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“Spun” – Mountain Cops in Overdrive

Portland, 23.10.2006 13:38

If you've turned on the TV at all in the last few weeks, you can't have missed our new taxpayer supported, "non-partisan," media star - Sheriff Roberts - stumping for Darlene Hooley. He's also on air pitching Measure 3-246, the so-called "Jail" levy, ominously warning us that "the only real deterrent to crime is a waiting jail bed." [Despite the fact that statistics and history prove otherwise.]

As if that wasn't enough, it seems the law-and-order types have co-opted the local print media as well. I've ranted here a time or two before about my hometown rag, The Sandy Post (now brought to us by the Pamplin Media Group), but the Post this week is really over the top. It's nothing but a big ol' cop commercial, a regular law enforcement love fest. It's the "All Cop, All Drug, All Fear" issue. And it's brought to us just in time to scare the living shit out of the general populace so they will vote to approve Roberts' proposed levy. But don't be fooled. Careful reading of these articles reveals the distortions and spin.

OHSU Again Forces Its Will On The Unsuspecting Public

Portland, 23.10.2006 13:38

Oregon Health and Science University is about to reach into their bag of dirty tricks and pull off yet another public fraud. Regrettably, the scam will effect everyone if we do not stand up and fight back.

As reported by local media on Wednesday, OHSU is one of 11 medical centers throughout the United States and Canada taking part in an experimental study using a new type of saline solution, administered intravenously by paramedics on severly injured accident victims. The trial research will replace the use of traditional blood. Hypertonic saline, the experimental fluid, contains more salt than the conventional saline solution or blood.

The study raised ethical questions, since most trauma patients are either unconscious or in shock, they are unable to give the traditional patient-informed consent to be a willing participant in a medical research experiment. The federal Food and Drug Administration allows an exception to the rule "if the medical center adequately notifies the community and gains approval from independent panels of scientists."

日本の右翼再起: Abe and Japan and Japan's Right Wing Resurgence

Japan, 23.10.2006 12:07

阿部首相、日本の権利および日本のメディアの恐ろしい状態。Chris Saltzbergは、メディアが人々を混乱させようとどのようにしてするか示す箇条を書きました。例えば、彼らは、日本の首相が謎とサムライの両方であると言います。現実は、彼のお爺さんの反進歩的政策を見ることにより理解することができます。それは彼が表わすのと同じ政策です。メディアは、さらに彼の右翼アジェンダを追求する際に、首相がどのように北朝鮮へのヒステリーを利用するか示しません... Chris Saltzberg notes in a recent article the confusing signals coming out of Japan's compliant and timid meda. On the one hand, they speak of him being an unknown quantify and a right-wing nationalist, but then they almost praise him as a "'fighting politician' with a 'vision of pride,' striving to build a 'beautiful country' against a backdrop of North Korean kidnappers and a growing Chinese superpower." Yet, in a well documented essay, he shows that Abe's intentions are much clearer than the media pretends:

Ashland City Council Candidate is &quot;Tough Cop&quot;

Rogue Valley, 23.10.2006 09:40

Ashland City Council candidate Greg Lemhouse was part of the notorious "Reservoir Dawgs" Medford Police group. He is in favor of police use of tasers and thinks community policing requires a "quasi-military" police force.


Colombia, 23.10.2006 07:08


Victims of Police Brutality Protest

LA, 23.10.2006 06:38

Victims of Police Brutality Protest

Was Kathy Change Right?

