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Toolbox recovery in Angeles National Forest

Portland, 22.12.2006 13:38

Saturday was a work day for the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders yet since it was scheduled to rain and snow we decided we would avoid working in the freezing mud and instead hike up along Bear Creek trail up to the Smith Mountain saddle. From there we would hike down for another mile or so into the designated wilderness area to survey the condition of the trail and to check on the condition of the big metal tool box that had been left up there since about 2001 -- before the Curve Fire and Williams Fire had swept through the area.


Crystal Lake photographs and such

Mt. Hood &quot;Tragedy&quot; - Is Bourgeois Press Encouraging Belief In Wilderness Rescue Miracles?

Portland, 22.12.2006 13:38

The tragedy that unfolded this past week at Mt. Hood, Oregon has been covered extensively by the bourgeois press, in its own inimitable and interminable way. Much smoke and little light has been shed on the incident in which it appears that three "experienced" mountain climbers have lost their lives.

Little has been said about the wisdom of their decision to attempt to scale one of the tallest mountains in the Cascade Range during the worst time of the year for such an adventure. I realize that the families of the victims are holding out hope that their loved ones will be found to have survived the hellish conditions they encountered this week; I do not wish to add to their suffering by publishing this article. It is in the interest of preventing the loss of lives in the future that I present this piece, as my research into this tragedy has turned up some very interesting information regarding the quality of information available to the public regarding weather conditions in the region, and the facilities available to those who attempt to scale these very dangerous peaks.


Portland, 22.12.2006 13:38

At the Mexican Consulate at 2pm (1234 SW Morrison) to protest the repression of the people's democracy of Oaxaca.

And if you can't make that......

Street theater at Holladay Park (between Lloyd Center and Max Station)
A recreation of the last six months of the beautiful and horrible events in Mexico.

Protest the US' puppet oligarchy down south; stand up for REAL democracy. Oaxaca's example is teaching the world about freedom-- lets let them know we are listening.

Crise no transporte público em Salvador chega a níveis insustentáveis

Brasil, 22.12.2006 12:39


Last Night Do-It-Yourself New Year's Celebration

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.12.2006 11:08

Undaunted by civil rights violations last year by the Santa Cruz Police Department, this year's Last Night DIY Parade and Celebration enthusiasts return in full force to take over the streets on New Year's Eve in Santa Cruz.
From the Last Night DIY website: "Last Night is a decentralized, collective, spontaneous, open, public New Year's Eve celebration, a completely organic event, organized and put on at a grassroots-level."

Images: Day of Outrage March and Rally

NYC, 22.12.2006 07:38

Protestors march and rally around the financial district calling for Ray Kelly's resignation and indictments for the police officers who killed Sean Bell and wounded Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman.

ASA Statewide Conference on January 13th

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.12.2006 04:08

Americans for Safe Access will hold the 2nd Annual State Conference on January 13th and 14th at the Pickwick Gardens Conference Center in Burbank, California. ASA staff is planning workshops and seminars that are designed to "give activists the skills they need to achieve effective statewide campaigns while providing a vehicle for local campaigns to flourish."

Casino Board Decides

Pittsburgh, 22.12.2006 03:39

Decision: No Casino on the Hill

Proposals to weaken Oakland's Condo-conversion Protections Put on Hold

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2006 22:08

Proposals to weaken Oakland's condo-conversion protections have been put on hold. On December 6th, Councilwoman Brooks, who had backed the proposals, pulled the plug on the scheduled vote before it occurred, as it had become apparent that there were not enough votes to support its passage. Councilwoman Brooks referred the controversial matter over to a blue-ribbon committee, for a study on increasing more affordable housing in Oakland, and the report is expected to be submitted back to the council in around 3 months.

Homeless People in Fresno Win a Victory - Face New Challenges

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2006 22:08

Homeless people have recently won several victorys in Fresno. The success followed a lawsuit filed on behalf of homeless people which seeks to stop the city from taking and immediately destroying their property. Despite a temporary restraining order against the city, destruction of homeless encampments has continued.

