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Nationwide protests confront diamond industry

Philadelphia, 01.11.2006 03:38

Students and Parents Protest School Funding Cuts

Philadelphia, 01.11.2006 03:38

Tüm dünyada Oaxaca'yla dayanışma eylemleri

Istanbul, 01.11.2006 00:10

Tüm dünyada Oaxaca'yla dayanışma eylemleri

Stop aux abus de la politique migratoire suisse !

Switzerland, 31.10.2006 23:37

Il aura fallu qu'une jeune Ethiopienne de 16 ans soit battue, enlevée et puis violée dans son pays pour que son recours d'asile soit accepté en Suisse. Son acceptation a été décrétée, au cours de ce mois d'octobre, par la Commission Suisse de Recours en matière d'Asile (CRA), contrariant une décision de l'Office Fédéral de la Migration (ODM), qui avait refusé la demande d'asile de la jeune Ethiopienne en décembre 2005. Ce dernier fait est l'occasion de faire une vraie réflexion sur l'absence du critère de "sexe" dans les lois sur l'asile et les étrangers votées et acceptées le 24 septembre.

04.11 1er. Festival en la calle

Argentina, 31.10.2006 22:39

Por la “no criminalización del arte”

Solidarity Encampment Continues! Support Oaxaca! Head down to the Mexican Consulate now!

San Diego, 31.10.2006 22:38

The solidarity encampment in support of the people of Oaxaca continues at the Mexican consulate on cedar and india street in little italy! Last night numerous people there and were woken up at 5am by a tv news crew interviewing them.

There has been a call put out to create a dia de los muertos altar in front of the consulate. If you can bring anything for this altar or help get it started, please head down to the consulate today!

Ongoing solidarity planton / encampment at the Mexican consulate!
Mexican Consulate
1549 India Street Little Italy

From the global indymedia site,

Several protests in memory of Brad Will and in support of the people of Oaxaca will take place in different cities all over the world in the next 72 hours. On Monday, October 30th, protests were held in at least 14 cities in the United States of America . There were 11 people arrested in New York. In europe, protests were held in London and Barcelona where protesters took control over the Mexican Consulate. There will be several events in Brazil in cities like: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo e Fortaleza.

More info about the encampment and photos here:

Audio here:

A Call from the Zapatistas: Oaxaca Is Not Alone
Shut-Down of Roads, Highways and the Media on November 1; General Strike Called for
November 20

Updates here:

New England Day of Action for the People of Oaxaca and Brad Will!

NYC, 31.10.2006 22:08

We will keep up our actions until Oaxaca is free, until all occupying forces are withdrawn, Ulises Ruiz is forced from power, the prisoners are liberated, and the killers brought to justice.

Worldwide Children's Revolution to Try to Save the Human Race From Extinction?

Miami, 31.10.2006 22:07

Worldwide Children's Revolution to Try to Save the Human Race From Extinction?

Oaxaca resiste à invasão da polícia federal

Portugal, 31.10.2006 20:40

Oaxaca resiste à invasão da polícia federal


Manila, 31.10.2006 20:10

Paramilitary Bullet Took Indymedia Journalist's Life

Pictures and Report from DC Oaxaca Solidarity Protest at Mexican Embassy

DC, 31.10.2006 20:09

Stop Climate Change; Face the Reality of Consumption

Bristol, 31.10.2006 20:08

A Local View on THE Global Issue A Local View on THE Global Issue As the Stern hits the front pages, Crash writes: Reading the liberal press these days one could be forgiven for thinking that climate change is a problem that we all agree is serious, and which we now know can easily be fixed. Just a little tinkering at the edges of the economic system - sacrificing 1% of GDP - to avert climate chaos. What more could Blair and Brown want - a simple remedy to keep business as usual ticking along nicely....But quietly the scientists and a few radicals point out that joining this cosy consensus is like boarding a boat bound for disaster. The Stern report, for all its economic precision, fails to answer how a planet of finite resources can support demand for their infinite exploitation. Growth Unlimited (TM), and its demands on these finite resources is non-negotiable -- so the only way of squaring the circle is to continue to have future targets, rather than current measures to reduce energy use....And on a local level, the picture is more dismal: Bristol City Council merely aims to effectively stabilise emissions, never mind reduce them, while Growth Unlimited (TM) continues to be the cult worshipped at Bristol Airport...Full article| A storm astern | Climate Protesters Occupy Shell Garage | Shell Demo Video (.mov) | Support the Big Ask on Bristol City Council (legislation for 3% year on year cuts in greenhouse gas emissions) | | | | Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change |Contribute An Article - How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide


Arizona, 31.10.2006 19:37

On the Ground Coverage from AZ Indymedia Journalist in Oaxaca City

Giant Images Targeting BioTerror Lab Projected on Buildings in Downtown Boston

Boston, 31.10.2006 19:08

On Monday night, October 30th, members of The Stop the Biolab Coalition used "Light Cannons" to project giant images onto buildings in the downtown Boston area. They utilized this creative technology to expose the true costs of Boston University’s proposed BioSafety Lab Level 4 (BSL4). The 50 plus foot high photos and messages expressed concerns about the deadly germs, such as Ebola and Anthrax, that will be brought into Boston’s communities for use at the BSL4 in the Roxbury/South End area.

