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Ft. Lauderdale: Resist the Green Scare! Dec 7th- Meet/ Demonstrate/ View Films

Miami, 20.11.2006 22:07

Ft. Lauderdale: Resist the Green Scare! Dec 7th- Meet/ Demonstrate/ View Films

speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 20.11.2006 21:09

La Makabra is being evicted!

From 7:45 in the morning, November 20th, police is evicting La Makabra CSO; this squat at 46 Tanger Street (Glories tube station) was an old factory and was now an alternative culture center, circus, free internet access point, social center, hostel, meeting point for forums and social debate, video screenings, concerts, and it also held canteen and parties to finance several alternative projets in the city.

Maximum presence support is being asked !!!

>>> At 20:00h [Nov 20th] gathering to protest at Sant Jaume square!!!

More info >>> speculation & squatting section + feature on ireland imc

Aihmsa chiude: dove mettiamo Indymedia?

Switzerland, 20.11.2006 20:37

La persona che da anni assicurava l'esistenza di Ahimsa uno dei principali server utilizzati da Indymedia ha deciso [2] di non continuare più a farlo. Su questo server, vittima dell'attacco dell'FBI, sono ospitati diverse decine di nodi Indymedia da tutto il mondo, fra gli altri anche parte del sito svizzero e l'intero database di Indymedia Italia.
È quindi necessario organizzarsi e trovare delle alternative al più presto, affinché la migrazione vada a buon fine.

Non panicare, meglio partecipare!
Scopri qui come puoi partecipare al progetto e leggi il progetto di Indymedia Svizzera per offrire un nuovo server al network globale!

> Indy italia decide di chiudersi


Colombia, 20.11.2006 20:10

Libertad para Fredy Muñoz Altamiranda corresponsal de TeleSur


Colombia, 20.11.2006 19:08

TLC: salto al vacío

Janitors Win!

Houston, 20.11.2006 18:39

Houston Indymedia Recieves Report that Janitors Win the strike

Eco Defence

Perth, 20.11.2006 17:39

Protests and arrests continue in Tasmania's Weld Valley Wilderness

Les armes nuclears de l'OTAN són també il·legals

Valencia, 20.11.2006 17:07

Les armes nuclears de l'OTAN són també il·legals: duu a l'OTAN als tribunals. Denúncies els pròxims dies en diferents ciutats europees_
Les armes nuclears suposen un perill intolerable siga qui siga el seu posseïdor i han de ser eliminades completament. A més, les armes nuclears són il·legals, sigui el que sigui el seu posseïdor. La Cort Internacional de L'Haia va dictaminar en 1996 va declarar en una sentència que les armes nuclears són contràries al Dret internacional i col·loca en el mateix plànol de il·legalitat tant el seu ús com l'amenaça d'usar-les. ++ OBERTA LA CAMPANYA CONTRA LES ARMES NUCLEARS DE L'OTAN AMB 10 DENÚNCIES CONTRA EL GOVERN EN ELs JUTJATS DE VALÈNCIA ++ Text de la denúncia++ Més informació de la campanya europea

Las armas nucleares de la OTAN son también ilegales

Valencia, 20.11.2006 17:07

''Las armas nucleares de la OTAN son también ilegales: lleva a la OTAN a los tribunales. Denuncias los próximos días en diferentes ciudades europeas”
Las armas nucleares suponen un peligro intolerable sea cual sea su poseedor y deben ser eliminadas completamente. Además, las armas nucleares son ilegales, sean cuales sean sus poseedores.
La Corte Internacional de la Haya dictaminó en 1996 en una sentencia quela armas nucleares son contrarias al Derecho internacional y situó en el mismo plano de ilegalidad tanto su uso como la amenaza de usarlas

Police Torture of UCLA student

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.11.2006 16:09

On November 14, a student at UCLA who objected to showing his ID was repeatedly given electrical shocks and then dragged from the campus library. Video posted to LA Indymedia and YouTube confirm witnesses reports of police brutality so extreme that some are describing it as torture. On November 17th, 500 students took part in a rally and march to campus police station.

The Minuteklan Rallies: Observer Arrested

San Diego, 20.11.2006 15:38

The Minuteklan rallied in Vista and Carmel Valley Nov. 18th.

I was at the Home Depot on Fairmount in Mission Valley. No Minutemen came there today. It was very quiet.

Beginning at 7am this morning, a group of Minutemen amassed themselves at a day labor site outside a Vons shopping center in Vista. When we heard the Fairmount Minutepeople were in Vista, my compatriot and I headed up there, too. The group of Vista racists was perhaps 50 strong or more, bearing large signs demanding the deportation of undocumented immigrants and a policy that would establish an impermeable border. In addition to the Minutemen, a collection of 20 or so community members were present, demonstrating their solidarity with the day laborers whose ability to find work today was obstructed by the racist rally. Before I arrived on the scene, one community member had already been arrested for allegedly skateboarding without identification.