Sacramento Protest Demands National Guard Be Brought Back From Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2006 22:08

Sacramento area anti-war activists are keeping the pressure on the Governor to withdraw the California National Guard from Iraq. The Sacramento Catholic Worker House, Grandmothers for Peace and other local peace activists held a rally and march in Sacramento on Friday, December 15th demanding that the California National Guard be withdrawn from Iraq immediately. Photos

Animal Rights Activists Demand Boycott of Canadian Seafood

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2006 22:08

On December 20, 2006 Jason Robicheau of Harp and Sky Valencia of the Vegan Vixens stood at the corner of Bay and Mason Street handing out flyers, t-shirts, stickers stuffed toy seals, and even rocks painted with a Seal face in hopes of urging the community to join them in their Boycott of Canadian Seafood.

United Steelworkers Rally for Workers Rights

Tennessee, 21.12.2006 21:09

On Saturday, December 16th, the United Steelworkers joined in solidarity actions nationwide including in the midsouth region in Frankfort, Louisville, Lexington and Ashland in Kentucky and Memphis, Nashville and Jackson in Tennessee. On October 5 of this year, in response to unacceptable contract offers from the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 15,000 members of the USW were forced to strike for job security and the guarantee of healthcare in their retirement. The Steelworkers are entering the tenth week of their strike and these 15,000 union members are fighting for their working lives.

Farmworkers, McDonald's, and You - Building Solidarity in NYC

NYC, 21.12.2006 21:08

Join us for a discussion with Marc Rodrigues of the Student/Farmworker Alliance
on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' current campaign demanding justice and
fair wages for tomato pickers in McDonald's supply chain

NoWar Westchester Vigil: Reminding Hillary Clinton about the people in her village

NYC, 21.12.2006 21:08

White Plains, NY---With only a few shopping days left to go before Christmas; US Senator Hillary Clinton made an appearance at a Borders book store to sign copies of her book It Takes a Village. Waiting to greet her were members of NoWar Westchester, there to send a message that supporting an unjust war is not forgotten even with an electoral victory.

JustSeeds needs your help!

NYC, 21.12.2006 21:08

For 10 years, JustSeeds has been a critical resource for radical artists working outside the "art world" system. In the process of becoming a decentralized artist-owned cooperative, the floor suddenly fell out from under them. The collapse of Clamor Magazine leaves JustSeeds without a distributor and in colossal debt. Help save a priceless radical art project from shutting down forever. The community of art-activists around JustSeeds have launched national projects like the Celebrate People's History poster series, Street Art Workers, Drawing Resistance, Cut & Paint, and a hell of a lot more: now they need your help to continue. Below is a letter from Josh MacPhee:

The Yuppification Of Inner City Bristol?

