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Secret US database on international travelers exposed

Miami, 07.12.2006 16:07

Secret US database on international travelers exposed

Polícia poderá invadir escolas

Portugal, 07.12.2006 15:39

Polícia poderá invadir escolas

Crisis of Bushfire Management

Melbourne, 07.12.2006 15:10

Bushfire: Victorian Alps in Flames

Vicdani Retçi Halil Savda Tutuklandı...

Istanbul, 07.12.2006 15:09

İHD İstanbul Şubesi YK Üyesi, Vicdani Redçi Halil Savda tutuklandı.

Aksi Buruh Jawa Barat

Jakarta, 07.12.2006 14:38

Para buruh dari berbagai serikat buruh di Jawa Barat melakukan aksi menuntut kenaikan upah minimum kabupaten/kota (UMK) untuk Kota Bandung, Kab. Bandung, Kab. Sumedang, dan Kota Cimahi. Aksi dilakukan di halaman Gedung Sate - Kantor Gubernur dan DPRD Jawa Barat - tanggal 4 Desember 2006. ...

indymedia Treffen, 2-3. Dezember 2006 in Wien

Austria, 07.12.2006 14:37

Am 2. und 3. Dezember 2006 fand in Wien ein bundesweites Treffen von statt. Besrpochen wurden u.a. die Lösung der technischen Probleme, die Moderation der Seite, wie wieder mehr Beiträge und Features erscheinen, eine Syndication der deutschsprachige IMC's und mehr. Ein wichtiger Beschluss war, auf eine anderes Content Management System (Drupal) umzusteigen. Damit werden sich auch die anhaltenden Probleme mit der Seite lösen (die leider bis es soweit ist weiterbestehen).
weitere Informationen: Einladung zum Treffen | Flyer als pdf | Protokoll

Termine für kommende Treffen: Am ersten Wochenende im Jänner 2007 findet in Linz ein Tech-Treffen zum Umstieg auf Drupal statt, Interessierte sind eingeladen sich zu beteiligen (Kontakt)
Das nächste bundesweite Treffen wird von 27.-28. Jänner 2007 in Wien stattfinden. Für dieses Treffen sind alle eingeladen, die sich an der Moderation oder sonstwie an der weiteren Gestaltung des Projektes beteiligen wollen.

Iraq Die-In @ WWU in Bellingham

Rogue Valley, 07.12.2006 14:09

A Medford Resident is a main organizer of Iraq Die-In at Western Washington University. On November 16, 2006 Student Kate Gould joined hundreds of students making a very visible public display in Red Square on the student commons area at WWU.

She reports back..."getting to be involved in this project has been one of my greatest college experiences, so that is why i wanted to share this with you" and Kate sends photos too.

Click on any photo to make bigger

Dissident Women of Chiapas and Oaxaca: MonkeyWrench Event

Austin, 07.12.2006 14:08

With the storefront door opened to crisp air and curious people, Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo is for now seated near friends who ask for an autograph of her 2001 book, 'Histories and Stories from Chiapas.' Turning back the cover, she points to a full-page photo of a white stelae, explaining how borders are marked the traditional way, not with walls. “It's a symbolic border,” she smiles, showing how the marker sits upon an island in the middle of a lake. From her position not quite in the center of a gathering crowd at MonkeyWrench Books in Austin, Texas, the legendary anthropologist is glowing with words, ideas, projects, and stories. It is time, says an organizer, to get the program started.

Green is the NEW RED!: Inside the GREENSCARE

Austin, 07.12.2006 14:08

An evening of solidarity, awareness and fundraising for current Political Prisoners and protection of your Civil Liberties. “The War on Terrorism has come home. Corporations and politicians are labeling activists "eco-terrorists" and national security threats. Think red-baiting, with a green twist” - from Green is the new Red THURSDAY DECEMBER 7TH, 2006 7:30 pm at Monkey Wrench Books (110 E. North Loop) Join us for an evening of information, PUPPETS, and skill sharing including: * Know your Rights/ What to do when the Feds knock on your door. a workshop by Austin Peoples Legal Collective * Puppet SHOW by Mr. Mojo's Magical Puppet Troupe * Two short videos on Cointelpro and Rod Coronado An evening in honor of the Movements of the past, present and the future and all who have worked to envision a beautiful, just and sustainable world to live in. || Green is the new Red || FBI Withchunt

[Flexblues] Bob la précaire primée par la Ligue des Droits de l'Homme

Liege, 07.12.2006 13:07

Vous vous souvenez peut-être de ce conflit social atypique qui avait surgi au mois de février 2005: des précaires chargés d'une enquête sur "l'esprit d'entreprise" chez les jeunes, inspirés par Bob le Précaire leur mystérieux porte-parole, s'étaient mis en grève et avaient forcé leur employeur suisse à doubler leur rémunération.