Oaxaca e Brasil - minuto a minuto (31/10)

Brasil, 31.10.2006 18:40



Valencia, 31.10.2006 18:38

“Compas estoy en Monterrey y estoy toda la noche emitiendo la señal de, la razón por la que estoy emitiendo por las ondas y por internet hasta las tantas es que en Oaxaca se ha producido otro caso más este año de represión policial. Ha habido lucha de barricadas en el centro de Oaxaca y las radios libres estamos luchando para romper el cerco mediático (a veces auténtico silencio) que está sufriendo el pueblo de México ...El compañero Guzmán desde Mexico sobre Oaxaca ++ Oaxaca según Radio Tierra y Libertad (Monterrey) ++ Oaxaca. Protesta bloqueando los mails del gobierno mexicano ++ MEXICO: OXACA ESTÁ SOLA? ++ En Oaxaca continua la lucha // A Oaxaca continua la lluita ! ++ Qui era Brad Will ++ Asesinan BRAD WILL, reportero de Indymedia New York en Oaxaca


Valencia, 31.10.2006 18:38

“Company*s estic en Monterrey i estic tota la nit emetent el senyal deàdio.mp3 , la raó per la qual estic emetent per les ones i per internet fins a les tantes és que en Oaxaca s'ha produït altre cas més aquest any de repressió policial. Hi ha hagut lluita de barricades en el centre de Oaxaca i les ràdios lliures estem lluitant per a trencar el cèrcol mediàtic ( de vegades autèntic silenci ) que està sofrint el poble de Mèxic ...El compañero Guzmán desde Mexico sobre Oaxaca ++ Oaxaca según Radio Tierra y Libertad (Monterrey) ++ Oaxaca. Protesta bloqueando los mails del gobierno mexicano ++ MEXICO: OXACA ESTÁ SOLA? ++ En Oaxaca continua la lucha // A Oaxaca continua la lluita ! ++ Qui era Brad Will ++ Asesinan BRAD WILL, reportero de Indymedia New York en Oaxaca ++ El ultimo video de Brad Will


Italy, 31.10.2006 18:10

La parata dei disertori

Demo in solidarity with Oaxaca outside the Mexican embassy

United Kingdom, 31.10.2006 18:09

A peaceful demonstration to show support and solidarity with the Oaxaca people currently suffering violent police and military repression by the Mexican state took place in front of the Mexican Embassy in London yesterday evening(Monday)[Press release]. Around 60 people including drummers and Indymedia supporters gathered in front of the Embassy with banners, and murdered indymedia videographer Brad Will's final footage was projected directly onto the Embassy's facade - all eventually violently interrupted by a massive police presence resulting in eight arrests. [Reports: 1 | 2 | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ]

There were also protests at embassies and consulates around the world, with 14 demos in the US including direct action at the Mexican consulate in New York City; demos in Rio de Janeiro, Soa Paolo, Brasilia, and Fortaleza in Brazil; Madrid; an embassy occupation in Barcelona; and an embassy occupation in Napoli.

Update on the arrestshere.

Cuban Medical Diplomacy: When the Left Has Got It Right

Miami, 31.10.2006 18:07

Cuban Medical Diplomacy: When the Left Has Got It Right

Sally Lilienthal 1919 - 2006, International Peace Activist

Miami, 31.10.2006 18:07

Sally Lilienthal 1919 - 2006, International Peace Activist

Oaxaca, een overzicht

Netherlands, 31.10.2006 17:39

Sedert begin juni, in de aanloop naar de presidentsverkiezingen, is doorheen heel Mexico een aanzet gegeven tot het vormen van een brede volksbeweging die in verzet komt tegen de corruptie van de huidige politieke elite. Vooral in Oaxaca nam deze beweging de vorm aan van een echte volksopstand.

Een chronologisch overzicht en links naar artikelen van de afgelopen tijd.

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Tuesday, October 31st

NYC, 31.10.2006 17:39

please add more events as a comment

Wednesday Bike Ride for Oaxaca!!!!

NYC, 31.10.2006 17:39

If you are in New York City, join the Friends of Brad Will this Wednesday, November 1st for a Bike Ride in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca! We are meeting this Wednesday at 1 pm at 40th St & West Side Highway (12th Ave)

If you are not in New York City, we are calling on people from around the world to join the Zapatista call for November 1st actions in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca by organizing a Bike Ride for this Wednesday or As Soon As Possible!

