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Houston, 04.09.2004 19:36

Indymedia From the RNC in New York

pres@s polític@s

Argentina, 04.09.2004 19:30

El Estado continúa encarcelando a quienes luchan

Festival del potlach

Argentina, 04.09.2004 19:30

Todo libre y gratis

Newspaper Coverage of A-29

Baltimore, 04.09.2004 19:24

This report analyzes the NY Times, Wasington Post, USA TODAY, and Baltimore Sun's treatment of the Sunday, August 29 demonstration of 500,000 people in New York City. It ends with some commnets on the role of the alternative press.

Newspaper Coverage of A-29

Baltimore, 04.09.2004 19:24

This report analyzes the NY Times, Wasington Post, USA TODAY, and Baltimore Sun's treatment of the Sunday, August 29 demonstration of 500,000 people in New York City. It ends with some commnets on the role of the alternative press.

UCIMC Members Report on Their Arrest, Captivity in New York City

Urbana-Champaign, 04.09.2004 19:11

First hand account of UCIMC members detention during the RNC protests this week in New York City. At 4 PM on Tuesday, August 31, five members of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center were arrested in a mass round-up of peaceful demonstrators just one block from the site of the former World Trade Center in New York City. The arrest led to a two and a half day ordeal for the demonstrators and their loved ones as the New York Police Department and the Department of Corrections attempted to clear the streets of demonstrators during the Republican National Convention (RNC). The march, organized by the War Resisters League and the School of the America’s Watch, had assembled at the World Trade Center to march to Madison Square Garden in an effort to bring the sober legacy of September 11 home to the RNC, which was widely reviled in New York City for capitalizing on the attacks for political gain. An estimated 400 people were arrested shortly after police had announced that the march, which did not have a permit to close the street, must remain on the sidewalk and obey New York State traffic laws. The demonstrators were moving along the sidewalk, leaving about 2 1/2 feet of space for other pedestrian traffic and attempting to organize themselves to walk two abreast, when the police suddenly blew a whistle and announced that everyone was under arrest. The police gave no order to disperse prior to surrounding the march with net and beginning the process of handcuffing everyone on the block, including a German tourist, a New Yorker who wanted to watch the demonstration, and a 17 year old woman from Delaware visiting New York for the first time.


Istanbul, 04.09.2004 18:20

Guatemala'da katliam

Come build a community radio station in Portsmouth!

Boston, 04.09.2004 16:13

During the weekend of September 10th-12th, hundreds of community radio organizers from New England, and all over the world, will gather together to bring a brand new community radio station to the air, as the Prometheus Radio Project partners with Portsmouth Community Radio for its sixth Radio Barnraising! As volunteer technicians build everything from the studio to the tower, producers, engineers, and organizers from all over the United States and Canada will teach dozens of workshops on everything from how to record and edit a news show, to how to navigate the intricacies of FCC regulations. Earlier radio barnraisings have been with civil rights groups, farmworkers organizations, environmental groups, Native American tribes, and community groups.

Video Fotage from the Streets of NYC-- Pt 1

NYC, 04.09.2004 16:11

In additon to the 24 hour audio stream, breaking news updates, the special edition of the Indypendent, and tons of photos, lots of video was shot this week on the streets of New York. Here's a sampling.

Democrats Support Bush, Attack Nader; Show Where Their Loyalties Lie

Portland, 04.09.2004 15:41

&quot;My name is Jenny and I'm from Montpelier Hill&quot;. Residents Take Direct Action to Stop Kerb Crawlers

