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NASA Plans Moon Base to Control Pathway to Space

Tennessee, 16.12.2006 01:09

Summary: At a time when the U.S. faces historic debt, NASA announced last week its intention to establish a permanent base on the Moon by 2024. There has long been a military connection to NASA’s Moon missions. The NASA plan to establish permanent bases on the Moon will help the military “control and dominate” access on and off our planet Earth and determine who will extract valuable resources from the Moon in the years ahead. The taxpayers will be asked to pay the enormously expensive “research and development” costs of this program that in the end will profit the aerospace industry and those corporation like Bechtel that intend to build the bases and extract resources on the Moon.

Don’t believe NH Fish and Game’s public relations campaign, instead know the truth

New Hampshire, 16.12.2006 00:09

It is time to end hunter domination of NH Fish and Game Department and fund a true state wildlife agency that will put wildlife's needs first and that will fairly represent those who don't hunt, fish, or trap, since they too have an interest in wildlife and their habitats.

Reclaiming the Streets: Garda Review on the Ballinaboy Protests

Ireland, 15.12.2006 21:09

Garda Review is the magazine of the Garda Represen ...

En homenaje a 3 murgueros asesinados

Argentina, 15.12.2006 20:09

18 de Diciembre: día del murguero

En homenaje a 3 murgueros asesinados

Argentina, 15.12.2006 19:38

18 de Diciembre: día del murguero

actividad 19/20

Argentina, 15.12.2006 17:38

Day 52 TackBackTheLand: Miami Plans Raid of Shantytown; Clergy Expresses Support

Miami, 15.12.2006 17:37

Day 52 TackBackTheLand: Miami Plans Raid of Shantytown; Clergy Expresses Support

I�aki de Juana Chaos entre la vida y la muerte. Segunda huelga de hambre

Euskal Herria, 15.12.2006 16:39

The A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science

DC, 15.12.2006 16:09

The United States government bears great responsibility for keeping our environment clean and Americans healthy and safe. And while science is rarely the only factor in public policy decisions, this input should be objective and impartial. In recent years, however, scientists who work for and advise the federal government have seen their work manipulated, suppressed, distorted, while agencies have systematically limited public and policy maker access to critical scientific information. To document this abuse, the Union of Concerned Scientists has created the A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science.

The “Next Great City”?

Philadelphia, 15.12.2006 15:09

Councillor Talks Rubbish In Easton

Bristol, 15.12.2006 11:38

summary woodsy writes: Last Monday a public meeting was organised at Easton Community Centre to discuss problems with rubbish and recycling in Easton ... Jim Carpenter, Chair of ERN, introduced Cllr. Hopkins, who gave a brief presentation on the new waste management scheme and the reasons for its introduction. He mentioned the detrimental effect on the city's coffers of having to pay landfill tax for disposing of rubbish, stating that due to recycling, Bristol had since August saved £1.5 mn. in landfill tax and was now doing a nice trade in selling its unwanted landfill permits ... Bristol's recycling rate had gone from 12% to 39% of all waste in 12 months, but claimed the system introduced by the council was “designed to make it easier to recycle” ... Next came a brief contribution from Abdi and Kayse of The Somali Voice newspaper. They told us that Bristol's Somali population was now about 20,000 and that rates of recycling were very low, in the region of 1%, since the whole notion of recycling was completely novel to them ... The Bangladesh Womens' Group then voiced their concerns the main one of which was that Bangladeshi families are great lovers of home cooking and thus produce lots of food waste. Consequently, they found the brown food waste bins provided by the council far too small. Another concern was the increase in rats, flies and maggots ... Immediately after this came Liz Jones deputising for Asian Health and Social Care Services. She informed the meeting that South Asian families typically had between 5-7 residents per household and therefore produced abnormally high levels of waste and specific kinds of waste (e.g. large edible oil cans), which the recycling crews did not realise they were supposed to collect ... In response to these last 2 contributions, Gary Hopkins stated that extra brown bins could be supplied upon request, as could jumbo wheelie bins. There was an immediate riposte from the floor: “Where are we supposed to put all these extra bins then? There's no room on the pavements anyway?”. The councillor had no real response to this. He then moved onto the large empty oil cans. This prompted another interjection from the front row of the public: “Why don't you run your rubbish trucks on bio-diesel?” “Because of warranty issues”, came a reply from one of the council officers at the back. “Well change your suppliers”, came the riposte. A short and slightly heated dialogue of the deaf then ensued, proving that the 'not invented here' syndrome prevalent in the past in local authorities is still alive and well and living at the Counts Louse. Full Article| Councillor talks rubbish in Easton | Other Local Articles: Have your say, Bristol style | war - oil - consumerism - corporation - ecocide: an artists response | New planning application at Packers Field |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

