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The Racist 'War on Terror'

United Kingdom, 13.10.2006 18:38

If the 'war on terror' were really about stopping terror, then you would have thought that, when the largest ever haul of bomb-making chemicals, rocket launchers and a nuclear biological suit were found by police at a house in Lancashire, the suspect would be interned for 90 days, the story would make headlines for days, and they would be assumed to be guilty. Well, that's what you would expect if the suspects were Muslims.

But in this case, they are white nationalists; one of the two was the BNP candidate for the Vivary Bridge ward of Colne last May. So the police assumed he was innocent: "He's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb factory", Superintendent Neil Smith said, reassuring residents. He has been charged under the Explosives Substances Act 1883 and remanded in custody, and is due to appear in Burnley Crown Court on October 23rd. The second suspect was released without charge.

Read: Genuine Terror Cell Found | The fascist bomb factory you won't hear about | The terror plot that didn't fit

大阪平和映画祭開催のご案内/Osaka Peace Film Festival Starts Today (Sat 10/14)

Japan, 13.10.2006 18:37


a un año de la Masacre de Magdalena

Argentina, 13.10.2006 18:10

Kirchner, Solá y SPB: Asesinos!

514 años y seguimos Resistiendo

Argentina, 13.10.2006 18:10


No a las papeleras. Si a la vida

Argentina, 13.10.2006 18:10

Entre Ríos: Los vecinos y vecinas de Colón y Gualeguaychú vuelven a la ruta

No a las papeleras. Si a la vida

Argentina, 13.10.2006 18:10

Entre Ríos: Los vecinos y vecinas de Colón y Gualeguaychú vuelven a la ruta

A Columbia Student's Thoughts on the Minutemen Protests

NYC, 13.10.2006 18:09

Last week, Columbia students rushed the stage to interrupt Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist's speech. They have been roundly condemned by the campus and national media for doing so. They should be celebrated for standing firm on bedrock principles of antiracism and sending a strong message to dangerous armed right-wing extremists. || Mini-Riot at Columbia as Minutemen Forced Off Stage || Minuteman Director Calls Columbia Students "21st Century Fascists || Jim Gilchrist Wimps Out on DN! Interview || President's Letter to Columbia Protesters

E-Farce: How greed, corruption and electronic voting could leave the November elections in shambles

NYC, 13.10.2006 18:09

The New Issue of the Indypendent has hit the streets! The People's Lawyer analyzes the demise of habeas corpus and updates us on the Lynne Stewart case. Jessica Lee reports from the Arizona border’s “Virtual Fence” of satellites, sensors and aerial drones. We have a statement from the students involved in the Columbia Smackdown. Erin Thompson exposes e-voting corruption and the greed of the big three companies. And there are several film, theatre and art reviews in our culture section. Plus an in-depth look at a pair of books examine the Iraqi conflict by A.K. Gupta || Full PDF || Liberty Lost: Frightened Congress Gives Bush Unprecedented Powers || Sentencing Lynne Stewart Terror Scapegoat || The History Of Habeas Corpus || Wal-School || Fencing Them Out || Resisting The Voting Rights Rollback || Columbia Smackdown: Hate Speech Is The Issue || Penetrating The Voting Vortex || The U.S Has Tried To Take Voting Into The Digital Age || New York’s Battle For Better Voting Machines || The Big Three E-voting Makers || Waiting for Bush’s October Surprise || Media Tall Tales For The Next War || Full Frontal || One Last Night With Nixon || Justice Unknown || Vollard’s Triumph || Echoes of a War || Community Calendar ||Buy the new Army of None poster today!! ||Subscribe or Donate to The Indypendent.

La Comisión Sexta del EZLN en Tijuana Oct 18-19

Tijuana, 13.10.2006 18:08

La Comisión Sexta del EZLN en Tijuana para reunión de La Otra Campaña el 18 y el 19 de octubre

Immigration Detention

Melbourne, 13.10.2006 17:47

Long Term Detainees Walk Free from Immigration Detention

Saturday No LNG March in Longview, WA

Portland, 13.10.2006 17:43

Folks in Longview are staging a march across the Columbia River to protest their own LNG development in solidarity with other communities in North Bend, OR, California, and Mexico. All communities reject the need for LNG on the West Coast, and believe that there are safer, cleaner, more secure sources of energy (such as conserving energy).

