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Ecole de la paix?

Marseille, 28.12.2006 19:38

École de la paix ou du mépris ?

Газовая война и пр.

Belarus, 28.12.2006 19:07

Plus de 300 arrestations lors de la défense de Ungdomshuset à Copenhague.

Liege, 28.12.2006 18:37

New Years Resolutions

Bristol, 28.12.2006 16:08

"'s to 2007, and a year full of love and rage!" "'s to 2007, and a year full of love and rage!" Juss Forfun writes: Yes, yes, i know - New Year is a complete phoney, no more natural than Grandparents Day, but it has become a traditional time of looking forward. So, in that spirit, what are you, dear Bristol Indymedians, looking forward to in 2007? Me? I'm looking forward to a Tory government! Yep, I know that all parties are the same shit, but I think once the Dark Lords are back in, we'll see them crank up the repression even further, which can only lead to more scales falling from more eyes, and more rejecting the status quo, which brings the solutions to the Big Problems a step closer! I'd also like to see more co-operation between leftist campaigns of all persuasions, coming together on platforms they agree with (Climate Change, Consumersim, anti-capitalism) where all have a say in the way that things are done....Lastly, I'd like to see a little bit more love on Bristol Indymedia! Slagging-off is the standard response for ANY posting put on here, so often any genuine criticism or lessons to learn they contain are immediately dismissed by activists, who should be glad of the feedback they get from posting actions, but instead feel that the negative posters are increasingly NIMBYist and out-of-touch. Remember that 'insurgents' from the state and the Right use the same tactic of dismissiveness for a reason - it works! as less people feel comfortable standing out from the crowd. Anyways, here's to 2007, and a year full of love and rage! Full Article (Image - Bristol fireworks in 2005)New Years Eve Peace Vigil on Salisbury Plain. Tony Gosling writes: For the fifth consecutive year a Salisbury Plain Peace Vigil will be held on the army range at 12 noon on New Year's Eve 31 Dec 2006. The 'ghost village' of Imber, near Warminster in Wiltshire, was commandeered by the army in World War II for training purposes with the promise that residents could move back after the war. That never happened and now the village is only open for a few days every year when the army are not active ... This year the Imber range roads will open to the public from Warminster to Gore Cross and from Bratton to Heytesbury from 12 noon on Fri 22nd Dec to 8am on Tue 2nd Jan. On Sat 23rd Dec at 11am the Royal British Legion and the vicar of Eddington will conduct a postponed rememberance day service since the range was closed in early Nov. ... Imber will be used as a place to build for peace rather than train for warfare. Contact details on the Full Article.| New Years Resolutions | New Years Eve Peace Vigil on Salisbury Plain |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar |


Oost-Vlaanderen, 28.12.2006 11:37

anti- kerstconsumptie acties

Books to Josh Harper

Portland, 28.12.2006 10:39

If you're able, please consider sending Josh a book to help him pass the time. Josh is excited to use this time as best he can, and aside from reading and writing letters the only exciting activity he can participate in is reading.

Books can be sent directly to Josh at the prison in Sheridan. They must be sent directly from Amazon or any publisher (for instance AK Press), and they must be paperback (hardcover books will be rejected by the prison). Josh is only allowed a limited number of books and magazines in his possession at one time, and we don't want any wasted money or effort, so please contact his support team when you are purchasing a book for him! This way we can keep track of what's coming his way, and remove items from his list as they are received.

For The Love Of Brad (In 2 Parts) Video &amp; One Poem

Portland, 28.12.2006 10:39

This is my attempt to honor Brad's life. Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives, with every last drop of passion, like Brad did. His love, laughter and joy are as much a part of his legacy as the courage and dedication he showed in his work. He has left this earthly plane, as we all will someday, but he has not left our hearts.

Please click on link to see videos and read poem. Select Format as Quicktime, and then click on Full Screen. Set your volume to high.