23 de Diciembre:Jornada Estatal de Movilizaciones por una Vivienda Digna - Convocatorias en Andalucía

estrecho / madiaq, 15.12.2006 11:07

#media_7511;right# Las movilizaciones contra la especulación y por la vivienda digna para tod@s siguen creciendo a lo largo del estado. Tras las importantes movilizaciones desarrolladas en los últimos meses, se continúa en el intento de coordinar las actividades de protesta que se realizan en las distintas ciudades.

>>Sábado 23 de diciembre de 2006
>> SEVILLA: 17:00 HS Concentración en Plaza Nueva
>> MÁLAGA: 17:00 HS Cacerolada en Plaza de la Constitución
>> CADIZ: 17:00 HS Manifestación desde Plza San Juan de Dios

Petition in support of Assata Skakur

NYC, 15.12.2006 07:38

Sign the petition and forward widely!

Congress Votes 368-31 to Back Mumia’s Racist Frame-up

NYC, 15.12.2006 07:38

Nine New York Democrats in Congress voted nay while 10 voted for the resolution. Those voting against were Gregory Meeks, Jerrold Nadler, Anthony Weiner, Edolphus Towns, Major Owens, Nydia Velazquez, Charles Rangel, José Serrano, Maurice Hinchey.

Joining in the racist lynch mob voting for the blood of an innocent black man were New York Democrats Steve Israel, Carolyn McCarthy, Gary Ackerman, Joseph Crowley, Carolyn Maloney, Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Michael McNulty, Brian Higgins, and Louise Slaughter. Timothy Bishop didn’t vote.

Also voting for blood were Republicans Peter King, Vito Fossella, Sue Kelly, John Sweeney, John McHugh, Sherwood Boehlert, James Walsh, Thomas Reynolds, and John Kuhl.

The Failed Drug War: Stopping the Violence Means Rethinking Policy

NYC, 15.12.2006 07:38

New Jersey's drug war is being lost a little more each day. The policy of the U.S. government isn't working, it's time for a change.

Homophobic hate crimes strike Ada, Oklahoma

Oklahoma, 15.12.2006 04:08

2 attacked in recent incidents . Within the last two hate crimes have occured in the Ada, Oklahoma area. In one case, a woman was held to the ground by two men who carved the word "LESBIAN" into her arm with a razer blade or a box knife. In another case, a woman was hit in the head, had her shirt removed, and then tied to a tree with the cut-up shirt, with the word "hell-bound" written on her stomach. More information on these events, and the work of the Gay-Straight Alliance at East Central University to counter these attacks can be read at:

allí funcionan una decena de proyectos comunitarios

Argentina, 15.12.2006 02:38

La Asamblea de Almagro recibió orden de desalojo

&quot;Battery Bunnies&quot; Packed into Small Cages

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.12.2006 00:39

Despite being one of the most popular companion animals in the country, rabbits are among the most exploited. Domestic rabbits — cherished for their playful, gentle natures — are skinned for their fur, blinded to test cosmetics, bred for show, drugged in the name of science, clipped for wool products, pulled out of magicians' hats, killed in vivisection labs, sold as food for pet snakes, and raised and shipped by breeders motivated only by profit.

