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Animal Rights Victories in 2006!

Portland, 08.10.2006 12:38

Sometimes in our movement (AR) there is a tendency to become discouraged due to the overwhelming amount of suffering being endured by our fellow beings. I compiled this list to counteract any feelings of futility, I think the list speaks for itself and these are only the big ones! There were many thousands more around the world on a more local scale, far too many to mention here but very important nonetheless, and keep in mind all these successes were in 2006 only! (and the year ain't over yet). I want to thank everyone out there that made the victories possible, lets keep it up!

palestine journal: 7 october

Portland, 08.10.2006 12:38

a vision of another world that's possible:

two kids spot each other across the ridge

the ridge where the wall used to stand

their eyes hold suspicion, fear....but it's the fear born from parental 'guidance',
and kids are wont to ignore such things

one disappears from sight a moment

why swap boxes?

Portland, 08.10.2006 12:38

why do the streets need swap boxes? What is art and who defines it? In these times of increased fear and privatization I wonder what the public sphere even means anymore. If the notion of public space as something we can all collectively define is to die, it will be because we as a people have put our heads down and forgot about that world outside ourselves.

In "Temporary Autonomous Zone", Hakim Bey wrote of the ability of groups and individuals to create temporary, constantly shifting zones of liberated space free from formal societal control structures and of the power that information wields when turned against its creators. What I am trying to do with the Swap Box Project and my other installation projects is to establish a temporary zone of interaction and exchange, a place where the streets are modified just a little to build something that snaps people out of their everyday routines and gets them interacting in ways they otherwise might never do, both with themselves and each other. It gets them digging into their pockets, contemplating that long-lost childhood notion of exchange, grinning for pictures with perfect strangers in front of a piece or else discussing with passers-by about what would constitute a fair swap.

Oak Grove/McLoughlin Demonstration

Portland, 08.10.2006 12:38

It has been about a month since we stood with the Peace demonstrators at Oak Grove and McLoughlin, and I was pleased to see that more people have joined the ranks. Thirty people there when I last counted, holding banners and flashing the Peace sign as cars, buses, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles passed, most with drivers who returned the Peace sign and called out encouraging words. There were bits of humor. One man furtively grabbed at something attached to his visor as the light turned red. He sat there, waiting for the light to turn green, allowing him to make a hasty dash out of our area as he finally, 'bravely' poked a small "W '04" sticker out of his window. We smiled and waved.

Oct 7: Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls

United Kingdom, 08.10.2006 08:39

Today, 7 October 2006, marks the Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls. The day is the 3rd of its kind [see 1st and 2nd] and was called by a broad network of migration-related initiatives during the European Social Forum in Athens earlier this year. As of 5 Oct, over 250 groups from 23 countries have signed the call, 18 of which are in the UK.

The day will see an unprecedented number of protests throughout the world. In London, there will be a March for Migrants' Rights, followed by a Social Benefit at rampART, and Sunday the 8th there will be a Conference. There will be a similar March in Glasgow organised by the Union of Asylum Seekers in Scotland (UNITY), and D-Tension event with Camcorder Guerrillas. In Birmingham, the Anti-Racist Campaign are organising a Ceremony in the City Centre. Other actions in the UK include a protest at the Communications House in London on Fri the 6th called by the Global Women's Strike, and a "No Deportations To Iraqi Kurdistan" demo in Huddersfield on Saturday the 7th called by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees and the Kurdish Cultural Community in Kirklees. Elsewhere in the world, tens of events and actions are taking place (see a href="">">here for details).

For full coverage see the action topic page | list of events

Read: Call and Statement | Organizing group's press release | Crossing Borders newsletter | Migrant tales from The Border

Links: October7 Campaign | No Border | MakeBordersHistory | UK NoBorders groups and communication channels | UK Indymedia's Migration topic page
Dutch: All Included | French: pajol | German: | fluechtlingsrat-hamburg | deutschland-lagerland | Greek: socialcenter | Italian: GlobalProject | Melting Pot Radio | Spanish: Indymedia Estrecho

Worldwide Protests Against Migration Controls

United Kingdom, 08.10.2006 08:39

October 7 saw many decentralised, coordinated migration-related actions and events across the world. From Warsaw to London, from Hamburg to Nouakchott, thousands of migrants and their supporters protested against the denial of their rights, against the criminalisation and scapegoating of refugees and, above all, against all immigration controls. They were demanding a European unconditional legalisation and equal rights for all migrants; the closure of all detention centres in Europe and everywhere; an end to all deportations and the 'border externalisation' process.

