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Journalist Mohammed Omer on the Hell that is Gaza

DC, 01.12.2006 07:12

Israeli-Occupied Gaza is a hell hole! Its 1.4 million inhabitants are trapped. Their society is under siege by the Zionist’s Death &amp; Mayhem Machine. On Nov. 28, 2006, Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Omer, shared his eyewitness account of the daily horrors. He lives in the Rafah refugee camp. Supposedly, Israel P.M. Ehud Olmert has extended his “hand in peace” to the Palestinians. If so, let’s hope he washes the blood off of it first!

A Ride Through New Orleans w Suncere Ali Shakur

DC, 01.12.2006 07:12

A video of a ride through New Orleans

Sexo por alimentos: El peor de los clientelismos

Argentina, 01.12.2006 07:11

Líberia y Haití: Soldados de la ONU abusan de niños

Frente realiza grande ato e convoca outro para hoje(01)

Brasil, 01.12.2006 07:11


Eureka Spirit is Fighting for our Rights and Liberties

Melbourne, 01.12.2006 06:09

Eureka Dawn Walk: Justice for David Hicks

G20 protests: State and Violence Against Women

Melbourne, 01.12.2006 06:09

The State and Violence Against Women

Portland IMC Newsletter for Nov. 25, 2006

Portland, 01.12.2006 05:40

OAXACA: Portrait of a Barricade
Street Confrontations at Melbourne G20 Protest
A Tale Of Colonial Thanks-Taking
Eugene Grand Jury Resister Freed after Six Months

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Pacific NW Labor Delegation - Part 1

Portland, 01.12.2006 05:40

AUDIO INTERVIEW: The Pacific Northwest Labor Delegation, consisting of 9 representatives from various unions from Portland and across Cascadia touched down in Caracas, Venezuela on the 10th of November. Their two week mission is to meet with other unionists in Venezuela and Colombia and share ideas and stories and build bridges.

Nada, who is one of the delegates, took a few minutes out of the busy schedule to do an interview with PDX IMC Radio to share experiences with those back home in Portland. It's a very lively and informative interview where Nada tries to bring some of the very real Caracas and Bogota of today to life.

Download a flyer and get to work

Portland, 01.12.2006 05:40

Friday, December 1st, is an important day. Not only is it a day of international protest against the inauguration of Felipe Calderon, who stole the election in Mexico, it is also a day to raise consciousness about the continuing massacre and human rights violations against the 'Oaxaca Commune' -- a autonomous government in the Mexican state of Oaxaca of real democracy that the corporate-dominated national government cannot allow to live.

In Portland, a city-wide day of pamphleteering has been organized. To participate is simple: download a pamphlet, make some copies (at home or at Kinkos), and stand outside your local grocery, video, or beer store (anywhere is good)-- or simply drop off some copies at a cafe or restaurant. To help make this action successful, all that is required is a half-hour of your time.

Brandon Mayfield Vindication: FBI Terrorism is Over the Top

Portland, 01.12.2006 05:40

The FBI has just settled on the lawsuit filed by Brandon Mayfield for $2 million. A couple of years ago, you may recall, Mr. Mayfield was topping the FBI's list of "terror" suspects in the wake of the 2004 Madrid bombings...even after Spanish authorities told FBI agents they had the wrong man. Using such shabby "evidence" as a homework assignment written by one of Mr. Mayfield's children, which they acquired via sneak and peek raids of his home, the FBI and the US Government harassed, hounded, and illegally imprisoned Mr. Mayfield. Today, they had to pay.

In filing his lawsuit against the FBI and the US Government, Mayfield decried the secret searches of his home, the tapping of his telephones, and the gross violations of his and his family's privacy that were carried out by FBI agents. Today, the government was forced to apologize for allowing such a bald and unconstitutional abuse of power to go on. The government released a terse, guarded statement that was apparently part of the settlement deal...


related: [ Brandon Mayfield wins $2 million against Feds | Attorney Brandon Mayfield Settles with FBI for $ 2 mil ]


