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RENT HELP- Housing Voucher Lottery - Only 2 weeks left to apply

Portland, 04.11.2006 05:39

For the first time in more than four years, the Housing Authority of Portland will open a new waiting list for federal Section 8 rent vouchers.

Applications for a chance to join the waiting list will be available Nov. 1 and MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE Nov. 17. By applying for the waiting list, applicants will enter a lottery-style drawing to be held in January 2007. The first 3,000 names picked through the lottery will be placed on the waiting list for Rent vouchers.

Portland IMC Newsletter for Nov. 3, 2006

Portland, 04.11.2006 05:39

Articles in this issue:

Breaking: The APPO Wins an Important Battle Against the PFP
Oaxaca Solidarity
BLM Plans to Slaughter Oregon's Last Ancient Forest
Milwaukie Peace demonstration continues
Portland Residents Protest Police Killings

Please print and distribute

Voting in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, 04.11.2006 05:39

Early voting underway - Election day is Tues. Nov. 7 Please exercise your right and responsibility as a citizen of this country and VOTE! General non-partisan info and resources/links below Please exercise your right and responsibility as a citizen of this country and VOTE! General non-partisan info and resources/links below Please exercise your right and responsibility as a citizen of this country and VOTE! General non-partisan info and resources/links below You can vote early at your County Election Board office on these days: Friday, November 3, 8 AM – 6 PM Saturday, November 4, 8 AM – 1 PM Monday, November 6, 8 AM – 6 PM All regular polling places will be open Tuesday, November 7, 7 AM – 7 PM. Call your county election board for info on your voting place, or if you have any difficulites voting. List of all Oklahoma county elections board (alphabetical by county): Oklahoma State Election Board: Get results online at the Oklahoma State Election Board page for the 2006 General Election (beginning after polls close 11/7/06, 7 pm.): Other voter resources and voting information: Project Vote Smart: Open Secrets - Money in politics data Fair Vote - Voting and Democracy (Electoral reform):

Death Row Hunger Strike

Houston, 04.11.2006 03:39

Hunger Strike Continues on Texas Death Row

Cumbre de presidentes en &quot;tenso clima&quot;

Uruguay, 04.11.2006 03:38

La cumbre de la seguridad

Photos from Oaxaca University

NYC, 04.11.2006 03:38

At about 6 am on Friday, gunmen shot from a nearby street at the Radio Universidad. [See Also: Protesters clash with PFP


Uruguay, 04.11.2006 03:08

Retransmision de Ke Huelga Radio, Radio Universidad

Bradley Roland Will, U.S. Journalist and Camerman, Killed By Oaxaca Paramiliaries

New Hampshire, 04.11.2006 02:09

Brad Will a U.S. journalist and camerman, was shot and killed yesterday in Oaxaca, Mexico, by paramiliaries affiliated with the PRI, the former Mexican ruling party. Will was in Oaxaca covering the continued resistance of teachers and other workers against the PRI-controlled government of the State of Oaxaca. According to reports from New York City Independent Media Center and La Jornada, Will, 36, was shot at the Santa Lucia Barricade from a distance of 30-40 meters in the pit of the stomach by plainclothes paramilitaries and died while enroute to the Red Cross. Read the New York IMC Press Release here:

Zapatista Corn Harvest Festival Saturday!

San Diego, 04.11.2006 00:08

Zapatista Harvest Festival for Peace and Justice
Saturday November 4 10am-7pm

La Milpa Organica Farm, 9988 Protea Gardens Rd. Escondido
Travel instructions: Deer Springs Road exit I-15 about 7 miles north of Escondido. Turn toward Meadows Road (east) and turn right (south) onto the frontage road. Proceed about 300 yards and then turn left onto Protea Gardens Rd. (dirt).

Join Schools for Chiapas and La Milpa Organica in a celebration of GE-free corn, local food systems, organic farming, slow foods, and indigenous cultures. The day-long harvest festival program will include a kids program, corn harvest, the slow roasting of red, white and blue corn grown from Zapatista seed, theatre, music, poetry, workshops, storytelling, indigenous artesian work and organic food.

The Zapatista Corn Harvest Festival for Peace and Justice supports the
“Mother Seeds in Resistance Project”, a multinational effort to protect the native seeds of Mayan corn in the autonomous communities of Chiapas, Mexico. This project works to stop contamination by genetically modified corn imported from the USA. All proceeds will fund testing of indigenous Chiapas corn for GMO contamination.