If you're not interested in LNG yet, you may be soon. LNG is imported natural gas. It comes in liquid form (at -260 degrees F), is regassified and sent through a pipeline to its destined market. LNG is neither clean nor reliable. In fact, it is worse than North American natural gas in this respect. LNG largely comes from nations with weak environmental standards, poor human rights records, and unwholesome relationships with U.S. energy giants. Indonesia, Camisea (Peru), and Nigeria are examples.

Locally, people oppose these projects for a number of reasons, including their impacts to fisheries, air quality, local tourism, public safety, and landowner rights. The Longview event will bring all of these folks together and call for cleaner energy options instead of using the Lower Columbia as a "back door" for speculation on the California energy market. They will be joined by activists from Mexico, California, and Southern Oregon who are holding events in their own communities.

U.S. Military Has Killed 127-238,000 Iraqi Civilians

Portland, 13.10.2006 17:43

A just released study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, published in the current issue of the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet, reports that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has led to the deaths of between 426,000 and 794,000 Iraqis. This is a substantial increase over the 100,000 dead that the same research group found through 2004, based upon a smaller survey, and it represents an astonishing 2.5 percent of the country's total population.

The grim if controversial news was widely--though not universally--reported in the U.S. media, but many news organizations failed to report the most disturbing finding of the study, which was that 31 percent of those killed were acatually slain by U.S. and "coalition" forces (actually by U.S. forces, since most of the other foreign forces working with the U.S., with the exception of the British, have not played combat roles, and even the British have largely operated in the south where fighting has been much less severe.

Read Between the Lines: Chasse verdict

Portland, 13.10.2006 17:43

Anyone familiar with the police state spin machine need not wait on pins and needles for the grand jury verdict in the Chasse case that was again delayed another week. Recent public statements made by PPB Chief Rosie Sizer and Mayor Tom Potter are already setting the stage for a "not true" verdict.

I hate to be a defeatist and would love nothing better than to be proven wrong, but it seems fairly obvious to me that the talking heads are setting the stage for a "not true" verdict from the grand jury in the Chasse case.


United States, 13.10.2006 15:38

October 15th, farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their allies will travel from Immokalee, FL — home of one of the largest farmworker communities in the country — to Chicago, IL, home of the world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s on their '2006 Midwest Tour'. Farmworkers and members of the Alliance for Fair Food will be meeting with student, religious, labor, and community organizations, as well are picketing at local McDonald´s restaurants. The action is part of the CIW’s “Campaign for Fair Food.” The Campaign has gained impressive new support in recent months, including the US Catholic Conference of Bishops, actor Martin Sheen, and Nobel Prize laureate Jody Williams. Be sure to check out tour updates as the CIW travels to Chicago.

Following closely on the heels of the Midwest Tour, ally organization—Student/Farmworker Alliance—has called for two Days of Action October 27th and 28th. Dubbed the '1-2 Punch,' SFA hopes to knock sweatshop tomatoes out of McDonald's supply chain.

Audio Sobre la Gira

Video: 2006 March on McDonald's

2005 Victory Coverage

a un año de la Masacre de Magdalena

Argentina, 13.10.2006 05:08

Kirchner, Solá y el SPB: ¡Asesinos!

woman of the year

Houston, 13.10.2006 05:08

Ercilia Sandoval: Janitor in Finals for Woman of the Year

D.C.: Students shut down Gallaudet campus with blockades for second day

DC, 13.10.2006 04:10

From: The Gallaudet Students Subject: Campus Lock-Down Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 02:58:53 -0700 (PDT) Letter to Campus Community: Until further notice, Gallaudet University is closed and all gates are blocked. This includes MSSD and KDES and this letter is out of courtesy to communicate with them. Students who need to leave or enter the campus will be allowed to. For more information, meet the students at the front gates.

