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Come to Jan 7 Memorial Ride for Cyclists Killed in 2006

NYC, 03.01.2007 23:38

2006 Bicyclist Memorial Ride, Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Some Locations: Bronx Ride: 9am: Meet@ Pelham Bay stop on the 6 train.
Queens/Brooklyn Ride: 945am: Meet @ Jamaica Center stop on the E or J trains.

Ride in honor of the bicyclists who died on the streets in 2006. These victims will not be forgotten.

Memorial Ride Video
Stories from Last Year's Memorial Ride: 1 | 2 | 3

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 03.01.2007 21:08

Pedro Alvarez, Roger, prizonuloj 4f, politikaj prizonuloj...

Jam pasis 14 jaroj de kiam Pedro Álvarez estis murdita far' de policisto el la brigado de la Civita Sekureco pro diskuto pri trafiko, per mortiga pafo en la kapo, policisto kiu post sep tagoj estis liberigita kaj, gxisnune, la krimo restas senpuna kaj la murdisto daŭre liberas kaj restas protektata de ĉiu ajn sekureca forto de la hispana ŝtato. Antaŭ ne multe ni ekkonis la verdikton de la murdo de Roger, kun skandala peto de indulto por la kulpulo, kiu ne devis eniri preventan prizonon, aferon kiun jes ja daŭre suferas la prizonuloj de la kazo 4-februaro, malgraŭ ke ĉikaze neniu estis murdita nek ekzistas pruvitaj akuzoj. Sammaniere okazas inter tiom da aliaj kazoj. Kie estas, do, la egaleco antaŭ la leĝo?

Aliaj rilataj novajxoj: Can Ricart, 22@, kiu malobservas la legxon? ::: Troiga monpuno al la grafitiistoj de Can Vies ::: Solidara kun la "3 el Gràcia" kondamnita kaj monpunita ::: Senpuniteco de faŝistoj kaj policistoj en Valencio ::: Aresto de Marina Bernadó ::: malsat-striko kontraŭ la pun-fortigo de la eŭskaj prizonuloj ::: Iñaki de Juana, la majusta novajxo: plilongigi punojn pro opinioj ::: Juĝo: kazo de la Monahxoj

[15an de decembro] je la 19.30a Hospitalet, Avd.Catalunya.Manifestacio: 14 jarojn sen Pedro

[22an de decembro] je la 20a. Placo Catalunya: Kazo Roger:La justeco estas blinda, sed ni ne

[22-23des]pluraj urboj pertorcxa manifestado 02006"

+infoj: >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo + alarmo solidara

Canine Brutality in Rosarito Beach!

San Diego, 03.01.2007 19:08

Those caught are thrown into the metal cage. Healthy dogs, people's pets and puppies are tossed in with sick and dying dogs. Those who survive are driven to the dog pound, where over 80% will be strapped to electrical cords......

Incredibly, due to the secretiveness surrounding city hall and the ego of its animal control director, Raul Pena, Rosarito has refused to ok a $50,000 dog rescue program... Please contact Rosarito city officials and let them know that humanity knows no boundaries, when it comes to barbarism and cruelty against defenseless animals. Tell them you will not visit Rosarito until it creates human methods of canine control and until the city begins a free sterilization program. --Read More--

Sign Petition

Inkywatch: Editors Opt for Militarization While Obscuring Deaths of Saddam Hussein and Gerald Ford

Philadelphia, 03.01.2007 16:08

EZ-Supply and Amersino warehouse workers fight back

NYC, 03.01.2007 15:10

On a windy and brisk January morning, more than 50 foodstuffs workers and their supporters rang in the New Year with pickets to demand their basic rights as workers. The actions, held on the morning of Jan. 2 in front of local foodstuffs distributors, Amersino Marketing Group and EZ-Supply, were organized by the Food and Allied Workers Union of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), I.U. 460.