Links: October7 Campaign | No Border | MakeBordersHistory | UK NoBorders groups and communication channels | UK Indymedia's Migration topic page
Dutch: All Included | French: pajol | German: | fluechtlingsrat-hamburg | deutschland-lagerland | Greek: socialcenter | Italian: GlobalProject | Melting Pot Radio | Spanish: Indymedia Estrecho

Maritime Workers to Picket Hornblower Yachts on Sunday Morning

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.10.2006 06:40

On Sunday, October 8th at 9:00am, maritime workers and other trade unionists will be picketing Hornblower Yachts at Pier 33 in San Francisco. Last month, Alcatraz Cruises, part of the anti-union Hornblower Yachts, took over the contract to run the Alcatraz ferry service using non-union crews for the first time since the service began in the early 70's. The IBU and the MMP, unions that represent workers there, have been negotiating with Hornblower owner Terry Macrae. At issue is whether the captains or "senior" deckhands, who comprise half the workers, can be union members.

Karl Rove/Ernest Istook Demonstration

Oklahoma, 08.10.2006 04:14

Karl Rove/Ernest Istook Demonstration Oklahomans for fair government will meet on Monday, October 8th at the corner of NE 23rd and Laird. (East of LIncoln Boulevard - across from the Governor's Mansion) to protest the failed policies of this administration. Oklahomans for fair government will meet on Monday, October 8th at the corner of NE 23rd and Laird. (East of LIncoln Boulevard - across from the Governor's Mansion) to protest the failed policies of this administration. Oklahomans for fair government will meet on Monday, October 8th at the corner of NE 23rd and Laird. (East of LIncoln Boulevard - across from the Governor's Mansion) to protest the failed policies of this administration. THE PERMIT IS IN HAND FOR MONDAY'S Karl Rove/Ernest Istook OKC Demonstration Protest outrageous policies of this Congress and administration: Peace Now! No War in Iran. 2-year Cover-up of Foley scandal. REVERSE tax cuts for the rich and budget cuts for the poor. Join the world in addressing global warming & environment. BRING SIGNS & FLAGS (some will be there). Monday, Oct 9th @ 5PM Oklahoma History Center (east of Lincoln Blvd and Capitol, across from Governor's Mansion.) Demonstration Location: Intersection NE 23rd and Laird Street 5:00 pm - We gather 5:30 pm - Reception inside begins ($500/$1000 per person) 7:00 pm - Rove Speech inside ($100 per person) 8:30 pm - We probably figure "We did it" and disperse. sponsored by advocates of representative government, fair elections, Constitutional protections of individual rights and freedoms, human rights, civil rights, an end to torture, a return to government "OF, FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE." ****************************************

Aracruz usa mídia e outdoors para voltar a população contra comunidades indígenas

Brasil, 08.10.2006 02:39


Comunidade em Florianópolis consegue barrar construção de subestação e revogar lei

Brasil, 08.10.2006 02:09


Citizens From Around the State Call For A Just Energy Future

Tennessee, 08.10.2006 00:09

Canoeists in Hazmat Suits Join Concerned Tennesseans at State Capital Legislative Plaza in Nashville, Tenn. was filled with citizens from around the state for the “Mountains Should Be Forever” press conference. As the press conference began, there was a sudden interruption. Canoeists in HAZMAT suits, who had just walked to the capitol instead of canoing because they were afraid the waters of Tennessee had become /too/ toxic from surface mining and mountaintop removal activities, came to the podium with an important announcement.

Presos Politicos no Chile

Brasil, 08.10.2006 00:09


Ato de lançamento do Felco e de Frente de Cultura em São Paulo!

