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7th Annual March to Stop Executions

Austin, 19.11.2006 00:38

On Saturday October 28, over 200 anti-death penalty activists gathered in Austin for the 7th annual march to stop executions. Twenty-four of us from Houston rode on the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement bus to join the marchers in Austin. We had a really interesting mix of people on the bus: for a lot of us, it was our very first time marching against the death penalty. We also had family members of Joseph Nichols, who is currently on death row, join us. Several members of GRACE ( came on the trip, some of whom were interns from Australia. We also had people from England and Holland, as well as members from TDPAM and others who have been involved in the struggle for awhile and continue to work against the death penalty. After getting a late start, we actually got to Austin a little early. At 3pm, the marchers met at the governor's mansion for a rally. Afterwards, we marched down Congress Ave to City Hall. Among the protestors were organizations representing a good mix of older and younger activists. A rally at City Hall included speakers and music by Austin musicians. The speakers were mainly family members of the executed, of murder victims, and of men who sit on death row today. || Photos

Austin, Cities Around the World Denounce URO and the Mexican Government

Austin, 19.11.2006 00:38

Over 70 people gathered outside of the Mexican Consulate in downtown Austin today to protest the recent killings of unarmed protesters and an Indymedia journalist in Oaxaca City. The protesters erected an altar to remember those killed by paramilitaries and police during the four month rebellion that started when governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz ordered local and state police to violently assault a planton or sit-in of striking teachers in the city center. Friends of murdered Indymedia video-journalist Brad Will spoke about their relationships with him before roughly 30 people entered the Consulate to denounce the murders and the Mexican government's tacit support for paramilitary violence in the impoverished southern Mexican state. One demonstrator handed over a detailed report including photos of Brad Will's murder at the hands of municipal police and members of the state's ruling party, the PRI. Photos from Austin Solidarity Demo 1 | 2 | 3 | Update Solidarity encampment to be built in front of Mexican Consulate | Virtual sit-in Jam Mexican Gov't websites Besides protesting the civilian murders by plain clothed police, the demonstration today called on President Vicente Fox to stop his support of the PRI government of Oaxaca, which includes Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, and his police death squads. After the attacks on protesters on Friday, Fox ordered 10,000 federal troops from the the Federal Preventative Police (PFP), military police, and army to "restore peace and order to Oaxaca." Instead of reining in vigilante police who have murdered unarmed protesters at will throughout Oaxaca, the PFP have attacked encamped members of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca or APPO, leaving at least three people dead, including a 15 year old boy, and 70 people arrested. For more on the PFP invasion of Oaxaca City click here. Currently, Federal Police are occupying the zocalo, or city center, after protesters relinquished the symbolic square without violence. As Fox declares this operation a success, APPO remains defiant of the State and Federal government as thousands more barricades have been erected throughout the city, and have established another planton in Santo Domingo de Guzman, a few blocks from the zocalo. Rebellion may spread throughout Mexico as EZLN calls for road blocks and nationwide stike | Three thousand teachers from Michoacán state will go to Oaxaca to support the APPO Video from PFP invasion 29Oct | Photos from march against repression in Oaxaca | Photos of PFP Invasion 29Oct | More photos: the Battle is not over Solidarity Demos across the globe | New York City: 12 People Arrested at Mexican Consulate Including Indymedia Photographer Erin Siegal | Video from the NYC Demo 1 | 2 || Miami, Florida

