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Abortion Diaries

Houston, 17.01.2007 18:08

El Documental Abortion Diaries viene a la pantalla anunciando el aniversario numero 34 de Roe v. Wade

US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07; Sea-launched attack to hit oil, N-sites

Miami, 17.01.2007 18:07

US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07; Sea-launched attack to hit oil, N-sites

Interactive Map: Is Your Councilperson For Or Against Free Speech?

NYC, 17.01.2007 16:38

As many onNYTurf regular readers are aware, the NYPD plans to impose severe restrictions on our right to publicly assemble ... To help New Yorkers learn where their City Councilor stands and how to contact them about this issue, I am proud to announce today the launch of a new map that tracks the City Councilors on this issue: The NYC No-Freedom Zones Map. [Read More and See Map]

"Right To Assemble" Blasts From The Past from NYC IMC: WEF 2002: Police Arrest 87 Peaceful Marchers || Chaos on February 15, 2003 || RNC Archive

Abortion Diaries Screening

Houston, 17.01.2007 16:38

Abortion Diaries Screening Marks 34th Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Fakkeltocht in solidariteit met de Gentse Roma

Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.01.2007 11:37

Fakkeltocht in solidariteit met de Gentse Roma

Begin bouw hek G8 Heiligendamm

Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.01.2007 11:37

Begin bouw hek G8 Heiligendamm

Abortion Diaries Screening

Houston, 17.01.2007 10:40

Abortion Diaries Screening Marks 34th Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Retract Fees for Access to Our Public Lands!

Portland, 17.01.2007 09:39

Skyrocketing entrance fees in National Parks, widespread recreation site closures by the Forest Service AND WIDESPREAD IMPLEMENTATION OF FEES are attracting bipartisan opposition in Congress. The change from Republican to Democratic control and the subsequent shakeup of Committees and their Chairmen has opened a window of opportunity for a top-to-bottom review of national recreation policy. It's up to us, the American People, to take advantage of that opportunity and ACT NOW to persuade Congress to put the "public" back in public lands.

!Raccoon Radio! a Northwest Audio Zine

Portland, 17.01.2007 09:39

This issue of Raccoon Radio was first broadcast on Free Radio Olympia from 1pm to 2pm on Monday (1.15.07). Featured in this issue are:

  • Robert Kam from Thurston County Television speaking on precarious position of local television stations because of the recent FCC decisions.
  • An interview with Michael Cuzzort from Iraq Veterans Against the War with dj Rhino.
  • Monica Peabody from the Olympia Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition speaking on ideas for WROC.
  • And music by Mystery Solving Time!

Raccoon Radio 1-15-07

The Subtle Process of Rewriting the History of Atlantic Yards

NYC, 17.01.2007 08:39

I have a friend whom I get in arguments with about whether the news room at the NYTimes operates completely independently in its reporting about Atlantic Yards or if it feels the elbow of NYTimes owner and Bruce Ratner business partner Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

Mapping Racial and Economic Inequality in NYC Health Care

NYC, 17.01.2007 08:08

Health Care That Works is a new website designed to visually illustrate the economic and racial disparities that exist in New York City's health care system, and drive all New Yorker's of conscience to take action by emailing their elected officials.

Jan 27 DC March: Contingent for Justice in the Middle East: Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon

NYC, 17.01.2007 08:08

Connecticut United for Peace (CTUP), and Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East are calling for a national contingent to march against the occupation of Iraq, against the occupation of Palestine, against the attacks on Lebanon, against attacks and other aggressions on Iran and Syria, and for justice in all of the Middle East.

Wobblies march, picket Brooklyn warehouse

NYC, 17.01.2007 08:08

On January 15, 2007, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, over one hundred and twenty IWW union members, supporters and labor movement allies marched on and picketed the warehouse of Handyfat Trading Inc. in Brooklyn. Ten days earlier, Handyfat owner Dennis Ho illegally fired nine workers in retaliation for their union activity, but allegedly over immigration status. Monday, Ho shut down Handyfat’s operations rather than face the picketing workers, at a loss of tens of thousands of dollars in business.

