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Animal Liberationists active early in 2007

Aotearoa, 13.01.2007 04:09

The year has started comparatively well for chickens across Aotearoa, with two ALF raids in South Auckland and a fire burning down a death factory in Christchurch.

First, an ALF raid on a Tegel Factory Broiler Farm took place, with ALF activists documenting the horrific conditions inside the sheds.

"We liberated five chickens, we also removed ten dead birds and delivered them to one of the people directly responsible for their suffering and deaths, Tegel Director, Mr Ronald Duje Vela"

January 4th saw a Tegel processing plant burn down in Christchurch, and animal rights activists celebrated the economic damage and disruption caused to Tegel. The fire is currently thought to have been accidental.

Lastly, the 12th of January saw 25 more chickens liberated from another South Auckland factory farm.

"We are extremely pleased about this liberation as 25 hens will now lead happy, healthy lives outdoors in natural conditions. They will be able to walk, enjoy the sun and socialize with each other instead of being cramped together in tiny cages in a dark shed."

"We especially applaud and encourage such courageous actions as this one, as the government have proven they are incapable of acting to end the suffering. By failing to abolish battery farming, the government has recklessly neglected these animals and condemned them to a lifetime of distress and suffering"

Protests Against &quot;Surge&quot;

LA, 13.01.2007 03:38

Southern Californians Protest "Surge"

Public Housing Faces Budget Cuts

DC, 13.01.2007 03:11

In an unusual show of solidarity, Public housing residents, advocates, and housing authority officials banned together on Wednesday to protest last week’s announcement that public housing funds to over a 100 agencies would be cut by close to 25%. Independent Producer, Selina Musuta, was in Washington, DC, where one of the largest protests concerning the budget cuts took place.

Córdoba, sometimiento como tradición

Argentina, 13.01.2007 01:38

Doma en Jesús María, crueldad en vivo y en directo

Trafficking victims build US Embassy in Iraq?

San Diego, 13.01.2007 00:09

While US troops risk their lives in the war in Iraq, some private businesses are reportedly engaged in human trafficking. Worse yet, they may be building the new US embassy in Baghdad.

Multiple sources have described the plight of workers tricked into Iraq to work on US bases. The workers, often far from their homes in Southeast Asia, find themselves held against their will through deceit, threats and violence. For years these workers have fed the hungry labor markets in the Middle East. The war on Iraq - and a subsequent jobs bonanza - has added a new country to the list.

Human rights group Free the Slaves has started a campaign called 'WarSlavery' to end taxpayer-supported trafficking in Iraq. --Read More--

Links: | Background | Free the Slaves | Human Trafficking in the San Diego/Tijuana Border Region: 1 | 2

Re: ((novedad)) Manual de autodefensa civil

estrecho / madiaq, 13.01.2007 00:08

Worcester Indymedia News, January 11, 2007

Worcester, 12.01.2007 23:39

Worcester Indymedia News, January 11, 2007

Congessman James P. McGovern Anti-War

Worcester, 12.01.2007 23:39

Congressman McGovern and Worcester say "No" to More Troops

Surging Toward Catastrophe

NYC, 12.01.2007 22:08

As 20,000 more troops deploy to the front lines in Iraq, A.K. Gupta explains what this "surge" really means for the U.S. war on Iraq and what the future holds for a country now ethnically-divided and engaged in civil war... Chris Anderson investigates the twin closures of Clamor magazine and the Independent Press association... Sarah Stuteville reflects on her time spent in Pakistan... Including a review of "Children of Men" and "Pan's Labyrinth" by Charlie Bass and a eulogy for James Brown.