Between 420,000 and 790,000 Iraqis Killed Since US Invasion

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2006 04:08

A Johns Hopkins study published in UK journal The Lancet estimates that 655,000 more Iraqis have died as a result of war and political violence since March 2003 than would have died if mortality rates had remained the same as during 2002. Both violent and nonviolent death rates are now significantly above pre-war values, with the violence mainly concentrated in Sunni areas. The death rate in the past year is also signficantly above the death rate for previous years. PDF of Johns Hopkins study

Oklahoma Senators and Congressmen all fail on enviromental scorecard

Oklahoma, 13.10.2006 04:08

109th congress, second session Environmental scorecard from League of Conservation Voters shows the percentage of votes for the environment of each elected representative. Scores for Oklahoma Sorted by Last Name Senate Senator State 109th, 2nd session Score Tom Coburn (REP) OK 29% James Inhofe (REP) OK 0%     House Representative District 109th, 2nd session Score Dan Boren (DEM) OK-2 0% Tom Cole (REP) OK-4 8% Ernest Istook (REP) OK-5 0% Frank Lucas (REP) OK-3 0% John Sullivan (REP) OK-1 17% All Senators Lisa Murkowski........(REP)....AK...14% Ted Stevens.............(REP)....AK...14% Jeff Sessions...........(REP)....AL......0% Richard Shelby........(REP)....AL..... 0% Blanche Lincoln........(DEM)....AR...43% Mark Pryor...............(DEM)....AR...43% John McCain...........(REP).....AZ...29% Jon Kyl...................(REP).....AZ...29% Wayne Allard..........(REP).....CO...29% Bill Nelson...............(DEM).....FL...57% Mel Martinez...........(REP).....FL.....0% Johnny Isakson.......(REP).....GA.....0% Saxby Chambliss....(REP).....GA.....0% Charles Grassley.....(REP).....IA....14% Larry Craig..............(REP).....ID..... 0% Mike Crapo.............(REP).....ID......0% Richard Lugar.........(REP).....IN....14% Pat Roberts............(REP)....KS.....0% Sam Brownback......(REP)....KS...29% Jim Bunning............(REP)....KY.....0% Mitch McConnell.....(REP).....KY.....0% David Vitter.............(REP).....LA.....0% Mary Landrieu........(DEM)....LA....43% Norm Coleman........(REP)....MN....29% Christopher Bond....(REP).....MO...14% Jim Talent..............(REP).....MO...14% Thad Cochran.........(REP).....MS...14% Trent Lott...............(REP).....MS.....0% Conrad Burns.........(REP).....MT....14% Elizabeth Dole........(REP).....NC......0% Richard Burr...........(REP).....NC......0% Byron Dorgan..........(DEM).....ND....42% Kent Conrad............(DEM).....ND....43% Ben Nelson..............(DEM).....NE....43% Chuck Hagel..........(REP)......NE....14% John Sununu..........(REP)......NH....43% Judd Gregg............(REP)......NH....43% Pete Domenici.......(REP)......NM....14% Harry Reid.............(DEM)......NV....57% John Ensign..........(REP).......NV....43% George Voinovich...(REP)......OH....43% James Inhofe.........(REP)......OK......0% Tom Coburn..........(REP)......OK....29% Gordon Smith........(REP)......OR.....14% Arlen Specter........(REP).......PA.....14% Rick Santorum......(REP).......PA.....14% Jim DeMint...........(REP).......SC.....14% Lindsey Graham....(REP)......SC.....29% John Thune...........(REP)......SD.....14% Bill Frist................(REP)......TN.....14% Lamar Alexander...(REP)......TN......29% John Cornyn..........(REP)......TX........0% Kay Hutchison......(REP)......TX........0% Orrin Hatch...........(REP)......UT......14% Robert Bennett......(REP).......UT......14% George Allen.........(REP).......VA.......0% John Warner.........(REP)........VA.....14% Robert Byrd............(DEM).......WV.....57% Craig Thomas.......(REP)........WY......0% Michael Enzi........(REP)........WY......0% Search for scores from House of representatives [Edited by OKIMC to include and highlight Oklahoma scores, and to add link to Scorecard front page and search form]

October 16th Protest to Demand &quot;Self-Determination for our Communities!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2006 01:08

On Monday, October 16th, people will gather on the steps of San Francisco City Hall from 11am to 4pm, to call for an end to what they say is officially-sanctioned depopulation of the poor and people of color from the neighborhoods that they have traditionally inhabited.