Colombia, 01.12.2006 05:12

Día Mundial de la lucha contra el SIDA

Teacher on PFP Terror in Oaxaca

San Diego, 01.12.2006 02:38

This is the testimony (via phone) of a teacher from an outlying village on November 21, the day after she participated in a women's march in Oaxaca City that was was attacked by Mexican Federal Preventative Police (PFP), who have been occupying Oaxaca since October 29. She talks about the attack on the march, repression of and violence against women and children, the failure of organizations such as Amnesty International to help and the importance of international solidarity. (Spanish with english translation)

"Right now in Oaxaca there is a generalized repression, but since last week, another form of repression started, one that is geared towards children and women. When we walk by the streets where the men of the PFP, with the excuse of looking for weapons, they search us. Touching all of our bodies, both men and female, and if that was not enough, they made fun... That is why the day before yesterday, the women decided to mach and protest against the violence towards our gender, and of course against their power and violence."

"The comrades of the village asked us (women) to lead the march, because they are angry at what they (PFP) are doing (to us)... Just as we were passing by the attacks started. There was an incredible amount of tear gas that did not let us breathe or see where we were headed. We had to protect the children with our bodies and hide them under our clothes trying to get them away and we would scream that there were kids and old people there. That they needed to stop the aggression, but they had it all prepared. There was no sense in running, they were attacking from all four sides. It was then that the youth from the university arrived and began taking the kids away from the area. We were able to see that some of the guys were pulled. That is why we were so anguished, and we wanted to know what had happened to our youth. And we were told that they (PFP) pulled a female too. For about two or three hours after that, they were shooting tear gas to where we were running. And well, they had us in that state of terror, and in those moments all we could do was to pull back to the church, and to ask for medical assistance."

"We also insisted that the people we had heard were present, from amnesty international; to show up and testify the state of terror and violence they have had Oaxaca in for more than 5 months now. Unfortunately, they told us they could not come, because they had a very busy agenda."

"I world like to say that it saddens me a lot to be in the streets, and to see that I am becoming part of a now normal and typical panorama, that these aggressors, these invaders are here in our streets. It is sad to see that the warm, beautiful Oaxaca filled with brave people now is invaded by these people (PFP). And I think to my self: how long will they be here; intimidating us?"

"I know that somewhere in this world there are many hearts that will hear and understand our call, and I can assure you that we feel those invisible hands, that even though we do not see, we know they are fighting for our dignity. Especially the women: don’t leave us alone. We are not afraid, we are filled with indignation, rage for what they are doing. Keep on answering our calls. I have a lot of confidence in the help of the international community, and of course of our people. We are going to accomplish it. This century will change all the things that need to change."

Dissapearences and Deaths Mount in Oaxaca, Solidarity Action in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.12.2006 02:08

On November 30th, The Federal Preventative Police expanded its operations into the surrounding towns around Oaxaca City. Today they have conducted a raid into Zaalchia, 11 kilometers outside of Oaxaca City and numerous other towns.Read More

On November 29th, Radio Universidad was handed over to the Benito Juarez Autonomous University. As part of an agreement with APPO, the University will now handle security for the station. This week, outgoing Mexican President Fox said that he would use a hard hand against the movement in Oaxaca.

There will be a Oaxaca reportback tonight, November 30th, at 7pm at Bound Together Books in SF. December 1st will be an international day of solidarity with APPO. There will be a protest at 2pm in Oaxaca. There will also be an all-day protest at the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento beginning at 11am. More events On December 6th, Barucha Calamity Peller, who has contributed to Indybay from Oaxaca will give a reportback "Oaxaca: Portrait of Rebellion," at 8pm at Station 40 in San Francisco.


Arizona, 30.11.2006 23:37

A Cross Country Tour to discuss Abortion options, Reproductive, and Sexual health

&quot;Faces of Democracy&quot; Film Festival at CMU

Pittsburgh, 30.11.2006 22:39

"Faces of Democracy" Film Festival at CMU

Turning Out The Lights

Miami, 30.11.2006 21:07

Turning Out The Lights


Perth, 30.11.2006 18:12


Riot in Harmondsworth Immigration Prison.. Again

United Kingdom, 30.11.2006 18:10

Frustrated at being detained in awful prison-like conditions, often for long periods, the detainees of Harmondsworth detention centre, near Heathrow, have 'gone wild'. Around 9pm on 28 November, 2006, a group of detainees started a riot in Wing B of Harmondsworth, which soon spread to all 4 wings. Some detainees have reportedly been beaten up, while others were kept locked in, with fires and smoke all over the place [reports and updates]. 'Specialist officers' from prisons across the south of England were brought in to help the prison and immigration services 'contain the situation'. Everything is 'under control' now, according to the Home Office.

