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SOS: VT Yankee action!

Western Mass, 10.10.2006 14:09

On Monday October 16: REVOKE THE OPERATING LICENSE OF THE VT YANKEE NUCLEAR REACTOR! Noon, Entergy Headquarters, Old Ferry Road, N. Brattleboro VT.

Students, Superheroes Confront Military and CIA at Harvard University

Boston, 10.10.2006 14:08

Dozens of students and community members confronted representatives of the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force, and Central Intelligence Agency on Harvard's campus in Allston last Friday. The action was a joint effort by a coalition of Harvard students in protest of the war in Iraq, the poverty draft, and discrimination in the military, but also in protest of Harvard's corporatization of education and its expansion into Allston.

Columbus Day Celebrates Genocide

Boston, 10.10.2006 14:08

(October 9, Boston, MA) As of 3 o’clock this morning the statue of Christopher Columbus standing in the North End has been drenched with red paint. This stain is a symbolic action celebrating the collaborative efforts of the privileged and the oppressed in the fight for collective liberation.


Valencia, 10.10.2006 11:37

Comunicat de Maulets per al 9 d'octubre ++ Canvi d’agulles: autodeterminació! ++ 9 d’octubre de 2006: el jovent seguim lluitant. Canya contra Espanya!
Un poco de historia: El 9 d'octubre en la història. La festa valenciana des del segle XIV fins a l'actualitat
Actividades: Actes previs al proper 9 d'octubre ++ Benimaclet per la llengua, cercavila!
Fotos de la mani

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 10.10.2006 11:09

Genetically Modified Organisms in Catalunya: who should be judged?!

Now there are two different proceedings open, the first ones in Spanish State, against two people connected to the struggle against GMOs in Catalunya. The office of the Public Prosecutor asks prison for one of them and the IRTA and the Barcelona University a 500,000 euro fine for the other one. But, who should be judged?! We have plenty of reasons to sentence la Generalitat (Catalonia autonomic government): for her pro-GMO policy of accomplished facts, for the systematic concealment of genetic contamination cases, for the absolute inexistence of control and monitoring plans, etc. This strategy of criminalization and repression of Catalan resistance to GMO imposition will be responded; for a start, turning over the trial against Albert. Nevertheless, to achieve it, your active solidarity is needed.

Sunday [Oct 15]11:30 – 14h., Centre Cívic Convent de St. Agustí (Barcelona): Who should be judged!!?? Popular Tribunal to genetically modified organism agriculture.

Tuesday [Oct 17]; 17.30h.; Lleida's University's Agronomist Campus: Informative gathering.
Tuesday [Oct 17] 19h. UB's rectorate, Universitat Sq., Barcelona

Thursday [Oct 19] 9.30h, Lleida's criminal court #2: breakfast - support gathering + anti-GMO lively march


EZLN Sixth Commission/La Otra Campaña in Tijuana October 19

San Diego, 10.10.2006 11:08

Thursday, October 19th, The official caravan of The Other Campaign of the Zapatistas, which includes Delegate Zero, will be in Tijuana holding a public event discussing the struggles of the local community and The Other Campaign. The event will be in the evening at Multikulti. Details to be announced soon.

In addition, in San Diego, those who can't make it to Tijuana can come to Voz Alta for a live video simulcast hosted by the Colectivo Zapatista of San Diego, Voz Alta, the borderlands Hacklab and San Diego Indymedia. If the technology gods don't smile upon us, it may be an audio simulcast, but there will definitely be a way for those in San Diego to participate in the events of the Other Campaign. This event probably will take place 7-10pm, with more details to be announced soon.

Updated info at:

San Diego side of Trans-border Zapatista Encuentro for the Other Campaign
October 19th 7-10pm
Voz Alta
1544 Broadway
Corner of 16th and broadway next to landlord jim's


Valencia, 10.10.2006 11:07

Comunicat de Maulets per al 9 d'octubre ++ Canvi d’agulles: autodeterminació! ++ 9 d’octubre de 2006: el jovent seguim lluitant. Canya contra Espanya!
Un poc d’història: El 9 d'octubre en la història. La festa valenciana des del segle XIV fins a l'actualitat
Activitats: Actes previs al proper 9 d'octubre ++ Benimaclet per la llengua, cercavila!
Fotos de la mani

Republican brown shirt

Portland, 10.10.2006 10:38

I attended an IMPEACH rally today with my sign: "Real MEN will vote Democratic to IMPEACH the deserter and the draft dodger" -[ One of these days I should add "a.k.a. the druggie and the drunk".] A 20 something young man jumped out of his car to push me and grab my sign out of my arms; the thugs just can't seem to help proving that they are in fact fascist thugs. The wing nuts always head straight for me - this is the second time some fascist moral leper without the courage to assault the young male demonstrators around me - head straight for me, the white haired old woman. He pushed me again when I tried to grab my signs back, but I was able to yank my signs from under his arm when he turned his back on me. I was so incensed at his bullying that I balled up my fist at him.