Bristol, 21.12.2006 20:08

Change is afoot in central Bristol. summary bkrs writes: "Is there a coherent plan behind all these 'luxury apartment complex' projects sprouting up around St. Paul's and along Stokes Croft? Or did someone simply forget to ask local residents what they want for the area? Change is afoot in central Bristol. In St. Paul’s and along Stokes Croft more and more new buildings are going up, and shall continue to go up, should the many planning applications submitted to the council be approved ... Even where social housing providers are getting in on the land grab, it is not to offer true social housing with affordable rents, but instead to build shared ownership properties - despite there being no proven demand for it from tenants locally ... many of these developments will mean the demolition of existing amenities used by local people - and whilst our new neighbours may indeed be attracted to the vibrant culture of St. Paul’s, experience often teaches us how that initial attraction often quickly develops into demands for our clubs to be quieter, for our community pubs to be turned into style bars more to their taste, for us to be less visible in order to make their ‘living experience’ more enjoyable. So exactly what is being proposed?" Visit the Full Article for a list of 16 developments in the near area. (Image: The surrounding context? The Broadmead expansion continues apace, on the doorstep of the area.) bkrs continues: I’m not saying all these developments are bad, nor good. but there’s a hell of a lot of change being planned at the moment, and not too much ‘consultation’. Any of these plans in isolation might be brilliant; but taken together, and the possibility exists for a fundamental change in the character of the area around St. Paul’s and Stokes Croft. When there are 500+ new (for the most part relatively well-off) residents in the area, with their video door entryphones, gated parking, privately-contracted waste management, higher council tax bands and estate agent jargonised new neighbourhood names ... do you think there will be room left for residents who lived through the hardest times to enjoy the area's sudden popularity? Lest we forget - 51º02. | Full Article |BRISTOL AIRPORT EXPANSION LATEST : Airport Expansion Stopped! (at least for now...) Stop Bristol Airport Expansion writes: A motion recommending the delay of expansion at Bristol International Airport (BIA), which was passed by North Somerset Council yesterday evening (20th Dec) has been strongly welcomed by the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion campaign group (SBAE). The special meeting of the council's planning and economic development policy and scrutiny panel agreed to recommend that BIA's expansion should be delayed until an independent assessment of BIA's plans had been carried out. Full Article| Headlined Items: The yuppification of inner city Bristol? | Airport Expansion Stopped! (at least for now...) | Airport’s traffic figures questioned | Also Of Interest: Day of Action Against 4x4s in Bristol | Train drivers support Half Hour Train Campaign | Publish: Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar |

Politicians Toying With Black History In Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2006 19:08

Rev. Floyd D Harris Jr questions whether marching with Fresno area politicians is in the true spirit of the holiday.
" If Dr. King were alive today I know he would have been on the front lines with us in Fresno denouncing The Fresno Police Department, Mayor, City Manager, Sanitation Department and the representative from District #3 for violating the constitutional rights of poor people. You will see all of these people who say they believe in Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr.'s life in the front of the march and the microphone every year speaking about how wonderful he was, while they act totally opposite of Dr. King's legacy. If we are going to march for the celebration of Dr. King, then let's march for something that will bring justice to the community. "

HIMC and Print

Houston, 21.12.2006 18:08

El Independiente launches a radical voice from occupied Mexico


Colombia, 21.12.2006 17:38


Feliz Consumo!!!!

Euskal Herria, 21.12.2006 15:10

Processos contra militantes serão arquivados em SC

Brasil, 21.12.2006 12:38


Native Chicagoan Sues Rumsfeld for Torture

Portland, 21.12.2006 12:38

Donald Rumsfeld is returning home to Skokie, Illinois and he will soon be greeted by the Sherrif with news from the powerful law firm of Loevy and Loevy. Rumsfeld will be asked to appear before Judge Milton Shadur to answer the complaint filed by one of his victims, US Navy veteran Donald Vance.

Vance was secretly detained for 3 months at the infamous Camp Cropper, near Baghdad International Airport, after cooperating with the FBI in an investigation of illegal arms sales by a security firm operating in Iraq. Vance, a 29 year old Chicago native, previously had 2 years of active duty in the Navy and 4 years in the reserves. After 9/11 he made himself available to be reactivated if necessary. In 2004, he took a job with a private contractor named "The Sandi group" that was working in a joint venture with DynCorp International to provide security support in Iraq. Dyncorp is one of the contractors that had an early presence in the privatization of the US military, as part of Plan Columbia, where they have been effective in eliminating the political opposition to President Alvaro Uribe.

Washington County Peace Vigil

Portland, 21.12.2006 12:38

After listening to President Chucklenut's press conference today, I decided to attend the Wa.County Peace Vigil. It meets every wednesday from 6:30pm 7:30pm @ 5th and Hall in Beaverton across from the library. It has met for 16 consecutive months.There were other military parents there like myself in attendance.

Bicyclist 1, Portland 0

Portland, 21.12.2006 12:38

Chalk one up for the nonlawyer bicyclist.