Stop the Political Killings in the Philippines!/ 横浜:STOPフィリピン政治的殺害!

Japan, 07.12.2006 13:07

Protest Concert at Yokohama denouncing Political Killings in the Philippines. 横浜イベント(対抗コンサート)。フィリピン人留学生(東大生)の参加者による報道。

Oaxaca: A Portrait of Rebellion -- with Barucha Calamity Peller &amp; Friends

NYC, 07.12.2006 08:08

What: Oaxaca report-back presentation + discussion
Where: 16 beaver st. 4th floor (directions below)
When: 8pm, Monday December 11

Vigil at Mexican Consulate

San Diego, 07.12.2006 05:39

The APPO, the popular assembly of the people of Oaxaca, called for the support from the international community. San Diegans responded by gathering in front of the Mexican Consulate on 1549 India Street Friday evening. 35 people gathered in front of the consultant holding banners, signs, and candles sending the message to the Mexican government that their violent and repressive actions will not go unnoticed.

Iraq Study Group Calls for Stay-the-Course Lite: Now What?

NYC, 07.12.2006 05:13

The bi-partisan Iraq Study Group released its long-awaited report on the war earlier today. While critical of the war’s handling, this collection of recycled Inside-the-Beltway power brokers basically called for more of the same—more advisors, more war and no timetable for withdrawal and certainly no reparations to the Iraqi people for destroying their country. So, now what? United for Peace & Justice, the nation's largest antiwar coalition, is calling for a national mobilization in Washington, D.C. on January 27. Is that enough? What more should the antiwar movement be doing? || Iraq Study Group Report || Jan. 27 March on Washington Seeking One More Chance to “Succeed” || Support the GI Movement to End the War || The Iraq War Grinds On || Dennis Kucinich: Defund the War ||

Oaxacan Teacher Speaks in Escondido

San Diego, 07.12.2006 05:13

Telesforo Santiago Enriquez, a teacher from 22 del SNTE y Coalicion de Maestros y Prometores Indigenas de Oaxaca, spoke Sunday at La Milpa Organica in Escondido. Enriquez started by telling how the movement began. He spoke of the current situation in Oaxaca and stressed the need for the people of Oaxaca to have media outlets to access current information. He told the crowd, one way people in the US can help is by reporting the real story about what is currenlty going on. Enriquez ended by saying, today Oaxaca tomorrow could be San Diego, keep your ears open to the people and listen to what is happening in your own communities.

StL Equal Housing Funding Cuts

Saint Louis, 07.12.2006 04:37

Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council Suffers Federal Funding Cuts. The Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council (EHOC) has suffered a severe blow to their ability to fight housing discrimination.


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:38

Lo que esta en njuego es la vida


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:38

Lo que esta en juego es la Vida!


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:38

La eterna brigada 17


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Caso DAS:
punta del iceberg del fascismo criollo


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08



Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Paramilitarismo y clase política en Sucre


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Día Mundial de la lucha contra el SIDA - 1 de diciembre de 2006


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Un proceso de paz que pone en juego la credibilidad de la Corte, que da mayores beneficios a los victimarios


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Nada de lo que suceda se olvida aunque algunos no logren recordarlo!


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Recorrido de muerte y corrupción


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Este es el proceso 8000 pero de Uribe


Colombia, 07.12.2006 03:08

Nuevas esperanzas para el logro de un Acuerdo Humanitario

Violencia contra las mujeres

Argentina, 07.12.2006 02:08

&quot;No-one is safe&quot; - Life and death in Gaza, Palestine

Aotearoa, 07.12.2006 01:08

Israel's bloody seige of Gaza is continuing. unabated. In a recent five-day military offensive in the Gaza Strip, 47 Palestinians have been killed and around 250 injured. In the past four months more than 350 Palestinians have been killed.

Tanks and armored vehicles have been surrounding the Beit Hanoun hospital for the last six days and preventing medical volunteers and victims of violence from reaching it. On Sunday, 21 year old ambulance driver Ahmad Madhun and medical volunteer Mustafa Habib were murdered and Dannielle Abu Samra was wounded while trying to tend to the wounded.

