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Daniel McGowan &amp; codefendants accept non-cooperation plea agreement

NYC, 09.11.2006 23:08

We would like to inform everyone about the events in court today. After months of negotiations and consideration, Daniel, along with Jonathan Paul, Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block, pled guilty to some of the many charges. We cannot emphasize enough what an extremely difficult decision this was for Daniel and we will continue to give him our full support.

“Köyün delileri” ihtiyar heyetine seçildi

Istanbul, 09.11.2006 21:09

Köylülerin protestosu: “Köyün delileri” ihtiyar heyetine seçildi

Raid israeliani su Gaza

Italy, 09.11.2006 21:09

Autunno a Gaza

La Corte Suprema hace lugar a la queja de la defensa de Tejerina

Argentina, 09.11.2006 21:08

Romina cerca de la libertad

Raid israeliani su Gaza

Italy, 09.11.2006 20:39

Autunno a Gaza

Vitória dos transgênicos com ajuda de ex-inimigo das multinacionais

Brasil, 09.11.2006 18:08


The Last Suffrage Movement Begins?

Portland, 09.11.2006 17:38

Before September 2006 few people may have heard of Eden Prarie, Minnesota, but the heroic actions of one young man in Eden Prarie may be remembered by future generations of Americans as the touchstone of the next civil rights movements. Which may very likely be the last civil rights movement in America. That is, the movement for the civil rights of young people.

Taking an action which he calls, "The biggest thing he's ever done in his life", a young man named Jesse L. Hunter had his credentials examined, showing his birthyear as 1989, and was told to proceed to the voting booth. A script which most of us take for granted. But in this case, perhaps for the first time in US history, an educated, morally sophisticated 17 year old man cast his ballot.

AUDIO: Interview with Jesse Hunter | Interview with Alex-Koroknay-Palicz - National Youth Rights Association | RELATED ARTICLES: 1

Secret Forest Service Policy to Close Thousands of Recreation Sites

Portland, 09.11.2006 17:38

A Secret Forest Service Policy That Will Close Thousands Of
Recreation Sites And Add Thousands More Fee Sites On The National
Forests. Read the full report here:

Also Check Wild Wilderness's Website for more info on how to take action to stop this travesty:

NEXT WEEK in Cascadia: Nigerian anti-oil activist Omoyele Sowore.

Portland, 09.11.2006 17:38

Omoyele Sowore anti-oil activist from the Niger Delta, Nigeria - the other oil war. Speaking in Portland November 15th-16th

Thursday, Nov. 16th at Portland State University downtown Portland, 6 pm at the Smith Center Ball Room

"The Niger Delta area is polluted, occupied and heavily militarized. People get killed on behalf of the major oil companies everyday, that cannot be right." - Omoyele Sowore, Niger Delta, Nigeria

• Wednesday, Nov. 15th at Lewis and Clark in SW Portland, 7:30 pm at the Templeton Council Chambers.
• Thursday, Nov. 16th at Portland Community College / Sylvania in SW Portland. 11 am / Performing Arts Center.
• Also speaking in Walla Walla(11/13), Olympia (14th + 15th), Eugene(17th), and Seattle(20th)! Contact us for more information.

Un-Dam The Klamath Events Throughout November

Portland, 09.11.2006 17:38

The campaign to Un-Dam the Klamath and Bring the Klamath Salmon Home to Oregon has reached it's most important point. FERC dam hearings are set for Klamath Falls, Yreka, Arcata and North Bend (on the Oregon Coast), on Nov. 14, 15th, 16th and 29th. Written Comments are due on Dec.1st and events in Ashland and Arcata are planned for the 9th and 10th. Please help the fishermen, Native people, and residents of the Klamath to Save the Salmon. Come to a hearing, host a film night, table, or write a comment this month.

Related: 9/27/06: FERC under GW Bush regime contributes to genocide | 3/29/06: Fishermen Protest after Coho Die-off | 9/25/05: Tribes host film/discussion in Portland | 7/12/04: Tribes host protest in Southern Oregon and Scotland for Klamath Salmon


Portland, 09.11.2006 17:38


The campaign to Un-Dam the Klamath and Bring the Klamath Salmon Home to Oregon has reached it's most important point. FERC dam hearings are set for Klamath Falls, Yreka, Arcata and North Bend (on the Oregon Coast), on Nov. 14, 15th, 16th and 29th. Written Comments are due on Dec.1st and events in Ashland and Arcata are planned for the 9th and 10th. Please help the fishermen, Native people, and residents of the Klamath to Save the Salmon. Come to a hearing, host a film night, table, or write a comment this month.