Joe Rowe, a Northeast Portland resident, got a ticket in September 2004, during a demonstration held by bicyclists.

According to the Oregon Court of Appeals, here's how it happened:
Rowe was standing next to his bicycle on a sidewalk. Portland Police Officer David R. Sessum told him to "move along, please, because we need to keep the sidewalk clear."

Rowe asked why.

Reparations Movement Wins Historic Victory in Legal Arena

Portland, 21.12.2006 12:38

Chalk a big one up for the reparations movement. On December 13th, the US Court of Appeals in Chicago upheld fraud claims brought by African Americans against 15 major US banks, insurers, and transportation companies that concealed their slave trading histories from consumers - knowing all the while that their customers would want this information. In his 17-page opinion, Judge Richard Posner said that a seller of goods who hides his company's slave trading history because he's afraid of losing customers is "guilty of fraud."

Oaxaca ile dayanışma eylemi

Istanbul, 21.12.2006 09:38

22 Aralık'ta tüm dünyada Oaxaca ile dayanışma eylemleri çağrısı


Miami, 21.12.2006 05:08


Queensland Racism

Melbourne, 21.12.2006 03:09

No Charges for Police over Palm Island Death in Custody

The Casino Decisions: Broken Politics All The Way Down

Philadelphia, 21.12.2006 01:08

Prédio abandonado há mais de 30 anos vira moradia digna para 152 famílias

Brasil, 20.12.2006 22:39


Solstice Eve - New Years Eve

Bristol, 20.12.2006 22:08

Community Events Newswire Round-Up summary 22nd December : Community Yule Celebration. Yule blogger writes: You are all invited to a singalong this Friday (22nd Dec) at St Werburghs Community Centre, at the Community Yule Celebration. An opportunity for young & old to learn/sing with gusto old Yule songs, along with the odd subverted Christmas carol. Songsheets will be available, and for the really keen there’ll be a brief practice with lead singers & acoustic musicians at 5.30pm, followed by the main singalong around 7pm. This is an informal event, no bowing, scraping or crossing yerself! St Werburghs community centre, Horley Road, BS2 9TJ, from 5.30-9pm Just so all you thirsty Friday people know - the community centre's bar will be open. The event is free to come to. BUT we will be asking for donations on the door to cover costs of room hire, with any surplus being donated to a Palestinian kids charity. (Image: The 'Green Man'. The origins of are largely lost in the mists of time, but is associated with humanity's link to nature, especially during festival periods, and the turns of the season.) Full Article24th & 25th December : Kebele Cafe Santanarchist Shindig!. Santanarchist writes: Kebele Cafe will be opening for a special Christmas Day Party! A lovely festive vegan meal, party games, lunch time booze-up at the Greenbank, movies in the afternoon - Christmas Day can mean a lot of different things to different people. What will yours be like? A) Long drives to sit at the in-laws table with a stupid hapless grin on your face as your partner tries to defend your lack of career prospects ... B) A trip to the church / cathedral / sacred briar patch followed by an enforced period of self-loathing ... C) A frenzy of sugar-fueled kiddy mayhem as presents are ripped open ... and parents spend the day giving meaningful, threatening stares to the Older Kid who is desperate to make the Younger Kid cry by telling them that Santa doesnt exist ... D) A day like any other, except you seem to catch yourself sighing a lot, and the TV is better, but the pub is shut in the evening? If you answered A, B or C - good luck! However, if you answered D, then why not come over to the Kebele and spend the day with us? 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol. Also see the calendar for the Sunday evening cafe on the 24th. Full ArticleNew Years Eve Peace Vigil on Salisbury Plain. Tony Gosling writes: For the fifth consecutive year a Salisbury Plain Peace Vigil will be held on the army range at 12 noon on New Year's Eve 31 Dec 2006. The 'ghost village' of Imber, near Warminster in Wiltshire, was commandeered by the army in World War II for training purposes with the promise that residents could move back after the war. That never happened and now the village is only open for a few days every year when the army are not active ... This year the Imber range roads will open to the public from Warminster to Gore Cross and from Bratton to Heytesbury from 12 noon on Fri 22nd Dec to 8am on Tue 2nd Jan. On Sat 23rd Dec at 11am the Royal British Legion and the vicar of Eddington will conduct a postponed rememberance day service since the range was closed in early Nov. ... Imber will be used as a place to build for peace rather than train for warfare. Contact details on the Full Article. (Image: Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain on Winter Solstice, 21st Dec.)| Singalonga Friday | At a loose end on Christmas Day? | New Years Eve Peace Vigil on Salisbury Plain |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar |

The Coup's Bus Crashes Outside San Diego

San Diego, 20.12.2006 20:39

After playing a show at the San Diego House of Blues the previous evening, a bus carrying the radical Oakland hip-hop band The Coup, Boston rapper Mr. Lif and DJ Big Wiz crashed in the Imperial Valley east of San Diego during the early morning hours of December 2. DJ Big Wiz, Silk-E from the Coup, Zhara working with Mr. Lif, and the bus driver all were taken to hospitals in Palm Springs to treat injuries ranging from broken ribs to a shattered kneecap. The bus, containing many of the bands' belongings, computers and instruments, burned and was a total loss. Boots Riley from The Coup is appealing for help.

From Boots Riley: I was sitting in the diner-like booth that many of these buses have in the front. I held on to the table with one hand and tried to guard my head with the other, all the while thinking that I was probably about to die. I don't remember seeing everyone flying and flipping around me as it was happening, but Carter's (the road manager) and Wiz's face were covered in blood, and everybody seemed to be laying around hurt.

The bus was on it's side, with the entrance door up. I called for people to say there names so we could get a head count of who was conscious or not. Silk E, Q (drums), Riccol (bass), and Metro (Lif's hype man) were trapped in the back lounge because the doors connecting the front and back lounges to the bunks were electrically powered and didn't move with no power on. They ended up ripping and squeezing their way out of a tiny little window and jumped down off the bus as the rest of us got out the front. If anyone had been sleeping in the bunks, they would not have been able to get out. I was the third person to jump off the front of the bus, as I hung down to make the jump shorter, I saw that the front of the bus was on fire. I yelled to everyone, saying to get off the bus immediately because the bus was on fire and it could blow up. We all did. No one was killed. The bus was totally engulfed in flames. For a while no one stopped to help, supposedly because the thought we were "illegal aliens" crossing the border. --Read More-- Donate from The Coup's Myspace Profile

Background: The Coup | Mr. Lif | DJ Big Wiz

Private Prison Detaining Immigrant Families Is Target of Protest

Austin, 20.12.2006 18:38

The privatized Hutto jail was the focus of a walk and vigil last week by Texas activists protesting the incarceration of immigrants and their children. "Innocent children should not be jailed and forced to live under traumatizing and dehumanizing conditions," said a statement from vigil organizers, Texans United for Families. "It is bad policy and an impractical and inhumane response to a growing refugee crisis. The U.S. should seek alternatives to detention while making sure that it legislates policies that support families and keep them together and out of jail." Jay Johnson-Castro, a South Texas businessman who earned recognition for his walk protesting the planned border wall, also walked from the nearby Texas Capitol to join the vigil. In a follow-up email, Johnson-Castro encouraged more activism: "Get access into these so called 'detention centers' which are little more than prison camps that exploit desperate people only to make obscene profits." The Hutto jail is named after T. Don Hutto, co-founder of Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), the jail's corporate proprietor. In 2004, CCA announced that the jail would be closed for lack of occupancy, but the site was revived as a result of new immigration enforcement policies. According to immigration lawyer, John Wheat Gibson, some of the children and a pregnant woman being held at the Hutto jail are Palestinian refugees whose families came to the USA with visas. "The children, imprisoned with their mothers, have never been accused of any wrongdoing. Neither have their mothers," says Gibson. "All are Palestinian refugees who entered the U.S. legally, but have been denied asylum."