Brasil, 08.10.2006 00:09


Police Go Nuts: Six Arrested after Anti-Minutemen Demo at Mexican Consulate

NYC, 07.10.2006 22:08

About 6 anarchist and sds folks were arrested today at the anti-minutemen demo at the consulate. One of them is being charged with spitting on the floor, and the other five are charged with 1 misdemeanor count of inciting a riot and 2 misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. They were at the 13th precinct at 21st st between 2nd and 3rd, but they're being moved to the tombs at 100 centre st i believe. There are gonna be folks outside the criminal courts there from now till morning, i presume, waiting until they get out. If anyone wants to get out there and show support, go for it. There are NLG people and mds and sds and nymaa and others working on getting bail, figuring out the next step.

October 5th: Nationwide Protests Against Bush

United States, 07.10.2006 19:37

The World Can’ Wait organization, a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party, staged a day of protests around the nation on Thursday this last week. A respectable number of people participated considering it was held during the work week. Most cities are reporting numbers ranging from 500 to 1,000 and over 2,000 for some of the larger cities. The protests were peaceful in most cities except for reports of police violence in Portland, OR.

Reports from selected cities:

Protesters at the White House: Hundreds tape off White House, declare Bush's lair a crime scene

Disturbing reports of police violence in Portland, OR O5: World Still Waiting

Critique and commentary on the New York protest: Some Notes after the World Can't Wait Protest

Report from Los Angeles: El Mundo No Puede Esperar, Anti-Bush Protesters March in Downtown LA

In San Francisco: October 5th - Day of Mass Resistance

Video From Cleveland: World Can't Wait Collage

In Seattle: Report from October 5th Demonstration

From Olympia, WA: October 5—the World Can’t Wait in Olympia

In Florida:>THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT! Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale

Watershed Week - October 11-18

Rogue Valley, 07.10.2006 17:39

Ashlanders will gather at a series of community and educational events dubbed "Watershed Week - October 11-18" to learn about the importance of our watershed. The week's activities will galvanize citizens to protect our watershed as a source of clean drinking water, lush forests, and critical habitat for numerous plants and animals.

Our fragile watershed has been under threat since the Mt Ashland Association refused to compromise and planned to expand the Mt Ashland Ski Area into the pristine Middle Branch. The controversy around the proposed expansion of the Mt Ashland Ski Area has reached a crucial moment. The situation is dynamic and changing daily. Citizen involvement to protect our watershed and urge City Council to make sound decisions is critical at this time.

THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT! Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale

Miami, 07.10.2006 17:37

THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT! Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale

Oct 7: Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls

United Kingdom, 07.10.2006 17:09

Today Saturday, 7 October 2006, is a Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls.

The day is the 3rd of its kind [see 1st and 2nd] and was called by a broad network of migration-related initiatives during the European Social Forum in Athens earlier this year. As of 5 Oct, over 250 groups from 23 countries have signed the call, 18 of which are in the UK.

You can read an extract from the call from Spanish groups here.

For full coverage see the action topic page | list of events | London feature

Reports: London Time Line | Vienna Time Line | Brussels

Call outs and Reports in other languages

Spanish: Valencia | Senegal

French: Lausanne

La exclusividad del recuerdo le pertenece a los hombres

Argentina, 07.10.2006 16:39

La historia no es para mujeres

Protest at US consulate in Edinburgh

Scotland, 07.10.2006 13:40

A protest organised by Rising Tide Scotland involving around 30 people took place outside the US consulate in Edinburgh. We were there to protest against the war and environmental destruction perpetrated by Washington in the name of maintaining the oil addicted "American way of life." Our action was in response to the call by Rising Tide North America for an international day of climate action which coincided with the end of the G8 climate talks in Mexico city.