LES Ecology Center to Hold to Collect &quot;E-Waste&quot; Sunday at Union Square

NYC, 03.01.2007 15:10

Sunday, January 7th at Union Square Park - North Plaza - 17th Street & Broadway - Rain or shine from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Acceptable items include all working and non-working:
Computers (desktop & labtop), monitors, printers, and other peripherals (keyboards, mice, external cd drive, modems, etc), TV's and cell phones

In der Wüste ausgesetzt: Hunderte Flüchtlinge festgenommen und aus Marokko abgeschoben

Germany, 03.01.2007 14:39

Mehr als 250 AfrikanerInnen aus dem subsaharischen Afrika wurden am 23.Dezember 2006 von der marokkanischen Polizei in verschiedenen Vierteln der Hauptstadt Rabat verhaftet. Unter den Festgenommenen sind Frauen und Kinder, Flüchtlinge und Asylsuchende. Danach wurden sie in sechs Bussen nach Oujda an der algerischen Grenze gebracht, begleitet von Armee. Gegen 11 Uhr abends überquerten die Busse die Grenze an verschiedenen Stellen und die MigrantInnen wurden in der Wüste ausgesetzt (Details unten im Text).

Berichte Flüchtlingsrat HamburgNo-Racism | migreurop  
IMC Berichte Massenabschiebungen aus Marokko | Marokko: Neue Massenabschiebung

Erklärung von Attac Marokko (fr) | Presseerklärung der Vorsitzenden des Unterausschusses für Menschenrechte des Eur. Parlaments (fr, pdf)

Ältere Texte zum Thema EU/Marokko: Abschiebung in den Tod | Marokko: Viele weitere Tote | Ceuta/Melilla: Europäische Karawane 5./6.11.05 | 1000 MigrantInnen ohne Wasser in der Sahara | Die Odyssee der Helena Maleno  

Independent Press Association Ceases Operations, Leaves Trail of Creditors &amp; Questions in Its Wake

NYC, 03.01.2007 12:38

Founded in 1996 "to promote and support independent publications dedicated to social justice and a free press", the Independent Press Association (IPA) announced Dec. 27 that it was ceasing operations immediately. Based in San Francisco, IPA's demise follows more than a year of growing concerns about financial mismanagement of the organization's newsstand distribution service which in turn has wreaked havoc on dozens of small, independent publishers. IPA's New York office, which bears no responsibility for the crisis, will also be closing down. IPA-NY provides technical assistance for dozens of local ethnic and community papers, publishes a weekly online newsletter that features the best work of its member papers, sponsors the "Ippies" community journalism awards and runs the George Washington Williams Fellowship and the Campus Journalism Project || Other Press: The Independent Press Association is Dead || Indy Press Newsstand Services || SF Weekly Feature on IPA's Woes || The Ripple Effect: Clamor Goes Under || Just Seeds Struggles to Survive || Voices That Must Be Heard

Interview With Radical Elder: Anarchist John Zerzan

Portland, 03.01.2007 08:38

JZ: Given the failure of the Left to address reality, new sources - such as indigenous wisdom - are needed for sustenance and inspiration. The acceptance of mass production, mass society, mass culture, mass consumption is unacceptable; instead we need visions and critiques that refuse the industrial techno-culture and its suicidal trajectory.

Green anarchy/anti-civilization/primitivism poses questions that undermine the ensemble of institutions too long simply accepted without judgment. What has passed for opposition or resistance has largely gone along with what is questioning mainly only who is in charge in lieu of interrogating and opposing the components of this dismal present.

Zerzan will be in Portland, Oregon this Friday, January 5 at 7 PM
Laughing Horse Books, located at 10 NE 12th St.

Calls to Protest the Impending Incarceration of MMJ Grower Stephanie Landa

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.01.2007 08:09

Medical cannabis patient and provider Stephanie Landa is scheduled to turn herself in to federal authorities by 12pm on Thursday, January 4th, 2007., Axis of Love, and Patient Advocacy Network will be holding a rally and protest at 10:30AM at 450 Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco, before Ms. Landa "surrenders" herself. They are asking that people bring flowers, cards, etc. to show their appreciation for Ms. Landa's work in the fight for safe access. Supporters are also asking that people fax Judge Alsup and the US Attorney's Office in San Francisco to demand that Landa's sentence be vacated.

Smash the WEF

Portland, 03.01.2007 07:38

For years the representatives of capital, their strategists, politicians and propaganda makers meet in the village of Davos, turned into an alpine fortress for the World Economic Forum (WEF). What have these meetings of the past few years achieved? Neither the alpine air or the pretence of charity can have a positive effect on the reduction of daily living standards. In that area, there is absolutely no improvement in sight: war and the dismantling of social structures are proving themselves to be the core of the long-term agenda of the ruling elite.