Bike Ride for Climate Justice

San Diego, 10.10.2006 10:38

On Friday evening, five members of San Diego Cyclists for Justice distributed over 250 flyers on global warming and resistance to corporate climate change while riding through the streets of Hillcrest and North Park. This Bike Ride for Climate Justice was an action in solidarity with activists in Mexico protesting the G8+5 meeting in Monterrey Oct 3-4, where governments of the eight richest countries and five developing nations rubber-stamped a plan to invest trillions in propping up the fossil fuel economy and to shift the burden of ameliorating the effects of resource overconsumption to the Global South through carbon trading.

Flyer distribution began at the haunted house in Balboa Park, where riders pointed out to those in line that climate change is way scarier than ghosts. Shouts of Climate Justice Now, Resist Corporate Climate Change and Stop the G8 echoed off buildings as flyers were handed to pedestrians, coffee drinkers, workers, dog walkers and some drivers along University Ave. The ride ended at the Rubber Rose Sexuality Shop, where a plan was hatched for a Climate Change is Scary Ride - details forthcoming.

Click Here for Bike Ride for Climate Justice Video

San Diego Cyclists for Justice | Announcement | Contra G8+5 | Rising Tide North America | Climate Indymedia

Fouad, we have not forgotten

Portland, 10.10.2006 09:38

As the months role by, and the police killings continue, it may appear that we have forgotten you, and the fact that the cops flatly murdered you, without provocation, without cause, and without sanction.

We remember, and wait, quietly, for the slow wheels of justice to grind your killers to dust. You were not armed, you were gravely injured, badly (perhaps terminally) burned, alone, naked, and seated, "catatonic," the officers say, and those called to your aid chose instead to kill you. We will not let them rest, I promise you.

Theresa's off the hook

Portland, 10.10.2006 09:38

The real story here is the strength that has been lent to my heart by the dozens of persons who showed up at the trial and sentencing. For bawling out the "parking vigilantes," I have been sentenced to forty hours' community service, and commanded to write an apology letter. I feel much "off the hook" and very lucky.

I want to thank everone who showed up--and Grace, who made a dinner and delivered it to my house, and Carla, who donated a twenty even though no one asked her to; and Catherine and Dan, who actively did "court support." This escapade has opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many brave, courageous and compassionate people even in my little eddy of the Movement. America the Beautiful came to my aid, at once and without question; it gives me hope that we can defeat Bushistan.


previous: solidarity and survival || Solidarity and survival, part two || Theresa Mitchell convicted

Joe Turner: School board candidate or demagogue?

LA, 10.10.2006 07:38

Joe Turner: School board candidate or demagogue?

Angel y Claudia

Colombia, 10.10.2006 06:08

Los Detenidos Desaparecidos, Son los ausentes siempre presentes en la Memoria de sus familias y de la Sociedad.”</

&quot;Chemtrail&quot; Educational Forum Coming to Portland Nov. 4

Portland, 10.10.2006 05:38

Educational Forum Nov. 4th at the Main Public Library in Downtown Portland. 801 SW 10th Ave. "Chemtrail" (slang term for chemical aerosol experimentation in our skies) Seminar is coming to Portland Nov. 4th at the Downtown Main Library in POrtland. 2 experts on this much speculated and little known phenomenon are visiting Portland to host a seminar with speakers, films, slides. call or email for further information.

  1. Topics include:
  2. U.S. Senate Bill 517 & U.S. House Bill 2005 (experimental weather modification bills). Gives Bush use of the skies with no agricultural, government or citizen oversight
  3. Experimental weather modification programs (80+ in 2005 listed by NOAA in the Western States.)
  4. Adverse impacts of jet fuel emissions and their impact on crop production and human health.
  5. Persistent jet contrails producing man-made clouds (NASA October 2005 Newsletter), changing our climate, exacerbating global warming, and negatively impacting natural resources and crop production.
  6. Atmospheric heating and testing programs that are impacting our weather and may be polluting our water and air with toxic chemicals.
  7. Tree declines and lower crop production across the United States.
  8. Geoengineering plans that would add sulfur and other toxic chemicals to our atmosphere and oceans - impacts on public health, crop production, and trees. [ Read More ] [ ]


Barcelona, 09.10.2006 23:09

Transgènics a Catalunya: a qui s'hauria de jutjar?!