GI Cup o’Joe: New Coffeehouse for Soldiers Opens Near Ft. Drum || Community Calendar (January 13 - 31) || Letters to the Editors || District Attorney Stalls on Interviewing Shooter Cops || Sadrists: There is no such thing as “The Iraqi Shia” || Casualties: U.S. military Deaths Topped 3,000 Last Month || Escalation: “If Force Doesn’t Work, Use More Force” || Antiwar Dems Say Yes to Empire || Bush’s Iraq Strategy for 2007:A Second Civil War or Genocide || Progressive Media Powers Through || The New York Independent Press Association Survives || The IPA’s Domino Effect:The Enron of Indie Media Leaves Publications in a Pinch || Reflections from Pakistan || Students Give NOLA Helping Hand || Sack that Quack Keroack: Reproductive Rights Community Steps up Fight to Oust Anti-Abortion Appointee || A Bellweather Trial: Ehren Watada’s Court-Marshall and the Iraq War || Why I Joined the Vigil for Sean Bell: A Letter from an Activist || District Attorney Stalls on Interviewing Shooter Cops

Critical Mass Miami: Bike Ride on Saturday January 13th

Miami, 12.01.2007 22:07

Critical Mass Miami: Bike Ride on Saturday January 13th

Martin Luther King Day - January 15, 2007

Miami, 12.01.2007 22:07

Martin Luther King Day - January 15, 2007

Report Back: South Florida Radical Activist Conference

Miami, 12.01.2007 22:07

Report Back: South Florida Radical Activist Conference

В Гродно задержан Стас Почобут

Belarus, 12.01.2007 20:37

Boston Joins Protesters Worldwide: Shut Down Guantanamo, Now!

Boston, 12.01.2007 20:08

Boston, Mass.-- “I’m a litigator here in Boston and I have been working on representing six men detained in Guantanamo Bay Cuba since January 20, 2002. I had the opportunity to go down to the base. I met with these guys. I looked into their eyes. I have spoken with them and have spoken extensively with their families,” said Jeff Gleason, defense attorney with WilmerHale and the Center for Constitutional Rights. “This is of course the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo detention facility. Guantanamo has become a powerful image, both at home and abroad, and has come to represent the very worst in the Bush administration’s approach to the war on terror.”

Bush Increases US Troop Levels In Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2007 18:08

On Wednesday, January 10, George Bush gave a "major policy address" announcing an increase in US troop levels in Iraq. He said he "took responsibility" for past mistakes but that more troops are needed to pacify Baghdad and other parts of the country. The President also threatened military action against Iran and Syria. The first wave of additional troops has already begun deploying to the region, and a total of six brigades will be ordered all together, five into the city of Baghdad and one into Anbar Province, center of the Sunni insurgency against the US occupation. Bush has also sent an additional aircraft carrier task force into the Persian Gulf.

105 protest &quot;The Surge&quot; in OKC

Oklahoma, 12.01.2007 17:07

The Oklahoma City "Stop the Surge" rally was cosponored by, Oklahoma Veterans For Peace, and The Peace House. More than 100 OKC citizens joined a downtown protest to President Bush's Wednesday night call for escalation of the Iraq War with 21,500 "surge" troops. The Oklahoma City "Stop the Surge" rally was cosponored by, Oklahoma Veterans For Peace, and The Peace House.With hardly a day's notice, more than 100 OKC citizens joined a downtown protest to President Bush's Wednesday night call for escalation of the Iraq War with 21,500 "surge" troops. Local organizer for Darla Shelden launched the invitation email which cascaded through the peace community, inspiring the surprising turn-out "The President's plan to increase US troop levels totally dismisses the conclusions of the Iraq Study Group, the will of the voters in November, and the conclusions of his own intelligence agencies that the US presence is the cause of the insurgent resistance," said Shelden. Activists began gathering at 5 pm, Thursday, on the sidewalk outside the downtown offices of US Representative Mary Fallin. By 5:30, activists had filled the sidewalk and the Broadway median for two blocks, holding myriad colorful signs urging drivers to "honk for peace, end the war, and bring the troops home." Other signs proclaimed, "Bush lied, America deserves better, Had enough yet?" Local TV news stations 25 and 52 gave the rally extensive coverage, especially 52, which set up a satellite dish and did live interviews more than an hour. Notable downtown attorneys and others in professional dress joined the rally as they left work. The Very Reverend George H. Back from St. Paul's Cathedral happened upon the rally and joined, lending a stately presence holding a sign proclaiming, "Christian For Peace." Also holding signs were mother of an Iraq Vet Jeri Reed of Norman, and Warren Henthorn, whose son Jeffrey committed suicide during his second deployment in Iraq. The Henthorn family tragedy was part of a series produced by the Hartford Courant newspaper about mentally unfit soldiers serving multiple tours in Iraq ("Mentally Unfit, Forced to Fight," May 14, 2006, Hartford Courant, by Lisa Chedekel Around the country, reported more than 450 such rallies and demonstrations, all encouraging citizens to call, FAX, and email members of Congress. "Only Congress can block the President's escalation plan," Shelden said. The Oklahoma City "Stop the Surge" rally was cosponored by, Oklahoma Veterans For Peace, and The Peace House. Information about events like this, and photos from this protest, will be available on the Peace House website at

