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Cihan Atli Belongs to Glasgow!

Scotland, 27.10.2006 14:41

Another example of how idiotic, incomprehensible and evil the Home Office can be...

Zapatistas defend village against violent eviction

Scotland, 27.10.2006 14:41

Zapatista families in the northern zone of Chiapas, Mexico urgently need solidarity in an important struggle to defend their community against a violent threatened eviction.

Liam Byrne's Trip to Glasgow

Scotland, 27.10.2006 14:41

Liam Byrne came to Glasgow today and received a warm welcome. Kind of.


Athens, 27.10.2006 08:39

Απόπειρα ποινικοποιήσης της ελεύθερης διακίνησης ιδεών

Judge Dismisses Three Charges Against Richard Watts

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.10.2006 08:09

On October 25th, Judge Charles Breyer dismissed three counts involving marijuana cultivation against Richard Watts, ruling that the U.S. Attorney's Office had violated the Speedy Trial Act. Judge Breyer, who sentenced Ed Rosenthal to one day in jail after the previous trial, openly challenged Assistant U.S. Attorney George Bevan several times about the federal government's justification for retrying Mr. Rosenthal and Mr. Watts. Attorneys have to submit several documents before a December 6th appearance about how to proceed with the case.

Empresa comprometida a frenar contaminación

Argentina, 27.10.2006 06:10

Comunidades achuar fuerzan soluciones con toma de Pluspetrol en la Amazonía peruana

Peace Activists Plan Rally at US Senate Debate

Tennessee, 27.10.2006 02:09

Nashville, TN: The Nashville Peace Coalition has called for a peace rally to be held on the evening of the scheduled statewide Senate debate in Nashville between Democratic Candidate Harold Ford Jr. and Republican Candidate Bob Corker at Vanderbilt University. The rally, which is being called "Give Peace a Voice" is being held to call attention to what many feel is the most important issue of the election season which is the ongoing occupation of Iraq. Peace Coalition members intend rally beginning at 6:30pm on the public sidewalk outside the main entrance to Ingram Hall. Green Party for US Senate candidate Chris Lugo will be in attendance at the rally although Lugo is not scheduled to participate in the debates.

A Sacramentan's Report on La Otra Campana en Tijuana

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.10.2006 02:09

Report on the meeting with Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN in Tijuana during the Zapatista's La Otra Campana taking place throughout Mexico:


Homeless Women Speak Out

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.10.2006 02:09

Two Fresno women tell their stories of what it is like to be homeless in Fresno. The photo included is Pam Kincaid, as she told her story to the press in front of Fresno City Hall. Photos

Jay and Geno are Homeless in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.10.2006 02:09

I met Jay and Geno today. They live by the railroad track in downtown Fresno, not far from the Poverello House and Rescue Mission. Geno lives in the shelter pictured below. Jay lives about a mile away.



Athens, 26.10.2006 20:40

Mαθητικές - Φοιτητικές καταλήψεις ανοίγουν δρόμους αγώνα

Suppan, Pitch a Good Game and Then Go to Hell

Saint Louis, 26.10.2006 19:08

Jeff Suppan has become the latest American sports star to enter the political arena on the right-wing of the political spectrum. I will cheer for Jeff Suppan and my St. Louis Cardinals tonight, and I have to take my hat off to him because he has really came through during the playoffs for the Cardinals, but other than that I am angry with him …

Stolen election AGAIN? Help spark a general strike on Nov. 8

Portland, 26.10.2006 18:38

In two more weeks, it will happen again: vote-suppression tactics and uncounted "provisional ballots." Five to 11 point leads (i.e. in Georgia in '04) will vanish in a flurry of e-aberrations. If the House and Senate are up for grabs, the formula will simply be moderated. Instead of a four-seat lead for Bush's e-regime, it will go down to a modest two, plus an eleven-seat lead in the House.

