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Bush Must Go: Only Impeachment Can Stop Him

Arkansas, 16.01.2007 03:10

When are the American people and their representatives in Congress and the military going to wake up and realize that the US has an insane war criminal in the White House who is destroying all chances for peace in the world and establishing a police state in the US?

Occupation of Public Housing: St. Bernard Update

New Orleans, 16.01.2007 02:09

Occupation of Public Housing: St. Bernard Update


San Diego, 16.01.2007 02:08

The Ground Zero Players of San Diego were on the move again in downtown San Diego Sunday afternoon. In response to Bush's policy address to the nation last week, Ground Zero Players in Bush masks greeted downtown traffic with pleas of "IMPEACH ME NOW"!

Silent March for MLK day

Houston, 16.01.2007 02:08

Silent March in Honor of Martin Luther King

ABC Shuts Down Blogger Who Criticized Violent Rhetoric on KSFO

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.01.2007 00:10

In 2006, a blogger named Spocko began posting examples of inflammatory rhetoric common to several talk radio hosts on KSFO, an ABC Radio-owned station in San Francisco. Spocko also sent numerous letters to corporations advertising on KSFO with examples of the content their commercials were funding. This letter-writing campaign apparently got results, as major advertisers such as MasterCard, Bank of America, and Visa pulled their ads from the station. On December 21, ABC Inc. issued a cease-and-desist letter targeting Spocko and his blog for copyright violation and Spoko's internet service provider shut down his blog.

3,000 soldier memorial in memorial park

Houston, 16.01.2007 00:08

Memorial to All Casualties of the Iraq War in Memorial Park

Tlacolula Prisoners

Cleveland, 15.01.2007 23:37

Tlacolula Prisoners in Oaxaca Demand Freedom

Richmonders respond to glorification of Robert E. Lee

Richmond, 15.01.2007 22:08

Over the past few months, The City of Richmond has spent half a million dollars of the general maintenance budget to polish the controversial monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee in time for the Sons of Confederate Veterans to celebrate his birthday. On Friday, a concerned group of Richmonders came out to show their disapproval of the city's decision to financially support the SCV's celebrations of General Lee. It’s 2007: Time to tell the truth about Robert E. Lee The Real Robert E. Lee VAWN Protests R. E. Lee Brethren The Sordid Political History of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Abortion Ban Introduced in VA-and much more

Richmond, 15.01.2007 22:08

The Virginia General Assembly has just begun but the bills that affect a woman's right to choose have been piling up....

Police Commission Hearing on Government Surveillance

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.01.2007 21:10

San Francisco's Police Commission will hold a hearing about Government Surveillance on Wednesday January 17th. The Police Commission has supported the installation of cameras because it says that "the community wants them." ACLU of Northern California is encouraging concerned community members to testify that "the community wants REAL solutions, not empty political gestures that put our civil liberties at risk."

Monday Love Continues..

United Kingdom, 15.01.2007 20:39

MONDAY LOVE is a free weekly film & music night at The Good Ship on Kilburn High Road, NW6.

Every Monday, Monday Love brings a heady mix of conscious cinema and live music to The Good Ship, welcoming those who still believe in something more than money and fear.. to watch, listen, chat and chill.

March on Washington Januuary 27!

Western Mass, 15.01.2007 20:38


Irish Firm Offers Free Energy

Miami, 15.01.2007 18:38

Irish Firm Offers Free Energy

If you only read the US press, you must be very confused about Venezuela

Miami, 15.01.2007 18:38

If you only read the US press, you must be very confused about Venezuela

Po Po Pro

Miami, 15.01.2007 18:38

Po Po Pro

MLK Day 2007 in New York City

NYC, 15.01.2007 15:10

Join the IWW in celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday with a march through industrial Brooklyn to protest the illegal firings of 22 warehouse workers [Read More] || Building Bridges Monday Night: Martin Luther King, Jr., The Man, The Struggle, The Legacy [Read More] || Dr. Suzan D. Johnson Cook Honors MLK Jr.’s Memory [Read More] || The Day After Martin Luther King Jr. Died: Riots and Rebellion [Read More] || King on Nkrumah and the independence of Ghana [Read More]

