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OnNYTurf: RNC Mass Arrests by NYPD Could Cost NYC Taxpayers Millions

NYC, 04.12.2006 15:10

Last week a court ruled that the NYPD has admitted it has no evidence for arresting 23 out of 24 people in a mass roundup during the RNC. This ruling is a likely forecast of things to come in thousands of RNC false arrest lawsuits the city is facing for NYPD mass arrests made during the Republican National Convention period in NYC in 2004. The NYPD admission is hugely significant in that it basically means the NYPD had no grounds for having arrested and detained 23 out of 24 plaintiffs in these cases. [Read More]

Support The Portland Alliance at our 25th Anniversary Party!

Portland, 04.12.2006 13:38

The Portland Alliance is celebrating 25 years of publishing with an evening of food, music, reminiscences and a sharp jab at the local mainstream press. A silent auction will be offering a number of fascinating items, including a hand-made quilted wall-hanging and other crafts and art. Attendees will enjoy a spaghetti dinner, music by General Strike and a special musical roast of the mainstream press by Melinda Pittman (founder of the Fallen Angel Choir and BroadArts Productions) and her partner Joe Rastetter. Past Alliance editors will be on hand to share stories about the newspaper.

"The Portland Alliance is a rare creature in the media world," states editor Dave Mazza. "At a time when the mainstream press - even some weeklies that call themselves 'alternative' - is more and more beholden to corporate advertisers, the Alliance has stayed true to the idea of a press unfettered by corporate influence. We rely on the support of the local community - individuals and local businesses - to keep us going."

Derrick Jensen: The Lost Star Wars Script

Portland, 04.12.2006 13:38

I went to see Star Wars when I was in high school, which seems about the right time to see it. I liked it a lot. I wasn't one of those people who saw it a hundred times or anything. I wasn't that much of a nerd. Besides, I was too busy playing Dungeons and Dragons. I saw it again recently. It's not so good as I remember. In fact it's pretty bad. The characters are flat, the dialog hokey, the acting nondescript. But I still loved the ending, where Luke remembers to "use the force" to blow up the Death Star. For those of you who may have forgotten, the Death Star (according to the official Star Wars website) "was the code name of an unspeakably powerful and horrific weapon developed by the Empire. The immense space station carried a weapon capable of destroying entire planets. The Death Star was to be an instrument of terror, meant to cow treasonous worlds with the threat of annihilation. While the massive station is evidence of the evil that was the Galactic Empire, it was also proof of the New Order's greatest weakness-the belief that technology and terror were superior to the will of oppressed beings fighting for freedom." That's all pretty interesting stuff, and of course applicable to the discussion at hand: civilization as Death Star.

Landmarks Commission 3 - Kurisu Corporation 0

Portland, 04.12.2006 13:38

After an initial denial by the Bureau Of Development Services (BDS),Justin Fallon Dollard, in which the Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) agreed with BDS's denial, and asked by HLC to come back with revised plans that address the numerous concerns of BDS staff,the HLC and Boise community members.At the 2nd HLC public meeting, the Kurisu Corporation did not get there plans in early enough for the Commission to review them, and they were given another chance, at a 3rd hearing,which just happened, and once again Holst & the Kurisu corporation did not get their development plans in on time. This time the commissioners suggested because of major development alterations that the developers do another presentation to the neighborhood.

THe Kurisu Corporation will be doing a public presentation of their newly designed, proposed 4 story development, which will sit on what was a community park, just north of the corner of N.Shaver & Mississippi.

1. An Information Session on the Kurisu's City Garden Development- Revised Design on Tuesday, December 5 from 6-7pm at AYOS.

