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Ask Congressman Goode to Publicly Retract his Racist Remarks on Muslims and Immigrants

Richmond, 25.12.2006 17:10

Washington, DC | December 22, 2006| This week a controversial letter from Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode was released to the press. In his letter to constituents, Goode expressed his opposition to using the Koran during an unofficial and optional swearing-in ceremony for the nation's first elected Muslim congressman, Member-Elect Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Goode also expressed his, "fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped."

Mobilizações mundiais em apoio à Oaxaca enquanto PRD faz acordos com

Brasil, 25.12.2006 15:38


Remember Those Who Died on the Streets

Philadelphia, 25.12.2006 14:07

Dia 22, dia internacional por Oaxaca

Portugal, 25.12.2006 12:39

Dia 22, dia internacional por Oaxaca

corruption and power (en)

Barcelona, 25.12.2006 11:08

Jordi Hereu wishes to you...Happy Holidays hereu, who has voted him?

As the well known heir figure, who's imposed by tradition, full of patriarchy and social unfairness, the new Barcelona City Mayor, Jordi Hereu(heir), should be to honour his surname. The current electoral law, with candidatures of closed and blocked lists, don't allow to choose by order, nor to remove or to put new candidates. It already seems a tradition to make this blocks and soon it will also be to accept these internal changes of the list head without asking citizens and without worrying about the illegitimacy of this fact. As in tradition the new Mayor also arrives full of patriarchy and social unfairness, since he takes more into account the interests of marquis and rich people than interests of common people. But there's even more, and based on what's happening in Barcelona since he is in charge, it seems that the heir will go on scattering social unfairness and patriarch manners. Hereu, if you haven't been voted, in whose name do you do all this?

related news: Hereu, 43 posts in 5 months ::: Hereu wants to evict the new Makabra ::: Jordi Hereu, former BCN security regidor(town councillor) is being investigated by an urbanistic crime ::: Municipal police arrest and torture three youth from Gracia ::: The judge orders to go on directly to a identity parade on the 20 UPAS agents imputed for beating three youth from Gràcia ::: Turncoating of politics: from government to private companies

+info:: >>>corruption & power

Ask Congressman Goode to Publicly Retract his Racist Remarks on Muslims and Immigrants

DC, 25.12.2006 08:09

Washington, DC | December 22, 2006| This week a controversial letter from Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode was released to the press. In his letter to constituents, Goode expressed his opposition to using the Koran during an unofficial and optional swearing-in ceremony for the nation's first elected Muslim congressman, Member-Elect Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Goode also expressed his, "fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped."

AUDIO FILE: Portland Rally in Support of the People of Oaxaca Mexico

Portland, 25.12.2006 05:41

Friday afternoon, December 22, 2006, Portlanders gathered at the downtown Mexican Consulate to voice their outrage at the Mexican governments treatment of the citizens of Oaxaca Mexico and demand an end to the many months of violence.

This is an audio file of the speakers, including members of the delegation, most of which is given in both Spanish and English. The audio file is about 26 minutes in length.

Todos Somos Oaxaca, RealPlayer

Todos Somos Oaxaca, MP3

San Diego Con Oaxaca 22 Diciembre

San Diego, 25.12.2006 03:38

El viernes 22 de diciembre el grupo de la otra campana se reunio en el parque Chicano en solaridad con nuestros hermanos de Oaxaca.

Grandes y jóvenes hicieron presencia en ese día de solaridad. Aunque el grupo fue pequeño pero no fue pequeño su corazón, su lucha y su esperanza de un mundo mejor. Junt@s vimos que podemos cambiar el mundo que además otro mundo es posible siempre y cuando existan luchadores tenaces como nuestros compañeros. La esperanza vive en cada uno de nosotros y no esta muerta. Hoy con nuestra sola presencia dimos a conocer a los de arriba que nuestros compañeros de Oaxaca no están solos. Junto a ellos exclamamos al unísono ¡Por Oaxaca! --Leer Mas+fotos por Juan Sajche--

From ~Bradley- On December 22nd, hundreds of people came together in Mexico City to honor the peoples of Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco during a global day of remembrance and solidarity. The demonstration was held at the Hemiciclo a Juárez in Mexico City's Historic Center where people spoke about Oaxaca and the demonstrations taking place around the world. --Read More via Santa Cruz Indymedia--