Five Arrested at US Spy Base

Melbourne, 07.10.2006 13:09

Five Arrested at Pine Gap

Theatre bites Car Culture

Melbourne, 07.10.2006 12:39

Autogeddon - a Comedy on Car Culture

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 07.10.2006 11:09

Alert at Forat de la Vergonya

At Monday October 2nd, 8:00 AM two diggers entered the Forat's basketball court with intention to open path for some pipes that would cross Jaume Giralt street. The agreement with the Regidoria planned that the Forat's park ground would not be affected; that's why the chief was asked to stop. As a response, he called Guàrdia Urbana (police), who protected the diggers deploying a riotpolice cordon that, so far has been there the whole Monday and Tuesday. It's possible that this would be the first step to the park eviction; so a call for a demonstration Thursday 5th at 19:00 starting at SANTA CATERINA MARKET's entrance has been made, in defense of the park won through six years of neighbour mobilization.

Urgent! Wednesday October 4th! They're pulling up forat's trees! ::: Demonstration Thursday October 5th at 19:00, Santa Caterina market's entrance! The Forat belongs to the neighbourhood!!!

related news: Press conference Friday 6th at 12:00 ::: Demonstration feature ::: Oct. 4th links and updates ::: Urgent state at Forat de la Vergonya ::: Change in the demo's starting point ::: October 4th latest news from El Forat ::: Wednesday noon video ::: Denunciation of forat's participation process ::: Barcelona City Council's regulation rules to citizen participation [pdf, 60kB] ::: El forat is a rare animal ::: Gathering last Tuesday at El Forat ::: Alert at El forat [Chronology] ::: Update from El Forat [Tuesday noon] :: see also

More info >>> speculation and squatting

immigration (en)

Barcelona, 07.10.2006 11:09

October 7th: transnational action Day for migrant's rights

In October 7th 2005 hundreds of people faced up Ceuta and Melila's fences, which artificially separates Europe from the Africa with desires of freedom and prosperity. Simple wishes that become transgressor when oppression, abuse and exploitation is the norm that awaits and chase them.

Saturday Oct 7th, 17h. Rbla del Raval. Barcelona: Demonstration for migrant people's rights

Related news: ::: Soldiers wanted to assault a CIE ::: 1949: 12.000 Canaries isles people in cayucos (Mauritanian fishermen boat) ::: News riches' bad mamory ::: For the closing down of detention centers ::: Deported the women who report sexual abuse at Màlaga's CIE ::: All the CIEs violate human rights ::: Manuel Delgado: Virtuoso circles

+info:: >>>immigration

Via Campesina quer transformar antigo campo experimental de transgênicos em Escola de Agroecologia

Brasil, 07.10.2006 08:38


KIWA media event

LA, 07.10.2006 08:38

AIDS Ad Controversy

LA, 07.10.2006 08:08

New AIDS Campaign Accused of Being Culturally Exclusive

AIDS Ad Controversy

LA, 07.10.2006 08:08

New AIDS Campaign Accused of Being Culturally Exclusive

Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act Becomes Law

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.10.2006 06:39

The nation's first bill to address use of panic strategies, the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act (AB 1160), was signed into law on September 28th by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bill was written by Assemblymember Sally Lieber and sponsored by Equality California. It puts California firmly on record as opposing a defendant's use of societal bias against their victim in order to decrease their own culpability for a crime.

Movimentos se encontrarão na Bolívia para pensar outra integração sul-americana

Brasil, 07.10.2006 06:39



DC, 07.10.2006 05:09

At a time of wars, (a war of ideas fueling military wars in Asia and a war against civil rights, freedom and US's Constitution), we need to better strategize our media sayd Chip Brelet, a senior researcher at PRA-Public Research Associates... Ryme Katkhouda of the has more...

Hundreds tape off White House, declare Bush's lair a crime scene

DC, 07.10.2006 05:09

On October 5th, hundreds descended on Lafayette park to declare the White House a crime scene, stretching yellow crime scene tape halfway around the compound after an afternoon of music and speeches.

September Iraq War Demonstrations and more

Portland, 07.10.2006 00:08

A Peace Camp in England held a month long demonstration against the movement of American arms to Israel, and "Camps" in Crawford, Tx and
Wash. DC staged many actions along with workshops and conferences where many prominent anti-war activists gave inspiring speeches. Bush was pronounced "Guilty" at Camp Democracy in DC of War crimes and crimes against Humanity by "The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration."