Ireland, 04.09.2004 15:06

Download the interview in MP3 format - duration 12:39 An interview with one of the residents on the pickets in Dublin's north-west inner city. Download the MP3 interview from (click on the link to start the downloading process - the filesize is 7.3Mb) For the last three months, the residents of the Montpelier Hill district in Dublin's north-west inner city have been organising sit-out pickets at two locations in their neighbourhood. The first is at the entrance to Montpelier Drive, which is a small secluded red-brick estate of around 50 houses. The other picket is at St Bricin's Park, near the end of Montpelier Hill and Arbour Hill prison. This action by the residents was prompted by the increase in men soliciting prostitutes in the area. Local residents say that kerb crawlers were approaching their children and offering money for sex, encouraging them to get in their cars. The level of prostitution and related activity has increased in the last few years with the opening of the Collins Barracks Museum on Benburb Street. The women working on the streets moved away from the now well-lit area (further developed in recent months with the LUAS) onto Montpelier Hill, which is a quiet residential area, and poorly lit at night. Jenny, one of the residents on the Montpelier Gardens sit-out, explains why they were there. "We're fighting this about eight years and nothing was happening. So we decided to take action ourselves, because one of our neighbours was attacked and mugged at half three in the afternoon. So then we decided if the Garda are not going to take any action then we're going to have to do it ourselves. People are of the opinion that we're just here since Lynette McKeown went missing. We've been out here before that, a long time before that happened. If it happened once its going to happen again." Article Continues at 'Feature Continued' link Below Discussion on Legalisation of Prostitution from Melbourne Indymedia Jenny feels that the area has been neglected by the mainstream political parties in power. "If you were to go to Drumcondra and have it happening there, or Castleknock, or anywhere where there's someone big and mighty, they would not be allowed on the street. On the election day, Bertie Ahern met us when we went up to vote, and said "We'll have to do something about it." We have heard nothing from Fianna Fáil from that day to today." Jenny says that the residents had to come out onto the street to let their grievances be known instead of sitting at meetings. "Prostitution is illegal, if they [Dublin City Council] legalise it then at least the prostitutes can go somewhere safe and not be bothering people. We've nothing against the prostitutes. We just don’t want kerb crawlers around our door. We're only waiting for the time when some child or teenager gets abducted by a crawler, because the area is so isolated." "Anything is predictable in a situation like this. We were shocked to hear about Lynette McKeown, she was only a young girl. The teenagers in the area seem to have grown up with the situation, but they could never go out much at night unless they were in a group because they were petrified. That's how bad it got in the past eight years. Now we have to tell our children about it. They all know what prostitution is. We're demonstrating here and they see the posters, so you have to tell them what it is. Plus you're bringing your children to school in the morning and there's condoms lying around everywhere on ground. How can you tell a four or five year-old what they're for? If it was any other area it wouldn’t be allowed." Most regular readers of this site will be familiar with some aspects of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act from 1994. The Act also increased Garda powers to raid and close brothels. Sections 23 and 24 of the Act gave the State increased power to raid brothels and convict both the workers and operators of the premises. The result of the increased pressure on brothels operating in the city meant that more women went back to working on the streets. Dublin City Council and the Government need to act responsibly when it comes to prostitution. It is obvious that a zero-tolerance policy with crackdowns on the sex industry does not work. If brothels were legal and monitored, then the situation in Montpelier Hill would be avoidable. If prostitutes were registered and were working in supervised conditions, then the need for the women to work on the street, and hence come into conflict with local residents, would be greatly lessened. Monitored brothels would help to prevent the spread of HIV, and also work towards preventing the abduction and murder of women from quiet streets at night. One example where this type of system is in operation, which Dublin City Council could examine, is in Singapore. Singapore is a city-state with rules and regulations bordering on fascism; the media is heavily scrutinised and censored, even chewing gum is banned from sale. The Government has made prostitution - specifically brothels - legal. Operating a brothel and soliciting in public are technically illegal, but officially tolerated in designated red-light areas. Working women have to carry a credit-card sized "yellow card" which carries the holder's photograph and thumb print, proves that they are registered and have recently undergone their bi-weekly health check. Pimping, soliciting and streetwalking are not permitted in Singapore - and this is rigorously enforced by the police. Anyone involved in non-regulated prostitution is liable for heavy fines and/or jail terms. Perhaps this may be a solution to the problems of "world's oldest profession". For the moment, the current inaction by the State leaves both residents and prostitutes at risk. Further reading: Public Order Act 1994

greenpeace movie

Houston, 04.09.2004 14:11

Home-grown Columbia Sportswear has the Sweatshop Market all Stitched Up

Portland, 04.09.2004 13:59

Zogby Poll Finds Half of NYC residents believe Bush knew about 9/11 and failed to act

Hudson Mohawk, 04.09.2004 13:57

A poll from Zogby International found that 49% of NYC residents - and more than 60% of Black and Hispanics - found that the Bush admininstration "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act." two in three (66%) New Yorkers (and 56.2% overall) called for another full investigation of the "still unanswered questions" by Congress or Elliot Spitzer, New York's Attorney General.