Portland City Council Passes Resolution to Bring Troops Home

Portland, 04.12.2006 13:38

A "standing room only" crowd witnessed moving testimony from more than 50 people who made the case for the resolution. Those testifying included military families, veterans and Iraqi-Americans, labor and faith group leaders, youth and students and those who work on health care, education, housing, homelessness, environmental justice and other human needs issues. The presenters made a strong case for the many local impacts of the war on the Portland community and why we need to speak up as a city for peace.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this campaign--those who signed the petition, gathered signatures, volunteered, spread the word and showed up for the hearing. This was truly a group effort and it showed!

Portland has spoken: now we have to make sure our federal officials act on behalf of our wishes to bring the troops home from Iraq and to change our policies to reflect Portland's priorities.

Venezuelans Ready to Vote

Portland, 04.12.2006 13:38

Caracas, Venezuela -- This capital city awoke at 3 am at the "toque de diana" or reveille, exhorting all Venezuelans to get out to vote. In between the highly amplified sound of horns played by jubilant citizens, hundreds of loud firecrackers ensured that no one could miss this crucial moment in Venezuelan history. Saturday night was peaceful by all accounts, leading many here to wonder what election day would bring.

There are suggestions that Manuel Rosales (the opposition candidate and governor of the oil-rich state of Zulia) will go back to Zulia and declare it an independent state. Meanwhile, there are increased reports of Marines and US Navy activity in the island-nations of Curazao and Trinidad & Tobago, where the US has military bases. There is a remote possibility that if the Venezulan army was called in to Zulia to secure the oil fields and facilities, the US military could become involved.


Venezuela, country awoken.

To the sound of the reveille and fireworks exploding throughout the city, one awakes and responds, connecting to the media, their community media, and with their neighbors and friends. In the air one can feel a sense of happiness, as the triumphant day, much awaited, finally arrives.

The dense clouds seem lighter. A near full moon can be seen setting towards the west. The freshness of the nearby mountain, Avila, caresses the body, a coolness after the rest interrupted. The blood is felt oxygenating the body.


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Swarthmore Cuts Contract with Coca-Cola

Philadelphia, 04.12.2006 13:38

Кстати. Может еще кто может помочь.

Belarus, 04.12.2006 13:37

global action day for education

Germany, 04.12.2006 12:39

Am 30. November war der global action day for education
Dazu fanden in Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Köln, Darmstadt, Fulda, Hamburg (2. Bericht und Party im Vorfeld) und Freiburg und Oldenburg Reclaim the Street Partys, Demos und Laternenumzüge statt. In Frankfurt gab es eine Demonstration mit mehr als 1500 TeilnehmerInnen, bei der unter anderem das Arbeitsamt gestürmt wurde. Darüber hinaus wurde in 21 Städten gemeinsam der Slogan "GEMEINSAM GEGEN GEBÜHREN" gebildet.In Harburg hingen zwei Aktivisten am "seidenen Faden" quer über den Campus. Essen berichtet von einem Farbanschlag. Verletzte gab es in Bochum durch einen Pfeffersprayeinsatz und in Frankfurt durch ein Motorad der Polizei.

Videos: Hamburg, Vorfeld (per Bittorrent)

&quot;Portland's Living Room&quot; taken over by outdoor shopping mall

Portland, 04.12.2006 10:39

As my child and I wandered through downtown today, we decided to take a detour through Pioneer Square to look at the Christmas tree there. Yeh, I don't know why either. But something about this time of the year makes me nostalgic for those kinds of things. But you know what? We couldn't even get near it. The entire square is currently under occupation. Rude and imposing chain link fences surrounded the square, hung with tarps and plastic. The obligatory white, plastic tents squatted over the whole affair, hiding something within. All around the perimeter, plastic signs blazoned with corporate logos -- mostly advertisements for Clear Channel stations -- hung imploringly from the chain link fences. Only the top of the tree was visible, poking up through the middle of it all.

Accept people's terrorism fears, says Rai

United Kingdom, 04.12.2006 10:09

A PRAGMATIC approach to building opposition to the US/UK "war on terror" was suggested by Sussex anti-war activist and author Milan Rai at a meeting in Worthing. He told the Worthing Alliance at The Rest in Bath Place on Thursday November 30 that it was important to accept people's fears of terrorism and to build on their understandable desire to keep themselves and their families safe.