Congressional Endorsement of Abu-Jamal Verdict is Part of a Wider Abdication of Justice

Philadelphia, 20.12.2006 18:38

PA Gaming Control Board: Foxwoods and Sugarhouse

Philadelphia, 20.12.2006 18:38

After Nally's Acquittal: Vigil forTravellers' Rights

Ireland, 20.12.2006 17:38

Images of Tuesday's vigil at the steps of the Fou ...

The Last Days of The Indypendent?

NYC, 20.12.2006 17:38

It's never been easier to give to The Indy!

SEND BY MAIL: The Indypendent
PO Box 1417 New York, NY 10276
CALL IT IN: (917) 847-4992

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Friday, December 22nd

NYC, 20.12.2006 17:09

Please forward, repost these calls to action!

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Friday, December 22nd

"For the living reappearance of the disappeared, for the freedom of the detained, for the exit of Ulises Ruiz and the federal forces from Oaxaca, for the punishment of those guilty of torture, rape and murder." - EZLN

please add more events as a comment

Donate in Solidarity with Oaxaca

International solidarity mobilizations set for Dec.22

Press Release for December 22nd

Global Solidarity with Oaxaca

Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Friday, December 22nd

Global Indymedia Story: The people of Oaxaca take the streets again - International solidarity mobilizations set for Dec.22

In defiance of severe repression brought by federal and state authorities, hundreds of thousands of Oaxaqueños took to the streets Dec. 10 for the international day of action for Oaxaca and the Eighth Megamarch. Demanding the freedom of 138 political prisoners, live presentation of disappeared individuals, the immediate exit of federal police forces and governor Ulises Ruiz from Oaxaca, 385,000 people filled the main avenues of Oaxaca city.

Updates: APPO | Chiapas IMC | CML | Indybay | NYC IMC | El Enemigo Común

The EZLN, which has just wrapped up its national listening tour, has called for international mobilizations in solidarity with Oaxaca on Dec. 22

Strategies for Adopting a New Vegetarian Lifestyle

Richmond, 20.12.2006 17:08

Easy steps for adopting a vegetarian lifestyle by converting dishes that you already are familiar with and enjoy, gradually changing your meals, and exploring new foods and recipes.

MEXICO ON THE BRINK: Film &amp; Discussion Thursday, December 21

Richmond, 20.12.2006 17:08

Thursday, December 21 7:00PM William Byrd Community Center 224 S. Cherry St. - A presentation of the film, "El Enimigo Comun" ("The Common Enemy") from Austin, TX Indymedia & talk with Richmond Indymedia activist Jen Lawhorne, currently living and reporting in Mexico. Hosted by Richmond Indymedia Center

Asociaciones y partidos políticos se movilizan ante el juicio a Rafael Doblas por la defensa de la “libertad de expresión y manifestación”

estrecho / madiaq, 20.12.2006 17:07

Convocan para hoy una rueda de prensa y una concentración mañana en Miramar a la misma hora en que se celebra la vista

Mexican Struggles Today: Solidarity Across States and Borders

NYC, 20.12.2006 16:38

Reports and commentary from our featured guests to get a better understanding of the historical context and current struggles in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Mexico City, and across Mexico and the U.S. And we will have a conversation about what this means for U.S. solidarity activism today, and the progress and possibilities of building alliances and movements at local, national, and international levels among these and other campaigns and struggles.

The Age of Mammals: Looking Back on the First Quarter of the Twenty-First Century

NYC, 20.12.2006 16:38

[For Solomon Solnit (b. Oct. 18, 2006)]

I've been writing the year-end other-news summary for Tomdispatch since 2004; somewhere around 2017, however, the formula of digging up overlooked stories and grounds for hope grew weary. So for this year, we've decided instead to look back on the last 25 years of the twenty-first century -- but it was creatures from sixty million years ago who reminded me how to do it.