* Riverkeeper Hosts Un-Dam the Klamath Film Night in Ashland: Nov. 9th 6:30
* Support Dam Removal at FERC hearing in Yreka Nov. 15th: Carpools leaving from Ashland! Klamath Falls, Arcata and Oregon Coast hearing also planned.
* Written Comments on Klamath Dams due on Dec. 1st: sample comments at
*Upcoming events in Ashland, Klamath Falls, Yreka, Arcata and North Bend. Please come and get involved!

Brad Will of IMC Killed in Oaxaco- His last video/ IMC posts/ Worldwide protest photos

Miami, 09.11.2006 17:37

Brad Will of IMC Killed in Oaxaco- His last video/ IMC posts/ Worldwide protest photos

&quot;Critical Mass Miami&quot; Bike Ride November 11th

Miami, 09.11.2006 17:37

"Critical Mass Miami" Bike Ride November 11th

Daniel McGowan To Plead Guilty

NYC, 09.11.2006 17:08

The four remaining non-cooperating defendants in the Oregon “Green Scare” case have agreed to accept responsibility for their own roles in environmentally motivated crimes, but do not agree to provide information or testify against anyone now or in the future.

Антыджоб і альтэрнатыўная эканоміка

Belarus, 09.11.2006 16:07

speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 09.11.2006 15:09

Barcelona Meeting Point: real-state mafia's fair

From November 7th to 12th takes place the Barcelona Meeting point, the greatest European real-state fair, according to the organizers. In there the main speculation promoters will meet, in one of the cities where housing matter is most heartrending and where a whole protest movement has broke out against this untenable problem, protest that is tried to be silenced in politic and media fields to keep the speculation bubble.

::: What's the Meeting Point? ::: Who's Enrique Lacalle? (BMP's President) ::: Lacalle: "the spanish real-state sector is a model to be followed"

[Nov 7th] Chained up with cement at Sant Jaume Sq. come to give support!

[Nov. 11th, 12h] Països Catalans square: Demonstration They laugh at us right in our faces

Other news: ::: La Caixa puts pressure on Youtube to censor a video about speculation ::: Barcelona Antimobbing City Council's Office ::: A municipal adviser says housing is not a socially conflictive issue ::: Real-state and urban violence data ::: UN asks spanish government for evaluating the fulfilment of the right to a house ::: Bon Pastor's neighbours challenge cases barates (cheap houses) demolition :::

More info in >>> speculation & squatting section


Colombia, 09.11.2006 14:39

Veinte buses de estudiantes de las 9 sedes de la Universidad del Valle se han desplazado a la capital de la Republica para participar en la Gran Marcha Nacional Universitaria a realizarse en el marco

Белорусский Социальный Форум

Belarus, 09.11.2006 14:07

ДИСКУССИЯ: либертарное ЖКХ возможно?

Belarus, 09.11.2006 14:07

Screening of &quot;After Innocence,&quot; Benefit for Exonerees

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.11.2006 09:09

On Sunday November 19th, there will be a benefit for exonerated former prisoners at 4:00pm at the Marin Academy Theatre, 1600 Mission Ave. in San Rafael. Pam Maffei's Justice in America class will show the film "After Innocence," and several exonerees will be present. After the movie, the students will serve dinner in the cafeteria in honor of our visiting exonerees. Tickets for the movie and dinner are $10 and can be purchased in advance via the Marin Academy Website. Proceeds will go toward the Life After Exoneration Program and to the speakers.

Protestors confront Mexican &quot;President-elect&quot; Calderon's Motorcade at Ritz Hotel

DC, 09.11.2006 06:09

Today, Mexican "President-Elect" Calderon(who stole his election just like Bush) visited the Ritz-Carlton hotel on 22nd st. When he arrived, protestors organized by the Mexican Solidarity Network were waiting to "greet" him!

A Kick in the Butt

DC, 09.11.2006 06:09

Let's give thanks for the big bruising the American people have given Mr Bush and his fellow born-again Fascists.

