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CHRONIK Rigides Vorgehen gegen Antifaschisten

Germany, 13.12.2006 21:09

Das Jahr 2006 zeichnete sich durch ein systematisches Vorgehen einiger Staatsschützer in einer perfiden und paradoxen Art und Weise aus. Die Menschen, die die eigentlich vom Staat zu verfolgende Aufgabe übernehmen, faschistische Tendenzen in Deutschland anzuprangern werden krimnalisiert, anstatt wirksam faschistische Organisationen wie die NPD zu verbieten.Ein umfassender Jahresrückblick

Justice for Boston Children's Museum Workers!

Boston, 13.12.2006 20:08

The Boston Children's Museum (BCM) is widely known for its commitment to the children of Boston. But this Christmas, the president of the museum, Lou Casagrande is acting like a big Grinch to workers at the museum. More than 15 BCM employees (mostly part-time, low-wage workers)were told on December 2 that their jobs would be terminated shortly after the holiday when the museum closes for renovations. Further, despite their experience at the museum, they were told they would not be guaranteed employment when the museum reopens.

D17 Peace Action ~ Grants Pass Shout Out

Rogue Valley, 13.12.2006 18:40

December 17 ~ 1 to 2 PM ~ Josephine County Courthouse ~ Grants Pass

In observance of the impending 3,000th death among American military personnel in Iraq, there will be a Peace Action this Sunday, December 17th, from 1 to 2 PM in front of the Josephine County Courthouse, 500 NW 6th St. in Grants Pass.  Participants are encouraged to wear black.  The names of all the military and civilian personnel from Oregon who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan will be read aloud, along with Senator Gordon Smith's recent speech deploring the war.  Popular local musician Jeni Foster will sing.

Hayward's Local Patients' Coop Raided and Closed

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2006 18:38

The Local Patients' Cooperative in Hayward was raided by DEA and IRS agents on Tuesday, December 12th. The LPC had been preparing to close at the end of December. The Patients Resource Center, half a block down the street, was not affected by the raid.

El Gobierno nos mata un pibe dia por medio

Argentina, 13.12.2006 16:39

Presentación del Archivo 2006

18 Arrested in Harrisburg Demanding Casino Transparency

Philadelphia, 13.12.2006 14:38

Cutural Genocide

Perth, 13.12.2006 13:39

Sacred sites being destroyed - no consultation with Nyungah People

Immigration group may not be what they seem

LA, 13.12.2006 13:38

SOS Supporter Tim Binh, is a White Pseudo-Vietnamese

Índios Tupinikim e Guarani ocupam o porto da Aracruz

Brasil, 13.12.2006 11:39


The bed bug epidemic

Portland, 13.12.2006 10:39

They're back. Deplorable conditions in North America's homeless shelters and tenements have contributed to the exponential increase in the bed bug population. Some advice for the wary follows...

The return of the bedbug to North America is causing some people to call for a return to the use of DDT as an antidote. Because there are some people who might be interested in a non-chemical answer to the bedbug invasion I have decided to post information about my own battle with those loathsome creatures, which are coming to a home or apartment near you sometime soon.


Sleep 'tight' and don't let the bed bugs bite -- In the past two years there has been a resurgence in the number of bed bug infestations in North America. Bed bug city has maps showing the extent of the plague, with the situation being worst with some of the heaviest infestations spreading in the Western Coastal regions of the United States which has a climate the most favorable to year round bed bug travelling (they are killed in winter should they be found outside the warm comfort of a nest in someone's bedroom, which inhibits their ability to travel in some regions of the country). [more]

Experiments with bed bugs -- The attached photo shows my attempt at isolating my bed. My mattress and box spring have been wrapped, trapping inside the colonies of bed bugs dwelling therein. I am using no head board. The bed posts are sitting in stainless steel bowls filled with water and some disinfectant. The bed is surrounded by sticky glue traps made of double sided carpet tape, and there is also a glue trap barrier on the bed posts. I have not yet aquired fresh water Diatomaceous earth, and I am thinking of purchasing a batch of those really sticky glue traps that can trap a mouse. I also have my tent pitched on my living room floor as a backup in case all these precautions fail. [more]

Take a stand against proposed big-box development across from Madison HS!

