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Lucy’s Record Shop Reunites for Day of Music, Free Speech and Voter Registration

Tennessee, 11.09.2004 03:41

From 1992 until its closing in 1998, Lucy’s Record Shop helped bring independent music to Nashville, not just by selling CDs and records, but also by booking all-ages shows featuring local and national bands. As a result, it became a place where young people came to meet, talk and engage the world around them. Whether they were punks, feminists, anarchists or born-again Christians, Lucy’s gave them an outlet where they could share and debate ideas openly and vigorously. Countless local teens and young adults passed through the doors of Lucy’s during the 1990s; some went on to start their own bands, some went on to publish their own art or writing. Most important of all, many emerged with the conviction that they had a stake in their community, their city and their country.

Our Changing Climate : a summary review

Portland, 11.09.2004 01:57

Worcester Students Protest &quot;Spirit of America&quot; Tour

Boston, 10.09.2004 23:57

I arrived at the Worcester Centrum with a contingent of Clark students around 930 that morning, and the peace presence was already quite conspicuous, “who would Jesus bomb”, etc. A Marines jeep sat on the sidewalk, with a phone number stenciled on the side for those hoping to “secure [their] futures” in the military. Recruiters in full attire greeted the students in the lobby of the Centrum, passing out pamphlets on all the so-called benefits that accompany military service, and imploring them to sign up. Lacking a live-action laser show extravaganza of our own, we assembled peacefully on the sidewalk, armed with pamphlets about the risks of military service and instructions on preventing your personal information from being disclosed to military recruiters. This, it seems, was not entirely cool.

Gimme that camera!

NYC, 10.09.2004 23:02

RNC Mass Defense needs photos, videos and witness contact information!

CIA &amp; FBI whistleblowers call for insiders to leak on Iraq

DC, 10.09.2004 22:04

The tally of dead US soldiers in Iraq finally reaching one thousand this week, and candlelight vigils for the dead where held in Washington last night. Meanwhile, whistle-blowers past and present called for members of US Security Agencies to leak classified documents to show that Bush lead the country into war with lies.

ACLU Statement on Martel Miller Eavesdropping Charges

Urbana-Champaign, 10.09.2004 21:45

This afternoon there was a press conference held at the Champaign Public LIbrary featuring statements from the Iliinois and Champaign Urbana branches of the American Civil Liberties Union and other community orgnizations on the recent charges of criminal eavesdropping made against two Champaign men, including Martel Miller. Miller was charged as a result of videotaping police conduct on public streets as part of a citizen watch effort of the organization he co-founded, Visionaries for Educating Youth and Adults (VEYA). The statement of the Illinois ACLU is below. Video footage recorded by VEYA is available at their website ( and will be shown Saturday September 11th in the auditorium of the Champaign Public Library and again at 1pm on Sunday, September 12th at Boardman's Art Theatre in downtown Champaign. Audio from the press conference, along with an interview with VEYA member Nicole Lamers, will air on WEFT 90.1's mediageek at 5:30 PM on Friday, Sept. 10. The program will be archived on-line at:

[ΔΕΘ]έλουμε υποσχέσεις

Thessaloniki, 10.09.2004 21:41

Κινητοποιήσεις έξω από τη ΔΕΘ

[ΔΕΘ]έλουμε υποσχέσεις

Thessaloniki, 10.09.2004 21:41

Κινητοποιήσεις έξω από τη ΔΕΘ


Italy, 10.09.2004 20:44

Critical Bush

(National) Guarding Bush: Did Karl Rove Leak Forged Documents to 60 Minutes?

NYC, 10.09.2004 19:54

The big buzz on the Internet and in the papers over the past 24 hours has been the fallout from the "60 Minutes" story this week on President Bush's service (or lack thereof) in the Texas National Guard. In particular, scores of blogs and Matt Drudge have honed in on accusations that documents obtained by "60 Minutes" bolstering the case that Bush did not fulfill his duties were faked.