AUDIO Interview with Global Green

Portland, 28.12.2006 10:39

PDX IMC Web Radio Interview with Silvaine Zimmerman, she has a B.Sc. in Ecology and an M.Sc. in Oceanography. She was born in Germany, grew up in Quebec, and has lived and worked in environmental research and assessment in Europe, Latin America, and in the High Arctic. In the early 1980's Silvaine participated in launching the Green Party, and in 2004, a first complete Green slate in Canada. (duration: about 40 minutes, Recorded Dec. 18, 2006)

Washington County Peace Vigil 12-27-06

Portland, 28.12.2006 10:39

About 47 people gathered tonight @ 5th and Hall Blvd across from the Beaverton, Oregon City Library. It is important that our elected representatives know that the majority of Americans want all troops to be pulled out of Iraq. We also want them to hold all those responsible to be accountable for their actions. Please join us every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Cascadia Forest Defenders hold vigil in front of timber baron's home

Portland, 28.12.2006 10:39

On Saturday December 23, Sunday December 24, and Monday December 25, Cascadia Forest Defenders and UO's Forest Action held a candlelight vigil in front of the Crest Neighborhood home of Seneca Jones Lumber CEO, Aaron Jones, who continues to log native forests in the McKenzie River watershed, Eugene's source of drinking water.

CFD and Forest Action set up at dusk in front of Jones' sprawling home and his massive display of Christmas lights (which have been attracting hundreds of visitors a night) with a large green and red banner reading: "Pray 4 Aaron Jones to see the light - stop logging our drinking H20 source" and several signs.

Alec Empire Interview: &quot;People Are Organized But Political Music Is Not Really Being Made.&quot;

Ireland, 28.12.2006 10:09

Former lead screecher of German techno punks Atari ...

Ocupação Caracol pode ser despejada a qualquer momento

Brasil, 28.12.2006 04:08

resistência popular

A Look Back and Ahead In An Age of Neocon Rule

Arkansas, 28.12.2006 02:09

Borrowing the opening line from Dickens' Tale of Two Cities - "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." He referred to the French Revolution promising "Liberte, egalite and fraternite" that began in 1789, inspired by ours from 1775 - 1783. It ended a 1000 years of monarchal rule in France benefitting those of privilege and established the nation as a republic the way ours did for us here a few years earlier.

&quot;Calm the Climate – No More Roads!&quot; say protesters 'nailed' to asphalt

Aotearoa, 27.12.2006 23:09

The opening of the Wellington Inner City “Bypass” was delayed, as it was blockaded by protesters this morning in an action against new roads. Two people were nailed to the asphalt just before 7am at the corner of Taranaki and Arthur Streets. One person was arrested (15 cops showed up!) and was charged with obstructing a public way. “The government could save billions of dollars, and slow climate change, by making a pro-active decision to stop building new roads,” said a protestor. [ More ] “The community here have struggled for over forty years to stop this so-called “by-pass” and we achieved a lot in terms of rescued buildings and a smaller road. The struggle is not over though. While political parties and greedy corporations squabble over who looks the greenest our global climate chaos worsens. People will not sit back and take it. The storms have come but seeds are sprouting. Expect to see more protest action!” Some red paint was discovered on the 'bypass' under Ghuznee Street by a photographer. Click More… for photos. Links: Heartbeat | Climate IMC | Climaction | Option3 | Earth Frist! | Earth Liberation Front | Save Happy Valley

Happy New SOCPA

United Kingdom, 27.12.2006 22:08

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA) is a major piece of legislation, which established the Serious Organised Crime Agency, an FBI-like agency to tackle "serious organised crime", as it says on the box.

People-trafficking, drug wholesaling, violent armed robbery, torture, extortion and murder, is the kind of thing that might spring to mind. The bill, however, was used as an opportunity to deal with issues that might not be considered so serious. It introduced us to ASBO's, for example; outlawed animal activists' "interference with contractual arrangements" and, most pertinently, the right to protest in designated areas without prior permission.

Below is a comprehensive 'diary', put together by IMC UK activists, of events related to SOCPA since it came into force on 1 August, 2005. See also the SOCPA topic page for full coverage.

Ez-Supply reneges on agreement with the union

NYC, 27.12.2006 21:08

Throughout the Fall of 2006 the IWW has been putting pressure on EZ supply to sit and negotiate. Finally the boss came to his sense and negotiated an agreement. The agreement included recognition of the union, wage increases, a grievance procedure, paid time off and more. On December 26th on the heels of workers at 2 more shops announcing their membership in the IWW and demanding their rights the boss at EZ-supply reneged his agreement.