Tras la multitudinaria movilización

Argentina, 09.11.2006 04:38

Oaxaca: La lucha continúa

Tras la multitudinaria movilización

Argentina, 09.11.2006 04:38

Oaxaca: La lucha continúa

Yoo @ Rice

Houston, 09.11.2006 04:09

Yoo Can Never Justify Torture

Nov. 8 Statement by the Family of Brad Will

NYC, 09.11.2006 02:08

The family of Brad Will has issued the following statement:

"We understand that two of the group of five allegedly involved in Brad's murder have been arrested in Oaxaca. We applaud this action but also note that the other three implicated directly in the crime remain at large. We urge that efforts immediately be expanded to find and arrest all of those involved in all recent killings there."

Oaxaca Solidarity March - Cop Strikes Wheelchair with Car

San Diego, 09.11.2006 01:38

This is a brief photographic timeline before and after Sgt. Larmuur intentionally hit me with his police vehicle [near the end of the Oaxaca Solidarity March on Sunday]. If you zoom in on the pictures you can see his car with and without a scratch before and after he hit me. Please notice in the picture where he is either about to or actually hitting me how close his car is to the people next to me. This is a clear example of the tactics the police employed throughout the entire march where the would speed up their vehicle to intimidate protestors.

Description of the March and links to photos and video.

Brad Will of IMC Killed in Oaxaco- His last video/ IMC posts/ Worldwide protest photos

Miami, 08.11.2006 21:07

Brad Will of IMC Killed in Oaxaco- His last video/ IMC posts/ Worldwide protest photos

2007 NCOR Event Details and Call for Proposals

Saint Louis, 08.11.2006 20:39

The National Conference of Organized Resistance is an annual event that brings together people from all backgrounds for a weekend of learning and discussing local and international social justice issues through workshops, panel discussions, and skillshares. We are currently seeking workshop proposals for the 10th Annual NCOR, held March 9-11, 2007 at American University in Washington, D.C. Read on for more details. Thanks!

Election Results Have Strange Turn of Events

Saint Louis, 08.11.2006 19:38

Rumsfeld Resigns from Department of Defense

Claire McCaskill wins Missouri Senate seat while Stem Cell Initiative passes. The Smoking tax is defeated. Minimum wage increases. Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. And now, Donald Rumsfeld has resigned from the office of Secretary of Defense. What else might happen in the next few days?

[ View Election Results | Discuss your election ideas ]

November 7th Election Results

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2006 18:10

On November 7th, voters around the US went to the polls. Nationally, the Democratic Party took control of the House of Representatives and San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi will be the first-ever woman speaker. Control of the Senate is not yet known. More on national results

In California, Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was re-elected thanks in no small part to support from California Democratic Party leaders. Most state propositions were rejected by voters, as was notorious anti-environment Congressman Richard Pombo. More on state results

In Bay Area races, Chris Daly has retained his seat as San Francisco Supervisor, despite strong opposition from the business community and major newspapers. In Berkeley, Kriss Worthington retained his seat on the City Council.

Democrats Take Control of House of Representatives

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2006 15:13

The Democractic Party has taken control of the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi is set to become the Speaker of The House. Control of the Senate is not yet known. Democracts control at least 47 seats, with Republicans controlling 49, and 1 seat going to Socialist Bernie Sanders and one to Joe Lieberman (who lost the Democratic Primary to antiwar candidate Ned Lamont). Two additional Senate seats are still up in the air but appear to be leaning toward wins by the Democrats. Among well known Republicans who lost their seats Tuesday were the notorious anti-gay politician Rick Santorum, and the notorious anti-environment politician Richard Pombo.

Swartzenegger Stays Governor Most Propositions Rejected

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2006 15:13

Republican Arnold Swartzenegger was elected governor with 55.7% of the vote compared to 39.2% Phil Angelides' 39.2%. Green Party candidate Peter Camejo got 2.3% of the vote. Republican Steve Poizner beat Cruz Bustamante 50.5% to 38.9% in the race for Insurance Commissioner. Other state races went to the Democrats with John Garamendi winning the race for Lieutenant Governor and Jerry Brown set to become the next Attorney General. In other California races, Democrat Jerry McNerney beat Richard Pombo in the race for the 11th District US House seat. Pombo was a notorious enemy of the environment and chairman of the House Resources Committee.

Proposition 83 passed 70.5% % to 29.5%, widening the definition of sex offender and mandating life long monitoring for certain individuals.