The Minutemen disbanded and made for the Carmel Valley Canyon at about 11am. The migrant population that rests in the Carmel Valley Canyon had left by the time of the Minutemen and their observers' arrival, leaving the space to a barricade of police, maybe a hundred Minutepeople, a couple of skinheads, the 15 or so who stood by to represent an opposition to racist vigilantism, a few Brown Berets, and the baffled residents of the sprawling tract housing development adjacent to the canyon.

See Also: America's Most Racist City

Grassy Talk

Thunder Bay, 20.11.2006 15:07

Grassy Narrows Blockaders To Speak at LU This Tuesday

Brize Norton National Demonstration : Sat 2nd December

Bristol, 20.11.2006 14:08

Where British Soldiers Are Flown Out From, And The Dead Returned To This demonstration is being organised by Swindon, Oxford & Bristol Stop The War Coalitions, Oxford CND, Swindon CND and Faringdon Peace Group. It has has the full support of CND and Stop The War Coalition nationally. It has the potential to be a significant anti-war event within the region. info@bristolstopwar writes: RAF Brize Norton is the most important British military base for maintaining the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the main transport base for sending troops and supplies in and out of the occupied countries. When George Bush visits Britain he flies in here. It has been used to forcibly expel asylum-seekers back to Iraq. The CIA has used it as a staging post to fly people to secret destinations to be tortured. In August this year it was used by US planes taking munitions to the Israeli Defence Force to bomb Lebanon. The vast majority in Britain want British troops out of Iraq now. More and more people feel the same about Afghanistan. The occupying armies are not part of the solution to the problems of these countries; they are part of the problem. Even in the armed forces many people, from top to bottom, want these occupations to end. Now is the time to keep the pressure on our government to listen to the people. BRISTOL COACH TICKET OUTLETS (click for maps): Booty 82 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB | Circle Books, 65 North St, Bristol, BS3 1ES | La Ruca, 89 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8AS | Brunel Associates, 433 Stapleton Road, Bristol, BS5 6NA | Tickets: £12 waged / £6 unwaged. Coaches from Bristol will leave Anchor Rd (opposite @Bristol) at 9.00am on Sat 2nd December. We would expect to be back in Bristol by 6pm. Full ArticleAlso Coming Up: Bristol Stop The War Peace Symposium – Saturday 25th November. An afternoon of lively discussion about how to get Britain out of Iraq and Afghanistan with a panel of speakers from the anti-war movement including mothers of serving soldiers. Time: 1.30pm-5.30pm. Venue: John Wesley's Chapel, 36 The Horsefair, BRISTOL, BS1 3JE (opposite Debenhams/House Of Fraser, in Broadmead). Full Article| | Demonstration At RAF Brize Norton – Saturday 2nd December | Bristol Stop The War Peace Symposium – Saturday 25th November | Bristol Stop The War News Update - 3/11/2006 | The Lancet Report: Original Full PDF Download |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Dispatch from Poland - Green Resistance for Rospudy

Ireland, 20.11.2006 13:39

. ...

A New Approach to Justice From The Doors Of A Mexican Consulate: From PDX to Oaxaca

Portland, 20.11.2006 13:38

Oaxaca occupies a sacred place in my heart; her mountains, coast, mole and native corns nourished my spirit for a good part of the years I lived in Mexico and her people-mis companeros/as-have been my teachers and friends.

But this has been a sad couple of weeks.

October 31 I found myself locked to the front door of the Mexican Consulate in Portland, Oregon to protest the violent repression against the People's Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO), a peaceful resistance movement in Oaxaca. ((more))

pdx oaxacan solidarity actions monday n20 -- The people of Oaxaca are engaged in a courageous struggle to build a popular democratic government that values citizens over corrupt political and economic interests. They are taking back their government from a discredited governor and those who use violence to keep him in power. The people of Oaxaca now face a repressive occupation by Federal military police forces and terrorist acts of disappearances. ((more))

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Monday, November 20th -- "On November 20, blockades will be set up to show the Mexican government we mean business. We are calling upon YOU to join in these blockades. That could mean blockading the consulates' websites, jamming their phone lines with calls about the conflict in Oaxaca, occupying the offices of the consuls, or shutting down the roads around the consulates in whatever way you see fit." ((more))

FLYER: Oaxaca Resources -- Here is a flyer which can be printed, copied and distributed as an organizing resource. It is available in color, black and white, rotated, jpg and pdf. Oaxaca Indymedia, Centro de Medios Libres, Narco News, Oaxaca Revolt, Indybay's Americas page and El Enemigo Común are the resources printed on the flyer, as well as an email address,, which can be used to join the Oaxaca solidarity alert list. ((more))

Zapatista Intergalactic Call to Action - November 20 -- To the people of Oaxaca who are calling on us, and because of this we are also making a CALL. We should show our commitment to each other in our actions. They are not alone. Just as the compañer@s of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca are showing us their dignity in struggle. The call is to create peaceful actions. The occupation of embassies, blockades, marches, encampments, meetings, and protests everywhere in the world on the 1st of November 2006 and again on the 20th of November of the same year. Let us create this global mobilization together on November 1st and November 20th. ((more))

especulación (Es)

Barcelona, 20.11.2006 12:09

Están desalojando la Makabra!

