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Biscuit Halted Again By Injunction

Portland, 07.09.2004 22:32

Bushwick Residents Protest Decrepit Housing

NYC, 07.09.2004 22:14

Scores of African-American and Latino Bushwick residents to march from dangerous and decrepit building to building and tour at least 4 violation-riddled apartment buildings to decry housing conditions and lack of housing code enforcement throughout Brooklyn.

Make the Road by Walking informed the Commissioner of NYC’s Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development about many of these building’s “immediately hazardous” housing code violations in March, but over 100 of these violations remain uncorrected


Manila, 07.09.2004 21:46

SEPT 11 2004

Local Activists Organizing Protest Against Bush's Visit To Fayetteville

Arkansas, 07.09.2004 21:40

As previously reported, there are many rumors that George Bush will be coming to Fayetteville for the Arkansas vs. Texas football game this coming Saturday, September 11th. According to a local activist, this was confirmed on the local news of one of the corporate TV stations. On a day of remembrance and mourning for many people, the unelected President of the United States apparently has nothing better to do than watch a football game, but what should we expect from such a great of example of the capitalist ruling class? Whether or not the top pig comes, community members of Fayetteville and nearby areas are coming together to form a resistance, to let W know we do not welcome him or his policies. There are currently two coalitions of individuals and groups organizing actions throughout the day on Saturday, September 11th. Both coalitions will be meeting throughout the week. The locations and times of those meetings will be posted on the Arkansas IMC's calendar, and information about the protest will be posted to Arkansas IMC's newswire.

Horse Abuse, Susan Matlock Arraigned Tomorrow

Portland, 07.09.2004 20:20


Uruguay, 07.09.2004 19:47

Canelones etiquetará los productos transgénicos

Making the World Safe for Fascism: Free Speech and the Worship of Civil Liberties

Tennessee, 07.09.2004 19:39

As leftists we question or reject the sanctity of many sacred American institutions... My argument is not that the principle of free speech has no value, for it does… Instead, I argue that the right to free speech is only one right among many, and that when we raise free speech above all other rights we play into the hands of our political enemies. (First published in issue #3 of The Dawn, an anarchist communist newspaper from Oakland, California, in September of 2004.)

A29 United for Peace &amp; Justice March: A Photoessay

Baltimore, 07.09.2004 19:13

The August 29, 2004 United for Peace & Justice demonstration in New York City drew 500,000, according to UFPJ organizers. This photoessay documents some images of protest against the continued US military occupation of Iraq and other policies of the Bush administration. This was the largest of several protests which took place as the Republic Party met to nominate George W. Bush as their candidate for US president.

Houston activist passed on

Houston, 07.09.2004 18:59

Houston Artist/Activist Olaniyi Labinjo drowned September 5th


Istanbul, 07.09.2004 18:55

Yunanistan'da ırkçı saldırı

Campesinos ocupan cerro en Perú

Argentina, 07.09.2004 18:49

Martes 7 de Septiembre 2004 | RESISTEN EL AVANCE MINERO
Campesinos ocupan un cerro en Perú

Campesinos ocupan cerro en Perú

Argentina, 07.09.2004 18:42

Martes 7 de Septiembre
Campesinos ocupan cerro en Perú

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 07.09.2004 18:32


QC, 07.09.2004 17:55

Lourdes "Jeng" Crisostomo, 41

RNC Legal Report, The First of Many

NYC, 07.09.2004 16:48

The RNC has gone and the legal fallout is beginning. With your continued help, NYC IMC will be your source for updates on arrestees. Look here for news about Jamal Holiday, Josh Banno, and the rest. We're already getting reports from the People's Law Collective and the National Lawyers Guild, as well as Time's Up.

FCC to Hear Public Testimony at Town Meeting in Dearborn

Michigan, 07.09.2004 16:38

On Tuesday, September 14, 2004, FCC Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps will listen to residents in Southeast Michigan in the third of four “Future of Media” town hall meetings. The meeting is being organized by media reform organization Free Press, in partnership with other local and national organizations. It will be held from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in the Center Theater.

