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Occupazioni dei fascisti

Italy, 09.09.2004 14:54

Una nera estate romana

The New York Model: Indymedia and the Text Message Jihad

Michigan, 09.09.2004 14:52

NEW YORK - The guerrilla musicians from the Infernal Noise Brigade were tuning their instruments, preparing to lead an unannounced, unpermitted march from Union Square to Madison Square Garden. Independent journalists from the Indymedia Center were putting fresh cassettes in their video cameras. An activist was instructing people to line up two-by-two in a straight line because "that way the police don't have a legal right to stop us when we march." The cops were mulling about waiting for whatever would come. Then, Union Square started beeping with a symphony of cell phone text message alerts. It was like the activist version of that scene in the awful Tom Clancy movie "The Sum of All Fears" when the mobile phones of all of the CIA and White House honchos start ringing during a presidential dinner party. "From comms-dispatch," read the message. "Reports of police using orange mesh fencing to surround protesters at Herald Square. Riot cops moving in. Cameras, medics and legal observers needed."

Occupazioni dei fascisti

Italy, 09.09.2004 14:52

Una nera estate romana

Horse Abuse, Susan Matlock Forfiets Ownership Of Horses

Portland, 09.09.2004 14:47

The Supreme Court &amp; &quot;Enemy Combatants&quot;: A Victory for No One

Baltimore, 09.09.2004 14:38

In "Supreme Court & "Enemy Combatants": A Victory for No One," C. William Michaels examines another major anti-terrorism case decided by the Supreme Court at the end of its last term--the "enemy combatant" case. Although more than one individual is being held by the United States government as an "enemy combatant," the case involved just one of those persons: Yaser Hamdi.


Uruguay, 09.09.2004 14:25

Inminente desalojo de El Galpón de Corrales

Confessions of an Anarchist Tech-Stock Speculator

NYC, 09.09.2004 13:56

(from the Open Newswire): The big tech-stock bubble of the 1990s was starting to sag just a little bit in the spring of 2000, when I sat down for lunch with a former coworker named Phil in a diner in midtown Manhattan. After a lot of catching up, we got onto what was still the big topic for all kinds of people who should have known better: the stock market.

Candlelight Vigil in Union Square Thursday, or Friday?

NYC, 09.09.2004 13:53

(from the Open Newswire): Seems the proper place to mourn our dead....again.

I'm sure people will be there, but if you don't have a vigil planned in your neighborhood, Union Square would be a good place to meet up, it seems.

Humboldt Sheriff's pepper spray attack blinds collective vision

Portland, 09.09.2004 13:41

Polónia também corta liberdades

Portugal, 09.09.2004 13:00

Polónia também corta liberdades

Humboldt Sheriff's pepper spray attack blinds collective vision

Portland, 09.09.2004 11:31

People’s Caravan for Food Sovereignty

QC, 09.09.2004 10:38

People’s Caravan 2004 for People’s Food Sovereignty sweeps through Asia

Bay Area Mourns September 11th and 1000 Soldiers Killed in Iraq War and Occupation

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2004 09:05

Bay Area Mourns September 11th and 1000 Soldiers Killed in Iraq War and Occupation

Medical Marijuana Growers and Dispensers Raided

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2004 08:09

Eddy's Medicinal Gardens and Capitol Compassionate Care, Raided by DEA

Repression and police hunt in the Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 09.09.2004 05:17

Tuesday 31 of August 2004
Repression and police hunt in the Plaza de Mayo

Factories of the people

Argentina, 09.09.2004 04:55

Sunday 22 of August 2004 | EVICTION IN GATIC, THREATS IN ZANON
Factories of the people

Abajo la APEC

Argentina, 09.09.2004 04:44

jueves 9 de Septiembre
Abajo la APEC

Campesinos occupy hill in Peru

Argentina, 09.09.2004 04:16

Tuesday 7 of September 2004
Campesinos occupy hill in Peru

March for Farmworkers

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2004 03:17

March for Farmworkers

Asamblea Campesina : Mesa de Tierras Figueroa

Argentina, 09.09.2004 03:05

Miércoles 8 de Septiembre 2004 | MESA DE TIERRAS DE SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
Asamblea Campesina y Marcha a Tribunales