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 15.01.2007 15:09

[23an dec] je la 17ª en Pl. Catalunya: Manifestacio favore al la loĝej-rajto

kronikoj [23an dec] por digna loĝejo: video manifestacio en barcelono + katalunlandaraj kronikoj

>>> "Can Mireia" en danĝero! [Manifestacio la 13an de januaro, je la 18a en Pl. Trinitat]

[19an Dec] Vakigita la OSC Calamarsa, Sabadell

[18an Dec] La kataluna polico vakigis la OSC LA LOKERIA-n

rilataj novaĵoj: Nova okupado en Terrassa ::: vilakula atendante la verdikton ::: proceso al La Lokeria ::: vakigita La Presejo de Terrassa ::: Rekta agado kontraŭ pli ol kvindek agentejoj pri nemoveblaĵoj en Barcelono ::: Defendo de "Can Felipa" ::: &#65279;Protestoj en Kopenhago - okupita domo Ungdomshuset ::: video manifestacio makabra ::: Alvoko al la sendependisma maldekstro partopreni la manifestacion favore al digna loĝejo la 23an de decembro ::: loĝej-leĝo, la polemiko pri vakaj loĝejoj ::: La gejunuloj disponigas 65% el iliaj salajroj por havigi al si loĝejon ::: Loĝej-lotumado: niaj rajtoj estas loterio

+ infoj >>> Fako spekulado +

Santa Cruz Regional Transporation Commission Votes To Widen Highway 1

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.01.2007 09:08

Despite a large public outcry and a local decades-long voting record against widening , the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission voted to pursue funding for three local Highway 1 expansion projects. The three projects were brought to the new SCCRTC on their first meeting, January 11th, 2007. The public was only informed of said projects that week. Objections to widening were raised on the basis of environmental and quality-of-life concerns. The proposed widening would disproportionately affect people living in apartments, condos and mobile home parks.

Caravan 2 Chiapas

Houston, 15.01.2007 06:09

Houstonians support Caravan to Chiapas

Martin Luther King Day - January 15, 2007

Miami, 15.01.2007 04:37

Martin Luther King Day - January 15, 2007

Photo from Athens IMC makes fool of the counter-terrorist police

Athens, 15.01.2007 04:09

Police considered an older wikipedia photo as connected to the US Embassy attack

EU-Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Überwachung 2.0

Germany, 15.01.2007 01:39

Ab Herbst 2007 tritt die EU in eine neue Stufe der Überwachung. Sämtliche Telekommunikationsunternehmen sollen dazu verpflichtet werden, Daten über die Kommunikation all ihrer Kunden verdachtsunabhängig auf Vorrat zu speichern. Zur verbesserten Strafverfolgung soll leicht nachzuvollziehen sein, wer mit wem im letzten halben Jahr per Telefon, Handy, E-Mail oder IP-Telefonie in Verbindung stand. Bei Handy-Telefonaten und SMS würde auch der jeweilige Standort des Benutzers festgehalten. Zudem soll die Nutzung des Internets einsehbarer werden.

Gegen diese orwellianische Entwicklung regt sich Widerstand aus der Netz- und Datenschützer-Szene. Die "üblichen Verdächtigen" der Polit-Aktivisten sollten sich dieser krassen Entwicklung bewusst und ebenfalls aktiver werden. Am 29. Januar wird es im Rahmen des ersten "europäischen Datenschutztages" in Berlin verschiedene Aktionen zum Thema geben.

mehr Infos: Arbeitskreis | Heise | Wikipedia | dataretentionisnosolution | Offener Brief
aktiv werden: Wiki | Offene Briefe | Sammelklage | Mailingliste | Spenden


Athens, 15.01.2007 00:39

Τρομολαγνεία, καταστολή & παραπληροφόρηση

Houston Peace News

Houston, 14.01.2007 23:08

January edition of Houston Peace News hits the stands

Monday Love Continues..

United Kingdom, 14.01.2007 20:09

MONDAY LOVE is a free weekly film & music night at The Good Ship on Kilburn High Road, NW6.