The event will include panel discussions of media consolidation and implications for media policy as it relates to next year’s anticipated Telecommunications Act. It will also give local citizens a chance to tell the Federal Communications Commission directly how their local media are—or are not—serving the public interest. All testimony will be recorded and submitted to the FCC and to Michigan’s elected officials.

In 2003, the Republican majority of the FCC passed sweeping new rules that would have allowed increased media consolidation across the United States. This action was met with vocal public outrage and bipartisan Congressional action, forcing the FCC to hold six official public hearings across the country as part of a new “Localism Initiative.” While these rules were remanded by the courts to the FCC in June 2004, Free Press has organized these additional Town Meetings as a way to enable communities not included in the official roster to have input into this and other looming public policy measures. The first two Town Meetings of this four-part series occurred earlier this summer in Albuquerque, NM and Portland, OR.

[ FCC Localism Hearings - more info ]

Indefinite Detention

Sydney, 07.09.2004 16:29

Peter Qasim's 2191 Stolen Days

Migrant Factory Workers Try to Unionize Minnesota Plant

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 07.09.2004 16:18

In a race against time, migrant factory workers at a Midwest canning facility struggle against management scare tactics to organize a union, fight exploitative work conditions and change horrific housing circumstances.

Don't let Bush shred Roadless Conservation Rule.

Arkansas, 07.09.2004 15:45

This fall Bush plans to overturn the hard-won Roadless Conservation Rule. The lands affected by this proposed rule change are the last remaining fractions of wild lands in the country. A rule change would be a disaster for the ecology of these lands. Please do all you can to make BUSH STOP NOW.

Indymedia and government harassment

Pittsburgh, 07.09.2004 14:47

Secret Service vs. Indymedia: Local Activist Targetted by subpoena

Kissinger to Speak in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, 07.09.2004 14:44

War Criminal Kissinger to Speak at Robert Morris University


Istanbul, 07.09.2004 14:39

Almanya'da Pazartesi Eylemleri


NYC, 07.09.2004 12:17

Life After Capitalism is $10,000 in debt because Hunter College forced us to obtain a $3 million insurance coverage, under political pressure, for our Friday plenary "Beyond Bush"; and $2,000 was stolen from the CUNY Graduate center. Your help is greatly needed. #media_19039;right#

Maritime workers strike for secure, permanent jobs at Ports of Auckland

Aotearoa, 07.09.2004 10:54

The Port of Auckland will be shut down tomorrow as around 260 Maritime Union members start a four day strike from 7am Wednesday 8 September 2004. A continual picket for the strike duration will be held at Access Ferguson and Access Bledisloe at the Ports of Auckland. Maritime Union Local 13 Auckland Waterfront Branch President Denis Carlisle says the strike is about a fair go for the average kiwi worker. "The action we are taking is to help our members and all workers who are trapped in part-time and casual jobs, we are fighting for secure, permanent jobs."

Indymedia and government harassment

Pittsburgh, 07.09.2004 10:47

Secret Service vs. Indymedia: Local Activist Targetted by subpoena

Hotel Workers Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.09.2004 07:33

Thousands Picket Hotels - Many Arrested for a Union Contract

Hotel Workers Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.09.2004 06:48

Thousands Picket Hotels - Many Arrested for a Union Contract

2004 Power to the Peaceful Festival in SF on 9/11

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.09.2004 06:17

2004 Power to the Peaceful Festival in SF on 9/11

Get the Scoop - Media EmergenC Workshop Wed.

San Diego, 07.09.2004 05:25

This workshop will go over some of the history about the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and present what the Media EmergenC Conference has lined up. The Media EmergenC is October 6-9th.

The State continues imprisoning those that fight

Argentina, 07.09.2004 02:53

Saturday 4 of September 2004
The State continues imprisoning those that fight

Vietnam Memorial Wall visits Crystal, Minnesota

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 07.09.2004 02:53

A 240 foot long replica of the Vietnam memorial wall was on display this past weekend in Crystal. In addition to the wall, the US Army and a group of persons memorializing victims of agent orange had separate displays.