Smash G8 in Germany 2007

From 4th to 7th of June 2007 the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm, in the proximity of Rostock, in Germany takes place. Also the mobilization of the Leftwing against the G8-Summit already runs on full speed. Different alliances are founded,several nationwide meetings did take place, also with international participation and an approximate plan of action for the protests is already fixed. Already now there are numerous actions, which mobilize to the events of protest against the G8-summit. Because of the 100.000 expected demonstrators at the Main Manifestation in the Rostock City at 2nd of June 2007 the policeforces are preparing since some time their operation and security plan for the whole region and for Rostock. Here comes an overview over the conditions of the mobilization.


The 2006 Chicago Indymedia Year in Review

Chicago, 03.01.2007 07:10

Chicagoans in 2006 saw the crystallization of prominent activist efforts — from the Festival of Rights on Michigan Avenue to the record-breaking immigrants rights protests on May Day and throughout the year.

Chicago Indymedia has helped made those invisible stories visible, providing a platform for coverage, announcements, commentary, organizing. We commemorate that work in the calendar year that just passed — the struggles, the successes, the tragedies, the triumphs — in Chicago Indymedia's 2006 Year In Review.

1st Encounter Between the Zapatistas and the Peoples of World

Portland, 03.01.2007 06:38

The last day of the year started today at the Zapatista Caracol of Oventik, in Chiapas, with two morning workgroups during which the zapatistas shared the everyday construction of their autonomy in the areas of education and health, in the context of the discussions of the First Encounter Between the Zapatistas and the Peoples of the World.

Thousands of community supporters of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and over 1,500 men and women from 40 countries around the world joined at 8:00 AM the two workgroups where autonomous education, the development of educational curricula in resistance, the zapatistas' health system, the challenges, obstacles, and small achievements of their work are being discussed.

Se realizó entre el 30 de diciembre y el 2 de enero

Argentina, 03.01.2007 05:40

Concluye el Ecuentro Zapatista con los Pueblos del Mundo

A cancer survivor, a smoker and an Ashtray react 2 DCs new SMOKING BAN

DC, 03.01.2007 05:12

DC insists on being a smoking-free district, so Jannelle and Joel took to the street to listen in on the reactions to the smoke ban going into effect today Tuesday Jan 2nd 2007.

Protestors line Memorial bridge to mark 3,000 US dead in Iraq

DC, 03.01.2007 05:12

With 3003 US soldiers reported dead as that time, well over 50 protestors gathered by candlelight during evening rush hour on Jan 2, on the VA side of Memorial Bridge and its approached by Arlington Cemetary.

Peace Activists Say STOP WARS at Rose Parade

LA, 03.01.2007 03:08

Peace Activists Say STOP WARS at Rose Parade

Veterans for Peace Acknowledge 3,000th US Death

LA, 03.01.2007 02:38

Veterans for Peace Acknowledge 3,000th US Death

2006 - Indymedia Highlights

Aotearoa, 03.01.2007 02:09

Here are some of the stories that YOU published on your local Indymedia Centre in 2006. The struggle continues - see you on the barricades!

Your Aotearoa Indymedia Crew

Tino Rangatiratanga - Tangata Whenua:
Land occupations took place in Taurewa, Ngati Aukiwa and Tuhoe set up a road blockade in Waimana. Tame Iti was found guilty of firearm charges for firing a gun at a protest in early 2005 in the Ruatoki Valley. Also, the United States, Australia and New Zealand are the only countries that remain in opposition to the proposed Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, which recognises the principle of indigenous sovereignty.

The peope in Tonga are rising up against the monarchy and the government. Riots broke out on 16 November after a pro-democracy demonstration in Nuku'alofa which destroyed large parts of the central city [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] while in Auckland a Tongan activist rammed the gate of the King's residency. Riots also took place in the Solomon Islands in April while Kanaky workers went on a big strike in New Caledonia and converged in December to forge a global alliance to escalate the struggle against neo-liberalism and colonisation [ Report ]. The struggle for freedom continues in West Papua and in Timor Leste. The NZ and Australian governments have sent troops to various Pacific coutries to crush the people's desire for change [ Solomons | Tonga ].

Animal Rights:
35 Chickens were liberated in Auckland in November and 20 battery hens were liberated during an open rescue in Foxton. Auckaldn Animal Action have stepped up their actions, which included protests against duck shooting, and the Campgaing Against Factory Farming activists have also very busy.