People are starving; they have no water or electricity or telecommunications. Vast areas of fertile productive land have been destroyed. This incursion came on top of the collapsed economic situation for all Palestinians inside Gaza. Al-Awda Hospital’s teams can reach the village outskirts where it is also very dangerous, but medical rescue teams are not allowed inside the village without a very high level of coordination. Nobody is allowed in or out of the village.
From Gaza, with Love - A blog by Dr. Mona El-Farra

On Friday Israel murdered two unarmed female non-violent demonstrators in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip. Video: 1 | 2

More from Gaza: Letter: European inaction and complicity as Gaza burns | Olmert to press on with Gaza offensive | IOF Perpetrates state-sponsored terrorism in Beit Hanoun | Israel kills two ambulance workers | Bloodbath in Beit Hanun | Gaza's Reality (video) | Solidarity actions around the world

Take Action: Protest Extrajudicial Killing | Donate to Mid. East Childrens Alliance | Urgent appeal to make the month-long campaign a worldwide one | Buy the "Colors of Palestine" 2007 Calendar

People fighting back in Tonga - NZ Govt assisting the monarchy

Aotearoa, 07.12.2006 01:08

Riots broke out in Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa after a demonstration on Thursday. About 800 people marched onto parliament with banners slogans calling for immediate reform, others attacked public figures, while another labeled the current structure a "deadly virus". At night, protesters set fires to businesses in the city centre and turned cars over. Windows were smashed in the Prime Minister's Office Parliament House, the Magistrates Court,the Public Service Commission Office, the Ministry of Finance and three vehicles overturned and government cars smashed in government parking lots. One company targeted was power company Shoreline, owned by the King. The aristocratic class control the economic and political aspects of life against which the people have been resisting for years. The protests and riots are part of the struggle against the feudal system which is oppressing the Tongan people. The King and his government have now declared martial law. Some snippets: "Any person authorised by Cabinet, and every member of the Tonga Police Force and the Tonga Defence Services, shall for the purposes of preserving public order and securing the public safety, have power to order a meeting, procession of any assembly of 5 or more persons held in a place or building (whether public or private) to disperse; order every person to remain indoors between certain hours; regulate the movement or conduct of a person or class of persons; search or detain for the purpose of searching a person; detain any arrested person for a period not exceeding 48 hours." The NZ and Australian Governments have now sent soldiers and cops to Tonga in attempt to crush the resistance. The capitalist media is trying to convince us here that the people are "welcoming" the troops but Tonga's pro-democracy movement has condemned the intervention. Pro-democracy supporter Akilisi Pohiva says the current regime and the monarchy have failed and can no longer maintain law and order. Peace Action Wellington held a protest against the deployment of troops to Tonga outside the New Zealand Defence Force Headquarters [ Photos ]. Tonga: Biggest Protest Ever! (May 05) | Tonga - schools smashed - 200 arrested! (Aug 05) | A Revolution in the Pacific? (Aug 05) | Tongan activist rams gate of King's Auckland Residency (July 06)

35 Chickens Liberated From West Auckland Egg Farm

Aotearoa, 07.12.2006 01:08

Early on Sunday morning, the 19th of November, animal rights activists broke into a battery hen farm in West Auckland removing 35 chickens.

Activists gained entry into Eggs R Us on Henderson Valley Road, by cutting a large hole in one side of a shed. The shed contained row after row of caged hens.

Dozens of rats could be seen running between cages. Many of the birds were in a poor condition, having missing feathers and red inflamed skin from rubbing on the bars; all the birds were de-beaked. The conditions on this farm were unfortunately standard for this cruel industry; filthy, overcrowded and inhumane.
Multimedia: Video | Photos
Links: Auckland Animal Action | Arkangel (New Zealand) | Exposing Poultry Fraud | Campaign Against Factory Farming
Recent Actions: Open rescue of twenty battery hens in Foxton | Online SAFE Campaign against Pig Crates

Revolutionary not Evolutionary – Indymedia Activists' Report from Tonga

Aotearoa, 07.12.2006 01:08

UPDATE: Report 2: Soldiers and cops wherever you go
Saturday/Sunday, November 25/26, 2006

Nuku’alofa/Pangaimotu – The city centre of Nuku’alofa has been completely closed off after last Thursday’s riots. Military checkpoints have been set up on every intersection. Only people who work and/or live inside that part of town are let in. Journalists can get a special pass which gives them access to the part of town where most buildings are damaged but unfortunately we have not been able to get media accreditations yet. There are close to 20 of these roadblocks in town.
Read More

Report 1: Friday/Saturday, November 24/25, 2006

Nuku’alofa (Tonga) – We, two indymedia ( activists, arrived at Fua’amato International Airport early on Friday morning from Aotearoa. After leaving the plane we had to walk to the arrival hall past three Tongan soldiers, two of which were carrying large rifles and the other a hand gun. A police officer walked around with his dog while people where waiting at the immigration desks. More members of the Tongan Defense Force (TDF), armed and in camouflage gear, stood around in the arrival hall. On our way into town we past a military checkpoint at the turn-off to the airport. They didn’t pull us over and we drove the 20kms into the city.

