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ARLINGTON MIAMI - Memorial for fallen soldiers, October 14 - 16

Miami, 17.10.2006 20:37

ARLINGTON MIAMI - Memorial for fallen soldiers, October 14 - 16

Cindy Sheehan in Miami visits &quot;Arlington South&quot; before speaking event at MDCC

Miami, 17.10.2006 20:37

Cindy Sheehan in Miami visits "Arlington South" before speaking event at MDCC

Sigue La Otra Campaña en la península de Baja California

Tijuana, 17.10.2006 19:37

Sigue La Otra Campaña en la península de Baja California (oct 15-16)

Eastcroft Incinerator Expansion - WRG lodge Appeal

United Kingdom, 17.10.2006 19:09

Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill (NAIL) has received a letter from Waste Recycling Group (WRG) announcing that they have lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate, following the refusal of their planning application to expand Nottingham's Eastcroft incinerator. Click on the link below to view the letter;

We are all obviously very disappointed and angry that WRG in taking this approach, we believe that they should accept this democratic decision and not subject tax payers to an expensive legal challenge. WRG are attempting to use their power and financial might to overrule a democratic process. The people and political parties of Nottingham have clearly said NO and this has been reinforced by the Development and Control Committee decision last month. WRG now aim to force their plans on us, however we are determined more than ever to fight on.

Links: The letter about the appeal | Previous feature article on the matter


Colombia, 17.10.2006 19:09

Facho Santos

Protest Bush in Richmond this Thursday

Richmond, 17.10.2006 19:08

Protest Bush in Richmond Thursday, Oct. 19th 3 - 6 pm Science Museum of VA 2500 W. Broad

Folk Film: An Evening of Films about Appalachian Culture

Richmond, 17.10.2006 19:08

A tie-in to the National Folk Festival being held this weekend (october 13 through the 15), Richmond Moving Image Co-op has organized a program celebrating Appalachian culture through independent film. Thursday, October 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Firehouse Theatre (1609 W. Broad Street). Admission is $5. Featuring the films of APPALSHOP and director Herb E. Smith (The Ralph Stanley Story), Folk Film will screen the following 4 short films: Nimrod Workman: To Fit My Own Category (directors Scott Faulkner & Anthony Stone, b & w, 35 mins., 1975) Quilting Women (director Elizabeth Barrett, color, 28 mins., 1976) Unbroken Tradition: Jerry Brown Pottery (director Herb E. Smith, color, 28 mins., 1989) w/ director Herb E. Smith in person! Minnie Black’s Gourd Band (director Anne Johnson, color, 28 mins., 1988)

Lynne Stewart's Victory: Remains Free on Bail

Boston, 17.10.2006 18:08

After fearing an indictment that could have landed her in jail for life, Lynne Steward claimed victory today as the judge handed a veridict of 28 months in prison for "extraordinarily severe criminal conduct" for distributing press releases on behalf of her jailed client. She remains free on bail upon the appeal of her case.

Books Not Bars Protests at Governor’s Office

LA, 17.10.2006 17:38

Books Not Bars Protests at Governor’s Office


estrecho / madiaq, 17.10.2006 17:07

L@s trabajador@s de La Rober acaban de anunciar una convocatoria de huelga: Tal y commo se venía anunciando en estas mismas páginas antes o después debía suceder algo así: La empresa de autobuses urbanos de Granada, ROBER, es de carácter privado y sólo en el año 2006 ha obtenido 11 millones de euros... de dinero público.

XXI encuentro en Jujuy

Argentina, 17.10.2006 16:09

Lo que quedo del Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

South Florida Colombian Week of Resistance [in progess] Oct 15 - 21

Miami, 17.10.2006 16:07

South Florida Colombian Week of Resistance [in progess] Oct 15 - 21


Arizona, 17.10.2006 16:07

Arizona Observes National Day Against Police Brutality

Movimentos sociais protestam contra desocupação em Caxias do Sul

Brasil, 17.10.2006 14:39

Movimentos sociais

Student/Farmworker Alliance Days of Action!