Uruguay, 04.09.2004 13:57

Servicios Secretos de Estados Unidos investiga a los usuarios de Indymedia NY

Plague Locusts poised to destroy Sahelian Harvest

Portland, 04.09.2004 13:56


Uruguay, 04.09.2004 13:43

Una mirada desde dentro de la Nueva Roma

Buenos Aires: manifestação contra F.M.I reprimida pela polícia

Portugal, 04.09.2004 12:05

Buenos Aires: manifestação contra F.M.I reprimida pela polícia

If You Thought the RNC Was Rough Wait 'till You See the Miami Model

NYC, 04.09.2004 08:12

155 East 3rd St. East of Ave. AIndymedia proudly presents the third NYC screening of the just-released full length documentary film "The Miami Model," a collaborative project created in the violent wake of last November’s FTAA summit in Miami, Florida. More info @

Festival Potlach

Argentina, 04.09.2004 05:32

Todo libre y gratis

Shetland Resists Deportation

Scotland, 04.09.2004 03:54

The people of Shetland resist the repatriation of a family to Burma.


Argentina, 04.09.2004 03:34

El Estado sigue encarcelando a quienes luchan

Edwards to headline St. Paul Labor Day event

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 04.09.2004 02:48

from ST. PAUL — Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards will speak at the annual St. Paul Labor Day picnic Monday, Sept. 6, the St. Paul Trades & Labor Assembly announced. Edwards will be joined by national AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. No time was given, but the Assembly is advising people to arrive no later than 1 p.m. on Harriet Island in downtown St. Paul, the site of the picnic. Other speakers will include humorist Garrison Keillor, columnist and radio host Jim Hightower, Straight Talk radio host Wendy Wilde, Painters Union international President James Williams and Ragne Beiming, counselor for Labor and Social Affairs, Swedish Embassy. Music, food, exhibits and workshops also will be featured. The St. Paul picnic runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For a full schedule, visit the Assembly website,

Modesto Man Liable in Death of Archbishop Romero

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.09.2004 02:02

Modesto Man Liable in Death of Archbishop Romero

Modesto Man Liable in Death of Archbishop Romero

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.09.2004 02:00

Modesto Man Liable in Death of Archbishop Romero

Army Invades Worcester

Worcester, 04.09.2004 01:03

U.S. Army Recruitment Tour Invades Worcester Centrum


Peru, 04.09.2004 00:03

Quillish se levanta contra la minera Yanacocha

RNC Protest Coverage from New York

United Kingdom, 03.09.2004 23:00

An alternative media mobilisation is providing ongoing coverage of the Republican National Convention protests in New York - see: NYC Indymedia

Live Webradio Coverage:
A-Noise / NoRNC Sound Coalition |
Critical Mass Radio Network |
IMC Portland

Video Coverage:
Paper |
Manhattan Neighborhood Network

(Breaking news: 31st August: Arrest total now at 600-650...)

S2 Wrap Up: Insults and Champagne Glasses Fly as Republicans Stagger Out of Town

NYC, 03.09.2004 22:29

After months of preparation, thousands of arrests, and a week of non-stop protest, the 2004 RNC ended much like it began: with an unpermitted march through Manhattan and with Republican delegates fleeing under a hail of abuse.

9/1 &amp; 9/2 RNC Updates

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.09.2004 21:39

RNC Coverage: 9/1 & 9/2 - Protests against Corporate Media, Huge Labor Actions & Legal Battles with NYC

A.Noise webstream &amp; fm relay live

NYC, 03.09.2004 21:23

A.Noise, the NoRNC Sound Coalition webstream, is continuing its broadcast -> streaming recorded material from the protests and related events during the RNC of the last week. -> With live commentary Tonight going on. Listen In | Click Here | for the A.Noise stream. Then click the boombox icon for webstream options. Write us at

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.09.2004 21:05

Community stands tall for ludlow as mining escalates.