Brasil, 07.09.2004 01:14

Navio da Women on Waves lança discussão pública sobre o aborto em Portugal


Brasil, 07.09.2004 01:14

Navio da Women on Waves lança discussão pública sobre o aborto em Portugal

'Your Job is Yours as a Right. Fight and Fight Again for It!'

Ireland, 07.09.2004 00:57

The language of the IWU. Two journalists from Indymedia went to meet Ray O'Reilly from the Independent workers union, along with a couple of the Dublin Bus workers.This article covers part of that interview, the discussion on the Irish Trade Union movement and its constituent parts. Two journalists from Indymedia went to meet Ray O'Reilly from the Independent Workers Union, along with a couple of IWU members who work in Dublin Bus. This article covers part of that interview, the discussion on the Irish Trade Union movement and its constituent parts. "Your job is yours as a right." To read this in a trade union statement makes you feel like it must be labour history, not a letter drafted by the IWU to be sent to the Aer Lingus Workers about their current predicament. And yet Ireland's youngest union is the one that was smart enough to register the internet domain: and the letter is up on their website. They have overcome the main legal hurdle to establishing a viable trade union (a negotiating license) and have an evangelical belief in trade unionism that expresses itself in language that comes straight from the 19th century proletariat that gave birth to the movement. Ray talks of "...restoring the Trade Union movement as the organised arm and voice of working people." There is another funny thing about the IWU - When asked why they are different from other unions they talk of their principles as if they were a creed that was in danger of being lost. Anybody who has been following the Irish trade Union movement's squabbles over the last few years, especially ILDA's struggle for representation, will see the reason for the particular list of principles. But from the outside it reads like an indictment of the labour movement that these have become principles that differentiate one union from the rest. Surely the right to free association, the openness and transparency of the unions, the primacy of members decision making are going to be part of any trade union's core principles? Article continues here . . . Audio Clips of Interview • arm and voice - 16 seconds - 250k • I believe - 1 min 16 seconds - 1.2mb • IWU and Congress - 59 seconds - 937kb • In their place - 1 m 12s - 1.1mb • Indentured Servants - 16 seconds 263kb • SIPTU - 1 m 36s 1.5mb Related Articles on Indymedia • IWU Charter • Organising home helps in Cork • Inaugural IWU Conference • IWU members victimised in Dublin Bus Other Background Material • IWU Website • SIPTU website • Labour History of Ireland Archive • Irish Labour History Society Note on Links in story: Most links are to mp3 files which are hosted on On their website the IWU display the images of Connolly and Larkin, which is perhaps particularly justified given that they are possibly the only union using the language of Connolly and Larkin today. They see themselves as reclaiming the labour movement from the bureaucrats. When Ray talks about Connolly and Larkin turning in their graves if they were to know of what became of the ITGWU (which merged into SIPTU), he focuses on the issues that have coloured many people's views of SIPTU , especially in the airport and their sweetheart deal in Luas. Unions that manage redundancies for state companies and weaken their membership by removing their right to strike bring out more than the cynicism that most of us feel, his language reflects the anger felt at the state of the movement. The obvious question about working within the existing structures focuses on the need to have a union that was not in the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, which is classified as "an arm of the state." It is when we speak about Trade Unions and the state that I start to get a warm glow. I have heard many trade unionists complain about partnership with the bosses, about the corrupting impact of negotiating with government but when I ask Ray O'Reilly about the 1990 Industrial Relations Act his answer is much more straightforward on an issue that I feel is often overlooked: "laws are designed in democratic bourgeois societies like ours to keep the working class in their place". Now whether you believe this of all laws or not, I think few can doubt this was the purpose of the 1990 IR Act, and that it is pretty successful in doing so. I think that it is a huge failure of the labour movement - which I pay my dues to - that no-one else will say this. Maybe we should be charitable and say the reason nobody else is saying this type of thing is because they are scared. Maybe they feel that Ireland is not ready for the language of the 19th century labour movement to be used in analysing the reality of today's workers. But surely during the recent citizenship referendum the trade union movement could have offered the accurate analysis of our immigrant workforce as "somewhere between indentured servants and slaves." What could have happened? It seems that the IWU may be discovering what happens when you use language like this, when you reintroduce a trade unionism that many thought had long gone. They have members on suspension for distributing trade union material in their workplace. In Ireland in 2004 the HR representative of a state company can inform the nation on radio that this is justified, since these workers can only join pre-set unions. Individual workers in the company instinctively know that they should support the IWU members - but where is the movement? Where is 'An Injury to one is an Injury to All."? Maybe that is why they are scared, maybe the Irish Trade Union movement has forgotten what made it strong. But whether you are a member of a union or not it doesn't take too much to feel that the right of the IWU to have its language heard must be supported. Further material from the interview tapes will be released later. Copyleft for non-commercial use. Alternative versions available (OGG file is big)