Solidarity Encampment Built at Mexican Consulate

Austin, 19.11.2006 00:38

A mini planton or solidarity encampment has been built in front of the Mexican consulate at 800 Brazos St. in downtown Austin, TX (corner of 9th and Brazos). On October 29th, the Mexican Army and Federal Preventive Police, in support of the repressive government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, entered into Oaxaca City and have systematically attacked the popular resistance movement which is seeking to create a new state constitution based on popular power. To protest the presence of federal troops in Oaxaca, people in solidarity with the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO in it’s Spanish initials) will be occupying the space in front of the Mexican Consulate in Austin. On Tuesday, October 31st at 4:30 pm they erected a tent and now plan to live in front of the consulate handing out information about the situation in Oaxaca until there is a peaceful resolution of the Army/Police occupation of the state. UPDATE: The planton at the Mexican Consulate was lifted at 6pm Saturday evening due to numerous requests from the owner of the building. Plans are being made to reinstate an alternate planton on Monday, November 6th. Location to be announced. La lucha sigue. The demands of the planton are a return to social tranquility, an end to the violence against the population and popular organizations in Oaxaca, and a clarification of the murders of over 15 people during the past 5 months of protests and strikes. Short interview from the planton (.mp3) || Report from Democracy Now! || Photos from the ground in Oaxaca || Update The APPO Wins an Important Battle Against the PFP || After Seven Hours of Pitched Battle, the Federal Police Ran for their Lives As the popular movement in Oaxaca continues "creating its own foundation as a people" the once entrenched Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has lashed out in a desperate,repressive violence. To quote Tomas Cruz, a native oaxaceno, "What we are seeing in Oaxaca is a breakdown of [a] political system that is completely corrupt and deliberately abuses its citizens at will, using the legitimacy of the state to impose a government that only uses power to advance a personal agenda and that of a very small political oligarchy." However, according to Juan Velásquez Cruz, a member of the APPO, "What we are constructing cannot go back, nobody can do that, not even this very repression can force it back, today the wheels of history walk at the side of the peasants and the poor workers and we will not be defeated, even if they send the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) and the military. These will confront a people that will defend itself meter by meter, block by block. I do not believe that there will be defeat. We will advance." As federal forces continue their attacks on the popular movements in Oaxaca solidarity actions continue across the globe. Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Thursday, November 2nd || Mexican PFP Assaulting University of Oaxaca, Radio APPO, Right Now || Killed for the Truth, Paid for the Lies, and Impunity for the Murderers || Civil Rights Violations Documented; Federal Police Use Cherished Zócalo for Toilet Needs

Confront the Nazi Menace, Nov. 11---State Capitol

Austin, 19.11.2006 00:38

This Saturday, November 11, the white supremacist organization National Socialist Movement (NSM) is holding a hate rally on the south steps of the state Capitol Building Their rally was originally billed as a protest against allowing Jews like Kinky Friedman to participate in elections. However, when they later realized that their rally was scheduled 4 days after the election, they re-billed it as a rally against illegal immigration, a more timeless issue that isn’t too late to seem relevant. Yet, there is still the question of why they chose to hold their rally on Veterans’ Day, at the Capitol, an hour after the annual Veterans’ Day activities take place their. Would it be to honor the millions of World War II vets who fought and died to rid the world of Nazism and Fascism 60 years ago? Or would it be to honor the millions of Jewish, Black, Latino, Native American and Asian American men and women who have served in the Armed Forces? Or does the NSM actually think that brown shirts, jackboots, and swastika arm bands will appeal to these people? No, the NSM would have nothing to do with them. Their audience is a different demographic, the younger, angrier, frustrated kids; the middle age white men who feel resentful for loosing their jobs; all those who are susceptible to their stereotypes, fear mongering and scapegoating To confront the Nazis and stand up for the liberty of migrants and all people meet at Republic Square Park (4th St. and Guadalupe) on Saturday, November 11, at 2:00pm. March to the Capitol at 2:30pm. Sponsored by Central Texas Anti-Racist Action centexara (at) Anti-Racist Action Network | One People's Project | Antifa Network | A History of Anit-Racist Action

Outraged UCLA Students March on Campus Police Station

LA, 18.11.2006 23:38

Outraged UCLA Students March on Campus Police Station

9 DeNuke Activists Arrested at UCLA

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.11.2006 22:09

On Thursday, November 16, nine DeNuke activists were forcefully dragged from the UC Regents meeting at UCLA after they informed the Regents that they would not allow the board to convene its committee in charge of UC's nuclear weapons research, design, and manufacturing labs in Los Alamos, New Mexico and Livermore, California. The protesters argue that the resumption of manufacturing of plutonium bomb pits at the Los Alamos Lab has created a crisis situation in which they feel it is their responsibility to do whatever they can to prevent the UC Regents from facilitating nuclear militarism. Read more on LA-IMC.