SD Youth Anarchist Gathering

San Diego, 03.09.2004 20:46

ATTN: There is going to be a Youth Anarchist Gathering at Balboa Park on September 12

A Week of Resistance to the Bush Agenda

New Hampshire, 03.09.2004 19:10

The people of NY yelled a resounding NO! to Bush agenda and the republican convention's hijacking of 9/11 sympathies to justify the "War on Terror," privatization of everything, the continuing occupation of Iraq, and the prospect of invading more sovereign countries. Protesters chanted in the streets for universal health care, more jobs, restoration of civil rights, and even a raise in police pay, referring to the onging labor dispute civil servants have with the city. Photo Below, courtesy of NY IMC, protesters remain in plastic handcuffs crowded into "Toxic Guantanamo on the Hudson," the filthy Pier 57 detention facility.

Come to Portsmouth to help build a new community radio station!

New Hampshire, 03.09.2004 19:09

Join the Prometheus Radio Project and the Seacoast Arts & Cultural Alliance in Portsmouth to help build a new community radio station September 10-12th!


Colombia, 03.09.2004 18:40

más de 150 muertos, 650 heridos, aún hay rehenes

radio la plataforma

Argentina, 03.09.2004 18:01

Mainstream Media Stumbles Along ... But it Doesn't Matter

NYC, 03.09.2004 16:30

Media Analysis
It looked ready to be one of the defining moments of the 2004 Republican Convention. On August 31, outside the Herald Square studios of “Hardball With Chris Matthews” at the corner of 34th St. and 7th Avenue, protesters were massing to vent their rage at Republican delegates. The crowd surged forward, the NYPD pushed back, and sirens lit up the sky. Helicopters whirred. All this was barely visible outside over the shoulders of the Hardball anchors, and the sound of tumult pierced through the stage microphones. The face of Chris Matthews, the show’s host, had the slightly strained look of a man who was used to live TV but didn’t quite know what would happen next. As the Hardball cameras stood yards away from the massing demonstrators, the stage seemed set for an epic media spectacle, a “whole world is watching” moment for the 21st century.

Final day of RNC-we march in Harlem, then things get wierd

DC, 03.09.2004 16:11

Today was the final day of RNC protests-and it got wierder and wierder as it went on. Our comms were back up-but had to change providers again halfway through. We started with a major march against Bu$h in Harlem which I attended.

Forest Blockade

Melbourne, 03.09.2004 15:39

Activists Blockade Weld Valley Logging

Are We on the road to Ruin or Redemption?

Arkansas, 03.09.2004 15:29

It’s as if we were on a runaway train headed toward a precipice, with the mercenaries of the Republican and Democratic parties battling for control of the engine, and us, the passengers, hanging on for dear life to keep from being thrown from the train. Will we gain control of the locomotive before it’s too late?

&quot;Papers Please&quot;

Portland, 03.09.2004 14:36

Another Dissident Soldier Censored

Portland, 03.09.2004 14:18


Brasil, 03.09.2004 13:42

Queremos nosso mangue de volta!


Uruguay, 03.09.2004 13:38

Una mirada desde adentro a la nueva Roma

4 de Setembro: Dia Internacional de Solidariedade com os Presos

Portugal, 03.09.2004 13:28

4 de Setembro: Dia Internacional de Solidariedade com os Presos

persecución en la universidad

Puerto Rico, 03.09.2004 13:20

"¡Que renuncie el rector, y se quede el profesor!"

&quot;¡Que renuncie el rector, y se quede el profesor!&quot;

Puerto Rico, 03.09.2004 13:18

"¡Que renuncie el rector, y se quede el profesor!"

Fiscal crisis

QC, 03.09.2004 10:43

A Pro-Poor Response To The Fiscal Crisis

S3 Wrap Up: Hostage Crisis

NYC, 03.09.2004 10:39

A State Supreme Court judge today ordered the city to release hundreds of people who had spent as many as 48 hours or more in jail and found the city in contempt of court after it failed to comply. Most of the people had been swept up in mass arrests on Tuesday, August 31, the day of nonviolent direct action to confront the Republican National Convention. Many claimed they were bystanders not connected to any protest.

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