From Xochitl- There are still frequent patrols of municipal police, and we tensed up every time one came near. We are not sure whether we are on their lists for apprehension and deportation, or worse. We were astonished and overjoyed to be released after just 4 hours of detention, but they may want to ask us more questions now. Or they may have released us as a strategic move, to follow us detain our friends. We do know that some of the people we know and love, and who we spent time with in these last days in Oaxaca, are on those apprehension lists, so we were all always on the alert. --Read Reports via LA Indymedia--

From Sean Donahue- My friend Todd sat up late at night with one of the artists who painted the banner on the Municipal Palace. The teenager pulled out small figurines of animals, relics from the archaeological site near the center of town. "These are a gift from my grandparents," he said, "The gift my grandparents gave me is resistance." --Read More via Portland Indymedia--

From an Unnamed Wobbly- It's a constant struggle to understand how best to be in solidarity from here. On the one hand, you want to be where all the action is -- that is, the physical, dangerous, and public stuff. On the other hand, the dishes need to be washed at the CIPO collective house, and it's my day to mop the floors. Trying to be an "observer," or independent journalist, seems to be a cop-out, an easy road for the already privileged First Worlder in a conjuncture in which thousands of Oaxacans are risking much more than deportation... On the one hand, you want to play a part in history. On the other, you only sometimes understand the colonia slang, and somehow ended up with the barricade name "Nacho," when others have "La Maestra," "El Comandante," "Ursula," or "Batman." --Read More via Infoshop--

Up-to-date Oaxaca Coverage Español: Centro de Medios Libres | CMI Chiapas | CMI Oaxaca | APPO ||| English: Narco News | Indybay | NYC Indymedia | el enemigo común

A People's Investigation: Defaming Sean Bell &quot;On Condition of Anonymity&quot;

NYC, 25.12.2006 01:08

Associated Press stories, carried in most New York media, have published information on the Sean Bell shooting investigation that was been leaked by a person only described as "a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity". Just who is the anonymous official, and what is his/her agenda?

Mexico City Solidarity with Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco on Dec 22

NYC, 25.12.2006 01:08

On December 22nd, 2006, hundreds of people came together in Mexico City to honor the peoples of Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco during a global day of remembrance and solidarity. The demonstration was held at the Hemiciclo a Juárez in Mexico City's Historic Center where people spoke about Oaxaca and the demonstrations taking place around the world. There were musicians, memorials, stilt walkers and banners calling for liberation of political prisoners and an end to illegal detentions, an end to torture, the living appearance of the disappeared and the exit of the Federal Preventative Police and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz from Oaxaca.

There have been reports of more than 60 actions in solidarity with Oaxaca in at least 37 countries on December 22nd, 2006. The EZLN called for the day of solidarity which marks nine years of impunity for the massacre in Acteal, Chiapas. The US and Mexican governments are responsible massacres in Acteal, Atencto and Oaxaca.

Injustice Index: &quot;It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.&quot;

NYC, 25.12.2006 01:08

Someone doesn't need any mistletoe to make it through the next couple days...Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein will have his $53 million dollar Christmas bonus to keep him warm.

The rest of us, however - or at least those of us whose titles don't begin with a C and end with an O - might need a little something to get the blood moving.

Warning: What follows is pretty discouraging. Reads best with a little rum in your eggnog.

DMI's 2006 Injustice Index:

poder i corrupción (es)

Barcelona, 25.12.2006 01:08

A hereu, ¿quién lo ha votado?

Talmente como la conocida figura del heredero(hereu en català), que se impone por tradición, llena de patriarcado y desigualdad social, el nuevo alcalde de Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, debe ser para hacer honor a su apellido. La ley electoral actual, con candidaturas de listas cerradas y bloqueadas, no permite escoger en orden, ni poner o quitar, a los candidatos. Ya parece ser una tradición este bloqueo y pronto lo será también aceptar estos cambios internos de la cabeza de la lista sin consultar a los ciudadanos y sin preocuparse por la desligitimación de este hecho. Como en la tradición el nuevo alcalde también llega lleno de patriarcado y desigualdad social, ya que tiene más en consideración los intereses de marqueses y adinerados que de la gente del pueblo. Pero, aún hay más, y en base a lo que está pasando en Barcelona desde que está él, parace que el hereu continuará todavía sembrando desigualdad social y formas patriarcales de actuar. Hereu, si no te han votado, ¿en nombre de quién lo haces todo esto?

noticias relacionadas: Hereu, 43 cargos en 5 meses ::: Hereu quiere echar a la nueva Makabra ::: investigan a Jordi Hereu, anterior regidor de seguridad de Barcelona por un delito urbanístico ::: La Policia Municipal de Barcelona detiene y tortura a tres jóvenes de Gràcia ::: La jueza ordena pasar directamente a una rueda de reconocimiento a los 20 agentes de los UPAS imputados por dar una paliza a tres jóvenes en Gràcia

poder i corrupció (ca)

Barcelona, 25.12.2006 01:08

A l'hereu, qui l'ha votat?