Athens, 18.11.2006 19:39

Συγχαρητήρια στους πραίτορες!


Argentina, 18.11.2006 19:39

15 piquetes en Rosario

Western Regional Advocacy Project Releases Report On Homelessness

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.11.2006 19:09

At noon on Tuesday November 14th, in front of the Federal Building a press conference was held as part of the release of the Western Regional Advocacy Project's (WRAP) report called, "Without Housing: Decades of Federal Housing Cutbacks, Massive Homelessness, and Policy Failures." In seven cities across the country similar press conferences were held, including ones in Seattle, Washington, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photos

Raging Grannies Against PVC

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.11.2006 19:09

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, commonly referred to as vinyl, is one of the most hazardous consumer products ever created. On November 12th, the Raging Grannies demonstrated in the SF Bay area against PVC, which is found in shower curtains, consumer packaging, and even rubber duckies. Photos

Manifestons pour le peuple d'Oaxaca!

Liege, 18.11.2006 18:37


Argentina, 18.11.2006 18:08

15 piquetes en Rosario


Colombia, 18.11.2006 18:08

Zarpazo a las Transferencias

Janitors 4th week on strike

Houston, 18.11.2006 17:09

SEIU takes on organizing the south

Carrie Dickerson funeral Wednesday

Oklahoma, 18.11.2006 17:07

Sustainability activist funeral set Carrie Barefoot Dickerson, the “Aunt Carrie” whose successful fight against the Black Fox Nuclear Plant near Inola vaulted her to national prominence in the environmental movement, died this morning at a Claremore nursing home. She was 89. SERVICES SET WEDNESDAY FOR CARRIE DICKERSON CLAREMORE--(OLL)--Carrie Barefoot Dickerson, the “Aunt Carrie” whose successful fight against the Black Fox Nuclear Plant near Inola vaulted her to national prominence in the environmental movement, died this morning at a Claremore nursing home. She was 89. Author of books for adults and children, she remained a driving force in the Oklahoma sustainable energy movement until her death. She had begun a new series of initiatives designed to promote renewable alternatives to new coal-fired power plants, and recently received the first Carrie Dickerson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oklahoma Sustainability Network. Services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006 at Claremore First United Methodist Church with Rev. Ray Crawford officiating; burial in Woodlawn. Arrangements are under the direction of Rice Funeral Home in Claremore, 918-341-0376. Information on visitation and memorials is pending. Additional details will be posted at as they become available.[Editor's note: information copied from the Oologah Lake Leader. Related link changed to point to CD Foundation site.] 

Police payback for G20 Protest

Melbourne, 18.11.2006 15:40

100 Police attack G20 Festive Gathering

SOA Protests

Cleveland, 18.11.2006 15:08

Cleveland Supports Annual Protest Against 'School of the Americas'

G20: You are 20 we are six billion

Melbourne, 18.11.2006 13:39

Street Confrontations at G20 Protest

Taser Torture At UCLA

Cleveland, 18.11.2006 13:37

Taser Torture At UCLA: Incapacitating A Person To Get Them To Move ?