Nashville to Host 16th Annual Homeless Memorial

Tennessee, 15.12.2006 00:09

Every year the Nashville Homeless Power Project hosts a memorial for our brothers and sisters who have died while homeless. We are joined by hundreds of homeless people, council members, advocates, congregations and our other friends. While many have heard about the murder of homeless woman Tara Cole, there have been countless others who have died because their lack of housing exposed them to increased levels violence, exposure to hazardous weather conditions, and extreme illness. As of December 14, 2006, the Nashville Homeless Power Project has collected 35 names of people who have died while homeless. We expect that many more have died that the project has yet to learn about. In 2005, 30 names were collected.

Amazon watch victory in Ecuador

Houston, 15.12.2006 00:09

Achuar leaders visit Houston to discuss oil drilling in the Amazon

Convocamos a resistir la represión cultural

Argentina, 14.12.2006 23:38

La Asamblea de Almagro recibió orden de desalojo

edukado (eo)

Barcelona, 14.12.2006 23:08

Piratante la universitaton

La tradicia universitato estas minacata far la novliberala tutmondigo, la privatigo, la elitismo, la enkomercigo, la malegalaĵoj, la nefirmeco, la fiksiĝo kaj tiom da malsanoj, kiuj pelas nin al konstanta batalado por publika kaj kvalita universitato kaj, eĉ, al estigo de nova universitato, kie oni instruu kaj lernu alimaniere.

[15an nov] je la 19h, en la okupita domo Miles de Viviendas: la pirata universitato malfermas siajn portojn

[16an nov] je la 12h, en placo Universitat: ĉiuj surstraten kontraŭ Bulåggna!

rilataj novaĵoj: ago antaŭ la ministerio pri edukado ::: kolektado de subskriboj kontraŭ la Aŭtonoma Universitato ::: komunikaĵoj pri la malpermesado de la lasta studenta manifestacio ::: Manifesto de la asocio Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular ::: La Sindikato de Studentoj de la Kataluna Landaro internaciigas la batalojn en la Eŭropa Studento-Forumo ::: Infoespai: akceptado, memlernado kaj agado

+infoj : >>>edukado + Mobiliziga Platformo por la Defendo de la Publika Universitato

inoj (eo)

Barcelona, 14.12.2006 22:08

25N: tago de la perforto kontraŭ la inoj

Perforto kontraŭ inoj kelkfoje alprenas nesuspektitajn formojn, sed tre evidentajn en aliaj okazoj. Daŭre ekzistas miloj da virinoj sekse perfortitaj, kiuj suferas senmezurajn kondamnojn, kiuj suferas seksajn agresojn, kiuj estas murditaj, kiuj mutilite kreskas, kiuj estas sklavoj, kiuj vivas sieĝataj, kiuj suferas sanitaran malzorgon kaj aliajn specojn de perfortoj, nur ĉar oni agnoskas nek praktike nek teorie fundamentajn rajtojn, kiujn ĉiu rajtas havi. Diru kion vi vidas, kion vi sentas...

[25an de novembro] Gravaj agadoj kontraŭ la kontraŭina perforto:
[25an de novembro] Barcelono 19,30a Placo Sant Jaume: Per la voĉo de la inoj: Memoro, vero, justo kaj riparado
[21an ĝis 25a de novembro] Vilanova i la Geltrú Junulo: Vi ekribelu kontraŭ la patriarka reĝimo
[24an de novembro] Sant Cugat del Vallès Agotago kontraŭ la masklisma perforto
[25an ĝis 26a de novembro] Vilafranca del Penedès Haltigu la paroladojn, ni postulas apelaciojn

rilataj novaĵoj: Sep iraninoj kondamnitaj al ŝtonumado ::: Murdo de Anna Politkosvskaja ::: La sandinistoj, la katolika eklezio kaj la liberaluloj volas puni la abortigon en Nikaragvo ::: Konstanta gutado de in-murdoj ::: Subpremo de la ŝtato kontraŭ la maldekstrulinoj ::: Inoj kaj ajdoso ::: Iniciatoj por la paco de kolombiinoj ::: Tubau, estrarano de la politika partio "Ciudadanos", seksa persekutadanto

