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Tasmania: Defence of Forests

Melbourne, 17.11.2006 14:39

Conservationists Arrested Defending Weld Valley

G20: Day of Engagement with Business

Melbourne, 17.11.2006 14:09

Businesses Targeted by G20 Protests

Castorvideo: Ankettaktion in Gusborn

Germany, 17.11.2006 12:39

Am 12. November gab es die erste Pyramidenankettaktion im Wendland während des 10. Castortransportes. Hier sind die ersten Bilder aus Gusborn um etwa 21:30 Uhr.

Captured on Video: UCLA Student Gets High Voltage Shocks from Campus PD

LA, 17.11.2006 07:38

Captured on Video: UCLA Student Gets High Voltage Shocks from Campus PD

Nadia Winstead Faces November 17th Contempt Hearing

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.11.2006 07:11

On Friday, November 17th, supporters of local animal advocate Nadia Winstead will rally at 10am in front of the Federal Building (450 Golden Gate Ave) in San Francisco. Winstead may be ordered to jail at this hearing by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for her refusal to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the animal liberation movement.

Jewish, Arab and Other Community Members Protest Israeli Assault on Gaza

Boston, 17.11.2006 07:10

At lunchtime on Thursday, November 16th, around 50 citizens from the Boston area gathered in front of the Israeli consulate at 20 Park Plaza. The community member were assembled to demand that the Israeli government immediately stop the killing of Palestinian civilians in the West bank and Gaza Strip.


Argentina, 17.11.2006 05:16

Desastre metereológico en Rosario


Argentina, 17.11.2006 04:38

Desastre metereológico en Rosario

Refugee Rights - Australian detention centres

Perth, 17.11.2006 04:10

Australia's Guantanamo on remote Christmas Island

[Grèce] La lutte continue face aux réformes de l'éducation

Liege, 17.11.2006 04:07

Au mois de juin, les étudiants grecs s'étaient massivement opposés aux réformes de l'enseignement supérieur voulues par le gouvernement . Au début de cette année scolaire, ce sont les instituteurs qui se sont mis en grêve pour demander une hausse des budgets et des primes. En solidarité avec eux, les profs du secondaires ont lancé une grêve depuis trois semaines.

Shame on Barbara Haller

Worcester, 17.11.2006 03:09

Sweetheart Deal or Not? Are We Rebuilding Main South?

America's Most Racist City?

San Diego, 17.11.2006 02:38

Friday 3:30PM Downtown
Broadway Circle in front of NBC studios

Many San Diegans are outraged at the recent portrayal of the undocumented community in the recent undercover NBC report by Ana Garcia of NBC channel 4 in Los Angeles. Her one sided story, not only has created fear in the canyon communities where some migrants live, but has energized hate groups such as the minutemen and hate radio such as Rick Roberts to ridicule and create a circus atmosphere at the very site many of the hardest working members of our community have lived for decades.

We will not allow the Minutemen or any other racist groups to continue to practice their hate and violence on our migrant brothers and sisters or anyone else, as this represents the worst of the American Spirit.

Enough! We demand that Mayor Jerry Saunders, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and the community at large say Enough, Basta!!! The whole world is watching and we can in a blink of an eye go from “Americas Finest City”, to “Americas Most Racist City”

İsveç'li işçilerle dayanışma

Istanbul, 17.11.2006 02:09

İsveç'li işçilerle dayanışma

Halkı Askerlikten Soğutmak Gerekiyor!

Istanbul, 17.11.2006 02:09

Halkı Askerlikten Soğutmak Gerekiyor!

Famatina y Chilecito resisten emprendimientos mineros

Argentina, 17.11.2006 02:08

El Famatina no se toca

Parents Appeal Against Closure of Creche

Ireland, 17.11.2006 00:39

The parents of children at the Coombe's creche are ...

Tennessee Residents Plan Nashville Solidarity Rally to Close the SOA

Tennessee, 17.11.2006 00:10

Rally to Demand "Zero Tolerance for Torture" and Closure of U.S. Army's School of the Americas Tennesseans will rally Saturday, November 18 in Nashville and then stage a funeral procession to express our mourning and rage against ongoing training of Latin American soldiers at the infamous US "School of Assassins". The rally will begin at 1 p.m. at Commerce St. and 4th Ave. North in downtown Nashville, cite of the historical marker for William Walker, a Nashville resident who invaded Central America in the 1850's and declared himself ruler of Nicaragua, and then re-instituted slavery in that country (previously made illegal in 1824). The rally will express support for the estimated 20,000 thousands who will rally at Fort Benning, Georgia to demand a dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy and the closure of the controversial U.S. Army's School of the Americas (SOA). Participants will be starkly dressed in funeral/mourning outfits and will draw attention with props to the shocking results of US foreign policy in Latin America.

