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Persconferentie en tentenkamp te Charleroi – 17 januari 2007

Oost-Vlaanderen, 23.01.2007 10:39

Persconferentie en tentenkamp te Charleroi – 17 januari 2007

Bear Creek Trail – Smith Mountain - Buddhist Youth Group volunteers

Portland, 23.01.2007 08:39

On January 21'st, the San Gabriel Mountain Trailbuilders teamed up once again with the Buddhist Youth Group that we had worked with previously on 20/Nov/2005.

The trail restoration, maintenance, and building effort is part of an on-going program in the San Gabriel River Ranger District of the Angeles National Forest to provide reasonably safe recreation to the region's six or seven million "local" residents.

The region is unique. As a "pocket forest" surrounded by heavily and densely populated cities, on any given week end during the Summer the San Gabriel River Ranger District can boast of having 10,000 visitors and that number of people bring with them a number of problems, some of which (such as erosion, pollution of drinkable water, the building of wading pools along the river using rock dams, and medical mishaps caused by falling) can be mitigated by the efforts of volunteer organizations such as the SGMTBs.

&quot;Homeless&quot; Tent Encampment in Olympia Feb 1

Portland, 23.01.2007 08:39

On February 1, the "Poor" Peoples Union of Olympia, WA will set up a "homeless" tent encampment in response to a new city ordinance which goes into effect on February 1, making it virtually illegal to be on the street ("homeless") in Olympia. The exact location will not be revealed until the last minute, however it will be a highly visible protest. The eventual goals are to find a permanant location where the people can have a long term, autonomously run encampment and locations where people can be housed in autonomous, democraticly run communities.

The Poor People's Union, since its inception, has sought to overturn the ordinances targeted at the "homeless". Our intitial idea was to have a referendum on the ordinance and gather enough signatures for it. Over the past weeks, however, it has become clear that the PPU will not be able to expediently stop the ordinances from going into effect and has decided to put a referendum off for the time being.

Columbia Estuary Industrialization

Portland, 23.01.2007 08:39

Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will be holding two hearings to receive public input regarding how it should evaluate the impacts of multiple large industrial projects along the Lower Columbia. Tuesday, Jan. 23 in Knappa, OR. Tuesday, Jan. 31 in Clatskanie.

This is your chance to tell DEQ that you want them to stand up for the Columbia Estuary and take a strong stance against LNG and Coal projects that threaten the water, land, air and people of the Estuary.

Citizens Tribunal, day 2 only

Portland, 23.01.2007 08:39

Today (day 2) began with a 2.5-hour drive (including a rest coffee stop) to the campus building in my friend, Marion Ward's hybrid. Marion is very active in Vets for Peace and other peace groups. Initially we saw 3 videos featuring Francis Boyle, Marjorie Cohn and Eman Khammas. Khammas is an Iraqi journalist and human rights advocate who told about the horrors the Iraqi's endure daily and how her daughter could not take living in fear anymore, and left the country. Khammas feared for her life also, and is sought asylum in Spain where she lives today.

Two Iraq war veterans, Darrell Anderson and Chanan Suarez-Diaz gave front-line accounts. Anderson was in Portland recently and while I read his account on Indymedia, it is NOT the same as hearing him live. I had tears in my eyes during his talk. He was ordered to shoot even civilians if a shot came in their area, however, he never shot his rifle even once the entire time! Diaz shot his rifle 5 times, but never at a civilian. Some who resisted have returned to the US from Canada as a result of Watada's and others speaking out.

Miguel Angel de Los Santos Cruz Takes on Case in the Death of Brad Will

Portland, 23.01.2007 08:39

The Will family is pleased to have the renowned Mexican human rights lawyer, Miguel Angel de Los Santos Cruz, join the cause for justice in the case of Bradley Roland Will's death.