Philadelphia, 23.10.2006 04:39

Need funds to keep alive

Oklahoma, 23.10.2006 04:39

Financial report by acting treasurer A report by J. M. Branum about the current financial situation of the Oklahoma Independent Media Center and a request for donations. A report by J. M. Branum about the current financial situation of the Oklahoma Independent Media Center and a request for donations.I haven't tabulated where we stand financially for awhile with the Oklahoma Independent Media Center (, so I thought I would get caught up this evening. In doing so, I found out we are quite a bit in the red at this point (negative $53), as you can see from the financial statement posted at the bottom of this email. (In the past, I've been asking for donations to pay the hosting bill and other expenses from time-to-time, but have been paying the hosting bill out of my pocket no matter what). So anyway, I would really appreciate it if folks could chip in a few bucks to keeping online. Our hosting bill at this point runs $13 per month ( and share a $19.95 hosting account. The $13 is my estimate of how much bandwidth is using of the allotment I'm paying for.), so we need to get caught up on our past bills as well as hopefully pay some into the future. I wish I had the finances that I could just foot the bill myself indefinitely, but I don't. Without some donations, I would have to pull the plug on the IMC at the end of the year. If you would like to give for this effort, please make your donations to: J.M. Branum 502 NE 16th Oklahoma city, OK 73104 Donations can also be made via, using jmb (at)jmbzine (dot) com as the recepient address. Also for those wondering, our situation with looks much stronger now thanks to the work of Rena Blaiz who has stepped into take over much of the editing work that I had let fall by the wayside lately. We always need more help though, so please contact her or myself if you would like to join the collective. Thanks, James

CONFLUENCE: India and the Battle Against Biotechnology: Anuradha Mittal Interview

Saint Louis, 23.10.2006 03:07

Anuradha Mittal is the director of the Oakland Institute, a California-based research and education institution. She is an expert on trade, agriculture and development in India (her native country) and globally. Confluence had a chance to talk to her at the Reclaim the Commons events last April. See Related: GM Cotton Disaster in India

Portland Residents Protest Police Killings

Portland, 23.10.2006 01:38

Portland, OR-Around fifty people gathered at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland today to protest police brutality and the recent death of James Chasse who died in police custody. The event was held in conjunction with similar events around the country to highlight police abuses, but was organized autonomously of the national coalition. Most participants dressed in black to show support for the families of people killed by police.

The parade ended in Pioneer Square where people unrelated to protest held signs reading "free hugs." Many people accepted the free hugs. People soon gathered again to talk about police abuse and why they were there. The names of people killed by the police in the Portland area were announced over the megaphone. One man spoke in detail about how his cousin Fouad Kaady was murdered by police. These speeches attracted more people from the square who were curious what was going on. [ Read More ] [ Pictures from Police Brutality Action ]

Vote for Affordable Housing in Ashland

Rogue Valley, 23.10.2006 00:39

Hi Friends,
I received the following message from Rich Rohde and Oregon Action.  The local measure he references seems polarizing, unnecessary and won't receive much attention so I am sending along my recommendation to vote NO on Measure 15-65--Steve
Ashland voters and friends,

Since there is no material in the voters guide about Ballot Measure 15-65 in Ashland please consider this letter and vote no.  Oregon Action has been supporting affordable housing for our community, and we recommend a no vote.

Ashland voters have the opportunity to do the right thing for affordable housing this election by voting a resounding No to Measure 15-65. Designed by anti-affordable housing ideologues, this measure changes the City charter to require that any proposal for a real estate transfer fee in Ashland must be put up for public vote. Read on for two great reasons to vote against 15-65

Film review: &quot;Death of a President&quot;

Ireland, 22.10.2006 22:09

A review of a new film set in 2007. ...

How to support the Janitors

Houston, 22.10.2006 19:39

How the community can support the janitors struggle

Traslado de los comuneros mapuches

santiago, 22.10.2006 18:40

Entrevista a Elizabeth Antilef, vocera Pres@s Polític@s Mapuche

Kaboom! Ammo Dump Blows

Cleveland, 22.10.2006 18:07

Iraqi Resistance Blows Up Huge Ammo Dump,
Casualties: "Who Knows?"

Demokratie: An oder Aus?