Lights, Camera and No Unions; Restaurant Workers Fight Job Segregation

NYC, 27.12.2006 21:08

WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 29 minute radio program.


Landscape of Horrors: The Obscenity of Real War

NYC, 27.12.2006 21:08

The end of the year means the release of serious films jockeying for Oscar contention. This year, violence and gore play the leading roles in many heavyweights: Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, The Departed and Flags of Our Fathers.

These movies excel in make-believe violence that keeps getting more graphic and extreme over time. Hollywood is forever chasing realism even though we see the movies to escape. No matter how real the bloodletting – the screams of anguish, the reverberations of explosions – we know it’s staged.

Yet we block out the real violence in front of us. Even as the Iraq War dominates the news month after month, we have insulated ourselves from it. || Rest of the Article

Climate Change: Rising Seas creates 70,000 Climate Refugees

NYC, 27.12.2006 21:08

Rising seas attributed to human induced global warming have submerged Lohachara island, once the home to 10,000 people. Unhinhabited Suparibhanga has also vanished, while the inhabited island of Ghoramara has lost two thirds of its area to the rising seas in the Bay of Bengal.

Violaciones graves de Derechos Humanos en las últimas deportaciones de inmigrantes en Marruecos

estrecho / madiaq, 27.12.2006 21:07

El gobernador de Rabat declaró el veintitrés por la tarde que la deportación de más de cuatrocientos inmigrantes, refugiados y demandantes de asilo subsaharianos a la frontera de Argelia respondía a la ejecución de los acuerdos alcanzados en la última cumbre euro-africana celebrada hace unos pocos meses en la capital alaouita. En la madrugada del día veintitrés, a las cuatro de la mañana, cientos de militares entran por sorpresa en los barrios de Ayn Hada y Takadoum, en Rabat. Sorprenden a inmigrantes, demandantes de asilo y refugiados durmiendo. Entran en las casas rompiendo las puertas y sacan de las camas a hombres, mujeres, niños y niñas, bebés y enfermos. No toman en cuenta los papeles que algunos subsaharianos les muestran indicándoles que son residentes legales en territorio marroquí, tampoco tienen en cuenta a las mujeres embarazadas o a los menores.

23C3: &quot;Who can you trust?&quot;

Germany, 27.12.2006 18:09

In Berlin findet vom 27.12 - 30.12 der Chaos Communications Congress des Chaos Computer Clubs statt. Die "europäische Hacker-Party" jährt sich dieses Jahr zum 23. Mal und wie in Hacker-Kreisen üblich wird dieser speziellen Zahl ein extra Rahmen gewidmet. Auch ein paar Leute aus dem Indymedia-Umfeld sind mit einem Stand und zwei Public Access Rechnern vertreten.

Homepage | Programm | Streams | Presse
alte Features:19C3 | 21C3 | 22C3

actieweekend Mol

Oost-Vlaanderen, 27.12.2006 16:37

Mol in het verzet

Boston Expresses Solidarity with Oaxaca

Boston, 27.12.2006 15:08

In response to the Zapatistas call to action for Oaxaca on December 22, approximately 25 people gathered at the Mexican Consulate in Boston at noon. People came from all over the region, including Western Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Nova Scotia, and Rhode Island. Unlike many demonstrations, this event was attended by a cross section of people from the area, ranging from a family of five who lived in Oaxaca for years to students to older women with canes.

23C3: who can you trust

Switzerland, 27.12.2006 12:07

In Berlin findet vom 27.12 - 30.12 der alljährliche Chaos Communications Congress (offizielles Blog) des Chaos Computer Clubs im Kongresszentrum am Alexanderplatz statt. Auf dem Programm stehen neben technischen Vorträgen und Workshops, auch Vorträge über das neue gesetzliche Verbot des Hackens, sozialkritischen Themen (2), wie auch weitere interessante Vorträge.

Der Kongress findet, wie der Name (23C3) bereits andeutet, zum 23ten Mal statt und kann nachwievor als eines der interessantesten und wohl umfangreichsten Hackertreffen im deutschsprachigen, wenn nicht sogar europäischen, Bereich angesehen werden.

Indymedia hat auf dem Kongress einen kleinen Stand, wo es die Möglichkeit gibt Artikel zu verfassen, Workshops angeboten werden sollen usw. Schaut vorbei!