Asesinato de Brad Will

Puerto Rico, 31.10.2006 17:10

Asesinan a reportero de Indymedia en Oaxaca

volante brad

Peru, 31.10.2006 17:10

Banner drops along M1 link roads to climate chaos

United Kingdom, 31.10.2006 16:39

A mass amount of banners were hung from bridges across the M1 today. From Luton to Sheffield an alliance of groups opposing widening of the M1 motorway highlighted the disastrous consequences of widening it. The No Widening M1 Alliance, which includes representatives from communities along the whole route of the M1 due to be widened, are concerned about the environmental damage of widening the motorway, particularly climate change.

The protest happened on the day the Government delivers it's report on Climate Change. Climate activist voice that the 'Stern Report' stresses seriousness of climate change but offers false solutions.

On the newswire: Anti M1 widening banner drop in Nottinghamshire | M1 action from Luton to Sheffield | Rising Tide: UK Stern Report Sells Climate Short, Paves Way to Global Disaster | STERN REPORT - Climate Change activist responds. | HALT CLIMATE CHANGE - END ROADBUILDING

Links: No M1 Widening Alliance | Highways Agency | UK Indymedia Climate Choas page

Providence RI Solidarity Vigil Reportback

Boston, 31.10.2006 16:09

Providence, Rhode Island -- On Monday Oct 30th at noon, 20 folks gathered outside the Federal Building in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca and in remembrance of Brad Will and all those killed in the struggle for justice in Oaxaca. We will see you in Boston at 4pm at the Mexican Consulate on Thursday Nov 2nd.

ekologio (eo)

Barcelona, 31.10.2006 14:10

Transgenaj produktoj en Katalunio, kiun oni devus juĝi?!

Nuntempe ekzistas du malsamaj procesoj, la unuaj en la hispana ŝtato, kontraŭ du homoj ligitaj al la lukto kontraŭ la transgenaj produktoj en Katalunio. La prokuroro petas prizonon por unu el ili kaj la IRTA kaj la Universitato de Barcelono petas 500.000-eŭroan mon-punon por la alia. Tamen, kiun oni devus juĝi?! Kialoj por kondamni la Katalunan Registaron ne mankas al ni: pro sia politiko favora al la transgenaĵoj, pro la sistema kovrado de la genetikpoluadajn kazojn, pro la tuta neekzisto de kontrolaj planoj, ktp. Oni respondos al la kriminaliga kaj subprema strategio kontraŭ la kataluna rezistencaro al la altrudo de la transgenan agrokulturon; komence, renversante la proceson kontraŭ Albert. Tamen, por atingi tion-ĉi, oni bezonas vian aktivan solidarecon.

Dimanĉe [la 14an de oktobro] 11:30a h.– 14a h., Socia Centro 'Convent de St. Agustí' (Barcelono): Kiun oni devus juĝi!!?? Popola Tribunalo pri la transgena agrokulturo.

Marde [la 17an de oktrobro]; je la 17.30a; ĉe la Agronomi-Areo de la Universitato de Lleida: Informa Amasiĝo.
Marde [la 17an de oktrobro] je la 19a. ĉe la Rektorejo de la Universitato de Barcelono, Placo Universitat, Barcelono

ĵaŭde [19an de oktobro] 9.30a, Apud la Kriminala Juĝejo numero 2 de Lleida: matenmanĝo - apoga amasiĝo + kontraŭ-transgena promenado

+ infoj::>>>ekologio

Indymedia volunteer shot in Oaxaca, Mexico

Scotland, 31.10.2006 12:39

Brad Will, documentary film maker, independent reporter and photographer, was shot by paramilitaries on the barricades of Oaxaca, Mexico, on Friday the 27th of October 2006.

Brad - NY Açıklama

Istanbul, 31.10.2006 11:40

New York Bağımsız Haber Merkezinin Brad WILL’in öldürülmesine tepkisi

Zapatistas Call for November 1st Actions in Solidarity with Oaxaca

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2006 11:39

The Zapatistas have called for a November 1st shutdown of all Zapatista-held territories in Mexico in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Oaxaca. They are calling upon people all over the world to hold similar actions on that date (Ideas from Northern California Zapatistas). They also announced this weekend that they have begun organizing for joint solidarity actions across Mexico, leading to a nationwide shut-down (general strike) on November 20th. A Day of the Dead benefit for the Zapatistas will be held in Oakland on November 2nd.

Name the OHSU Shuttle Cars!

Portland, 31.10.2006 11:39

Here's your chance to let the city know just what you think of this endlessly expensive boondoggle.