The dominant thinking seems to be that if the documents were forged, they were leaked in an effort to harm Bush. But it is worth considering another possibility: the Bush team itself may have "leaked" the forged documents. The whole affair seems to bear what is known as "The Mark of Rove," as in Karl Rove, senior advisor to President Bush; Karl Rove the grand wizard of dirty tricks.


Rogue Valley, 10.09.2004 19:53

Advocating for the rights and full integration of immigrant students



September 12th to 23th 2004

in Medford, Eugene, Salem, Woodburn, Cornelius, Portland

Mass Rally September 23, 2004, 3:00pm at Senator Gordon Smith
office (World Trade Center, 2nd and Salmon St) in Downtown Portland,

One Hearing, Three Headlines: NYC Media Drops Ball on RNC Arestee Case

NYC, 10.09.2004 17:56

Protesters (and the hundreds of ordinary folks) arrested during the Republican Convention last week can be excused for feeling confused when they looked at the New York media this morning.

There were at least three different summaries of Thursday's hearing, during which State Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo ruled on the status of his order holding the City of New York in contempt of court for keeping prisoners in jail for too long.

"Judge Lifts Contempt Charge For Holding Protestors Too Long," said NY1.

"Judge Keeps City on Notice Over Convention Protest Arrests,", wrote the Times.

It was Newsday that provided the most accurate reporting on the hearing. "Judge Lifts Contempt Order Against City but Orders New Hearing," read the headline. At last, clarity ... sort of. "A judge who cited the city for contempt last week for disobeying his order to free hundreds of jailed Republican National Convention protesters lifted the charge Thursday but scheduled another hearing on whether to reinstate it."

Night and fog: Disturbing resonances between regime and reich

Portland, 10.09.2004 17:14

AUDIO FILE: Lloyd Marbet Files Defamation Lawsuit Against

Portland, 10.09.2004 16:59


DC, 10.09.2004 16:25


Richmond Independent Media Fundraiser!

Richmond, 10.09.2004 16:19

The 804noise Fest is an all day music festival in Richmond, Virginia showcasing experimental & noise artists mainly from Virginia. All proceeds go to benefit a non-profit of the coordinators choice, and artists perform for the sake of exposure and community growth. This years non-profit recipient will be the Richmond Independent Media Center a radical news resource for the Richmond community.

The 2nd Annual 804noise Festival is slated for Sunday October 3rd at the Art Works Gallery. This years festival will feature over 15 experimental and noise projects, visual artwork from local artists, workshops on circuit bending, community organizing, etc; information tables from local radical and independent organizations such as Richmond Indie Radio, Food Not Bombs, Richmond Living Wage, Vegan Action, Richmond Queer Space Project, and more.

Notes from 100 Centre Street

Urbana-Champaign, 10.09.2004 14:33

a non-summary of thoughts and experiences from my arrest during the Republican National Convention last week

Images: Union Square Candlelight Vigil

NYC, 10.09.2004 13:56

Photographs from the candlelight vigil in Union Square

criminalization (en)

Barcelona, 10.09.2004 13:33


they protect me from you, who is going to protect me from them ?

Gràcia: A young wounded on Monday loses a testicle:::Trashed by the local police:::Siege on bcn beaches:::Barcelona, district of Gracia, any monday at two in the dawn...:::The current active forces in Barcelona:::Siege in the Forum:::The autonomic police assault innocents:::Tortures in a spanish police station:::Sabadell young attacked in Gràcia by private police:::Euskal Euskal Jai: The police handles a neighbor, beat him and confiscate press cameras-video:::video: The police against cars in Iruñea:::Euskal Jai: Tear gas and rubber balls against tough protesters:::Valencia, the police charges against hundreds of immigrants who were playing a futbol championship:::Police abuse of power in Valencia with a poverty-striken:::The neonazi organization España2000 is behind the attack to the flatmate of Gracia:::: We do not forget. What happens in Valencia?