Janitors block intersection

Houston, 16.11.2006 23:39

Breaking News... Janitors block downtown intersection

Oaxaca Resistance Continues as Regime Lies and Detains, Disappears Activists

San Diego, 16.11.2006 23:38

Amid widespread detentions and disappearances of activists, as well as paramilitary attacks, the people of Oaxaca are continuing their resistance and demanding the ouster of corrupt governor Ulises Ruiz, the removal of federal troops from Oaxaca and the release of all political prisoners. As APPO forms a permanent government, the corrupt regime claims that APPO assassinated Brad Will, instead of the armed PRI-associated paramilitaries caught on film shooting at him and the compener@s at the barricade.

Background/Links: 1 2 3
Summary of Events Since the 6th MegaMarch on Nov 5:
Women's March Nov 7: 10,000 women marched from the outskirts of Oaxaca to the central square today, carrying flowers and wearing black in honor of all who have been murdered and disappeared, throwing flowers and screaming "Asesinos" at riot squad police at the Zocalo. As old women were crying from emotion, police fired from their water cannons and APPO supporters took aim at the PFP with their slingshots Read More Also: 1 2

March for Radio Unidersidad: Students and others marched to protest intentional interference with the signal of Radio Universidad. Read More

APPO Constitutional Congress Nov 10-12: The goal of APPO's Constitutional Congress was to choose a leadership and fortify the direction of the organization in the most democratic way. Along the walls were banners of APPO in action. They showed young people with molotovs, women stringing out barbed wire, people with slingshots and bandanas over theor faces or playing the guitar, a woman with a baby facing the riot cops. Read More

APPO Forms Permanent Government Nov 10-12: Three thousand Oaxaqueños responded to the first call of APPO to forge a new constitution for Oaxaca, self-dissolving in favor of a permanent structure of government which includes an executive and legislative branch. The new organ is the State Council of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (CEAPPO). Read More

Threats/Detentions/Disappearances Nov 10: Yesterday, as a 5.1 earthquake shook the city, more students disappeared and received threats, prompting the occupied university to declare a red alert. Four APPO leaders with warrants on their names sought asylum in the Catholic Church for the night [and were later refused asylum]. Many members of APPO´s 350 integrated organizations have abandoned their homes and offices because of threats and violence from PRI party members or supporters. Read More

Student and Youth Conference Nov 11: At present, the popular Oaxacan movement is in the vanguard of social movements in Mexico and in Latin America, and finding itself snared by the political class and its imminent demise, the 2nd National Student & Youth Conference proclaims its solidarity with the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) and calls attention to communities of resistance. Read More

Government Claims APPO Assassinated Brad Will Nov 15: Brad Will will not be able to rest peacefully. The people of Oaxaca have given their lives . Today the government wants to think we are also assassins. The Mexican government wants to attribute his death to members of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) to exonerate the true assassins... Read More

Recent Reports/Reports with Photos from Oaxaca: Names of the Disappeared | Communications War in Oaxaca | APPO | Dirty War in Oaxaca

What is the Miami Workers Center? Find Out! Get Involved! Get Paid For It!

Miami, 16.11.2006 21:07

What is the Miami Workers Center? Find Out! Get Involved! Get Paid For It!

Fr. Jean-Juste suspended from acting as a priest by the Diocese of Port au Prince

Miami, 16.11.2006 20:42

Fr. Jean-Juste suspended from acting as a priest by the Diocese of Port au Prince

What's up?

Italy, 16.11.2006 20:09

Un giorno di ordinario antagonismo

A once años de las explosiones

Argentina, 16.11.2006 20:08

¡Río Tercero marchó!

Janitors take on Chevron

Houston, 16.11.2006 19:39

Janitors take action against Chevron

La lucha por la cultura autogestionada

Argentina, 16.11.2006 19:38

Festival de la resistencia en la Asamblea de Almagro

This is What Recuperation Looks Like: the Rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO

NYC, 16.11.2006 18:38

A look at the events in Oaxaca and a critical look at the APPO's composition and program of struggle.