Every Monday, Monday Love brings a heady mix of conscious cinema and live music to The Good Ship, welcoming those who still believe in something more than money and fear.. to watch, listen, chat and chill.

Is The Official San Diego Martin Luther King Jr Parade Too Official?

San Diego, 14.01.2007 19:38

This year the Peace Resource Center and San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice have decided to not participate in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.

Why not? Over the years we have participated in the parade to honor MLK's values and vision and as a counter to the militarization of the local parade, which includes the FBI, Border Patrol, Homeland Security contingents as well as many JROTC units. This militarization of the parade continues and has been increasing--discussions with parade organizers have fallen on deaf ears. The parade has been increasingly marginalized in the community, first moved to Harbor Drive, then to a route around the outside of Petco Park--with fewer and fewer people attending the parade. --Read More--

Martin Luther King, Jr Day Events on Monday:
--MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY COMMUNITY RALLY+PICNIC Mon Jan 15 1-4PM, MLK JR PARK, 6401 Skyline, Sponsored by King/Chavez Coalition for Justice and Unity. Info:
--ALL PEOPLE'S BREAKFAST Mon Jan 15 7AM, Golden Hall, Downtown. Azi Khamisa, Tukufu Kalonji and Jason Russell. Limited ticket availability- Call 619-236-6413 for tickets or info
--WORLD BEAT CENTER MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY CELEBRATION Mon Jan 15 11AM-5PM World Beat Center, 2100 Park Blvd, Balboa Park. Reggae, R&B, Gospel

Anne Feeney Benefit Concert January 19

Rogue Valley, 14.01.2007 19:10

Anne Feeney benefit concert for
KSKQ Community Radio & Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice
Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 7:00 PM
Unitarian Center, 87 4th St., Ashland Oregon
$10 donation – no one turned away

Anne rocked Ashland in last year's 4th of July Parade (with video clips)

Anne Feeney is coming back and the timing could not be better. During these troubling times all around Jackson County with our Libraries, Historical Society, and SOU under attack we see a war on the workers in full force! Just on cue Anne Feeney will be here at a time when her "War on Workers" labor song couldn't be more appropriate.

Tackle the Shackles, Close Guantanamo

United Kingdom, 14.01.2007 19:09

To mark the 5th anniversary of the transportation of the first prisoners to the US concentration camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, a series of demonstrations took place around the world.

In London, Amnesty International organised a protest [Photos | Slide show | Video] and a vigil [Photos] outside the US embassy. Another vigil also took place in solidarity with 90 anti-Guantanamo US activists that were arrested in an occupation of the U.S. Federal Court House in Washington DC [Report | Photos]

In Birmingham around 80 people gathered in front of Hiatt, a UK company that makes shackles and other torture equipment used by the US military in Guantánamo Bay over the last 5 years [Report and Photos]. In Edinburgh a protest outside the US Consulate, and a meeting in the Scottish Parliament took place [Report and Photos]

For further reports and background information see the National Guantanamo Coalition website, and AI's Close Guntanamo section.

What the deaths of Saddam and Ford have in common?

Miami, 14.01.2007 18:37

What the deaths of Saddam and Ford have in common?

Fakkeltocht Berkenbossen

Antwerpen, 14.01.2007 14:38

Fakkeltocht voor behoud van Molse Berkenbossen

Actie regularisatie

Antwerpen, 14.01.2007 14:38

Actie voor een humaan opvangbeleid

benefits of social gathering

Portland, 14.01.2007 13:38

tonight i attended a peak oil meeting where we talked about the message. as it happened, the bitter cold (my fingers are still quite numb as i type) had prompted our hosting church to shelter the homeless for a while. This is important for two reasons, 1. the nature of the discussion, end of cheap energy will have a direct impact on homelessness and how we as a collective society will choose to take care of every living thing on the planet in equal proportioning of resources with rights to survive. In the past, animals were slaughtered in ritualistic fashion and many praises were laid upon the lifeforce of the kill which sustains the lifeforce of the gardenkeepers, who in turn, manage carefully the natural systems that keep the whole planet in balance. holy shit, right?