October 22nd is the 11th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.10.2006 22:08

Sunday, October 22nd will be the 11th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. Events will be held in cities all over the country, with people wearing black and remembering the names of people who have been killed by law enforcement. In San Francisco, people will gather at 2pm at Haight and Stanyan. They will march at 2:30pm to Jefferson Square Park for a rally that will start at 4pm. In San Jose, people will gather at 4pm at 888 East Santa Clara Street to hear from people whose lives have been directly impacted by police use of force and repression. In Fresno, people will march from Justice Corner at 3pm to N street and Mariposa for a rally and vigil.

Superb Parrot Habitat Logged

Melbourne, 12.10.2006 21:39

Mismanagement of Barmah-Millewa Redgum Forest

Intervención del gobierno tiene&quot;plan de evacuación total&quot;.

Argentina, 12.10.2006 21:09

Vaciar el Hospital Frances

Intervención del gobierno tiene&quot;plan de evacuación total&quot;.

Argentina, 12.10.2006 21:09

Vaciar el Hospital Frances

Maine Video Activists Network Episode 9

Maine, 12.10.2006 21:07

Tom Manning Walking Art Show, Opportunity Maine, Net Neutrality, Hemp Fest, Medicare Part D, and Labor Day Celebration

Intervención del gobierno tiene &quot;plan de evacuación total&quot;.

Argentina, 12.10.2006 20:39

Vaciar el Hospital Frances

xarxes i llibertat (ca)

Barcelona, 12.10.2006 19:39

llibertat sense autoritat al ciberespai

En un any en que s'ha aprovat la llei de Retenció de dades, que amenaça la privacitat a la xarxa i la llibertat d'expressió, i que s'ha iniciat la implantació de la directiva europea del copyright i de la Tecnologia DRM, que permet el control dels fluxos d'informació per part de les grans coporacions i dels lobbies del copyright, la comunitat hacker ha dut a terme múltiples accions de crida a favor d'una cultura lliure amb una tecnologia lliure, ha continuat desenvolupant eines i llicències lliures i segueix trobant-se per compartir, experimentar i alliberar espais.
Enguany, la setena edició del "Hackmeeting" es celebrarà a Mataró, sincronitzant emissions amb altres trobades, amb la voluntat de lluitar i investigar per alliberar espais d'intercanvi de coneixements, per recuperar un equilibri ecol-lògic amb la biosfera i la tecnosfera i per afrontar els nous reptes tecnopolítics que ja són aquí. La participació és oberta a Qualsevol persona. .

[13-15oct]CSO La Fibra, Mataró: Hackiluro:hackmeeting 2006

Hacktivisme: Hackmeeting Manifest + Continguts + Crida a la participació ::: Introducció al hacktivisme ::: 10 lectures sobre Hacktivisme ::: Novetat editorial ciberactisme ::: Un altre node en la teranyina resistent: Hacklab Terrassa ::: Presentació/taller del projecte GERMINADOR

+info: >>>xarxes i llibertat + Hackmeeting + Hacklabs

redes y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 12.10.2006 19:39

libertad sin autoridad en el ciberespacio

En un año en que se ha aprobado la ley de Retención de datos, que amenaza la privacidad en la red y la libertad de expresión, y que se ha iniciado la implantación de la directiva europea del copyright y de la Tecnología DRM, que permite el control de los flujos de información por parte de las grandes coporaciones y de los lobbies del copyright, la comunidad hacker ha llevado a término múltiples acciones de llamamiento a favor de una cultura libre con una tecnología liubre, ha continuado desarrollando herramientas y licencies libres y sigue encontrándose por compartir, experimentar y liberar espacios.
Este año, la séptima edición del "Hackmeeting" se celebrará en Mataró, sincronizando emisiones con otros encuentros, con la voluntad de luchar e investigar por liberar espacios de intercambio de conocimientos, por recuperar un equilibrio ecológico con la biosfera y la tecnosfera y por afrontar los nuevos retos tecnopolíticos que ya estan aquí. La participación está abierta a qualquier persona. .