Germany, 22.10.2006 17:39

Inzwischen haben auch in Deutschland 'Wahlmaschinen' Einzug gehalten. Es ist zu befürchten, dass sie aufgrund massiver Lobbyarbeit der Hersteller und der Sparwut der Politik, der eine angeblich günstige Wahl wichtiger zu sein scheint als die Korrektheit des Wahlergebnisses und der Fortbestand der letzten Reste demokratischer Grundlagen. Denn diese 'Wahlmaschinen' sind leider alles andere als sicher. So sind die Ergebnisse die sie ausspucken bei den meisten Geräten durch niemanden (auch nicht durch Wahlhelfer oder Gerichte) nachvollziehbar - eine Kontrollmöglichkeit fehlt also gänzlich - und über die in Deutschland bereits eingesetzten Geräte abgegebene Stimmen können auch noch aus mehreren Metern Entfernung ausgelesen werden. Aber das sind nur einige der vielen Probleme, die Wahlcomputer mit sich bringen und sie vollkommen untauglich für dieses Einsatzgebiet machen.

Wahlcomputer müssen sterben! | Funktionsweise von Wahlcomputern | Wir vertrauen Wahlcomputern nicht | Sicherheitsanalyse von Nedap Wahlcomputern (en) | Chaosradio: Wahlcomputer | Wahlcomputer müssen sterben | Automatisierte Wahlen | Wahlcomputer sind unsicher und gehören verboten
Update: Cottbus behindert Überprüfung der öffentlichen Wahl

「どんな小さな動きにも対抗していこう」上野千鶴子さん/ &quot;We must resist at every turn&quot; says feminist Chizuko Ueno

Japan, 22.10.2006 14:07

【〜女性新聞ふぇみんより〜】 From the Women's Newspaper Femin (est. 1946) 福井発 ジェンダー本撤去事件に勝利宣言 福井市内で市民集会 情報公開・住民監査請求・裁判・苦情処理申立 使い Gender-related books removed from Library in Fukui- Citizens organize against it.

City Council's Resolution urges FCC to Preserve Ownership Regulations

Philadelphia, 22.10.2006 13:38

March and Rally to defend 30 Years of Civilian Review in Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.10.2006 07:39

A Rally for Police Accountability will be held in Berkeley on Wednesday October 25th. Berkeley Copwatch, the Clown Army, and the Tactical Ice Cream Unit are encouraging people to gather at the Berkeley Public Safety Building (Martin Luther King at Center St) at 6 pm, and then march to North Berkeley Senior Center (Hearst and Martin Luther King) for Public Hearing on "The Future of Civilian Review in Berkeley," beginning at 7:30 pm. The march and rally will demand that the Police Review Commission (PRC), the nation's oldest independent civilian review organization, take bold action to preserve civilian review.

White LIberals and Glass Houses

DC, 22.10.2006 07:09

A critique of the white left media reform movement

The Hypocrisy of Bono

Melbourne, 22.10.2006 07:09

Protests to Target U2's Bono at G20 Meeting

La Otra Campaña Tijuana: Revolution on Our Doorstep

San Diego, 22.10.2006 07:08

Marcos came to Tijuana, last Wednesday and Thursday, October 18th and 19th, within the shadow of our wall of shame, to bring Zapatismo to Mexico’s fourth largest city through the “La Otra Campaña” tour. A series of forums held over the last year in 31 Mexican states which says that there is a better way to do politics than stolen elections, bribed congress persons, corrupt, violent governors, and corporate thievery. Politics from the bottom up, not top down; where all the stakeholders in civil society; workers, peasants, students, women, gays, indigenous groups have the power to control the economic, social and political processes that influence their lives.

Here, amid the ruins of the former world of the Tijuana rich, young people commit themselves to authentic lives and autonomous communities free of greed. They do not fear the loss of material comforts or jail. A new culture of resistance begins to take shape as Mexico rediscovers its continuing revolution. There is, indeed, hope.

FROM SDIMC: Further stories, photos, audio and video on the EZLN's Sixth Commission visit to Tijuana are forthcoming...

Ethiopia Repression Worsens: Calls For Sanctions Blocked By Hastert

Portland, 22.10.2006 06:38

A wave of political oppression in Ethiopia has resulted in the arbitrary arrests and torture involving hundreds of political prisoners, journalists, and human rights acivists. A bipartisan bill in the US Congress calling for sanctions against Ethiopia was blocked by Dennis Hastert while the Bush administration calls the government of Prime Minister Zenawi an ally on the 'war on terror'. A lawyer with a history of working on behalf of women's rights, Yalem Bekele, was arrested yesterday and Amnesty International fears she may be tortured.