Actualment estan en marxa dos processos judicials diferents, els primers a l´Estat espanyol, contra dues persones vinculades a la lluita contra els transgènics a Catalunya. La Fiscalia demana presó per a una d’elles i l’IRTA i la Universitat de Barcelona una multa d´uns 500.000 euros per a l’altra. Però, a qui s'hauria de jutjar?! Raons no ens en falten per sentenciar a la Generalitat: per la seva política protransgènica de fets consumats, per l'ocultació sistemàtica dels casos de contaminació genètica, per la total inexistencia de plans de seguiment i control, etc. Es respondrà a l'estrategia de criminalització i repressió de la resistència catalana a la imposició de l'agricultura transgènica; d'entrada, donant-li la volta al judici contra l'Albert. No obstant, per a aconseguir-ho, cal la vostra solidaritat activa.

Diumenge [14oct]11:30 – 14h., Centre Cívic Convent de St. Agustí (Barcelona): A qui s'hauria de jutjar!!?? Tribunal Popular de l'agricultura transgènica.

Dimarts [17oct]; 17.30h.; Campus d'Agrònoms de la Universitat de Lleida: Concentració informativa.
Dimarts [17oct] 19h. Rectorat de la UB, Plç. Universitat, Barcelona

Dijous [19oct] 9.30h,Jutjat de lo penal n.2 de Lleida: esmorzar - concentració de suport + cercavila antitransgènics


ecologia (es)

Barcelona, 09.10.2006 23:09

Transgénicos en Catalunya: ¡¿a quién habría que juzgar?!

Actualmente hay en marcha dos procesos judiciales diferentes, los primeros en el Estado Español, contra dos personas vinculadas a la lucha contra los transgénicos en Catalunya. La Fiscalía pide prisión para una de ellas y la IRTA y la Universitat de Barcelona una multa de unos 500.000 euros para la otra. Pero, ¡¿a quién habría que juzgar?! Razones no nos faltan para sentenciar a la Generalitat: por su política protransgénica de hechos consumados, por la ocultación sistemática de los casos de contaminación genética, por la total inexistencia de planes de seguimiento y control, etc. Se responderá a la estrategia de criminalización y represión de la resistencia catalana a la imposición de la agricultura transgénica; de entrada, dándole la vuelta al juicio contra Albert. No obstante, para conseguirlo, hace falta vuestra solidaridad activa.

Domingo [14oct]11:30 – 14h., Centre Cívic Convent de St. Agustí (Barcelona): ¿¿¡¡A quién habría que juzgar!!?? Tribunal Popular de la agricultura transgénica.

Martes [17oct]; 17.30h.; Campus d'Agrònoms de la Universitat de Lleida: Concentración informativa.
Martes [17oct] 19h. Rectorado de la UB, Pl. Universitat, Barcelona

Jueves [19oct] 9.30h,Juzgado de lo penal n.2 de Lleida: desayuno - concentración de apoyo + pasacalles antitransgénicos


Sack Parliament!

United Kingdom, 09.10.2006 23:09

At 1pm on Monday October 9th, up to one hundred and fifty angry and concerned people converged on the Palace of Westminster, to sack parliament. The plan was to surround parliament and cause parliamentary activities to cease. MPs, Lords and civil servants would be prevented from re-opening Parliament.

3pm update: During the protest an NUJ photogapher was hospitalised by police after being violently thrown into a kerb. Pic | Video
2pm update: 150 people surrounded by cops, cops and more cops.

As soon as protesters started to arrive, police quickly moved in stop and search everyone that was considered 'suspicious'. Many people were turned away from reaching Parliament Square, others were singled out by police units and preentd from joining the protests. See 2pm update when around 100 protesters were surrounded by police. An NUJ photogapher was hospitalised by police after being violently thrown into a kerb [3pm update | Video]

Eventually the remaining protestores were left out the police pen, after having been searche, photographed and identified. There are reports of several arrests, but there is no confirmation of numbers as yet.

