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IDA to Finally Receive Documents in 5-Year Case Against OHSU

Portland, 19.10.2006 10:38

After first filing suit in July of 2001, and then winning in the court of appeals in April 2005, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has accepted a settlement offer, marking Oregon Health Sciences University's (OHSU) long-delayed compliance with the Oregon Public Records Act. OHSU has agreed to provide IDA with precisely what it requested in 1998; access to health and behavioral records of primates kept at the Oregon National Primate Research Center without charge.

"After eight long years of waiting for OHSU to do the right thing and share these records, the public will finally be able to get a glimpse of how OHSU has been mistreating monkeys in their publicly funded research labs," according to Matt Rossell, Northwest Outreach Coordinator for IDA and a former primate technician at OHSU. "During my tenure at OHSU, I witnessed frequent mistakes, such as the wrong monkeys being bled and injected, and social primates housed alone in cramped cages, so it's no surprise OHSU is so desperate to keep the documents hidden from the public."

reto (eo)

Barcelona, 19.10.2006 10:08

libereco sen aŭtoritato en interretio

Ĉi-jare la "Hackmeeting" disvolviĝos kuntekste de la lukto kaj la serĉado por liberigi kon-interŝanĝon, pro reakiro de ekologian ekvilibron kun la biosfero kaj la teĥno-sfero, kaj pro la novaj defioj teĥno-politikaj baldaŭ komenciĝontaj. Ĉi-jare estis aprobita leĝo pri datum-reteno kiu minacas la enretan privatecon kaj la liberesprimon. Kaj se tio ne troas, la eŭropa direktivo pri kopirajto enkondukiĝas en ĉiujn eŭropajn landojn per la aprobo de la novan LPI (Leĝo pri kopirajto). Kaj eĉ se tio ne troas, la stariĝo de la teĥnologio DRM-o jam fariĝis realo (temas pri informfluado rekte kontrolita far la grandaj entreprenoj kaj la kopirajtaj premgrupoj). Sed ne ĉio estis malbonaj novaĵoj. Post la pasintjara alvoko al agado favore al libera kulturo kun libera teĥnologio okazis pli ol 15 rektaj agadoj kontraŭ la kopirajtaj premgrupoj kaj la kulturaj monopoloj, GPLv3.0 estos baldaŭ ĉe ni, kaj ĉi-jare esos tri la "Hackmeeting"-oj sinkronigantaj niajn elsendojn por recikligi nian liberecon (Matarono, Ĉikago kaj Santiago en Ĉilio). La evento okazos ĉe la CSOA La Fibra en Matarono kaj, kiel kutime ĝi estas malfermita al ĉiuj kiuj deziras partopreni..

[13an - 15an oktobro]Okupita Socia Centro "La Fibra", en Mataró: Hackiluro:hackmeeting 2006

Enromp-aktivado: Hackmeetinga Manifesto + Enhavoj + Alvoko por partopreno ::: Enkonduko pri enromp-aktivado ::: 10 tekstoj pri enromp-aktivado ::: Nova eldonaĵo pri interreta enrompaktivado ::: Alia nova loko en la rezista reto: Hacklab Terrassa ::: Prezentado/Ateliero de la projekto 'GERMINADOR'

+ infoj: >>>retoj kaj libereco + Hackmeeting + Hacklabs

Incontrotempo 3.0

Italy, 19.10.2006 09:39

Incontrotempo 3.0

Turbogas ad Aprilia

Italy, 19.10.2006 09:39

Realizzazione centrale Turbogas ad Aprilia

UPRISE Tour in Cleveland Along with Amy Goodman

Cleveland, 19.10.2006 06:37

UPRISE Tour in Cleveland Along with Amy Goodman

lo que dejo el encuentro nacional de murgas

Argentina, 19.10.2006 05:38

Suardi: Alegre rebeldía y fiesta popular

City folds on plan to close Franklin Shelter,

DC, 19.10.2006 03:10

The Washington Post has reported that the city has given up on plans to close Franklin Shelter and turn it into a luxury hotel. Perhaps developer Herbert Miller's screwing over the stadium project helped bring this about.