pliaj infoj :: >>>inoj

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 14.12.2006 22:08

Can Ricart okupita

La pasintan 2an de decembro, la kreiva festomarŝo por entombigi la vakigitan socian centron La Makabra finiĝis en Can Ricart, kie oni kunvokis kanapon kaj informan kaj agan tagon pri la situacio de la ejo kaj de la kvartalo Poblenou. Plian fojon la polico klopodis malpermesi nian rajton uzi la publikajn spacojn, sed ni ne prirezignos. >>> [3an dec] Rifuzita la urĝa vakigo

Malfermita dato por vakigi Lokerian

+ Kaze de vakigo, amasiĝo je la 19a h. antaŭ la urbodomo de L'Hospitalet

Mapo por trovi Can Ricart-on + Atentu pri la novaj kunvokoj... Legu la tutan novaĵon...

ekologio (eo)

Barcelona, 14.12.2006 22:08

Biciklo, la malamiko numero 1

La Magistrato de Barcelona denove translimiĝas kaj eĉplifortigas sian regularon pri ĝentileco, la plej populara kaj estimata urba regularo. Ĉar la konsilataro de Barcelono ĉiam atingas sian celon kaj nun la celo de tia bontrafo estas la bicikloj kaj iliaj diversaj geuzantoj. Reguloj kaj punoj buntaj kaj koloraj por la malĝentiluloj, kiuj tagon post tago proponadas veran ĉiutagan solvon veturante per tiu senmotora ilo. Ŝajnas, do, ke veturi per biciklo ne estas B ("Bone" laŭ fama reklamkampanjo de "B"arcelono); senkonsidere de tio, kion povus diri, de tempo al tempo, la amaskomunikilaj reklamkampanjoj de la plej estimata Magistrato de Barcelono.

Legu la tutan novaĵon...

Worcester Women's Oral History Project

Worcester, 14.12.2006 21:39

Worcester Women's Oral History Project, Get Involved

Sentencing Dates Set for “Eco-Sabotage” Defendants

Portland, 14.12.2006 21:38

Today, in the federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon, Judge Ann Aiken set sentencing dates for ten individuals who earlier this year pled guilty to charges stemming from the FBI's "Operation Backfire" prosecutions. Despite the fact than none of the defendants in the case were ever charged with the crime of terrorism, federal prosecutors have announced that they will seek terrorism sentence enhancements of up to 20 years (It has never been alleged that any defendant injured another human or animal as a result of their politically motivated acts of sabotage.) Beyond additional time in federal prison, any terrorism enhancement would have potentially Draconian consequences for defendants upon release. Such a finding by the courts may prohibit them from being able to travel outside the U.S., open a bank account, or otherwise successfully reintegrate into society.

"The sentencing provision at issue, entitled 'Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries,' simply does not apply to the facts of this case and is a blatant attempt by the government to label citizens as terrorists for political gain and to manipulate and exploit Americans' concerns after 9/11 - which was a true act of terrorism," stated Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. "In a case where only property damage occurs, and where citizens took illegal action to stop environmental destruction and animal suffering within the U.S., this federal law was not meant to apply and is unconstitutionally applied to these defendants."


Arizona, 14.12.2006 21:07

Dine' Establish Blockade Near Proposed Power Plant Site


Houston, 14.12.2006 20:09

Rice removes Kleenex products, students protest Kimberly Clark environmental practices


Oost-Vlaanderen, 14.12.2006 20:07

Spamaanval op imc-ovl

Contra la represión, organización y lucha

Argentina, 14.12.2006 19:38

Más de 2000 asesinados en democracia, Más de 600 durante el gobierno de Kirchner

Termina a Ocupação e Indígenas têm audiência com Ministro da Justiça na proxima segunda-feira (18)