Workers Rights:
2006 was an inspiring year for workers, marked by the growing number of industrial disputes, worker militancy and the increasingly class consouis corporate elite. In February nearly 200 freezing workers went out on strike at a Wellington freezing works for three days to protest low wages and bad conditions. In Auckland the SuperSizeMyPay.Com campaign united workers and the community in a public rally to stop low pay, at community pickets during lightning strikes of McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hutt and Starbucks workers. By the end of Februrary workers were sticking it to their bosses all across the country.

In March, Unite's struggle with McDonalds heated up when minimum wage workers took McDonalds to court for obstructing workers from joining unions and discriminating against those who had. On March 18 1000 workers and supporters marched up Queen St to the "Big Pay Out" concert to rock against youth rates and for a $12 minimum wage and secure hours. May Day 2006 was a day of massive protests for worker and immigrant rights around the world, and in Aotearoa, youth and students again marched against youth rates and for $12 an hour. Things looked glum for workers in the middle of the year during a showdown with the National Party's 90-Day No Rights Bill. Unions mobilised their mebers in two of the largest demonstrations Aotearoa saw in 2006 at Parliament in July and in Tamaki Makaurau in August to finally "Kill the Bill". Cleaners began to mobilise across the world through the Clean Start campaign and demonstrations in Auckland and Wellington were held on International Justice for Cleaners Day, Anti-Poverty Day and outside the cleaning industry awards. August and September saw another mass mobilisation of workers when Supermarket Supply Chain Strikes erupted across Aotearoa. In the same period there were Cutbacks, suspensions, redundancies as multinational corporations waged class warfareon workers and the supermarket supply chain strikes turned into a lockout that finally ended with both sides declared victory after 23 days of workers being locked out. A Wildcat occupation by Feltex workers during the liquidation of the company showed the country the power of illegal tactics, while at the same time workers in Auckland fought back at continuing elite attack and deteriorating pay and conditions.

International Women's Day was celebrated across Aotearoa and the world on Wednesday 8th March. In April, a group of women handed out over a thousand leaflets in Wellington with suppressed information after Assistant Police Commissioner Clint Rickards and former cops Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton were acquitted by a jury of raping Louise Nicholas. A spokeswoman for the group said "it has come to our attention that continuing to spread this information may negatively affect other rape survivors and this is the last thing we want. It is extremely frustrating that in this culture of secrecy we cannot even talk about why we are no longer handing out the leaflets. It is impossible for women to find justice within the misogynist legal system." [ Feature ] The following month it was made public that the three are all heading back to court again on more rape charges. “We believe that the further charges vindicate Louise Nicholas. We believe that these men systematically abused their power, and raped many women, and this further set of charges demonstrates that what they did to Louise Nicholas was not an isolated case” said Grace Millar of 'Women Against Rape'. [ Feature ] We in Indymedia had big arguments whether to publish the suppressed information or not. Three people have since been charged with spreading suppressed information of which two were convicted in Christchurch. Towards the end of the year a Take Back the Night took place in Auckland and a Reclaim the Night in Wellington.

On the West Coast of the South Island a 90 person occupation escalated the national campaign against the Happy Valley mine. the occupation has been ongoing since January last year and other campaign actions have included the scaling of Solid Energy HQ in February. The Grim Reaper stalked the NZ embassy in London to protest the governments stand on terminator genes and Coal Industry Lobbyists Created a Stink at Te Papa in March. GE campaigners refocussed attempts to Stop GE with Local Body regulations in April while the world took to the streets in November to mark the Global day of action against climate change.

The global Indymedia network celebrated seven years of people reclaiming their media and the birth of two new IMCs; London, Ontario in Canada and Ukraine Indymedia. The next generation of IMCs is almost here with the Indymedia Alternatives project well on it's way to becoming an IMC. The IMC network also mourned the death of our beloved companero and New York IMC journalist Brad Will, whose death at the hands of right-wing paramilitaries in Oaxaca is a great loss for the IMC network.

