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QC, 25.10.2006 09:41

Filipino Elected President of Int'l Activist Lawyers' Group

lawyers under attack

QC, 25.10.2006 09:41

So Young, So Committed, and So Much in Danger

&quot;GREEN SCARE&quot;

Athens, 25.10.2006 09:40

7 Δεκέμβρη, ημέρα αλληλεγγύης με τα θύματα του Green Scare στις ΗΠΑ

Shell Garage Demo on Climate Change

Bristol, 25.10.2006 09:38

M32 Garage Roof Occupied, No arrests. M32 Garage Roof Occupied, No arrests. As Shell spends £3.7bn to buy out Canadian oil sands operation, a move seen by some as a step towards a £230bn mega-merger with BP, The Sea writes: a protest aimed at exposing oil corporatations ongoing commitment to seeking profit over reducing oil dependency to deal with climate change, activists occupied the M32 Shell Service station. Three People occupied the roof for around three hours, whilst about another dozen handed out leaflets and indulged in some in promptu street theatre....A small sound system kept things lively and a couple of passers by joined in with the protest. The police presence reached it’s peak at three squad cars, though even the law couldn’t control The Sea, who defied the Canute – like officers, washing over the forecourt due to rising sea levels....This is part of a on going campaign, which partly gained it’s impetus from the Climate Camp held in Yorkshire...Full article| Climate Protesters Occupy Shell Garage | | Shell Demo Video (.mov) |

Castor 2006: Energiepolitik wird hier verhandelt

Germany, 25.10.2006 09:11

Am 10. November startet in Valogne (Nordfrankreich) ein Zug mit zwölf Castor-Behältern. Gegen diesen inzwischen 10. Transport von Atommüll ins Zwischenlager Gorleben machen Gruppen aus der anti-Atom-Bewegung und aus den g8-Zusammenhängen seit Wochen mit Aktionen und Aufrufen mobil. Auch wenn es mittlerweile zu einem lokalen Ereignis heruntergebeamt zu sein scheint: Die Proteste gegen Atomanlagen, stellvertretend ausgetragen zwischen La Hague und Gorleben, werden in der Politik und den Energiekonzernen aufmerksam registriert. Daß sie nur noch als “polizeiliches Problem” in den bürgerlichen Medien rübergebracht werden, hat mehr damit zu tun, daß der staatliche Umgang mit Protesten veränderten Strategien folgt, und weniger damit, daß es materiell einen Bedeutungsverlust gäbe.

Am 4. November ist Demo in Biblis. | Am 4. November ist Demo in Brunsbüttel.

Am 11. November findet in Gorleben die große Kundgebung gegen den Castor-Transport statt. Ab dem 10. November rollt der Castor von La Hague nach Gorleben. Oder er rollt nicht!


Colombia, 25.10.2006 03:09

Concierto por la Libertad de la Madre Tierra


Colombia, 25.10.2006 02:38


Colombia, 25.10.2006 01:38

Debate de Petro-PDA y el proceso de paz

[Imc-europe] чарговы інфармацыйны чат CEE ў Чацьв 26.10.2006 20:00 па менскім часе (апошні Чцьвер месяцу) на канале #europe

Belarus, 25.10.2006 01:37

Participe do dia nacional de luta pelo passe livre

Brasil, 25.10.2006 01:09


Participe do dia nacional de luta pelo passe livre

Brasil, 25.10.2006 01:09


Participe do dia nacional de luta pelo passe livre

Brasil, 25.10.2006 01:09


WBAI election - what's at stake

NYC, 24.10.2006 23:41

WBAI - a unique alternative radio voice for over 40 years - is not doing well. It is losing members. Response to fund drives gets worse every year. It owes money to the parent Pacifica foundation. Yet the Local Station Board (LSB), charged with station oversight, does very little. It looks as if the members of the "Justice and Unity" slate - the majority of the LSB - prefer to protect certain powers at the station rather try to help it become healthy again.