Documents Shed New Light on Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists

DC, 19.10.2006 03:09

Documents released by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal new details of Pentagon surveillance of Americans opposed to the Iraq war, including Quakers and student groups. The documents show that the Pentagon was keeping tabs on non-violent protesters by collecting information and storing it in a military anti-terrorism database.

lo que dejo el encuentro nacional de murgas

Argentina, 19.10.2006 03:08

Suardi: Alegre rebeldía y fiesta popular

Solidarity with Navajo &amp; Hopi

Melbourne, 19.10.2006 00:39

Newcastle Activists Target Peabody for "Practices of Cultural and Eco Genocide"

Serial Indymedia contributer in court

United Kingdom, 18.10.2006 23:38

Frequent contributer and volunteer of Notts Indymedia Alan Lodge appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court today. On the 18th March Mr. Lodge was confronted by armed officers running down the street in the area of St. Anns. He started taking pictures. One of the officers then approached him and pushed his camera away stopping him from taking pics. He was subsequently pushed over a car and arrested. Then charged with obstruction, he has several court appearences since then.

Today the case was adjourned as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has so far not given the defence access to the memory card from Mr. Lodge's camera which was confiscated during the incident. Over 50 photos are on the memory card which could show what really took place. The magistrates now ordered the CPS to arrange access to the memory card for the defence. Until now police officers have given contradicting statements of the event. Some say Mr. Lodge was 3 foot away while others say 6 foot. Today 6 police officers attended court to give evidence in the case. Them, Mr. Lodge and all his supporters that turned up (from NUJ members, local, national and independent press to some Notts residents) will have to come back on 5th and 6th March next year when the case will be before the courts again.

Links: Orginal article | Indymedia photographer arrested by armed officers | Alan Lodge's website


Portugal, 18.10.2006 23:08


La Comisión Sexta del EZLN se reune con indígenas de Baja California

Tijuana, 18.10.2006 23:07

La Comisión Sexta del EZLN se reune con indígenas de Baja California

October 19th Motion for Dismissal Hearing for Gabe Myers

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2006 22:39

Fifteen months into his ordeal in San Francisco courts, Gabe Meyers had his third trial setting hearing on October 13th-- and was met with another postponement. A hearing on Gabe's Motion to Dismiss will be held on Thursday, October 19th at 9am in Department 22, 850 Bryant. If the motion is not granted, a trial setting date will be on Friday, December 8th at 9am in Department 22, 850 Bryant. Gabe is the only person with criminal charges from the July 8th, 2005 protest, in which an SFPD officer was injured.

local McDonalds picket on Friday October 27th

Pittsburgh, 18.10.2006 20:09

National Days of Action for farmworkers; McDonalds picket planned for Pittsburgh


santiago, 18.10.2006 19:39

La Educación Se Abre Caminos, En La Calle Y Sin Permiso.

Educators Announce Opposition To Sacramento Arena Tax

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2006 19:39

A broad coalition of education leaders urge full disclosure by city & county of Sacramento regarding arena negotiation details during a press conference.

Shopping Cart Roundup

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2006 19:39

Attacks against the homeless in Fresno continue. The frequency and intensity is increasing. Their homes have been destroyed, the few possessions they own taken from them, and now the city has passed a "Shopping Cart Ordinance" which can result in a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail.Read more

Thousands March Against Water Privatization in El Salvador—In Solidarity, Boston Demonstrators Oppose Free Trade

Boston, 18.10.2006 19:08

Yesterday, October 17th, Boston solidarity activists presented to the Salvadoran consul a symbolic “People’s Reprieve” signifying the rejection of the CAFTA free trade agreement with the U.S. that opponents have dubbed a “Death Sentence” for the people of Central America. The Boston demonstration was a show of solidarity with the thousands of people who took to the streets in El Salvador to defend the right of all Salvadorans to access water. The marchers, led by the public water workers union SETA, and including over 40 organizations, denounced the rightist ARENA government’s plan to privatize the public water system.

Early morning vigils stop dawn raids

Scotland, 18.10.2006 16:40

Across Glasgow just before sun-rise something new is happening. Early in the morning friends and neighbours are gathering outside tower blocks in their local communities to mount vigils against dawn raids on asylum seeker families living there.

[ full report from 10th of October | Brand Street lock-up | Dawn raid on babies | Action prevents Deportation | Noborder Soli demo |

Green’s Ed Boyd Challenges Duopoly in Maryland

Baltimore, 18.10.2006 16:08

It was business as usual for the ruling Duopoly-the Democrat/Republic Parties-on Oct. 14, 2006. Instead of have a three-way debate for governor of Maryland, Maryland Public Television, (MPT), excluded the Green Party’s Ed Boyd. Mr. Boyd said: “This sad situation is the best democracy that ‘money can buy.’ All the folks on the ballot aren’t being heard.” It makes me wonder: What does the word “public” in Maryland Public Television really stand for?