McCloud River Indians to hold WAR DANCE at Shasta Dam

Portland, 10.09.2004 13:16


The Two Party Criminal Justice System

Portland, 10.09.2004 13:13

Alternative Remembrances of September 11 in NYC and Elsewhere

NYC, 10.09.2004 12:19

(from Global Indymedia)The dictum "Remember 9/11" has been emblazoned across t-shirts, signs and bumperstickers across the U.S, ever since the horrific day in which four airplanes were hijacked and thousands of U.S. civilians were killed. While September 11 may be nearly impossible to forget, the right-wing in the U.S. has seemingly dominated the significance of that memory, equating it with the imperative to invade and occupy other countries, and to maim, torture and kill civilians abroad.

On September 11, 2004, actions will be held in various cities in the U.S., resisting the notion that the memory of September 11 legitimizes State-led and corporate-sponsored terror.

"Alternative remembrances" and a Day of Resistance will be held throughout the U.S. this Saturday, with actions taking place in Austin, Buffalo, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere.

Click Read more below for a summary of the day's events.

Related sites: Interfaith Communities United for Peace and Justice | MotherSpeak | September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Protest The Jailing Of Gina Lynn On Sept.17th

Portland, 10.09.2004 11:54

Crisis In Vancouver!

Portland, 10.09.2004 11:06


Italy, 10.09.2004 10:28

Inghiottite a Baghdad

Vigils held in Portland and Eugene for those killed in Iraq

Portland, 10.09.2004 09:51


altro spazio liberato

Italy, 10.09.2004 08:40

Lungarini Occupato

NYC Indymedia to Host Open House Tues. Sept. 14 at 6 p.m.

NYC, 10.09.2004 07:26

The issues and concerns that brought hundreds of thousands of people into the streets during the Republican National Convention haven’t gone away. And neither has the New York City Independent Media Center. On Tues. Sept. 14 at 6 p.m, we will hold an Open House at our office on 34 E. 29th St. We will share food and drink and reps from our media working groups (photo, print, sound, video and web) will be on hand to take questions about how to plug in and get involved. For more information, call 212-684-8112. Don’t hate the media. Be the media!

Out in Oakland on October 10th

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.09.2004 07:13

OUT in Oakland- Attempt to Create New "Gay Ghetto"

Penn and Teller Discount Global Warming and Deforestation

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.09.2004 06:08

Penn and Teller Discount Global Warming and Deforestation

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.09.2004 06:00

FUNDRAISER FOR LUDLOW + Award Ceremony for Environment Minister Judy Edwards

Indian War Dance

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.09.2004 05:19

Sacred Indian Land Threatened By Dam Site

Vigil in Minneapolis to honor persons killed in Iraq

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 10.09.2004 04:44

Vigils were held across the Twin Cities tonight to honor persons who have lost their lives in the Iraq War.

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.09.2004 03:29

Latest update of what\'s been going on in Ludlow

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.09.2004 03:29

Latest update of what\'s been going on in Ludlow

For Crimes against Humanity

Melbourne, 10.09.2004 01:04

Charge John Howard


Victoria, 09.09.2004 22:00

Economic Racism: Sun Peaks Gets Injunction & Enforcement Order


Victoria, 09.09.2004 22:00

Economic Racism: Sun Peaks Gets Injunction & Enforcement Order

states versus cultural communities

Barcelona, 09.09.2004 20:10

Historia d'Espanya

"... Having, with divine attendance and the justice of my cause, entirely pacified My Arms the Principality of Catalonia, was called on my sovereignty to establish government in him (...) the causes of the Real Hearing will embody in Castillian language... "
Decree of New Plant, signed by Felipe V of Borbon the 16th of January of 1716

"...Our language was used by meeting, nor by imposition; anybody was never commited to speak in Castilian: the diverse countries adopted Cervantes language by their own will..."
Speech of Juan Carlos I of Borbón, the 23th of april 2001

11 september 2004: So, why do we keep celebrating it?