Desde esta mañana, 07:45h, 20 de noviembre, la polícia está desalojando el CSO la Makabra; Aquesta okupa de la calle Tanger, 46 -Metro:: Glòries- fue una antigua fábrica y actualmente es una centro de cultura alternativa, circo, punto liberado de internet, centro social, albergue, punto de encuentro de foros y de debate social, pases de videos, conciertos, comedores y fiestas para financiar diferentes proyectos alternativos a la ciudad.

Se pide el máximo apoyo presencial !!!

¡¡¡A las 20:00h concentración de protesta en la Plaza Sant Jaume!!!

Más info >>> Sección especulación

Medienaktivismus zum G8 2007

Germany, 20.11.2006 12:09

Samstag, 11.11.2006, 22:47 Uhr. Ich sitze in einer Ecke einer Turnhalle neben einer Kabeltrommel, der Akku meines Notebooks ist runter, deswegen der Umstand. Um die Halle gruppieren sich nicht gerade ansehnliche Hochhausblöcke. Lichtenhagen ist um die Ecke, dieses Viertel heißt Groß-Klein, schon irgendwie ein Widerspruch. Neben mir baut sich eine Box auf, die mit ansteigender Lautstärke darauf hinweist, dass jetzt Party angesagt ist – Zeit sich auch auf einer menschlichen Ebene kennen zu lernen. Endlich, nach 10 Stunden Dauerplenum auf dieser 2. Aktionskonferenz gegen den G8-Gipfel in Rostock.

Chicago anti-war activist burns burns himself alive to protest Iraq war

Portland, 20.11.2006 11:38

The press has almost completely blacked out this news in mainstream press. A long time Chicago activist, artist and contributer to the Chicago jazz scene has burned himself alive in an act of protest against the iraq war. He is only one of 10 Americans in history to have done this. Buddist monks did this during the VietNam war. On Friday, November 3, a man doused his body with gasoline and set himself afire to protest the war in Iraq. He died quietly in flames. His name was Malachi Ritscher.

Haven't seen it in the news? Me neither, which is kind of strange if you ask me, considering that it happened right here in downtown Chicago in front of hundreds of commuters during morning rush hour. The only conventional newspaper coverage to date was a tiny paragraph that appeared in the Saturday edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. Since then...nothing.

especulació (Ca)

Barcelona, 20.11.2006 11:08

Estan desallotjant la Makabra!

Des d´aquest matí, 07:45h, 20 de novembre, la policia està desallotjant el CSO la Makabra; aquesta okupa del carrer Tanger, 46, -Metro:: Glòries- fou antiga fàbrica i actualment és un centre de cultura alternativa, circ, punt alliberat d'internet, centre social, alberg, punt de trobada de foros i de discussió social, passis de videos, concerts, menjadors i festes per finançar diferents projectes alternatius a la ciutat.

Es demana el màxim recolzament presencial !!!

Més info >>> Secció especulació

Tasmania: Forest Defence

Melbourne, 20.11.2006 10:40

Protests and arrests continue in Weld Valley Wilderness

Tuesday Nurse-Ins at Delta Counters

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.11.2006 07:09

Nursing mothers and their supporters will be gathering on Tuesday, November 21st at 10am for nurse-ins at Delta airport counters across the country to protest Delta's having kicked a nursing mother off of a flight. Emily Gillette was flying with her husband and 22 month-old daughter on October 13th, 2006 out of Burlington, Vermont on a Delta/Freedom Air flight, when a flight attendant asked her to cover up with a blanket while she was nursing. Ms. Gillette said no, and told the flight attendant of her legal right to nurse her child. Ms. Gillette and her family were removed from the flight. Just in time for the holidays, Delta announced this weekend that it has "disciplined" the offending flight attendant.


Athens, 20.11.2006 06:09

Demonstration commemorating 1973 student uprising is brutally attacked by police


Arizona, 20.11.2006 05:37

Arizonans Join Global Oaxaca Solidarity Actions

Persiste el malestar social

Argentina, 20.11.2006 04:38

Ocupan tierras en el Distrito Oeste

Rosario: persiste el malestar social

Argentina, 20.11.2006 04:38

Ocupan tierras en el Distrito Oeste

What about &quot;free range&quot; turkeys?

