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Karen Armstrong on Religion and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

DC, 24.11.2006 05:17

Karen Armstrong is an author, Feminist and scholar. On Nov. 16, 2006, she gave a talk in Washington, D.C., on the role of Religion in the Arab-Israeli dispute. Armstrong said that the problem was essentially “political,” but because it had been allowed to fester, it has taken on significant “symbolic” meanings for Muslims, Christians and Jews alike. She sharply criticized the Christian Right for its literal interpretation of the Book of Revelations.

Kathy Kelly to James Baker: “Tell the Truth about Iraq!”

DC, 24.11.2006 05:17

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Kathy Kelly, gave a talk at the UMBC campus, on Nov. 20, 2006. She mocked the ex-Secretary of State, James Baker, for saying he wasn’t going to “wring his hands” about past mistakes in Iraq. Baker heads up the so-called “Iraq Study Group.” Kelly roared: “We will wring our hands! One of the ways to stop this next war is to tell the truth about this war. And, it’s not going to be such a pleasant mirror to look into.”

Pentagon, FBI Documents Reveal Widespread Domestic Surveillance of Political Groups

DC, 24.11.2006 05:17

NEW YORK-The American Civil Liberties Union today released new Pentagon documents showing that counterterrorism resources were used to monitor American groups opposed to the war in Iraq and military recruitment. The ACLU is calling on Congress to investigate the widespread surveillance of political and religious groups by the Defense Department, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeless Denounce Delgadillo at Press Confrence; Expose LAPD’s &quot;Broken Windows&quot;

LA, 24.11.2006 05:16

Homeless Denounce Delgadillo at Press Confrence; Expose LAPD’s "Broken Windows"

54 dias de huelga de hambre

santiago, 24.11.2006 02:39


Buy Nothing Day on Friday, November 24th

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2006 01:39

The day after Thanksgiving is often called "Black Friday," because as people start their holiday shopping, many stores' balances move "into the black." Anti-capitalist activists call the day after Thanksgiving Buy Nothing Day. The Bay Area has a tradition of holding rowdy protests on that day. As Indian People Organzing for Change says, "Buy Nothing Day isn't just about changing your habits for one day. It's about starting a lasting lifestyle commitment to consuming less and producing less waste. Consumerism is desecrating the earth and its resources. Thousands... everywhere will take a 24-hour consumer detox as part of the 14th annual Buy Nothing Day." Events that are listed on Indybay will take place in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Emeryville.

Friday: Buy Nothing Day Protest at Emeryville's &quot;Bay Street Mall&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2006 01:39

On Friday, November 24th, the 5th Annual Buy Nothing Day Action will be held from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Emeryville Shellmound (Bay Street Mall). The mall was recently built atop the Emeryville Shellmound, despite protests and strong objections from Indian People Organizing for Change (IPOC) and supporters. The shell mound, which was older than the pyramids in Egypt, was once 60 feet high and up to 600+ feet in diameter, with at least four levels of burial sites.

Street Confrontations at Melbourne G20 Protest

Portland, 24.11.2006 01:38

The G20 meeting in Melbourne, Australia 17-18 November, [was] met with creative protests by local activists. G20 is a meeting of Finance Ministers of 20 important developed and developing nations, Reserve Bank Governors, the IMF and World Bank held every year. The G20 includes the Group of Seven industrial countries - the US, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Britain and Canada - plus Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the European Union.

Police locked down parts of Melbourne city for the G20 Finance Ministers meeting at the Hyatt Hotel in the expectation of protests.

On Friday as delegates were arriving in Melbourne, businesses which profit from war or environmental destruction were targeted for disruption. On Saturday it was the G20 meeting resulting in street confrontation between protestors and police, including the damage of a police riot squad truck. Late Saturday night saw a police payback operation when about 100 police violently attacked festive G20 protestors.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Melbourne Indymedia | StopG20 |