Weitere Artikel:

Nuevas deportaciones de inmigrantes en Marruecos

estrecho / madiaq, 27.12.2006 11:07

Desde la madrugada del pasado día 23, se está produciendo en Marruecos una redada deplorable y brutal, con la detención indiscriminada y posterior deportación de cientos de personas inmigrantes, refugiadas y solicitantes de asilo de origen subsahariano. Sin importar la hora (4 de la madrugada) y, por supuesto, las formas, estas personas están siendo sacadas de sus -digamos- casas, indistintamente de que sean personas mayores, enfermos, niños o bebés; por supuesto sin que se les informe del por qué de tan infame hecho. Esta acción se viene desarrollando en los alrededores de Rabat (Hay Nahda y Takaddoum), y transportadas en autobuses con destino a Oujda.

Bike Tour of Edible San Diego

San Diego, 27.12.2006 06:38

"There wasn't a lot of conversation with people in the community until we were out there, digging in the dirt, pulling up the lawn and people would come by and were like 'What are you doing?' It was this real connecting thing in the community that we are living in."

San Diego Food Not Lawns organized a Bike Tour of Edible San Diego on November 12. "The idea was to get folks out on bicycles to look at some of the school gardens and community gardens and front yard gardens that people have been putting in to get us excited about the possibilities of a greener San Diego and a San Diego where food is everywhere."

Leaving from Balboa Park, the roughly 15 mile tour visited the worm bins and gardens at Grant Elementary School in Mission Hills, Food Not Bombs serving a meal at North Park Park, gardens at Central Elementary in CIty Heights, a front-yard community garden project at the Activist San Diego House, and the Golden Hills Community Garden in Balboa Park.

San Diego Food Not Lawns is part of a recently created international movement for "using our resources, our land, our water, our energy for growing food for people instead of on lawns."

Edible San Diego Bike Tour Video: 15min/20mbytes

Links: San Diego Food Not Lawns | Cascadia Food Not Lawns | Grant Elementary | Central Elementary | Activist San Diego

Journalists Say Free Press Threatened by Army Subpoena

NYC, 27.12.2006 05:09

The U.S. Army has subpoenaed journalist Sarah Olson and placed another journalist, Dahr Jamail, on the prosecution witness list for the court-martial of Lt. Ehren Watada.

Sleep Tight

LA, 27.12.2006 04:38

Sleep "Tight" and Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

The Winter Harvest of the South Central Farmers

LA, 27.12.2006 04:08

The Winter Harvest of the South Central Farmers

DEC8 - Day

Victoria, 27.12.2006 03:08

DEC 8 WOMYN'S WALKOUT: Victoria Locations and Agenda


Victoria, 27.12.2006 03:08

Economic Racism: Sun Peaks Gets Injunction & Enforcement Order

Working Forests

Victoria, 27.12.2006 03:08

Victory! BC Liberals Back Down from Implementing Working Forest Initiative

Freedom Road

Victoria, 27.12.2006 03:08

Freedom Road: U.S. Soldiers Defect to Canada

Victoria IMC is Reforming

Victoria, 27.12.2006 03:08

Victoria IMC is Reforming

'Tis The Season For Home Demos

Portland, 27.12.2006 01:38

While employess of OHSU's National Primate Research Center festively celebrate the winter holidays, there are thousands of primates imprisoned nearby, held for painful and emotionally distressing experiments, many of which will end in their death. In the twenty-first century, the continuation of the cruel and archaic practice of animal vivisection is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated by any so-called 'civilized' society. Many countries, Austria for example, have outlawed many types of animal research including research on primates, which are so closely related to humans. Books, like Sacred Cows and Golden Geese by Dr. Greek, are being published by both doctors and veterinarians illustrating the scientific invalidity of animal research that results in both human and animal deaths. Money and time can be better spent on clinical trials, public health programs and epidimiological studies rather than funneling millions of dollars into researchers and pharmaceutical companies pockets. We are sick of the systemic torture of nonhuman animals in this society and will no longer sit passively watching our brothers and sisters as they are abused and executed. Home demonstrations are the LEAST animal rights activists can do to call attention to the atrocities these people commit every day.