See Also: Photos and Video here

subVERSIONES cineforo independiente

Puerto Rico, 17.01.2007 06:11

subVERSIONES Chirimbillo

National Conference for Media Reform Honors King's Legacy

Tennessee, 17.01.2007 05:10

MEMPHIS - Speeches evoke the civil rights movement while urging a new generation of activists to mobilize for better media. On the weekend before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, headliners at the National Conference for Media Reform evoked the legacy of the civil rights movement while rallying more than 3,500 attendees for media reform. "The nettlesome task about which Dr. King spoke is still being carried out by people who embody character, courage and the fortitude to make decisions in support of truth not spin, people who critically embrace diversity and reject monopoly," actor and activist Danny Glover told the crowd Friday.

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 17.01.2007 05:09

A Reflection on Entering the New Year with Mr. Bush

Free Guatemala Documentary Film Series

Austin, 17.01.2007 04:39

Come and learn about the struggle for justice in Guatemala. Sunday, Jan 7th 7pm @ Monkeywrench Books "Sipakapa NO Se Vende" —-Analyses the debate on mining exploitation and demonstrates the dignity of the Sipakapan People as they fight to defend their autonomy in the face of encroaching megaprojects. Monday, Jan 8th 8pm @ Cafe Mundi "Caminos Del Silencio" —-This documentary portrays the life of the farmers of the Ixcan region in the jungles of Guatemala who were on the run from persecution since the 1982 extermination campaign by the military government. It depicts the survival strategies of these farmers, their strategies of communal life, their strong will to stay in Guatemala, and their silent resistance Tuesday, Jan 9th 9pm @ SpiderHouse Cafe "When the Mountains Tremble" —-As the first film to depict this previously unreported war, it is firmly anchored by the firsthand accounts of Rigoberta Menchú, a Quiché Indian woman known around the world for her humanitarian efforts. Throughout the imminent chaos and danger, Menchú provides courage and optimism in a time where death squads kill without conscience and an oppressive dictator seizes power. Followed by short talk about the current situation in Guatemala.

Beehive Collective presenting at Monkey Wrench Books

Austin, 17.01.2007 04:39

The Beehive Collective will be presenting a sneak preview of our long awaited graphic about Plan Puebla Panama (PPP). the PPP is an overarching development plan slated to alter the face of mesoamerica forever. This is considered by many to be a death sentence for traditional cultures throughout the central american region and has met with many inspiring forms of grassroots resistance. It's a picture-lecture to be understood by anyone –not just the experts and political analysts! JOIN IN as we de-construct the complex and overwhelming issues that are shaping our world, using bio-regionally accurate depictions of animals and insects as metaphors to link cultural and ecological diversity. Thursday, January 18th @ 8pm MonkeyWrench Books 110 E. North Loop

Jan 11 rallies against Iraq occupation surge

Austin, 17.01.2007 04:39

On Jan. 11 at 6 pm, about 60-80 people joined at the Texas Capitol south gates to call for an end to the Iraq occupation by the US and to oppose President Bush's plan to surge more US troops into Iraq. Later, another group of 30-40 people which had gathered at City Hall marched up Congress Avenue and we welcomed them. With our voices, signs and banners and bells and drums, the gathered assembly made a pretty strong chorus rejecting occupation and more military action in Iraq and possible other military attacks against Iran that the Bush administration is unwisely contemplating. The best part of the gathering for me was witnessing the marked increase in the gestures of solidarity shown by passers by: many, many peace signs, honks and waves. An encouraging change in Austin and throughout the country, at long last.