Waterfront Workers Vote for Work Stoppage, Mass Picket on Dec. 9th

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.12.2006 08:38

For the past two months, San Francisco maritime union members have been picketing daily to maintain union wages and working conditions. Alcatraz Cruises, a new subsidiary of Terry MacRae's San Francisco-based company Hornblower Cruises and Events, is refusing to hire IBU and MM&P members who have worked on the Alcatraz ferry since 1973. In a show of solidarity, ILWU Local 10 has voted for a port-wide shutdown on Saturday, Dec. 9th, in support of the workers. Details

PFP expanding operations to towns surrounding Oaxaca City

DC, 04.12.2006 07:09

Thursday Nov 30th, 2006 4:12 PM: short update from today (given via instant messaging)

Over 20 arrested in White House AIDs protest, Mayor WIlliams confronted at Freedom Plaza AIDS vigil

DC, 04.12.2006 07:09

Today, several hundred protestors demanded that needle exchange and condom distribution be funded, and that international aid be used to fight AIDS without requirements for abstinance-only or the purchase of drugs from the brand name corporations. We also demanded that CVS stop hiding condoms behind the counter in urban stores

Is Mayor Sanders a Racist?

San Diego, 04.12.2006 06:08

Recently, Mayor Sanders appeared on the right-wing radio show of Rick Roberts supporting the minutemen “camp out” in North County migrant camps. In the two weeks since his appearance, harassment of the migrants and human right supporters has increased.

At a vigil in front of City Hall on Friday attended by several dozen San Diegans of faith, Rosemary Johnston, of the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, pointed out that "the lack of housing for migrant workers has become a tolerable evil in our community. To those who say, what part of illegal don't you understand, I say what part of injustice don't you understand?"

The attacks on migrant camps throughout the county, increasing harassment of day labors near Home Depots with city police assisting border agents, the open support of supremacist groups and their actions by Mayor Sanders, paints a frightening picture of a city sliding into its own Dark Age of fear, hatred and racism.

Like the proverbial duck; if it walks like a racist, talks like a racist and acts like a racist, then, His Honor, may well......

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Venezuela: Chávez wiedergewählt

Germany, 04.12.2006 04:38

In einem ersten Bericht hat der Nationale Wahlrat Venezuelas (CNE) die Ergebnisse der Präsidentschaftswahlen nach Auszählung von 78 Prozent der Stimmen bekanntgegeben. Demnacht ist der Amtsinhaber Hugo Chávez Frías mit 61,35 Prozent der Stimmen wiedergewählt worden und wird das Land für weitere sechs Jahre regieren. Der aussichtsreichste Kandidat der Opposition Manuel Rosales kam auf 38,39 Prozent.

Indy Puerto Rico (es) | (es) | (es) | (en) | Hands Off Venezuela (en) (de)

Workers Rights

Perth, 04.12.2006 03:10

Perth IR Rally - Reports and Photos

Patrick Murray

Worcester, 03.12.2006 22:09

Central MA Women Left Out of Deval Patrick & Tim Murray Transition Committee

Campaign against racism in Lincoln is gaining ground

United Kingdom, 03.12.2006 22:08

Over 100 people took part in a demonstration in Lincoln on Saturday (2nd Dec) to voice their anger over the not guilty verdict given recently against Nick Griffin and Mark Collett on charges of inciting racial hatred as well as recent local press reports suggesting that the BNP are intending to stand a number of candidates in next years local council elections. Despite this increase in attention on the BNP the LARF (Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism) campaign is gaining ground with more and more people expressing support, especially young people.

Links: Stop the BNP! | Unite Against Fascism | Lincoln organises against the far right

Articles: Lincoln LARFs at the BNP (photos) | Demo Against the BNP Activities in Lincoln on Saturday 2nd Dec | Lincoln BNP member in court !