Things to think about...For a new statute to free us :: Endavant: Against the precariety, Paisos Catalanes build alternatives :: Maulets:We fight against capital, we are going to recover the earth :: CGT:Against the Europe of capital and states :: CAJEI: For the independence, Direct Action! the figth in the street is the fight of youth! :: Action at Barcelona Action in Barcelona on the 10th of september :: 11th of september in Barcelona :: Action of commission 11th of september :: Endavant :: Action of Maulets :: Estel alternative :: September 11th Comission :: Ceremony in the "Catalonian state" :: Arreu acts Action over 10th september, march of torches in Vilafranca :: "La fomentada" :: Mallorca :: Igualada :: Martorell ::+info "estelades" history :: :: the 11th :: Left and national rigths :: Actions 11th september Popular front in solidarity with the chechen country :: Why catalans cannot forget Felip V? ::

...everything is about to be done, all is possible...

more info in section states versus cultural communities

poder y estados versus culturas

Barcelona, 09.09.2004 20:06

Historia d'Espanya

"...Habiendo, con la asistencia divina y la justicia de mi causa, pacificado enteramente Mis Armas el Principado de Cataluña, tocaba a mi soberanía establecer gobierno en él (...) Las causas de la Real Audiencia se sustanciarán en lengua castellana..."
Decreto de Nueva Planta, firmado por Felipe V de Borbón el 16 de enero de 1716

"...nunca fue la nuestra una lengua de imposición, sinó de encuentro; a nadie se le obligó nunca a hablar en castellano: fueron los pueblos más diversos quienes hicieron suyos por voluntad libérrima, el idioma de Cervantes..."
Discurso de Juan Carlos I de Borbón el 23 de abril del 2001

11 setembre 2004: ¿Hace falta seguir celebrándolo?

Qué opinan... Comissió 11 de setembre:Por un nuevo estatuto que nos haga más libres :: Endavant:Contra la precariedad, los Països Catalans construimos alternativas :: Maulets:Combatamos al capital, recuperemos la tierra :: CGT:Contra la europa de los estados y el capital :: CAJEI: Por la independencia y el socialismo, acción directa! la lucha en la calle es la lucha de la juventud! :: Actos en Barcelona 10 septiembre en Sants :: 11 de septiembre en Barcelona :: Actos de comissió 11 de setembre :: Actos de Endavant :: Actos de Maulets ::Alternativa Estel :: Rescat:Manifestación por los presos políticos:: Actos Estat Català :: Actos Otros Lugares 10 septiembre marcha de antorchas en Vilafranca :: La fomentada :: en Mallorca :: en Igualada :: en Martorell :: en Girona Maulets otros lugares Más información de interés historia de "estelades" :: el dia 11 :: la izquierda y los derechos nacionales :: Actos 11 septiembre Frente Popular de Solidaridad con el pueblo Checheno :: Por qué los catalanes no podemos olvidar a Felipe V? ::

...todo está por hacer, todo es posible...

más info en la sección poder y estados versus culturas

poder i estats vers cultures

Barcelona, 09.09.2004 19:55

Historia d'Espanya

"...Habiendo, con la asistencia divina y la justicia de mi causa, pacificado enteramente Mis Armas el Principado de Cataluña, tocaba a mi soberanía establecer gobierno en él (...) Las causas de la Real Audiencia se sustanciarán en lengua castellana..."
Decret de Nova Planta, signat per Felip V de Borbó el 16 de gener de 1716

"...nunca fue la nuestra una lengua de imposición, sinó de encuentro; a nadie se le obligó nunca a hablar en castellano: fueron los pueblos más diversos quienes hicieron suyos por voluntad libérrima, el idioma de Cervantes..."
Discurs de Juan Carlos I de Borbó el 23 d'abril de 2001

11 setembre 2004: Cal seguir commemorant-lo?