The riots come two days after the chief inspector of prisons strongly criticised the centre's (mis)management, in what was described as the "poorest report ever" on any UK immigration removal centre. Earlier this year, many detainees in Harmondsworth and other detention centres, mainly in adjacent Colnbrook, went on hunger strike in protest at their inhumane treatment by security guards during the No Borders demonstration on 8 April, 2006. A few months before that, in January 2006, there was a big, organised protest by detainees following the death of Bereket Yohannes, a 26-year-old Eritrean who was found hanged in the showers of Harmondsworth. Those deemed by the management to have been the organisers of the peaceful protest were punished by being locked up in 'secure cells' and later transferred to other detention centres. In 2004, there were similar riots sparked by the death of an inmate, causing a temporary closure of the detention centre and the 'transfer' of detainees to other immigration prisons.

Related: Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre 'Not fit for Purpose' | Noborders Demo at Harmondsworth Detention Centre | Harmondsworth Detainees Protest after Death in Detention | Severe riot at Harmondsworth refugee removal centre (2004) | Hunger Strike in Colnbrook Detention Centre | Voices From Detention | Asylum Statistics: Q3 2006 | Continuing conflicts that create refugees | Why campaign against deportation

Links: NoBorders groups in UK | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | Barbed-Wire Britain

Portland City Council to Hear Out of Iraq Resolution This Thursday

Portland, 30.11.2006 17:38

On Thursday, November 30, the Portland City Council will hear a resolution filed by Commissioner Randy Leonard to bring the troops home from Iraq and fund local human needs. The resolution will be heard at 2:00 pm in council chambers.

Speakers in favor of the resolution will include Tom Chamberlain, President of Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon State Representatives Chip Shields and Diane Rosenbaum, local advocates for health care, education and housing as well as veterans and military families.


Attend City Council Meeting to Urge Withdrawal from Iraq!!!

I cannot think of a more important issue to this nation than the abomination that is the Iraq war. This war has rightly been called 'a sucking chestwound to our nation,' and a 'burning tire around our necks.' This is a chance for you to make a stand someplace where it matters. (Sure, there will be other chances, and I say go for those times as well.) Anyway, I encourage anyone who can get away from work or home a few hours Thurs. to show up in person and express support for the resolution. If you can't come, then call City Council or write. But please come, and please encourage your friends.


Polo Democrático

Colombia, 30.11.2006 17:09

Congreso Nacional Polo Democrático

Eco-Restoration at The Biscayne Nature Center on Key Biscayne, Dec 2nd

Miami, 30.11.2006 17:07

Eco-Restoration at The Biscayne Nature Center on Key Biscayne, Dec 2nd

Eco-Restoration at The Biscayne Nature Center on Key Biscayne, Dec 2nd

Miami, 30.11.2006 17:07

Eco-Restoration at The Biscayne Nature Center on Key Biscayne, Dec 2nd

Peace and Freedom Party Setting Tone for 2008

Miami, 30.11.2006 17:07

Peace and Freedom Party Setting Tone for 2008

10 nov: actiune antidiscriminare in bucuresti

Romania, 30.11.2006 16:37

Pe data de 10 Noiembrie a avut loc pe strazile Bucurestiului un protest impotriva discriminarii sub toate formele ei. Manifestatia, prilejuita de apropierea datei de 9 nov, (Ziua Internationala impotriva fascismului si antisemitismului ) a fost organizata de o retea informala de grupuri, cu sprijinul unor ONG-uri si al altor colective. Acestea au fost: Asociatia Aqvarius, Accept, Agentia de Monitorizare a Presei, Asociatia Komunitas, Romani Criss, Centrul romilor Amare Rromentza, Centrul de Resurse pentru participare publica, D MEDIA, Indymedia Romania, Ladyfest Romania, Organizatia Nationala a Persoanelor cu Handicap din Romania, Organizatia Femeilor Refugiate, reteaua UNITED (retea europeana impotriva nationalismului, rasismului, fascismului si in sprijinul imigrantilor si refugiatilor), You and Me.