Rohrbacher, Negroponte, Feinstein, Pelosi, and Boxer were greeted by
protesters at their offices or homes or clubs.

Activists marched through the state of Vermont for five days - 'Forming a line that stretched nearly half a mile, more than 600 people marched into Burlington Monday in what organizers said was the country's largest global warming demonstration to date. Carrying signs and banners, marchers called for political action to address climate change."

October 5—the World Can’t Wait in Olympia

Portland, 07.10.2006 00:08

A small group of people committed to raising their voices to say "enough is enough" gathered in Olympia. It was a peaceful rally and march, with a wonderful blend of music and poetry. The march seemed to be the high point and few people returned for an evening vigil. A full moon rose over the few who stayed for the evening music.

Many signed the petition to impeach Bush and Cheney. While most were from the Olympia area, there were also people from Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Fox Island, Shelton, Ocean Shores, Puyallup, Onalaka, Rochester, Skokomish, Centralia, and Yelm, to name just a few. Many said they have started to raise impeachment issues in their communities. Perhaps this is the start of a statewide movement to get the state legislature to pass an impeachment resolution.

US Spybase in Australia

Melbourne, 06.10.2006 23:39

On Trial for Citizens Inspection of Pine Gap Spybase

The 13th Annual Peace and Unity March This Saturday

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.10.2006 23:08

Watsonville Brown Berets write: After the tragic gang-related murders of Jessica, 9, and Jorge Cortez, 16, in 1994, the Peace and Unity March was organized by the Watsonville Brown Berets to address the gang warfare going on in their community. The march has been historically lead by families of the victims of violence, demanding an end to all violence, including war and government oppression.

Our march was to demand peace in our hoods and to educate our youth about their culture and true struggle for social justice. We believe that gang youth are our dormant warriors and, once awakened, can be a vital force to create true social change in their communities. Please join us on in solidarity to help spread a powerful message to our communities. Read more

Saturday, October 7th, meet at the Watsonville Plaza at 11:30am.

milito (eo)

Barcelona, 06.10.2006 21:08

nenes a shaara Milito en Libano

Reagoj al la pafhalto kaj la sendado de militistoj en Libanon: Hispana armeo en Libano: la fajromania fajrestingisto ::: Komuniko de CGT pri la sendado de soldatoj en Libanon ::: Kontraŭmilitista-MOC alternativo kaj aliaj kontraŭ la invado de Libanon

Dimanĉon la 1an de oktobro: Manifestacio kontraŭ la milito en Libano

aliaj novaĵoj pri la konflikto en proksima oriento:: Kia honto! ::: Kio okazas kun la UN en Libano? ::: Por la rezistrajto de la palestina kaj libana popoloj ::: Pruvoj de la lanĉado de blank-fosforaj bomboj kontraŭ la libanaj civitoj ::: Israela militisto komparas la bombadon de Beiruton kun tiu de Gernikon (26an de aprilo 1937, Eŭskio) ::: Intervjuo al George Galloway ::: Fakulo pri Homaj Rajtoj de la UN denuncas Israelon pro igo de Gazan al terura kaj tragika prizono

pliaj infoj: >>> milito


Oost-Vlaanderen, 06.10.2006 20:37

Cultuur versus Commercialisering

SEF acusado de raptar estrangeiro da prisão

Portugal, 06.10.2006 20:08

SEF acusado de raptar estrangeiro da prisão


Argentina, 06.10.2006 19:39

Barrios sin fronteras segunda edición

11 Octubre 2006

Colombia, 06.10.2006 19:39

Dia Nacional por la Dignidad de las Victimas del Genocidio contra la Unión Patriótica

Anti-Bush March Shakes Kennebunkport

New Hampshire, 06.10.2006 19:09

Peace activists filled the streets of Kennebunkport on Saturday, raucously chanting and drumming through downtown and rallying at the checkpoint outside the Bush compound.

A Good Professor Under Attack By Conservative Newspaper!

