its NHS?

United Kingdom, 03.10.2006 13:09

The National Health Service is in a huge crisis. Crisis can be an over-used word, but in the case of the NHS it’s difficult to get across the scale of the problem without using it. Three quarters of the NHS trusts in the UK are reporting that financial deficits are forcing them to make cutbacks. Massive cutbacks that is. Wards are closed down, hospitals shut and jobs cut around the country. Billions are going to restructure the NHS along market lines, with millions going on management consultants and financial advisors, and millions more in massive PFI payments to shareholders and bankers. In one example venture capitalists have pocketed an extra £81m million in profits from the £220 million PFI scheme to build the Norfolk and Norwich hospital. Billions more are being diverted into a new, expanding private network of profit-seeking 'Treatment Centres', which are paid at enhanced rates, and select out the profitable treatments and patients, leaving the unprofitable behind in the NHS.

Over the last few months unions, patients, activists and campaigners have hit back in a wave of protest to halt the NHS reforms around the country. Thousands of people took part in public meetings around the country: [1] [2] [3] [4]. Protestors took to the streets in Birmingham, Cambridge [1] [2], Huddersfield, Liverpool, Manchester [1] [2], Oxford, Sheffield, Shropshire and Stamford. Other protests have happened in Morecambe Bay, Bristol, the Costwolds and Wolverhampton. The largest demonstration took place in Nottingham and was joined by over 3,000 people. After the announcement that the government has awarded a £1.5 billion NHS contract to Germany-based courier DHL, NHS Logistics staff walked out at their depots.

See also: UK Indymedia Health Pages

Previous feature articles: The NHS in Crisis | Sheffield Children's Hospital: Save Ward S2 | Local Trusts Take Scalpel To NHS

Other media: Bad Medicine | NHS To Be Reformed By Using A Hybrid Approach | Unison wins over Labour on NHS reform

Links: Keep Our NHS Public! | Unison | British Medical Association | Wikipedia on the NHS | The history of the NHS | Wikipedia on Private Finance Initiative (PFI) | Community Hospitals Association | Save Townlands Hospital Campiagn | Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign

Stop the G8+5, Defend Oaxaca! Virtual Sit-In!

NYC, 03.10.2006 12:08

The borderlands Hacklab,Electronic Disturbance Theater and Rising Tide North America call for a virtual sit-in against the websites of the G8+5 and the Mexican government during the G8+5 meetings on October 3-4th, 2006 in Mexico.

To join the action, click here:

Launch of Bath Activist Network

Bristol, 03.10.2006 09:37

and other ventures... summary In recent years there have been attempts to move beyond the narrow confines of single issue and sectional politics, towards more broad based platforms where ideas can be more readily shared, and campaigns merged. The launch of the Bath Activist Network is the latest example of this. Pink writes: Birth pangs of a new group, the Bath Activist Network, bringing together people in Bath who want to work together to fight for positive change, connecting all radical "disciplines" holistically, knowing that every problem in this world is interlinked. We hold monthly meetings at the Green Park Tavern, first Thursday of every month, 7.30 to 9.00. Meetings are to be organised in the usual non-hierarchic pattern and anyone interested in real progress is encouraged to attend. Things still very much in its infancy at the moment, but we are looking at critical mass, anti-arms action and resisting supermarket development, right now... Full ArticleThe Roots Of Change Group is also now in formation. Rooter writes: I'm trying to find out if there are people in Bristol who are interested in coming along to a Roots of Change group. Roots of Change is a study programme run by the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC). ISEC describes the aims thus: · To encourage a broad analysis of the origins and workings of the global economy · To promote discussion of the impact of globalisation on participants' own communities and around the world · To empower groups to take strategic local action informed by a global perspective. The group won't have any particular political leaning, so... everyone's welcome! Full ArticleMeanwhile, the Bristol Social Forum e-group now has a critical mass of subscribers enabling it to function as a shared outlet for all other groups to publicise their events and news through. Visit the Bristol Social Forum | Launch of Bath Activist Network | Roots of Change Group | Also Of Interest: a day in the life of... an environmental film |Contribute An Article | Add To The Calendar

Peter Buckley and Amy Goodman on TV 10/4/06

Rogue Valley, 03.10.2006 06:39

In April of last year Amy Goodman was interviewed by Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley and a 15 minute video was produced. This interview will be broadcast on Rogue Valley Community Television this Wednesday and is brought to Southern Oregon by OPEU District 4 Productions and Rogue IMC volunteers.

"Amy Goodman and Peter Buckley, Democracy Now! comes to the State of Jefferson"

Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 6:00 p.m.
Channel 15 - Jackson and Josephine Counties
Channel 95 - Ashland Fiber Network

The TV broadcast is two days before Amy Goodman's next visit to Southern Oregon.

Amy's Friday, 10-6-06 schedule:
5:30 p.m. KSKQ Fundraiser
7:30 p.m. ACLU public forum "Is the Mainstream Media Doing its Job?"

FCC Hearing

LA, 03.10.2006 06:38

FCC Offers ONLY Hearings About Media Ownership, Tues. Oct. 3

Bipartisan Smell of Sulfur?

Cleveland, 03.10.2006 06:37

Senate Candidate Sherrod Brown of Ohio Capitulates to Bush and Approves Torture

ifi bishop slain

QC, 03.10.2006 05:09

IFI Bishop Ramento Killed

rp slays and operation phoenix

QC, 03.10.2006 04:39

Focus on the Extrajudicial Killings in RP: Operation Phoenix's Long Shadow

Resist Corporate Climate Change and Support Oaxaca

San Diego, 03.10.2006 04:38

The elite of the richest countries are reaping huge profits from dangerous climate change while placing the burden on the most economically disadvantaged, rolling the dice with our life support systems in pursuit of higher profits. The eight richest countries in the world, the G8, plus five developing countries are meeting in Mexico City this week to agree to invest trillions to prop up the fossil fuel economy and to promote carbon trading, which we already know doesn’t work and will just shift the burden further to the Global South. Local activist groups with international participation are poised to resist the G8+5 meeting.

At the same time, President of Mexico Vincente Fox is preparing to send his stormtroopers to attack the Popular Assemblies of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), who have been occupying parts of Oaxaca City for over four months to demand the ouster of governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz - a corrupt frontman for corporate globalization - and the release of political prisoners.

Corporate-driven, neoliberal climate change. Corporate-driven, neoliberal suppression of resistance movements for democracy and local control. Different problem. Same enemy.

Solidarity Actions:
--Virtual Sit-In Against the Websites of the G8+5 and the Mexican Government - Tue-Wed Oct 3-4 all day
--Bike Ride for Climate Justice, Meet at Balboa Park Big Fountain - Fri Oct 6 @ 7PM

Contra G8+5 | Oaxaca Facing Imminent Attack

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