ACT UP Austin Mourns Sunset Commission's Failure

Austin, 17.01.2007 04:39

On Wednesday, January 10th, the Sunset Commission convened to vote on the report their staff had assembled in the audit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The Sunset Commission was responsible for holding TDCJ accountable for the welfare of Texas inmates, and they utterly failed to address a growing crisis behind prison walls: HIV/AIDS. Months before the decision, ACT UP Austin had presented the Sunset Commission with overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of condoms as an HIV prevention tool. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control showed HIV transmission occuring in prison, and recommended that the Department of Corrections in each state review their policies on condoms. Inmates reported using improvised barriers, such as breadbags and rubber gloves, showing that the demand for condoms exists, but is being ignored. Opponents of prevention in prisons have claimed that providing condoms encourages sex, but in a study of the Canadian prison system, where condoms are available, guards reported they saw no rise in sex or other "behavioral infractions". Others point out that sex is against the rules in Texas prisons, and therefore condoms should not be distributed. "The issue is that sex is happening in prisons, regardless. Being uncomfortable with that fact is not grounds for denying prevention materials," says Ruth True, a member of ACT UP Austin. The funeral procession, with Taps played on kazoo, included banners reading "Prisoners Deserve Protection", "An Erection Should Not Equal An Infection" and "Sunset has Blood on Their Hands". ACT UP takes issue with the fact that both the Sunset Commission and TDCJ are ignoring the issue, rather than looking at the evidence. Jail sytems around the country, including Los Angeles county and the District of Columbia, have implemented condom programs with much success. ACT UP simply wants TDCJ to face the facts; as one of their banners reads, "Condoms Cost Pennies, Denial Costs Lives."

Historic mobilizations will usher in &quot;new phase&quot; in Campaign for Fair Food!

Austin, 17.01.2007 04:39

PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY! The Coalition of Immokalee Workers announces a major mobilization for farmworker justice, April 13 14, 2007, in the greater Chicago area. Make your plans to join us for historic actions that will usher in a new phase in the Campaign for Fair Food. CIW: "Today, we are tired, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., of`relying on the good will and understanding of those who profit by exploiting us.'"

Aniversario en la población

santiago, 17.01.2007 03:09

Población Los Nogales, 60 años de historia.

Radioactive Canister Missing

Perth, 17.01.2007 02:40

Missing radioactive canister still on the loose in WA

Brent Scrowcroft Says, In Iraq - Two Wrongs Make A Right

DC, 17.01.2007 00:10

On January 7th, 2007, Washington Stakeout asked Brent Scrowcroft, the NSA advisor for first Bush administration, 'where are the weapons of mass destruction?' and why the sanctions against Iraq continued if Saddam did comply with disarmament and had no weapons of mass destruction? Here's Brent's answers: Video

Opstand in de gevangenis van Merksplas

Oost-Vlaanderen, 16.01.2007 23:08

Opstand in de gevangenis van Merksplas

Nachtelijk protest tegen dertiende nucleair afvaltransport te Mol

Oost-Vlaanderen, 16.01.2007 23:08

Nachtelijk protest tegen dertiende nucleair afvaltransport te Mol

The AJLPP-USA Year End Report, 2006

NYC, 16.01.2007 22:09

The AJLPP started as the Solidarity Committee for A Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines ( SolCom ) that was formed by BAYAN International-USA with the International League of Peoples Struggle in the US in September 2002.

The SolCom was able to gather more than 5,000 petitions, sent more than 2,000 signed postcards to the Europe, sold more than 500 books, issued thousands of postcards, hundreds of posters and buttons in its three years of action until AJLPP came into existence. It is worthwhile to look back and retrace the steps the AJLPP has taken during the last year 2006 so it can look forward in this current year 2007. It is but fitting to move forward with greater zeal and determination to serve the Filipino people and the Filipino American community in the United States.

Images: Martin Luther King Day in Times Sq.

NYC, 16.01.2007 22:09

Martin Luther King Day in Times Sq.


SOU at risk for environmental health &amp; safety

Rogue Valley, 16.01.2007 21:09

Southern Oregon University ignores past violations and risks people's health and safety

I have sent the following letter to Oregon State Senator Alan Bates and Representative Peter Buckley. I needed to inform my elected officials about how planned job cuts increase the risks for serious injury and illness for Southern Oregon University's employees, its students, and the public. There are many problems with the university's delapidated old campus buildings. A history of ignoring serious health and safety violations is now a crucial concern as a top heavy administration has decided on employee cuts which ignore critical services provided by workers who have been pink-slipped. The risk is not acceptable and people need to know about this mismanagement of public money.

From the letter to Sen. Bates & Rep. Buckley: "...these layoffs may not be in the best interest of SOU. It is not uncommon by the way for environmental health and safety services to be cut when an organization finds itself in tough financial times. It is recognized by safety professionals that immediate savings often lead to long term liabilities which in the end are damaging not only financially but in ways that involve human suffering and public relation damages, too."