Ben bé com la coneguda figura de l'hereu, que s'imposa per la tradició, farcida de patriarcat i desigualtat social, el nou alcalde de Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, hi deu ser per fer honor al seu cognom. La llei electoral actual, amb candidatures de llistes tancades i bloquejades, no permet fer la tria en ordre numèric, ni treure o posar, els candidats. Ja sembla fer tradició aquest bloqueig i aviat ho serà acceptar aquests canvis interns de cap de llista sense consultar als ciutadans i sense preocupar-se per la deslegitimació d'aquest fet. Com en la tradició el nou alcalde també arriba farcit de patriarcat i desigualtat social, ja que té més en compte els interessos de marquesos i adinerats que de la gent del poble. Però, encara més, i fonamentat pel que està passant a Barcelona des que hi és, sembla que l'hereu encara continuarà sembrant desigualtat social i formes patriarcals d'actuar. Hereu, si no t'han votat, en nom de qui ho fas tot això?

notícias relacionades: Hereu, 43 càrrecs en 5 mesos ::: Hereu vol fer fora la nova Makabra ::: investiguen a en Jordi Hereu, antic regidor de seguretat de BCN per un delicte urbanístic ::: La Policia Municipal de Barcelona deté i tortura tres joves de Gràcia ::: La jutgessa ordena passar directament a una roda de reconeixement als 20 agents dels UPAS imputat per apallissar tres joves a a Gràcia ::: Transfuguisme dels polítics; del govern a l'empresa privada

+info:: >>>corrupció i poder

Indybay Urgently Needs Your Financial Support Now

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.12.2006 00:40

UNLESS INDYBAY RAISES $4000 in 30 days we cannot afford our web hosting and the site will go off the air.

This is serious! We are an all-volunteer collective and our costs are miniscule in comparison with the service that the website provides to the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and Northern California activist communities.

Please DONATE NOW! And consider becoming a Friend of Indybay to help us secure our financing into the future.

Oaxaca Solidarity and la otra in htx

Houston, 25.12.2006 00:40

Solidarity with Oaxaca and The Other Campaign takes root in Houston

Latin-Ameriko (eo)

Barcelona, 25.12.2006 00:39

Pinochet: alia diktatoro mortanta surlite

10an de decembro, morto de Augusto Pinochet: Isabel Allende: "Mi volas ke Pinochet mortu senpace" :::La diktatoro kaj krimulo kontraŭ la ĉilia popolo mortis ::: Morto evitas al li la surteran justicon ::: Mortas evitante la prizonon

[11an dec] je la 19:30 h., en Placo Sant Jaume: Omaĝo al la viktimoj de la ĉilia diktaturo

memorante la proceson kontraŭ Pinochet... Ekde tiu inta 11a de septembro... + Eksgeneralo malkovras la situacion de centoj da malaperintoj kaj kulpas Pinochet-on + Krom murdisto, korupta kaj mafiulo + Pinochet havis sekretajn bankokontojn en Hispanio + La Supera Kortumo de Ĉilio nuligas la imunecon de Pinochet + Pinochet povus esti fine juĝita post longega proceso ::: Pinochet procesita pro la krimoj de la operaco Cóndor + Pinochet sola + Garzón: Kion li malkaŝas en Latin-Ameriko, tion li kaŝas en Hispanio

rilataj novaĵoj: La Ameriko de Pinochet agonias kaj tiu de Chávez plifortiĝas ::: Por kompreni en Eŭropo kio okazas en Latin-Ameriko ::: Kaj ĉi tie... Leĝo pri la historia honto: ne nuligas la militajn konsiliĝojn kaj kompensas nek viktimojn, nek familianojn, nek instituciojn, nek organizojn reprezaliitajn far la frankisma diktaturo