Argentina, 09.09.2004 03:01

Miércoles 8 de Septiembre 2004 | NUEVA DENUNCIA DE LAS COMUNIDADES DE ORAN
El Ingenio Tabacal militariza y cerca territorio indígena


Argentina, 09.09.2004 02:31

08 de septiembre/2004 - MESA DE TIERRAS FIGUEROA
Asamblea Campesina y Marcha a Tribunales

IMC photo RNC After party, Sep 17 at Brecht Forum

NYC, 09.09.2004 01:11

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Radical, Awesome IMC Photographers Throw Big Huge Fun Casual Post-RNC Bash- Not To Raise Any Money For Anyone!

1000 dead

Houston, 09.09.2004 00:19

Candlelight Memorial at Mecom Fountain

Eavesdropping Update

Urbana-Champaign, 08.09.2004 23:42

Martel Miller appeared in his preliminary hearing today on eaqvesdropping charges. The background with details to this story can be found at Information garnered at the hearing and in interview with his attorney follow:


Uruguay, 08.09.2004 22:47

Una mirada desde dentro de la Nueva Roma

manipulación y medios de comunicación (es)

Barcelona, 08.09.2004 21:47

TVs: ¿Qué explicais sobre Chechenia?

1-5/set/04 Secuestro en una escuela de Osetia del Norte. 4 días de horror y tragedia con más de 400 civiles muertos. Horas y horas de detalles en TVs y radios.

2/set/04 Secruestadas 30 personas cercanas al líder independentista Maskhadov, incluída su mujer.

1994-1996 Inicio de la primera guerra de Chechenia :: Septiembre 2004 aún continúa. 10 años de horror y tragedia, con más de 300.000 civiles muertos, el 28% de la población. >>>(Ver el artículo: Txetxènia: 308.000 morts...)

¿Cuantas horas han dedicado estas mismas TVs y radios a describir el horror de esta otra gente tan humana como la otra?

La respuesta: busca al diccionario "Terrorismo".

La prensa occidental calla ante las atrocidades cometidas por las fuerzas rusas en Chechenia, pero no duda en escandalizarse cuando es la resistencia quien amenaza con matar civiles. ¿Por qué?

más opiniones: ...queremos alertar a la opinión pública sobre los peligros que conlleva una política informativa que aborda los conflictos más dramáticos abiertos en el mundo como si lo realmente importante fuese llevar la contabilidad de los muertos y heridos que se producen...

manipulació i mitjans de comunicació (ca)

Barcelona, 08.09.2004 21:43

TVs: Què expliqueu sobre Txetxènia?

1-5/set/04 Segrest a una escola d'Ossètia del Nord. 4 dies d'horror i tragèdia amb més de 400 civils morts. Hores i hores de detalls a TVs i ràdios.

2/set/04 Segrestades 30 persones pròximes al líder independentista Maskhadov, inclosa la seva dona

1994-1996 Inici de la primera guerra a Txetxènia :: Setembre 2004 encara continua. 10 anys d'horror i tragèdia, amb més de 300.000 civils morts, el 28% de la població. >>>(Veure l'article: Txetxènia: 308.000 morts...)

Quantes hores han dedicat aquestes mateixes TVs i ràdios a descriure l'horror d'aquesta altra gent tan humana com l'altra?

La resposta: busca al diccionari "Terrorisme".

La premsa occidental calla davant les atrocitats comeses per les forces russes a Txetxènia, però no dubta en escandalitzar-se quan és la resistència qui amenaça amb matar civils. Per què?

més opinions: ...volem alertar a l'opinió pública sobre els perills que comporta una política informativa que aborda els conflictes més dramàtics oberts al món com si dur la comptabilitat dels morts i ferits que es produeixen fos el realment important...

The New York Model: Indymedia and the Text Message Jihad

NYC, 08.09.2004 21:33

Throughout the week in New York, independent journalists and activist groups used text-messaging technology to coordinate an impressive, groundbreaking campaign of direct action and comprehensive news reporting. It was one of the many creative, guerilla tactics employed by the decentralized resistance movement in North America that grew out of the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999. In contrast to the multi-million dollar security budgets for the Democratic and Republican conventions and at the recent FTAA meetings in Miami, activists are using existing technology that is virtually cost free to mobilize hundreds of actions and thousands of activists.