Catador é espancado pela Guarda Municipal de Aparecida de Goiânia

Brasil, 20.12.2006 16:08


Court rejects ASBOS for airport activists

United Kingdom, 20.12.2006 12:08

On Friday, Loughborough Magistrates Court rejected calls from the Crown Prosecution Service to slap ASBOs on the 24 Plane Stupid activists who they described as “highly organised extremists” that were arrested in connection with the shut down of Nottingham East Midlands short haul airport in September. In an apparent move aimed to avoid having the case heard by a jury, the charge of public nuisance was dropped, as was the charge relating to an alleged breach of the aviation and security act.

Plane Stupid lawyer, Mike Schwarz, described the action to the court as a “classic piece of civil disobedience” and reminded the court that “Tony Blair himself has described climate change as the greatest threat facing mankind.” Campaigner for Plane Stupid, Ellen Rickford, said, “The same day that we learn the government is pushing ahead with its airport expansion proposals, they try to use ASBOs to stamp out peaceful protest. Well, it seems their plans for that were as doomed as the aviation industry.”

Feature articles: Protesters occupy runway at East Midlands Airport | Plane Stupid's Day of Action

On the newswire: Court rejects ASBOS for airport activists | Climate activists shut airport in taxiway occupation

Links: Plane Stupid website | East Midlands Airport (EMA) website | Climate Chaos topic page | Indymedia Climate | Wikipedia on Climate Change

Feminist Health Gathering January 2007 Leeds

United Kingdom, 20.12.2006 12:08

A weekend long gathering, looking at health in the broadest sense from a feminist angle will take place in leeds jan 19th - 21st 2007.

There are going to be loads of exciting and inspiring workshops including diy gynaecology, female ejaculation, mental health, queer health, first aid, self defence, autonomous health, working in the nhs, future after the NHS and alternatives too. For a full list of workshops see the website. There will also be social events - still to be decided, films, speeddating, gig or caberet!!!

For further information see the original callout for help

Per Nadal, cap persona presa! Marxa de Torxes

Valencia, 20.12.2006 09:37

Grup de Suport: Per Nadal, cap persona presa! Marxa de Torxes a València: 22 de desembre ++ Marxa de torxes ++ Comunicat de suport als actes en solidaritat amb les preses polítiques catalanes

Altres accions: Campaña por la libertad de lxs presxs de ACTION DIRECTE

Repressió: En Pau condemnat a 6 mesos de presó davant la incredulitat general ++ 2 anarquistas en huelga de hambre en Grecia ++ Els tres estudiants independentistes detinguts a València posats en llibertat. Comunicat d'ALERTA Solidària ++ Solidaridad activa con Roberto Catrino, preso en huelga de hambre ++ LA (IN)JUSTICIA ESPAÑOLA: Iñaki de Juana ++ Declaració de la Plataforma Transgèncis Fora per l'absolució de l'Albert Ferré

Por Navidad, ninguna persona presa! Marcha de Antorchas

Valencia, 20.12.2006 09:37

Grup de Suport: Per Nadal, cap persona presa! Marxa de Torxes a València: 22 de desembre ++ Marxa de torxes ++ Comunicat de suport als actes en solidaritat amb les preses polítiques catalanes

Otras acciones: Campaña por la libertad de lxs presxs de ACTION DIRECTE

Represión: En Pau condemnat a 6 mesos de presó davant la incredulitat general ++ 2 anarquistas en huelga de hambre en Grecia ++ Els tres estudiants independentistes detinguts a València posats en llibertat. Comunicat d'ALERTA Solidària ++ Solidaridad activa con Roberto Catrino, preso en huelga de hambre ++ LA (IN)JUSTICIA ESPAÑOLA: Iñaki de Juana ++ Declaració de la Plataforma Transgèncis Fora per l'absolució de l'Albert Ferré

Reparations Movement Wins Historic Victory in Legal Arena

LA, 20.12.2006 07:38

Reparations Movement Wins Historic Victory in Legal Arena

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