Arkansas, 17.10.2006 13:09

1-2 Punch! Nationwide McDonald's actions Oct. 27-28th From 'sweet spot' to sore spot!... This October 27-28th, join students and young people across the country in standing with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to end sweatshops and modern-day slavery in the fields!

Picketline Solidarity

Melbourne, 17.10.2006 12:39

Heinemann Strikers Victorious

VIDEO FILE: Cindy Sheehan Speaking in Portland

Portland, 17.10.2006 12:38

Cindy Sheehan, who lost a son to the war in Iraq, was in Portland in early October discussing her book, "Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism."

After a few preliminary comments, Cindy begins to speak about her book. "It was a very hard book for me to write, because it was like burying my son all over again." She then speaks about her meeting with Hilary Clinton, where she and another mother who lost her son in Iraq expressed their anguish over losing sons in a war she supported. She relates what she told Hillary: "when are you going to be a true Democrat, when are you going to be a true leader in Congress and speak out against this war."

Local band Western Aerial photo shoot and protest yesterday (10/16) at Schumacher Furs

Portland, 17.10.2006 12:38

Members of the local rock band Western Aerial joined with models solicited from for a photo shoot at Schumaher Furs. Activists, fresh off the previous day's protest greeted the musicians and models as they arrived, 4:30-5 pm, with an appeal to say no to the fur industry, to say no to what they were helping promote, the cruelty inherent in the fur the hired help would be wearing.

The models proceeded to ignore the message as they entered the building and did their thing. One model after another put on her lingerie and draped herself in fur to have her picture taken. In a verbal exchange at the entrance to the store, IDA's Matt Rossell attempted to appeal to the photographer's compassionate side (if he has one) as he talked about the cruelty of the fur industry. The photographer's response was "I could give a fuck", which he repeated several times. That was early when there was still daylight. Later in the evening the photographer dropped his pants and mooned us (from inside the store), such class exhibited by this man. He also tossed a lit cigarette at an activist as the activists tried to engage him in constructive conversation on his cig break. Throughout the evening windows were gradually (and mostly) covered with large posters but there were still gaps for a view of the inside, and some video was recorded. There was a little comic relief as a model, who had a difficult time walking, took a dive.

Por primera vez

Argentina, 17.10.2006 11:08

Qadhuoqte conmemoró su último día de libertad

NoBorder's Eylemleri

Istanbul, 17.10.2006 10:39

Tüm dünyada “Göçmen Kontrollerine” karşı eylemler

Formosa: un pueblo considerado en extinción

Argentina, 17.10.2006 09:39

La masacre de los Pilagá

From the Barricades: Oaxacan Teachers Speak

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.10.2006 08:38

danielsan has published an audio interview, in spanish, with two Oaxacan teachers recorded on October 14th, 2006, at La Ley Barricade which protects an occupied radio station in Oaxaca City. An english language transcript of the interview has been provided thanks to Emilyn, Ariel, & Daniel(san).

Audio (en español): Baje el mp3 (36:34 minutos / 33.5 MB)

During the interview, one of the teachers explains that, "The most valiant victory of this movement is what we're learning from it, those who are participating, and those who are watching too. Oaxaca will never be the same again, after all of this. Because the people know what it is, a popular struggle. They know what it costs--the blood spilled. They know the need of organizing themselves. People see the need to organize just to feed the barricades! To sustain them!" Read the full transcript

see also: Declaration of Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca

Füsun Sayek’i kaybettik

Istanbul, 17.10.2006 07:39

Füsun Sayek’i kaybettik

Lynne Stewart Sentenced to 28 Months, Freed on Bail

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.10.2006 07:39

On October 16th, New York attorney Lynne Stewart was sentenced to 28-month sentence, but she is now reportedly free on bail, pending appeal. Stewart was convicted of releasing a statement by her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, to the media. Her co-defendant Ahmed Abdel Sattar was reportedly sentenced to 24 years, and translator Mohamed Yousry was sentenced to 20 months in prison and released on bail.

demoliendo y universidad

Argentina, 17.10.2006 05:38

O22: 11th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

Rochester, 17.10.2006 05:07

Police Brutality October 22 is the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality and Rochester won't be left out!