Brasil, 14.12.2006 19:38


Tejerina deberá esperar sentencia firme en prisión

Argentina, 14.12.2006 18:39

Niegan la excarcelación de Romina

More Than 1,200 Arrested in Six-State Immigration Raid

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.12.2006 18:39

At least 1,280 workers have been arrested in a series of immigration raids targeting six Swift & Co. meatpacking plants. The raids took place in Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Iowa and Minnesota It marks the largest sweep of its kind ever against a single company. Local Spanish radio host, Antonio Medina, describes the immigration raid as aggressive and ugly. "I went to the plant to see what was happening, but because I'm Latino they immediately asked me for my papers," said Medina.

Tejerina deberá esperar sentencia firme en prisión

Argentina, 14.12.2006 18:08

Niegan la excarcelación de Romina

Human Rights Day: a time to take stock

Philadelphia, 14.12.2006 17:38

Dec. 22nd Protest at Miami Mexican Consulate in solidarity with Oaxaca

Miami, 14.12.2006 17:07

Dec. 22nd Protest at Miami Mexican Consulate in solidarity with Oaxaca

Diskusi di Toko Buku Ultimus Bandung Dibubarkan Pemuda Panca Marga dan Polisi

Jakarta, 14.12.2006 16:38

Beberapa peserta diskusi ditangkap dan ditahan Diskusi Gerakan Marxisme Internasional dengan topik gerakan buruh di Kanada yang digelar di Toko Buku Ultimus, Jl Lengkong, Bandung, dibubarkan polisi dan Pemuda Panca Marga, saat baru berjalan sekitar 20 menit. ...

Международный день прав животных (фотоотчёт)

Belarus, 14.12.2006 16:07


Belarus, 14.12.2006 16:07

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 14.12.2006 14:08

Pedro Alvarez, Roger, presos 4f, presos polítics...

Ja fa 14 anys que Pedro Álvarez va ser assassinat per un agent de policia, de la Brigada de Seguretat Ciutadana, per una discussió de trànsit, amb un tret mortal al cap. Als set dies va ser posat en llibertat i, de moment, el crim ha quedat impune i l´assassí continua en llibertat i encobert per totes les forces de seguretat de l´estat. Fa poc hem conegut la sentència per l'assassinat d'en Roger, amb l'escandalosa petició d'indult pel culpable, que no ha hagut de passar per la presó preventiva, cosa que sí continuen patint els presos del cas 4f, malgrat que en aquest cas no hi ha cap mort ni l'acusació se sosté. Així en tants altres casos. On és, doncs, la igualtat davant la llei?

Altres notícies relacionades: Can Ricart, 22@, qui infringeix la llei? ::: Multa exagerada als grafiters de Can Vies ::: Solidària amb els 3 de Gràcia condemnada i multada ::: Impunitat de feixistes i policies a València ::: Detenció de Marina Bernadó ::: Vaga de fam itinerant contra l'enduriment de penes a presos bascos ::: Iñaki de Juana, la injusta novetat d'allargar penes per opinions ::: Judici cas dels Monjos

[15des]19.30. Hospitalet,Avd.Catalunya. Manifestació: 14 anys sense el Pedro

[22des]20h. Pça Catalunya: cas Roger: La justícia és cega, però nosaltres no

[22-23des]diverses ciutats Marxa de torxes 2006

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió + alerta solidària

criminalización y represión (es)

Barcelona, 14.12.2006 14:08

Pedro Álvarez, Roger, presos 4f, presos políticos...

Ya hace 14 años que Pedro Álvarez fue asesinado por un agente de policía, de la Brigada de Seguridad Ciudadana, por una discusión de tránsito, con un disparo mortal en la cabeza. A los siete días el policía que realizó el disparo fue puesto en libertad y, de momento, el crimen ha quedado impune y su autor continúa en libertad y encubierto por todas las fuerzas de seguridad del estado. Hace poco hemos conocido la sentencia por el asesinato de Roger, con la escandalosa petición de indulto para el culpable, que no ha tenido que pasar por prisión preventiva, hecho que si continúan sufriendo los presos del caso 4f, aunque en este caso no ha habido ninguna muerte ni la acusación se sostiene. Y así en muchos otros casos. ¿Dónde está la igualdad frente a la ley?