Portland, 20.11.2006 04:38

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, and eat the traditional turkey, please consider making this year a more compassionate one and skipping the animal. Many people choose "free range," thinking the welfare issue is solved, but as it turns out, "free range" frequently isn't much better than factory farmed, in terms of animal welfare.

What about Free-Range Turkeys? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the single condition for the term "free-range" is that birds have access to the outdoors. All other facets of a free-range turkey's life can be indistinguishable from the living conditions of a conventionally raised bird. Like all other turkeys raised for food, free-range turkeys receive no protection under the law. Turkeys - all birds, in fact - are excluded from coverage under the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. All animals raised for food are excluded from the Animal Welfare Act. Free-range turkeys suffer the same inhumane transportation and slaughter processes as factory-farmed turkeys. Their flesh is also subject to many of the same contamination issues as factory-farmed turkey flesh because free-range turkeys are taken to the same slaughterhouses as factory-farmed turkeys. As line speeds in slaughterhouses increase, so does the frequency of fecal contamination.

[ Read More ] [ Investigative rescue at a free-range turkey farm in Northern California | PETA's undercover investigation of Butterball | Gentle Thanksgiving ]

help Free Geek recover stolen computer equipment

Portland, 20.11.2006 04:38

Bummer! I just learned that Free Geek, Portland's computer recycling non-profit ("Helping the needy get nerdy") has been broken into and several laptops / LCD monitors were stolen. Please report suspected stolen laptops / LCD monitors (being sold on Craigslist, on the street, etc.) to Free Geek. They track the serial numbers of items and could likely tell you if something was stolen from them, if you are able to obtain the serial number. If someone tries to sell you any of these things and refuses to give the serial number, or otherwise acts suspicious, notify the police (on the chance that they can distract themselves from harassing immigrants and shooting mentally handicapped people) and give them as much detail as you can. [ Read More ] [ Free Geek Breakin \ Free Geek ]

Videos: UCLA Student Attacked by Campus Police/ 500 UCLA Students Protest

Miami, 20.11.2006 03:07

Videos: UCLA Student Attacked by Campus Police/ 500 UCLA Students Protest

BBC Footage of 9/11: The Twin Towers Show Positive Proof of Explosives

Miami, 20.11.2006 02:07

BBC Footage of 9/11: The Twin Towers Show Positive Proof of Explosives

Women, Political Parties, Barricades and Autonomy

NYC, 19.11.2006 23:08

Who Will Live On in the Oaxaca Uprising? Article reposted from and Photos

Students protest UC’s Nuclear Weapon's Program at Regents Meeting

LA, 19.11.2006 21:38

Students protest UC’s Nuclear Weapon's Program at Regents Meeting

OAXACA, actions de solidarité

Switzerland, 19.11.2006 20:37

Lundi 20 novembre 2007 aura lieu un rassemblement de solidarité avec les peuples d'Oaxaca, 17h place St François, Lausanne.
Ci-dessous les deux tracts d'info (version courte et longue) qui y seront distribués.

Solidarité avec les peuples de Oaxaca en lutte! (version courte)


Sur fond de fraude électorale, le gouvernement mexicain utilise une fois de plus la violence armée pour étouffer la contestation sociale. Depuis cinq mois, la ville de Oaxaca, capitale d’une province appauvrie du même nom au sud-ouest du Mexique, vit un état de siège. Un très large mouvement social exigeant la démocratisation radicale des structures éducatives, sociales et politiques de cette région renforce et élargit sa résistance en dépit de la répression.

Depuis la mi-mai 2006, les travailleurs/euses de l’éducation ont entamé un mouvement de grève pour exiger l’indexation des salaires face à la hausse du coût de la vie, et l’amélioration de leurs conditions de travail. En effet, à Oaxaca comme au Chiapas et dans d’autres régions à forte population rurale-indigène, le travail des instituteurs/trices se heurte à une structure sociale oligarchique et raciste, au manque d’infrastructure et d’encadrement pour les élèves.

Le gouverneur de l'état d'Oaxaca réagit à ce mouvement selon sa pratique coutumière par une répression massive et meurtrière. Ceci provoque le soudain élargissement de la résistance à divers secteurs populaires paysans et indiens aboutissant à la création de l'APPO, l’Assemblée Populaire des Peuples de Oaxaca qui a comme revendication principale la destitution du gouverneur de l’Etat Ulises Ruiz (Parti Révolutionnaire Institutionnel PRI, droite populiste).

Pour toute réponse le gouvernement fédéral de Vincente Fox (Parti d’Action Nationale PAN, droite libérale) maintient son soutien à Ruiz (PRI) de plus en plus contesté même au niveau parlementaire et envoie police et armée afin de "sécuriser" l'état et la ville de Oaxaca. Cette stratégie fédérale de « couverture » de Ulises Ruiz a pour but de s’assurer l’appui du PRI au niveau national. En effet, le premier décembre prochain, le candidat Felipe Calderón (PAN), élu frauduleusement aux élections présidentielles de juillet dernier, prendra le pouvoir dans un climat de très large dissension politique et sociale quant à sa légitimité à gouverner.