A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads: RIP James Brown

NYC, 27.12.2006 01:08

James "Butane" Brown
(May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006)
R.I.P. || Democracy Now on James Brown

Here's To A Change in Criminal Justice Policies in 2007

NYC, 27.12.2006 00:09

The Department of Justice sent me little gifts for the holidays, each containing an up-to-date statistic (through the end of 2005) about our criminal justice system. The wrapping was pretty, but not what was inside. Here's a sample of what each little box contained:

Home for the Holidays - and Beyond

NYC, 27.12.2006 00:09

dec06hearings 026 Congressman Jerry Nadler, flanked by NYS Assembly Members Dick Gottfried, Linda Rosenthal, Deborah Glick.jpg

Haiti: Another UN Assault on Cite Soleil

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.12.2006 22:38

On December 22nd, 400 Brazilian-led UN occupation troops in armored vehicles carried out an assault on the people of Cite Soleil, laying siege to the impoverished community. Eyewitness reports said a wave of indiscriminate gunfire from heavy weapons began about 5 a.m. and continued for much of the day Friday. Initial press accounts reported at least 40 casualties, all civilians. UN troops from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia took part in the all-day siege, backed by Haitian police. According to community testimony, UN forces flew overhead in helicopters and fired down into houses while other troops attacked from the ground with Armored Personnel Carriers.

Sistani Rejects New Sunni-Shiite Coalition

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.12.2006 22:38

On December 23rd, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani rejected a US backed plan for a new coalition in the Iraqi parliament that would have allied the Shiite Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq with the Sunni Arab Iraqi Islamic Party and the Kurdistan Alliance. The plan aimed at isolating the 32 Sadrist members of parliament and depriving them of the ability to bring down the prime minister.

On December 25th, British troops raided the headquarters of an Iraqi police unit in Basra, claiming they heard that the unit was infiltrated by Shiite militiamen and planning to kill their prisoners. Basra City Council withdrew co-operation from UK forces in southern Iraq to protest the raid. The US military has also conducted raids against the Badr Corps militia of the Shiite Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, in the course of which it arrested four Iranian officials. It had to let two of them go when it transpired that they were diplomats invited into Iraq by President Jalal Talabani, a close US ally.

Hundreds Die in an Oil Pipeline Explosion in Lagos Nigeria

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.12.2006 22:38

On December 26th, up to 500 people died after an oil pipeline exploded in Lagos, Nigeria . It is feared the final death toll could be much higher. The explosion comes at a time when tension has been rising -- especially in the Niger Delta -- over who controls the region's vast natural resources. Nigeria is Africa's largest oil producer and the United States' 5th largest oil supplier.

Governo avança com cartão do cidadão

Portugal, 26.12.2006 21:09

Governo avança com cartão do cidadão

23° Chaos Communication Congress

Switzerland, 26.12.2006 12:07

Il 23° Chaos Communication Congress [23C3], al motto "who can you trust?", si terrà dal 27 al 30 dicembre presso il centro congressi Berliner sito in Alexanderplatz, a Berlino.
Organizzato dal Chaos Computer Club [CCC], ospiterà una quattro giorni di conferenze sulla tecnologia, la società e l'utopia proponendo letture e workshop.
[info + dettagliate sul loro blog]

Spaziando tra IT-security, internet, crittografia e un'attitudine creativa e critica sulle tecnologie, si darà spazio a discussioni inerenti gli effetti delle conquiste tecnologiche sulla società.

Fra i vari stand, vi sarà pure indymedia, presente con gadget, supporti cartacei e la possibilità di seguire dei workshop.

È benvenuta la partecipazione, sia come ospite [alloggi], sia dando una mano al CCC ad esempio nei panni di chaos Angel!

Concentración contra la cumbre de la OTAN: 28 dic. a las 19’30 en Plaza Nueva

estrecho / madiaq, 26.12.2006 10:07

#media_7633;left# El próximo 7 y 8 de Febrero se quieren reunir los ministro de la OTAN en Sevilla. El FORO SOCIAL está preparando una seríe de actos de rechazo que van desde DEBATES, MANIFESTACIONES y ACTOS DE INTERFERENCIA Y BLOQUEO, siempre desde el más estricto espíritu pacifico y NO-VIOLENTO. El 28 de diciembre a las 19'30 en Plaza Nueva comenzaremos a calentar motores para evitar que se reunan en Sevilla los ministros de la GUERRA, o hacerles al menos la estancia incómoda y DESACOGEDORA, . ¡¡¡Dicelo tambien en Febrero, alto y claro, OTAN NO PASARAN. LA OTAN NO ES BIENVENIDA A SEVILLA!!!