It isn't a partisan issue. The US is being prevented from evolving.

read more...Rarely, do we get a real choice in judicial elections- Mark KramerBut we do now, with Mark Kramer running for an open Circuit Court position in Multnomah County (#28). We have a wonderful opportunity to put a strong, smart, progressive lawyer on the bench. Mark is a strong advocate for access to justice issues. read more...Paul Loney Green candidate for state representative District 46 Paul says... "I am an attorney and activist. I am seeking to connect the voters in my district with the platform and positions of the Pacific Green Party. I believe that voters are seeking a better way for our government to operate. Our state government can do a better job of finding sustainable solutions to the problems previous state legislatures have ignored. I have been involved with Neighborhood Associations in and around this district since 1992. I believe in the power of citizen activists." read more...

related: Potter's police pension "reform" a costly (to you) sham | Time for spreading the word for a Revolution, Cascadians | Portland Greens take positions on upcoming Ballot Measures | 2006 Oregon Elections page at pdx indymedia

Rosie Sizer's Full of Shit and Katu nailed her

Portland, 26.10.2006 18:38

I just saw Chief Sizer on Katu. She stated that the home addresses of her officers have been published on line, and implied that the lives of her officers have been threatened. Katu showed the Portland Indy Media Center as one of those web pages and they stated that it was UNTRUE. That the residential addresses of the officers have not been posted here. Katu questioned her on this and she had to clarify her statement saying that she thought it might escalate to that but that it hasn't happened yet. read the full article...Anti police posters "offensive"-Rosie the ripperSeems the chief of police is less than pleased that someone has been putting up posters decrying the killing of citizens by cops. Tough shit, Rosie!

Rosie Sizer is all vexed and annoyed that folks are getting sick and tired of her hired killers kicking our citizens to death. She seems to think that it is unreasonable to post pictures and descriptions of the coppers who kill on several poles around town. Rosie, we think it unreasonable for you to try to tell us that these fuckers are "devastated," when at least one of them was seen partying it up at lunch the other day, and none of them is man enough to admit that they went overboard when they kicked a sick man to death.

read the full article...Rosie Sizer and Hitting Close to HomeToday, Chief Sizer called it "offensive" that people have posted fliers across the city denouncing the officers who beat James Chasse to death on a downtown street. "Offensive." She says that she's "tired of the finger pointing," and that we need to "focus on the bigger picture."

Chief Sizer, at long last, we are most assuredly focused on the bigger picture. And we are not liking what we see there. It is a picture of rampant police violence and a system that fails to protect us from that violence. It's a picture of secret grand juries and foregone conclusions and corporate media apologists.

read the full article...

related: Chief Sizer says Trust Us about Chasse Death | Chasse Public Memorial | Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006 James Chasse Issue | Chasse Killer's Lies Exposed | James Chasse: Beaten and Murdered by Police

My Experiences Cross-Border Video Streaming With The Zapatistas

San Diego, 26.10.2006 18:38

J on cell. 1/2 hr to video streaming. J says very slowly: *T_h_e* *r_o_u_t_e_r* *w_a_s* *c_o_m_p_l_e_t_e_l_y* *d_i_s_a_s_s_e_m_b_l_e_d* *a_n_d* *t_h_e* *p_l_u_g* *w_a_s* *c_h_o_p_p_e_d* *o_f_f*. I'm like, F*CK! J says: *Q*, *i_t_'_s* *g_o_i_n_g* *t_o* *b_e* *o_k*. *T_h_e* *c_o_m_p_a_n_e_r_@_s* *h_e_r_e* *h_a_v_e* *b_e_e_n* *p_e_r_f_o_r_m_i_n_g* *m_i_r_a_c_l_e_s*. *W_e* *p_u_t* *t_h_e* *r_o_u_t_e_r* *b_a_c_k* *t_o_g_e_t_h_e_r* *a_n_d* *o_n_e* *o_f* *t_h_e* *c_o_m_p_a_n_e_r_a_s* *r_e_w_i_r_e_d* *t_h_e* *p_l_u_g*. *W_e* *a_r_e* *b_a_c_k* *o_n* *t_h_e* *i_n_t_e_r_n_e_t*. My vision is clouded with tears. I'm thinking: J is moving mountains. YES!