Philippines: Resist Arroyo’s “mad dog” campaign to cripple the political opposition!

Portland, 22.10.2006 06:38

The Department of Interior and Local Government's "preventive suspension" of Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and his entire city council based on flimsy administrative charges marks the height of the Arroyo government's "mad dog" campaign to cripple the political opposition by all means.

This follows the government's recent move to charge 50 civilians and military officers with rebellion including the former President of the University of the Philippines and the Chairperson of Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses), Dr. Francisco Nemenzo. At the same time, the spate of political killings against leftist activists and personalities remains unabated.

Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006 James Chasse Issue

Portland, 22.10.2006 06:38

James Chasse
James Chasse's Family Speaks, Chanel Twelve does not listen.
Does anyone know James Chasse?

Please Help Print and Distribute

ct adds: I've noticed that several local blogs have linked to the "Does anyone know James Chasse?" article. If anyone hasn't read it, or hasn't read it since it was first published (as many comments came in later), they really should. They linked to it because numerous people who knew James Chasse took the time to express their feelings about his murder. Anyway I'm glad to see that a page of the newsletter was given to a couple of those who shared their personal stories. I'll be printing some out and placing them wherever I find myself; I encourage others to do the same.

Download the Newsletter (PDF)

Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks

Portland, 22.10.2006 06:38

Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks. This is an autonomous event. Wear black in support of the families of people killed by the police in the Portland area.

Idea for signs, names of each of the victims of police brutality in Portland:

If you're new to town or just don't know, the "North Park Blocks" refers to the area at NW Park & Couch in Portland.


jail support oct 22nd 503-233-3194

carry the number with you. call in reports to us, and let us know what is happening on the street. folks can call us collect from jail if they are arrested.


Immigration March

NYC, 22.10.2006 05:38

Several hundred people rallied in Union Square Oct. 21 to demand
legalization of illegal immigrants. The crowd, composed mainly of
immigrants-from Mexico, Guatemala, China, the Dominican Republic,
South Asia, and more-union members, and leftist sects, then marched
up Sixth Avenue to Times Square. Speakers included relatives of
deported immigrants and City Councilmembers Charles Barron and John

The Fourth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair on Sunday.

NYC, 22.10.2006 05:08

The Fourth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair is on Sunday, October 22 from 11:00–5:00 at LIU Brooklyn Campus on Flatbush & DeKalb Avenues

A Peace & Justice Extravaganza for Adults & Children of All Ages
Music, Art, Performers, Workshops, & Information Tables

From the Oaxaca Commune, We're Still Waiting...

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.10.2006 04:38

danielsan reports from Oaxaca City, Mexico

October 12th, 2006 - There have been two APPO supporters killed this week: a painter and a teacher. Two autopsies filmed by human rights observers, two memorials in the Zocalo. There have been many more over the past few months, but as more time passes it seems like the violence comes in waves. They're starting to use the term "death squads" to describe the teams of out-of-uniform cops and military that are always found responsible for the shootings at the barricades or at the building occupations. There are some soldiers and cops around from time to time.

Last night after Panfilo Hernandez Vasquez was shot and killed, two police patrol cars were stopped and smashed in retribution. But no one was hurt--just some smashed windows and a couple of no-longer-driveable cars to add to the barricade. This movement has been unarmed for the whole time. Sticks, sometimes machetes, but never guns. But until what point? How many teachers, picked off by gunfire in the night, as the seemingly endless negotiations drag on? How many memorials in the Zocalo? How long before a guerrila movement resurfaces? Before people leave the morgue with retribution in mind? Read more, view photos and listen to audio

Audio (mp3s): maestra - caso contra URO || maestra - Oaxaca as an example to the world || maestra - educaton en Oaxaca || niño - poesia en zócalo

previous Oaxaca reports from danielsan: Ulises Gives A Face to Corruption || Ingobernabilidad || ¡Ni un paso atrás! Not one step back! || Interview with APPO Supporter Shot Friday Night || From the Barricades: Oaxacan Teachers Speak

FCC Town Hall Meeting Marked by Concerns over Media Consolidation

NYC, 22.10.2006 02:08

Juan Gonzalez, a Latino reporter with the New York Daily News, warned that further de-regulation would “make a bad situation far worse . . . We are in real danger of waking up one day with a de facto apartheid situation” with respect to inclusion of people of color in the media, where whites control a disproportionate share of media outlets.