Regarding Mel Gibson's new film &quot;Apocalypto&quot;

Oklahoma, 03.12.2006 22:07

New film premiered in Oklahoma Mel Gibson's latest movie epic premieres in Oklahoma. This is not a review of the film, but a thoughtful essay about its topic, the culture of the Maya of Central America, and a call to look beyond the film's limited perspective. The author is a Quapaw/Cherokee who founded the Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoples' Alliance and lives in Tallequah, Oklahoma. Some Maya people are not happy with this film and are concerned about how the film, which depicts the Maya as blood-thirsty primitives, impact their work, their lives, their image. The movie, "Apolcalypto" (according to the NY Post, a movie about human sacrifice among the ancient Maya), is about to premiere tonight at Chickasaw Nation's River Wind Casino amidst Hollywood-style hoopla. Oklahoma Indian actors have been wooed by Mel Gibson and are about to make a big splash on the big screen with potential for even bigger and better roles for Natives in film. I understand Gibson's claim that the movie is about a society's excesses and the costs of war (the movie has also been billed as an anti-war film). I can stand with him on those aspects. But what message is "Apocalypto" really sending about Native peoples of Mexico and Central America? This is but one thing we Indian people in the North must consider and question before we jump on Gibson's bandwagon. I have been to Central America. I have visited the Maya in their homes where I saw mountains of beautiful fruits and vegetables being grown, not for the Mayas' consumption, but for export, most likely to the U.S. The Maya could not eat those fruits of their labor. They cannot afford to. In the village I visited, the Maya shared a communal kitchen where most days the women cooked meals of beans and tortillas because that is what the family's hard labor in the fields afford them. I heard the cries of women whose husbands had been "disappeared" and murdered by government troops or by paramilitaries. In Guatemala they are struggling to recover after almost 40 years of civil war incited by the 1954 U.S. CIA overthrow of a democratic government subsequently wiping from the face of the earth 140 Mayan villages. The Maya fled to bordering countries and some were held in death camps for removal, much like our own ancestors' Trails of Tears. This is contemporary history! Today! Intertwined with our own! No, the extreme impoverished lives most Mayans live are not due to the "excesses of their ancestors," as stated in an ABC segment with Mel Gibson about "Apocalypto," but rather to the same institutionalized racism of church, military, and government, which could not even recognize our own Indian ancestors as human, justifying their wholesale slaughter, Christian conversion via boarding schools, and the taking of our lands. Before we rush to pat Gibson on the back we should understand that the same religious, government, military, and corporate institutions who systematically conspired to take our lands and destroy our culture here in the North, also have had a hand in the demise of the ancient and contemporary Maya people. When the Spaniards invaded Central America in the 16th century, ancient Maya texts were burned so that the people would forget their history and a new history, more palatable to Europeans, could replace it. Because my community work gives me the opportunity to occasionally network with Indigenous peoples from below the imposed U.S. border with Mexico, I have been made aware that some Maya people are not happy with this film. This pretty much answers the question why Mr. Gibson chose to hire North American Indians, making it necessary to teach them a Mayan language, when if the film was thought to be welcomed by the Maya, he could have hired Maya people since the film was made in their territories. As with our own struggles here in the North, Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America are still struggling to regain their languages, cultures, and to protect and maintain their lands. How will a film, which depicts the Maya as blood-thirsty primitives, impact their work, their lives, their image, our perception of them? What impacts will that portrayal have on the people in power who have an obligation to make policy for the Maya in Mexico or Guatemala, or elsewhere in Central America, where most policy is implemented at the business end of a gun? So, because we have a genetic, cultural, and historical relationship with all the peoples of Turtle Island, we have an obligation to view this film with discerning eyes and a critical mind. Since the movie is done and will premiere nationally next Friday, we can use this as an opportunity for consciousness-raising and education about our commonalities with the Indigenous peoples from below the border. For instance, do you know that in some of those countries Indigenous peoples comprise 40-80% of the population? In the case of the Maya, a lot if not most, speak Maya as their first language. The women still dress in the traditional huipil. In Chiapas, where the Maya communities are occupied by the Mexican government (with aid from the U.S.), a large part of the region's resources are sucked out from under the Mayas' feet to generate electrical power for the rest of the country while the Chiapas Maya live without running water or electricity. The atrocities against the Maya are not of their own making. Christian conversion is not the cure (also implied by the ABC piece), for if that were true their struggle would not be ongoing today since they have been invaded by missionaries for 500+ years. We should remember, if we haven't already recognized, that some of the Brown people coming across the lower border as "illegals" are probably Maya as well as descendants of other Native Nations. To justify atrocities against Native peoples, (and to manipulate the citizenry into looking the other way) the elite have historically sought ways to portray us as less than human. The Mayan peoples of Central America are still caught in the cross-fires of war as are many Indigenous communities throughout "Latin America." Please take this occasion to research the School of the Americas where torture was (is) taught to Latin American military (and others from around the world) and carried out against Indigenous peoples such as the Maya. It will profoundly affect you. Let's make this an opportunity to learn more about contemporary Mayan struggles as well as the current struggles of Indian communities throughout the Americas. They are among the thousands of Indigenous peoples who are going to the international community to seek redress for their grievances. As we watch this new movie we are obligated to do so with an informed mind. Our history is the Mayan history.

