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Liberdade para Ném!

Brasil, 29.11.2006 17:08


Super REVOTE RALLY December 3rd in Sarasota Florida

Miami, 29.11.2006 17:07

Super REVOTE RALLY December 3rd in Sarasota, Florida

Glasgow Dawn Raid stopped on Sunday

Scotland, 29.11.2006 16:39

After a lull of many weeks the Glasgow Immigration Enforcement Team resumed its brutal practise of raiding people&#8217;s homes in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Day 36: Take Back the Land Umoja Village Shantytown Full to Capacity

Miami, 29.11.2006 16:07

Day 36: Take Back the Land Umoja Village Shantytown Full to Capacity

Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Steal This Film! (Part One) / Murder in Oaxaca

Bristol, 29.11.2006 13:37

Monday 6th November 2006 @ Cube Cinema Monday 6th November 2006 @ Cube Cinema Monday 4th December 2006 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, films start at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds. Welcome to the media revolution! The most powerful change to media since the printing press is happening now. Millions of people worldwide are engaged in what some describe as civil disobedience, while others describe it as theft! What they are doing is simply sharing files – music, videos, software – so much so that it is estimated that over 60% of all Internet traffic is file-sharing. A group of friends gathered together to make a film about this underground anti-copyright revolution, focusing on the authorities (unsuccessful) attempts to shut down a file-share website, The Pirate Bay, this film asks a lot of questions about the future of creativity, about how media control works...and about whether, and how, the types of organisation being worked on now working on together can serve us better. The film will be introduced by Ben Green of Bristol Wireless, who will chat about the issues it raises. News Flash: One Indymedia Volunteer Murdered! One Indymedia Volunteer Missing! This film night will also take the time to highlight the Indymedia journalist, Brad Will, who was shot dead by paramilitaries during protest a in Oaxaca, Mexico. We will be screening the last footage he filmed before his murder and talking about the issues in Oaxaca that lead to his, and others, being killed by paramilitaries. Full ArticleVenue: Cube Cinema: Dove St. South (off Kings Square), Bristol BS2 8JB| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Steal This Film! (Part One) / Murder in Oaxaca | | Bristol Wireless | Indymedia Volunteer Murdered! | Indymedia Volunteer Missing! |Contribute An Article | Add To The Calendar

The Closure of Clamor Magazine

NYC, 29.11.2006 13:08

If you are a subscriber to Clamor Magazine, you will receive a letter this week announcing that it is going out of business. The letter says, in part:

We’re writing to you today because we’ve decided to stop publishing Clamor. We set out to create an independent magazine that would bulldoze borders, defy dogma, and inspire instigation. We wanted to create a magazine that extended the vibrancy of the underground zine community to a larger general audience and share the enthusiasm and energy we saw in our fellow do-it-yourselfers. We intended to redefine the progressive magazine. And while we feel like we accomplished those goals at various stages, one goal we never fully realized is that of making Clamor economically sustainable.

… The obstacle of servicing old debt on an otherwise sustainable project while also negotiating major shifts in the magazine industry have proven too burdensome for us to continue publishing. But effective movement media doesn’t need to last indefinitely to be successful. We’re confident that many people have been inspired to do great things after reading about others doing the same in Clamor. We know this because we’ve been consistently inspired by the stories of struggle and triumph in Clamor. And while we’ll miss that, we’re also confident that there are independent media projects being born at this very moment with even greater promise.