Photos: 1 | 2 | Mainstream media pics

Events on the day: Anti-authoritarian block | Critical Mass | Party@Parliament | Rehabilitation Block

More information: Map and events over the weekend | Original call-out

Links: Sack Parliament | Evening Standard article

seksemoj (eo)

Barcelona, 09.10.2006 22:09

1a Video-Festivalo Tranzmarikabollo (Trans-njoknab-ĉjoknabina): naskita per doloro, plezuro kaj solidareco

Ĉi-foje la kolektivo Transmarikabollo (njoknab-ĉjoknabina) el Barcelono surprizigos nin per granda dozo da kreiveco, solidareco kaj malobservo en videa formato. Programaro plenplena da kurt-daŭraj filmoj, artaj surbendigoj kaj surscenigoj spekteblaj en Barcelono el la 14a ĝis la 16a de septembro de 2006. La profiton oni asignos al ĉi-jaraj arestitoj.

[14an - 16an de septembro] Video-Festivalo de Tranzmarikabollo: la 14an de septembro] je la 18a, inaŭguro de la Festivalo + Programo

rilataj novaĵoj: Aperas Barbie-lesbino ::: Unu samseksemulo kaj unu transseksulo ne ricevos la helpon asignitan al la viktimoj de la frankismo ĉar la nova leĝo forgesis tiujn kolektivojn! ::: misuzo de la vorto infanseksemo ::: Homofobeco en la lernad-sistemo

+ infoj: >>>seksemoj + Festival Tranzmarikabollo

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 09.10.2006 22:09

Alarmo en la 'Forat de la Vergonya' (Hontiga Truo)

Lundon la 2an de oktobro je la 8a matene du fosmaŝinoj eniris la basketbalejon de la Forat celante fosi rason por kondukiloj laŭirontaj straton Jaume Giralt. La kompromiso akordita kun la magistrato antaŭvidis ke la parko de la Forat restos netuŝita; pro tio oni petis halti al fosestro. Kiel respondo, tiu venigis la magistratan policon kiu protektis la fosmaŝinojn per kontraŭtumulta policanlineo kiu restis almenaŭ la tutan lundon kaj mardon. Eble tio estas la unua paŝo por vakigi la parkon; pro tio oni kunvokas manifestacion ĵaŭdon la 5an je la 19a h. el la ENIREJO DE LA MERKATO DE SANTA CATERINA por la defendo de la parkon konkeritan dum 6 jaroj da najbara mobilizo.

Urĝe! merkredon la 4an de oktobro! Oni ekmalplantas la arbojn de la Forat! ::: Manifestacio ĵaŭdon la 5an de oktobro je la 19:00 el la enirejo de la merkato de Santa Caterina! La Forat apartenas al la kvartalo!!!

rilataj novaĵoj: Urĝa situacio en la Forat de la Vergonya ::: Kunvoktranslokigo ::: Lasthore: merkredon la 4an ĉe la Forat ::: Tagmezmerkreda video ::: Denunco de la partopreniga procezo de la Forat [pdf] ::: Reguliga normaro de la barcelona magistrato por la civitana partoprenigo ::: La forat estas stranga besto ::: Amasiĝo la pasintan mardon en la Forat ::: Alarmo en la forat [Kronologio] ::: Ĝisdatigo el la Forat [mardon tagmeze]

+ infoj >>> spekulado

Carcere di Nuoro

Italy, 09.10.2006 18:38

Diritti e legalità in un carcere moderno

Acadêmicas/os ocupam reitoria na Federal de Rondônia

Brasil, 09.10.2006 18:38


Gov. Bush Hides in Closet

Pittsburgh, 09.10.2006 18:09

Gov. Jeb Bush Hides from Activists in T-Station Supply Closet

provincia vs autistici

Italy, 09.10.2006 18:08

La Provincia di Pisa blocca A/I

Carcere di Nuoro

Italy, 09.10.2006 16:38

Diritti e legalità in un carcere moderno

Carcere di Nuoro

Italy, 09.10.2006 16:09

Diritti e legalità in un carcere moderno

Report Back from Venezuela – A 21st Century Revolution

Ireland, 09.10.2006 13:38

An edited version of this article will shortly be ...