Protest Strategy Discussion

Melbourne, 24.11.2006 00:39

Protest Tactics at G20 and Beyond

Decenas de miles de voces: STOP A LA CORRUPCIÓN

Canarias, 24.11.2006 00:10

Nunca un conflicto ambiental había sacado durante 3 años seguidos, tal cantidad de personas a la calle. Tampoco nunca una clase política se había unido tan descaradamente contra la ciudadanía, los trillizos, PP, PSOE y CC, se opusieron frontalmente, los medios de comunicación, boicotearon su difusión, la SubDelegación de Gobierno prohibió el uso de pancartas en las autopistas para su difusión (en base a normativa de que la publicidad puede causar distracción en los conductores mientras que dichas autopistas están llenas de carteles publicitarios) y se negó a conceder el permiso para acampadas informativas, hasta la policía local se dedicaba a perseguir a lxs que informaban de la movilización, empresas pagadas por quién todxs sabemos para retirar los carteles…


Ya está bien de que gobiernen a espaldas del pueblo. Ya está bien de que no existamos para los políticos, que rechazaron debatir en el Parlamento una propuesta firmada por 56.000 personas, la mayor iniciativa popular de Canarias. Ya está bien de que demuestren desprecio hacia miles de ciudadanxs que han manifestado claramente su rechazo al tendido de Vilaflor en el año 2002 y que han vuelto a salir a la calle a decir:

En todos los lugares donde pretenden instalar la destrucción y la muerte nos iremos encontrando, porque es nuestra responsabilidad, porque no podemos permitir que acaben con Canarias.
José Saramago

Denuncia a la OTAN en el Juzgado de Guardia de Sevilla

estrecho / madiaq, 24.11.2006 00:07

Con los Lemas: "Las armas nucleares de la OTAN son también ilegales: lleva a la OTAN a los tribunales",

las organizaciones y personas integrantes del Foro Social de Sevilla presentarán el viernes, 24 de Noviembre denuncias en el juzgado de Guardia del Prado San Sebastian a las 10:30 h.

- Texto de la denuncia.

- Más información de la campaña europea:

How Turtle Island was Stolen

Portland, 23.11.2006 23:38

When the "civilized" Europeans arrived on Turtle Island, among them were the Puritan Pilgrims, a christian sub-cult. The christians in Europe were busy inflicting religious persecution against each other, as well as being threatened with death by the ruling elites of the time. As more and more Europeans arrived, they needed more living room. Like all Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, the Wampanoag had no system of land ownership and property rights. Their world had no need of electric dams, pancake houses, real estate offices, or variable-rate mortgages. Following the dictates of their religions, the christians used various "cures" to eliminate the "defective savages". This allowed them to "buy and own" the land, and Indigenous Peoples became the "property" of the colonists.

Resisting the continuing theft of their lands by the judeo-christian "civilization", the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island became engaged in acts of terrorism. Some of these terrorists committed suicide missions to murder the "innocent" colonizers. They hated the European freedoms, and they were all cults of death. The Natives hated the freedoms and life-styles of the colonists and no longer greeted them as liberators, with red carpets, flowers, and hugs. Military actions against the natives had to continue because they were a terrorist threat to all of Europe. These terrorists were armed with bows, arrows, and other weapons of mass destruction.

The colonists claimed the right to act in self-defense and began a war of pre-emptive strikes to exterminate the terrorists and the societies that created them. If you were not with them, you were against them. The colonial government promised peace and protection to those Natives who accepted their "peace" terms, and then given the "choice" of alternative living arrangements. The colonists were beside themselves with glee because they had just given the gift of democracy to the Indians. Now, pass the Buffalo roast.

The 1969 Indian Occupation at Alcatraz | Fuck Thanksgiving and the Turkey It Flew In On | William S. Burroughs reads Thanksgiving Prayer | Images 1, 2, 3

Nos meandros das leis laborais na UE

Portugal, 23.11.2006 23:08

Nos meandros das leis laborais na UE

Chief of Police Certain Case Will Be Solved

San Diego, 23.11.2006 22:38

On Sunday November 5th, Daniel Apra attended an informal car show in a parking lot in the 4100 block of Alpha Street in Southcrest. Daniel was on the ground helping his friend who had just been in a fight when shots were fired into the crowd of a 100 people. Daniel and another young man were shot.

At a community meeting on Monday attended by the Mayor and Chief of Police, Father Henry Rodriguez asked the Mayor if “the youth of San Diego are on the list of the city’s priorities and if so, how would the new budget reflect it?” Mayor Sanders answered “yes, our youth are a city priority.” Chief of Police Lansdowne told the crowd, “I am absolutely certain we will solve this case.”