Bristol City Council's Shame?

Bristol, 18.10.2006 16:08

Damning Report from the Commission for Racial Equality "As the council licks its wounds it cannot seek to distance itself from race issues as we fast approach black history month and the forthcoming aniversary of the abolition of slavery 2000. Local communities will have their eyes fixed on the council's next movements within this area." Patti Turner. Patti Turner writes: It is official Bristol City Council is exposed as a poor performer when it comes to delivering an effective race equality scheme. In a recent public meeting held at the Black Development Agency (BDA), the government's race watchdog - The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) launched its report rubbishing Bristol City Council's (Council) on race equality. This report is the brain child of one of CRE's top dogs- Ufuoma Odebler Fregene. This report comes in the backdrop of the council's failure to apologise for slavery and its critised support for the renaming of broadmead as Merchant's Quarter. The report openly attacks the council's scheme as being poor. Ufuoma also goes on to state that the equality officers at the council lack the knowledge and capacity to deliver an effective scheme to this city. In light of these damning statements, the council surely needs to take action if it is to avoid facing legal action and cope effectively with the influx of economic migrants' without further exacerbating economic problems and tensions within the city. Full Article| Bristol City Council's Shame? | Commission For Racial Equality | Black History Month |Contribute An Article - How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide

ciclo de cine debate

Argentina, 18.10.2006 14:09

"Por lo nuestro"

El aparato represivo lo gobierna Kirchner

Argentina, 18.10.2006 14:09

Secuestran y golpean durante más de 2 horas a militante de HIJOS

El aparato represivo lo gobierna Kirchner

Argentina, 18.10.2006 14:09

Secuestran y golpean durante más de 2 horas a militante de HIJOS

La Otra Campaña in Tijuana/San Diego

San Diego, 18.10.2006 13:38

The EZLN Sixth Commission, as part of La Otra Campaña, will be holding meetings at Multikulti in Tijuana on Wednesday through Thursday, October 18-19. The events will include meetings with Maquiladora workers, open and closed meetings with Adherents to La Otra Campaña and the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle (background and links, click here) and concerts both evenings. Additionally, Adherents in San Diego will have the opportunity to address the meeting through 1hour webcasts at 1PM and 5PM from Voz Alta.

The parallel meeting in San Diego on Thursday will begin with registration at 9AM and include discussions and films, as well as webcasting with the Sixth Commission meeting.

Tijuana Site: Multikulti, Avenida Constiucion, parallel to Av. Revolucion between 7 and 6 streets.

Tijuana Schedule: español english

San Diego Site: Voz Alta 1544 Broadway 1 block from City College

San Diego Webcasts: Thursday October 19 1-2PM and 5-6PM

Sıdıka Su vefat etti

Istanbul, 18.10.2006 13:09

Sıdıka Su vefat etti

Turbogas ad Aprilia

Italy, 18.10.2006 13:09

Realizzazione centrale Turbogas ad Aprilia

Resisting Police Brutality in San Diego

San Diego, 18.10.2006 12:08

In many San Diego communities, mostly communities of color, police brutality is a fact of life, much like the sun rising in the east or traffic jams on the freeways.

This brutality takes many forms, from harassment of youth, to profiling, to la migra, to the too common brutal beatings and murders, to the criminal injustice system and the inhumanity of prison. The resulting loss, sadness, fear and outrage rarely break through the protective bubble the corporate media have maintained around the "general public," who remain largely blissfully ignorant of the pervasive oppression and cruelty these communities are experiencing.

In 1996, a coalition of groups came together to declare a national day, October 22, to protest, resist and draw attention to the then (and continuing) epidemic of police violence.

In San Diego, two groups who have been working to combat state sanctioned violence, the Sagon Penn Chapter of CopWatch, and the San Diego Chapter of the Peace and Freedom Party, are organizing events for the weekend of the 22nd. On Friday, October 20, a fundraiser benefiting both groups and teach-in will be held at the Arts and Entertainment Center in North Park, featuring talks by candidate for governor Janice Jordan, candidate for the board of equalization Mary Lou Finley and member of CopWatch Ayesha Newell, as well as bands Unified Division, Dropjoy and Ya Basta! On Sunday, October 22, Sagon Penn CopWatch is planning an afternoon and evening of resistance, starting with a protest at the home of DA Bonnie Dumanis, over her continuing refusal to prosecute out of control cops, and continuing with police complaint form instruction, a screening of Urban Warrior and a performance by the Radical F'N Cheerleaders at Voz Alta.