>>> + infoj: Indymedia Chile + Latin-Ameriko

Melbourne and Mexico

Melbourne, 24.12.2006 22:09

Rally in support of Oaxaca

Hundreds Attend Funeral and Protest for Sean Bell, Murdered by Police in Queens

United States, 24.12.2006 19:07

Hundreds of community members in Jamaica, Queens mourned and protested this weekend on behalf of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man killed by police last month. Bell was killed on November 25 when when five undercover police officers fired 50 shots at a car carrying him and two friends. Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield survived the shooting but remain hospitalized. None of the victims were armed. The killing, which occurred on the very day Bell was to be married to his high school sweetheart, has provoked a barrage of criticism and community outrage. Photos by Stanley W. Rogouski: December 1: Funeral at the Community Church of Christ, December 2: New Black Panther Party Protest | Democracy Now Coverage: 1, 2

One Year Later: Oppose the Green Scare!

United States, 24.12.2006 19:07

December 7th is the one year anniversary of the FBI’s first arrests in “Operation Backfire,” a multi-state sweep targeting radical environmental activists with charges of conspiracy and arson, threatening them with life in prison. This rise in systematic criminalization of dissent has been dubbed the Green Scare because of its use of tactics reminiscent of the Red Scares of the early twentieth century -- including grand juries, specialized legislation, and paid agents provocateurs. Today, people all over the world will be organizing and participating in educational events and protests to raise awareness about the Green Scare and show solidarity with those targeted by it. [Portland, OR | San Francisco & Fresno, CA | Santa Cruz, CA | New York City]

Worcester Reportback: Congressman McGovern Commits to Work to Repeal AETA
On November 29th protesters in Worcester, Mass scored a major victory in the fight to defend civil liberties against Green Scare tactics. Dozens rallied outside of Representative James McGovern’s in protest of The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) -- a law passed on November 27th that exposes animal rights activists to massive fines and jail time for being involved in nonviolent civil disobedience. After about an hour and a half outside, the group went into the office and presented McGovern's staff with a letter, petition, and proposed repeal bill. They were then able to speak to the Congressman via speakerphone. He subsequently released a statement agreeing to further dialogue with the activists regarding the AETA at a meeting in January and hopes to address the problems with the law. Read more >>

More Action Reportbacks: Durban, South Africa | New York City | Austin, TX

| Portland, OR | Washington, DC | San Diego, CA

Resources: | | Green is the New Red | Portland IMC green scare topic page | Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network | ELP Network USA | Jeff "Free" Luers | |

Some Non-cooperating Greenscare defendants who have websites: Briana Waters | Daniel McGowan | Eric McDavid | Josh Wolf | Rod Coronado | SHAC 7

Australian, David Hicks, 5 years in Guantánamo with no trail

United States, 24.12.2006 19:07

David Hicks was captured in Afghanistan in November 2001 during the American invasion of the country. The 26-year-old father of two was transferred to Guantánamo Bay in January 2002. He is now one of the longest serving prisoners at the infamous jail. Last week thousands of people demonstrated in Australian cities to demand the immediate release of David Hicks from Guantánamo Bay. Hick’s lawyers have recently been granted a hearing in Australian federal court aimed at forcing the Howard government to formally demand the US repatriate the young Australian.

Stories from the Newswire:Australian lawyers launch court bid by Richard Phillips | | Bring David Hicks home by Parrot Press

Justice for Sean Bell, Thousands March in New York City

United States, 24.12.2006 19:07

NEW YORK CITY – This past Sunday thousands of people marched down 5th Avenue through the heart of New York’s mid-town shopping district. Organizers say over 10,000 people took part to protest the killing of Sean Bell by New York City police. Bell was slain on what was to be his wedding day in a hail of 50 bullets fired by undercover police. He was unarmed. Protesters are demanding justice for Sean Bell and an end to police violence and murder. Marchers counted off in unison from one to fifty for each bullet fired as they marched. No arrests or incidences of police violence have been reported from Sunday's protest. From the Newswire: December 16th March Against Police Brutality by Stanley W. Rogouski | Images: "Shopping for Justice" 5th Ave March by Fred Askew | Stop Police Brutality March by Antrim Caskey

Also from the Indypendent: The Fifty Shots Heard Around the City by Nicholas Powers | NYPD Story Full of Holes by Mike Burke

Mantan Karyawan PT DI 'Long March' Bandung-Jakarta

Jakarta, 24.12.2006 18:08

Menuju Istana Merdeka Sekitar 2000 mantan karyawan PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) Selasa pagi (19/12), mulai melakukan aksi long march Bandung - Jakarta. Aksi dimulai dari Patung Husein Sastra, Bandung, untuk menuju kantor Depkeu dan Istana Merdeka, Jakarta. ...