Arrests Fail to Deter Protest-Vigil for Oaxaca at Mexican Consulate

Chicago, 04.11.2006 00:08

Seventy-five people gathered in front of Chicago's Mexican Consulate on Oct 31 to protest the latest state repression and violence being carried out against the people of 0axaca. The protest was followed by a memorial sidewalk vigil for those murdered by police and pro-government paramilitaries -including New York City IMC journalist Brad Will. The actions were collaboratively organized by Chicago Otra, Chicago Indymedia, and Brad's many grieving friends in the Chicago area.

Chicago cops arrested two people at the onset of the 3:00 PM action. Chicago IMC journalist Christine Geovanis was arrested after attempting to tape a photo of Brad Will to the exterior front wall of the consulate. A second activist was arrested after objecting to her arrest. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and spent 11 hours in lock-up.

Protesters refused to back off after the arrests, and Chicago Otra led a delegation (and a Indymedia videographer) into the consulate to demand the removal of occupying federal police from Oaxaca and justice for those killed by police and PRI gunmen loyal to the corrupt state government of Ulises Ruiz. Not surprisingly, consular officials remained noncommittal. Chicago Otra immediately announced a series of actions and events in the coming days to raise local public awareness about the dramatic escalation of government-sponsored attacks against striking teachers and APPO — the embattled grassroots popular movement of Oaxaca - Read More | Photos: [ 1 ] Video: Chicago Stands with Oaxaca - Labor Beat | Photos and Story of Chicago's Demonstration at Mexican Consulate

Updates from Oaxaca: Breaking: The APPO Repels the PFP from The Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca | Oaxaca Update: War Escalates and Brad Will's Killers | Life during wartime.. Oaxaca City under siege. | Photos: The Baattle at the Oaxaca State University | Video: The Battle of Radio Universidad / " Batalla por Radio Universidad" | Videos: Multimedia de la rebelión popular en Oaxaca .

Day 11- Miami Activists Take Back the Land

Miami, 04.11.2006 00:07

Day 11- Miami Activists Take Back the Land

Barricate e morte a Oaxaca

Italy, 03.11.2006 22:09

Barricate e morte a Oaxaca

Franja de Gaza: serían 12 palestinos asesinados esta semana

Argentina, 03.11.2006 21:09

El Estado de Israel mata a dos mujeres y sigue su ofensiva

The Day of the Dead: a Time to Honor our Martyrs

Philadelphia, 03.11.2006 18:38


Uruguay, 03.11.2006 18:08

Retransmision de Ke Huelga Radio, Radio Universidad

Murder of Brad Will and violence in Oaxaca was protested in Istanbul

NYC, 03.11.2006 18:08

A press meeting and demonstration by Indymedia – Istanbul volunteers was realized today (2 November, 2006) in front of Mexico’s Consulate in Istanbul to protest the murder of documentarist anarchist Brad Will by state-supported paramilitary forces on 27 October, 2006 in Mexico, Oaxaca; who was there as a volunteer journalist for Indymedia-New York to document the state-funded paramilitary violence against teachers and people’s councils’ struggle.

See also: Rome remembers Brad

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Friday, November 3rd

NYC, 03.11.2006 18:08

"Afuera Ulises Ruiz. El pueblo de Oaxaca pide justicia no la policia. ¡No estan solos! Nosotros apoyamos en su lucha como E.Z.L.N."

please add more events as a comment

Letter in Support of the People of Oaxaca

Global Solidarity with Oaxaca

Protesters for Oaxaca Gather in Boston: Mexican Consul Confronted at a Day of the Dead Celebration at Harvard

Boston, 03.11.2006 18:08

Boston, Mass. – About 150 protesters from several cities in Massachusetts (Boston, Worcester, Bedford) and Providence, Rhode Island, joined forces to protest in front of the Mexican consulate yesterday to raise awareness and demand justice for the people’s resistance in Oaxaca. They did so as an international red alert was raised from Oaxaca announcing that Radio Universidad was being attacked by federal forces injuring 15 men and 9 women between the ages of 19 and 78 years old; at least one person has been reported to be in grave condition. The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), a democratically elected body with representatives from worker, teacher, student, and women groups, are asking for the immediate resignation of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, who is accused of having created a repressive and corrupt state in Oaxaca.