Què n'opinen... Comissió 11 setembre:Per un nou estatut que ens faci més lliures :: Endavant:Contra la precarietat, els Països Catalans construïm alternatives :: Maulets:Combatem el Capital, recuperem la terra :: CGT:Contra l'europa dels estats i el capital :: CAJEI: Per la independència i el socialisme, acció directa! la lluita al carrer és la lluita del jovent! :: Actes a Barcelona 10 set a Sants :: 11 set a Barcelona :: Actes Comissió 11 setembre :: Actes Endavant :: Actes Maulets ::Alternativa Estel :: Rescat:Manifestació pels presos polítics:: Actes Estat Català :: Actes Arreu 10set marxa de torxes a vilafranca :: La fomentada :: a Mallorca :: a Igualada :: a Martorell :: a Girona Maulets arreu ::altres infos d'interès història d'estelades :: el dia 11 :: l'esquerra i els drets nacionals :: Actes 11 set Front Popular de Solidaritat amb el poble txetxé :: Per què els catalans no podem oblidar Felip V? ::

...tot està per fer, tot és possible...

més info a la secció poder i estats vers cultures


Barcelona, 09.09.2004 19:10


The manipulation of the massmedia was clear during the 11M and the promises of change with the PSOE (the spanish "socialist" group). Although the situation is a little bit better, it has been refuted by the aideka report and provisional new council. It's going to be so difficult to stop this control because the citizens of the state watch the tv 3.30h/day and we get bombed by the semantic power, the mechanisms for the manipulation of the masses and the culture of fear. The Power, like Dassault or Polanco, wants to control the information that we recive even if it has to use NOGs like Reporters without Borders , closing denouncing webs or letting that some media, like "EL País", don't carry out their legal sentences . We have examples also into Catalonia, like the supposed internal report from the catalonian goverment about mass media, everything it was hide during the May Day, or how they use an accident in Caracas , the journalist Pitu Terrasa was fired, how they forget that the agressors in Gràcia were fascists and the abetment with the Forum [1-2-3-4].

¿¿what should we do to defend ourselves?? medi@ctivisme

+info :: >>>comunication + galeria

RNC Legal FAQ from People's Law Collective and National Lawyer's Guild

NYC, 09.09.2004 18:35

(from the Open Newswire): Friends, comrades, fellow travelers: We did it! All of us - we rocked in the streets, we fought the law, and it still hasn't won. All of our comrades are out of jail - except for one read more about this here. We are still working and in the next few days we will have a full post-RNC statement from NYC-PLC, and some of the other pieces that we're committed to doing. A defendants' listserv was just set up so those of you who gave the jail support greeters email information will be receiving an invite to join the list in the next few days. The purpose of that list is for you - the defendants - to exchange information and strategize around solidarity and how to best support each other. We know that there are many, many questions that y'all have following your arrests or confrontations with the police. So that we may best answer your questions we ask that you first look at the short FAQ posted in the body of this article. Read carefully, and then if you have more questions email us at

Fascist violence in Greece

Thessaloniki, 09.09.2004 17:24

One man killed by a fascist's knife

Media emergenC event Saturday night

San Diego, 09.09.2004 16:52

Identity and Difference: Challenging racism in the corporate media and creating our own representative media.
Saturday, 11 September 2004
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Alfred Howard // Third Word Poets // A Media Arts Center film

Coffee House on Broadway
30th and Broadway
Cost: Donations will go towards the Media EmergenC
Contact: lotus (at) sdimc d0t org

Democracy 1, Secretary of State 0: Nader restored to Oregon ballot; Judge rejects Bradbury's partisan interference

Portland, 09.09.2004 16:43

Amenazada Periodista

Colombia, 09.09.2004 16:42

Amenazada Claudia Julieta Duque, periodista que adelanta una investigación independiente sobre el caso Jaime Garzón

Vigil for the 1,000 dead US troops and the many thousands of dead Iraqis.

DC, 09.09.2004 16:18

This shit just ain't fair. We owe our fallen brothers and sisters something. Don't let their memory die.

Get On Board The Bus with the Twin Cities Million Worker March Organizing Committee!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 09.09.2004 15:39

MEETING LOCATION & TIME CHANGE: Every Wednesday, Walker Community Church, 3106-16th Av So, Mpls. @ 7:00 pm

1000th US Soldier dies in IraQ. A call for actions Sept 8th

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 09.09.2004 15:36

1000th US Soldier dies in IraQ. A call for actions (TC-IMC addition)Candlelight vigils planned by Sept 9

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