Testimony of a Detained Oaxaqueño

Boston, 30.11.2006 16:08

Testimony of a detained Oaxaqueño November 9th, 2006 Planton de Santo Domingo, Ciudad de Oaxaca Can you tell me about your detention? On November 2nd, the PFP (Federal Police) carried out an operative to do away with the barricade Cinco Señores, protecting the University. That day, I was running an errand for my father. The disturbances were visible from afar. When I finished the errand, I came closer to the barricade to see what was happening. Suddenly, then, the PFP came and, without a word, without an arrest warrant, and without witnesses, they detained me very violently. [BIMC Editors Note: In spite of the music and interference that could be tuned until 6:00 pm on 1400 AM, Radio Universidad was handed over from 4:00 pm on to the vice-president of Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca, after negotiations. Until 6:45 pm, there were no news about detentions except that it was reported that the radio security and the “people who had occupied the radio in behalf of APPO” were under custody of the president of the UABJO--Chiapas Indymedia. A megamarcha has been called for Dec. 1st]

Нацизм убивает. Cледствие предпочитает не замечать...

Belarus, 30.11.2006 16:07

Campaign to free Dame Dieng, a young computer genius imprisoned in Senegal

Portland, 30.11.2006 15:40

Dame Dieng is 21 and has been arrested without any valid explanation, the Senegalese police invented the same old insult and threat known for centuries stuff when they invaded the political opponent, Idrissa Seck, headquarters where Dame Dieng happened to be, he had been recruited by this contradictor to the authoritarian Wade regime after having worked for a newspaper's website and proved there his incredible gifts for computer matters. Some people try to understand why young Senegalese try to escape from their country on unsafe wooden boats putting their life in danger on a 6 to 8 day trip to Canaries which are part of Spain and the first step to Europe. Dame Dieng unlucky story can help to find the explanation or part of it.

I consider each extra minute or hour this young man spends in prison as a crime against the future of Senegal and Africa. So if anybody can help to get him out that would be fantastic, you know the ways in the states to contact the media or organizations dealing with human rights in your country better than I do, I am presently in France and contacting here all the media and friends that can help, it does help to pass the information around, the more the case is known the less they can keep him in without any legal motive.

RIP Radio Universidad--OAXACA

Portland, 30.11.2006 15:40

Last night, an agreement between police, University authorities forced Radio Universidad programmers to abandon the station about 6pm last night. So far, there has not been repression against the announcers. They are in the custody of university officials who will likely protect them from police and the paramilitaries who are raining terror on the people of Oaxaca. This interview is in honor of those who broadcasted on and listened to RU.

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 30.11.2006 14:39

Bicicleta, enemiga número 1

L'ajuntament de Barcelona es torna a "desmelenar" i aplica dos voltes de rosca més a la seua guia de civilitat més popular i volguda, la normativa cívica. I és que l'Ajuntament de Barcelona on posa l'ull posa la pedra i, ara, les afortunades de tan bona punteria han estat les bicicletes i els seus mútliples i variats usuaris i usuàries. Normes i multes de tots els colors i formes per als incívics i les incíviques que, dia rere dia, plantegen una solució real i quotidiana montant-se en eixe vehicle de dos rodes no motoritzat. I és que pel que sembla, anar en bicicleta no és B, diguen el que diguen, de tant en tant, les campanyes de propaganda mediàtica de l'excel·lentíssim Ajuntament de Barcelona.

[Div 1 des 20h pl. universitat] Massa crítica - Bicicletada intergalàctica contra la normativa cívica anti bici

[a les 19h pl de la Oca - El Clot ] Quedada per a anar cap a pl universitat

altres infos Convocatòria massa crítica 1 des pl universitat ::: Reflexions sobre bicicletada espontània passada ::: diumenge 3 des Sabadell, manifestació contra el Quart Cinturó ::: crisis energètica - canvia les teues prioritats ::: acció contra les obres del TAV a Urbina (Àraba) ::: Comunicat Coordinadora Anticementiri Nuclear de Catalunya ::: 20.000 Policies contra la protesta anti nuclear a Alemanya


ecología (es)

Barcelona, 30.11.2006 14:39

Bicicleta, enemiga número 1

El ayuntamiento de Barcelona se vuelve a "desmelenar" y aplica dos vueltas de tuerca más a su guía de civilidad más popular y querida, la normativa cívica. Y es que el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona dónde pone el ojo pone la piedra y, ahora, las afortunadas de tan buena puntería han sido las bicicletas y sus mútliples y variados usuarios y usuarias. Normas y multas de todos los colores y formas para los incívicos y las incívicas que, día tras día, plantean una solución real y cotidiana montándose en ese vehículo de dos ruedas no motorizado. Y es que al parecer, ir en bicicleta no es B, digan lo que digan, de vez en cuando, las campañas de propaganda mediática del excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Barcelona.