Portland, 13.12.2006 10:39


The Save Madison South Committee has just formed as an opposition response to the proposed 240,000 sq ft big-box store on the land located at NE 82nd and Siskiyou (old driving range and landfill that has a current zoning of 60,000 sq ft - the neighborhood does not oppose development of that size). The proposal is for a REGIONAL auto-centric shopping center that will pull traffic from all across northeast Portland and Vancouver, WA to this already congested location. Word is that the permit application will probably be going into the Portland Planning Bureau in the next 30-45 days.

Citizens' hearing on Iraq In Tacoma, WA

Portland, 13.12.2006 10:39

The Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq will be held on January 20-21, 2007, in Tacoma, Washington, two weeks before the court martial of Lieutenant Ehren Watada at Fort Lewis. The Citizens' Hearing will function as a tribunal to put the Iraq War on trial, in response to the Army putting Lt. Watada on trial as the first U.S. military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq.

The Cuban Five and US Terrorism

Portland, 13.12.2006 10:39

Now is the time to demand the release of the Cuban Five. They were sentenced 5 years ago this month and have been imprisoned unjustly in the U.S. for 8 years for the crime of trying to defend their homeland against terrorist attacks.

December 2006 marks five years since the Cuban Five were sentenced to prison. In 2001, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and René González were unjustly convicted of engaging in "espionage conspiracy" and other charges, and sentenced to terms ranging from 15 years to double-life. In fact, they committed no act of espionage against the United States. What they were doing was monitoring Cuban exile terrorist groups in the USA in an attempt to track and prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba.

More Public Restrooms, But For How Long?

Portland, 13.12.2006 10:39

One of the outcomes of the most recent review of the infamous sit-lie ordinance, is that the city has been persuaded of the need for more public restrooms. This recognition on the part of the city is related to its agreement to decriminalize sitting on the sidewalk, finding approximately $750,000 for the entire program, part of which would go to provide an alternative, in the form of a drop in center of sorts, to this reality of homeless life.

Also in the new provision, is a determination to establish the availability of more public restrooms to counter the glaring lack of these essential facilities for people who have no alternative. In the account I read most recently about this pressing need, doubts were expressed that the restrooms could last long, because it was thought that they would quickly be destroyed by some of the people out there with the worst problems. Seattle's discouraging experience with the auto toilets was mentioned to illustrate this concern.

Portland IMC Newsletter for Dec. 12, 2006

Portland, 13.12.2006 10:39

Articles included in this issue:

10,000 South Korean Farmers Protest Free Trade Agreement
Schumacher Folds up Portland Fur Shop
Durban, South Africa: Action in Solidarity with Greescare indictees
Fouad Kaady, we still remember you

i have lived 33 years hating pinochet...

San Diego, 13.12.2006 09:08

he died in his home, comfortably surrounded by his family and friends... before he could be brought to trial... before the families of those affected by his cruel reign got the chance to tell their stories. he should have died alone. in a cold and neglected cell. not unlike those who perished under his direct orders.

"la esmeralda" docked in san diego - a ship used by the chilean navy to torture and kill around the time of pinochet's takeover.

i wrote on the walls of that ship notes to my mother who lost her friends, her homeland... who landed, in a cruel twist of fate, onto the very soil of the country that supported and supplied the takeover of pinochet against allende...

Torture Ship Esmeralda in San Diego

Nashville Speaks Out Against Big Media

Tennessee, 13.12.2006 07:12

Concerned citizens testify about harmful impact of media consolidation NASHVILLE — More than 500 Nashville residents joined country music legends at Belmont University’s Massey Performing Arts Center Monday to speak out against media consolidation. The event, the second official Federal Communications Commission hearing, gave the public a chance to tell the FCC how proposed changes to media ownership limits would adversely affect their lives and work.