Anti-Semitism: The Israel's best political weapon (by Latuff)

DC, 09.10.2006 09:09

"Rarely since the Second World War has a people been so vilified as the Palestinians," comments Robert Fisk, a longtime foreign correspondent for the London-based daily Independent. "And rarely has a people been so frequently excused and placated as the Israelis." Fisk is asking his colleagues to search their consciences: "Our gutlessness, our refusal to tell the truth, our fear of being slandered as 'anti-Semites' — the most loathsome of libels against any journalist — means that we are aiding and abetting terrible deeds in the Middle East." Read complete article here:

&quot;Boycott Israeli Goods&quot; Day of Action

United Kingdom, 09.10.2006 05:08

As the Lebanese people are reeling from Israel's illegal bombing campaign, and the people of the West Bank and Gaza are suffering a continuous onslaught by the Israeli military, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign (BIG) activists joined a nationwide Boycott Day of Action against Israel on 7 October, 2006. A similar day of action was organised on 24 June, 2006, and a further day of action was held by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

During the day of action, pickets and demonstrations took place at stores selling Israeli products across the UK. Concerned individuals took part in creative actions to persuade the public not to buy Israeli goods and demand that retailers do not stock them. Pickets, street theatre and demonstrations took place in Bradford, Camden, Whitechapel, Hackney, Brighton, East London, Oxford, Slough, Cambridge, Halifax, Exeter, Brent, Cardiff, Reading and Leeds.

The actions today were part of a concerted campaign calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against apartheid Israel. Prevous actions and campaigns include:
Agrexco: Blockade of Israeli Company Carmel-Agrexco | Corporate Complicity in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Jordan Valley | Letting Apartheid Bloom | The Uxbridge Seven: Day One | Day Two | Seven Blockaders Acquitted
Caterpillar: Caterpillar Manchester Protest 2005 | Anniversary of Rachel Corries' Death | Film: Caterkiller Shut Down | Anti Caterpillar Motorcade | Rhythms of Resistance Anti Cat Shoes Protest | Caterpillar Trade Fair Action | Caterkiller Awarded Housewrecker of the Year | ESF Florence Action
Supermarket protests: Boycott Van | Marks and Spencers Stencilled | Repression of M&S Protesters
Academic boycott: AUT Boycott | NAFTHE Boycott | CUPE Ontario | COSATU (South Africa).

WCW Houston

Houston, 09.10.2006 02:39

World Cant Wait protest at City Hall

Aktionswochenende fürs Ungdomshuset

Germany, 09.10.2006 02:39

Am Wochenende vom 22.-24.09 fand ein Aktionswochenende zugunsten des Ungdomshusets in Kopenhagen, welches akut von der Räumung bedroht ist, statt. Während des ganzen Wochenendes fanden mehrere Demonstrationen und Partys statt. Es waren UnterstützerInnen aus den Nachbarländern Schweden, Norwegen und Deutschland, sowie Gäste aus anderen Ländern wie z.B. den Niederlanden, Kanada, USA, Italien usw. angereist.
Bildberichte: #1 | #2
Indymedia Dänemark

Third Ward Bike Center's new spot

Houston, 09.10.2006 02:09

Workshop Houston/Third Ward Bike Center move into a new location

Xicano Week

Houston, 09.10.2006 01:39

Chican@ week at University of Houston

Indigenous Teachers Defend ´A Just Cause´

NYC, 09.10.2006 01:38

OAXACA CITY - Every night streets here become battlefields in waiting. But behind the commandeered city buses, burned trucks, and coils of barbed wire, a group of atypical urban rebels stands guard.

Κατάληψη Πρυτανείας

Athens, 09.10.2006 01:08

Κέντρο Πληροφόρησης ενάντια στη φίμωση και την εκδικητικότητα εκ μερους της "Δημοκρατίας"

Petrified Paradise at the Arches

Scotland, 08.10.2006 22:39

Petrified Paradise is a powerful and innovative new play which takes the audience on a journey through the maze of the UK's Asylum & Immigration Service.

Asylum Seeker Action Prevents Removal

Scotland, 08.10.2006 22:39

Swift action and a balcony protest prevented the Home Office from detaining a family in Cardonald this morning. After a 5 hour balcony protest, Cem Coban was taken from the flat by Police officers. The families outside blocked the van from leaving.

&quot;The Worse Reid Gets, the Stronger We Become&quot;

Scotland, 08.10.2006 22:39

Several hundred people converged on Glasgow's George Square on Saturday for a march and Rally organised by Unity the Union of Asylum Seekers as part of the 3rd International Day of Action for Migrant Rights.

Irish International Soccer in Decline

Ireland, 08.10.2006 20:09

The FAI are about as capable of directing the inte ...

Revolutionary Communist Party's World Can't Wait Rally and March

San Diego, 08.10.2006 20:08

On Thursday, an estimated 500-1000 participants joined rallies and marches centered at Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party's (1, 2) World Can't Wait project. Protests also were held in a number of other cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Cleveland. Police attacked the crowd with bean bag guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets and billy clubs in Portland.