Climate Change Action

Perth, 29.11.2006 11:39

CLIMATE ACTION - Renewable Energy Targets NOW

Labor activists picket Starbucks in Squirrel Hill

Pittsburgh, 29.11.2006 11:39

Labor activists picket Starbucks in Squirrel Hill


Oost-Vlaanderen, 29.11.2006 11:07

Dissent! komt naar Gent

Саммит обернулся хаосом на улицах Минска

Belarus, 29.11.2006 08:37


Arizona, 29.11.2006 08:07

Arizonans Join Global Oaxaca Solidarity Actions


Arizona, 29.11.2006 08:07

Arizonans Join Global Oaxaca Solidarity Actions


Arizona, 29.11.2006 08:07

Arizonans Join Global Oaxaca Solidarity Actions


Arizona, 29.11.2006 08:07

Impacts of Biotechnology to be Examined at Conference before Grand Opening of New BIO5 Institute

ibrahim gunel (radikal) ile roportaj

Istanbul, 29.11.2006 06:39

Emektar Bir Gazeteciyi Beş Parasız Kapı Önüne Koyma Sanatı

Primer juicio por corte de ruta en Chaco

Argentina, 29.11.2006 06:38

“Es una persecusión a los que surgieron como dirigentes”

Solidarity against the Green Scare: Support Daniel McGowan events from December 2nd to 10th

NYC, 29.11.2006 06:38

One year after... December 7, 2006 is the one-year anniversary of the FBI’s first arrests in “Operation Backfire,” a multi-state sweep targeting radical environmental activists with charges of conspiracy and arson, threatening them with life in prison. Join us for this weekend of solidarity with those targeted by the Green Scare – a term that refers to the current systematic criminalization of dissent, reminiscent of the Red Scares of the early twentieth century. For more info on the Green Scare, see


WW3 Illustrated #37 release party [comic featuring Daniel's case] this Saturday, December 2nd

Party in Brooklyn for Daniel December 2nd

Two big events on December 7th - rally and dinner/movies

Another benefit show for Daniel December 8th

Card writing for political prisoners December 10th..

Who is Daniel McGowan?

Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist. He was charged in federal court on many counts of arson, property destruction and conspiracy, all relating to two incidents in Oregon in 2001. Until recently, Daniel was offered two choices by the government: cooperate by informing on other people, or go to trial and face life in prison. His only real option was to plead not guilty until he could reach a resolution of the case that permitted him to honor his principles. Now, as a result of months of litigation and negotiation, Daniel was able to admit to his role in these two incidents, while not implicating or identifying any other people who might have been involved. The government will seek a sentence of eight years, while Daniel's lawyers will seek a sentence of no more than 63 months.

Daniel is an important member of our activist community and we need to do all we can to support him!

Schumacher Folds up Portland Fur Shop

Portland, 29.11.2006 06:38

Gregg Schumacher, of Schumacher's Furs, announced today that he will be folding up his fur operation in downtown Portland. His announcement came almost a year since animal rights activists began holding vigils every Saturday in front of the store that has been a fixture in the Portland area since 1865.

Schumacher stated on the Lars Larson Show that he will be running a 50% off sale and then move in a few months to a new undisclosed location. When pressed by Larson about the new location, Gregg Schumacher said he can't disclose it due to "legal" reasons.


Schumacher Furs protest report (Linda Schumacher has a counter-protest), November 25

Saturday November 25 was an eventful day at our weekly Schumacher Furs protest. Coming just a day after an extremely successful Fur Free Friday, many protesters returned to continue to let Portland know about the cruelty of the fur industry.

We held up our anti-fur banners and signs, leafleted, showed video of how animals are used in the fur industry, chanted, watched the radical cheerleaders, and ate vegan treats (including left-over Schumacher protest anniversary cake!) One protester made and wore a huge papier mache head (representing a voracious fur dealer) with a mink dangling from his mouth, and tuxedo tails. It was a good-natured, educational, creative, even theatrical event. And then... Linda Schumacher herself (wearing fur of course) came out with her entourage of employees and security guards and joined us with her own homemade sign that said, "Shop at Schumacher - protest sale! up to 50% off." "Out of control" might be a good way to describe her behavior...


O.J. Simpson book

Portland, 29.11.2006 05:41

The new book by O.J. Simpson is in such bad taste that I will not even mention its name here. What I am grateful for is that Annie Bloom's books will not be stocking it. The owner of the store decided not to put it on his shelves and I applaud his decision. Powell's is going to have it in stock, but has pledged to give all proceeds from the sales of the book to charity. Barnes & Nobel will be selling it and has not said that it will donate any proceeds to anyone. I will be shopping at Annie Blooms a bit more often.