Portland, 14.01.2007 13:38

We are here, in the mud. It is not warm here...nor dry.....however, you should stand with support of a man who stands up against the military mahine and a nation of millions who don't have the foggiest notion that our troops do not want to serve in this war. Lt. Watada is speaking for thousands of enlisted soldiers like Darrell Anderson and myself, a fifteen year veteran of the Army. Watada is a true leader.....leading and doing....he knows he should never ask enlisted soldiers to do things he would never do....that is part of the requirement. NEVER ask nor order your troops to do things that you wouldn't do. There are more violators of this rule in the military now, than ever (or at least in my 15 years.) Lt. Watada is not one of them...and with that, the soldiers, who have always followed good leaders....will follow Lt. Watada.. Mike, Damon, Ethan and I, slept on the rig last was night one of Camp RESISTANCE!!!

Fire Fighters Sharing Police &quot;Sensitivity Training?&quot;

Portland, 14.01.2007 13:38

Just saw a video, taken from surveilance cameras, at the Fairfield Apartments, in SW Portland-SCARY!

I will try to capture a copy of the vid, but for now, it can be seen on channel (ugh)2's web site (KATU). It shows a tenant, Terry DeGeorge, who by his own account, needlessly verbally harassed some Portland Fire Fighters who had entered the lobby. An altercation broke out, in which a fire fighter threw the first (and as far as could be seen, ONLY) blow, the others then ganged onto the victim (verbal abuse is a felony in Portland, right?), and took him to the ground, where a bald headed Lt. Robert Bedgood (sp?) kicked him three times. All on video.

Important free speech court case in Seattle - 7 years after WTO protests!

Portland, 14.01.2007 13:38

On Dec 1, 2000, close to 600 people were arrested during the WTO protests in Seattle at several different times and different locations. Originally we tried to construct class action lawsuits for everyone negatively affected by police action during that time but that was too broad. Next we put all arrestees together in a lawsuit and stuck with that for a while. Ultimately, however, several sort of separate suits emerged. This one is the last unresolved case (that I know about.)

This case is for all those arrested in the morning at Westlake Park. Several other cases have been settled: the ACLU got a pretty good outcome and people arrested later in the day at First & Broad settled as well. The city paid protesters significant damages! Some arrestees (the largest group being arrested first thing in the am at 8th & Lenora, soon after departing from Denny Park) ultimately didn't fall into any of the lawsuits, even though I think their rights were tromped as well. !Arrest is NOT an acceptable crowd control method, right!?!


Jury Seated for WTO arrestee class action trial, Opening statements begin tomorrow

Three Quarters of a Million: Homeless in America

NYC, 14.01.2007 06:39

Three quarters of a million are homeless in America, according to new report; Barney Frank says new Congress will make housing a priority

Aboriginal Sovereignty 2007

Perth, 14.01.2007 04:09

1901-2007 They Are Still Dancing on Our Peoples Graves

Hugo Chávez Installed as Venezuela's President for Another Six Years

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.01.2007 03:09

Hugo Chávez was re-inaugurated as Venezuela's President for a six-year term on January 10, after soundly winning a December 3 election with 63% of the vote. His regime first came to power in 1998, and he has consistently made efforts to use oil profits to better the lot of the Venezuelan poor and working class, while forging links with other left-wing Latin American governments. In a January 8 speech, he announced that he will nationalize electrical and telecommunications businesses.

Now Look Here, Sonae!

United Kingdom, 13.01.2007 23:39

Only two players have been produced by the Liverpool FC youth academy since they moved to Kirkby in 1998. That's a shocking record! It can't just be a coincidence that the academy is located near to a chipboard factory that pumps out tonnes of cancer-causing chemicals every year. A school, public playing fields and houses are also easily within range of Sonae's pollution. The company have been in and out of Huyton Magistrates Court, but tiny fines and official indifference have left them free to cause all the death and disease they like.

DOD official calls for boycott of law firms that defend Gitmo detainees, ABA responds

Miami, 13.01.2007 22:07

DOD official calls for boycott of law firms that defend Gitmo detainees, ABA responds

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 13.01.2007 21:39

Milers de persones treballadores han estat acomiadades i precaritzades. La indiferència no evitarà que siguem les següents.