Kanaky continue the struggle against Capitalism and Colonisation

Aotearoa, 13.12.2006 06:09

Between the fourth and the sixth of December the Union of Kanaky and Exploited Workers (USTKE) held their 12th Congress and celebrated their 25th anniversary in a large hall outside Noumea. Over the three days of the Congress around 500 USTKE delegates and militants from across Kanaky/New Caledonia came together to report on the progress of the union and the new directions for the USTKE in 2007.

Oaxaca solidarity 'cacerolazo' besieges Mexican Embassy

DC, 13.12.2006 05:11

Once again, outraged protestors descended on the Mexican Embassy to support the beseiged residents of Oaxaca and the APPO. This time, people brought out a cacaphony of banging pots and pans. Audio (06 mins 45 secs) Oaxaca Solidarity events in DC: Dec. 15/16 (Film Screening, Firsthand Report, Slide Show, Videos)

Court Appearance Tuesday for Two Activists Arrested on NOAA Ledge October 23rd

DC, 13.12.2006 05:11

On Tuesday morning, December 12th, climate activists Paul Burman, 23 and Ted Glick, 57, will appear in court to face charges stemming from hanging a banner at NOAA saying, "Bush: Let NOAA Tell the Truth!" This was in reference to the suppression by Bush political appointees of scientists at NOAA and other federal agencies whose research shows a connection between global warming and more destructive hurricanes, droughts, wildfires and other extreme weather events.


Houston, 13.12.2006 05:10

The struggle is not over: 40 years of organizing in the Deep South and the Global South

12/8: SAMIDOUN! Lebanon: Images of War

Richmond, 13.12.2006 02:08

An evening featuring an interactive multimedia presentation on the recent war on Lebanon and its aftermath, with award-winning independent reporter Ana Nogueira of Democracy Now! & photojournalist Andrew Stern.

TLSC, UE 160 Win Victory for W&amp;M Housekeepers

Richmond, 13.12.2006 02:08

A protest planned by the Tidewater Labor Support Committee and the Virginia Public Service Workers Union (UE Local 160) turned into a victory celebration when the College of William and Mary's Office of Residence Life withdrew its plans to force housekeepers into a six-day workweek only one day before the scheduled rally.

You are indymedia! Meeting on Sunday, Dec 17

Richmond, 13.12.2006 02:08

Make the Richmond Independent Media Center everything you want it to be. Richmond Indymedia runs on people power – that means you! Awesome things are happening with our IMC, meaning that right now we need you more than ever. We’ve got a new site, an amazing weekly radioshow, breaking news every day, and ambitious goals we’re striving towards. And almost all of it hinges on you. A great opportunity to get involved is to come to the IMC training meeting this Sunday at 12:30 pm at 2001 Gilbert st.

Pinochet, Chile’s former US-backed dictator, dead at 91

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2006 00:40

On Sunday December 10th 2006, Chile's former military dictator Augusto Pinochet died. News of his death sparked spontaneous demonstrations in Santiago and other Chilean cities as thousands poured into the streets to celebrate the death of the 91-year-old retired army general, who came to power in a 1973 CIA-backed coup against the elected government of Salvador Allende. Pinochet's regime was responsible for the murder or disappearance of thousands of left-wing activists, trade unionists, students and others.

Children Drown Escaping Repression and Torture in Western Sahara

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2006 00:40

On November 28, 2006, the bodies of thirteen children were found washed up on a Western Sahara beach after their small boat sank in the Atlantic ocean. Another 20 children are still missing.