What: Screening, Speak-out, and Open Mic against Police Brutality and state repression
When: Sunday, October 22, 2006; 6-9PM
Where: Friends Helping Friends, 333 Child Street, Rochester, NY

Come hear speakers, musicians, artists, and fellow Rochesterians as we speak out against police brutality and state repression in Rochester and around the United States.

A screening of "CopWatch: A know your rights training video" will also be shown with discussion afterword. Rochester Food Not Bombs will be serving a meal.

Speakers: TBA
Music: TBA

For more info check out:
the October 22nd Coalition
Liberate Rochester

This event was organized by members of the Rochester Anarchist Forum, Rochester Indymedia, and Rochester Food Not Bombs.

Please consider asking your group to cosponsor or table at this event. The event is open to all who care about discussing this important issue.

Contact Andy at 585-305-1594 for more info.

The National Day of Protest was initiated by a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals. We came together out of our concern that the peoples resistance to Police Brutality needed to be taken to a higher level nationwide.

The National Day of Protest aims to bring forward a powerful, visible, national protest against police brutality and the criminalization of a generation. It aims to expose the state's repressive program. It aims to bring forward those most directly under the gun of Police Brutality AND to also reach into all parts of the society--bringing forward others to stand in the fight against this official brutality. And the National Day of Protest aims to strengthen the peoples' organized capacity for resistance in a variety of ways.

Video c/o YouTube: Stop Police Brutality: Inspired by the Stolen Lives Project || Brutal police arrests in NYC, at the 2004 RNC Critical Mass || Video 1 from "Policeman Attacks People in a Club for a Nosie Complaint" || Video 2 from "Policeman Attacks People in a Club for a Nosie Complaint"
Additional Information: October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation || Stolen Lives Project || October 22nd Coalition--NYC || Police brutality and excessive force in the New York City Police Department: A report by Amnesty International || Stonewalled – Still Demanding Respect! Amnesty International's Campaign to End Police Brutality Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in the U.S. || Bad Cop, No Donut! || The Brown Watch || CopWatch || Houston IMC: Policeman Attacks people in a Club for a Nosie Complaint: bass guitar is smashed || Miami IMC: AFL-CIO Rally Urges Florida Atty Gen Crist Probe of Police at '03 FTAA SUMMIT || Chicago IMC: Report Nails Chicago Police for Torture, But Says They Can't Be Prosecuted || Trial By Fire: The SHAC 7 and the Future of Democracy

Ley rural

Colombia, 17.10.2006 02:38

Manual de Trampas

Índios de Alagoas e Sergipe ocupam sede da Funai em Maceió

Brasil, 17.10.2006 02:08


Entergy action in Brattleboro draws hundreds

Western Mass, 17.10.2006 01:09

By the time the line of march reached Entergy headquarters hundreds of demonstrators were on hand for a rally and non-violent civil disobedience action.

Lucha Contra la Pena de Muerte

Puerto Rico, 16.10.2006 23:09

Continúan las Vigilias contra la Pena de Muerte

Ontruimingsgolf Amsterdam 17 oktober 2006

Netherlands, 16.10.2006 23:08

Op dinsdag 17 oktober trekt het ontruimingscircus weer door Amsterdam. Van de panden op de lijst werd er afgelopen zaterdag reeds eentje ontruimd. Het Leids Bezet gaf een groots afscheidsfeest. Daarop sloot de politie de hele straat af, waarop het pand ontruimd werd.

Indymedia zal, samen met Radio Patapoe, rechtstreeks verslag uitbrengen. je kan zelf nieuws melden op het nummer 06 44 238 148 en in de chatkanalen #nl en #patapoe op de indymedia chatserver.

Ook in Joe's Garage (Pretoriusstraat 28) kan je terecht met verslagen, om even bij te praten, uit te rusten of op te warmen met een kopje koffie en een koekje vanaf 8 uur 's ochtends.