Anti-war actions included protests against the US occupation of Iraq, Israel's occupation of Palestine and war against Lebanon and actions against the New Zealand companies who make profit from killing. The protests in March against the US occupation of Iraq drew several hundred people in Auckland and Wellington, resulting in 5 arrests outside the US embassy. In August, Israel attacked southern Lebanon and the anti-war movement here responded with demonstrations in Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland. [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] The National Distribution Union who represent packing and distribution workers in New Zealand has condemned the Israeli air strike on a Lebanese fruit-packing warehouse that killed 33 farm workers. A ">group called 'Aotearoa Jews for Justice' said they stand "in solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian people suffering at the hands of the Israeli army. […] We draw from a long tradition of Jews who have campaigned for social justice and against racism and colonialism regardless of where it has occurred." Two hundred protesters caused major disruption for four hours to the annual forum of the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) held at Te Papa in October. Scuffles broke out between the demonstrators and the police as Te Papa was gradually surrounded by more and more blockades; eventually eight blockades were put in place and Te Papa was shut to the public for the rest of the day.

Auckland group Radical Youth was very active. Around 1000 students participated in a walk-out in March to protest against youth rates. In Chile, Germany and Greecestudents were on the barricades and Maori students hikoied to parliament in support of the Manaaki Tonu Te Tauira campaign.

In Wellington a user-pays system for water stirred dissent. As did the Police trial of Tasers especially when the Police produced misleading statements abouth their use. A US activist was imprisoned in Dunedin and deported in October while Iranian asylum seeker Thomas Yadegary marked the beginning of his third year in Mt.Eden prison. A fascist rally was chased out of Wellington in October and in December Kerry P. got water bombed in a protest against the Wellington 'Bypass' To round it all off in late December protesters 'nailed' themselves to the asphalt of the Bypass on its opening day to send the message that we need to calm the climate, and we don't need any more roads!

Indymedia also focussed on covering the start of the Zapatistas "Other Campaign" in Mexico and the protests against the World Economic Forum in January. The EZLN announced a red alert in May while June marked the begining of the Oaxaca Uprising in South-West Mexico that later came under state attack in October. The uprising coninued to strengthen, build and inspire the world even under heavy state repression which terrorised the city.

Israel steped up attacks on Gaza in July and by November Palestinians declared that "No-one is safe" as scores of people were killed and injured by the ongoing attacks.

Check out for more stories from all around the world.

18th Annual People's State of the State Rally In Albany

NYC, 03.01.2007 01:39

Call for Universal Health Care, Making Work Pay, Food Policy Council. Advocates of the poor called today for Governor Spitzer to make ending hunger and poverty a priority for his administration. Speakers at the 18th annual People’s State of the State in front of the state Capitol said that poverty was a rampant problem throughout the state, particularly in upstate cities. || DMU Blog: Gov. Spitzer and Arianna Huffington


Athens, 02.01.2007 21:39

Συνάντηση των Λαών των Ζαπατίστας με τους Λαούς του Κόσμου

Left in the Desert: Hundreds of Refugees Arrested and Deported from Morocco

United Kingdom, 02.01.2007 18:39

Over 250 Sub-Saharan Africans have been arrested by the Moroccan authorities in raids that took place in different quarters of Rabat on December 23rd, 2006. Among the arrested were women and children refugees and asylum seekers. Six buses, accompanied by the army, then carried them to Oujda on the Algerian borders. At about 11pm, the buses crossed the border at 3 different points and the migrants were left in the middle of nowhere [see below for details]. Blockades by the Special Police prevented supporters from Oujda to reach the deportees and their mobile phones did not work, so they could not be contacted. There are fears that these arrests are only the beginning of a mass deportation campaign to Algeria, or even into the desert, similar to what happened in September-October 2005.

On December 25, two more buses arrived in Oujda, at the police station, with Sub-Saharan Africans from Nador (another town in Morocco). This only confirms that the 'operation' was nation-wide and pre-planned by the authorities, during a time when most of the activists were on holiday.

Reports: en & fr | fr with en summary [pdf] | es | fr | de | it | Attac Morocco statement [fr] | CEAR statement [pdf] | press release by the president of EU Parliament's Human Rights Sub-Committee [fr, pdf]

Related: Worldwide Protests Against Migration Controls | EU/Morocco: Deportation to Death [de] | European Caravan Against the Fence | Stop the Mediterranean recolonization! | Week-long Actions Against the Greek-Bulgarian Border | Links: Estrecho Indymedia | No Racism

Virginia Represent: New Year's Eve at the First Encounter of the Zapatista Communities with the Peoples of the World