Amid IWW Union Pressure and Expansion, Starbucks Loosens Purse Strings

NYC, 22.10.2006 02:08

Amid IWW Union Pressure and Expansion, Starbucks Loosens Purse Strings

America: Freedom to Fascism &quot;Director's Final Cut&quot;

Miami, 22.10.2006 01:37

America: Freedom to Fascism "Director's Final Cut"

Le otorgan el cambio de nombre a una trans universitaria

Puerto Rico, 21.10.2006 23:39

Lucha siempre

hrana nu bombe

Romania, 21.10.2006 23:37

Food Not Bombs in Bucuresti

Duminica, 15 Octombrie 2006 un Food Not Bombs (Hrana Nu Bombe) a fost organizat de catre un grup alternativ din Bucuresti in cartierul Ferentari, cartier marginalizat si foarte sarac. In jur de ora 13 s-a facut instalarea in fata unui bloc, pe trotuar. Oamenii au inceput sa se stranga la inceput curiosi, apoi dornici sa primeasca din cele pregatite. S-au impartit in jur de 100 de portii de mancare si aproximativ 15 litri de ceai.

RIP Michael Johnson

Houston, 21.10.2006 18:09

RIP Michael Johnson

Medical Marijuana Conviction Overturned

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.10.2006 16:08

On October 18, the California Sixth District Court of Appeals reversed the March 2005 conviction of medical marijuana caregiver and patient, Roger Mentch, for cultivation and possession of marijuana intended for sale. The court recognized the legitimacy of Mentch's caregiver defense under the 1996 Compassionate Care Act, which was forbidden during his first trial.

AFSCME and Friends March for Wage Parity, Justice

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.10.2006 07:08

At noon on Wednesday, October 18, 2006, members of AFSCME 3299 and their supporters marched from the Bay Tree Plaza to the base of campus, where a roving picket line was held, followed by a rally. The workers have been engaged in a year-long struggle to receive wages similiar to those of neighboring colleges and universities where people can make up to 30% more for the same (or less) work. Over the summer, the California State Assembly passed legislation funding these wage increases, yet UC President Dynes has been holding the money hostage as a way of forcing union concessions over pension issues. Wednesday's action, which, due to police blockage of the road, effectively shut down the base of campus for 30-40 minutes, was the first protest of the day at UCSC. Due to a visit from the UC Regents, a high-profile action a few hours later where police assaulted and pepper-sprayed students has taken most of the headlines. It's important to note, however, that these two actions were in solidarity with each other, as students and workers struggle over the same need to democratize the UC and fix the problems at UCSC before any possible expansion.


Fase itinerante do Felco ocorre de 23 a 27 de outubro na Flaskô

Brasil, 21.10.2006 01:38


Geneva Conventions - RIP?

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Community Groups Rising

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Creative Resistance in a Time of War

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Massive Anti-Handgun Rally in Harrisburg

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Inquirer Skirts around the Bush Effort to Legalize Torture and Exempt Himself From Prosecution

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

14 Arrested Outside Senator Santorum's Office in Defiance of War

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Hard consequences for declaring peace in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Privatization in Philly Public Schools

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

G8 Summit and the Memory of Tlatelolco!

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Columbus Day -- another day of struggle and civil disobedience around the world.

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

InkyWatch: Inquirer Owner Breaks Promise with &quot;Owner's View&quot; Editorial as Paper Continues to Shift Toward Entertainment and Sensationalism

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

Photo Essay - PeopleHood Parade and Pageant

Philadelphia, 21.10.2006 01:38

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