4ª Semana Nacional pela Democratização da Comunicação

Brasil, 16.10.2006 23:08

Democratização da Comunicação

Fernando Mendoza of APPO speaks in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.10.2006 20:38

On October 12th, 2006, Al Rojas of Sacramento and Fernando Mendoza from the Peoples Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) spoke to a packed house at the Watsonville Brown Beret office about the situation in Oaxaca. Al introduces Fernando and speaks a little of his role as a stateside organizer. Fernando tells us the history and present situation in Oaxaca, Mexico. Audio (en español) and Photos

see also: "a revolution with an absolute minimum of violence" || Sprouts: Protests in Oaxaca and California

Oaxaca solidarity: El Enemigo Común (film and news) || email 'announcement' list || events and actions

Chicago Protesters Brave Cold for Bush Exorcism

Chicago, 16.10.2006 19:08

A post on the Guerrilla News Network reports: "Halloween came two weeks early for George W. Bush in Chicago. While the president wined and dined with representative Dennis Hastert and many of the Illinois Republican Party’s finest at $500 a plate to raise funds for this year’s election campaigns, a group of very cold, determined and creative protesters filled the designated “free speech zone” across the street from the Hilton on Michigan Avenue. Expounding on Hugo Chavez’ proclamation that Bush is the ‘devil’, the demonstration centered around the theme of exorcising him from the city and the overall country." Read more

Additional Media: Photos from October 12 Bush Exorcism | YouTube: Exorcise BUSH!

Genocide Memorial on Columbus Day

LA, 16.10.2006 17:08

Genocide Memorial on Columbus Day

10th Anniversary of the Edinburgh Independent and Radical Bookfair

Scotland, 16.10.2006 13:39

Vandana Shiva launched Word-Power's 10th Radical and Independent Bookfair in its new location in the former Royal Scots Drill Hall in Leith on Wednesday evening. A wide range of authors, poets, academics and activists talked about their ideas, work and research and presented their new books to the public.

Nottingham City Council - Climate Change Conference

United Kingdom, 16.10.2006 12:39

On 9 October I was hopeful and optimistic as I set off to the Nottingham City Council's climate change debate held in the council house. Unfortunately my optimisum faded rapidly.

My day started late as the bus didn't turn up as usual. I could have cycled but there's nowhere in the city to safely leave my bike. I eventually got in by bus which cost me considerably more than the using the more polluting option of driving by car. I then walked over the refurbished area in front of the council house covered in slabs imported from Spain and China. I passed two gas-guzzling chauffeur driven Bentley's for the Lord Mayor and his deputy.

Audio of the Climate Change debate at Broadway Cinema 4.6Mb [16kbps] - mp3 4.5M

Links: Economist claims Nottingham City’s climate protection strategy is too little, too late | Nottingham city council climate protection strategy | An Inconvenient Truth: Film & regional decision makers response at the Broadway


Beirut, 16.10.2006 11:37

The Israeli offensive against Lebanon is an act of aggression against the whole Lebanese people. The IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) claims to be attacking an “infrastructure of terror”, but the attacks on bridges, roads, airports and ships are cutting the country into pieces, threatening to create a disastrous situation by impeding the transportation of food and medicines, and terrorizing everyone. Besides the hundreds killed and injured, thousands of people are fleeing the country, and thousands of people are fleeing from the areas where the bombing is heaviest into central Beirut. Even here in the “safe” parts of the city we can hear the bombs throughout the day and night, and electrical and water supplies are tenuous.


Francais | Castellano| Italiano | نداء عاجل للتضامن مع المجتمع الأهلي اللبناني |

ECO ALERT: 10,000 tons of fuel oil spilled into Mideterranean as a result of Israeli bombing. 15,000 tons more are awaited.
International Civil Mission to Lebanon | Castellano | Francais |
Italian Civil Mission to Lebanon

Montepio Geral quer despejar crianças e idosos

Portugal, 16.10.2006 11:09

Montepio Geral quer despejar crianças e idosos

Bay Area's &quot;Best of Veg 2006&quot; Surveys Local Vegetarian Eats

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.10.2006 07:10

The San Francisco Bay Area is a Mecca for vegetarians with nearly 100 vegetarian restaurants in the region. Bay Area Vegetarians (BAVeg) sponsors the annual "Best of Veg" survey to recognize the top vegetarian restaurants in the area and to raise awareness of how easy it is to dine with compassion and good health, vegetarian-style. The public is encouraged to dine at vegetarian restaurants of their choice and vote for their favorites in several categories through November 15th.