27.1.07: Davos, journée d'accion contre le WEF

Switzerland, 12.01.2007 15:37

Le World Economic Forum WEF invite à sa rencontre annuelle du 24 au 28 janvier 2007 à Davos. Les invitéEs sont les mille multinationales les plus puissantes du globe, ainsi que les soi-disant "VIP" des milieux politiques et de la société. C'est à l'abri de portes closes que les"leaders globaux" auto-proclaméEs veulent planifier entre eux l'avenir du monde.

NYC Protesters: No to Gitmo, No to Escalation

NYC, 12.01.2007 15:10

Activists in Foley Square call for the closure of the US penal colony in Guantanamo Bay and in Times Square protest the Presidents call for a troop escalation in Iraq. || Anti-Guantanamo Bay Protests in DC

Enfrentamentos nas ruas de Cochabamba deixam mortos e prefeito abandona a cidade

Brasil, 12.01.2007 13:39


G20 Arrests Continue

Melbourne, 12.01.2007 12:09

G20 Arrests Continue

Exigieron justicia para Darián Barzabal

Argentina, 12.01.2007 07:38

Los Hornos: arremetida popular contra la policía

Tonight's rally to protest escalation in Iraq

Portland, 12.01.2007 07:38

A large crowd braved the cold and showed up at Pioneer Courthouse Square to protest Bush's announced escalation of the Iraq war this evening. The crowd marched to the Oregonian newspaper's office, chanting and taking over the street for a short time. In spite of delays, motorists showed great support to the protestors by honking and waving. This has not been the typical reaction of Portland drivers to such delays in the past. Perhaps this is reflective of a poll conducted showing that 89% of Americans oppose sending more troops to Iraq.

It was also unusual to have no noticeable police presence at the event this evening; no storm troopers, no smell of pepper spray in the air, no violation of free speech rights. The demonstrators marched back to PCS, where singing, chanting, percussion music and general camaraderie took place.


More photos of tonight's rally in Portland

Memphis Conference Spotlights Media Issues

Tennessee, 12.01.2007 07:09

MEMPHIS -- National Conference for Media Reform kicks off Friday, with nearly 3,000 activists, journalists, policymakers and concerned citizens in attendance. The 2007 National Conference for Media Reform -- a landmark event filled with rousing speeches, musical performances, provocative panels and instructive workshops -- promises to put reforming America’s media system in the national spotlight. "More than 3,000 activists from across the country will gather in Memphis to declare that media reform is now on the national agenda,” said Robert W. McChesney, president and co-founder of Free Press, the national, nonpartisan group hosting the conference. “After years of fighting to prevent further consolidation of media ownership and the dumbing down of our airwaves, the movement is ready to pursue reforms that will transform American media.”

Exigieron justicia para Darián Barzabal

Argentina, 12.01.2007 07:08

Los Hornos: arremetida popular contra la policía

Help stop abuse of animals at OHSU's laboratories

Portland, 12.01.2007 06:38

After six years of trying to get OHSU to respond to IDA's and the public's concerns about inhumane animal care in its research laboratories, we have an unprecedented opportunity to see positive changes for the animals! But your help is urgently needed!