This evening's news trumpeted more news about the multi-million dollar, expensive city boondoggle known as the OHSU tram . . . a project that benefits a minority of the population . . . far out of proportion to its cost.

May I suggest "Boon" and "Doggle"? The possibilities are endless. Suggestions?

One commenter added: The "Name the Tram Cars" contest information is on Commissioner Sam Adams's blog at:

Brunch With (The) Gordon

Portland, 31.10.2006 11:39

I arrived about 11:00 AM for my debate with Gordon Smith at his den on Salmon---Gordon did not show. I was met by his security people who were very professional and cool, it was obvious that the centaur was a no show and I would be debating from the outside of his den. Not to worry---I had a great time talking to other people and was joined by Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and a student from one of the high schools. My sign had two sides to it, the main side said:



The other side showed the difference between war and peace and had to be looked at up close. We stayed until about 1:00 PM and had some fun at Gordon's expense. We did pass out copies of the Bill of Rights to people who looked interested in the sign.

Audio interview from the Mexican Consulate demonstration in Portland

Portland, 31.10.2006 11:39

Around a dozen people demonstrated in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca in front of the Mexican Consulate in downtown Portland today. Bigger protests are planned for tomorrow.


Oaxaca Solidarity in Portland 10/30/06

Dj Questionmark interviews one of the demonstrators about the situation in Oaxaca, the death of Indymedia journalist Brad Will, continuing the "campaign of pressure" on the Mexican Government and looking at the Oaxacan commune for local organizing strategies.

Oaxaca onder vuur

Oost-Vlaanderen, 31.10.2006 11:37

Oaxaca onder vuur

Dakika dakika - Oaxaca

Istanbul, 31.10.2006 09:09

Dakika dakika - Oaxaca

Estudiantes habían recibido amenazas

Argentina, 31.10.2006 07:10

Buenos Aires: Nueva movilización por el boleto

Local Oaxacans Protest at Mexican Consulate

LA, 31.10.2006 06:38

Local Oaxacans Protest at Mexican Consulate

Brad Will, IMC journalist murdered in Oaxaca

Rogue Valley, 31.10.2006 05:41

Here is Brad Will's last dispatch where he reports on the darkness that is all but ignored by the commercial news. His news report is testimony in and of itself as to the importance of independent media. Go light a candle for Brad Will. Long Live Independent Media!

Brad was an independent video journalist, a volunteer with the Independent Media Center in NYC. We have lost a journalist who helped shine light on news that is under-reported or not even told at all. Shame on the United States mainstream media for their corporate censorship when it comes to this 6 month long teacher and community struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico. So, so many don't even know. Were it not for imc reporters like Brad Will: No One Would Know.

CHAMADO: Manifestação em Solidariedade ao Povo de Oaxaca

Brasil, 31.10.2006 04:08


Nov. 7 Elections May Bring Change

Baltimore, 31.10.2006 04:08

The Nov. 7, 2006 elections are gearing up to bring the Democrats into control of the U.S. House of Representatives and possibly the Senate, as voters look to embrace change.


Arizona, 31.10.2006 04:07

Over 100 Appear in Tucson at Mexican Consulate to Demand Justice in Oaxaca

Environmental Activists Protest Metro Plans to Recycle Sewer Sludge as Fertilizer

Tennessee, 31.10.2006 03:10

Nashville, TN: There is a new Metro Water & Sewer facility under construction and due to open in fall of 2007, and it is moving in the direction of recycling sludge as fertilizer to be applied on grazing land, cropland and orchards. Bruce Wood, an environmental activist, with Bring Urban Recycling to Nashville Today warns, "Do not be tricked into believing this is a treat. Citizens must educate themselves on this issue and demand that city leaders not allow this to happen." Members of BURNT, the Green Party and concerned citizens will gather on Tuesday October 31, 2006 at 3 p.m. at the Sewage Treatment Facility, Metro Water Department at 1600 2nd Avenue North (37208) and Cement Plant Road to protest with the theme 'No More "Tricks" That Sewer Sludge Is a "Treat"'


Thunder Bay, 31.10.2006 02:07

State Repression in Oaxaca; IMC Journalist Killed

Operation Transparency Launches in Philly

Philadelphia, 31.10.2006 00:38

El agua es Vida

Argentina, 31.10.2006 00:09

Suez, 27 años más de estafa

Rosario: respuesta a tomas de tierras

Argentina, 30.10.2006 21:09

Funcionarios reclaman orden y paciencia a los tobas

Miami &quot;Take Back the Land&quot; Appeal for Support

Miami, 30.10.2006 18:38

Miami "Take Back the Land" Appeal for Support

Day 7- Miami Activists Take Back the Land

Miami, 30.10.2006 18:07

Day 7- Miami Activists Take Back the Land

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