Martell Miller Speaks Out about Veya and the Attempt to Silence Minority Activists

Urbana-Champaign, 07.09.2004 00:35

In this story Martell Miller talks about how his experience videotaping the Champaign Police department's traffic stops of African-American men has resulted in a potential sentence of 4-14 years in jail for eavesdropping.

Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.09.2004 23:30

Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.09.2004 23:29

Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

Help animals and get rid of excess stuff at the same time! Call for garage sale donations

Portland, 06.09.2004 22:38

Massacre in Guatemala: 9 Killed, Dozens Wounded

Aotearoa, 06.09.2004 21:25

On August 31 at 5:00am, a contingent of 800 armed government agents, backed by 1200 heavily-armed military personel, arrived at Nueva Linda Finca in the Champerrico department of Retalheu, Guatemala, with orders to evacuate over 1500 campesinos. For the past year Nueva Linda community had become the scene of a resistance movement of local union members, the "Coordinadora de Communidades Indigenas y Campesinos del sur de Occidente (CICCSO)". These men and women are demanding the return of their friend and organizer Hector Rene Reyes Perez, who had been kidnapped almost a year earlier, and have also been protecting the children from the suspected kidnapper. At least nine campesinos were killed and over two dozen wounded in the bloody raid.

Background Information: Massacre in Guatemala posted on Austin-IMC | Intimidation Against Landless Movement in Guatemala | Taking Back the Land

Guatemalan Media: Prensa Libre | El Periodico | Siglo XXI Updates from Chiapas-CMI

Kerry Supporters Rally at Cheney's Visit to Pendleton

Portland, 06.09.2004 21:11


Biscuit Survives Summer

Portland, 06.09.2004 21:08

Looming Censorship of &quot;Democracy Now!&quot; by Urbana mayor (and how you can stop it)

Urbana-Champaign, 06.09.2004 21:05

This is the story of how Urbana Mayor Todd Satterthwaite is personally obstructing the widely-supported effort to get Democracy Now! broadcast on Urbana Public Television (UPTV). You don’t think that could be happening? I don’t blame you. I was pretty surprised myself. But I challenge you to read this article and not come away with certainty that the Mayor is personally attempting to prevent “Democracy Now” from being shown on UPTV. He may think he can get away with censorship of “Democracy Now!”, but he won’t if YOU act to oppose it by attending the next UPTV Commission meeting at noon on Monday, September 13th in the City Council Chambers (largest room on the first floor) at the City of Urbana Building, 400 S. Vine St. in Urbana.

Porto: Rio para não chorar

Portugal, 06.09.2004 20:26

Porto: Rio para não chorar

Free Networks in Djursland

Germany, 06.09.2004 20:15

Menschen aus 32 L�ndern rund um den Globus treffen sich dieser Tage in Djursland, einer strukturschwachen Region im Nordosten D�nemarks, um gemeinsam die Idee von Freien Netzen weiter voranzutreiben. Nach einer dreit�gigen Konferenz, in der es um soziale und technische Netzwerke, f�r Netzwerke ben�tigte Hard- und Software, die weitere Vernetzung und Entwicklung der Netzcommunities ging, beginnt heute ein 5t�giges Workshop-Camp. Djursland wurde f�r die summer convention 2004 gew�hlt, weil hier in den letzten Jahren von Netzaktivisten ein einzigartiges breitbandiges Community-Funknetz geschaffen wurde, welches f�r viele inspirierend wirkt. Organisiert wurde die Convention von aus Berlin, und aus D�nemark, sowie weitere Aktivisten aus Europa und aus aller Welt.