Read entire letter below. . . .

Tensiones después de los enfrentamientos

Argentina, 16.01.2007 20:39

Bolivia: Piden la renuncia del Prefecto de Cochabamba

Tensiones después de los enfrentamientos

Argentina, 16.01.2007 20:09

Bolivia: Piden la renuncia del Prefecto de Cochabamba

A weekend of events with Chicago Indymedia

Chicago, 16.01.2007 16:09

Chicago Indymedia welcomes you to not one but TWO events this weekend:

One — A fundraising evening of serious fun with CIRCA, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army. The evening will feature films from CIRCA — shutting down an army recruitment center in Leeds, blocking highways at the G8 in Scotland…plus a taster of basic rebel clown training, along with films from Oaxaca and an episode of Chicago Independent Television.

Friday, January 19, 7pm-10:30pm, at the Acme Artworks Community, 2418 W. Bloomingdale, Chicago (off Western, near the Western CTA Blue Line stop) | Read more

Two — Striking UAW musical instrument workers from Elkhart, Indiana who have out in the longest ongoing strike in the country will be in Chicago to appeal for labor solidarity and help screen a new film by labor historian Rose Feurer, "Mother Jones - The Most Dangerous Women in America"

Sunday, January 21, 2007, 2:00 PM, at ACME Artworks, 1741 N. Western Ave., Chicago (across the street from the Acme Artworks Community) | Read more

The Movement Heats Up In Miami!

Miami, 16.01.2007 15:38

The Movement Heats Up In Miami!

indymedia (ca)

Barcelona, 16.01.2007 15:08

Vine a la Indyfesta!

-ding dong ding- Benvolgut i benvolguda clienta,

volem celebrar amb vostè els sis anys a Barcelona amb una oferta especial. És època de rebaixes amb productes, viatges i emocions per a tots els gustos. Trolls, crítics amb els sistemes, hackers sesnse pietat, "cheerleaders" de les assemblees i okupes bones i dolentes trobaran totes una via d'escapament per la seva necessitat d'oci en la Indyfesta del dissabte 20 de gener a partir de les 18:00.

Kan Kadena patrocina la trobada amb l'habilitació de diferents espais on les nostres clientes podran gaudir de projeccions, teatre, cocktails i concerts desenfrenats fins a altes hores de la matinada. Com a usuari i usuària de la nostra kadena no pot deixar de participar en aquest esdeveniment memorable. -ding dong ding-

no te n'oblides: [Kan Kadena C/Laureà Miró, 134 Esplugues de llobregat L5 Can Vidalet + tram can clota + busos 57,157,63,67,68,N12,N14 +]

notícies relacionades: barcelona indymedia en fa 6...i va sumant ocurrències... ::: Barcelona indymedia en prepara encara...però aviat... ::: Barcelona Indymedia aviat celebrarà el seu sisè aniversari

+info:: >>>indymedia

indymedia (es)

Barcelona, 16.01.2007 15:08

Ven a la Indyfesta!

-ding dong ding- Querido y querida,

queermos celebrar con usted los seis años en Barcelona con una oferta especial. Es época de rebajas con productos, viajes y emociones para todos los gustos. Trolls, críticos con los sistemas, hackers sin piedad, "cheerleaders" de las asambleas y okupas buenos y malos encontraran todas una vía de escape para su necesidad de ocio en la Indyfesta del sabado 20 de enero a partir de las 18:00.

Kan Kadena patrocina el encuentro con la habilitación de diferentes espacios donde nuestras clientas podran disfrutar de proyecciones, teatro, cocktails y conciertos desenfrenados hasta altas horas de la noche. Como usuario y usuaria de nuestra kadena no puede dejar de participar en este acontecimiento memorable. -ding dong ding-

no te olvides: [Kan Kadena C/Laureà Miró, 134 Esplugues de llobregat L5 Can Vidalet + tram can clota + buses 57,157,63,67,68,N12,N14 +]

noticias relacionadas: barcelona indymedia hace 6...y va sumando ocurrencias... ::: Barcelona indymedia prepara aún...pero pronto... ::: Barcelona Indymedia pronto celebrará su sexto aniversario

+info:: >>>indymedia

Aksi Pawai Rakyat Cabut Mandat SBY-JK

Jakarta, 16.01.2007 14:38

Demonstrasi besar-besaran yang dinamai “Aksi Pawai Rakyat Cabut Mandat SBY-JK” digelar pada 15 Januari 2007, diikuti sekitar seribu massa aksi. ...