Fransico Barrios, Daniel’s uncle, said he was born and raised in Southcrest and “this is the first time I’ve ever seen the police and the Mayor make such a fuss over a murder in this neighborhood. I hope the men didn’t just say certain things and make certain promises because of the presence of cameras.”

A giving of thanks for people of conscience

Philadelphia, 23.11.2006 20:38

On the ground: Video report, road blockades in San Cristobal

Portland, 23.11.2006 19:39

Video and written report on the EZLN road blocks on every way into and out of San Cristobal, shutting most the city down as the 20 November celebrations of the 1910 revolution begin.

20-11-06_SC_Roadblocks - video/x-ms-wmv 7.2M

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Pacific NW Labor Delegation - Part 1

Portland, 23.11.2006 19:39

The Pacific Northwest Labor Delegation, consisting of 9 representatives from various unions from Portland and across Cascadia touched down in Caracas, Venezuela on the 10th of November. Their two week mission is to meet with other unionists in Venezuela and Colombia and share ideas and stories and build bridges.

Nada, who is one of the delegates, took a few minutes out of the busy schedule to do an interview with PDX IMC Radio to share experiences with those back home in Portland. It's a very lively and informative interview where Nada tries to bring some of the very real Caracas and Bogota of today to life.

You can stream the audio file from PDX IMC RADIO by clicking HERE | To download the file click HERE

42 years POLITICAL PRISONER Hugo Pinnell denied parole again nov 15

Portland, 23.11.2006 19:39

Please write him a letter of support!!...not only did they deny him, but the hearing was 3 1/2 hours long, and they berated him the whole time. it totally sucks. we are going to try to publicize the situation much more broadly, and I am glad you are already aware of him in oregon. be looking at in the near future for an article from his lawyer, gordon kaupp and kiilu nyasha on what went down. There is info on the san quentin 6 below and if ya need more agents of repression by ward churchill is good charles garry's street fighter in the courtroon is good as well, or soledad brother by geoege jackson.

read more>>

3 thanksgiving political prisoner updates:

1) SHAC 7
2) Bashir Hameed Alert
3) Formal Complaint for Robert Seth Hayes

read more>>

What's up with Buy Nothing Day?

Portland, 23.11.2006 19:39

Other than Fur Free Friday, are there any other events planned for Buy Nothing Day?

Responses: --potluck, bartering and solidarity--
friday the 24th at the red and black cafe there's a vegetarian leftovers potluck starting at half past noon and ending when the food's gone. we're hoping some folks will be bartering for a bit and then around six there will be some music and solidarity fundraising for the struggle in Oaxaca. we're not selling anything all day, but we'll be bartering too. please come have fun.

Gentrification Strikes Again

Portland, 23.11.2006 19:39

Today as I rode my bicycle thought the Lents neighborhood (an urban renewal neighborhood) I saw the usual sights. Neighbors helping each other clear storm drains, a mass movement of cars coming and going from I-205, and quite a few fellow cyclists. But at approximately 2:45 I rolled past SE 82nd and Foster rd. and saw three patrol cars surrounding the local squat.

Today something was different. As the Portland Development Commission or PDC continues their quest for urban renewal they have managed to attract new business to the area. These businesses are looking to benefit from the new light rail train that will run down I-205, the new farmers market, and of course the increased property value a lifeless commercial look brings. One of these interested businesses is Big 5 Sporting Goods. This week is Big 5's Grand Opening.

read more>>

Tacoma's Step Toward Working WITH the Homeless

I met a man today who taught me about a new program in our city. Tonight I know he is not out sleeping in the cold and rain. Tonight I know he has a place to call home. At home I looked for the program on the internet and was glad to learn about the Housing First Encampment Elimination Program. I didn't know it existed.