Radio Pachanga

New Mexico, 26.10.2006 18:08

Benefit to support low power radio in northern Mexico and friends working with La Otra Compaña

Earl Blumenauer Condemns Human Rights Abuse in Ethiopia, Urges Vote

Portland, 26.10.2006 17:38

Portland, Ore Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), a member of the House International Relations Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations, released the following statement on the human rights situation in Ethiopia:

I am particularly troubled by the release of the Commission of Inquiry's report into the killing of nearly 200 protesters by Ethiopian security forces last year, the continued detention of political prisoners, and the silencing of voices from civil society. The United States should stand on the side of the Ethiopian people and ensure that those responsible for these killings are brought to justice and that political differences are worked out through democratic processes, not repressive actions. When Congress reconvenes, I urge the Speaker of the House to schedule a vote on H.R.5680, the bipartisan Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Advancement Act, which passed the House International Relations Committee by voice vote.

read the full article...

see also: ETHIOPIA: HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS CONTINUES: Lawyers Call for Int'l Action, Condemn Regime

agresiones contra la U

Colombia, 26.10.2006 16:39

continuan las agresiones contra las Universidades del Pais

Emergenza casa a Palermo

Italy, 26.10.2006 15:09

Occupata la cattedrale dal comitato di lotta per la casa

From Abu Ghraib to Shannon

Ireland, 26.10.2006 15:09

US Iraq Vets to Speak at Anti-War Rally at Shannon ...

Memorial Stadium Expansion Plans

Bristol, 26.10.2006 15:08

Urgent Action Needed! The Deadline For Objections Is 30th October! flyboi81 writes: Bristol Rovers propose to increase the stadium capacity from 12,000 to 18,000 and include a hotel and rooms for 546 students... how much more parking and traffic chaos can Horfield take? Do you have trouble parking near your house on match days? Are you troubled by noise, petty vandalism & litter from fans? Do you feel your activities have to be fitted around sports fixtures? THEN TAKE ACTION NOW! Comment on the proposals (application 06/03850/F) in writing to: Kit Stokes, Planning Dept. Bristol City Council, St. Georges Road, Bristol BS1 5UY) or via the website: Lobby our local councillors, phone them, email them, make a nuisance of ourselves! Get them to represent US!! Write to our MP. Write to and telephone local media. Full ArticleMemorial Stadium Expansion Plans: Urgent Action Needed! | | Also of Interest: Castle Park Peace Garden Sites- Save/Delete? | Green Space-Save or Delete? |Contribute An Article

Keith Olberman (MSNBC) says &quot;Republican party biggest terrorist threat in this countr

Miami, 26.10.2006 15:07

Keith Olberman (MSNBC) says "Republican party biggest terrorist threat in USA"

Anti War

Perth, 26.10.2006 14:41

ANZ Bank: Iraq war profiteer claims record $3.7b profit

ACT UP in the Big House

Philadelphia, 26.10.2006 13:38

Wireless Philadelphia Leaves Community Out of Discussion

Philadelphia, 26.10.2006 13:38

Move Over Schama, Bristol's Doing History Now!