Protest at Union League Hall over Rumsfeld award

Philadelphia, 03.12.2006 21:38

The Dirty War of Oaxaca

NYC, 03.12.2006 21:08

Latin Americas' ¨dirty war¨ of the 70s and 80s has reemerged in its most blatant form in the case of Oaxaca, Mexico in the final days of November.

Elecciones 2006

Puerto Rico, 03.12.2006 16:39

Venezuela y el 3D: Elecciones presidenciales

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 03.12.2006 13:09

Can Ricart occupied and sorrounded by police

Yesterday, December 3rd, the creative lively march for la makabra's burial had end up in Can Ricart where a vermut was to be held and was also plained an informative and struggling conference about the situation of the precinct and Poblenou. Once again police tries to avoid our right to use public spaces, but here we won't give up. Keep an eye on the calls.

[Dec 3rd], 12:00 Call to support to Can Ricard resistance + 19:00 soucepan banging protest

Urgent call: go to Can Ricart

[Dec 2nd]22h. new call Makabra-Can Ricart: concert-gathering at Can Ricart

other recent news on la makabra/can ricart: ::[video]:: La Makabra in Can ricart ::: Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur in Can Ricart ::[photos]:: story of a burial and a resurrection ::[other]:: Communique from Can Ricart ::: UN Special Rapporteur visits Can Ricart

More info ::: speculation & suqatting section

Dirty War in Oaxaca

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.12.2006 11:38

Deaths, disappearances continue in the state of Oaxaca. Reports from those inside of prisons, report rampant instances of torture of imprisoned and rape of women prisoners. The Dirty War of Oaxaca by Barucha Calamity Peller
December 6th:Reportback: Oaxaca: A Portrait of Rebellion, San Francisco

(din nou) despre universitate

Romania, 03.12.2006 11:07

"Riscam aici tocmai determinarea concreta a unei munci care nu va avea sens decit daca se face in mai multi, sub forma pregatirii unei universitati "de alt fel"." [Gerard Granel, "Despre universitate", traducere de Adrian T. Sirbu, Idea, Cluj, 2002, p. 59].
Iata citeva cuvinte dintr-o carte a carei actualitate devine, la rastimpuri, tot mai actuala.

Solidaritate cu studentii sirbi!

Romania, 03.12.2006 11:07

Facultatea de Filosofie a Universitatii Belgrad ocupata de studenti ce protesteaza impotriva privatizarii sistemului de invatamint universitar!