Florida activist arrested while investigating election fraud goes on trial

Miami, 16.11.2006 18:37

Florida activist arrested while investigating election fraud goes on trial today

Polo DEREITO SOCIAL á VIVENDA e contra a especulaculación

Galiza, 16.11.2006 18:10

A vivenda deixou de ser xa un ben de uso e converteuse nunha simple
mercadoría de luxo e nun valor da especulación.

O modelo da cidade supedítase aos intereses especulativos inmobiliarios
e as diferentes administracións públicas colaboran nisto de forma
definitiva, coa escusa de que é o motor do crecemento económico, sen
darse de conta de que esta chamada burbulla ademais das graves
consecuencias sociais que ten, pode explotar en calquera momento
provocando unha gravísima crise económica. Proba disto é que na nosa
cidade este mercado xa comeza a ralentizarse.

Newly Elected Officials Work as “Janitors for a Day” at Nova Southeastern University

Miami, 16.11.2006 18:07

Newly Elected Officials Work as “Janitors for a Day” at Nova Southeastern University

TWU Presidential Candidates Debate the Legacy of the 2005 Transit Strike

NYC, 16.11.2006 17:08

Transit Workers’ Union Local 100 President Roger Toussaint and three rivals debated last night as the union’s rank-in-file prepares to vote in an election that is widely seen as a referendum on the Dec. 2005 transit strike and its aftermath.

December 7th Events for Daniel McGowan as part of Green Scare day of solidarity

NYC, 16.11.2006 17:08

12 - 2 PM Rally in Solidarity with Daniel McGowan, Foley Square
6:30 PM Dinner and a Movie for Daniel Benefit, Time's Up!


Colombia, 16.11.2006 16:38

Transnacionales Mineras ¡Culpables!

The Intersection of School Reform and Gentrification

Philadelphia, 16.11.2006 14:38

Comment spam attack

Baltimore, 16.11.2006 14:08

The Baltimore IMC has been subject to a sustained, but futile comment spam attack.

German Protests against Nuclear Waste

Melbourne, 16.11.2006 12:39

Nuclear is no Solution

Oaxaca Benefit at RCNV in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.11.2006 09:38

On Friday, November 17th, Santa Cruz Indymedia presents a benefit in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca. The event starts at 7:00pm at the Resource Center for Nonviolence, 515 Broadway, in Santa Cruz. There is a suggested donation of $5-20, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

There will be music from Ryan Harvey & Mark Gunnery of Riot Folk Records, a billingual presentation from Miguel Zafra, a native Oaxaqueño and member of the Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales (FIOB) and film screenings of Granito de Arena and Infamy in Oaxaca. Read more and download the flyer

Movilización el 20 de Noviembre

Tijuana, 16.11.2006 08:37

Movilización el 20 de noviembre en Tijuana

Brad Will: His second murder (English/Spanish)

NYC, 16.11.2006 07:39

Brad Will tendrá que esperar a que se haga justicia. Sus asesinos serán buscados dentro del movimiento popular de Oaxaca, mientras los verdaderos culpables son exonerados. El gobierno de México presentó resultados de las investigaciones realizadas en el asesinato de nuestro compañero Brad que tratan de culpar a miembros de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca como los que asesinaron a Brad.


Brad Will will have to wait for justice. His assassins will be looked for within the popular movement or Oaxaca, while the true guilty are exhonerated. The government of Mexico presented results of the investigations made into the murder of our companion Brad that try to blame members of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca as those who assassinated Brad.

Veg*n outreach planting the seeds of awareness throughout Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.11.2006 07:09

During October and November, Bay Area Vegetarians (BAV) distributed vegan food samples and literature, and most recently, vegan recipes and literature. The events are not difficult to organize, volunteers enjoy them, and it gets vegan information into the hands and minds of people who may not have otherwise received this information. From these events to vegan baking classes to demos at area KFC's in support of PETA's Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign, BAV keep themselves busy. BAV is currently looking to expand their volunteer team to do leafleting on a regular basis in the East Bay, San Francisco, and the South Bay.