Brad, a New York based photojournalist and activist, was shot and killed in Oaxaca, Mexico last October 27th while videotaping the turmoil in the Mexican State. Although two government-affiliated suspects were initially held for the murder, they were released by Oaxacan state authorities in late November on claims of insufficient evidence. A number of human rights groups have questioned the legitimacy of the state investigation and are calling for the case to be moved to the federal level.

Pro-choice activists counterprotest anti-choice marchers

DC, 23.01.2007 08:11

On Monday, January 23 at 5 PM at the Supreme court, pro-choice activists had to elbow their way in to get the right wingers to give enough space for a planned counterprotest. Once we were finally set up, speakers reounted horrific tales of life before Roe vs Wade.

Fresno Candlelight Vigil in Support of Roe v. Wade

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2007 07:41

Supporters of Roe v Wade gathered for a Candlelight Vigil in front of the Federal Courthouse in Fresno to honor the on-going struggle for reproductive justice then traveled to the local Planned Parenthood Education Center to view & discuss the film Motherhood by CHOICE Not Chance, by award winning film maker Dorothy Fadiman.


Wednesday Meeting in Point Richmond About Chevron Fire

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2007 07:41

On Monday, January 15th, there was a fire at the Chevron refinery in Richmond. Richmond residents in the immediate vicinity of Chevron refinery were outraged by the lack of warning about the accident-- there were no audible sirens or warnings via the telephone system that broadcasts information in in English and other languages. On Wednesday January 24th, Contra Costa County will be sponsoring a community meeting in Point Richmond in regards to the fire, at 7pm at the Washington Elementary School, 565 Wine Street (near Cutting Blvd).

January 29th Action in San Jose for Medicine Lake

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2007 07:41

On Monday, January 29th, native peoples and supporters will protest Calpine's plans for a power plant that would be built at Sacred Medicine Lake near Mt. Shasta. They will gather for a rally at 10am at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, and they will march at 12pm to Calpine's office at 50 West San Fernando Street. Protesters plan to deliver an eviction notice to Calpine Corporation as part of the day's events. Organizers are asking that rally participants wear red and bring signs. An action training is being planned for Sunday, January 28th.

Kenya Indymedia Coverage of the 2007 World Social Forum

LA, 23.01.2007 06:39

Kenya Indymedia Coverage of the 2007 World Social Forum

Jan. 27 National Washington D.C. Peace March: Spread the Word!

Miami, 23.01.2007 06:08

Jan. 27 National Washington D.C. Peace March: Spread the Word!

Jan. 27 National Washington D.C. Peace March: Spread the Word!

Miami, 23.01.2007 06:08

Jan. 27 National Washington D.C. Peace March: Spread the Word!

An alternative to militarized parade

San Diego, 23.01.2007 04:09

A new San Diego coalition offers an alternative to the militarized Martin Luther King Day parade.

The event was organized by the King/Chávez Coalition for Justice and Unity, which was formed after last’s years King Day Parade. A diverse group of community members came together to discuss what to do about the parade, which had been moved out of the community and had become disturbingly militarized and completely co-opted by corporate interests. The King Day Parade has turned into a tourist attraction that represents everything that Martin Luther King was against.

Organizers plan to return to this park in 2008, but to also have a march through the community to the park.

Related: Community Retakes Legacy Of Martin Luther King, Jr. | Is The Official San Diego Martin Luther King Jr Parade Too Official? | Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence: Audio and Text


San Diego, 23.01.2007 03:39

Yes!, American Indian Movement Activist, Leader and Warrior Leonard Peltier is STILL IN PRISON! The 6th of February 2007 marks the 31st Anniversary of the illegal arrest and false imprisonment of Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier.

According to one of Mr. Peltier's lawyers, Barry Bachrach, "virtually every known AIM leader in the United States was incarcerated in either state or federal prisons since (or even before) the organization's formal emergence in 1968, some repeatedly. After the 1973 siege of Wounded Knee (SD), for example, the FBI caused 542 separate charges to be filed against those it identified as “key AIM leaders”. This resulted in only 15 convictions, all on such petty or contrived offenses as “interfering with a federal officer in the performance of his duty”.