Els drets més bàsics de les persones treballadores de Catalunya es troben amenaçats i agredits per la patronal i amb la passivitat, i complicitat, de les institucions i el Govern de Catalunya i l'Estat Espanyol, suposadament socialista i d'esquerres.
Dones, joves i immigrants són les persones més afectades per la precarietat laboral en la que hi han començat a anar caient homes adults com a resultat de tants acomiadaments. Les reestructuracions i processos judicials com els d’Iberia, les segregacions que tenen com a objectiu abaratir l’ocupació com a La Vanguardia, la repressió patronal amb acomiadaments, sancions i pallisses a Mercadona, els acomiadaments massius com els de SEAT,els processos de privatització i precarització que afecten a Parcs i Jardins, el transport ferroviari i la sanitat, els tancaments i les deslocalitzacions d’empreses com Miniwatt, Braun, i un llarg etcètera ens bofetegen a la cara de manera creixent.
La solidaritat, la coordinació, la pressió, la resistència i la lluita per l'exercici dels nostres drets són ara crucials per alleugerir els processos oberts d'acomiadaments i per evitar que se'n produeixin de nous. Autoorganitza't, coordina't, acosta't a les organitzacions que, veritablement,treballen pels drets dels treballadors, queixa't i denuncia les injustícies, ves a les manifestacions, desconfia del poder, escriu als mitjans i sobretot solidaritza't amb les demés persones treballadores.

[21 gener]12h. Pça Universitat manifestació d'empreses en conflicte

notícies relacionades: La mitjana d'hores treballades a Catalunya és la més alta des de 1994 ::: Espanya té la temporalitat més alta de tota la UE ::: treballadors d'hosteleria: perquè les festes són de tots i per a tots ::: BcnActiva en els processos de selecció encara demana a les dones si estan casades i tenen fills! ::: Les corporacions i la seguretat laboral ::: Bocatta despedeix a un representant sindical

+info: >>> laboral

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 13.01.2007 21:39

Miles de personas trabajadoras han sido despedidas y precarizadas: La indiferencia no evitará que seamos las siguientes

Los derechos más básicos de las personas trabajadoras de Catalunya se encuentran amenazados y agredidos por la patronal y con la pasividad, y la complicidad, de las instituciones y el Gobierno de Catalunya y el Estado Español, supuestamente socialista y de izquierdas.
Mujeres, jóvenes e inmigrantes son las personas más afectadas por la precariedad laboral en la que han comenzado a caer hombres adultos como resultado de tantos despidos. Las restructuraciones y procesos judiciales como el de Iberia, las segregaciones que tienen como objetivo abaratar la ocupación como en La Vanguardia, la represión patronal con despidos, sanciones y palizas en Mercadona, los despidos masivos como los de SEAT, los procesos de privatización y precarización que afectan a Parcs i Jardins, el transporte ferroviario y la sanidad, los cierres y las deslocalizaciones de empresas como Miniwatt, Braun, y un largo etcétera nos abofetean en la cara de manera creciente.
La solidaridad, la coordinación, la presión, la resistencia y la lucha por el ejercicio de nuestros derechos son cruciales ahora para aligerar los procesos abiertos de despidos y para evitar que se produzcan más. Autoorganízate, coordínate, acércate a las organizaciones que, verdaderamente, trabajan por los derechos de los trabajadores, quéjate y denuncia las injusticias, ves a las manifestaciones, desconfía del poder, escribe a los medios y sobretodo solidarízate con el resto de personas trabajadoras.

[21 enero]12h. Pza Universitat manifestación de empresas en conflicto

noticias relacionadas: La media de horas trabajadas en Catalunya es la más alta desde 1994 ::: España tiene la temporalidad más alta de toda la UE ::: trabajadores de hostelería: porque las fiestas son de todas y para a todos ::: ¡BcnActiva en los procesos de selección aún pregunta a las mujeres si están casadas y tienen hijos! ::: Las corporaciones y la seguridad laboral ::: Bocatta despide a un representante sindical