Arizona, 03.11.2006 18:07

Zaptista Other Campaign Meets With the Peoples of the Border


Arizona, 03.11.2006 18:07

NYC Indymedia journalist and others killed by paramilitary PRI supporters


Arizona, 03.11.2006 18:07

Over 100 Protest at Tucson Mexican Consulate to Demand Justice in Oaxaca


Arizona, 03.11.2006 18:07

On the Ground Coverage from AZ Indymedia in Oaxaca City

Einsichten in die Zürcher Polizeidatenbank &quot;Polis&quot;

Switzerland, 03.11.2006 18:07

Gemeinsam mit dem Komitee gegen das neue Polizeigesetz startet augenauf Zürich eine Aktion mit Einsichtsgesuchen in die Polizeidatenbank. 21 Personen haben mit der Unterstützung des Komitees gegen das Polizeigesetz und der Menschenrechtsgruppe "augenauf" am 2. November in einer Kollektiveingabe bei der Kantonspolizei und den Stadtpolizeien von Zürich und Winterthur ein Einsichtsbegehren in die Polizeidatenbank "Polis" gestellt.

Augenauf ruft alle weiteren Personen dazu auf weitere Einsichtsgesuche einzureichen, damit die Polizei ihren Datenbanken offenlegen muss und die Leute erfahren, was die Polizei über sie weiss.

Gemäss augenauf sind über 900'000 Personen in dieser Datenbank fichiert und diese wuchert seit Ender der 90er-Jahren wild vor sich hin.

:: Links :: augenauf | Einsichtsgesuche | Archiv Schnüffelstaat Schweiz

Oaxaca: Polizei vorerst aus der Stadt vertrieben

Switzerland, 03.11.2006 18:07

Nach der Ermordung mehrerer Aktivisten aus den Basisorganisationen (darunter auch der Indymedia Journalist Brad Will aus New York) durch Polizisten und regierungsnahe Personen [en], begann die mexikanische Bundespolizei und paramilitärische Einheiten mit Angriffen auf die südmexikanische Stadt Oaxaca. Nach dem Einmarsch (1|2|3 1) mehrer tausend Polizisten und Soldaten, unterstützt durch mehrere gepanzerte Wasserwerfer, Helikoptern und anderen schweren Geräten, begann diese mit der Räumung der seit Frühling bestehenden Barrikaden. Im laufe der Auseinandersetzungen wurden weitere Tote, wie auch viele Verletzte gemeldet.
Die Menschen in Oaxaca leisten jedoch zunehmend mehr und mehr Widerstand ( 1|2 1 | 2 | 3 | 4| 5 ) und so erlitt die PFP am Donnerstag, nach heftigen Kämpfen rund die Universität ( Audio Auschnitte) eine erste Niederlage und sie musste sich aus der Stadt zurück ziehen.

Eine wichtige Informationsquelle für die Aktivistinnen vor Ort und Solidaritäts und Medienaktivistinnen in aller Welt ist Radio APPO ( Livestream), welches im Kanal #radioappo auf dem Indymedia IRC-Server fast Live in Englisch übersetzt wird. Ein Archiv der vergangenen Streams findet sich hier.
Ebenfalls sind sehr viele alternative und unabhängige Medien daran beteiligt die Aktionen zu dokumentieren und ein anderes Bild als das der bürgerlichen Presse zu zeichnen. (Siehe Links unten.)

Weltweit haben bereits verschiedene Solidaritäts- und Gedenkaktionen stattgefunden. So auch vergangenen Montag in Zürichund Samstags in Berlin. Die Zapatisten rufen derweil zu einem Generalstreik und weiteren Protesten auf.