DC, 02.01.2007 17:09

As the clock struck 12:00 last night hundreds of soldiers from Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN in spanish initials) and hundreds more civilians from the Zapatista civil society organizations assembled on the basketball court before the mainstage of the International Meeting between the Zapatista People and the People of the World. Around the perimeter of the Zapatistas were thousands of international supporters and rebels who had come to participate in the meetings. In this crowd of internationals were representatives from organizations working in Virginia, including the Woodbridge Workers Committee, The Committee of Indigenous Solidarity, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, The Snails Pace Collective, and Richmond Indymedia. Moments after midnight, dozens of members of the EZLN comandancia dramatically took the stage…

CODEPINK Vigil Participants Harassed, Arrested

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2007 17:09

In conjunction with hundreds of demonstrations around the U.S., Bay Area CODEPINK Women for Peace marked the 3,000th U.S. combat death in Iraq with a planned walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. The San Francisco contingent was met by law enforcement who told them that the bridge was private property and they were not allowed to walk across it. According to eyewitness and arrestee Janet Weil: "Ten of us, eight women and two men, were arrested after a two-and-a-half hour "stand-in" at the southern end of the bridge. The charge: "trespassing on the Golden Gate Bridge" even though it is a public bridge, AND we never were permitted to set foot on the bridge until, ironically, we were arrested by the CHP."

Palabras desde el Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con los Pueblos del mundo

NYC, 02.01.2007 14:45

See Chiapas Indymedia for stories, photos, and audio from the Zapatista Intergalactic Encuentro with the Peoples of the World in Oventik, Chiapas, Mexico.

EZLN, 2007: Plan de acción nacional e internacional
Subcomandante Marcos: La Historia del EZLN es la historia de una dignidad que se hace colectiva

30 dic., Oventic: Inicia el Encuentro entre los Pueblos Zapatistas y los Pueblos del Mundo
31 de diciembre: segundo día de actividades en Oventik
3er boletín del Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con los Pueblos del mundo

30 dic a 2 Ene: Escucha en Vivo desde Oventic Chiapas transmisión del Encuentro Intergalactica | Fotos

Grandmothers Against the War Holds New Years Vigil

NYC, 02.01.2007 13:43

On the first day of the New Year, Grandmothers Against The War and supporters lined the sidewalk along 5th Ave in NYC.

Indybay: International News From 2006

NYC, 02.01.2007 13:43 Year in Review

The independent media community reflects on the top stories of 2006, the efforts to censor them, and our collective work to continue their telling.

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006 from Project Censored ||| A Deadly Year for Journalists: Reporters Without Borders Report | Democracy Now Report

International News from 2006 from Indybay
Oaxaca, a year in review from FSRN
"The Age of Mammals: Looking Back on the First Quarter of the Twenty-First Century" from NYC-imc
Houston IMC Year in Review: 1 | 2

Fresno Commemorates 3,000 American Iraq War Deaths

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2007 08:13

Peace activists in Fresno held a commemoration for the 3,000 Americans that have died fighting in Iraq. The event was held at Peace Corner (Shaw and Blackstone) and organized by Peace Fresno. At least 150 people attended.

Report, Activist Statements, and Photos

Impeachment Movement Heats Up With Beginning of New Congressional Term

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2007 05:13

The movement to impeach President George W. Bush is kicking into high gear with the beginning of the new Congressional term. Some advocates have called for 500,000 letters demanding action to Nancy Pelosi, to be sent on her first day as Speaker. Many believe that impeachment is the only way to bring the troops home. There will be lobbying and a protest in Washington, DC this week, and on Saturday morning in San Francisco, people will form a human "Impeach" sign at Ocean Beach. Photos from December 31st Impeachment rally San Jose.

PHOTOS: Miami's King Mango Silver 25th Strut - “Still Crazy After All These Years”

Miami, 02.01.2007 01:37

PHOTOS: Miami's King Mango Silver 25th Strut - “Still Crazy After All These Years”

Victor's Justice: Saddam is Executed

Ireland, 01.01.2007 22:08

Hussein Trial Farcical, Unjust, Kafkaesque, Unbeli ...

International News From 2006

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.01.2007 20:09

2006 was marked by increased opposition to US imperialism, as well as increased divisions and violence. Racist cartoons in Europe sparked protest across the Middle East. The US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq lead to increased levels of violence in both countries. Violence increased in the West Bank and Gaza and Israel killed over a thousand people in bombing raids on neighboring Lebanon. In the Americas, left-leaning leaders won many elections. In Mexico charges that the PAN stole the national elections lead to mass protests. A teachers strike in Oaxaca was attacked by police and protesters took over the city in response. Among those killed in the crackdown was an Indymedia videographer. Elsewhere, an uprising in Nepal almost overthrew the king, genocide in Darfur continued and there was increased violence in Sri Lanka and the Phillipines.