Privatización del teatro universitario

Puerto Rico, 24.12.2006 17:39

Acto retrógrado de la administración enfrentará resistencia universitaria

Candelaria se levanta ante la Mano Dura

Puerto Rico, 24.12.2006 17:39

Interdicto protege el mural de Candelaria

Dia 22, dia internacional por Oaxaca

Portugal, 24.12.2006 17:09

Dia 22, dia internacional por Oaxaca

The 25th Annual King Mango Strut, Dec 31st in Miami (Coconut Grove)

Miami, 24.12.2006 17:07

The 25th Annual King Mango Strut, Dec 31st in Miami (Coconut Grove)

Cop Assaults Activist at Lockheed Martin Protest

DC, 24.12.2006 05:12

A peaceful rally, on the morning of Dec. 22, 2006, protesting Lockheed Martin’s production of lethal cluster bombs turned ugly. The giant defense contractor’s headquarters are located in Montgomery County, MD, just north of Washington, D.C. As one of the activists, Patrick J. Elder, was speaking to the demonstrators about the deadly effects of the cluster bomb device, he was ordered “off the grass” by a police officer. When Mr. Elder immediately complied and moved to the sidewalk, he was then assaulted by a cop.

Miami D22 Demonstration/ Prayer Vigil To Demand Justice For Haitians - No Deportations

Miami, 24.12.2006 01:37

Miami D22 Demonstration/ Prayer Vigil To Demand Justice For Haitians - No Deportations

6 anos de CMI Brasil

Brasil, 24.12.2006 01:08



Istanbul, 24.12.2006 00:09


Guilty of Fraud: Companies Who Lie of their Slave Trading

NYC, 24.12.2006 00:08

A federal appeals court today upheld fraud claims against major US banks, insurers and transportation companies who concealed their slave trading histories from consumers.

Hands Off Oaxaca

NYC, 24.12.2006 00:08

Activists gather at the Mexican Consulate in NYC and march to Rockefeller Center as part of the Global Day of Action in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca called by the Zapatistas.

Iran’s Holocaust conference and the dead end of bourgeois nationalism

Miami, 24.12.2006 00:07

Iran’s Holocaust conference and the dead end of bourgeois nationalism

Politicians Fiddle While Iraq Burns

Tennessee, 23.12.2006 22:09

In 1970, Henry Kissinger chaired the Vietnam War’s version of the Iraq Study Group (ISG). Its name was virtually the same as today’s bi-partisan commission headed by James Baker. Kissinger’s commission was called the Vietnam Special Study Group (VSSG). Both the 1970 and 2006 commissions have the same goal: to extricate the United States from a losing war of aggression. The Baker Commission will have as much success as Kissinger’s “Study Group” from a generation ago. After the Kissinger Commission made its report for a phased disengagement, the U.S. war effort dragged on for three more years. Thousands more U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands more Vietnamese were killed before the U.S. acknowledged its defeat in 1973.

Repression in Oaxaca Deepens, APPO Movement Driven Underground

LA, 23.12.2006 21:38

Repression in Oaxaca Deepens, APPO Movement Driven Underground

Oaxaca: Contininuing Conquest, Continuing Resistance

Portland, 23.12.2006 19:38

Friends tell me that at the height of the uprising, the Zocalo was bustling with energy, filled with music, bright banners, and families camping under plastic tarps.

Today there are tanks in the middle of each of the streets leading into the square and police tents along the wall of the cathedral.
There is a giant display of poinsettias on one side of the square, the government's attempt to give the appearance that the people of Oaxaca City welcome the Federal Preventative Police. Police in grey uniforms play arcade games and lick ice cream cones, assault rifles strapped to their backs.

Teenage girls sit on the steps of the cathedral, smoking cigarettes and flirting with the police. A friend asked a store owner what he sees when he goes through the Zocalo, and the store owner muttered under his breath "A lot of children without fathers."

A handful of confused European tourists who didn't read the news coverage of the uprising or believed the Mexican government's claims that the situation was firmly under control wander in and out of shops and restaurants.

But overwhelmingly, there is silence. And a palpable sense that things could explode at any minute. Even when they are flirting with the teenagers, the police keep their helmets and riot shields nearby.