Sagon Penn CopWatch | San Diego Peace and Freedom Party | Map to DA Bonnie Dumanis' Home

Turbogas ad Aprilia

Italy, 18.10.2006 10:39

Realizzazione centrale Turbogas ad Aprilia

Oregon students have a lot to lose this election season

Portland, 18.10.2006 10:38

Oregon students have a lot to lose this election season. Ballot measure 41 poses a direct threat to the amount of funding school districts will receive.

Measure 41 would allow higher income tax deductions resulting in a smaller state general fund. The state school fund accounts for 46 percent of the state general fund.

Becca Uherbelau, the Defend Oregon Coalition Communications Director, said that Measure 41 would cut over 77 million dollars from the Oregon university system.

The Defend Oregon Coalition, made up of over 140 groups which represent over 900,000 Oregonians, was formed to oppose ballot measures that they feel "would hurt our state and take Oregon down the wrong path."

Un grito contra el &quot;macrojuicio 18-98&quot; en el BEC

Euskal Herria, 18.10.2006 09:39

Quinta marcha por López

Argentina, 18.10.2006 09:39

Rosario: A 33 años del asesinato de su padre

Argentina, 18.10.2006 09:39

Amenazan a Carlos Razzetti

Ecological Rights

Perth, 18.10.2006 08:39

Gunns timber giant drops claim against some Gunns 20

Incontrotempo 3.0

Italy, 18.10.2006 08:39

Incontrotempo 3.0


Italy, 18.10.2006 08:39

Become The Media

The Salmon and the Sea Lion

Portland, 18.10.2006 07:38

Four NW congressmen, spurred by loud and uninformed special interest groups, are demanding the right to kill sea lions in the Columbia river, in direct violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). H.R. 6241, if passed, would allow up to 80 sea lions to be needlessly slaughtered each year, would begin the slide away from protections of marine mammal species, and would be exempt from any environmental reviews normally required under the National Environmental Policy Act. The killing could start as early as this spring. They say they are doing it to save the salmon. This is wrong. Just wrong.

Once, hundreds of thousands of sea lions swirled gracefully through the waters of the Pacific coast and even into the Columbia river, often following the thunderous runs upstream as the salmon joyously returned to their ancient source. Then, humans hunted the sea lions almost to extinction. Almost too late, the Marine Mammal Protection Act ended the bloodletting in the 1970s. And now, miraculously, now they are beginning to return to the shores of the oceans and the river. Yes. And now, we must choose whether to celebrate their return and welcome them back to their ancestral home, or to allow a nasty, territorial, aggressive little minority of the meanest sort of humans to blame and scapegoat them back into oblivion. We must choose whether to understand and respect the ancient rhythm of life in this land of ours, or to bludgeon it into something easier for us to comprehend but harder for us to live with. And we must choose whether to address what is really happening to the salmon, or to allow the power and agricultural industries to blame the sea lions while the last drop of water is sucked from the veins of Cascadia.


related: [ SAVE the SEA LIONS NOW!!! | Sea Lions at Risk | Save The Salmon - Kill An Eagle! ]

Vote NO on Initiative 933!

Portland, 18.10.2006 07:38

The Gifford Pinchot Task Force is urging its supporters to vote NO on Initiative 933. I-933 is the most extreme threat to Washington 's environment and quality of life in over a decade -- rolling back hard fought state and local protections. Please join us in voting NO on I-933!

Initiative 933 puts us in a no-win situation: we are either forced to pay some property owners to abide by our existing laws, or we have to waive those protections. For example, the Task Force is currently working hard to convince Skamania County to zone the forested Swift Reservoir area as commercial forest land so as to head off large scale development of recreation cabins in the currently un-zoned area. Even if we are successful in winning commercial forest land zoning, if I-933 passes, Skamania County will be forced to waive the zoning and allow large scale development because it will not have the funds to compensate the developers for their loss of future profits.