Очередное нападение инопланетян

Belarus, 16.01.2007 12:37

Marchers Honor Dr. Martin Luther King in the Central Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.01.2007 10:41

Events were held throughout the Central Valley in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Fresno a march and food drive to end childhood hunger in Fresno was held. An Indymedia reporter counted about 500 marchers at the top of the Tuolumne overpass. In Sacramento a large contingent of peace activists marched. In Davis there was a diverse program of songs, remarks, a video and a Freedom March supporting Dr. King's dream of a nonviolent society of people living together in peace. Photos

Lets make local businesses take sides on the war

Portland, 16.01.2007 10:41

I was at a local bar today grabbing some snacks to go. While I was waiting for my food I was shocked to see an army recruiting poster on the wall. The bartender lady saw me tear it down and said "I didn't see that. I've been wanting to do that for weeks."


Text message updates for busy progressives?

I am on dialysis which means I'm stuck in a @#$in' chair for 12 hours a week with nothing to do so I'm trying to think of a way I can make the world better. When I was working full time I missed alot of actions because I didn't find out about them until afterwards. I was thinking I could offer a free service where I text message quick messages to people letting them know whats coming up?


NoPo Food not Bombs

Portland, 16.01.2007 10:41

Looking to start a FNB day in Columbia park and hoping to find people who are interested and dedicated to the task. Wouldn't it be great to see every corner of the city brought together by the sharing of good food (or veggie slop)? 1st meeting will be Thursday the 25th @ 5:30pm at Proper Eats Cafe in St. Johns. The address is 8638 N. Lombard St. Send me an email if you have any questions before then.


Food Not Bombs Wednesday needs help!

Food Not Bombs Wednesday is looking to move to Liberty Hall/IWW Hall kitchen and is in need of cookware + other support. We're looking to keep some food staples. We have flyers that need distributing. They have every day FNB feeds, where, + bus info.


Portland IMC Newsletter for Jan. 14, 2007

Portland, 16.01.2007 10:41

Featuring Articles:

Portland Rally Protests Iraq War Escalation
Beaverton Peace Vigil Against Escalation
Olympia Opposes the Escalation
Five Women Lockdown to Federal Building in Portland
Protesters outside White House demand troop pullout from Iraq
Fouad Kaady's 29th Birthday
NYC: Demonstration in solidarity with Mapuche struggles

please help print and distribute

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 16.01.2007 10:41

I have stopped my protest outside Gordon Smith's office, I demanded he come out and say something about the war in Iraq and he has done that a few weeks ago. I do not trust the man but he did use strong language and that is enough for me to stop my brunch with the Gorgon.

I will visit his office as part of other actions and will risk arrest trying to get him to stop the funding of the occupation of Iraq. I will also start a new vigil in front of Sen. Wyden's office on 3rd Ave, in Portland. I believe that Smith is now irrelevant and the Dems must act now. I want the Dems to start the investigations but go much further than they wish to travel.

Dr. Suzan D. Johnson Cook Honors MLK Jr.’s Memory

Portland, 16.01.2007 10:41

Martin Luther King Jr., a hero of the Civil Rights Movement, was assassinated in Memphis, TN, on April 4, 1968. His impressive legacy, however, lives on. For the last 25 years, the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore has honored his memory with a commemorative lecture. On Jan. 13, 2007, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook filled that role with distinction. She called on her audience to do their part, "to make a difference," and to be "strengthened by our struggle."