In a meeting on December 21, 2006, before the OHSU Animal Care SubCommittee, IDA presented two intense hours of non-stop video footage documenting the poor and neglectful conditions for the animals at the Primate Center.

At the end of the meeting IDA proposed a solution to this tragic situation by asking OHSU to begin to reduce its use of animals by five percent annually, replacing them with scientific protocols that do not use animals. In considering IDA's proposal, the Committee has asked for the public's feedback on this issue.

Letters from Oregon residents the Committee are especially needed. Please write a polite letter to the Animal Care SubCommittee by Wednesday, January 17 stating your support for the Five Percent Initiative. Feel free to use any of the points outlined below, and remember that your letter need not be long and detailed.

Beaverton Peace Vigil Against Escalation

Portland, 12.01.2007 06:38

Over 150 people assembled at 5th and Hall this evening to protest Chimpy's call for another 20,000 soldiers and an additional carrier battle group to the middle east.The majority of Americans want our soldiers home now.Yet, the cabal that runs the White House does not "get it".Dems plan to block funding, but they MUST know that they have your support. Call toll-free: 800-614-2803.And GOP senators who are up for reelection in 2008 are, by in large, now breaking with Bush. Let them know you support them on ending the war


Protesters outside White House demand troop pullout from Iraq

Anti-war protesters demonstrate in front of the White House, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007, as President Bush was making his address to the nation about his new policy dealing with the Iraq war. Bush said he will send 21,500 additional U.S. troops to Iraq to quell its near-anarchy and for the first time acknowledged he had erred by failing to order a military buildup last year.


Conscientious objectors lock down to federal building

Portland, 12.01.2007 06:38


Thunder Bay, 12.01.2007 06:07

March on KFC This Saturday!


DC, 12.01.2007 04:09

Bush "surge" speech met with pot and pan banging protest

CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

Saint Louis, 12.01.2007 03:38

The St. Louis Police have shot another young man. Citizens investigating the case have declared it murder. They say witnesses dispute the police account that Jeremy Robinson drew a gun and was shot in "self defense". These witnesses say that Jeremy was on the ground, hands flat, when the officer shot him in the back. This officer then turned him over and shot him again. They believe they saw him drop a gun next to the body to justify his actions.

Anti-Violence March to City Hall

New Orleans, 12.01.2007 03:09

Anti-Violence March to City Hall

Hundreds demand Gitmo closure-and over 80 arrests INSIDE Fed Courthouse

DC, 12.01.2007 02:09

One the morning of January 11, one day after Bush's infamous "surge" speech, hundreds of protestors descended on the Federal courthous at 3ed and Constitution Ave. At least 120 wore orange jumpsuits and black hoods, about one for every 4 detainees in Gitmo today.

Retomada as manifestaçoes em Oaxaca

Brasil, 12.01.2007 00:39


Reflejos de nuestro zeitgeist particular (vanidades del arte bien-alienado)

Canarias, 12.01.2007 00:09

En Santa Cruz de Tenerife, en la Calle 70 está El Tanque, y en él la instalación del famoso artista chileno residente en Nueva York, Alfredo Jaar. Esta obra es sin duda uno de los platos fuertes de la Bienal de Canarias. En el programa de mano se dice que su trabajo ahonda en las situaciones de desigualdad presentes en la sociedad contemporánea, en este caso se trata de la inmigración que es el otro tema crucial que pretende abordar la Bienal junto con el del paisaje. En la instalación, tal y como anuncia el título, hay una nube, que no es de verdad, porque es un símbolo, es una ofrenda u homenaje y forma parte de una puesta en escena entorno a un objeto que sí es real aunque no esté presente físicamente: una carta escrita por dos migrantes que murieron congelados al esconderse en el tren de aterrizaje de un avión tratando de llegar desde Guinea a Bruselas. Este acontecimiento real, la carta, la muerte, se materializa para el publico a través de la narración visual y sonora. La nube está controlada por ordenador, y se retroilumina secuencialmente mientras asistimos a la lectura de la carta, una grabación leída en español por otro adolescente sudafricano inmigrante.