Miami, 24.10.2006 23:39


Miami Critical Mass Update: Special &quot;Frankenbike Halloween Ride&quot; October 28th

Miami, 24.10.2006 23:39

Miami Critical Mass Update: Special "Frankenbike Halloween Ride" October 28th


Oklahoma, 24.10.2006 22:38

Buy treats to help save our soldiers’ lives. The event wil be on Friday, Nov. 1st and Saturday, Nov. 2nd at OCCC. Please help us support the troops. The event wil be on Friday, Nov. 1st and Saturday, Nov. 2nd at OCCC. Please help us support the troops. The event wil be on Friday, Nov. 1st and Saturday, Nov. 2nd at OCCC. Please help us support the troops. BAKE SALE FOR BODY ARMOR Buy treats to help save our soldiers’ lives. When: November 1st and 2nd from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Where: Oklahoma City Community College, main building 1st floor 7777 South May Avenue,. Oklahoma City Why: Bake Sales for Body Armor was formed as a remedy to the slow response of the government in providing the best armor they could to our soldiers whose lives are on the line. While it is true that almost all soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have the front and back plates to their protective vests they don’t all have the side and deltoid pieces … the pieces recently cited in a Pentagon study as the armor pieces that could have saved the lives of many Marines. Help us support the troops one soldier at a time. Contact person: Elizabeth at You can email for info on how to send donations. All profits go to BAKE SALE FOR BODY ARMOR.

Stop Police Brutality March and Rally Held in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2006 19:40

A march to end police brutality went from Justice Corner (C and Fresno street) to the new amphitheater across from the Fresno Police Department (FPD). Many of the marchers were family members who had lost loved ones at the hands of the FPD. At the amphitheater testimony was given by the family members about their sons, brothers, or husband's stolen life.

Read More

Day 1- Miami Activists Take Back the Land

Miami, 24.10.2006 18:37

Day 1- Miami Activists Take Back the Land


Italy, 24.10.2006 18:08

Troops out of Afghanistan

Maritimes, 24.10.2006 16:08

Oct 28th Pan-Canadian day of Action: TROOPS OUT NOW!

Miami Activists &quot;Take Over&quot; Public Land to Build Shanty Town for Homeless

Miami, 24.10.2006 16:07

Miami Activists "Take Over" Public Land to Build Shanty Town for Homeless

Крытычная маса супраць кліматычнага хаосу

Belarus, 24.10.2006 14:37

Support for SynFuel EA on the Rise

Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

Support for SynFuel Environmental Assessment on the Rise, Citizens Groups Unite

Support for SynFuel EA on the Rise

Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

Support for SynFuel Environmental Assessment on the Rise, Citizens Groups Unite

Food Action Network

Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

Food Security, What Does it mean to You?

Food Action Network

Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

Food Security, What Does it mean to You?


Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

PRIDE in the NORTH Festivities

How do you rate city council?

Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

How do you rate Thunder Bay City Council?

Red Rock Mill Closure : A Photo Essay

Thunder Bay, 24.10.2006 13:37

Red Rock Mill Closure : A Photo Essay

South Bronx Residents Oppose Planned Jail

NYC, 24.10.2006 12:08

In a town hall meeting that opened with community leaders pledging opposition to the planned construction of a new correctional facility in the South Bronx and ended with boisterous, passionate chants of “No more jails!,” local residents and activists unequivocally expressed their opposition to the planned prison to New York City Department of Correction Commissioner Martin Short, who insisted that a new jail in the Bronx was needed to replace aging facilities on Rikers Island. The meeting, organized by Community in Unity, a coalition of fifteen Bronx community organizations, was called to demand transparency and accountability in the planning process and to offer alternatives to the proposed 2,000-bed facility, which has raised the ire of some members of the Hunts Point community, who have criticized the city for excluding them from the planning and question the value of building yet another jail.