Government Found Guilty of Martin Luther King Murder in Federal Court - 12/8/99

Undisclosed conspirators for the governments of the United States, the State of Tennessee, and the City of Memphis were found liable for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. on December 8, 1999, in a federal circuit court. The federal government never appealed the decision. The mainstream media in the U.S. never covered the assassination conspiracy verdict, even though the implications of the story were greater than Watergate. The family requested a subsequent independent investigation to be set up by President Bill Clinton (who has since established office in Harlem), but he refused the request.


related: Concerning the murder of the Rev Martin Luther King, Jr & other covert Acts of State || Following Dr. King and Ending the Streetcar || Martin Luther King Videos

Fakkeltocht voor behoud van Molse Berkenbossen

Oost-Vlaanderen, 16.01.2007 10:09

Fakkeltocht voor behoud van Molse Berkenbossen

Community Retakes Legacy Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

San Diego, 16.01.2007 09:39

Fed up with the militarism and tinker toy image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, trounced out each year by those who would use his image for enlistment quotas or political advancement; over 200 people gathered at MLK Jr. park in Encanto January 15th to reclaim his legacy of non-violence, social and economic justice.

Speakers at the community celebration brought the voice of Dr. King back to the neighborhoods; to the needs of the disenfranchised and marginalized; the real history, the true legacy of a man who's struggle for justice grew, became more inclusive of all people who suffered.

For many, to go to the annual "official" San Diego Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade, watching young, uniformed 12 year-olds of color marching in formation, with rifles on their shoulders was offensive. Dr. King; that dream, that poetic voice, was silenced by a rifle. He refused "to study war" and opposed all military invasions; yet, in true Orwellian fashion, the government has turned his birthday into a military parade, aimed at fresh, shiny, ebony bodies in Sadr City.

As poets from the African American Artists group read their fiery lyrics, while a huge walking puppet of Dr. King strode through the crowd, mothers and fathers talked to their children, sharing their symbiotic relationship to this man of God and confrontation, peace and disobedience. He was their mentor, their brother, but above all, he was their liberator.

Girls for Gender Equity

NYC, 16.01.2007 07:38

"GGE's mission is to improve the physical, psychological, social and economic development of girls and women," Van Deven told me. "GGE encourages communities to remove barriers and create opportunities for girls and women to live self-determined lives through a combination of advocacy, leadership and self-esteem development, community organizing, education, and service provision."

Soldiers &quot;Not going back again&quot;-support your local deserter!

DC, 16.01.2007 07:10

More and more, soliders, sailors, airmen,qand marines are saying no to going back to Iraq for a second or a third tour. WHat ever happened to "One weekend a month" for members of the National Guard?

IsraHell plans nuclear strike (by Latuff)

DC, 16.01.2007 07:10

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

Salta: piquete, represión y muerte en Yrigoyen

Argentina, 16.01.2007 05:43

Criollos y aborígenes unidos en reclamo por falta de agua

Save Happy Valley Coaltion continues its fight

Aotearoa, 16.01.2007 04:09

The Save Happy Valley Coalition this morning hung a 69 metre square banner between two cranes on Wellington's waterfront. The banner, reading "Solid Energy = Govt Sponsored Climate Change", aimed to highlight the Government's hypocrisy and empty rhetoric over their recent claims to be moving towards carbon neutrality when Solid Energy, a state owned coal miner, is mining coal at increasing rates.

"Climate change is one of the greatest environmental threats we face. It is a global problem – every country on earth contributes emissions, and every country feels the effects of rising global sea levels and temperatures" said Save Happy Valley Coalition spokesperson Frances Mountier. "In particular, the Pacific is incredibly vulnerable to sea level rise and chaotic climatic events. New Zealand has a regional and global responsibility to address our carbon dioxide emissions.

Over the last year, SHVC has been one of the most active environmental campaigns in recent memory. A short film made about the campaign in late 2006 is now available online for download.

On January 28th, SHVC will celebrate the first anniversary of their occupation of Happy Valley and are inviting the public to join them and experience the beauty of Happy Valley firsthand. "Kia ora to all our supporters, You’re warmly invited to the Save Happy Valley Coalition’s celebration of our first successful year of occupying Happy Valley. We have been continuously occupying Happy Valley since January 28th 2006 in order to prevent Solid Energy from turning it into an environmentally devastating opencast coal-mine."

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