[Vier 1 dic 20h pl. universitat] Massa crítica - Bicicletada intergaláctica contra la normativa cívica anti bici

[a las 19h pl de la Oca - El Clot ] Quedada para ir hacia a pl universitat

otras infos Convocatoria massa crítica 1 dic pl universitat ::: Reflexiones sobre bicicletada espontania pasada ::: domingo 3 dic Sabadell, manifestación contra el Cuarto Cinturón ::: crisis energética - canmbia tus prioridades ::: acción contra las obras del TAV en Urbina (Araba) ::: Comunicado Coordinadora Anticementiri Nuclear de Catalunya ::: 20.000 Policías contra la protesta anti nuclear en Alemania


OAXACA: Offensive Continues Against the APPO

Portland, 30.11.2006 14:38

Government Launches New Aggression Against the Popular Assembly Movement: Yesterday, [Nov 28] repression against members and sympathizers of the APPO continued as the PFP began implementing arrest warrants against the movement, which are said to number more than 300. Federal forces together with local and state police raided houses and detained at least 60 more people, in addition to the continued attacks by assassins and paramilitaries against members of the movement and 'suspicious people'. These attacks by people dressed as civilians are responding to calls by Radio Mapache, the illegally installed radio station of the PRI, which has been asking that its listeners pass along the addresses of houses where it is said that APPO activists are hiding, as well as any other suspicious people or internationals.

read more>>

Injustice for Political Prisoners in Oaxaca

Denounce the Mexican government for detaining political prisoners in Oaxaca. The events of Saturday, November 25th in Oaxaca City have left many people in the movement fearing for their safety. The APPO and striking teachers are no longer visible in the streets of Oaxaca. Since Nov. 25th, the state and federal police along with groups of men in dressed in civilian cloths have been conducting street sweeps. Cars filled with PFP armed with automatic weapons cruse the streets. Men in civilian clothes have been seen midday rounding people up. Numbers of those detained or disappeared are reported between 100-400 persons. There are now arrest warrants for those with official positions in the APPO. According to local human rights organizations, such as Limeddh, majority of the arrested are tortured. The Government of Oaxaca and the Mexican government are doing everything possible to extinguish the flame of revolution. Denounce the legal and illegal detentions of political prisoners from Oaxaca. Demand that the Mexican Government revoke the arrest warrants for political activity in Oaxaca. Demand that the Mexican Government treat these detainees humanely. This is not justice.

read more>>

PDX Unionists Back from Venezuela and Colombia

Portland, 30.11.2006 14:38

WORKERS' RIGHTS, REVOLUTION, U.S INTERVENTION: A Report Back from the NW Labor Delegation to Venezuela and Colombia Nine PCASC delegates from seven different Portland area unions just returned from Venezuela and Colombia. On Dec. 5th the delegates will present their findings and experiences. The delegation included leadership and members of 7 unions, including the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Locals 4 and 8, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 88, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503, the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers (AWPPW), the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 1065 and the Oregon Education Association (OEA). Does Hugo Chavez promote progressive social change and independent labor unions, or is the labor movement just an arm of the government? Is the United States government implicated in the brutal killing of labor leaders in Colombia or is it trying to use its influence to protect human rights?