Bristol, 26.10.2006 13:38

Bristol Radical History Week, Spain 1936 & Samhain Bristol Radical History Week, Spain 1936 & Samhain Radical History Week kicks off, writes Will Simpson, with the 350th anniversary of radical preacher James Nayler’s 'blasphemous ride' into Bristol on a donkey. This deliberately echoed Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem and the city’s ruling authorities took a dim view of Nayler’s stunt. They arrested him and tortured him, boring his tongue out with a branding iron. This morning will see a re-enactment of Nayler’s dramatic entrance featuring a procession up Corn Street, palm wielding can-can dancers and a troop of pike and musketmen from the Sealed Knot. Be your own personal Jesus, join in the hosannas and celebrate freedom from religious hierarchy. (Saturday 28 October, Meet at the Centre, 11.15am and onwwards...) Full Article. Then later that evening the SolFed are also planning a look to the past, M Ascaso writes, In July 1936 the Spanish military, led by General Franco, revolted against the recently elected Republican Government. Large sections of the Spanish people not only resisted this attempted fascist coup but also advanced a social revolution. People from all over Britain, Europe and beyond, including many trade unionists, travelled to Spain to fight against fascism. Four men from Bristol died in the conflict. They are remembered by a plaque in Castle Park. The Bristol Local of the Solidarity Federation, the sister section of the Spanish CNT union, is marking the 70th anniversary of the revolution with two events in Bristol this weekend. (8.30pm, Didier’s, 3 Christmas Steps, Bristol) Full Article. While on Sunday A Cook notes, Kebele’s weekly vegan café goes all creepy this Sunday in the run up to Samhain / Halloween. Avoid the corporate-consumer-fest that Halloween has become, but still have fun, cheaply! Mask up to eat, dress up for a larf, sit in the dark and giggle for the film. It’s up to you. (Late harvest Vegan nosh from 6.30pm at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, BS5 6JY) Full Article.| Bristol Radical History Week | Bristol Radical History Week website | 70 Years | Mask up this Sunday! | |Contribute An Article - How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide

Friday Night Benefit for Woman Who Was Set on Fire

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.10.2006 08:09

Several local hard rock bands have organized a show that will be a fundraiser for Sandra Tellis, the 45 year-old woman from Oakland who was was beaten, tied up, and set on fire on September 1st. She survived, and is reportedly recovering slowly in a Bay Area hospital. The bands will play on Friday night, October 27th at the Uptown, at 1938 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. Doors are at 8pm for this 21+ event. Participating bands in the show include Placenta, Soul Broker, The Greenhouse Effect, and Stonecutter. The bands' share of admission will go to a fund that has been set up to benefit Tellis.

Municipal Workers Demonstrate Against Metro

Portland, 26.10.2006 06:38

Tonight at the Oregon Convention Center, over fifty elected officials from the region gathered to start discussing a "new look at regional choices."

Outside, however, was a different scene. Nearly fifty municipal employees and their supporters gathered to confront the Metro Regional Council. The employees, mostly from the Oregon Zoo, wanted Metro to sit down and adequately negotiate a new union contract.

"One of the problems is that Metro never said they can't afford this," said Laborers' Local 483 field agent Rob Wheaton, "they dont want to afford this. Metro wants to have layoffs, cut staff, and maintain expansion."

Será el próximo sábado en La Plata

Argentina, 26.10.2006 05:38

Escrache a Beroch, Gallo y Fittipaldi

İngiltere: Parlamento işten kovuldu

Istanbul, 26.10.2006 04:11

İngiltere: Parlamento işten kovuldu

The Maine Civil Liberties Union (MCLU) FOIA Requests and Monitoring of Maine Indymedia Discussion Lists.

Maine, 26.10.2006 04:08

The FBI has been monitoring open discusion lists run by Maine Independent Media Center and the Maine Coalition for Peace and Justice.

Ad-Hoc Coalition Protests Racial Profiling on Staten Island Ferry

NYC, 26.10.2006 02:44

Passenger: Are you saying that an Arab wearing a shirt in Arabic is a terrorist?
USCG: I’m just saying you’d better not wear that shirt here anymore.

Vote for WBAI Justice &amp; Unity Candidates

NYC, 26.10.2006 02:44

There is a high-stakes election going on now at peace-and-justice WBAI Radio (99.5 FM, that will determine the future direction of the station, and will influence that of the entire five-station Pacifica network. Some may see the ongoing conflict there as in-fighting or "factionalism." But it is in fact a major battle between competing ideologies about whether to keep WBAI's programming focused on the struggles of working class people, particularly those in communities of color.

NYC Port Authority Violates Human Rights Law by Arresting Transgender People.\

NYC, 26.10.2006 02:44

The NYC Port Authority Police have repeatedly violated NYC Human Rights Law by arresting and verbally abusing transgendered people for trying to use the restroom. Transgendered people and allies held a protest over 4 recent arrests.