And inexplicably there is graffiti on a wall a few feet away from one of the tanks.

Asked to characterize the current moment in Oaxaca, Miguel Angel Vasquez says:

"There are legends in Oaxaca of people hiding beneath the rocks, and then coming back as animals. So maybe that's what's happening right now, people are hiding during this incredible strife that is happening right now. But perhaps they will return."

A people who have survived 500 years of outsiders trying to eradicate their culture are a force to be reckoned with.

Faslane + Aldermaston + Devonport = Trident!

Bristol, 23.12.2006 18:37

94 Year Old Takes Nuke Bomb Action Faslane 365 is a one year continuous peaceful blockade of the Trident base at Faslane (Scotland) from 1st Oct 2006 to 30th Sept 2007. Faslane 365 is asking a wide range of local, national and even international groups from all sections of civil society to come to blockade Faslane for at least two days. Read More Monica Margaret Jones writes: A 94-year old woman has blockaded Faslane nuclear submarine base two days running, seated in her wheelchair. So - where are the rest of us? Alice Beer, aged 94, who spent two days last week seated in her wheelchair blockading at the gates of Faslane nuclear naval base in Scotland, said she was just "doing her bit" against nuclear weapons in Britain. Politically active since her teenage years in Vienna, opposing the rise of fascism, Mrs Beer said that Nuclear Disarmament was a cause very close to her heart. She said: "I'm very glad to have this opportunity to come here and, as they used to say in the war, 'to do my bit. It's very, very important and we have lots of people here so I hope people pay attention to the cause." ... Given such a call to action from a lifelong committed activist, how could anyone resist ? At Aldermaston (near Reading) Block the Builders have blockades on the first Monday of every month. Getting better all the time at throwing a spanner in the building work for the new nuclear weapons planned to replace Trident. Whenever people decide they want to go there from Bristol, transport is readily available ... There's accommodation with wonderful vegan food on the Sunday night beforehand. (And hot breakfast in a nearby caff after the blockade on Monday morning.) Full ArticleMORE FASLANE NEWS : Faslane Action nickleberry writes: Last week I wended my way from Bristol to Scotland to participate in the Faslane 365 blockade. Here's what happened... Wednesday morning, 7:30am. A dark road somewhere North of Glasgow. Scottish cold and rain beating in my face. I'm chained via a bike lock to Irene, veteran of the Faslane struggle. One arm disappears into a tube, at the other end of which is my mate Steve. There are seven of us, five women and two men, standing in a line stretched across the road. Headlights approach through the darkness; our high-visibility minders rush forward arms waving: "Slow down, SLOW DOWN, This is a blockade don't you know!" There are flashing blue lights approaching now from further down the road; one of us makes the call "HO!" and we sink to the ground, laid flat out on the tarmac. The next forty minutes are spent blinking beating rain out of our eyes, grimacing at police cameras and questions, being fed chocolate by our minders and eventually, sadly, being cut apart by a very efficient Scottish police force. We're taken away to a mobile processing unit for the usual rigmarole. As we're driven away we can see the traffic queues backing up in three directions; the Trident nuclear submarine base is the workplace for 7000 loyal subjects of Her Majesty.... and a fair proportion of them are now late for work. Full Article| The Devonport Connection: Trident Is On Its Way Out Because People Are Talking Rubbish + Next Plymouth Action 24/02/07 | Details Of 2 Plymouth 2007 Nuke Disarmament Events | Refreshing News From Plymouth | Headlined Items: 94-Year Old Takes Nuke Bomb Action | Faslane action | | Other Trident News: Report on Last Weeks 'Arrest Tony' Action at Trinity Rd Police Station | National Trident Demo 24th Feb 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar |

Unas 50 personas ocupan y recuperan un Centro Social abandonado de los Servicios Sociales del Ayto. de Málaga

estrecho / madiaq, 23.12.2006 15:07

Dentro del marco del día de las movilizaciones de la Vivienda.

Con esta ocupación se reclama la falta de espacios sociales y se denuncia la precariedad. Desde hoy empieza a funcionar el centro y esta abierto a todos/as para su uso. Pasate por tú Centro Social que se encuentra en la Plaza San Pablo en el Barrio de la Trinidad de Málaga.

October 22 CopWatch Protest Highlights Police Abuse

San Diego, 23.12.2006 08:38

"To me, the police are gangs with guns... If they don't kill you.. they harass you in order to try to provoke you, so they will have reasons to do the things they do to you."