Palestine Unites Us - Declaration of the Cleveland Preparatory Meeting

Cleveland, 18.11.2006 13:37

Palestine Unites Us - Towards the first Popular Palestinian National Conference in the US:

Malachi burns himself alive to protest Iraq war

Cleveland, 18.11.2006 13:07

Malachi Burns Himself Alive To Protest Iraq War

1er. Foro Social de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 18.11.2006 09:39

17-19 de noviembre 2006-Río Piedras

Azerbaycan'da iki muhalif gazeteci tutuklandı

Istanbul, 18.11.2006 09:09

Azerbaycan'da iki muhalif gazeteci tutuklandı

Iraqi Veterans Against the War at the Camp Democracy

DC, 18.11.2006 06:09

Interview with Iraqi Veterans Against the War at the Camp Democracy encampment at the Washington Monument on 9-21-06 Audio

Cleaning Companies negotiate

Houston, 18.11.2006 05:10

Cleaning firms agreed to head back to bargaining table, Bail set at $888,888 for non-violent protest

WBAI Financial Problems Greatly Exaggerated - $300,000 Misstatement

NYC, 18.11.2006 03:08

Alex Steinberg and other ACE endorsed candidates have alleged the station is $300,000 in debt to the Pacifica network, but public statements by Business manager Indra Hardat say the sum is much less. || Indypendent-- Trouble on the Airwaves: WBAI Listener Numbers Decline, Fund-Raising Efforts Decrease

November 16th March in Defense of Oaxaca

DC, 18.11.2006 02:09

Between 20 and 40 assembled at the Mexican Embassy at 5:30 PM yesterday to march in an unpermitted snake march to the Mexican Consulate in support of the population in revolt in Oaxaca. In attendance were local DC activists, including some from the DC Industrial Workers of the World, the DC Anti-War Network, Resistance and Solidarity, and from a local International Socialist Organization chapter. The event was coordinated by an ad-hoc group created after the demonstration at the embassy two weeks prior called Oaxaca Solidarity Action, composed of the aforementioned groups and other DC activists, in accordance with a call to action by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Events to show solidarity with the people of Oaxaca will go on all over the world around November 20th in accordance with that call (

A dos meses de su desaparición

Argentina, 18.11.2006 01:38

Asamblea en termas

Argentina, 18.11.2006 00:39


Athens, 17.11.2006 22:39

Demonstration for the memory of November 17th student revolt: Police brutally attacked the demonstration

Baskische Jugendliche sollen doch Terroristen sein

Germany, 17.11.2006 22:39

Heute wird vor dem spanischen Obersten Gerichtshof der Prozess gegen die baskischen Jugendorganisationen (Jarrai, Haika, Segi) neu aufgerollt. Dem Ministerium für Staatsanwaltschaft in Madrid passte es nicht, dass damals kein Urteil kam, was die Jugendorganisationen als Teil der baskischen Untergrundorganisation ETA festschreibt und die Jugendlichen demnach nicht als Terroristen verurteilt wurden. Statt höchsten dreieinhalb Jahren sollen sie jeweils zehn Jahre mehr erhalten. Dieses Vorgehen der Regierung verträgt sich ebensowenig mit dem angeblichen Friedensprozess, wie die erneute Verurteilung des Hungerstreikenden Gefangenen zu 12 Jahren Haft, weil er zwei Artikel geschrieben hat.

Newly Elected Officials Work as “Janitors for a Day” at Nova Southeastern University

Miami, 17.11.2006 22:07

Newly Elected Officials Work as “Janitors for a Day” at Nova Southeastern University

chicos intoxicados y suspensión de clases

Argentina, 17.11.2006 21:39

El Basural, La Historia Sin Fin

95 años de lucha

Argentina, 17.11.2006 21:08

Aniversario de la Biblioteca Popular Juventud Moderna


Colombia, 17.11.2006 21:08


A dos meses de su desaparición

Argentina, 17.11.2006 20:39

Todos somos Julio López

En La Rioja la comunidad resiste emprendimientos mineros

Argentina, 17.11.2006 20:39

El Famatina no se toca

Israeli Massacre of 19 Civilians in Gaza Spurs Movement Toward a New Palestinian Unity Gov