Mehr Infos �ber Freie Netze: Freie Netze breiten sich aus - Beispiel Berlin
Was ist das Besondere an Djursland: - ein Beispiel aus D�nemark

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition Peace Rally October 3rd!

Portland, 06.09.2004 19:54

Voices From the Streets

NYC, 06.09.2004 19:46

Here's just a sampling of some of the RNC stories culled from our Open Newswire.

Protester Demands Completely Reasonable, by James Trimarco. "Despite all the smear campaigns and the misunderstandings between enraged protesters and delegates/passers-by, most protesters were asking for very reasonable changes like more money for education."

My Experience at the RNC, Part II, by Jim Macdonald."One of the central goals in all of my reporting from the movement’s big events is to share the story you could not possibly get from any other media source."

Family Friendly Protest?, by Gina Walker Fox. "What happens when local democratic families come to protest Bush policies at the RNC..."

Riding Til We Get There, by Eric Wallach. "A personal recollection of my experience riding my bike around Manhattan during the RNC, waging peace."

Free Classes about Anarchism at SF City College this Fall

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.09.2004 16:16

Free Classes about Anarchism at SF City College

Democracy Now! Broadcast Threatened in Harrisonburg

Richmond, 06.09.2004 16:11

Saturday night at the Harrisonburg Community Mennonite Church over 350 people gathered to hear a presentation on "Independent Media in a Time of War," delivered by Amy Goodman, host of the Democracy Now! radio show. The event was organized by members of the WEMU radio station and local supporters of the radio show in response to a recent decision by the administration of Eastern Mennonite University to scale back airing of the program from its intended hour-long weekday broadcast to one hour on Fridays. WEMU, having aired the program for over two years, is the only Virginia based radio station currently airing the politically progressive program.... Reimer-Wagler, a recent EMU graduate, introduced Amy Goodman, saying that it was extremely important that Harrisonburg has access to the DN! program during a time of war and national elections. Goodman agreed, saying that unless you were watching/listening to Democracy Now! you probably didn't know that the August 29th march against the Bush administration in NYC was the largest political convention protest in US history, or that August 31 was the largest mass arrest in NY City history, and that each day activists from Code Pink, parents of US soldiers who died in Iraq and others snuck onto the Republican National Convention floor each night to protest loudly and were each carried away by police (despite the multi-million dollar security). All of this was not squashed by the corporate media in order to protect the country from terrorists. It was a cooperative effort with the government to marginalize dissent and project an image of a popular presidency in the face of the War on Terror....

Biscuit Survives the Summer

Rogue Valley, 06.09.2004 14:45

It is hard to imagine but as Labor Day passes, not a single tree in the 500,000 acre Biscuit area has fallen under the extreme Bush Biscuit logging project. The campaign is fraught with peril and damage has been done, but this is a time to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate a job well done so far and a forest well into its third year of natural recovery.

The most diverse National Forest in the American West still faces the largest timber sale in modern history, but the rivers, rare plants and serpentine forests of the Biscuit will remain largely intact for another winter.

Come help build a community radio station in Portsmouth 9/10-12!

NYC, 06.09.2004 14:43

(from the open Newswire): During the weekend of September 10th-12th, hundreds of community radio organizers from New England, and all over the world, will gather together to bring a brand new community radio station to the air, as the Prometheus Radio Project partners with Portsmouth Community Radio for its sixth Radio Barnraising!

As volunteer technicians build everything from the studio to the tower, producers, engineers, and organizers from all over the United States and Canada will teach dozens of workshops on everything from how to record and edit a news show, to how to navigate the intricacies of FCC regulations. Earlier radio barnraisings have been with civil rights groups, farmworkers organizations, environmental groups, Native American tribes, and community groups.

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