Tuesday December 5th ? Doors open/Food at 6:30 PM, Event at 7pm
Carpenters Local 247 (2215 North Lombard)

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee | Reclaim The Media

read more>>

Hugo Chavez Holds Commanding Lead Eight Days Before Election

Hugo Chavez holds an insurmountable lead in two late November polls - one by Ipsos Venezuela/the AP-Ipsos Poll and the other by Zogby International-University of Miami. Both were released on November 24 and are the most current and reliable data available and are consistent with most independent poll results for months. This is in stark contrast to several fraudulent US National Endowment of Democracy (NED)-financed oligarch-run ones published to create a false perception of public sentiment in preparation for cries of fraud once the election results are in. Rosales has no chance whatever of even coming close to winning on December 3, and the Venezuelan people know it. They'll never tolerate a result made in Washington that's contrary to the way they'll vote that's pretty obvious from some "real" polling data. Here's what the oligarchs, corporate media and Washington suppress - and for good reason because it's so lopsided in favor of Hugo Chavez.

read more>>

Workers Rally in Melbourne

Melbourne, 30.11.2006 13:38

Workers Rally Against IR Laws

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 30.11.2006 13:08

The Ehrlich Report is a monthly column of political commentary. This month we look at the manipulation of the news media.

Has Ungdomshuset Reached The End Of Its Road?

Ireland, 30.11.2006 12:09

Interview With Activist from Danish Social Centre ...

Nuevos ataques a la cultura autogestionada

Argentina, 30.11.2006 06:39

Persecución a espacios independientes

Nuevos ataques a la cultura autogestionada

Argentina, 30.11.2006 05:12

Persecuciones y prohibiciones a espacios independientes

Após 1 mês da invasão da PFP, a Rádio APPO é entregue em Oaxaca

Brasil, 30.11.2006 02:38


Arizona, 30.11.2006 02:37

After Years of Official Impunity, Cochise County Jury Convicts "Godfather of Border Vigilantism"


Arizona, 30.11.2006 02:37

A Cross Country Tour to dicuss Abortion options, Reproductive, and Sexual health

Se oponian a la renogociación con Suez-Roggio

Argentina, 30.11.2006 01:08

Córdoba: Reprimen a organizaciones que se manifestaban por el agua

La lucha por el agua continua

Argentina, 30.11.2006 00:39

Represion en Córdoba

La lucha por el agua continua

Argentina, 30.11.2006 00:39

Represion en Córdoba

We are now aware that we are an empire: A talk with Mark Hertsgaard, Journalist/ Author

Miami, 29.11.2006 22:37

We are now aware that we are an empire: A talk with Mark Hertsgaard, Journalist/ Author

Book Report: Noam Chomsky and Gilbert Achcar's new book - &quot;Perilous Power&quot;

Miami, 29.11.2006 22:07

Book Report: Noam Chomsky and Gilbert Achcar's new book - "Perilous Power"


Athens, 29.11.2006 21:39

Aπεργεία πείνας ξεκίνησε ο Ταράσιος Ζαντορόζνι

Estudante espancado pela PM não poderá se formar esse ano

Brasil, 29.11.2006 21:08


South Central Farmers Open House This Sunday

LA, 29.11.2006 20:08

South Central Farmers Open House This Sunday

Ymago: nel segno del giallo!

Switzerland, 29.11.2006 19:37

Il "progetto Ymago", voluto dalla Posta svizzera alla fine del 2003, prevede licenziamenti (almeno 500), tagli salariali, chiusura di piccole filiali (in particolare con il declassamento di oltre 2000 uffici postali a succursali secondarie) e porterà in generale ad un peggioramento del servizio.

Intanto a livello federale, sotto la guida del consigliere federale "socialista" Moritz Leuenberger, si sta già lavorando per realizzare nuovi scenari di liberalizzazione che diano ulteriori possibilità alla Posta di muoversi avendo come solo punto di riferimento il mercato e le esigenze di redditività del capitale investito.

Per contrastare questo ennesimo progetto neoliberista è stata lanciata una campagna che prevede la creazione di un comitato composto da comuni, lavoratori, associazioni e popolazione, che si battano contro Ymago.
Intanto la direzione de La Posta cerca di intimidire il personale per evitare che difenda il proprio posto di lavoro, e non è la prima volta.

Iniziative per contrastare Ymago:
> Firma la petizione
> Volantinaggi davanti alle poste: 1 - 2 - 3
> Sabato 2: manifestazione Cantonale, alle ore 14.00 davanti all’ufficio postale di Bellinzona

> Agitazioni in posta del febbraio 2004

Workers Rights

Perth, 29.11.2006 17:09

Day of Union & Community Protest

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