Oaxaca Solidarity Camp: Rally 2PM Sunday

San Diego, 19.11.2006 18:38

(Vencera la Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca en Resistencia)
2PM Sunday November 19
Mexican Consulate, 1549 India St. Little Italy

The Oaxaca Solidarity Camp has continuously occupied the sidewalk outside the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, 24/7, for 21 days, since the invasion of Oaxaca by Mexican federal troops on October 29, in solidarity with the Oaxacan resistance's demands put forth by The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO): that the murderous governor Ulises Ruiz be removed, that the federal troops leave Oaxaca, and that all political prisoners be released and disappeared be returned.

The Camp has been educating the community about the human rights violations occurring in Oaxaca and the ongoing resistance through banners proclaiming Fox and Ruiz as murderers and listing the demands of the resistance, photographs showing the invasion and the people's resistance, flowers and a Dia de los Muertos altar, flyers, rallies and marches, chants, one-on-one discussions and videos. People waiting in line outside the consulate in the morning have been particularly receptive to these messages. Corporate media showed modest, sound-bite-level interest in the events in Oaxaca and the Camp early on, but characteristically lost interest in one of the most important stories of repression and resistance of this century.

The Camp has weathered the unsuccessful efforts of consulate personnel and cops to repress its solidarity actions, including illegal detentions, surveillance, attempts at infiltration, violent threats and actions against marchers, including ramming a copcar into the wheelchair of a protester, and endeavoring to turn local businesses and residents against the protesters. Although relations with residents of the high-priced neighborhood surrounding the consulate were rocky at first, with some complaints about noise, the warmth of the people occupying the camp and the power of their message has won over the locals, leading to friendly relations, expressions of support and donations of food.

Numerous solidarity actions around the globe are planned for the days leading up to Nov 20, when the EZLN has called for solidarity blockades, including a rally at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, 1549 India St in Little Italy on Sun Nov 19 at 2PM.

Highlights/Reports from the camp since the Oaxaca Solidarity March on Nov 5:
The Attitude of the Mexican Consul Nov 6-7: Since the Mexican government is a strict hierarchy it is no surprise that the local Mexican consul is of course their echo. Instead of acknowledging that his role is to understand and service the requests of all Mexicans, he is concerned only with offering up Mexico (and its population) to foreign tourists and investors, not caring if Oaxacans barely survive while living at the mercy of fear, exploitation, torture and murder. Read More

Meeting Held at Mexican Consulate Nov 8: Groups, organizations, collectives and individuals met in a formal attempt to develop a more consistent coordination with all people in solidarity with the Oaxacan struggle, lead by the APPO, about the responsibility of the encampment in front of the Mexican Consulate. Read More

SD Street Party: A little birdie told me that people are planning to go the Mexican Consulate in Little Italy the night that the corrupt, murderous governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, announces his resignation, which is the principal demand of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, a coalition of teachers, students, farmers, indigenous groups and other social movements. Read More

Sister of Brad Will Visits Solidarity Camp Nov 10: Yesterday, Christy Will (Brad Will's sister) came to visit the Solidarity encampment in front of the Mexican consulate in San Diego. She thanked us for what we are doing and was visibly moved by the show of support that our encampment has made for the people of Oaxaca. Read More

Morning Videos Nov 15-17: Campers have been showing the video Victoria Todos Santos (PFP attack on the University repelled - Nov 2) on a laptop to the people standing in line waiting to enter the consulate in the mornings while explaining the situation in Oaxaca and the purpose of the Camp. The video helped to make real the difficult situation people in Oaxaca face and their courage and determination. Especially moving to the viewers was the interview with a young boy participating in the battle to protect the University. Watch the Video from Mal de Ojo TV

Continuing Updates: espanol: 1 2 3 | english 1 2

SD Reports: 1 2 3 NEW: 4 5

SD Photos/Reports with Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 NEW: 13 14 15 16 17

SD Audio: 1 2 3

SD Video: 1 2 NEW: 3 4

Solidarity Actions with Oaxaca Planned in Mexico and Around the World

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.11.2006 16:41

Following the call put out by the Zapatistas for a nationwide general strike in Mexico on November 20th, actions have been planned internationally. In San Francisco activists are calling for a convergence and critical mass at 4pm. Download Flier. In Santa Cruz there will be a rally at noon.

The November 20th actions fall on the same day where Obrador, the candidate who lost the summer elections to fraud, is to be inaugurated by his supporters. There have been recent criticisms that Obrador's party is attempting to co-opt the popular movement in Oaxaca, read i>Women, Political Parties, Barricades and Autonomy by Barucha Calamity Peller. Meanwhile the Oaxacan Attorney General has blamed APPO for the death of Indymedia journalist and anarchist Brad Will. Report, Audio and Photos by danielsan.