Wellington'da silah konferansı protestolarla kesildi

Istanbul, 26.10.2006 01:39

Wellington'da silah konferansı protestolarla kesildi

Norfolk Deniz Üssü'nde protesto

Istanbul, 26.10.2006 00:39

Norfolk Deniz Üssü'nde Bush'un İran saldırısı protesto edildi

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 25.10.2006 23:14

No ens prendran els nostres drets sense lluitar

En els darrers mesos hem estat testimonis, novament, de com encara hi ha qui no accepta que les treballadores i els treballadors exigim els nostres drets fonamentals. Ja no en tenen prou amb despatxar als que lluiten, sinó que, com en el cas de Mercadona, arriben fins i tot a l'extrem d'enviar "matons" a donar pallises als qui donen la cara o,fins i tot, utilitzen els mercenaris a sou de l'estat per intentar espantar als que volen mostrar solidaritat i recolzament amb els seus companys.
Per contra aquells "sindicalistes", que treballen més a favor de l'empresa que no pas a favor dels treballadors, no només són recompensats econòmicament sinó que, a sobre, la justícia no considera que això sigui un delicte i, encara més, tenen la barra de confessar que és una pràctica habitual compensar amb regals aquells representants dels treballadors que "es portin bé".
Fins aquí hem arribat, no ens prendran els nostres drets així com així!

notícies relacionades: Acte de solidaritat amb els treballadors del Prat (Iberia), 25-d'octubre, 19 hores, Cotxeres de Sants ::: El col.lectiu d'acomiadats de SEAT inicia una vaga de fam ::: Entrevista a treballadorxs de tallers de La Vanguardia: "Boicot a La Vanguardia" ::: Guerra a Mercadona! ::: Sorpresa: 150 treballadors informats més a Mercadona ::: La Vaga de Mercadona: Sumem i seguim! ::: Comunicat del Comitè de Vaga de La Vanguardia ::: Uns 450 treballadors de Parcs i Jardins es manifesten a Barcelona ::: Acte de suport al companys del Prat i de presentació del Directa a la CGT ::: Andreas Schleef, una repugnant Creu de Sant Jordi ::: "Per Nadal tots els acomiadats reincorporats a SEAT" ::: Realitzada segona concentració a Eurocen i Zeleris ::: Nou èxit de la Secció Sindical CNT-Sagardi ::: Concentracions Honeywell ::: Butlletí nº59 d'octubre de la CGT d'Autobusos de TMB: Acords a realitzar ::: Dades de l'atur, dades enganyoses ::: Entrevista a Mariana, treballadora de Braun: "Els dirigents de CCOO i UGT ens han venut descaradament" ::: Espanya continua al cap de la UE en temporalitat... amb diferència

+info: >>> laboral

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 25.10.2006 23:14

No nos quitarán nuestros derechos sin luchar

En los últimos meses hemos sido testigos, de nuevo, de cómo aún hay quien no acepta que las trabajadoras y trabajadores exijamos nuestros derechos fundamentales y que ya no tienen suficiente con despedir a los que luchan, sino que, como en el caso de Mercadona, llegan incluso al extremo de enviar "matones" a dar palizas a los que dan la cara por sus compañeros o se utiliza incluso a mercenarios a sueldo del estado para intentar asustar a lxs que quieren mostrar su solidaridad y apoyo. Por el contrario aquellos "sindicalistas" que trabajan más a favor de la empresa que no de los trabajadores, no sólo son recompensados económicamente sino que, encima, la justicia no considera que eso sea un delito e, incluso, tienen la cara de confesar que es una práctica habitual compensar con regalos aquellos representantes de lxs trabajadorxs que "se porten bien". Hasta aquí hemos llegado, ¡No nos quitarán nuestros derechos así como así!