Proposition 85 was defeated 52.1% to 47.9%. Prop 85 would have made it difficult for teenage girls to get abortions without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Proposition 86 was defeated 54.6% to 45.4% Prop 86 would have imposed an additional tax of $2.60 per cigarette pack to fund new and expanded health services, health insurance for children, and expand tobacco use prevention programs.

Proposition 87 was defeated 74.4.6% to 25.6%. Prop 87 would have established a Clean Alternative Energy Program to reduce California's oil and gasoline consumption through incentives for alternative energy, education, and training. More money was spent on both sides of the Prop 87 campaign than on any proposition in state history.

Proposition 90 was defeated 52.5% to 47.5%. Prop 90 would have made it more difficult for the government to confiscate property but also would have required compenstation for any legislation that could impact property values (such as lwas to protect the environment and worker's rights).

Photos and Short Update from Oaxaca, November 6th: Women's march

NYC, 08.11.2006 15:12

11/8: Shortly after midnight, Ministerial (State) Police reportedly shot live ammunition at people on the Carrillo Puerto barricade; no one was injured. At around 1 a.m., gun shots were reported near the Soriana barricade, and there were six arrests at the Carrillo Puerto barricade.
11/7: The APPO women's march in Oaxaca was attacked by the Policía Federal Preventiva (PFP), and a total of 16 protesters were arrested in Oaxaca throughout the day, including eight people kidnapped off the street by agents in a white van, according to reports on APPO Radio. Report and photos | Faces of Oaxaca | More photos from the barricades
11/6: Radio Universidad (in Spanish)

November 5th: After a week of defending their barricades, more than a million people joined the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca's (APPO) 6th Mega March. This morning, paramilitary forces repeated their pattern of early morning gunfire at the barricades, wounding 22-year-old Marco Sanchez Mertinez; he is in grave condition. 12 buses and a caravan of cars arrived from Mexico City for the march. Photos and Audio Report and Written Report from today. Photos from CMI Chiapas of Federal Police waiting for the march. | Read minute-to-minute updates from Oaxaca

Radio Universidad, the movement's only remaining radio station was successfully defended on Thursday after fierce battles with the Federal Police. Photos: 1 | 2 | Video | Listen to Radio Universidad.

San Francisco Bay Area activists and reporters are in Oaxaca covering the popular movement:

Photos from Tristan | Nov. 5th in Oaxaca by Tristan | The Battle for the University by Tristan | Previous report by Tristan

Coverage of the Women's March by Barucha Calamity Peller | Photos from the Barricades | Photos and Audio Report from Nov. 5th | Minute to Minute reports November 2nd | November 4th

Reports by Danielsan and Ariel (since October 12th): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Videos from Indymedia Oaxaca | Coverage from past week | Solidarity Actions in the Bay Area and Beyond

Cba. / Acción en solidaridad con Oaxaca

Argentina, 08.11.2006 14:39

Tu acción evitará la represión

[Bahar] Législation d'exception, la fin de nos libertés fondamentales

Liege, 08.11.2006 14:38

Une législation d'exception, un tribunal d'exception, une instruction d'exception: un verdict d'exception.

Shell to Sea activists disrupt Dempsey at oil bosses conference

Ireland, 08.11.2006 13:09

Secuity breached by activists to deliver message t ...

Democratic Sweep In New York (And Maybe U.S.)

NYC, 08.11.2006 13:08

Democrats swept all statewide races yesterday. Attorney Eliot Spitzer was elected governor, according to unofficial results, and Hillary Clinton won her bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate. (Click here for more complete election results as they come in.) Democrat Andrew Cuomo won the race for attorney general, and Comptroller Alan Hevesi won re-election despite the scandal over his use of a state employee as his wife’s chauffeur. It remains unclear, though, whether Hevesi will be able to serve out his four-year term. Spitzer’s running mate, State Senator David Paterson of Manhattan, will become the state’s first black lieutenant governor. [Read More at Gotham Gazette] || MyDD: Just a Step Forward, But What a Step || OnNYTurf: Lieberman-- I Won't Be Beholden To Any Party

Melbourne Rally in Solidarity with Oaxaca

Melbourne, 08.11.2006 12:09

Rally in Solidarity with Oaxaca

new classes! portland freeskool!

Portland, 08.11.2006 11:39

the fall winter term of the freeskool is starting, check out our website for new classes and help us get the word out. yay!