Following death of NYC journalist, Disinformation Swirls: Oaxacan State Government Pushes Back in Information War

NYC, 19.11.2006 14:08

Mostly just a collection of links to help people see the narrative as it currently stands.

Melbourne Police on rampage against protestors

Melbourne, 19.11.2006 13:39

Police Attack Protestors Causing Severe Injuries

Oaxaca: A Struggle of Autonomy

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.11.2006 13:09

The Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca had a weekend-long Congress from November 10th-12th, and marches were planned for every day this week. The support at the barricade in front of Radio Universidad has been thinning out and two fast food restaurants near the university were firebombed over the weekend. A Student and Youth Conference also vowed to protect the University. In Oaxaca City, graffiti that is covered up goes back up daily. Pictures of people putting up slogans in Oaxaca and Oaxaca at Any Cost (article and photos) by Barucha Calamity Peller | Report and photos from the APPO Congress by Tristan | Message from the Student and Youth Conference by Danielsan

Upcoming Events and Worldwide Direct Action in Support of Oaxaca on November 20

repressione a Benevento

Italy, 19.11.2006 10:39

Vietato stampare

Copwatch Victory

LA, 19.11.2006 10:38

Cardenas' Charges Dropped, CopWatch Issues Statement

Guatemalan Genocide Survivors Clamor for Ríos Montt´s Capture

Austin, 19.11.2006 05:38

Genocidal militarymen are at last being arrested after decades of impunity, yet Efraín Ríos Montt — the coup-launching evangelical minister who reigned over the grisliest chapters of the genocide — remains a free man: Indigenous survivors and radical Guate youth take to the streets in response. OVER a thousand survivors of state-led genocide flooded the streets of Guatemala City Friday, converging on the Supreme Court building and covering it with graffiti and banners, to demand the capture of ex-dictator and current political heavyweight Efraín Rios Montt upon receipt of a forthcoming arrest warrant. According to the warrant, which is expected to soon be transmitted from Spanish courts to Guatemala, Ríos Montts reign (1982-1983) constituted “69% of all executions, 41% of rapes and sexual assaults and 45% of all reported tortures” committed during the military´s so-called counterinsurgency campaign which officially concluded in 1996. New Two austin activists are currently working as human rights accompaniers in Guatemala. Read a letter from one woman here Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) | HIJOS Background articles from @tx indymedia Indigenous Survivors File Demand for Accusation in Genocide Case Against Ex-Dictator || Guatemalan Govt Terrorizes Indigenous Communities || Arrest orders issued to dictators and military for Guatemalan Genocide

Hundreds of Austinites confront neo-Nazis at Capitol

Austin, 19.11.2006 05:38

Last Saturday, Novemember 11, more than two hundred Austinites converged on the Capitol grounds to counter the fascist hate and racism being espoused by the so-called National Socialist Movement, otherwise known as America's Nazi Party. According to Central Texas Anti-Racist Action (ARA), the neo-Nazis traveled to Austin from Minneapolis intending to protest Kinky Friedman's recently failed bid for the Texas governorship, but realized that the election had already passed and decided to protest U.S. immigration policy, and ostensibly the mere presence of non-white immigrants in this country, instead - notwithstanding the fact that white Europeans are the original immigrants who encroached upon native lands and ultimately decimated by genocide the indigenous tribes and communities that had existed here for thousands of years. The ragtag group of neo-Nazis, dressed in Nazi costumes complete with swastika-armbands and boots, shouted such imaginative slogans as, "Save our race/nation," "ARA sucks," "You are lame," and "Sieg hiel" as they performed Nazi-style salutes. Indeed, it was only their self-styled Nazism and uniformity that separated them as dedicated white supremacist fascists from some group of angry, stupid, and disgustingly racist hicks. For at least one hour the assembly of perhaps twenty-five neo-Nazis, mostly young men but including at least two women and one frail old man, stood in a group holding flags, posing for the media, yelling, and never venturing more than twenty feet close to the ring of militant counter-protesters that surrounded them. More photos here

Stop G20

Perth, 19.11.2006 04:39

STOP G20 Convergence Actions, Melbourne

Protesters at opening of 'Lets Go To Prison' Insist PRISON RAPE IS NOT FUNNY

Boston, 19.11.2006 03:08

Boston, MA November 17th - Disgusted with the advertisement of a bar of soap in a shower stall and the movie it represents, activists, learners, and church leadership from the Unitarian Universalist faith community rallied today at the Lowes Theater, at Boston Commons. The demonstration was part of a campaign of actions envisioning and advancing toward a moratorium on ALL jail and prison expansion in Massachusetts, and continuing to abolition nationwide. Today though, demonstrators targeted a movie that endorses/encourages/supports sexual assault in prison and makes a joke out of prison rape.