Update on Jeff Free Luers and more...

Portland, 24.10.2006 11:08

Dear Friends,

We've got a few things to share with you, but first we just wanted to again express our thanks to all of you who have put time and energy into supporting Jeff whether it's sharing his story with others, writing a letter, donating money, or purchasing the "22/8" documentary DVD about Jeff and sharing it with friends or screening it at your local café to help spread the word about Jeff and the repression that activists face. There are still DVD's available, and although we have sold out of the Heartcheck zines, we are now selling photocopies at a reduced rate. Contact us for details on ordering the DVD or zine.

Thank you! Your support means so much to us and to Jeff.

Starbucks is anti-bicycle

Portland, 24.10.2006 11:08

30 year-old Northeast Portland resident Fabian Mills used to manage the Starbucks store on 102nd and Halsey near the Gateway Transit Center.

Back in August he rode his bike to a district meeting and got a surprising reaction from his new district manager, Frances Ericson. Here's how it went down according to Mills:

Four days after this conversation took place Ericson transferred Mills to a new store in Troutdale at 257th and Stark. Mills was unhappy with the decision because the transfer would add 16 miles to his daily bike commute.

When Mills expressed his disappointment with the move, Ericson allegedly said, "you should just get over riding your bike."

centaur smith

Portland, 24.10.2006 11:08

Hey folks,

On Thursday 26th of October I will be at the WTC building, THAT IS WHERE OUR "Centaur" Smith does hide. I will be handing out copies of the Bill of Rights. I will be calling for Mr. Smith or one of his staff to come out to talk about why he gave bush the right to arrest and disappear any citizen of this great nation called America. Come and join me, this is the end of Mr. Smith as a senator from the state of Oregon. Mr. Smith is a traitor and should be called out---want to take a ride, want to make the man who acts like cheney, (does have more hair) uncomfortable? Bring copies of the Bill of Rights and your soul. Well, that's all folks!

11:45 AM Mr. Smith's office----ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER---121 SW SALMON ST.

ANSWER Calls for Anti-War Protest on Saturday, October 28th

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2006 07:39

People in several cities around the US have heeded ANSWER's Call to Action to organize anti-war activities for Saturday, October 28th. ANSWER says, "The people will force the issue of the Iraq war onto the U.S. political stage by taking to streets in demonstrations in cities and towns throughout the United States." In the Bay Area, there will be protests in San Francisco at 12pm at UN Plaza, and in Berkeley at Acton and University at 1:30pm. ANSWER organizing meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 7pm, 2489 Mission St #30 (at 21st St), SF (near 24th St BART, #14 MUNI).

Peligro de desalojo en un conservatorio

Argentina, 24.10.2006 05:38

San Martín: Estudiantes reclaman por mejoras edilicias

Local group I.D's dangerous security flaw in City's voter registration database

Chicago, 24.10.2006 05:08

Members of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project have discovered a serious security vulnerability in the City of Chicago's online voter registration database that could allow an identity pirate to obtain the names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers of more than 1.5 million Chicago voters. The discovery comes on the heels of a series of problems — and growing concerns — about the integrity of Chicago's electronic voting protocals and procedures.

IBIP notified staff at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners several weeks ago about the vulnerability — estimated to require a five-minute fix — but no action was taken. Late last week, IBIP determined that the security breach was more severe than first thought and again notified the Board, which began taking action to alleviate the threat last Friday. Read more

Additional info: The Illinois Ballot Integrity Project

FCC Pays Unarmed Visit to Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2006 04:41

Two FCC commissioners will appear at the Oakland Marriott this Friday, Oct. 27th, at 5 p.m. to hear comments from local broadcasters, listeners and media activists as they debate new media ownership rules, which would allow a few big corporations to own even more of what we read, watch and listen to. Details