[13-15oct]CSO La Fibra, Mataró: Hackiluro:hackmeeting 2006

Hacktivismo: Hackmeeting Manifiesto + Contenidos + Lllamada a la participación ::: Introducción al hacktivismo ::: 10 lecturas sobre Hacktivismo ::: Novedad editorial ciberactismo ::: Otro nodo en la telaraña resistente: Hacklab Terrassa ::: Presentación/taller del proyecto GERMINADOR

+info: >>>redes y libertad + Hackmeeting + Hacklabs

Campaña por la Excarcelación de los Presos Políticos

Puerto Rico, 12.10.2006 18:40

Que salgan ya...

Un gobierno duro, contra los Trabajadorxs

Argentina, 12.10.2006 17:39

Patota K, masacran a los trabajadorxs del Hospital Frances

Protestas contra la discriminación

Argentina, 12.10.2006 17:39

Bermejito: tras 6 meses de lucha, el campamento se levanta un 12 de octubre


Valencia, 12.10.2006 17:37

L'antifeixisme valencià s'organitza davant els darrers episodis de violència feixista
IMPUNITAT FEIXISTA ++ Líders de les SS nazis adoctrinen a joves de Màlaga en l'ideari feixista ++ Detinguts 12 nazis a València ++ Els neonazis ataquen La Vaguada ++ Una banda de neonazis apallissa a dos joves ++ El nazi Pedro Varela donarà demà una conferencia a València per defensar la “llibertat d’expressió”
CRIMINALITZACIÓ I REPRESSIÓ DEL MOVIMENT ANTIFEIXISTA ++ Sol·liciten any i mig de presó per a l'independentista detingut en l'acte d'exaltació espanyolista del 12 d'octubre 2005 ++ Solidaritat econòmica amb el company en judici per sofrir una agressió nazi

A EUROPA ++ Disturbis durant marxa neonazi en l'est d'Alemanya


Valencia, 12.10.2006 17:37

L'antifeixisme valencià s'organitza davant els darrers episodis de violència feixista
IMPUNIDAD FASCISTA ++ Líders de les SS nazis adoctrinen a joves de Màlaga en l'ideari feixista ++ Detinguts 12 nazis a València ++ Els neonazis ataquen La Vaguada ++ Una banda de neonazis apallissa a dos joves ++ El nazi Pedro Varela donarà demà una conferencia a València per defensar la “llibertat d’expressió”
CRIMINALIZACIÓN Y REPRESIÓN DEL MOVIMIENTO ANTIFASCITAS ++ Sol·liciten any i mig de presó per a l'independentista detingut en l'acte d'exaltació espanyolista del 12 d'octubre 2005 ++ Solidaritat econòmica amb el company en judici per sofrir una agressió nazi
EN EUROPA ++ Disturbis durant marxa neonazi en l'est d'Alemanya

a 1 año de la Masacre de Magdalena

Argentina, 12.10.2006 16:39

Kirchner, Solá y SPB: Asesinos!

Quilombo das Guerreiras!

Brasil, 12.10.2006 16:09


Por la autonomia y la libertad

Argentina, 12.10.2006 15:39

Colonizadxs o globalizadxs: resistimos

Water Crisis

Perth, 12.10.2006 14:10

Tapping Yarragadee would be a disaster

Guerre dimenticate

Italy, 12.10.2006 14:10

Il buio in Cecenia

Renowned &quot;CIA Renegades&quot; to visit Ireland

Ireland, 12.10.2006 14:10

In the week running up to the Shannon demonstratio ...

guerre dimenticate

Italy, 12.10.2006 13:09

Il buio in Cecenia

Fantasmas, torturas y amenazas

Argentina, 12.10.2006 13:09

"Subversivo, terrorista, hace rato que te teníamos ganas, si desapareció López vos podés desaparecer"

GNR atira a matar...duas vezes

Portugal, 12.10.2006 12:39

GNR atira a matar...duas vezes

Can you do without your car for 2 days?

Melbourne, 12.10.2006 12:09

Feel Like a Car Free Weekend?

Carcere di Nuoro

Italy, 12.10.2006 11:39

Diritti e legalità in un carcere moderno

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 12.10.2006 10:09

La kataluna lukto pluas

Katalunio sin preparas por la nacia tago, memoriganta la malvenkon kontraŭ la Burbonoj kaj, de tiam, neniam rezignis je la perforte forprenita libereco. Ekde la jaro 1714, la revoluciema kataluna sendependismo, daŭre staradis por depostuli siajn sociajn, politikajn, lingvajn kaj kulturajn rajtojn. Ĉi-jare, la lukto pluas.