:: Artikel bei

Regelmäßige Links/Updates bei: (de) | IMC New York (en) | CML (es) | La Jornada (es) | IMC Mexiko (es) | IMC Chiapas (es) | Ulises Ruiz Asesino (es) | IMC Global (en) | APPO (es)

Río Tercero marcha

Argentina, 03.11.2006 17:39

Once años de las explosiones

Oaxaca: 4 muertos y 5 heridos

Uruguay, 03.11.2006 17:08

Paramilitares asesinan a reportero de Indymedia en México

Oaxaca - Minuto a Minuto (03/11)

Brasil, 03.11.2006 16:38


Election Fraud shows on

Rogue Valley, 03.11.2006 14:40

Hello to all,
    I think the issue of election fraud around the country this election is so important that I will be having 4 shows on this issue on KSKQ radio in SW Oregon. 
     Nov 8th, 12noon-2pm on The American Activist
     Nov 10th, 10am-11am on Parallel University
     Nov 15th, 12noon-2pm on the American Activist
     Nov 22nd, 12noon-2pm on the American Activist

sprijin &quot;moral&quot; pentru romanii de peste hotare

Romania, 03.11.2006 13:37

Asociatia Hyde Park din Chisinau sustine ca putinii bani pe care ii poate repartiza Romania romanilor din afara granitelor nu se cheltuie rational si nu se repartizeaza transparent. Interviu cu Mihai Gheorghiu, secretar de stat la Departamentul pentru Relatiile cu Romanii de Pretutindeni (DRRP), comentat de Oleg Brega.

Bristle: Not Looking for a New England

Bristol, 03.11.2006 13:08

Nationalism, Identity & History Nationalism, Identity & History Editor George writes: Issue 23 of Bristle magazine is out now, sticking it’s size 10’s (and 9’s, 7’s, 5’s…) into the nationalism & identity issues with a special feature. "Welcome, dear reader, to our humble offering of alternative print media opposing the forces of darkness – capital, the state and religious fundamentalists." (Bristle 23, editorial, page 1)...Our special feature includes English history, asks why the working class ain’t working, has an Easton Cowboy reflecting on footie & flag-waving, an Iranian woman on her complicated situation, a considered rant on tribalism, a polemic conclusion, and a look at St. George: "It was a good thing St. George, or al-Khadra as Arab people call him, never bothered to visit England. According to legend, the Romans tortured him for 7 days before they executed him. If he had a done a runner and sought refuge on English shores, the BNP and other flag-waving right-wingers would want him deported as a bogus asylum seeker." (Bristle 23, special feature, page 11)... Full ArticleMeanwhile Bristol Radical History Week continues with some reclaiming of its own, the St.Pauls Riots tonight (INSURRECTIONARY BRISTOL: 1980) and lots. lots more... Full Article| We’re not looking for a new England | Bristol Radical History Week continues | | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Uruguay, 03.11.2006 12:39

Retransmision de Ke Huelga Radio, Radio Universidad

Oaxaca'da üniversiteye saldırı

Istanbul, 03.11.2006 10:09

OAXACA (son gelişmeler): Hükümet kuvvetleri üniversite'ye saldırıyor

Protesters Confront Chris Simcox

DC, 03.11.2006 05:40

Trial of Dover Six

New Hampshire, 03.11.2006 03:10

Six activists testify about occupying Congressman Jeb Bradley's office.

Immigrants Stand to Tip the Balance in Tennessee this Election

Tennessee, 03.11.2006 03:09

Nashville, TN) The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is holding one of Tennessee’s biggest voter mobilization events on Saturday, November 4th at its annual convention. The goal of the convention is to identify priority issues and turn out eligible New American Voters. Joining a national “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) effort, TIRRC has, for the past three years, played a leading role in registering immigrant voters in Tennessee.

Oaxaca continuan los enfrentamientos

Argentina, 03.11.2006 02:38

El pueblo resisito el avance sobre la universidad

Climate Change

Perth, 03.11.2006 02:09

WALK AGAINST WARMING - International Day of Action on Climate Change

Tijuana, 03.11.2006 02:07

Accion Urgente

Tijuana, 03.11.2006 02:07

ACCION URGENTE: Respetar los derechos humanos, a los defensores y a la Autonomía Universitaria

Breaking: The APPO Wins an Important Battle Against the PFP

Portland, 03.11.2006 00:39

After a six-hour siege on the Benito Juarez Autonomous University, which is the home Radio Universidad, voice of the APPO, the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) was forced to retreat just moments ago.

As helicopters, tanks, and scores of armed federal police approached the University campus, "la doctora," the now famous host of radio APPO, urged the citizens of Oaxaca to rush to the scene to aid in the defense of the campus and particularly, of the radio station.

Scores of neighbors and students reportedly surround the PFP troops. Simultaneously, APPO supporters in Mexico City marched from the hunger strikers' encampment near the Senate to the offices of the PFP to demand a retreat from the campus.