Afuera del Tanque hay un generador de electricidad que consume unos 600 euros de diesel al día y que abastece de electricidad al Tanque. Algo más allá de este punto (apenas 12 Km.) se encuentra el CIEs (Centro de Internamiento para Extranjeros) de las Raíces, uno de los peores campos de concentración de Europa. Europarlamentarios y organizaciones como Amnistía Internacional, después de visitar diversos centros en las islas recomendaron cerrar el de Las Raíces una vez pasado el verano por no reunir las condiciones mínimas necesarias. Organizaciones locales (Todos somos migrantes, CNT Tenerife, Asamblea por Tenerife, noborderscanarias, y más) e individuos particulares se concetraron un día frio de diciembre ante el centro. Pedían que se cumpliera la ley y se respetaran los derechos humanos. Existe una orden que regula el funcionamiento de los centros de internamiento de extranjeros. En ella diferentes artículos hablan de los derechos de que deben disponer los internos: a un estancia en condiciones de habitabilidad e higiene dignas, a la comunicación con el exterior, a recibir visitas, a disponer de servicios jurídicos, culturales, sanitarios y lúdicos, a que asociaciones y organizaciones vinculadas a la ayuda e integración de inmigrantes puedan entrar. Todo ello se viola día a día en este centro.

La navidad vino y se fué (pero ya estamos acostumbrados).

En las Raíces, junto al aeropuerto de Los Rodeos, puede que no se enterasen (de lo de la Navidad). Tampoco los migrantes que allí habitan se han acostumbrado a las tiendas de campaña, que no detienen el frío y la humedad. Aunque tal vez ninguno llegue a congelarse, y, que se sepa, ninguno ha escrito una carta suficientemente larga y enternecedora, ellos, sin embargo sí están aquí y ahora y plantean un problema humanitario y político de primer orden a la sociedad de Tenerife, un asunto inmediato, real y acuciante como el frío en Los Rodeos.

Apuntar a la lejanía, puentear el presente inmediato, la realidad in situ. Ese parece ser el arte social o político que es aceptado por el sistema y refrendado por los circuitos del dinero y el poder. Entretener y enternecer, pasando como un tanque (valga la coincidencia con el nombre del espacio cultural) por encima de todas las contradicciones tras el escenario, en la tramoya. Lo real debe ser lejano. Lejano en el tiempo, lejano en el espacio, o ambas cosas. Bruselas y Guinea. 1994. Cómo si no poderlo contemplar. Cómo si no en la distancia poder ver el aura del acontecimiento. La operación cínica se completa. El público puede sentirse un alma bella accediendo de manera sofisticada al complejo drama de la inmigración deglutido por la alta cultura: por un instante igualado al artista, ser privilegiado, compartiendo su visión generosa, su espacio de libertad.

Enlaces Relacionados:

Marcha-Concentración al Centro de Internamiento de Emigrantes de Las Raíces (Tenerife). Porque el peor muro es el silencio | FOTOS: marcha contra el CIES de las raices | Contra el Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros de Las Raíces| El gobierno español impide que el máximo dirigente de los sindicatos africanos visite Canarias | Por el respeto de los Derechos Humanos de las personas encerradas en el CIE de las Raíces (Tenerife) |

Jaar devuelve en la Isla la voz a dos niños africanos, muertos en "alas" de un sueño

>>>Hilo de DEBATE entorno a la bienal de Canarias |


Argentina, 11.01.2007 23:38

Doma en el Festival de Jesús María

Miami Jan 11th: International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo

Miami, 11.01.2007 23:37

Miami Jan 11th: International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo

Protest Robert E. Lee Jan 12th

Richmond, 11.01.2007 21:09

This Friday, January 12th at noon the Sons of Confederate Veterans will be gathering in front of the Robert E. Lee monument to celebrate Lee's 200th anniversary. The Virginia Anti-War Network is calling for a counter protest to show our disgust and contempt for the racist ideas that Lee has come to epitomize.