Redding kids arrested for no good reason

Portland, 18.10.2006 07:38

Redding Police attempts to shut down recent Set It Straight Show. "...When they surrounded our friend who was riding the park and hit his bike with their batons, things got lame. He was arrested, no explaination. Harry, Ben, John and Tim were sitting down in the skatepark when RPD told them to leave, they asked why, and immediately they cuffed Ben. Harry told them he wasn't going to move so they choked him to the pavement and cuffed him too, along with Timmy and John. Later they also arrested Brittny and Sara for standing too close, bringing the total to seven. Harry's dad got most of it on the video mode of his digital camera, which is below. My favorite part is where one of the officers jokes that Harry's taxes pay his salary." [ read more ]

Cop busts into Houston Show and Starts Tazing People

so two gallants were on their 4th song i believe and a cop shows up for a noise complaint. he did not go to the soundboard but immediately heads to the stage. he has some words with the singer adam and then the cop grabs his guitar. adam pulls it back and then the cop grabs him around the head and slams him down on the stage. tyson (the drummer) jumps up from the drums and moves to where the cop is holding adam down. the cop then thrown tyson down too. you can in the pics below where tyson is pretty much on top of adam with the cop holding both of them down.. some other dudes get on stage and a bunch of others swarm up and start taking pictures. someone gets between adam and the cop and is calming things down. it could've ended here as everyone is calming down. then the cop turns on my friend greg who is taking pics and says 'stop touching me' or something like that and knocks greg's camera out of his hand. [ read more ]

Greg Walden Flips-Off Democracy

Rogue Valley, 18.10.2006 05:09


Carol Voisin gets flipped-off by Greg Walden when she finally meets the slithering Congressman at the Crook County Fair last July.

Walden's symbolic gesture is really flipping off Democracy!

(watch this show about greg flipping off his constituency)
"Where's Walden?" on TV Oct. 18 @ 6 PM.
Ch#15 Jackson & Josephine Counties
Ch#95 Ashland Fiber Network

Civil Rights Groups File Suit Against City of Fresno to Stop Raids on Homeless People

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2006 04:40

10/17: At a press conference on the steps of Fresno City Hall, the ACLU and other civil rights groups announced a lawsuit against the City of Fresno, accusing the city of violating the constitutional rights of homeless people whose personal possessions are being destroyed and confiscated in ongoing raids. Clothing, medication, tents and blankets, as well as irreplaceable family photographs, personal records and documents have been destroyed by Fresno's Police and Sanitation Depts., who use bulldozers and garbage trucks to confiscate tents and shopping carts full of personal belongings, usually crushing them on the spot, often with the homeless owners watching and protesting. Photos


Houston, 18.10.2006 01:08

SEIU Janitors Are Offered Nothing

Straightjacket for the ABC

Melbourne, 18.10.2006 00:39

Their ABC - Ideological Push from the Right

Immokalee Workers Return to Chicago for McDonald's Workers' Rights

Chicago, 18.10.2006 00:08

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers — a worker-rights organization for migrant laborers in Immokalee, Florida — is escalating its campaign to pressure McDonald's to raise the wages and organizing rights of laborers who pick tomatoes for the fast-food chain.

The Coalition came to Chicago in March 2006 as part of a 17-city tour, and the Coalition returns with an autumn Midwest Tour, which includes roving pickets across Chicago-area McDonald's and a protest at the McDonald's world headquarters in Oak Brook. Read more

Additional Resources: The Progressive: McDonald's is evil | Alliance for Fair Food | Student Farmworker Alliance

Quarenta pessoas ocupam Rivoli

Portugal, 17.10.2006 23:09

Quarenta pessoas ocupam Rivoli

16 октября всемирный день действия против Макдональдса

Belarus, 17.10.2006 23:07

The Bronx is Burning (Under the Microscope)

NYC, 17.10.2006 22:38

The borough I call home, the Bronx: How my mention of its name used to strike a mysterious sort of terror in the heart of the white man. A recent New York Times article suggests that the sense of terror at the dread phrase "The Bronx" has subsided. Only now I am the one having the sense of terror.

Beneath the Whited Sepulcher: A Review of My Name is Rachel Corrie

NYC, 17.10.2006 22:38

Bringing the play to New York City would present difficulties not encountered in London. Last April, James Nicola decided to stage the play at the New York Theater Workshop, apparently without having familiarized himself with the explosive nature of the subject matter. He backed down at the first sign of trouble and cancelled the production. At this point, the liberal and progressive community in New York City and in the country as a whole, who had been strangely silent about Corrie’s death two years earlier, decided to take notice and a grassroots movement began staging the parts of the play in town squares and on college campuses across the country. It culminated in a massive rally at Riverside Cathedral presided over by Amy Goodman and what seemed to be the collective presence of New York City’s radical left. Finally, in October, Rickman and Katherine Viner were able to stage My Name is Rachel Corrie at the tiny Minetta Lane Theater in the West Village, and Rachel Corrie’s ghostly presence rises from the grave and speaks.

Women Together

Worcester, 17.10.2006 21:09

Women Together/Mujeres Unidas Changing Worcester

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