In September of this year, 1.3 million dollars was dedicated for the first year of the new project which involves both the City of Tacoma and social services. The city studied the problems associated with the homeless and determined that roughly 300 people lived in about 14 encampments. Members of Comprehensive Mental Health and Greater Lakes Mental Health's PATH outreach team try to encourage living in one of the encampments to accept a housing unit. These must have been the ones who approached the man I met on the bus.

read more>>

G20 Arterial Bloc

Perth, 23.11.2006 18:10

A first communique from two uncitizens of Arterial Bloc


Manila, 23.11.2006 16:09

Sagada Backpackers Struggle for Freedom, Continues and Intensifies

Lanzamiento del Libro Fadaiat: Libertad de Movimiento - Libertad de conocimiento

estrecho / madiaq, 23.11.2006 11:07

#media_7399;left#Libro que reflexiona acerca de las experiencias desarrolladas por una serie de colectivos en torno al evento Fadaiat: Libertad de Movimiento-Libertad de Conocimiento.
>> Fadaiat ha supuesto un espacio abierto de conexiones e intercambios entre creadores, activistas, programadores y pensadores vinculados a los movimientos sociales contemporáneos.
Ha funcionado como laboratorio de experimentación y espacio de debate entre diversas redes y sujetos del territorio Estrecho, Norte de África y Sur de Europa, que desarrollan trabajos en torno a tres áreas interconectadas:
[1] nuevas geografías -territorio madiaq-.
[2] frontera fábrica -migración y trabajo-
[3] tecnologías y comunicación -devenir ciborg-.

El libro incluye contribuciones de: Sandro Mezzadra, Roy Pullens,Helena Maleno, Florian Schneider,Brian Holmes y compañer@s vínculados al proyecto de Indymedia Estrecho.
>>¿Dónde Conseguirlo?
[Málaga] (Librerías Proteo y 5 Echegaray, Trayectos Multimedia)
[Madrid] (Traficantes de Sueños),
[Sevilla](Atrapasueños, La Fuga)
Próximamente en otras ciudades del estado asimismo como por internet.

Distribuido por Traficantes de Sueños [Madrid] y Trayectos Multimedia [Málaga].
>>Presentaciones públicas:
En Sevilla: Estudio Goles, Calle Goles 41 bajo, jueves 23 noviembre, 20:30
En Barcelona: Openfriday, Straddle3, Calle Riereta 32 1-3, viernes 15 diciembre 20:00
>>Descarga archivo pdf con los textos

Another View of &quot;Turkey Day&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2006 07:39

While most of America focuses on the turkey they will eat on Thanksgiving, animal rights activists cannot forget the poor conditions millions of turkeys are forced to live in every day. Animal activists do not begrudge the celebration of family and friends on Thanksgiving, partaking in the camaraderie of the day themselves, but they are actively working to improve the living conditions of turkeys and/or to encourage the public to consider more humane animal-free alternatives.

Release of Free Video Workshop (Inspired by Argentina's Piqueteros)

Portland, 23.11.2006 07:38

Interested in new ways to connect inspiring international social movements with the work going on in your community? Check out this new video featuring behind the scenes interviews and footage with Argentina's piquetero movements. The video is divided into short sections designed for use in workshops to spark conversation about the tactics, goals and strategies of your projects. And, it's free.

The Gulag Has Got Mary Tormey

Portland, 23.11.2006 07:38

A young woman has been stripped of her rights and sent to a mental institution following an assault on her by an officer of the law.
Mary Tormey is twenty-six years old. In January of 2005, the car she was travelling in was stopped at a routine traffic stop. Mary's mother, Elaine, and Mary's live-in boyfriend of five years, Denver, were in the car, as well as another friend. Without provocation, Mary Tormey was brutally assaulted by the officer, Matt Hathaway. Parenthetically, Hathaway has a record of this sort of behavior, and has had at least six cases filed against him in court for this sort of rabid victimization.

Her mother Elaine, who is a Quaker, recently secured a lawyer to sue. Hathaway, who had been put on eighteen months paid administrative leave after the assault, had just been re-hired at a neighboring police department. Mary Tormey had just called that police department to plead with them not to hire him. "I'm one of his victims," she told him.

And then Mary's house in Coeur d Alene was busted. Mary was arrested for marijuana, and the gulag machine moved into action.