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

Interview with Nadia Hijab, senior fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies: After unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza in September 2005, the Israeli Army re-invaded in June to search for a kidnapped Israeli soldier. Since then, about 400 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, half of them civilians and at least 75 children. Despite the withdrawal, Palestinians say they have been under continuous Israeli siege. Nov. 8, the Israelis shelled a home and killed 19 Gazan civilians in the town of Beit Hanoun, triggering worldwide outrage. The U.S. vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning the attack, saying the measure was biased against Israel.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority government, led by Hamas has been spurned as a result of Israeli and western nations' demand that the party must recognize Israel's right to exist, renounce violence and honor previous agreements. Most international aid and financial transactions have been frozen, even from Arab states. But the suffering of the Palestinian people, along with continued attacks by Israel, has brought about dialogue between Hamas and Fatah, the party which formerly led the Palestinian government. | Middle East Report | |

Support PAN Latin America partners in seeking justice for death of child from pesticides

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

PAN Latin America partners in Paraguay seek global solidarity in response to the death of 11-year-old Silvino Talavera from pesticide spraying. The men responsible for Silvino's death have yet to be brought to justice, but Silvino's mother, Petrona Villasboa, continues to press forward, "One has to have strength to struggle. I will struggle to the very end, because I think of the large number of children that live in my community." The case is currently scheduled to expire in December. Your action is needed to help keep the case and court process moving forward.

RAP-AL: People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty

Close the SOA! This weekend: Converge on Fort Benning, Georgia

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

November 17-19, 2006: Vigil and Nonviolent Direct Action to Close the SOA! People from all walks of life from across the Western Hemisphere have begun to converge in Columbus, Georgia for the November vigil and nonviolent direct action to close the School of the Americas and to change the racist system of violence and repression that the school represents.

Civil rights veterans and other social justice activists who have been walking since November 12 in an historic march from Montgomery, Alabama to Columbus, Georgia, are expected to arrive here tomorrow to join the thousands who will converge at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. Together, we will stand in solidarity with the people in Oaxaca, Mexico, and with all the people throughout the world who have become the targets of SOA-style repression, torture and injustice. Simultaneous internationally coordinated actions against the School of the Americas and U.S. militarism in Latin America are taking place over the next three days in Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, El Salvador and Colombia.

Sylvapolitan Rising

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

Plant-inspired Teachings on Gaian Evolution, Culture Change, and the Flowering of Humanity, a lecture with Dr. Morgan Brent Sponsored by City Repair and PIECEL Friday, November 17th, 7-9p Saturday, November 18th, 10a-3:30p Sponsored by City Repair and PIECEL Friday, November 17th, 7-9 pm on PSU Campus, SBA #190(631 SW Harrison) The sylvapolitan represents our potential to survive this era of great extinctions, to act as co-creative partners with the great Evolutionary intelligences of the planet, and flourish as a species.


National Organization for Women's national Vice President Latifa Lyles coming to Oregon!

Latifa will be talking about Racial and Gender Justice: NOW's Platform for Action Friday, November 17th - 12noon-1:30PM In Other Words, Women's Books and Resources; Friday, November 17th -- 6:30 PM NW Student Leaders Conference Portland State University


SDS/MDS Northwest Conference

THIS WEEKEND - Portland Students for a Democratic Society (PDXSDS) is hosting the First Northwest Regional SDS/MDS conference November 17th-19th. Workshops and discussion groups will be going on all day in the Miller Building at Lewis and Clark (0615 SW Palatine Hill Road) from November 18-19th. SDS is currently trying to form a radical, multi-issue, democratically organized group that is broad and inclusive - encompassing of the Left. A sister organization, Movement for a Democratic Society, was also created for those who did not consider themselves students. If you would like more information on the conference go to:


Portland Radical Bookfair & 17th Annual Joe Hill Night

Sunday, November 19th, Book fair 2PM, Joe Hill Night 7PM Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy, Portland (One block South of N. Fremont, 2 Blocks West of Vancouver) The first in what is planned as an annual event, the Portland Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is hosting a Radical Book fair. We're expecting over 20 New and Used Booksellers, Publishers and political organizations to participate, All donations collected will be used to help establish the Glaberman Memorial Library, the US' largest independent Labor Library. Local Bands, "General Strike" and "The Joe Hillbillies" will perform rabble-rousing songs interspersed with dramatic readings of action inspiring stories of Joe Hill and the IWW.