Please write Leonard Peltier:
Leonard Peltier # 89637-132
USP Lewisburg, U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. BOX 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Links: Leonard Peltier Defense Committee | Defense Committee Blog | Leonard Peltier on Wikipedia | Free Leonard Peltier | COINTELPRO

Alan mata

Peru, 23.01.2007 01:39

Lunes 22 enero 2007 | Alan quiere matar

Major Victory for Worker Recovered Factory &quot;Jugoremedija&quot; in Serbia

Belarus, 23.01.2007 00:38

Hrant Dink is assasinated

Istanbul, 22.01.2007 23:09

WSF 2007 in Nairobi, Kenia

Germany, 22.01.2007 22:39

Nach den Weltsozialforen in Porto Alegre (Brasilien), in Mumbai (Indien), in Bamako (Mali), Caracas (Venezuela) und Karachi (Pakistan), findet das siebte Weltsozialforum in Nairobi, Kenia, statt. | | | |

BioJustice 2007: Organizing Gets Underway

Boston, 22.01.2007 22:09

On Saturday, January 20th, around thirty people gathered to plan a week of activities in protest of an upcoming meeting of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). In May, BIO will convene in downtown Boston; organizers anticipate a large, energetic counter-convergence involving many factions of the movement against biotechnology.

Kennedy calls for Congressional authorization of &quot;surge,&quot; dodges oil profit question

DC, 22.01.2007 21:10

Coming out of the studios of Meet The Press today [Sunday, Jan. 21], Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) said he expected President Bush to "describe a different Iraq than … most Americans understand and recognize" in Tuesday's upcoming State of the Union address. He also said "the American people are entitled to require the President to come to Congress to get an authorization…."

Kennedy noted that the previous authorization of force was predicated on allegations of Hussein's government violating UN resolutions, the alleged Iraqi possession of "Weapons of Mass Destruction," and alleged links with Al Qaeda. The latter points being conditions now widely acknowledged not to have existed (although the Senator did not acknowledge that directly).

In Remembrance: Women Who Died from Illegal and Unsafe Abortions

DC, 22.01.2007 21:10

The seven women below are just a small representation of the countless women who have died because they did not have access to safe and legal abortions. Most of these women died before Roe v. Wade offered them a safe alternative. However, women continue to die and suffer injury due to current restrictions that particularly affect young women and poor women. Our government is now controlled by conservative leaders who are extremely hostile to women's reproductive rights. 1/22/07 5pm Vigil: Supreme Court, 1st & E. Capitol Streets NE Who Decides? Status of Women's Reproductive Rights In the United States || Meet the Father of the "Right to Life" Movement

Trolleybus to return to Nottingham?

United Kingdom, 22.01.2007 21:09

Nottingham used to run a vast network of trolleybusses. The first trolley was introduced in 1927 and in 1930 it had the largest fleet in the country. The last trolley bus operated in Nottingham until June 1966. Recently a new book was launched on the history of Nottingham’s Trolleybusses, and it does raise the question if bringing them back might become the way forward in making our public transport system ready in the face of climate catastrophy. Some cities in Europe are upgrading their trolley bus networks and some are even planning the construction of new ones. With Britain having such as vast history on the ‘old trolley’, wouldn’t it be worth looking into the possibility of returning to this potential zero-emission way of transport?

Miami SuperBowl Week-of-Action Against Gentrification, Jan 29 - Feb 3

Miami, 22.01.2007 20:07

Miami SuperBowl Week-of-Action Against Gentrification, Jan 29 - Feb 3

Entre las críticas y los proyectos

Argentina, 22.01.2007 19:38

Nairobi: Comenzó el Foro Social Mundial

Entre las críticas y los proyectos

Argentina, 22.01.2007 19:08

Nairobi: Comenzó el Foro Social Mundial

Watch/Read Wakeup Call Host, Deepa Fernandes, Media Justice Speech on You Tube

DC, 22.01.2007 18:10;eurl= Free Press Plenary Speech, Memphis, TN, Jan 13, 2007 by Deepa Fernandes There is a very fundamental question that we are all here in Memphis to answer, and that question is exactly what I want to go right to tonight. It’s not a difficult one. But it is one that demands we act together as if our lives depended on it, because for many of our communities, they do. Put simply the question is this: What does media reform mean to us?....