Read more: From a Tongan Marxist on Indymedia | Call out to demonstrate in Auckland | Alliance Party opposes intervention | Rick Kelly on another Pacific intervention
More Pacific Comment: Canberra maintains aggressive stance towards Solomons | Imperialism pushing Fiji towards another coup | A citizen's guide to an emerging empire | Fillipino union activist shot dead | Truth, West Papua and Indonesia: 2+2 really can = 5

Abuse in Tongan prisons - ”Hit in the face with the back of a gun”

Aotearoa, 07.12.2006 01:08

Abuse in Tongan prisons - IMC activist almost arrested It was raining for most of Wednesday and Thursday morning so we didn’t do all the things we had planned for. We talked to people about the brutality in the prisons and met three men who were beaten by soldiers. A woman told us how her neighborhood protected Chinese shops from being destroyed on Thursday, 16th November and an IMC activist was almost arrested outside the Nuku’alofa prison/police station. More If a boat ends up on a reef… Tonga Report 3 Our media pass was finally dropped off on Tuesday morning which allows us to get through the army checkpoint and into the city centre. The number of destroyed buildings is enormous. Most buildings are destroyed, windows smashed, burn-out cars are in the streets, many buildings have been burnt, and the shelves inside shops are empty. Two cafes are open at the moment – mainly to cater for the NZ police – everything else is shut/destroyed. A Chinese couple was cleaning out their watch repair shop. They described how people smashed the windows with rocks and bottles, came inside and took everything: money, watches, the microwave and fridge that were out the back etc. The owner was punched in the face by someone because he tried to stop the looting. More

A Failed Revolution - Lessons from South Africa

Ireland, 07.12.2006 00:40

An analysis of the successes, and failures, of the ...

Cortos Plaza

Argentina, 07.12.2006 00:39

It's Kebele's Party..and We're All Invited

Bristol, 07.12.2006 00:38

Raising the Roof – 11th Anniersary & Benefit Party @ Black Swan, Easton Raising the Roof – 11th Anniersary & Benefit Party @ Black Swan, Easton Socially Centred writes: As NuLabour’s fuhrer Tony Bliar prepares to exit stage right after 10 years of failure, Bristol’s only volunteer-run radical social centre gears up for it’s 11th anniversary mashup. The once squatted, now owned outright, Kebele social centre has been with us since September 1995. Over the years many people, campaigns & networks have used the building, eaten at its cafes, or just passed through. We’re currently undergoing a slow revamp, and even fixing the leaks in the roof, so in true Kebele fundraising style, we are having a party – and you are all invited. It’s a family event, as long as you are over 18, for all generations of activists & partygoers, with bands, DJ’s & cabaret to satisfy everyone. For this event we return to the venue of some of our earliest benefits. So come on down to The Black Swan on Friday 8 December, and let’s have a stormer of a night. Full Article| Social centre celebrates outlasting Blair | Full details and poster/flyer downloads ( | |Some other Bristol news... | The The sub-editor reports on The Purloined Minutes | Anton posts some Brize Norton demo photos | while Anna Sosa gives a Film night follow-up |Contribute An Article | Add To The Calendar

Akcija kao znak protesta

Croatia, 06.12.2006 22:37

Totalna rasprodaja - Zagreb d.o.o

Country Legends to Testify at FCC Hearing in Nashville

Tennessee, 06.12.2006 22:09

George Jones, Porter Wagoner, Naomi Judd to join hundreds of citizens concerned about the costs of media consolidation

Motion for Wheelock Inquiry Passed by Dublin City Council

Ireland, 06.12.2006 18:09

Taoiseach Gives Assurances to the Wheelocks The Wh ...

National Days of Action to Support GI Resistance and GI Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.12.2006 17:39

December 8th through 10th with be National Days of Action to Support GI Resistance and GI Rights. Military resisters, their families, veterans and concerned community members will be taking public action all over the US. In San Francisco, there will be a rally and procession on Saturday, December 9th at 1pm at the War Memorial Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave at McAllister St (near Civic Center BART).