Nigerian Human Rights Activist Describes the Real Cost of Oil: Report Back

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

I went to see Omoyele Sowore speak tonight at PSU. The room was filled with a good sized crowd, and the speaker was well worth listening to. I went, in part, because of the plans afoot to build a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant along the Columbia river and I wanted to know what we might be in for if that is allowed to proceed. I came away with a feeling of connection stretching from the gas tanks of our cars all the way across the oceans, to the oceans of blood flowing from Nigeria to Ecuador.

Omoyele Sowore spoke about the oil wars raging across the globe. Everywhere that oil has been discovered, he said, the people suffer. He described the once-pristine lakes and waterways in his home land on the Nigerian Delta. The water was crystal clear, the night sky filled with stars, and, as he said, "life was good." But oil was discovered there in the late 1950s, and slowly the poison of avarice spread across the land. He saw the waters of the lakes turn from crystal clear to murky, to black as oil as he neared the oil strongholds. He saw fish floating dead in the water, and then livestock floating dead in the water. And he saw the human sacrifices offered up to the multinational conglomerations making up Big Oil.

His words made a clear path of understanding through the haze of obfuscation that the corporate media has created to isolate and pacify the people of this country into silent complicity. And he shared with us his perception that we, too, are victims of this new, rising, corporate police state. He talked about the victimization of Americans through the Patriot Act, and I had the sense that we are all in this together. In the end, he asked us not just to be "inspired" by his words, but to ACT. We need to stop taking more than we need. As he put it, "It is in this compulsive consumption that all these killings take place." He reminded us that we are all complicit so long as we continue to over-consume without considering the cost.

News Alert: L.A. Animal Activist &quot;Not Guilty&quot;

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

After assaults, vandalisms, failed TRO attempts, a lawsuit, and recent police raids against 7 Los Angeles animal rights activists, one under-age protestor is found "not guilty" in juvi court on Wednesday. After 3 protests, activists are raided and cops can't even convict on "noise ordinance" violation.

Activists maintain that the fruit juice company, POM Wonderful, engages in cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals in an effort to exhort the supposed health benefits of pomegranate juice. Currently, the FDA does not require that animal tests be conducted in order for health claims to be made about food products. POM employees have been the subject of a total of three demonstrations and after failing on two occasions to obtain restraining orders against the protestors, POM Wonderful proceeded with a lawsuit against the small group of activists.


San Francisco Federal Grand Jury Threatens Local Animal Activist with Jail

On Friday, Nov. 17, activists will rally at 10 a.m. in front of the Federal Building (450 Golden Gate Ave) in support of local animal advocate Nadia Winstead. Winstead may be ordered to jail at a hearing that morning by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the animal liberation movement.

Winstead and fellow activists were subpoenaed in June to appear before the grand jury. They asserted their constitutional rights against self incrimination and refused to cooperate with what they call government-sponsored harassment. These activists have been targeted before; they were also subpoenaed last year by a previous grand jury investigating the animal liberation movement. "This grand jury, like the last, is being used as a fishing expedition and as a way to intimidate activists in the animal liberation movement," Winstead said. "I refuse to participate in unconstitutional grand jury proceedings that have been used time and time again by this government to harass movements fighting for social change." |


Indy Media Activists: Support Katrina Evacuees in the Puget Sound Area

Portland, 17.11.2006 19:08

Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, New Orleans has remained in a state of devastation in many areas, especially poor and black neighborhoods. The city is in danger of losing its cultural diversity and character as a result of the plans of big developers to buy up land that poor people cannot afford to remediate and turn NOLA into a theme park version of itself!! In some neighborhoods such as the Lower Ninth Ward, many residents have been able to remain and retain a sense of community, albeit changed, through the support and solidarity of organizations such as Common Ground Relief. As many as 5,000 New Orleanians are displaced to Seattle and the Puget Sound. Many of these people are living in FEMA funded housing, but the assistance will run out.