Root Force Road Show Rolls into Rochester

Rochester, 16.10.2006 05:07

RF Root Force: Demolishing Colonialism at its Foundations
An Innovative Participatory Presentation

When: Friday, October 20, 2006, 7pm

Where: Indymedia/ TV Dinner Space
Hungerford Building; 1115 East Main St #368
Enter through door #1

Contact: Chris at 585-489-5796

more info: Root Force Website

What is Root Force?

The Problem:
The Earth is being killed. We are losing cultural and biological diversity at Astounding Rates,and despite all our efforts,these rates are only accelerating. The Earth is being murdered by a global system that tortures and murders every human or nonhuman that it cannot dominate. This system kills hundreds of thousands a year in wars for oil and water. It tortures millions of nonhuman animals a year in laboratories and factory farms. It destroys indigenous communities, dispossesses small farmers, enslaves workers in fields and factories, and poisons every living thing with chemicals and radiation.

The question is, what are we going to do about it? Root Force is an innovative campaign making the connection between ecocide and Genocide, creating a framework in which diverse actions target those who enable oppression. this can be achieved by focusing on specific, winnable projects in Latin America. We invite you to come and support Root Force on our road tour.

Oct 21st Indoor Rally to Call for Freedom Now for Mumia Abu-Jamal

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.10.2006 04:09

On Saturday October 21st, an indoor rally to call for freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal will take place at the YWCA, at 1515 Webster St. in Oakland, from 2-4:30pm. This event has been organized by the Partisan Defense Committee and Labor Black League for Social Defense. They say that Mumia's life is in danger, and now is the time to organize. Flyer

Kim Thatcher people took down our 9-11 sign!

Portland, 16.10.2006 02:38

We got word from a friend that they saw the Kim Thatcher sign crew yesterday putting up a sign right next to ours...then they took our sign! Guess the folks from the Kim Thatcher campaign arent into free speech. So I am going to spend my day taking down and discarding Kim Thatcher signs. I dont even know what party she is from , or what she is running for.

CaptainPlanet adds: Kim Thatcher is a Republican from Keizer, running for re-election to House Dist. 25. Her campaign website. A search on her name turns up: campaign money improprieties, the Thatcher campaign removing campaign signs (placed with landowner permission) of a competitor, she reportedly said that only businesses pay taxes, and apparently every progressive organization (Stand for Children is one) opposes her. Just a sampling, I'll bet she's even more odious than all that.

contribute to this article...

The Changing Season: Now, It's Autumn

Portland, 16.10.2006 02:38

The autumn equinox turned the skies nearly a month ago now. Even then, the dry, yellowed grasses waved impassively in the still, warm air. The leaves, while glowing here and there with color, tended to crackle and fall from branches before lighting up the woods. The parched earth gave no indication that the summer had ended. Even the hazy yellow light hung in the air, rather than the crisp, golden light of fall. And we waited, and the world lazily waited. But now, it's autumn.

The first rains came trickling down some days back, and the slugs awakened. The first few wooly bears grubbed across the sun-warmed roadways shortly after. The crickets began chirping in the meadows, and the buzzing, droning, flying things of summer began seeking shelter. Ladybugs and boxelders began appearing on my windows yesterday, searching for the ways inside that all these old houses graciously provide for them. They will climb inside and gather together in great knots, somewhere out of sight, until the spring comes around again. And for now, they will sleep awhile.


Arizona, 16.10.2006 02:37

EPA and Mexican Govn’t Try to Push Dump On O’odham People


Arizona, 16.10.2006 02:37

EPA and Mexican Govn’t Try to Push Dump On O’odham People


Arizona, 16.10.2006 02:37

EPA and Mexican Govn’t Try to Push Dump On O’odham People


Arizona, 16.10.2006 02:37

EPA and Mexican Govn’t Try to Push Dump On O’odham People


Arizona, 16.10.2006 02:37

EPA and Mexican Govn’t Try to Push Dump On O’odham People


Arizona, 16.10.2006 02:37

EPA and Mexican Govn’t Try to Push Dump On O’odham People

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