Valencia, 26.12.2006 08:37

Manifestació per una vivenda digna. Dissabte 23 de desembre
Plaça de Sant Agustí, 17h.
Crònica de la manifestació contra la precarietat a l'habitatge del 23 de desembre a València (Endavant) ++ Decenas de miles de personas se manifiestan por la vivienda en más de 20 ciudades ++ Manifest nacional de Maulets: Mobilitzacions en defensa d'un habitatge digne ++ Crida de l'Esquerra Independentista a la manifestació pel dret a la vivenda del 23 de desembre ++ La reunió europea d'habitatge de Barcelona, ajornada indefinidament ++ Seguiréis sin tener una casa en la puta vida ++ Video-crónica: Manifestación en Madrid por una vivienda digna ++ 23 de diciembre a las 17:00 h. en P. Sant Agustí mani por una vivienda digna ++V de vivenda ++ Vídeo oficial mani "V de Vivienda" 30 Setembre


Valencia, 26.12.2006 08:37

Manifestación por una vivienda digna. Sábado 23 de diciembre
Plaza de Sant Agustí, 17h.
Crònica de la manifestació contra la precarietat a l'habitatge del 23 de desembre a València (Endavant) ++ Decenas de miles de personas se manifiestan por la vivienda en más de 20 ciudades ++ Manifest nacional de Maulets: Mobilitzacions en defensa d'un habitatge digne ++ Crida de l'Esquerra Independentista a la manifestació pel dret a la vivenda del 23 de desembre ++ La reunió europea d'habitatge de Barcelona, ajornada indefinidament ++ Seguiréis sin tener una casa en la puta vida ++ Video-crónica: Manifestación en Madrid por una vivienda digna ++ 23 de diciembre a las 17:00 h. en P. Sant Agustí mani por una vivienda digna ++V de vivenda ++ Vídeo oficial mani "V de Vivienda" 30 Setembre

Ninth Circuit Reverses Contempt Order for Winstead

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.12.2006 07:38

Nadia Winstead was notified on Friday, December 22nd that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston's contempt order. The original order was issued after Winstead refused to testify before a Federal grand jury harassing activists. Winstead is awaiting further details about the reason for the reversal.

And So This Is Christmas

Portland, 25.12.2006 22:38

Today is the 21st birthday of my youngest child, Janey. Christmas 2006 will be the third Christmas that our family has endured since the death of Casey. The holiday season is hard for so many people as evidenced by the skyrocketing number of suicides and suicide attempts.

2006 was a year of ups and downs for our family and for the nation. Despite the facts; the criminal and corrupt occupation of Iraq continues unabated and in fact worsens on an hourly basis. Body bags are coming home from the Middle East in the dark of night at a steady clip and our troops are being grievously wounded for no reason other than to reward the CEOs of the war profiteers phenomenal holiday bonuses. Our children are being sacrificed like Christmas turkeys so the turkeys in the White House can strut around and posture like dictators of banana republics.

With the transfer of power in the legislative branch in Congress, our nation has a unique opportunity for true change in 2007. But with the Democratic leadership cozying up to the killers who have led our country down a path of destruction, in the name of "bi-partisanship" which in this case can only be truthfully called: criminal collusion; we have little hope of the change that we the people voted overwhelmingly for this past November. We have to be the ones to give our leaders the courage to do the right thing. Impeach them NOW! Lets stop the war NOW

John Lennon's Merry Xmas war is over video

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, Dies

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.12.2006 22:08

James Brown, who was known as the Godfather of Soul, died early on Christmas morning. Brown, 73, had been admitted to Atlanta's Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Sunday, suffering from pneumonia. As a prolific singer, songwriter, bandleader and record producer, Brown influenced the evolution of gospel and rhythm and blues into soul and funk. His music has been widely sampled by hip hop artists.

A Gathering of the Radically Concerned

Arkansas, 25.12.2006 19:09

In solidarity with the Zapatista Encounter with the People of the World in Chiapas, Mexico.

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