World Social Forum in Kenya

Houston, 22.01.2007 16:38

Indymedia Kenya covers the 7th World Social Forum

Suheir Hammad @ The Prole

Houston, 22.01.2007 16:08

Words From Exile: Suheir Hammad performs at The Proletariat 1/25

Boston Delegation to the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi Kenya Proposes Intercontinental Unity in the Struggle for Migrant Workers Rights in the World

Boston, 22.01.2007 15:09

This activity seeks to demonstrate the need to join forces in the world to confront the injustices of a condition created by contemporary capitalism: large masses of migrant workers desperately seeking work to survive. In that process they are abused, victimized, exploited and discriminated.

Corporate Media

Perth, 22.01.2007 14:40

G20 Corporate Media Smears

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.01.2007 14:40

Woolworths: what about the other 364 days of the year?

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 22.01.2007 14:08

Horizontalicemos el Foro Social Mundial [20-25Enero]

FSM Qué altermundialismo ? + FSM 2007, Kenya-Nairobi. Indymedia y Centros sociales + Imc Radio Support for the WSF 2007 from Kenya + Archivo donde se irán guardando audios en diferentes idiomas de la colaboración de imc + African Imc conference needs your support + Escucha con AMARC las alternativas sociales del 7 FSM + Objetivos generales definidoss para al FSM 2007 + Ecologistas en Acción + El FSM és un espacio en expansión + FSM 2007 (Nairobi) visita Catalunya

wsf global radio nodes

[20h_24Enero] Apoyo de ((i)) radio al FSM :
Nairobi + Dublin + Barcelona (en inglés)
en - ca - es
Instrucciones para sintonizar

+info :: indymedia + imc-kenia + ((i)) radio + + imc-madiaq + globalización

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 22.01.2007 13:08

Horitzontalitzem el Fòrum Social Mundial [20-25Gen]

FSM Quin altermundialisme ? + FSM 2007, Kenya-Nairobi. Indymedia i Centres socials + Imc Radio Support for the WSF 2007 from Kenya + Arxiu on s'aniran guardant audios en diferents idiomes de la col.laboració de imc + African Imc conference necessita el teu suport + Escolta amb AMARC les alternatives socials del 7è FSM + Objectius generals definits per al FSM 2007 + Ecologistes en Acció + El FSM és un espai en expansió + FSM 2007 (Nairobi) visita Catalunya

wsf global radio nodes

[20h_24Gen] Recolzament de ((i)) ràdio al FSM :
Nairobi + Dublin + Barcelona (en anglès)
en - ca - es
Instruccions per sintonitzar

+info :: indymedia + imc-kenia + ((i)) radio + + imc-madiaq + globalització

Indypendent Open House, Tuesday Jan. 23rd., 7 pm,

NYC, 22.01.2007 12:38

Built by volunteer journalists, artists and activists, The Indypendent is now in its seventh year and still thriving on the energy and dedication of its volunteer writers, editors, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers. To find out more about how to get involved, come to our Winter Open House on Tuesday Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. at our office on 4 W. 43rd St., Suite 311. We will have lots of food, drink, Q & A discussion and a screening of a short film about The Indypendent by NYC Indymedia videographer Amy Wolf. || || Community Reporting Workshops || The Indy Sweeps the Ippies || Where I Can Find The Indypendent || "There isn't a better place to develop a love of journalism." || Most Recent Issue

musico UPLA

Valparaiso, 22.01.2007 12:07

Lunes 22 Enero 2006 | Estudiante sancionado

Represión política en la UPLA

January 22nd &quot;Pill Bottle Dumps&quot; to Demand an End to the DEA Raids

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.01.2007 09:39

On Monday, January 22nd DEA "Pill Bottle Dump" actions will be held at local federal buildings around California. Events have been scheduled for 12pm at federal buildings in cities such as Sacramento. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has raided a number of California dispensaries and grow facilities in the last two months. This has limited safe access to cannabis for bona-fide patients statewide. Americans for Safe Access is demanding an end to DEA raids on patients and providers who are abiding by state law.