On October 22, the national day of protest against police brutality, the San Diego Sagon Penn Chapter of CopWatch held a demonstration outside of DA Bonnie Dumanis' home. The demonstrators left a list of three demands for immediate action on her doorstep in an eerily empty neighborhood in Rancho Bernardo.

Stemming from a long history of police abuse and murder of San Diego residents, the list of demands included:
--Independent Elected Police Review Board, unlike the current rubber stamp review board whose reports must be approved by sdpd internal affairs board.
--Community Hiring Practices, at least 50% of the officers who work in the communities must live in the communities. The sdpd has been hiring ex-military recruited from the south [presumably to keep pay low], leading to language barriers, cultural barriers and community barriers.
--No Pay for Officers Under Investigation for Shootings. That loss of life is very important, it must be taken seriously, to respect the family and the community the officer should not receive pay until the investigation is completed.

Five plain clothes detectives in large SUVs kept an eye on the protesters throughout the afternoon, and followed them until they had left the neighborhood.

In front of Dumanis' house, one of the protesters, Bessie Johnson, talked about her frustration in dealing with the cops: "We don't have a voice. If our loved ones are killed, there is nothing we can do to the police to make sure they are held accountable." Her son, Darryl Johnson, was put in an illegal "sleeper hold" by the sdpd in July, and subsequently developed difficulty breathing and died while in sdpd custody.

Later in the day, CopWatch moved to Voz Alta, where they offered assistance in filling out police complaint forms, showed a Know Your Rights video and hosted an appearance by the San Diego Radical Fucking Cheerleaders.

Video: Janice Jordan, Bessie Johnson and the Radical Fucking Cheerleaders -- 12 min/16mbytes

Related: Sagon Penn Chapter of CopWatch | Who is Sagon Penn? | October 22 San Diego Forum in 2005 - Links to Audio and Transcripts | US-Indymedia Report on October 22 Actions | October 22 Coalition

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.12.2006 03:39

Burrup tragedy: Campbell sends in the bulldozers

Um mês de luta contra o aumento nas tarifas em São Paulo

Brasil, 23.12.2006 03:38


Thousands Headed to Memphis for the National Conference for Media Reform

Tennessee, 23.12.2006 01:09

MEMPHIS -- Thousands of activists, educators, policymakers and leaders in the rapidly growing movement to create a more diverse and democratic media system will gather in Memphis on Jan. 12-14 for the 2007 National Conference for Media Reform. This rousing weekend will bring together legendary journalists with new media visionaries, grassroots organizers and Washington policymakers, civil rights trailblazers and the hip hop generation.

&quot;O Little Town of Bethlehem&quot; -- Christmas appropriate op-ed art by Banksy (Share this!)

DC, 23.12.2006 01:09

Agit-prop artist Banksy offers up a "what if" view of Bethlehem in the holy days — with the Israeli wall in place. Use the "Email this article" link at the top of the article to share!

Miami displaced residents confront Dade Housing Agency saying &quot;Here we are now!&quot;

Miami, 23.12.2006 00:37

Miami displaced residents confront Dade Housing Agency saying "Here we are now!"

El anillo verde

Canarias, 23.12.2006 00:10

Hace muy poco ha comenzado y aún sigue desarrollándose en Canarias el evento cultural más importante y ambicioso programado por el gobierno. La Bienal de Arquitectura, Arte y Paisaje de Canarias, que abrió sus puertas el 27 de noviembre, se ha convertido sin duda en un espacio de polémica desde su inicio. El evento, que ha costado varios millones de euros –en torno a 5 millones– se estrenó con protestas de estudiantes y colectivos ecologistas que no entendían como casaba ese anillo verde que es el logo de la Bienal, personificación de la "sostenibilidad" y los buenos deseos ecológicos, con un territorio saqueado, expoliado constantemente por la especulación urbanística, y con profundos problemas medioambientales. Se nos pidió entonces desde el gobierno, desde esa inauguración con tropiezo, "valentía e imaginación" para afrontar los problemas del mundo contemporáneo: se invocaba el poder de la cultura para tomar las riendas de los problemas territoriales, la capacidad del arte para ofrecer soluciones creativas y visiones nuevas, dinamizadoras de los grandes problemas que nos acucian, no sólo el del territorio y la insostenibilidad del modelo económico y las políticas urbanísticas –que promueve nuestro propio gobierno– sino también el problema social de la inmigración. Un anillo para reunirlos a todos.