Moroccan officials in occupied Western Sahara have been encouraging young people to migrate to Spain where they are led to believe they will be well treated. A spokesman for the migrant advocacy group Alter Forum said that up to 40 boats carrying about 18 children each leave Boujdour, Western Sahara every month for Spanish shores. The children are attempting to escape from one of the worst human rights environments in the world

Polícia do Paraná despeja violentamente em defesa do latifúndio

Brasil, 12.12.2006 23:38

Movimento Sem Terra

[Violences en centres fermés] Témoignages de l'intérieur

Liege, 12.12.2006 23:37

En février 2000, alors que le centre fermé de Vottem est ouvert depuis 11 mois, une médecin qui y travaille pour l'Office des Etrangers démissionne et écrit au Centre pour l'Egalité des Chances. Elle réclame un débat sur l'indépendance médicale et le respect de l'éthique de sa profession dans les centres fermés. Elle dénonce, appuyée par un de ses collègues, le caractère purement carcéral des centres fermés, la violence psychique qui entraîne des tentatives de suicide et d'autres atteintes graves aux droits de l'homme. [ Lire la suite ]

Protesters Object to Reverend John Dooher's Elevation

Boston, 12.12.2006 23:08

Just like they have done Sunday after Sunday, right after mass, for the past 4 years, the “sidewalk protesters” gathered once again in front of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston’s South End. Except it is 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon and today’s mass is not your usual Sunday one: Reverend John Dooher – a high-ranking chancery officer who coordinated sexual misconduct matters, alongside Bishop John McCormack- is being elevated to Auxiliary Bishop overseeing the Boston Archdiocese’s South Region. It is believed that as a coordinator, John Dooher helped create housing for abusive priests and by remaining silent about the issue, participated in covering-up the sexual abuse.

CBA: Radio: Se dice de Mi

Argentina, 12.12.2006 22:38

Construyendo un espacio propio

CBA: Radio: Se dice de Mi

Argentina, 12.12.2006 22:38

Construyendo un espacio propio

Radio: Se dice de Mi

Argentina, 12.12.2006 22:38

Construyendo un espacio propio

Mother Begs Governor to Bring Her Son Home

Tennessee, 12.12.2006 22:10

Joyce House, Supported by Supreme Court, Says Her Son is Innocent Nashville: On November 25th, Joyce House wrote an impassioned letter for Governor Bredesen asking him to release her son, Paul House, who has been on Tennessee’s death row for over twenty years. But unlike so many other letters from the parents of the incarcerated, House’s letter is backed by strong new evidence, and a recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court, that points toward her son’s innocence. Paul House has claimed his innocence since his initial arrest.

Pinochet is Dead

Melbourne, 12.12.2006 20:40

Chileans remember Pinochet's Brutality

Urgente Asamblea de Almagro

Argentina, 12.12.2006 20:09

Decretan el Desalojo de la Asamblea de Almagro

Urgente Asamblea de Almagro

Argentina, 12.12.2006 20:09

Decretan el Desalojo de la Asamblea de Almagro

cierre revés

Argentina, 12.12.2006 19:08

programacion especial

&quot;Voices of Silence&quot;

NYC, 12.12.2006 19:08

yesterday in Washington Square Park, the Surveillance Camera Players performed a brand-new play on the 10th anniversary of the group's first performance.

Assata/Morales Center at CCNY under attack from Daily News and CUNY Trustees

NYC, 12.12.2006 19:08

Article in the NY Daily News, long-time enemies of CUNY, long-time opponents of Black Liberation:

This student center has been spied on and caught red-handed. It has served as a nerve center for many activities at the University of Harlem and it must be defended!

Day of Outrage - Shut Down Wall St! Thurdsay 12/21

NYC, 12.12.2006 19:08


“Black Thursday,” December 21, 2006 at 12:00PM
Chase Bldg, Liberty & Nassau St, Downtown NYC

Which Way The War Blows

United Kingdom, 12.12.2006 16:08

The reinvigoration of anti-militarism campaigns, with a renewed focus on direct and confrontational actions, continued this week as the first in a series of open public meetings were held in London and New York, building on calls (UK | US) to mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the war on Iraq (Monday, 19th March, 2007) with a "Global Day of Action for Iraq and Beyond".