Photo from today: 1 | 2

A World Away

As I write this, a woman screams across the crackling wires. A faceless cry of anguish from a world away. I stare out through the grey, impassive, Oregon rain, squinting through the fog, trying to see her, trying to imagine what it's like down there. Trying mutely to offer solidarity. Reaching out across the ether to someone I have never seen, but whose voice I recognize as a comrade. I'm listening to the voice of Oaxaca.


Related: The Other Side of Oaxaca

Bolkenstein vive!

Portugal, 02.11.2006 23:39

Bolkenstein vive!

Breaking: The APPO Repels the PFP from The Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca

NYC, 02.11.2006 23:38

After a six-hour siege on the Benito Juarez Autonomous University, which is the home Radio Universidad, voice of the APPO, the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) was forced to retreat just moments ago.

See also: APPO Taken out of TV Stations
Oaxaca Update: War Escalates and Brad Will's Killers
URGENT! Call your senators and congressmen and media outlets and women

Oaxaca Radio Under Attack

Portland, 02.11.2006 23:38

During the whole morning, Radio Universidad, has been under attack from the Federal Police PFP. Barricades has been falling one after another by this repressive force. Many have been injured and others have been detained...

Thousands of police corps are closing in. Helicopters have been removing people detained by police... Incoming calls to the station are from desperate people reporting from the front lines... Many of these reports have been confirmed by Indy reporters on the site. Right now gas is falling on the radio station thrown from helicopters.


transcribed updates from Oaxaca

11:32 The PFP is shooting tear-gas from their helicopters at unarmed peaceful protester. Just like in Atenco, there have been many shots that have been taken with tear-gas guns- shooting to kill.


InkyWatch: The Inquirer's Commericalism Advances

Philadelphia, 02.11.2006 22:42

“The War is On in Oaxaca”

New Mexico, 02.11.2006 22:08

“The War is On in Oaxaca”

Members of the Zapatista Other Campaign Blockade the Mexico City-Acapulco Superhiway

New Mexico, 02.11.2006 21:38

Members of the Zapatista Other Campaign Blockade the Mexico City-Acapulco Superhighway in Defense of the People of Oaxaca

lock down

Houston, 02.11.2006 20:10

Breaking News

Heads Up: NYPD Renews its Attack On Our Right to Assemble

NYC, 02.11.2006 20:09

The NYPD is seeking to gain more power over public gatherings by rewriting rules on parades and public gatherings. Assemble for Rights NYC is pressing City Council to assert its authority as the city's legislative body and pass the NYC First Amendement Act.[Read More]

Killed for the Truth, Paid for the Lies, and Impunity for the Murderers

NYC, 02.11.2006 20:09

Here are two small but important details about Brad’s death:

He was wearing an Indymedia t-shirt when he was shot. One bullet must have gone right through the (((i)). Maybe that shouldn’t matter to me but it does. I have that t-shirt, as do many people I love.

Second, Brad lived for nearly an hour after he was shot. The initial photos made it seem like he died on the spot. Other reports suggest he died minutes later on the way to a hospital. In fact, protesters carried his body for a long distance, drove a car until it ran out of gas, unsuccessfully tried to wave down a couple of trucks – it started to rain – and then, about five blocks from the Red Cross station, he died. I don’t know if this should matter either, but it does.

[Oaxaca] Suivi en temps réel

Liege, 02.11.2006 20:08

Cinq mois après le début de l'impressionnant mouvement social à Oaxaca, les pouvoirs fédéraux ont décidé d'envoyer entre 3.000 et 4.000 militaires et policiers pour "ramener l'ordre" Vendredi, début de l'intervention armée à Oaxaca, 4 personnes ont été assassinées et de nombreuses autres bléssées et arrêtées. Malgré la résistance pacifique des habitants d'Oaxaca et des sympathisants venus de partout, les 3 jours suivants ont vu la "police fédérale préventive" (PFP) et les paramilitaires reprendre peu à peu le contrôle du centre-ville. A nouveau, on a compté de nombreux bléssés et arrêtés. Plusieurs quartiers restent aux mains des manifestant-e-s, notamment celui de l'université à partir duquel émet la radio de l'Assemblée Populaire des Peuples d'Oaxaca (APPO), véritable voix de ce mouvement des sans-voix.

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