noticias relacionadas: Acto de solidaridad con los trabajadores del Prat (Iberia), 25-de octubre, 19 horas, Cotxeres de Sants ::: El colectivo de despedidos de SEAT inicia una huelga de hambre ::: Entrevista a trabajadores de talleres de La Vanguardia: "Boicot a La Vanguardia" ::: ¡Guerra a Mercadona! ::: Sorpresa: 150 trabajadores informados más en Mercadona ::: La Huelga de Mercadona: ¡Sumamos y seguimos! ::: Comunicado del Comité de Huelga de La Vanguardia ::: Unos 450 trabajadores de Parcs i Jardins se manifiestan en Barcelona ::: Acto de apoyo a los compañeros del Prat y de presentación del Directa en la CGT ::: Andreas Schleef, una repugnante Creu de Sant Jordi (Cruz de San Jordi) ::: "En Navidad todos los despedidos reincorporados en SEAT" ::: Realizada una segunda concentración en Eurocen y Zeleris ::: Nuevo éxito de la Sección Sindical CNT-Sagardi ::: Concentraciones Honeywell ::: Boletín nº59 de octubre de la CGT de Autobuses de TMB: Acuerdos a realizar ::: Datos del paro, datos engañosos ::: Entrevista a Mariana, trabajadora de Braun: "Los dirigentes de CCOO y UGT nos han vendido descaradamente" ::: España sigue a la cabeza de la UE en temporalidad laboral... y con diferencia

+info: >>> laboral

L'Assemblée Populaires des Peuples d'Oaxaca déclare l'alerte maximale

Liege, 25.10.2006 21:37

Hier soir, 18 octobre, un instituteur indigène qui sortait d’une réunion a été abattu par trois balles tirées depuis une voiture sans plaques. D’autres militants ont reçu par téléphone des menaces de mort. L’APPO a déclaré l’alerte maximale pour renforcer les occupations et les barricades.


Athens, 25.10.2006 20:39

Βίαιη εκκένωση της κατάληψης στέγης Santa Barbara

livorno vs el alamein

Italy, 25.10.2006 19:39

Tutto in una notte...

Próximo sábado 28 de octubre

Argentina, 25.10.2006 19:11

Escrache a Beroch, Gallo y Fittipaldi

Terror on War

Perth, 25.10.2006 17:39

Forum: Racism, Islamaphobia and the War on Terror

So Fla ANSWER Coalition Public Meetings w/ Featured Speaker, Richard Becker, Nov 1-3

Miami, 25.10.2006 17:37

So Fla ANSWER Coalition Public Meetings w/ Featured Speaker, Richard Becker, Nov 1-3

12/9 Anti War Fundraising Party-Assembling Peace IV

Boston, 25.10.2006 16:08

The Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition. ( is seeking indivuduals and groups to participate in a fun, politically progressive and energizing event/party/mixer called "Assembling Peace IV". The Assembling Peace parties are designed to create a setting in which veteran activists can gather, network and socialize in a fun, relaxed, positive setting while encouraging interested newcomers to learn about and participate in political and social awareness and action.

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT: A Week of Action for Global Justice in Boston

Boston, 25.10.2006 16:08

We, the Global Justice Revival Project, submit a call to action to activists in the Boston/Northeast area for a week of public action and community education around global justice. Resistance is fertile! Help us organize public actions against killer corporations and institutions in town like the WTO, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola, or organize something in your own community.

Centro de detenção para imigrantes irá ter aulas de yoga

Portugal, 25.10.2006 15:38

Centro de detenção para imigrantes irá ter aulas de yoga


Miami, 25.10.2006 15:37


InkyWatch: The Inquirer's Creeping Commercialism

Philadelphia, 25.10.2006 13:38

Fire at Alberta Co-op

Portland, 25.10.2006 13:08

Fire at the Alberta Co-op tonight - when we arrived just before 10, four engine companies were on scene and smoke was pouring out of the east wall in the front.

Firefighters chopped through some of the siding and Tyvek sheathing on the northeast side of the building and doused the fire with water, then ripped off more siding and sheathing to vent the smoke. Several firefighters climbed to the roof with a chain saw, ostensibly to vent more smoke and heat through the roof.

Speculation is that it was an electrical fire, and the Co-op is fortunate that it was detected during business hours so the fire apartment was alerted earlier. No estimates on damage or how long the co-op will be closed.

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