Iraq Escalation: The World Reacts

NYC, 11.01.2007 18:38

Bush Speech Text || Translation of Bush Speech

Protest in Harlem, 1/11 || Vox Pop Organizes Protest, 1/11 || Sheehan and Chomsky to Bush: Troops Out Now || Iran Next? || Red Flags: Peace Movement Must Also Escalate || OnNYTurf: The Same Old Ho-Hum || Jackson Heights Protests

LA: Military Families Speak Out || Houston Protests || Santa Cruz || Portland

What They Did Then: Nixon, Cambodia, and Kent State

Viele Wege führen nach Davos

Switzerland, 11.01.2007 16:07

Die neueste Folge der mehr oder weniger spannenden Serie „WEF – The Spirit of Davos“ wartet mit einem langweiligen Thema auf. Im Wesentlichen bleibt sich das Regieteam um Klaus Schwab jedoch seinen Prinzipien treu: Viel Wirtschaftsprominenz; exorbitant hohe Eintrittspreise; moderne, abhörsichere Gruppenkabinen; tausende PolizistInnen und bis zu 6'500 Soldaten; Live-Einsatz der Schweizer Flugabwehr gegen feindliche Sportflugzeuge.

Ob dieses Jahr wieder Angelina Jolie zusammen mit Bono von U2 in der rührenden Hauptrolle als Armutsbekämpfer zu sehen sind, wird von SzenekennerInnen noch heiss debattiert. Wie auch immer: GegnerInnen des überholten Events haben schon zu verschiedenen Protestaktionen aufgerufen und bereiten sich auch konsequent für diese vor. Sie verlangen die Absetzung der veralteten Seifenoper. Das Kapitalisten-Happening sei zu einem blossen Baustein der globalen Ausbeutung verkommen. Neben den geplanten Protesten gegen den G8-Gipfel in Deutschland entwickelte sich die Kritik am WEF und anderen globalen kapitalistischen Institutionen somit zu einem wichtigen Eckpunkt in der Agenda um eine emanzipatorische und gerechte Welt. Nichtsdestoweniger werde diese Soap bloss durch Subventionen der öffentlichen Hand (Bund, Kanton und Gemeinde) von jährlich mehreren Millionen Franken künstlich am Leben gehalten. Bei Lüthi und Blanc musste schliesslich auch ein Schlussstrich gezogen werden!

2007: Geplante Aktionen und bereits Gelaufenes

Geschichte des Widerstandes:
2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 (New York) | 2001 | Kleine Chronologie wider das WEF

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.01.2007 15:19

Photos from Silent Vigil - Women in Black

Solidariedade Urgente !

Portugal, 11.01.2007 14:39

Solidariedade Urgente !

Delegation Heads to Africa to Witness Debt Relief Working

Portland, 11.01.2007 11:39

The Oregon chapter of Jubilee USA will be traveling to Kenya and Zambia from January 18-31 with other members of the Jubilee USA Network to witness firsthand the life-saving impacts of debt cancellation on the people of Africa. This delegation will travel to clinics, schools, and meet with community groups. The delegation will make its first stop in Nairobi, Kenya for the World Social Forum which convenes for the first time in Africa this year.

"Our generation will be remembered by how we acted when faced with the devastation of AIDS, poverty and unjust debt in Africa. There is a crisis of tsunami proportion every year in Africa. The fact that Americans are not aware of how two thirds of the world lives, and do not act to change it, that is our crisis. The World Social Forum is an opportunity to join with 150,000 people from civil society groups from around the world to create the vision for true change, because Another World Is Possible," said Nancy Yuill, co-chair of Jubilee Oregon.

Another Neighborhood Targeted by the Affluent?

Portland, 11.01.2007 11:39

Remember when St. Johns and North Portland used to be considered the poor cousin? It was good enough for blue collar workers, industry, the stockyards, etc.; considered too "inconvenient" to downtown to consider an ideal homesite. Well folks, we should have seen it coming as gentrification first swallowed other affordable neighborhoods, condo development is eating old northwest apartments and industrial areas alive, and Mississippi and Albina became "trendy". I never thought I'd see the day when there were $345,000 homes in North Portlaand outside of the University district along Willamette Blvd. but that day is here.