2006 in review

Houston, 01.01.2007 19:38

2006; a year in review from the Houston Indymedia Center

Moradores dos Lóios apresentam na PGR suspeitas de ilegalidades da Fundação D. Pedro IV

Portugal, 01.01.2007 18:38

Moradores dos Lóios apresentam na PGR suspeitas de ilegalidades da Fundação D. Pedro IV

Comunidades de la ruta 86

Argentina, 01.01.2007 18:08

Salta: bajo el fuego de la provincia y la agroindustria

PDX SingleParentsHousingCollective

Portland, 01.01.2007 14:38

Weekly meetings and online discussion and resources for building sustainable community around single parents and young children
Inviting space for the elements of a sustainable society to cohere.

I chose the name "Freefamilies" to remind us all of the root and goal, freedom, available to us. So now I have a little daughter, for one. And I am NOT afraid to invent new ways for us to live on this magnificent planet, with so many other beautiful and powerful beings. As we take action outside of prescribed, consumerist, and misinformed modalities we become "social entrepreneurs."

Weekly meetings have been at the Red&Black cafe on Saturdays at 11am. Sometimes nobody shows, and sometimes we coordinate an outdoor meeting place or event, so please call or email first to make sure. A future space at Liberty Hall is much desired.

Please feel free to explore and post your thoughts on our new amateur website:

Student-run infoshop opens

Portland, 01.01.2007 14:38

Earlier this month, a student-run non-profit infoshop celebrated its grand opening at The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia, Washington. Using the guise of a state funded student group, volunteers of The Evergreen Infoshoppe were allotted over $4,000 to purchase radical books, zines, and videos for their lending library and resource center.

After only a few weeks of planning, the Infoshoppe now hosts an ever-growing collection in a permanent, centrally located and nearly autonomous location. The opening party was just one event in a string of successes for the Infoshoppe. The 40+ attendees at the opening were able to browse and checkout zines and books from the shoppe's collection while listening to music and partaking in a zine making workshop. The Evergreen Infoshoppe has also received generous donations from such distros as Microcosm Publishing and Eberhardt Press

Plans for the coming quarters include maintaining free zine making supplies and photocopies, stencil and wheat pasting materials, wall space for student art and a community calendar, as well as hosting guest speakers and artists. The success of The Evergreen Infoshoppe sets a strong example for "radical" students wishing to enlighten and inform their peers. Likely, something similar can be formed at any college or university that funds student groups. Still settling in and creating a presence on campus, The Evergreen Infoshoppe is glad to accept any and all donations, misprints, overstock, damaged goods, posters, etc. to add to its budding collection.

Local Activist Dan Parry and Companion Killed in Auto Accident

Chicago, 01.01.2007 02:08

Local activist Dan Parry, 33, and his companion, Megan McMahon, 27, were killed in a Christmas Day auto accident in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago. Two other passengers in the accident were taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. One person is in custody in connection with the crash.

For those of you who didn't know Dan, he was a really cool, caring guy who was very politically astute and genuinely committed to creating a better world. A tireless advocate and volunteer for New World Resource Center, a regular member of the Chicago Socialist Party, an activist for international solidarity with the peoples of Colombia and Palestine, a lifelong activist for social justice, a trained paramedic, Dan had finally got into the electrical workers union (IBEW) a while back, fulfilling a longtime vocational and political aspiration.

In addition, as an avid supporter of Glasgow Celtic Football Club, he would also be regularly seen in the wee hours of the morning at the Globe Pub cheering on his Hoops. Finally, he had also gained notoriety as a DJ, spinning "Northern Soul" records at various locations around town.

Dan’s energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to work with people of all milieus and political persuasions made him unique among the Chicago activist community.

Guest Book for Daniel J. Parry

Check out Dan's MySpace here.
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Other Links: NWRC Statement on Dan Parry | Local Activist Dan Parry Killed in Auto Accident | Erie, PA Obituary | Chicago Tribune .pdf: Crash Victim was "Safety Guy"

Longhair hippies and Afro Blacks, they all get together across the tracks...