+info: >>> laboral

The Problem the Boston Globe has with Muslims

Boston, 13.01.2007 19:09

For several years the news media have reported increasing numbers of controversies involving Muslim communities throughout the USA as well as in Europe. Recently, Representative Goode and US Holocaust Museum Memorial Museum Council member Dennis Prager objected to US Representative Ellison's use of a Quran during the congressional oath-taking ceremony. Since Ellison's election, Goode and many other politicians and pundits have been demanding changes in immigration law to decrease or to stop the immigration of Muslims to the USA as if the Ellison's ancestors have not been residing in the territory of the USA since the eighteenth century. Such proposals constitute an unsubtle statement that Muslims have no place in America. Muslims seem to us somewhat exotic, and are therefore easy to stereotype. Dumping on Muslims is fun, cheap, and easy. The unwillingness of American and Western societies in general to confront naked Islamophobic incitement recalls so many pathological actions associated with the development of modern anti-Semitism in Central and Eastern Europe that we Americans must ask ourselves whether Islamophobia is the New Anti-Semitism.

Philadelphia Demonstration Joins International Protests to Shut Down Guantanomo Bay

Philadelphia, 13.01.2007 19:08

women (en)

Barcelona, 13.01.2007 16:09

We don't want to go to heaven any more, we want to go anywhere: Maaaaaaaambo>>>

The three wise men and the oldest New Year's wishes have brought us only the illegal -and with no warning- eviction of the feminist squatted house Mambo and also the Kan Mireia eviction. Politicians, mossos(Catalan police), dictators, popes, leaders and kings have helped us into losing the faith in waiting for heaven, it's a long time since we want to go anywhere!

Mambo eviction feature: Mambo's Communique front the eviction + Call to support on the eviction day + Call when the eviction happened + From when it was open + From when it was squatted: something is surely still going on...

[Jan 12] 20h Gat del Raval: Demonstration in protest against the eviction

related news: making it clear: anarchofeminism ::: 4 out of a million women killed by her partners in Spain ::: Up the feminist struggle! ::: Joan Saura "the Evicter" ::: Hereu censors the protest against housing ::: the right to a house could be demanded before a court in France :::

Kan Mireia evicted!

[Jan 13] 18h de la Trini Sq.: Gathering against the Kan Mireia eviction

+info : speculation & squatting section + mambo + girlswholikeporno + >>>women

Nueva okupaci�n en Bilbao: Zazpi Katu gaztetxea II

Euskal Herria, 13.01.2007 14:08

Contestação equivale a terrorismo

Portugal, 13.01.2007 13:39

Contestação equivale a terrorismo

Action to Get People Out of Cars and onto the Train

Bristol, 13.01.2007 13:38

Campaigners lobby Cabinet to cut congestion Campaigners lobby Cabinet to cut congestion Cat Hobbs writes: Last night, campaigners lobbied Bristol City Council Cabinet, asking them to cut congestion by investing in the local rail network. Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FOSBR) say that the Council should invest in an extra train on the Severn Beach line in their 2007/8 budget. They say more frequent trains (30-40 minutes rather than hourly or less) would get people out of their cars and on to trains. FOSBR were supported by the RMT, the Conservative Candidate for Bristol North West Charlotte Leslie, Green party councillor Charlie Bolton, Labour leader Helen Holland and Respect. ASLEF (the train drivers' union) also backs the campaign. Full article| Campaigners lobby Cabinet to cut congestion | | Overcrowding on Severn Beach line |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Oakland Celebrates Inauguration of Mayor Ron Dellums

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.01.2007 09:08

Oakland's new Mayor, Ron Dellums, has been holding a week of inaugural events from January 8th through 14th. On Saturday morning January 13th, people will gather for a "Hands Around the Lake" unity event to celebrate Oakland's multicultural diversity. People will gather near the entrance to Fairyland at Lake Merritt (on Grand Ave.), wearing white t-shirts and bright colored gloves. Registration begins at 8am, and Mayor Dellums will speak at 9am as the walk around the lake begins. At 10:30, people will link hands around the lake. Later in the day, Asian/Pacific Islander, Fruitvale, and LGBT community inaugural events will be held around the city.

Thursday Actions

Cleveland, 13.01.2007 06:08

Thursday Actions in Cleveland

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