The Freeskool is a grassroots effort, a group of people acting collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. The all volunteer Freeskool is dedicated to social change through free education and community building. We believe that education is an ever evolving process that should be available to all, free of monetary value. We wish to break down the boundaries of class, race, and age to learn together in a nurturing and creative environment. The Freeskool is a non-hierarchical, non-institutional form of learning in which anyone can be a teacher and anyone can be a student!! check out our website for more information, we have some great classes starting right now...

Operation Garden Plot

Portland, 08.11.2006 11:39

On October 17, 2006, Bush held a private ceremony in the Oval Office, where he signed the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (HR5122) (2), or "Public Law 109-364." This law will allow the U.S. government to declare "public emergencies" and station military troops across America, including the National Guard, to suppress "public disorder."

Section 1076 of the Authorization Act, "Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies" provides an additional $500+ billion to the Pentagon for its war on terror.

Section 333 of the Act, "Major Public Emergencies; Interference with State and Federal Law" says that the U.S. government may employ the armed forces, including the National Guard in Federal service, to restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States when, as a result of a natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition in any State or possession of the United States, the President determines that domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the State or possession are incapable of ("refuse" or "fail" in) maintaining public order, "in order to suppress, in any State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy."

Oaxaca: The Battle of the Day of the Dead

Portland, 08.11.2006 11:39

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm writing this Friday evening, November 3. We have been under occupation by Federal forces for several days now. The day they entered, Sunday, was ugly. The next day, three large marches converged on the Zocalo, and marchers circled around it, taunting the police and demonstrating that the police presence did not scare them or stop the movement. A plantón was set up outside the Santo Domingo Cathedral. All of the teachers and those who were sitting in the Zocalo are now sitting outside the church, three or four blocks from the Zocalo. One joke I heard was that while the PFP were busy taking the Zocalo, the APPO was busy taking Santo Domingo.

Not only have the teachers moved, but the vendors, unrelated to the movement, have also moved. Walking through today, I laughed and said, "If the PFP takes over the Zocalo, the people will just move the whole damn Zocalo somewhere else."


related: [ Oaxaca Megamarcha | pics: 1.3 Million people march in Oaxaca | Oaxaca Mega-March Has Begun! | We Must create a Rebellion of Our Own! | Mexico, Oaxaca: Police with the SWASTIKA | LA APPO | Oaxaca Solidarity In Denver ]

Oregonians mostly back the status quo

Portland, 08.11.2006 11:39

It looks like Oregonians will be sending the same people back to congress next year. I suppose that's somewhat convenient not requiring anyone to learn new names or contact information. And Kulongoski has a pretty sizable lead over any of his challengers.

On the upside it looks like Measures 40, 41, and 48 will be soundly defeated as will 42, 45 and, notably, 43. Measure 44, the only measure in which a wide number of progressive groups supported, looks like it will pass as will Measure 39, which had support across the traditionally marketed political divisions, marking at least 2 changes that a majority of voters wish to see. [ read more ]

Measure 47 Enacts Campaign Finance Reforms in Oregon

"The Measure 47 limits on contributions will no doubt be attacked in court by the opponents," said volunteer lawyer Dan Meek. This will give the Oregon Supreme Court an opportunity to revisit its 1997 decision, striking down the limits that were enacted by Measure 9 of 1994. In addition, all of the important campaign finance disclosure and reporting and anti-coercion provisions in Measure 47 will take effect and do not in any way depend upon enactment of Measure 46."

"Oregon voters have shown they know that the current political system is broken and corrupt," said supporter Ken Lewis (former President of the Port of Portland). "If necessary, I will ask the Legislature to refer an amendment to voters so that all of Measure 47 can take effect." [ read more ]

politics: [ Voting: Math is Hard | THESE ARE THE TIMES | JOE IS LAUGHING ]

election fraud: [ More problems in Ohio | How They Stole the Mid-Term Election | Massive voter fraud reported around country ]

Local Musician Martyrs Himself for Peace

Chicago, 08.11.2006 03:08

Chicago Indymedia has learned that last Friday local music and art afficianado and peace advocate Malachi Ritscher burned himself to death on the side of the Kennedy Expressway near downtown Chicago during the morning rush hour. Near Malachi's remains, police found a camcorder with videotape inside and a homemade sign that read "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Besides the note and videotape at the scene, Malachi also left a longer letter explaining his actions and his motivations. "What is one more life thrown away in this sad and useless national tragedy?" he wrote. "If one death can atone for anything, in any small way, to say to the world: I apologize for what we have done to you, I am ashamed for the mayhem and turmoil caused by my country."