Venezuelan National Assembly calls for 9/11 Truth

Portland, 23.11.2006 07:38

The Venezuelan National Assembly is calling for an explanation of what really happened on 9/11 on the suspicion that the US government may be behind the attacks. It calls on the U.S. Congress to "demand that the government of President Bush explain the self-inflicted attack on the World Trade Center and its victims, the supposed aircraft that crashed into the Pentagon and the links between the bin Laden family and the Bush family.''

read more>>

The Bolivarian government must nationalise Sanitarios under workers' control.

In their offensive against the Venezuelan people, the workers and President Chavez the capitalists are trying to strike a blow against the revolution. On November 14, the owner of Sanitarios Maracay announced the closure of the company. This situation is part of the continuous attempts of the boss to break the organisation of the workers and trample their rights over the past few years. The Bolivarian government, and President Chavez cannot allow this new sabotage of the country. Sanitarios Maracay must be nationalised under the control of the workers to allow the development in Venezuela of a socialist economy, democratically planned by the workers and the communities.

read more>>

Related: Venezuela, Elections 2006: Anarchists Speak

Casino proposal for the Hill District

Pittsburgh, 23.11.2006 03:39

Residents say No Casino on the Hill!

Richmonders Remember Brad Thursday Night

Richmond, 23.11.2006 02:08

RVA City Council Debate Audio Posted

Richmond, 23.11.2006 02:08

Richmond Crusade for Voters invited those running to be elected by the City of Richmond citizens. Mostly that was City Council but did include US Senate candidate Gail Parker and US House of Representative candidate Jim Nachman

Richmonders Act In Solidarity With Oaxaca

Richmond, 23.11.2006 02:08

The escalation of violent repression in Oaxaca, Mexico continues. In response, a group of Richmonders organized a symbolic action on Nov. 20 to call attention to the struggle in Oaxaca.

United Steelworkers Hold Demonstration at Nashville Goodyear Tire Store

Tennessee, 23.11.2006 01:10

Nashville, TN: A large group of USW members and supporters held a demonstration at Goodyear Auto Service Center in Nashville on November 18th. The workers questioned if Goodyear tires produced by temporary workers would be more likely to be defective than tires produced by union shop employees. The event was part of a national day of action to protest the 16,000 experienced workers at Goodyear who have been forced out on strike due to the companys demands to gut their healthcare, close factories and bring in tires made in China and other low-wage countries.

Stop the massacre in Oaxaca!

Arkansas, 23.11.2006 01:10

Federal troops burst into Oaxaca massacring the people.The best of the working people of Oaxaca have risen up to face the troops of the murderous government.

Behice Boran Belgeseli

Istanbul, 23.11.2006 00:40

‘Behice Boran: Son Nefesine Kadar’ belgeseli galası 2 Aralık’ta

Federal judge rejects Las Vegas ban on feeding homeless in parks

LA, 22.11.2006 23:08

Federal judge rejects Las Vegas ban on feeding homeless in parks


LA, 22.11.2006 23:08



LA, 22.11.2006 23:08



Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.11.2006 20:38

Tegen de Globale Opwarming of voor Vorst? Kies!

El municipio de Coín se moviliza en defensa del Río Grande

estrecho / madiaq, 22.11.2006 20:07

#media_7385;left#>>El pasado 17 de Noviembre 15 mil personas salieron a la calle a decirle no al proyecto de construir un tresvase sobre el Río Grande.

Continuando las luchas por la defensa del territorio y contra el desarrollismo salvaje, la Plataforma en Defensa del Río Grande de Coín convoca a una Semana Por el Agua, en el que se desarrollarán talleres, asambleas, encuentros informativos y una acampada en el centro del pueblo.
El póximo Sábado 25 de Noviembre: Manifestación por la Defensa del Río Grande

>>Más información, manifiesto y fotos lo encuentras en:
>Río Grande Vivo
>No a las Tuberías - Río Grande Vivo