La Yesca / agenda infoactiva-t #sEvilla_eferVescente_entRe_todXs#

estrecho / madiaq, 03.12.2006 10:07

#media_7453;left# La segunda entrega del informativo quincenal La Yesca / agenda infoactiva-t es resultado de la vitalidad de los Centros Sociales Okupados y Autogestinados de Sevilla, CSOA_Casas Viejas, (con 5 años de vida) y del CSOA Sin Nombre, en San Bernardo, que ahora cumple 2 años de okupación y lo celebra con numerosas actividades, como muestra su programación >>> diciembre 2006_2 años okupando_CSOA SIN NOMBRE_El Cole de San Bernardo

La Yesca / agenda infoactiva-t, informativo quincenal. Del 1 al 16 de diciembre de 2006. Segundo número. 300 unidades en papel. Y seguimos creciendo. Agradecemos vuestra colaboración y os recordamos que para que esto funcione debéis enviarnos toda la info antes de los días 10 y 25 de cada mes. La agenda sale los días 1 y 16 de cada mes. Esperamos vuestras en colaboraciones en: agendaactiva.sevilla (at)


USLAW Cleveland March

Cleveland, 03.12.2006 09:07

Images of US Labor Against the War March in Cleveland


Portland, 03.12.2006 07:38

December 4th is the date that the chicago police along with the f.b.i. murdered chicago black panther party chairman FRED HAMPTON while he slept in his bed.
It is also the birthday of STEW ALBERT longtime revolutionary activist who died in portland this year.Stew passed away in his home from cancer on feb 1 this year.
Stew was a POWERFULL force in our and any community he lived in. He was well loved and will be missed by so many. He spoke at red and black cafe in 2001 and the tape of that awesome speech will be played, as well as a reading from his book Who the hell is Stew Albert. In the speech Stew tells his story of working with the black panther party the yippies S.D.S the weatherunderground and how we can learn from the lessons of buried revolutionary history.

UC Student Assoc. Condemns Police Brutality at UCSC and UCLA

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.12.2006 03:08

Oakland, Ca - Bill Shiebler, who is the President of the University of California Student Association (UCSA), released a statement in response to the recent police brutality against students at the UC and the Police Brutality Resolution that was passed at the UCSA Board on November 18th, 2006. On October 18th, 2006 during a demonstration at UC Santa Cruz, the police used batons and pepper sprays indiscriminately and without warning against students. On November 14th, 2006 UCLA Campus Police officers used their tasers several times against UCLA student Mostafa Tabatabainejad at the Powell Library.

December 9th Events to Observe 25th Year of Mumia's Incarceration on Death Row

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.12.2006 02:38

The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal met on Saturday morning, December 2nd, to discuss news in the struggle to free Mumia. It has been announced that oral arguments will be presented in a hearing in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals early in 2007. On Saturday, December 9th, people all over the world will mark the 25th year of Mumia's incarceration. There will be events in San Jose, Berkeley, and San Francisco on that date. The Mobe also discussed several events that will take place in February, as Lynne Stewart and Michael Ratner will be touring the Bay Area.

The Wave Keeps On: Ecuador Elects Leftist President

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.12.2006 02:38

Leftist Rafael Correa, a 43 year-old middle-class economist, beat billionaire banana magnate Alvaro Noboa in Ecuador's runoff presidential election on November 26, capturing two-thirds of the vote. Ecuador now joins Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile and Brazil in electing leftist chief executives within the last year. During the campaign he said "It is necessary to overcome all the fallacies of neoliberalism," and that he advocates "Socialism for the twenty-first century."


Brasil, 03.12.2006 02:08


&quot;V&quot; Makes A Mark In DC

Portland, 03.12.2006 00:38

On November 6, 2006, a lone man in a "V" mask and clothing visited security checkpoints at the White House, the main Treasury Building, the Department of Justice and the Capitol, to deliver a letter and the Petitions for Redress. A short videotape of the encounters has made its way around the Internet, including links from sites such as

The letter informed the leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government that up to 100 people in "V" masks and clothing would gather in silent vigil at those locations on November 14th to await a response to the Petitions for Redress.