Malachi was among more than seven hundred peace protesters who were illegally arrested on March 20, 2003, when thousands turned out to protest the beginning of the U.S. war on Iraq. His death, to date has received very little news coverage — and outlets that did report his death treated it as a simple suicide and the cause for slower-than-usual traffic that morning. The contents of the videotape he left have not been made public.

According to a message on the chi-improv listserve, his friends plan to hold an impromptu memorial service for him tonight at 11PM near the site of his immolation, at the Millenium Flame statue, which is near the Ohio St. exit of southbound Kennedy Expressway. Read more here, here and here.

Malachi's websites: savagesound | savagesound


Arkansas, 08.11.2006 02:09

Agitprop, electoral fraud and dirty tricks may not have been invented in the US, but they certainly were perfected in "the land of the free and home of the brave" that no longer is except in the mind's eye of a diminishing number of diehards, true-believers and others still unaware of the real state of things in America.

ESA exemption proposed for Klamath irrigators

Rogue Valley, 08.11.2006 00:42

California Fish & Game (CDFG) proposes giving agricultural operations in the Shasta and Scott Sub-basin of the Klamath River a virtual exemption from the California Endangered Species Act (C-ESA). The irrigators dewater the Scott and Shasta and, in drought years, Coho salmon, listed as “threatened” under the C-ESA, are among the fish killed. The proposed permit will not lead to Coho Recovery; it will allow dewatering to continue and put irrigators in charge of monitoring their own C-ESA compliance and reporting violations.

GE-Free Education and Dialogue with Percy Schmeiser

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2006 00:09

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) has organized several GE-Free Education and Dialogue events to be held around the state, with Percy Schmeiser speaking. Schmeiser is the Canadian farmer whose canola fields were contaminated with GE seed, and who in turn was sued in 1998 by Monsanto. Tour Dates: Monday, November 13th in Santa Cruz; Tuesday, November 14th at UC Berkeley; Thursday, November 16th in Sonoma; Friday, November 17th in Ukiah; Saturday, November 18th in Pt. Arena/Manchester. Flyer All programs begin at 7 p.m. with doors opening at 6 p.m. All proceeds will go directly to the Schmeisers' efforts to fight Monsanto and GE contamination, as well as to efforts to educate about the risks associated with GE crops.

Nov. 11th March and Rally to Tell Pacific Steel Casting to Stop Polluting

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2006 00:09

On Saturday, November 11th, there will be a rally and march against Pacific Steel's pollution threat to the health of communities in West Berkeley and beyond. Protesters will gather at 11am at 9th Street and Gilman Street in Berkeley. Pacific Steel Casting is known as a major chronic polluter, emitting noxious odors and toxic pollutants into the air-- the odors, which have been described as smelling like "burned brakes or burned pot handle," can be detected miles south of the facility.

Chicago Indymedia movie night, Nov. 8 -- &quot;Speak Truth To Power: New Films from Oaxaca and Iraq&quot;

Chicago, 08.11.2006 00:08

Chicago Indymedia is proud to present an evening of new films, direct from on-the-ground struggles in Oaxaca, Iraq, and beyond.

The program will include video shorts and updates, courtesy of Chicago Otra, about the ongoing struggle for economic and social justice by Oaxaca's teachers and their supporters in Oaxaca, California and Chicago, as well as the last film by slain Indymedia journalist Brad Will — including his footage from the barricade where he lost his life.

Chicago Indymedia is also proud to present the Chicago premiere of the noted documentary directed by David Martinez, "500 Miles to Bablyon." Set in Iraq amid the US-led occupation, "500 Miles to Babyon" is a one-hour documentary about Iraqi civilians and a handful of independent journalists in a country turned into hell. The director, David Martinez, will attend the screening.

Date: Wednesday, November 8
Doors open — 7pm

Place: Acme Artists Community, 2418 West Bloomingdale, Chicago (off Western, near the Western CTA Blue Line stop)

Wheelchair accessible. Recommended donation, $10. Free to the unemployed. No one will be turned away. Read more

The Indypendent Sweeps the Independent Press Awards

NYC, 07.11.2006 23:38

The New York Independent Press Awards recognize excellence in reporting, design and photography in independent journalism. The winning journalists, designers and photographers all donated their work as a labor of love to The Indy, and on behalf of the newspaper, it loves you guys right back.

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