NYC, 01.01.2007 01:08

Yesterday afternoon, I spent four hours standing outside the Apollo Theater waiting to pay my respects to James Brown. It was time well spent.

Street Art Workers posters hit the street

NYC, 01.01.2007 01:08

Street Art Workers Releases New Poster Project:
Land & Globalization Poster Series
Wheatpasters and Distributors Needed!

The newest project from the

Oaxaca: Year in Review

NYC, 01.01.2007 01:08

2006 year in review audio report on Oaxaca from FSRN

2006 was also a tumultuous year in Mexico. The year kicked off with a nationwide listening tour launched by the Chiapas-based Zapatista rebel army. The so-called Other Campaign paused in Mexico City after police launched a vicious crackdown against activists and farmers in the nearby town of San Salvador Atenco. Soon after, the presidential elections captured much of the national spotlight as opposition candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador challenged the outcome that handed the presidency to right-wing technocrat, Felipe Calderon. Calderon assumed the presidency on December 1st amidst the strongest crisis of legitimacy ever faced by any Mexican president. ... But perhaps the ongoing political crisis in the southern state of Oaxaca could provide the most insight into what Mexico as a nation could face in the coming years.

Brooklyn Warehouse Bosses' Christmas Gift: Exploitation in the Food Industry

NYC, 01.01.2007 01:08

Workers are marching on the Brooklyn foodstuffs distributor to highlight a civil suit that they will file with the help of the IWW in federal court over unpaid wages and overtime. The New Years march will also act as a ‘friendly reminder’ to their boss that the NYS minimum wage will be increasing to $7.15 an hour, a figure which Amersino has conveniently overlooked in the past.

Press Freedom Round-up 2006: 81 journalists killed - the deadliest year since 1994

NYC, 01.01.2007 01:08

In 2006
- 81 journalists and 32 media assistants were killed
- at least 871 were arrested
- 1,472 physically attacked or threatened
- 56 kidnapped
- and 912 media outlets censored

In 2005:
- 63 journalists and 5 media assistants were killed
- at least 807 were arrested
- 1,308 physically attacked or threatened
- and 1,006 media outlets censored

The deadliest year since 1994

Day 69TakeBackTheLand: Miami Com. vows to be arrested if emergency ordinance passed

Miami, 01.01.2007 00:38

Day 69TakeBackTheLand: Miami Com. vows to be arrested if emergency ordinance passed


Argentina, 31.12.2006 22:38

A dos años la lucha continúa

Argentina, 31.12.2006 22:38

Los chicos de Cromagnón… ¡¡¡Presentes!!!

A dos años la lucha continúa

Argentina, 31.12.2006 22:08

Los chicos de Cromagnón… ¡¡¡Presentes!!!

Death Toll of US Troops in Iraq War Hits 3,000

LA, 31.12.2006 21:38

Death Toll of US Troops in Iraq War Hits 3,000

Meeting of Zapatista and International Communities

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.12.2006 19:38

Los Pueblos Zapatistas have organized their first Encounter with the Pueblos of the World, for December 30th through January 2nd in Oventik, Liberated Territory (Chiapas), Mexico. The EZLN. has welcomed thousands of visitors with workshops & meetings designed, to "speak on the experiences we have had these past years with our autonomous governments.... It is time to organize ourselves and to see how together, we will confront this evil that is Neoliberalism and which attacks humanity."

New Years Day Protest Plan Stands, Slightly Modified, Despite Controversy

Portland, 31.12.2006 15:38

The "human chain" action -- against the Bush regime and in anticipation of the 3000th US troop killed in Iraq -- is still planned for noon on New Year's Day at the Steel Bridge, though details have been modified in the wake of several weeks of heated debate on Portland Indymedia over the non-confrontational tactics chosen by organizers. The plan in Portland is to form a human chain to express solidarity against the Bush regime's actions in Iraq.

Members of the South Side Democracy For America MeetUp and the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition have called for a low-key "family-friendly" anti-war action at the Steel Bridge at noon on New Year's Day to oppose the ongoing US-led carnage in Iraq. Their call is in solidarity with vigils and protests planned across the country in anticipation of the 3000th US casualty in Iraq.

According to another organizer, Joan Coates, the exact location for the gathering has now been changed from on the bridge to next to it at Waterfront Park. "What we were looking for was a place where we could gather and not block any traffic."

Related: Original callouts by United for Peace and Justice & American Friends Service Committee

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