Es una verdad suficientemente extendida que el arte o una parte esencial de él desde siempre ha estado al servicio del poder. Lo que no es tan viejo y sí mucho más contemporáneo y postmoderno es el cinismo ejercido al pretender nombrar el espacio de la Bienal como un espacio de diálogo social y reflexión crítica, cuando en materia de territorio se ha tratado de silenciar sistemáticamente a la ciudadanía, despreciando, por ejemplo, la Iniciativa de Legislación Popular contra el puerto de Granadilla, firmada por más de 56.000 personas, cuando es desde el propio gobierno desde donde se propicia constantemente la depredación del medio, cuando se promueve un desarrollismo salvaje que fagocita recursos. Se utiliza –una vez más– la cultura como parapeto, como pantalla de humo donde proyectar un espectáculo falso, un discurso de palabras e imágenes que arrope una actuación que va en sentido contrario de los valores que vocifera. Mientras, los grandes proyectos desarrollistas y especuladores que amenazan nuestras islas siguen en marcha: el puerto de Granadilla, el puerto de Arinaga, el proyecto monumental de Tindaya, el anillo insular, y muchos otros.

Rodeando al parque (en obras) Viera y Clavijo, en el centro de Santa Cruz, apareció al mismo tiempo que este evento, una flamante y enorme valla plateada con una cenefa de la Bienal de Canarias: era una espacio que se ofrecía generosamente a los graffiteros, "poetas urbanos" que ejercen su "libertad de expresión". Ha quedado muy bien, llena de ositos de colores, algunos hasta tienen dientes de drácula. Pero el primer grafitti que se hizo sobre la valla está tapado: era uno que anunciaba la manifestación 18 de Noviembre, el cuarto gran encuentro de la sociedad civil contra la especulación y contra el proyecto de desarrollo insostenible de Canarias. Seguramente dirían que no era arte.

>>En esta web hay iniciados varios hilos de debate sobre la Bienal de Canarias:

Paisaje y poder. [Reportaje sobre la Bienal de Canarias publicado en El País]
¿Por qué esta bienal no tiene quién le defienda?
[entrevistas] Contradicciones de la Bienal de Canarias
Todo es igual a nada. Crítica sobre la Bienal publicada en el suplemento cultural de ABC el sábado 16 de diciembre

Oaxaca Vive! Benefit at Activist San Diego House

San Diego, 22.12.2006 23:08

On Friday, December 15, a number of community organizers from San Diego, CA, collaborated on a Oaxaca solidarity benefit event at the Activist San Diego House to directly contribute media resources to Oaxaca’s most remote indigenous farmworker communities. We raised over $1000!!! Thank you to all who attended the event and who helped with organizing. It featured:

-the showing of Granito de Arena, a documentary about the history of the democratic teachers' movement in Mexico and its connections to the current situation in Oaxaca and the struggle against neoliberalism
-live music and dancing(!) by los compas de Son Jarocho de Tijuana
-live music by Mexican folkloric musician Angel Lita
-traditional Oaxacan pozole
-silent art auction with a variety of donated art pieces by local artists
-custom made Oaxaca Vive silkscreened t-shirts


Rogue Valley, 22.12.2006 19:39

We are pleased to announce a new radio program which quietly started Wednesday, November 8, 2006. As of 12/22/06 we have done thirty two(32) shows already, yahoo! The Brain Labor Report is live every morning M thru F for 1/2 hour at 7:00 a.m. through the awesome community services of KSKQ. We can be listened to each morning on the internet, streaming radio is here:

KSKQ lpfm radio

Mexican Consulate Graffitied in Support of Oaxaca

NYC, 22.12.2006 19:08

In the early morning hours of December 22, 2006, on the outer walls of the New York City Mexican Consulate, we spray-painted slogans supporting the people of Oaxaca. Specifically, we wrote: "Fuera Ruiz", "Viva Oaxaca" and "Avenge Brad Will" and stencilled red hand prints ― the blood on the hands of the Mexican government.

Remembering The Homeless Who Have Died On the Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.12.2006 16:09

On Thursday December 21st, a small group of San Franciscans gathered in the rainto pay their respects to those persons who died homeless in their city during the past year and to re-dedicate themselves toward the goal of ending poverty and homelessness everywhere.

From the Newswire

Manila, 22.12.2006 15:09

9 Remaining Backpackers Jailed in Benguet Now Released!

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