Furious Female Furrier Protests Protesters

Portland, 03.12.2006 00:38

Last weekends Schumacher demonstration really made use of one of our usual chants.
1, 2, 3, 4, this is a fur war. We have a big new sign, and Linda came out and stood in front of it with their 50% off sale banner. This led to a debate, and after a while she went back inside. Later, she came back out along with another employee and went across the street with the security guards. This time they had two signs. The funny thing is that we couldn't read them from across the street. They could take sign making lessons from us.

Our two sides spent about 45 minutes debating back and fourth across the street. During most of this time, our side chanted our usual chants while Linda screamed at Matt. Most of her rants were false accusations and trying to find any weakness in our information.

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 03.12.2006 00:38

My Thursday brunch with the Gorgon went well. I noticed people are getting a little tense. I was confronted by a guy dressed in a very expensive looking suit, about 35 years old, who yelled, "Do you think Bin Laden had anything to do with the war?" I answered, "Did we get him?" He responded, "Catching Bin Laden has nothing to do with war in Iraq." I said, "You got that right, Bin Laden has nothing to do with the occupation of Iraq." "I agree with you, stay and talk to me."---he left muttering something I could not understand.

Other people smiled at my sign...

I will continue my protest at the World Trade Center each Thursday at 11:45 AM until about 1:00 PM, I want someone to challenge this NeoCon who hides as a Republican Moderate.

Venezuelan Election Update

Portland, 03.12.2006 00:38

You can't go anywhere in Caracas, these days, with out seeing banners reading, "Chavez No Se Va!!" Elections are only 2 days away on Sunday, December 3rd. As of Thursday the schools of Venezuela have been closed and have been taken over by election officials in order to make sure elections will run smoothly. However, many Venezuelans believe that the elections will run no where near to smooth.

I'm based out of a one of the most established community radio station titled, "Radio Negro Premiro." This station, along with many others, is currently hard at work planning electoral coverage.


photos from pro Chavez rally in Caracas

One week before the Venezuelan presidential elections 2 million Venezuelan citizens from all over the country came to show there support for Hugo Chavez. Apart from the mains stage where Hugo Chavez gave his three hour speech there were over 5 other stages with music and speakers saying Chavez No Se Va.


related: [ PDX Unionists Back from Venezuela and Colombia | AUDIO INTERVIEW: Pacific NW Labor Delegation - Part 1 | Situation in Venezuela is again critical ]

The Wave Keeps On: Ecuador Elects Leftist President

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.12.2006 23:38

Leftist Rafael Correa, a 43 year-old middle-class economist, beat billionaire banana magnate Alvaro Noboa in Ecuador's runoff presidential election on November 26, capturing two-thirds of the vote. Ecuador now joins Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile and Brazil in electing leftist chief executives within the last year. During the campaign he said "It is necessary to overcome all the fallacies of neoliberalism," and that he advocates "Socialism for the twenty-first century."

The People's Waterfront

Philadelphia, 02.12.2006 23:38

por el feriado de carnaval y corsos gratis

Argentina, 02.12.2006 19:39

Hoy es la 10º Marcha Carnavalera

22 year-old CYCLIST KILLED on the greenway by drunk driver 12/1/06

NYC, 02.12.2006 19:09

Last night, an NYU graduate bicycling on the West Side Highway's bike path was killed by a drunk driver. Police say that 27 year old Eugenio Cidron turned onto the bike path after attending a party at Chelsea Piers after 9:30PM. According to the Daily News, Cidron's white BMW hit 22 year old Eric Ng so hard that his "bicycle and one of his black Converse All Stars flew onto the adjacent West Side Highway."