Previous FCC coverage: 2002: FCC Raids Berkeley Liberation Radio | 2003: SF Liberation Radio Raided; Equipment Taken, No Arrests | 2004: Feds Raid Free Radio Santa Cruz | 2006: Berkeley Liberation Radio Challenges Illegal Broadcasting Notice

Israel reconoció el uso de fósforo blanco

Argentina, 24.10.2006 04:09

Unas leyes para amigos, otras para enemigos

Great Lakes Under Attack

Cleveland, 24.10.2006 03:37

Great Lakes Under Attack

Open Letter To The American People

DC, 24.10.2006 03:09

The following is an Open Letter to the American people from the brother of Pat Tillman, a former U.S. Army Ranger and NFL Arizona Cardinal. Kevin Tillman was also a U.S. Army Ranger and served in Iraq then Afghanistan with his brother.

Climate protesters occupy federal building. We need your help now.

DC, 24.10.2006 03:09

Standoff with Police Occurs at NOAA Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD

New Expose´of ExxonMobil, &quot;Out of Balance&quot; Released

New Hampshire, 24.10.2006 02:39

Joe Public films releases new documentary on ExxonMobil's relation to climate change.

Direct Action Against Victoria's Secret Catalogue Clear Cutting

NYC, 24.10.2006 02:38

On the upper-west side of Manhattan two protesters chained themselves to the doors of Victoria's Secret to bring attention to the companies poor environmental practices. The company, which prints over one million catalogues every day, uses paper made from the virgin wood of old growth forests and needs to be pressured to use recycled paper. For more information go to

Amy Goodman recording - 2006 speaking tour at CMU

Pittsburgh, 23.10.2006 19:39

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Amy Goodman's 2006 speaking tour in Pittsburgh

Joe Keating: Setting the Record Straight

Portland, 23.10.2006 19:38

" With a few weeks left until election day .. I'm about to travel throughout the Valley to set the record straight. Ted Kulongoski is a weak and vacillating politician who has attempted to woe the progressive community with empty words about the war in Iraq, the environment, good government, and ... . energy independence. These are empty political words ... he has made a mockery of these vital issues. I doubt if any voter believes Kulongoski, if reelected, will follow through on ... political promises... it is important for a leader to be truthful ... . Oregonians deserve better." ----- Joe Keating Green Party candidate for governor.

Joe Keating will be touring the state to give major policy speeches, addressing issues with the intelligence and warmth Oregonians deserve. Instead of finding the lowest common denominator to be elected, Keating has lead with his commitment to the people and state he will serve as governor. Click the "Read More>>" link for tour schedule and information.

Related Articles are Here

Indypendent Reader, Fall 2006

Baltimore, 23.10.2006 19:08

Baltimore Indymedia's and campbaltimore artist collective's collaboration, the "Indypendent Reader" is now available online. This "Indypendent" (Issue 2, Fall 2006) focuses on the prison system and the experience of prisoners and their families in Baltimore and Maryland. CONTENTS: * Eddie Conway: Political Prisoner. By R.B. Jones * Women in Prison. By Natalie Sokoloff * Children of Prisoners. By Howard Ehrlich * From Death Row: John Booth-el and Vernon Evans * Community Organizing in Caracas. By Cira Pascual-Marquina * 2006 Public Housing Resident's Summit. By David Sloan * Timeline on Maryland's Prison System: 1804-2005 See the Indypendent Reader

Galludet marches on Capitol

DC, 23.10.2006 18:10

Yesterday, students, faculty, alumni and supporters of the Galludet Uprising gathered on campus at 8AM and marched about an hour later on Capitol Hill.

Photos: Anti Police Brutality Rally Union Square

NYC, 23.10.2006 16:38

A coalition of activists protested police brutality at Union Square || US IMC COverage

Emergenza rifiuti in Campania

Italy, 23.10.2006 16:09

La monnezza vien di notte

Transgênicos avançam no Brasil e mídia ataca ambientalistas

Brasil, 23.10.2006 15:38


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