FGV legitima possível aumento de tarifas em Salv

Brasil, 06.12.2006 17:09


Health Department Abandons Proposed Change to Transgender Birth Certificates

NYC, 06.12.2006 16:09

The NYC Board of Health killed a proposal to allow transgender New Yorkers to change the gender designation on their birth certificate without undergoing gender confirming surgery. The proposal was widely hailed by the transgender community as a groundbreaking recognition of transgender people and garnered worldwide attention.

No Justice

United Kingdom, 06.12.2006 15:09

The very mention of custody deaths brings to mind nasty foreign repressive regimes but these deaths happen in Britain too, on average one a week in police custody alone. Then there are the deaths in prisons and immigration centres and of children in prison. Many of these deaths are questionable. Moreover, someone who is arrested may be totally innocent of any crime, they are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty anyway.

The suicide rate is much greater in custody, as much as 18 times more than the UK average for young males, and a disproportionately large number of deaths of black people occur, especially as a result of "the excessive use of force by functionaries of the state", according to the group Inquest. On the other hand, deaths can also occur as a result of deliberate police inaction.

There is a lack of transparency in investigations into deaths in custody and long delays before inquests, up to five years in some cases, and a lack of accountability after juries return 'unlawful killing' verdicts. Of those verdicts since 1990, which the group Inquest is aware of, 18 police officers were prosecuted but all were acquitted. As far as is known, no police officer has ever been brought to justice for such killings.

Links: No Justice - video of deaths in custody march | No justice, no peace - Photos from deaths in custody demo, london (Oct28) | Photos: "Protest Against Custody Deaths"

Bajo represión

Argentina, 06.12.2006 15:09

La estafa del agua fue renovada

Memes: men, boys &amp; embroidery... stasis, momentum and whereto?

Portland, 06.12.2006 15:09

memomatic on e 28th & burnside ... and the end of the universe known as the FU Wash/Laundromat; men boys and embroidery

gibberish or signposts. these are physical specimens of flux.

read more

Congressman Commits to Work with Activists to Repeal AETA

Portland, 06.12.2006 15:09

On November 29th protesters rallied outside of Representative James McGovern's in protest of The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), which was signed into law on November 27th. Under the new law, animal rights activists face massive fines and jail time for being involved in nonviolent civil disobedience. In light of increased marginalization and repression of eco-activists by federal officials, all individuals concerned with loss of our civil liberties to need to ban together in protest of the AETA and act in solidarity with victims of the Greenscare.

The Center of the Cancer

Portland, 06.12.2006 15:09

I often wonder why any nation would choose war over peace, seems like choosing between chaos and being more human than our parents. It would seem that war would be the exception. The fact that we are at war more often that at peace would indicate a serious flaw in our humanism or that which make us human...

You feed the poor, help the sick, visit the jails and smile at a person who asks you for help. When you help someone ask only that they repay you by helping the next person who may ask them for help. I always try to remember to say that when someone says thanks to me for some favor---it could cause a small revolution...

71 years old and Freezing Cold ...... Now Dead

Portland, 06.12.2006 15:09

My question is


Indy Readers think about this and what "you" can do to change the ugly side of this aspect. I don't care how fluffy the article in the paper was.....its fricken COLD OUTSIDE ...and any and all elderly ladies need to be -->warm<-- not..... frozen stiff on a sidewalk bench.

What the hell is wrong with society to watch this transpire over the last four years into this tragedy as we sit in our warm houses reading fluffy stories of desperation and despair?

A memorial is being held for Anita Floyd on Wednesday 12-6-06 at the bench she called home (SW 6th and Alder)

CatWoman adds: I met Anita some time back. I wrote this story about her three years ago, after some stupid little power-mad petty bureaucrat at Tullys 86'd her from the shop. I'm still mad about that. But I'm madder still that I have not been by her little bench for so long, and that I would not even have realized that she was gone if Joe had not reported it here.

Many of us had worried after her safety -- she often had bruises and black eyes, and sometimes broken bones, and I believed (and still believe) that she was being abused. She had stories about falling into doorknobs and tripping over cats once too often to suit me, but there seemed to be nothing I could do. Many of us tried, on many occasions, to help her with that, but she steadfastly refused to acknowledge that any domestic violence was going on, or to accept any help in that regard...


related: [ Donations of Cold Weather Gear Needed | Tully's Discriminates against Homeless Woman

150 personnes pour accueillir l'élu fasciste

Liege, 06.12.2006 15:08

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