San Francisco Schools to Phase Out JROTC

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.11.2006 07:09

The San Francisco Board of Education voted on Tuesday, November 14th to phase out its JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program over a two-year period. It is believed that this is the first time any school district has eliminated an existing JROTC program. The Board of Ed members who voted in favor of eliminating JROTC from San Francisco's schools are Dr. Dan Kelly, Sarah Lipson, Eric Mar, and Mark Sanchez.

Shut Down the G-8 Benefit Tomorrow!

Portland, 16.11.2006 05:39

Local activists from this fair city are already planning to attend the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, and are seeking help for their airfare to Germany in May of next year. We are now working not only to raise funds, but also to get in touch with others who are interested in "attending" the 2007 conference.

This evening will be packed full of footage from previous G8 summits, music from amazing local bands RIOT COP and MDC, and a bit of history on the G8 presented by some of the attendees and comrades. We hope to see you there.

November 16th @
Laughing Horse Books
12 NE 10th St.

La lucha por la cultura autogestionada

Argentina, 16.11.2006 05:19

Festival de la resistencia en la Asamblea de Almagro

Times Up: NYC Spends 1.3 Million Policing Critical Mass

NYC, 16.11.2006 04:38

The $1,320,000 figure is a very conservative estimate of what has been spent by the NYPD, Manhattan District Attorney and NYC Corporation Counsel to suppress and litigate a bicycle ride that lasts 2 hours a month.

Cost of War

Worcester, 16.11.2006 03:39

Veteran's Day Lesson: Cost of Iraq War Hurts Worcester

Conflicto en un call center de Córdoba

Argentina, 16.11.2006 02:38


JOHN ROSS speaks this friday at laughing horse books

Portland, 16.11.2006 01:38

This FRIDAY at 7pm ANARCHIST author JOHN ROSS will speak at laughing horse books (12 ne 10th 503-236-2893) He is the author of MURDERED by CAPITALISM and his NEW rad book ZAPATISTA'S making another world possible- chronicles of resistance 200-2006!

I have seen him speak before and it was AWESOME.

Roll Up! Roll Up! Bristol For Sale!

Bristol, 15.11.2006 23:37

Council Accused of Massive Sell Off Council Accused of Massive Sell Off As critics maul the new Bristol Airport report, The Sub-Editor writes; A recent keynote speech from Barbara Janke, our council leader and anti drug hostel NIMBY-in-Chief seems to have been strangely overlooked. In the speech, to a very carefully selected audience of "350 business representatives" -ie. those likely to get their snouts in a rather financially attractive trough - Janke explained how she intends to deliver the 28,000 houses she's agreed to build in Bristol as part of the West of England Spatial Strategy. it's called "The Balanced and Sustainable Communities Initiative" and promises to "be integrated in a sustainable way that would transform neighbourhood economies and spread the investment and wealth creation more evenly across the city."In reality Janke will be selling off considerable pieces of our land in areas such as Knowle, Hartcliffe and Lockleaze along with vague promises of facilities and services the areas were first promised 50-odd years ago. Already, a secretive and exclusive "C21 Committee" have been tasked with softening up the locals with sustainability-speak and extraordinary promises. Those thinking this might be a good thing should note that First Bus and Bristol Airport are amongst the priveliged elite appointed to Janke's C21 cabal....And already they say: "New developments will need to be served by improved road systems and better public transport – connecting people in any new mixed and balanced communities with local opportunities but also with those promised by an expanding airport..." Full Article| Bristol For Sale Links 1 & 2 | Worked stopped on gas pipeline at Trebanos but illegal eviction happening this morning | New study by Stop Bristol Airport Expansion highlights rate of climate change in UK | Memorial Stadium Expansion Plans - UPDATED | Castle Park Saved! | Bristol Airport Expansion: Flying In The Face of Stern | Image (right) from Ghostboy Bristol for Sale! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers

LA, 15.11.2006 23:08

Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers

Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers

LA, 15.11.2006 23:08

Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers

FCC Announces Public Hearing on Media Ownership In Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee, 15.11.2006 22:39

Washington, DC – The Federal Communications Commission today announced that the second public hearing on media ownership issues will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday, December 11, 2006. At the Commission's first public hearing in Los Angeles, the FCC heard from a large number of citizens about the current state of the media and specific issues facing that local market. Similarly, this second hearing will provide an opportunity for those in the Nashville area to broadly discuss media ownership issues as well as those of concern to their community.

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