Eugene Grand Jury Resister Freed after Six Months

Portland, 19.11.2006 01:38

<p>For Immediate Release: 11/17/06
<br>Green Scare Continues, Further Subpoenas Possible
After spending almost six months in jail without being accused of any crime, Jeff Hogg has been released from imprisonment. On May 18, 2006, Hogg, a nursing student and caregiver for disabled adults, was jailed for civil contempt after he declined to testify before a federal grand jury allegedly investigating "eco-sabotage" cases. His incarceration led to public outcry and support efforts in Eugene and beyond. Hogg was released from the Josephine County jail in Grant's Pass, Oregon,
Wednesday evening, rejoining his partner and community.
"I'm happy to be free and not to have compromised my principles in the face of the abusive grand jury system." Jeff Hogg stated from his home in Eugene, Oregon. Hogg's attorney, Paul Loney, of Portland, Oregon added, "While Jeff Hogg's liberty is restored, he is still subject to a new subpoena from a future empanelled grand jury..."
a href="</a>Civil Liberties Defense Center</a>
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<h2 class="feathead">Animal Rights Activist Found in Civil Contempt but Not Jailed</h2>

San Francisco -- Animal rights activist Nadia Winstead was found in civil contempt today [November 17] by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for invoking her constitutional rights and refusing to testify before a federal grand jury. Winstead's attorney, Mark Goldrosen, immediately requested that Winstead be released on her own recognizance pending an appeal that will be filed with the Ninth Circuit Court. Instead, judge Illston stayed enforcement of the contempt order for two weeks to allow Winstead to file the appeal.
Winstead had previously been denied a motion to compel the government to reveal whether unlawful electronic surveillance was used to obtain information included in her subpoena.
Independent journalist <a href="">Josh Wolf</a> remains in jail as a result of a civil contempt ruling after he refused to provide unpublished video footage of a July 2005 anti-G8 protest to a federal grand jury in San Francisco. After losing his appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court, Wolf has remained in prison
since September 22. The federal grand jury to which Wolf was subpoenaed convened in early 2006 to investigate alleged damage to a police car that supposedly occurred during the protests. Wolf could be imprisoned until July 2007.
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palestine journal: 16 november - the lame duck massacres

Portland, 19.11.2006 00:38

soooo... while the lame-duck congress in the US goes ahead with passing some of the most draconian laws yet, like the one they passed yesterday that makes protesting animal cruelty at a circus or an animal lab a terrorist act (!) -- which, by the way, goes right along with their stated priorities of 'who is a threat'...... ie. not bin laden or the saudis who fund him.... but instead, as the FBI has stated publicly on multiple occasions, their 'Number One Domestic Terrorist Threat' is the 'animal liberation front', an organization that has never ever been charged with killing or hurting anyone, but whose only purpose is to rescue animals from cruel conditions (!)....

and while a bunch of afghanis who were swept up in U.S. raids during the brutal U.S. invasion of their country in 2002 sit rotting away, forgotten by the world, in Guantanamo Bay prison -- a prison built on foreign soil by the U.S. military explicitly so that torture could be practiced there....... most of those prisoners probably civilians, and even if not, still subject to international regulations regarding the treatment of prisoners-of-war.....

Impeachment Moves Forward in Olympia

Portland, 19.11.2006 00:38

Tonight, the Citizens' Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney were joined by about 40 supporters to ask the Olympia City Council to pass a resolution calling for an investigation to launch impeachment proceedings for President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

George Hartwell, the spokesperson for the group, stated, "We do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that our government has been taken over by a clique of extremists in Washington, DC who are bent on shredding the Constitution and our democracy."

In three short months, the Citizens' Movement collected over 2,000 signatures in support of an impeachment investigation.

Secretary of State Betrays the Will of the People

Portland, 19.11.2006 00:38

Today, the Secretary of State issued a letter stating his intent not to implement any of Measure 47, despite the fact that it was enacted by voters in the November election.

"I am not going to comment a lot on the Secretary of State's letter, until I have a chance to discuss it with Hardy Myers." said Dan Meek, a volunteer lawyer with FairElections Oregon. "No one in Oregon government consulted with any of the supporters of Measure 47 before issuing this letter."

"I disagree that the substantive provisions of Measure 47 can be disregarded. The letter assumes that all of the limits on political contributions are unconstitutional, without any judicial determination of that conclusion. The reasoning in the letter appears to be circular, and assumes the existence of a court decision on Measure 47 that does not exist," said Meek.

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 19.11.2006 00:38

Can you believe it?

Brunch with Gordon did not happen again, he was a no show for the fourth consecutive week. I think he may be avoiding me. I guess he is fearful of debating an old vet who just wants to know why he continues to support the murder of our military and the people of Iraq.