Assistance is needed to help create a multimedia website that will also serve to help reunite people who have been separated since the hurricanes. Independent media support is needed to help record audio and video interviews with evacuees and build global awareness and support for Lagniappe Caravan and hurricane survivors in the Puget Sound and all around the nation. There will be a meeting for independent media support for this project in Seattle Dec. 16 or 17th. Please respond ASAP if you would like to attend.

Seattle Common Ground / Lagniappe Caravan | Common Ground Relief in NOLA

LaborTech 2006, Rogue IMC Volunteers Go to SF

Rogue Valley, 17.11.2006 18:40

The Digital Revolution And A Labor Media Strategy
LaborTech 2006
November 17, 18 & 19th, 2006
University Of San Francisco
2130 Fulton St. (at Cole)
San Francisco, California

Rogue Indy Volunteers Wes Brain and Brenda Gould are headed to San Francisco to participate in LaborTech 2006 an international conference about labor media. This is very exciting stuff. Wes will be on a workshop panel Saturday morning. The workshop will view a dvd training video that was prepared by Wes's union SEIU #503. The video shows how to make a labor tv show on community access television. Go here to view it - hosted by the Indybay IMC: (

The new KSKQ radio show "The Brain Labor Report" will be highlighted at the conference. Here are the two rogue indy newswires about this new daily morning radio show which is sreamed on the internet Mon thru Fri @ 7AM pacific time.


The Brain Labor Report N20 thru N24

Prior to the trip Wes Brain made the following comments about LaborTech 2006:

"In 2004 Steve Ryan and I went to SF for LaborTech 2004 and we were on a panel promoting our independent media center's. Ali was on our panel. He is a member of our media collective that made the documentary: The Miami Model. "The Miami Model" on google video: >

Our ftaa miami video collective has taken proceeds from dvd sales of the Miami Model and last week sent to Oaxaca 2-300GB Harddrives, a Video Camera and a stack of 100 dvds.

The conference kicks off with film screenings tomorrow evening and this one really caught my eye...

'The Taking Of The Media In Oaxaca (segment)- Women with the support of the Teachers Union Section 22 of Oaxaca occupied and ran the TV station and radio stations in this town. This documentary shows why they did this and how it was done.
Women and Technology: Investing In New Opportunities (segment) by Self Employed Women Association SEWA) in India. This work show how women workers have used video to organize and show their lives and struggle.'"

Go to to view the entire conference website for an expanded view of Labor Tech 2006

Newly Elected Officials Work as “Janitors for a Day” at Nova Southeastern University

Miami, 17.11.2006 17:37

Newly Elected Officials Work as “Janitors for a Day” at Nova Southeastern University

Pociąg dla Rospudy

Poland, 17.11.2006 17:09

Dolina Rospudy to jeden z najcenniejszych kompleksów torfowiskowych w Polsce, uznany m. in. za obszar chronionego krajobrazu i część Europejskiej Sieci Ekologicznej Natura 2000. Obecnie Dolina jest zagrożona planami budowy mającej ją przecinać obwodnicy Augustowa, części planowanej trasy Via Baltica. W sobotę 18 listopada w obronie Doliny Rospudy do Augustowa rusza „Pociąg dla Rospudy”.

From the Newswire

Manila, 17.11.2006 17:09

AFRA Farmer Leader Shot Over Land Dispute

Felony Wiretapping Charge against Fla Activist Charles Grapski Thrown Out of Court

Miami, 17.11.2006 16:07

Felony Wiretapping Charge against Fla Activist Charles Grapski Thrown Out of Court


Athens, 17.11.2006 15:39

ΜΜΕ και κατασταλτικές δυνάμεις αμαύρωσαν την πορεία του Πολυτεχνείου

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