New Hampshire, 06.10.2006 19:09

Recently a New Hampshire newspaper printed a story revealing what happens when editorial staff and reporters working together not with good journalism in mind, but to defame someone whose political ideas they did not agree with. The Union Leader published a series of articles and editorials in the hopes of having University of New Hampshire professor William Woodward investigated by the UNH's Board of Trustees and perhaps dismissed.

Bradley Protest Watched by Homeland Security

New Hampshire, 06.10.2006 19:09

As about 15 activists with Seacoast Peace Response held anti-war signs outside Congressman Bradley's offices, two homeland security officers waited nearby.

GAO Shows Biscuit Logging Lost Taxpayer Dollars

Portland, 06.10.2006 18:38

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) today confirmed that logging after the Biscuit fire in southern Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest lost money. The report released by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), ranking Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee revealed that the Biscuit logging project cost taxpayers nearly $2 million dollars.

Logging generated $8.8 million in receipts but expenses were $10.7 million. Most of the receipts generated were from low-cost hazard tree removal ($5.1 million) - meaning that the losses from the controversial salvage sale portion of the Biscuit project were approximately $7 million.

Signs of action

Portland, 06.10.2006 18:38

Today we spent some time in North Portland, along Mississippi Street. It was heartening to find this sign posted on the outside of one of the stores. I appreciate seeing the efforts of others, calling for action, making signs and simply expressing frustration over current issues. The police shootings, stompings and other oppressive acts need to be posted. Keep up the good work. Keep speaking out every way you can.

Pucker brush demo

Portland, 06.10.2006 18:38

On my way through Oregon City this morning, I saw these two old farts up on the pedestrian overpass on 99E near the Willamette Falls overlook. Folks were driving by, honking, and waving, and generally creating a rukus, in both directions. Imagine my surprise then, when about an hour later...

While patrolling Canby, here were the same ol farts, up on the overpass by Fred Meyers, just at the north end of Canby. My curiousity thus aroused, I was forced to go up onto the overpass to talk with them.

The lady said, yes indeedy, they and their little dog had been in OC, and were doing what little they could to call attention to something called "world can't wait day." I had not heard of this, and she explained that the war, this administration, and all of the bullshit associated with both must stop, and that people all over the country were engaged in bringing it to a screetching halt.

O5: World Still Waiting

Portland, 06.10.2006 18:38

I have been to many protests, witnessed countless acts of police brutality, but none compare to what I saw today. Bean bag guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and billy clubs; all of them used to attack peaceful protestors. Friends of mine were trampled by horses, beaten by billy clubs, and peppersprayed severely. All in an disgusting display of extreme police brutality. My hands are still shaking and my eye still hurts from pepper spray so I will try to write this as best as I can... [read more...]

From the open publishing newswire: This is sick... World Can't Wait in Portland, you are disgusting individuals. I'm honestly still in awe about how people fighting to stop bush could be that backstabbing, that fascist, and I'm sorry, I can't write anymore about this, I am entirely too upset. [read more...]

From the open publishing newswire: It is standard operating procedure for the media to dutifully repeat the claims of the police. Remember that "bottle" in the 2002 Bush protest. Sure, no one actually threw one but the media repeated it for weeks, and never offered a correction nor an apology when the video footage from protesters and police alike contradicted their "reports". I just hope their were some good videographers out today and that we'll see a new round of lawsuits against the city. [read more...]

Pig Riot | WCW Congratulates Police | Police Horses Trample Girls | Arrest Updates: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | report from an arrestee ] | Interfering with Jail Support: [ Channel 6 | Sgt. Davis ] | RRR: Observations | Audio: Rally and Outside Oregonian | Pics: Cops Shooting People | Corpo Media Colloboration: [ KOIN | Oregonian ] | NWCRC: Press Release | Call the Mayor


Houston, 06.10.2006 17:39

Frances' Last Words: Chronicle of an Execution

Sigue sin saberse sobre el testigo

Argentina, 06.10.2006 17:38

Nueva marcha por Jorge Julio López en Rosario

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