Oklahomans remember and honor deceased activist Keith Smith

Oklahoma, 22.11.2006 19:37

Services scheduled and website created for memorials A Memorial Service will be held in Oklahoma City on Friday, December 1, 2006, 2:00 p.m., in the 4th Floor Rotunda of the Oklahoma State Capitol. [See previous story for obituary.] A Memorial Service will be held in Oklahoma City on Friday, December 1, 2006, 2:00 p.m., in the 4th Floor Rotunda of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Donations to progressive groups suggested (see below).Funeral services will be on Saturday, November 25, 2006, at 10:00 a.m. in Alva, Oklahoma, at the Wharton Funeral Home. A Memorial Service will be held in Oklahoma City on Friday, December 1, 2006, 2:00 p.m., in the 4th Floor Rotunda of the Oklahoma State Capitol. In lieu of flowers, Keith asked that donations be made to Planned Parenthood, Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats, Sierra Club, the ACLU, or the Working Families Project. Those who knew and worked with Keith are invited to share their thoughts with others via a special memorial web page. The following note was written by the site's creator: "The web page is now up and can be viewed at the link below. We are allowing anyone to post pictures and/or a comment but they [will be moderated -- see email address on the linked page]. Just write your comment in the body of the email and attach the pictures and I will do the rest. I will post them as soon as I can. Please help pass the word about the website by forwarding this to anyone who might want to view it. Thanks, Joe Don"

The Frome Is Freed!

Bristol, 22.11.2006 18:38

But Only In The Fantasy World Of Bristol City Council summary Easton Correspondent writes: The city council have listened and they acted... A major overhaul of the River Frome in Easton has been undertaken by the city council in their own inimitable style. The actual River Frome in Easton is neglected by Bristol City Council and The Environment Agency and left to become a rubbish filled open cess pool. However, the city council has managed to come up with some sort of solution to the problem by employing a local artist to paint a pretty picture of the river for the residents to admire instead.This new mural can be found at the subway on Junction 3 of the M32, just yards from the filthy river itself. It replaces previous murals the city council paid for 5 years ago that were, of course, subsequently neglected and vandalised. The logic is startling. There's no money to clean up the actual river but plenty of money to paint a picture of it. Go figure. Full Article + Full Size Photos (Image right: The real river Frome, strewn with rubbish and discarded furntiture. Image left: The airbrushed fantasy world projected by Bristol City Council.)| The Frome is Freed - Bristol City Council style |BRISTOL INDYMEDIA - Nearly As Many Hits As Evening Post - PUBLISH YOUR NEWS!


Athens, 22.11.2006 18:10

24 year old student severly beaten by policemen, in Thessaloniki

Journée Sans Achat 2006

Liege, 22.11.2006 18:07

Comme l'année dernière, la Journée Sans Achat aura lieu ce samedi 25 novembre, à Liège et dans de nombreuses autres villes à travers le monde.

Stop G20

Perth, 22.11.2006 17:41

Police Abduction and Terrorism hits the Streets of Melbourne

Si se puede Nov 29th film

Houston, 22.11.2006 17:40

Nov 29th: ¡Si Se Puede! Films from contemporary labor struggles

無買デー 日本でも浸透中!11/25 全国各地で開催 Buy Nothing Day (11/25)!

Japan, 22.11.2006 17:07

11月25日(土)に無買デーが日本各地で開催される。無買デーとは、消費過多時代への警鐘だ。エコな環境とサステイナブルな経済を求めて、消費主義的パラダイムから、自分の力で自分独自の物の見方を得ようというもの。 Buy Nothing Day - It's the season!

((( i ))

Italy, 22.11.2006 16:39

Film sui network indipendenti che fecero la cronaca della lotta in Argentina

Surveillance Camera Outdoor Walking Tours: Sixth Anniversary

NYC, 22.11.2006 16:09

Ever since Thanksgiving 2000, the Surveillance Camera Players have been offering free weekly walking tours of publically installed surveillance cameras.

2 pm Sunday 26 Nov 2006

NE corner 14th St and Eighth Ave, Manhattan

free, rain or shine, open to the general public, no reservations needed, about 1.5 hours

Boston and the world unites to support Oaxaca

Boston, 22.11.2006 16:08

DOD monitored political activism in NYC as &quot;potential terrorist activity&quot;

NYC, 22.11.2006 15:09

The ACLU has obtained documents that the Department of Defense collected as part of its Threat and Local Observation Notice (TALON) program. They include a report from a Special Agent of the Federal Protective Service of the Department of Homeland Security based on an email received apparently via a listserv outlining plans for a March 19, 2005, protests against New York City military recruitment centers.

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