Otras noticias relacionadas: Can Ricart, 22@, ¿quién infringe la ley? ::: Multa exagerada para los grafiteros de Can Vies ::: Solidaria con los 3 de Gràcia condenada y multada ::: Impunidad de fascistas y policías en València ::: Detención de Marina Bernadó ::: Huelga de hambre itinerante contra el endurecimiento de penas a presos vascos ::: Iñaki de Juana, la injusta novedad de alargar penas por opiniones ::: Juicio caso de Els Monjos

[15dic]19.30h. Hospitalet, Avd.Catalunya: Manifestación: 14 años sin Pedro

[22dic]20h. Pça Catalunya: caso Roger: La justicia es ciega, pero nosotros no

[22-23dic]En diferentes ciudades: Marcha de antorchas 2006

+info: >>>criminalización y represión + alerta solidària

Drug Crime, Greed, and Community Destruction

Ireland, 14.12.2006 13:39

RIP Anthony Campbell Anthony Campbell, a 20-year-o ...

Immigrant Detention

Melbourne, 14.12.2006 11:39

Baxter Asylum Seekers Protest Indefinite Detention

Reclaiming the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion

Melbourne, 14.12.2006 11:39

Ballarat: Eureka Australia Day Medals Awarded

Victory For Fairford Coach Campaigners

United Kingdom, 14.12.2006 10:09

Campaigners have won a massive legal battle after they proved that the police violated their rights to protest when around 120 peace protestors were prevented from reaching USAF/RAF Fairford on the 22nd of March 2003. Three coaches full of protestors were first stopped and searched, then forcibly returned to London under police escort. At the start of the war with Iraq, Fairford airbase in Gloucestershire (and the B-52 bomber planes that were flying from it) had become a focus for anti-war protest and direct action.

The High Court and Court of Appeal had already ruled that the police acted unlawfully in detaining protesters on the coaches. But on Wednesday 13th Dec, in a judgement that has implications beyond the Fairford case, Law Lords ruled that the police also violated the right to freedom of expression and lawful assembly. See campaign Press Release.

Original Indymedia Coverage: Pics 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Download Video: 1 | 2

July 03: Civil Liberties and Anti-war Protest Policing
Aug 03: Judicial Review Granted
Feb 04: High Court Victory [ruling]
Dec 04: Court of Appeal Outcome [ruling]

Links: Fairford Coach Action Campaign | Full judgement from the Lords | We fought the law and... eh... we won? Fairford coaches appeal victory

250th day of Behiç Aşçı’s strike

Istanbul, 14.12.2006 08:39

250th day of Behiç Aşçı’s hunger strike

Voices with Vision: October 12, 2006 - The Politicization of Child Sexual Abuse

DC, 14.12.2006 06:09

Nowadays, you can receive an email to your Blackberry with an alert that a registered sex offender has moved in next-door. At home, you can log online to view the faces of all of the registered offenders in your neighborhood … Yet, many child sexual abuse prevention activists, researchers, and survivors are not praising these technological advances. Ingrid Drake from the DC Radio Co-op explores the politicization of child sexual abuse in the US


Argentina, 14.12.2006 00:38

Recordatorio a 35 años del asesinato de Silvia Filler

Jornadas &quot;Escalada y Revolución&quot;: Aniversario del Rokódromo

estrecho / madiaq, 13.12.2006 23:07

El sábado 16 de diciembre se celebrarán las Jornadas "Escalada y Revolución" en el marco del I Aniversario del inicio de la construcción de las obras del Rokodromo del CSOA Sin Nombre de Sevilla (San Bernardo, 42).

El programa completo con exposición, charla, mesa redonda, proyección de documentales, espectáculo, comida popular y concierto, lo puedes consultar más abajo.

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