Washington County Peace Vigil 1-10-07

Portland, 11.01.2007 11:39

My flash did not work tonight, so sorry for the quality.About 45 people gathered tonight at 5th and Hall in Beaverton tonight.The November elections showed that the country wanted out of Iraq.Tonight, Chimpy announced more soldiers are being put into Iraq and an additional carrier strike force is being sent into the area.My son is part of that carrier group.Please send your elected representative a note,fax or e-mail to oppose this escalation.Chimpy's policy has failed.Hold everyone accountable for this debacle.It is imperative to cut off the funding of this illegal occupation.Please join us every wednesday evening and support any public demonstration against this administration and any politician who supports it.

Portland Recruiters Enlist the Help of Counter-protestor

Portland, 11.01.2007 11:39

In an apparent attempt at counter protest, the military recruiters brought out an effigy of the inflated military budget.

The recruiting tool, most likely designed to capture the attention of elementary school aged children, was seen bobbing along with a makeshift cardboard sign stating, "Support our troops." The peace demonstrators were well equipped with complementary signs including, "Support the troops - bring 'em home!", "Killing is Wrong", and "Money for jobs and schools, not war".

Local Actions Against the War in Iraq

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.01.2007 09:38

Rally at the Clock Tower in Santa Cruz
Corner of Water and Pacific
Thursday, Jan 11 2007
6:00 PM - 7PM
A local activist writes, "It has been clear for weeks now that George Bush was planning to escalate the war in Iraq. 20,000 troops will be the beginning, not the end of this escalation, if he is not stopped. All around the country, emergency rallies and actions are being organized on Thursday, January 11th in response."

Protests are taking place in Santa Cruz at 6pm at the Clock Tower, in Salinas at 6pm in front of the Alisa St. Post office and in Monterey at 4pm across from McDonald's, 610 Del Monte Ave. In addition to the rallies on Thursday, other peace activists are staging a "human sign" protest "against this monstrous war." On Saturday, at 1pm, they will meet at Cowell's Beach (Santa Cruz Main Wharf) and will form a sign on the beach saying "Out of Iraq."

There's also a series of upcoming educational events at UC Santa Cruz, including a speech on Wed., Jan 17 entitled "The Crisis of Iraq as America's Crisis" from Middle East historian Juan Cole, and a "Back from Iraq" presentation from independent journalist Dahr Jamail on Wed., Jan 24.

Many other anti-war events are planned around the Bay Area, including protests in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, El Cerrito, Mountain View, San Jose, Petaluma, San Rafael, and Benicia. See Indybay's Anti-War page for more information.

“Does Education Breed Segregation?”

DC, 11.01.2007 07:41

Colleges are often though of as a bastion for liberal ideas but how does that translate outside of the campus and into non academic communities once a student graduates. Joining a college environment, which tends to be somewhat more integrated than the general community, does it mean that college graduates will desire to be in a multi-racial integrated neighborhood or send their children to a diverse school? Well, according to one study conducted at Houston’s Rice University, the answer is no for white parents. Instead the greater the education of white parents, the more likely they will remove their children from public schools as the percentage of black students increases. Independent Producer, Selina Musuta interviewed the co-author of the study, Dr. Michael Emerson, a Professor of SOciology of Rice University and the University’s Director of the Center on Race, Religion, and Urban Life. Interview with Co-author of “Does Education Breed Segregation?” Study Audio

Movimento contra o aumento da passagem e pelo passe livre protesta em Maceió

Brasil, 11.01.2007 07:39


India Kaiowá Guarani é assassinada por pistoleiros em MS

Brasil, 11.01.2007 07:39


No to Iraq Escalation

Houston, 11.01.2007 06:09

Bush Escalates Iraq War – Houstonians Protest

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