Update: I have just learned that two more Portland book stores are not going to carry this book. They are The Spirit of the Northwest and Looking Glass Books. Also, I said it was Powell's that was going to donate proceeds to charity but it is Borders. Sorry for the error. I don't know where Powell's stands on this issue.


related: OJ and Dubya: Both in Denial, Both Unrepentant

It's official...Sowa is out

Portland, 29.11.2006 05:41

Clackamas county citizens have officially voted in Democrat Lynn Peterson, thus ending the political career of Larry Sowa. Ms. Peterson won by 1,278 votes. Sowa was quoted as saying he would not challenge the vote. "The thing's over with. I'm retiring." And so it goes.

My hope is that Ms. Peterson will be a little more connected when citizens come to the board with their concerns. The day we sat before Mr. Sowa and spoke about Fouad Kaady, I was struck by his appalling lack of interest. He let us fill our time, but I did not see that anything we said went past his desk. We, of course, knew that nothing dramatic would come from our meeting, but common courtesy would dictate that he at least acknowledge our concerns.

Cyber Monday: How the Corporate Media Manipulates The Public Into Mindless Consumption

Portland, 29.11.2006 05:41

Every "news" broadcast in every city in the nation has been running non-stop feature stories today about something dubbed "Cyber Monday." Newspapers, radio broadcasts, and even podcasts are talking it up. Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday, Buy Buy Buy Buy.

Where did this come from? Did anyone ever hear of "cyber monday" before today? Why is it breaking over everyone's lips so if by plan? Perhaps because it was a plan.

Cuidan al asesino y atacan a los que luchan

Argentina, 29.11.2006 04:38

Reprimen escrache a ex Comisario ligado a Etchecolatz

Editorial Cartoons: It's going to be a New Day with the New Democratic Majority!

DC, 29.11.2006 04:09

Once again the Democratic Party has pandered crassly to "progressive" voters and once again the "Pwogwessives" have fallen for the scam. Like Charlie Brown attempting to kick Lucy's daintily-held football, Amerika's Pwogwessive voters came charging up, expecting to slam it clear into next week, but instead found themselves kicking air and landing on their asses. On "Meet The Press" one Sunday last May, Congressional Stepford Wife Nancy Pelosi declared that there'd be a "New Day" when the Democrats take control of Congress. Let's see what wonderful surprises they have in store for us on five important issues… (a series of 5)

Gobierno cuida al asesino y ataca a quienes luchan

Argentina, 29.11.2006 03:08

Reprimen escrache a ex Comisario ligado a Etchecolatz

represión en la plata

Argentina, 29.11.2006 03:08

El aparato represivo de los derechos humanos

represion en La Plata

Argentina, 29.11.2006 03:08

El aparato represivo de los derechos humanos

Ni Juez ni De la Sota, el pueblo se moviliza

Argentina, 29.11.2006 02:38

Córdoba se mueve contra Suez

SF and Fresno Events to Support

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.11.2006 22:39

Thursday, December 7th will be a day of Green Scare Awareness. The Green Scare includes the tactics that the US government, via its law enforcement organizations, is using to attack the ELF/ALF (Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front).

On December 7th, there will be a potluck dinner, letter writing, and screening of films about Green Scare prisoners, at Station 40 in SF beginning at 7pm. On December 8th, there will be a Green Scare Solidarity Action at the CAFE Infoshop in Fresno. There will be a 5pm teach-in with letter writing, and at 7:30pm, performers such as Ryan Harvey and Marc Gunnery of the Riot Folk collective.