[10an de septembro] 23a h. Vilafranca "Torĉ-defilado"

Nacia tago 2006: [10an de septembro]La nacia tago en Gràcia + la nacia tago en Penedès + en Martorell +++ [11an de septembro] Agoj de la Sendependisma Komisiono en Fossar de les Moreres + Agoj Komisiono 11an de septembro en Arc de Triomf + 11an de septembro en Girona

[11an de septembro] 12.30a h. Passeig del Born, Kontraŭsubprema manifestacio, prizonuloj straten!
[11an de septembro] 17a h., Placo Urquinaona, Unueca manfiestacio, 11an de septembro
[11an de septembro] 18a h. Placo Universitat Manifestacio de la sindikato CNT

[15an - 16an de septembro]Ni plifortigu la popolan komunikadon [l'accent]
[de la 2a septembro gxis la 4a novembro] Ĉie Correllengua 2006

historio de la nuna revoluciema sendependentismo: historio de la Sendependisma Maldekstrularo (unua parto) + historio de la Sendependisma Maldekstrularo (dua parto) + historio de la Sendependisma Maldekstrularo (tria parto) + historio de la Sendependisma Maldekstrularo (kvara parto)

pliaj infoj: >>>popoloj + rescat + torĉ-defilado


estrecho / madiaq, 12.10.2006 09:08

El hackmeeting ya esta de nuevo en marcha para los días 13, 14 y 15 de Octubre en CSOA ''La Fibra'' en Mataró (Barcelona)... y ya van siete ediciones de este evento autogestionado que se ha convertido en un punto de referencia para quellas personas interesadas en compartir conocimientos, las implicaciones políticas de las tecnologías y el hacking en general con más de 40 actividades programadas hasta el momento.

squattus dei

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.10.2006 09:08

squattus dei in Leuven wordt ontruimd

B52 Two and Faslane 365: No to War!

Bristol, 12.10.2006 08:38

As study suggests over 655,000 civilians killed in Iraq, B52 Two Case Continues... As study suggests over 655,000 civilians killed in Iraq, B52 Two Case Continues... nicklebery writes: Earlier today I was sat in Bristol Crown Court listening to the final statements of the defence and prosecution during day five in the trial of the B52 Two....For now I wanted so share with you, dear IndyMedia reader, a couple of notable quotes from today's proceedings. The prosecution went first and his concluding statement could best be described as alarmist. The wigged wonder appeared concerned that an acquittal of Phil and Toby would precipitate "a descent into suburban mayhem." Indeed, later on, the defence council summed up the prosecution argument as follows: "This sort of thing should not be allowed. There ought to be a law against it..." In fact the defence council made many compelling points, in particular reflecting on what could be considered a reasonable action when one is trying to prevent the imminent massacre of thousands of people. In the process of this reflection he made the following remark: "It's a strange notion, bombing foreigners in their own homes for their own good." If only such moments of clarity and sanity came more frequently...Full ArticleMeanwhile, in Scotland, resistance to the war machine continues, Rowland Dye writes: At about 8.30am on Tuesday 10th October the Bristol & Southwest Blockaders joined other protesters at the year-long protest outside the Faslane Trident Nuclear Submarine base in Scotland and staged the first of the groups successful blockading actions. Four protesters sat down and linked arms across the road at the approach to the “South Gate” of the base and refused to move. Traffic into the base backed up along the approach road and police eventually were forced to move in and arrest the blockaders. Traffic into the base was held up for about 15 minutes during the busy morning rush hour. Full Article| Update on the Trial of the B52 Two | Bristol & Southwest Blockade takes on Trident Submarines | Raytheon in bid to build Saudi wall | | | 655,000: The toll of war in Iraq ( | Contribute An Article

Hacia el 7º encuentro nacional de murgas

Argentina, 12.10.2006 06:08

Suardi: Un pueblo hecho carnaval

Editorial Cartoon: Who Says There's No Manufacturing Done In America Anymore?

DC, 12.10.2006 04:16

Inspired by the occasion of the mass layoffs at Ford Motor Company. I guess it really does mean "Found On Road Dead", huh?

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