From the World Can't Wait web site:
"500 people, including 20 children under 10, marched in San Diego to drive out the Bush regime. It was a very diverse group in terms of age, ethnicity, and gender. There were more in attendance, but as the event spanned from 12 noon to 7 PM, most individuals stayed for 2-3 hours (some more) and a true count was hard to arrive at. But, the people were unflaggingly supportive, had a contagious spirit, and did their part to show their revulsion with the direction the Bush Regime has taken our government."

From the Newswire (Delgado):
" Noon and during the afternoon the crowd was a few hundred young people with lots of High School and College kids. Lots of "punkers" and anarchist types, with many coming out for the first time to a Demonstration. By 4pm the composition of the crowd began to morph into older types, with lots of the regular folks and groups. I found The March itself through the Gaslamp District to be very spirited and militant. Also there were no "peace-minders/ushers" or whatever you call them at this rally so folks were pretty much free to do whatever you wanted, for good or bad. The reception from passersby was generally very favorable, as there were far more positive honking and other encouragement from motorists, (especially from people of color), compared to the ever-decreasing number of red-neck white men giving us the finger and yelling about Bin Laden and terrorists."

Announcement and discussion of RCP


Arkansas, 08.10.2006 19:09

World Can't Wait

ancora uccisioni in Colomia

Italy, 08.10.2006 18:39

Ancora uccisioni in Colombia

ancora uccisioni in Colomia

Italy, 08.10.2006 18:39

Ancora uccisioni in Colombia

Part 1- Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Miami, 08.10.2006 18:07

Part 1- Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Part 2-Contrary to Chomsky’s theories, the United States has no interest to support Israel

Miami, 08.10.2006 18:07

Part 2-Contrary to Chomsky’s theories, the United States has no interest to support Israel

Part 3- How Chomsky eclipsed the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on the US policy

Miami, 08.10.2006 18:07

Part 3- How Chomsky eclipsed the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on the US policy

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.10.2006 17:09

Five Arrested at Pine Gap spy base

Coalition of Immokalee Workers at its best exposing oppression of migrant workers

Miami, 08.10.2006 17:07

Coalition of Immokalee Workers at its best exposing oppression of migrant workers

Lake Cowal

Perth, 08.10.2006 16:09

BAR - Barrick! National Day of Action

Corporate Infiltration of Activist Groups

Melbourne, 08.10.2006 15:09

When Corporations Spy on Activists...

7. Oktober 2006: transnationaler MigrationsAktionstag

Austria, 08.10.2006 13:37

Am Samstag, den 7. Oktober 2006 findet ein transnationaler Aktionstag gegen die Kontrolle von Migration statt. Dies ist nach dem 31. Jänner 2004 und dem 2. April 2005 der 3. derartige Tag.

Mit Bezug auf die tragischen Ereignisse an den Grenzzäunen von Ceuta und Melilla 2005 (Fotos) hat ein breites Netzwerk von Initiativen zu Aktionen an diesem Tag aufgerufen. In Anlehung an den Aufruf von Bamako wurde am Europäischen Sozialforum (Athen, Mai 2006) der 7. Oktober zum internationalen Tag der Mobilisierung für die Rechte der MigrantInnen erklärt und in der Folge vom Weltforum über Migrationen (Madrid, Juni 2006) und der euro-afrikanische Nicht-Regierungs-Konferenz (Rabat, Juli 2006) unterstützt.

An diesem Tag wird es zu zahlreichen vernetzten Protesten vor allem in Afrika und Europa kommen. In Wien findet neben einer Demonstration (Treffpunkt 14:30 vor dem Schubhäft Hernalser Gürtel 8-12) ein dezentraler Aktionstag statt. U.a. wird auf der Kärnter Straße zur Sprengung des Fremdenrechtspakets aufgerufen und am Stock im Eisen Platz eine Hüpfburg die Festung Europa symbolisieren. Von 18:00-19:30 findet im Schikaneder ein Filmabend zu Ehe ohne Grenzen statt.

Siehe: Aufruf | UnterstützerInnen | Artikelsammlung auf | Audiobeitrag (11:19 min) | Downloads | Crossing Borders newsletter (mehrsprachig)

Links nach Sprachen: deutsch: | | | | englisch: | | | | französich: pajol | griechisch: socialcenter | holländisch: | italienisch: (GlobalRadio) | | polnisch: | russisch: | spanisch:

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