November 30th Screening of FARMCORE to Benefit Indybay

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.11.2006 22:39

SF videographer Mike Kavanaugh will be screening "FARMCORE - The Movie: Punk Rock History of the SF Farm" on Thursday, November 30th at 7pm at the Roxie Film Center (3117 16th St, at Valencia). "Farmcore" is a documentary that tells the story of San Francisco's legendary Farm, located in the Mission District during the 1980s. The Farm was a space where punk shows that featured such bands as the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Butthole Surfers. The Farm also hosted community gardens, an art gallery, child daycare center, and a multicultural community space. After all other major punk clubs in the city had been shut down, the Farm raged on until late 1987, when it became an early victim of gentrification of the Mission District.

Ecuador: Dunkle Wolken

Germany, 28.11.2006 22:09

Am Sonntag 26. November sind Wahlen in Ecuador. Alvaro Noboa, Bananenexporteur und Mulimillionär mit rechtsradikalem Diskurs führt die Umfragen der Präsidentschaftswahl an. Sein Kontrinkant, der linksliberale Wirtschaftsproffesor Rafael Correa spricht von Wahlbetrug.

Indymedia Ecuador

Festival over wereldversleutelen 1-3 december in Utrecht

Netherlands, 28.11.2006 21:39

Van 1-3 december vindt in Utrecht het tweede 2.Dh5-festival plaats. Het betreft een bonte verzameling presentaties, workshops en feesten uit de buitenparlementaire hoek.

2dH5: Samenscholing voor activisten</<br> Het doel van het festival (de naam verwijst naar een schaakzet waarmee je de tegenstander overrompelt) is om kennis te verspreiden en te delen over "technieken, methoden en strategieën om de wereld te versleutelen". Er zijn zowel hele praktische workshops als meer theoretische.

Dit keer staan drie thema's centraal: verzet tegen het asielbeleid, de komende G8-conferentie in Duitsland en het concept Directe Actie. Daarnaast zijn er bijeenkomsten over tal van andere onderwerpen, van antimilitarisme tot mediatraining en van weggeefwinkels tot zeefdrukken.

Een uitgebreid programma is te vinden op

MST ocupa Fazenda Ribeira no município de Itapemirim/ES

Brasil, 28.11.2006 21:38


Oaxaca: Repression Unleashed

NYC, 28.11.2006 21:09

A short report from today (given over the phone to indybay volunteer). Photo: B.C. Peller

Juanita Young Brutalized and Arrested by NYPD in Her Own Home

NYC, 28.11.2006 21:09

Her son Michael Fergusonwas killed by NYPD in March 2000, a week after he was arrested for being part of a protest against the verdict in the Amadou Diallo case.


estrecho / madiaq, 28.11.2006 21:08

1 de diciembre


2 de diciembre


RECUPERA LA BICI CADA DÍA, CELÉBRALO UNA VEZ AL MES El primer viernes de cada mes 19:30h Fuente del Triunfo.

RECUPERA LA CALLE CADA DÍA, CELÉBRALO UNA VEZ AL MES.COMILONA-FIESTA PEATONAL El primer sábado de cada mes 14:30h Fuente de las Batallas.

+ info:
[granada vía verde]

Rádio Redonda Livre entra no ar

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Abaixo-assinado: Em defesa dos/as indígenas, quilombolas e camponeses/as

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Paramilitares atacam comunidade zapatista em Montes Azules, Município Autônomo Vicente Guerrero

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Prefeitura anuncia aumento e setores da sociedade se organizam

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Consciência Negra em tempos de reflexões

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09

20 de novembro

Estudantes/as ocupam reitoria da UEG

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Prosseguem as audiências do caso Sonho Real

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Ato contra o aumento das tarifas em São Paulo

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Frente de Luta Contra o Aumento realiza ato em São Paulo

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Uma vida sem violência é um direito das mulheres

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Ato pela nacionalização das reservas de petróleo e gás no Brasil

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


A sétima megamarcha toma as ruas de Oaxaca, México

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Ocupação no Rio sob ameaça de despejo

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Trabalhadores ocupam empresa em Feira de Santana (BA)

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


Semana contra o aumento das tarifas em São Paulo

Brasil, 28.11.2006 19:09


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