In reaction to this, the Stop the War Coalition has called for Tuesday, 20th March 2007, to be "National Troops Out Day", with an afternoon demonstration in Central London ending with a mass die-in and Troops Out rally in Parliament Square, in place of their now traditional Embankment-to-Hyde Park march. Despite this nod to civil disobedience, past events suggest everything will be tightly stage-managed and agreed with the police in advance (reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4).

Campaigns advocating and organising anti-militarist action include: Block the Builders | Campaign Against the Arms Trade | Counter Recruitment UK | Iraq Occupation Focus | Smash EDO | State of Emergency | Stop Arming Israel

Solidaridad con Oaxaca en Santa Cruz el 13 de Deciembre

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.12.2006 12:39

El Miércoles 13 de Deciembre a las 7pm va a ser un noche en solidaridad con el pueblo de Oaxaca en el Veterans Hall en Santa Cruz. Va a ser peliculas de Granito de Arena, un documental sobre la cuenta de las maestras en Oaxaca y su lucha de base contra el desmontar mundial de educacion publica y Victoria en Todos Santos, la PFP, en su incursión para frenar el movimiento popular en contra del Gobierno del estado, intenta invadir Radio Universidad, la cual juega un papel importante en la organización del pueblo oaxaqueño en lucha a tambien un presentacion bilingue por Miguel Zafra, un Oaxaqueño nativo y un miembro de la Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales (FIOB).

Coperacion voluntaria y ninguno rechazado. Las donaciones van para mandar equipo de medios y medicinas para algunas de las comunidades mas remotas de oaxaca, para poder contribuir a su abilidad de documentar sus propias historias de resistencia y organizacion colectiva. Lee mas y baje el flyer

Yes, I brought a Pit Bull

Portland, 12.12.2006 10:39

A few days ago, I was walking Romeo along the river. He was happily trotting along in front of me, ears flapping like little wings as he went. For both our sakes, Romeo and I were on a leash, of course. As always. Suddenly, I heard a loud and threatening ruckus coming from the top of a nearby hill. I turned to see a woman with two large, standard poodles walking down a trail toward us. I smiled and waved, and she tried to do the same. But her dogs were lunging wildly, and the trail was slippery, and the woman lost her balance and fell. As she slid down the bank, the dogs pulled loose and came lunging and snarling and barking down at us. She screamed for them, and I shouted "NO!" But they kept coming, all gnashing teeth and wild eyes, and trailing a long, slippery green leash which bound them both together. It was a very frightening moment.

palestine journal: 10 dec 2006

Portland, 12.12.2006 10:39

sometimes people ask me, or wonder, why I would choose to live in palestine, given the violence and occupation.....why would anyone want to live in a place like that??
they ask....

but i think in such a question there is something missing - the value of the culture of the palestinian people is utterly negated when one equates the whole reality of palestine with the fact of the israeli occupation and ongoing illegal seizure of the land. and in fact, it is a rich, deep and beautiful culture, with a long history and a deep connectedness to this land.

Audio from the Green Scare Event in Portland

Portland, 12.12.2006 10:39


- A Background on the current "Green Scare"

- Talk by Jeff Hogg, Grand Jury resister, about solidarity, knowing your rights in front of a Grand Jury and the importance of political prisoner letter writing.

- Ester from Eberhardt Press talks about the harsh picture of global warming, the concept of the "tipping point" of irreversible global ecological damage and the government's attempt to silence concern for the environment.

Brad Will's death finally hits main stream media, no meantion of his IMC affiliation

Miami, 12.12.2006 04:37

Brad Will's death finally hits main stream media, no meantion of his IMC affiliation

Philly IMC Editorial Open Meeting!

Philadelphia, 12.12.2006 03:38

Refugee Rights

Perth, 12.12.2006 03:09

Six hangings at Baxter detention centre

Empresa em Campinas constrange trabalhadora negra e lésbica

Brasil, 12.12.2006 03:08


Bolívia passa por disputa entre partidos

Brasil, 12.12.2006 02:38


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