I was listening to Thom Hartmann on Friday and his guest was Bernie Sanders, senator-elect from the state of Vermont. Bernie Sanders is not a democrat or a republican, he is an independent socialist. He cares about the veterans who are being screwed by the Bush Administration and the Gorgon Smith. He will serve on the committee that oversees veteran's benefits and will work for the complete treatment of injuries of our beloved soldiers who are injured during their time serving as our protectors from our enemies. Soldiers do not question, they obey orders and will go where "We" tell them to go. They trust us to send them to places where they are needed, and "We" have lied to them. We must bring them home as soon as possible. Stop talking and get them out of Iraq.

Keizer Cops Attack Inocent Man

Portland, 19.11.2006 00:38

I am a 48 year old man living in Keizer. I am a Business Professional, my wife is a career Oregon State Corrections Officer. I was at my son's apartment, he's 26, on X-mas eve 2005 with him and a friend of his. We had been there about half an hour playing cards when a knock came to the door. I answered it to find two police officers standing outside and inquiring about a Hispanic man that they thought to live there. I told them I didn't know them and that my son lived there. They asked my son's name and checked my ID. Fifty minutes later they came to the back patio area looking for my son who apparently had a 7 year old misdemeanor warrant still outstanding. This was at midnight and the back area was completely in darkness. I was inside just coming out of the restroom when I seem a light being shown on my son and his friend. I stepped through the sliding glass door and not even realizing it was the police or that there was trouble I told them to get in the apartment. My son stepped in and I followed and started to shut the door when the police broke through the fenced patio and rushed the door. The first one pushed me aside and commanded my son to get to the ground, which he did. I asked the police what this was all about and he told me about the warrant. I was confused and kept looking at my son. The cop continued to shout to get on the ground which only confused me more because he was already down. About the time I figured out that he was talking to me another cop came in and threw me into the sliding glass door and then to the carpet. I fully cooperated and offered my hands to be restrained. Within 5 seconds of being on the ground, with one hand cuffed and the cop sitting on my back a police dog came in and started to rip at my right foot. It pulled off my shoe and began to mutilate my foot. I began to scream and try to get my foot out of it's mouth. The police tried 5 times to get the dog to release and the more I struggled the more the dog would try to pull me out from under the cop. The cop "Tased" me to get me to quit moving so the dog would stop. The "Tasing" lasting 20-30 seconds and blood came out of both ears...

Paramilitaries on Murderous Rampage in Oaxaca, Indymedia reporter among dead

Austin, 19.11.2006 00:38

Last night, paramilitaries supporting the dethroned governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, staged attacks on barricaded strongholds of protesters throughout Oaxaca City. The protesters demand the formal removal from office of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, who ordered a violent police assault on a teacher's strike in June. An Indymedia reporter from New York, Brad Will, is among several killed by what observers are calling a "Caravan of Death." The paramilitary forces were reportedly traveling in trucks and motorcycles and firing on unarmed civilians with high-power rifles. The gunmen attacked installations of the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca or People's Popular Assembly of Oaxaca. APPO (in its Spanish initials) has constructed over one thousand barricades in the city to demonstrate once again the 'ungovernability' of Oaxaca and hasten the exit of the widely despised Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz from office. Witnesses report 21 separate attacks from porros and police dressed as civilians. The attacks wounded at least 30 and left at least four dead: Emililio Alofonzo Fabian, Bradley Roland Will, Eudocia Olivera Díaz, and Esteban López Zurita. Two were abducted or disappeared. News reports have identified Pedro Carmona as the culprit. While Carmona may have pulled the trigger, many believe that the blood rests on the hands of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz and the repressive State apparatus of the PRI in Oaxaca. This is not an isolated event of random violence. The Ruiz government — with the approval of the Mexican federal government — has engaged in a campaign of political murders, disappearances, and low-intensity warfare in the face of an ever-popular resistance movement. Since June, dozens of protesters have been killed, many more hurt, as political prisoners languish in prison. CALL TO ACTION: PROTEST MONDAY 11am AT THE MEXICAN CONSULATE (800 Brazos St). For a more detailed description on the repression see Federal Police Authorized to Enter Oaxaca and for background information With Impunity, Ruiz Ortiz, the Face of Repression. Video from Brad's camera | photos of the murder | listen to Radio APPO see also: Updated reports in Spanish | Indymedia Reporter Assassinated by Pro-Government Gunshot in Oaxaca | Report from NYC Indymedia | Last Communique from NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will | Oaxaca Indymedia | el enemigo común | NarcoNews: Detailed Report Reflections on a fellow imcista: Bradley Roland Will 1970-2006 | brad will was a dear friend, and a true revolutionary | Memories of B | Indymedia: Brad Will, Bravery, Our Common Struggle | I Knew Brad

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