G20 Melbourne - Corporate Media Smears

Melbourne, 22.01.2007 09:09

G20 Corporate Media Smears

&quot;We Love Our Dogs&quot; (Diva Dog report back)

Portland, 22.01.2007 08:40

I went to see Diva Dog and Off the Chain last night. It was a free show, presented by the rescue organization Positively Pitbull. Actually, I intended to just see Diva Dog, and was assured by one of the presenters of this event that it would play
first. I had been warned that Off the Chain was brutally graphic, and I did not want to subject myself to the images I knew it would contain. So I kind of resent the fact that, despite assurances to the contrary, they showed Off the Chain first, and I was forced to sit through it. ("Everyone should see this," I was told by a presenter. However, given the setting -- a room full of people who love dogs and animal rights activists who are already in the struggle against dog fighting -- I am not sure that it was necessary to subject us all to that. It was roughly akin to going to a gathering of radical vegans, and forcing them to sit through slaughter house videos... I mean, we know that already, that's why we're here.)

Folic Acid Inundation Not Such a Good Thing After All - Especially for Vegetarians/Vegans

Portland, 22.01.2007 08:40

You know, about 9 years ago the US govt mandated that all grain foods in the US be fortified with the B vitamin folic acid. Their reasons seemed sound enough: it had been learned that a shortage of folic acid around the time of conception can damage fetuses. Specifically, babies were more likely to be born with open neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. But I remember at the time being concerned about the wisdom of supplementing an entire population in order to address a problem that, although devastating, affects such a tiny fraction of the population. (Even prior to the supplementation, the risk of spina bifida was less than 1 percent.) It seems that my concerns have been born out, especially for those of us who do not eat meat.

Portland IMC Newsletter for Jan. 21, 2007

Portland, 22.01.2007 08:40

Featuring Articles:

Student marches in Greece
Smash G8 in Germany
Lone Vet Report
Tigard residents organize against Wal-Mart
Washington County Peace Vigil

Please Help Print and Distribute

Citizens' Hearing on Legality of Iraq War and Occupation

Portland, 22.01.2007 08:40

About 400 people gathered each day to hear testimony before the Citizen's Hearing on the legality of the U.S. actions in Iraq. It is important to note that only one national TV station showed up to cover this event, and that station was from Japan. The mainstream media ignored this event.

This Tribunal was necessary because Lt. Ehren Watada has refused to deploy to Iraq. "It is my duty as a commissioned officer in the United States army to speak out against grave injustices," he stated. "My moral and legal obligation is to the constitution. Not to those who issue unlawful orders. I stand before you today because it is my job to serve and protect American soldiers and innocent Iraqis who have no voice. It is my conclusion that the war in Iraq is not only morally wrong, but also a breach of American law."

Bolivia: one year into the Morales government

NYC, 22.01.2007 08:08

Popular assembly in Cochabamba on January 16

On Tuesday, January 16th, a massive cabildo abierto (popular assembly) in Cochabamba, Bolivia's third largest city, decided to remove the prefecto (regional governor) and forced the consejeros departamentales (regional councillors) to install a people's prefecture. In doing so the masses, who have been on the streets since the beginning of the year, went over the heads of MAS aligned leaders of many of the peasant and trade union organisations and directly against the advice of the MAS government which recommended calm, negotiation and keeping everything within the legal framework.