Boston Rallies for Rosa Parks Human Rights Day

Boston, 02.12.2006 19:08

A coalition of groups working for social and economic justice came together in Roxbury yesterday to celebrate Rosa Parks Human Rights Day. Although the event failed to attract the many hundreds of participants present at last year’s rally and march, the resilient spirit of those present did not fail to garner support from bystanders in our city’s streets. The first day of December marked the 51st anniversary of the arrest of Rosa Parks after refusing to give her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama, which amounted to a direct defiance to segregation laws in the south and created a national movement to counter such racist policies.

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 02.12.2006 17:09

Can Ricart ocupada y rodeada por la policia

Hoy, dia 2 de diciembre, el pasacalle creativo de entieroo de la makabra ha acabado en Can Ricart a Can Ricart donde había convocat un vermut y una jornada informativa i de lucha sobre cuál es la situación del recinto i de Poblenou. Una vez más la policia intenta evitar nuestro derecho al uso de los espacios públicos

Llamada urgente: ir a Can Ricart

Más info ::: Secció especulación

Buy Nothing Day 2006

United Kingdom, 02.12.2006 16:39

First suggested by Canadian artist Ted Dave in the early 90's, Buy Nothing Day has become an annual global event. Using Direct action and culture jamming, activists use this day to challenge consumerism and capitalist way of life.

This year, on 25 November, the Space Hijackers decided to resurrect one of their favourite projects: the half-price sale". Many actions and activities took place in Bath, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Redditch and York.

Elsewhere: Reverend Billy lays into Bono | Adbusters round-up of global reports | critique their politics (pdf) | Steal Something Day | 2005 Buy Nothing Day | some background on Wikipedia.

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 02.12.2006 16:09

Can Ricart ocupada i envoltada per la policia

Avui, dia 2 de desembre, la cercavila creativa d'enterrament de la makabra ha acabat a Can Ricart on hi havia convocat un vermut i una jornada informativa i de lluita sobre quina és la situació del recinte i de Poblenou. Una vegada més la policia intenta evitar el nostre dret a ús dels espais públics

Crida urgent: aneu a Can Ricart

Més info ::: Secció especulació

Photos: Sean Bell Funeral

NYC, 02.12.2006 16:08

The funeral for Sean Bell was held in Jamaica Queens.

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 02.12.2006 15:09

Bicycle, enemy #1

The Barcelona City Council "let's its hair down" again and applies two more turns of the screw of its most popular and loved civility guide, the civility by-laws. Because the Barcelona City Council is a good shot and, now, the fortunate targets of so good shot have been the bicycles and their multiple and varied users. Norms and fines of every form and colour for uncivic people who, day by day, create a real and daily solution mounting this two-tires motorless vehicle. Because as it seems, to go on bicycle is not B(Good), regardless what it's told, once in a while, in Barcelona City Council's media propaganda campaigns.

[Friday Dec. 1st, 20h universitat Sq.] Critical Mass - Intergalactic bike ride against anti-bike civic norms

[at 19h Plaza de la Oca - El Clot ] Meeting to go to universitat sq.

other infos Dec. 1st Universitat Sq. Critical mass call ::: Thoughts about last spontaneous bike ride ::: Sunday 3rd from Sabadell, demonstration against Quart Cinturó (Fourth Belt) ::: energy crisis - change your priorities ::: actions against TAV building works at Urbina (Àraba) ::: Anti Catalonia's Nuclear Cemetery coordinating committee ::: 20.000 Police for the anti-nuclear protest in Germany


especulacio (ca)

Barcelona, 02.12.2006 15:09

urgent can ricart: la policia té acordonada la zona i no deixa entrar gent al vermut i al digne enterrament de la makabra

el desallotjament es inminent!

concentració ara mateix a la porta de Can Ricart!!!

Pronunciamento do Felco - Festival Latinoamericano de la Clase Obrera

Brasil, 02.12.2006 14:39


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