See Also: The Spirited Smart Mobs

This Friday: "Independent Media at the RNC and Beyond."

Gina Lynn Returned to General Population

Portland, 08.09.2004 19:20


Uruguay, 08.09.2004 19:10

Canelones etiquetará los productos transgénicos

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Puerto Rico, 08.09.2004 18:47

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Puerto Rico, 08.09.2004 18:38

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Puerto Rico, 08.09.2004 17:58

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

Puerto Rico, 08.09.2004 17:56

Si se pudo en California, ¿por qué en Puerto Rico no?

My RNC Story

Urbana-Champaign, 08.09.2004 16:41

I wrote this the day after my release from NYC jail while sitting in an airport in Denmark. I'm in Denmark right now for a conference on implementing community wireless networks in the developing world.

Log Cabin Republicans Vote to Withhold Endorsement from President Bush

Portland, 08.09.2004 15:37

Horse Abuse, Susan Matlock's Court Hearing And Arraignment (Rescheduled)Tomorrow

Portland, 08.09.2004 14:09

Local Student Group Protests “Spirit of America” Tour at Worcester Centrum

New Hampshire, 08.09.2004 12:49

Morte no EP de Coimbra

Portugal, 08.09.2004 11:52

Morte no EP de Coimbra


Italy, 08.09.2004 07:32

Alza gli occhi, qualcuno ti sta spiando!

No on Measure J Book Sale Fundraiser

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.09.2004 06:42

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, California. On September 11th and 12th The Campaign for Sensible Transportation will be holding a two day, fundraising book sale, benefiting the No on Measure J- "Widening 1 Won't Work" campaign.

No on Measure J is opposed to Meaure J, the highway widening sales tax initiative. The initiative will be on the ballot in November. If passed it will raise the county's sales tax primarily to widen Highway One from Santa Cruz to Watsonville.

[ Campaign for Sustainable Transportation I No on Measure J I People Power ]

Eco/Cultural Defence

Perth, 08.09.2004 06:10

WA Enivironment Minister scared off by Environmental Activists


Athens, 08.09.2004 05:13

Greek racists attack immigrants

Iraq War Death Toll Passes 1,000 U.S Troops, 10,000 Iraqi Civilians

NYC, 08.09.2004 02:44

A surge in casualties in Iraq pushed the U.S. death toll in the war to over 1,000, including many dead from poor and working class areas of New York City and State.

Often overlooked, more than 1,100 U.S. servicemen and women were wounded in Iraq in August alone.

[See deaths by city.]

Conservative estimates are that more than 10,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since the start of the invasion. The Eyes Wide Open exhibit at Judson Church features 983 pairs of boots representing US solders killed in Iraq. The number of boots needed has increased since the exhibit opened days ago. [See Pictures]


Victoria, 08.09.2004 02:23

Victoria IMC - Meeting Announcement


Victoria, 08.09.2004 02:23

Victoria IMC - Meeting Announcement

Events During September 11th Week to Give Strength and Skills to Anti-War Movement

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.09.2004 00:41

"Power to the Peaceful" During Time of War

Looming Censorship of “Democracy Now!” by Urbana Mayor and How You Can Stop It (audio clips included)

Urbana-Champaign, 08.09.2004 00:10

NEW POSTING: AUDIO CLIPS INCLUDED This is the story of how Urbana Mayor Todd Satterthwaite is personally obstructing the widely-supported effort to get “Democracy Now!” broadcast on Urbana Public Television (UPTV). You don’t think that could be happening? I don’t blame you. I was pretty surprised myself. But I challenge you to read this article (which contains audio clips of the most recent UPTV Commission meeting) and not come away with certainty that the mayor is personally attempting to prevent “Democracy Now!” from being shown on UPTV. He may think he can get away with censorship of “Democracy Now!”, but he won’t if YOU act to oppose it by attending the next UPTV Commission meeting at noon on Monday, September 13th in the City Council Chambers (largest room on the ground floor) at the City of Urbana Building, 400 S. Vine St. in Urbana.

Rattern Pecognition

Portland, 07.09.2004 23:56

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