This was the highest point of a developing mass movement for the resignation of the prefectos of La Paz and Cochabamba who have sided with the opposition prefectos of Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija (the lowlands crescent of Bolivia) in their struggle for autonomy from the MAS national government and to defend their right of veto in the Constituent Assembly.

An Open Letter Calling Others to Oppose A Garbage Transfer Station in Brooklyn

NYC, 22.01.2007 08:08

Please add your name to this open letter opposing the garbage transfer station planned for Southwest Brooklyn. Also, very important public meeting opposing the garbage transfer station in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn on Thursday, January 25, 7:30 pm, at Shore Parkway Jewish Center, 8885 26th Avenue, between Cropsey and Harway Avenues, Brooklyn. To sign on, just send an email to mitchelcohen(at)

People's Peace Conference - New Jersey, Leading the Way

NYC, 22.01.2007 08:08

Officially titled “The U.S. War in Iraq & Our Communities. Breaking the Silence: The Grassroots Speak”, hundreds and hundreds of peace and justice activists of all ages and colors came out in the bitter Jersey cold to attend the all day peace conference and workshops organized by longtime Newark activist Larry Hamm and his organization, People’s Organization For Progress.

Community Unites to face cold, wage slavery

NYC, 22.01.2007 08:08

Despite the below-freezing wind chill and icy patches on the ground, New Yorkers showed yet another display of endurance as more than 50 people converged in Brooklyn to demand an end to Handyfat Trading Co.’s union-busting activities. In early January, Handyfat management illegally fired nine workers for union activity, despite the company’s claims they were fired because of their immigration status.

Rockville Starbucks Store Unionizes with I.W.W.

DC, 22.01.2007 05:12

Employees at a Starbucks store here announced their membership in the IWW Starbucks Workers Union [] today and served a list of demands on their manager including a living wage, secure work hours, and the reinstatement of union baristas illegally fired for organizing activity.

Mudamos nuestros servidores

Argentina, 22.01.2007 05:11

Aviso de mantenimiento

Indymedia Convergence Feb 2-4 in Auckland - Aotearoa Independent Media Centre Biannual Convergence

Aotearoa, 22.01.2007 04:09

Indymedia Convergence: Building Alternative Media for Social Change
Friday February 2nd - The Antidote #15
An evening of alternative political documentaries

  • Whose News?
  • Fuck the Corporate Media
  • Tuhoe: History of Resistance
  • Revolutionary Not Evolutionary: The Aftermath of the 2006 Tongan Riots

  • Where: Room Arts 716, on the 7th Floor of the Arts Building, University of Auckland, Corner Symonds St & Grafton Rd
    When: Films Start 7:30pm

    Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th of February
    Media Skills for Activists || Discussions on Media Freedom || Introduction to Non-Corporate Media Projects || Photo, Video, Writing, Radio Workshops || Building non-corporate Media Alternatives ||
    Two days of workshops, skillshares, project building, organising, and planning. Discussions on the corporate media, censorship, the potentials and pitfalls of the internet and the future of the Aotearoa Indymedia Network.
    When: 10am to 5pm.
    Where: Unite offices, Level 12, Unite House, 300 Queen Street

Od tragedii do skandalu. Antyfaszysta przypuszczalnie zakażał HIV, i co na to polskie media.

Poland, 21.01.2007 22:10

W ubiegłym tygodniu media obiegła wieść o tragediach, do jakich miał
doprowadzić Simon Moleke Njie, Kameruńczyk zamieszkały w Polsce,
uznany w 2003 roku za Antyfaszystę Roku przez Stowarzyszenie
Antyfaszystowskie Nigdy Więcej.

Media zareagowały na te doniesienia prawdziwym wysypem rewelacji i
oskarżeń, konstruując informacje o Kameruńczyku, który jest
podejrzewany o świadome zarażenie HIV kilkunastu kobiet. Jeszcze
zanim policja sprawdziła, czy Simon Moleke Njie faktycznie jest nosicielem
HIV i czy był świadomy tego faktu i jego konsekwencji, media wydały
na niego wyrok.

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