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Lone Vet Report

Portland, 27.01.2007 13:40

Troy and I arrived about 1300, (1 PM) and met with a staff member who listened to us and accepted our letter.

Apparently he did not read the letter because when 1700 (5PM) came around he told us we had to leave without answering our request in writing --- we refused to leave. There was some confusion as what to do next. The staff wanted to go home and we wanted to stay to get an answer to our letter. Security was called and asked us to leave, we said no because we did not get an answer to our question. Security called the PD and we all waited. When the police arrived, they seemed upset that we had taken them away from arresting the bad guys --- to deal with this sit in. We told the police that we would be willing to accept a written statement from a representative of Sen. Smith saying that he would not vote for any future funding of the war or occupation of Iraq. Stand off.

Surge Protection Brigade

Portland, 27.01.2007 13:40

For the second Friday in a row, the Military Career Recruiting Center at NE 13th & Broadway locks down rather than face "angry Grannies".

The Surge Protection Brigade, a coalition of long time peace activists, many of them mothers and grandmothers, went to the recruiting center today and were greeted with locked doors, despite the sign saying, "OPEN. WALK IN"

People were prepared to be arrested to stop recruiting, but are happy that recruiting was blocked without an arrest.


Manila, 27.01.2007 12:14

Ex-UP prexy escapes hostage situation in Indonesia

I�aki de Juana Chaos cada vez m�s lejos: sigue la huelga de hambre

Euskal Herria, 27.01.2007 12:11

globalization (en)

Barcelona, 27.01.2007 12:11

Horizontalizing the World Social Forum [Jan 20-25]

WSF which altermundialism? + WSF 2007, Kenya-Nairobi. Indymedia & Social Centers + Imc Radio Support for the WSF 2007 from Kenya + Archive where audio from imcs on different languages will be stored + African Imc conference needs your support + Listen with AMARC the social alternatives to 7th WSF + General objectives defined for the WSF 2007 + Ecologistes en Acció + The WSF is an expanding space + WSF 2007 (Nairobi) visits Catalunya

wsf global radio nodes

[Jan 24, 20h] Support from radio ((i)) to WSF:
Nairobi + Dublin + Barcelona (english)
en - ca - es --- Instructions to tune
[16-23h] Come to La Quimera to collaborate!!

+info :: indymedia + imc-kenia + ((i)) radio + + La Quimera + globalization

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 27.01.2007 12:11

Bon Pastor: a district with no future. Cases barates' (cheap houses) demolition begin

Every attempt tried to save the 748 Bon Pastor cheap houses, cultural heritage of the city, or at least to guarantee a decent solution for the oldest inhabitants, coming from organizations both from inside and outside the district, are failing day by day in view of the arrogance and the lack of concern showed by the Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge (Barcelona City Council) in the beginning of the vandalism and the brick up works on the houses even before neighbours leave their homes. Patronat speculates, Associació de Veïns (Neighbours Association) collaborates, the media silence the dissenting voices... it will only remain the memory of the struggle of 200 old people from the district, against power abuse and disdain of some politics self-called left-winged, while what they want is to profit economically from the land, to demolish, to build, and to pile up people in flat buildings. >>>write a protest letter!

Friday 26>>Hereu inaugurates the new buildings: gathering to support those affected at 17:45 between Tàrrega and Vilamajor streets!

Read more:: [audio] & [photos] :: More damages and mobbing in Bon Pastor - photos (Jan 25) :: Patronat property mobbing against Bon Pastor neighbours (Jan 24) :: Administrative contentious' sentence (Jan 22) :: Bon Pastor neighbours challenge the cases barates' demolition (nov 1, 2006) :: This year the Patronat will tear down the first 150 cases barates (Masala, June 2006) :: Study on neighbours' opinions :: links (2004)

More info:: >> speculation & squatting

immigration (en)

Barcelona, 27.01.2007 12:11

Immigration Law kills: Repeal

Demonstration, Saturday January the 27th, Plaza Universitat

Hundreds dead, drowned, from cold, from hunger or thirst when they were running away from extreme poverty or wars. Confinements in Internment centers, deportation. Clandestine lifes that depend on having or not some papers...this is the Immigration Law.

Related news: Yes to their oil, no to their cayucos? ::: Police persecution to immigrants at Encants ::: Deportation to the desert at the request of UE ::: Raids to Africans in Morocco ::: Detentions and deportations to Morocco ::: European borders: no-rights zone ::: Police absolved after murdering an immigrant in Santa Coloma :::

+info:: >>>migration

Le Cirque maltrata animais

Brasil, 27.01.2007 04:39


'Tazers and Lies' Counter-Recruitment Video

DC, 27.01.2007 04:15

Tazers and Lies: " the Truth about Military Recruitment lies somewhere between Tazers and Lies" has now been seen over 2000 times on YouTube. Video

Calendar of Events January 26-28, 2007

DC, 27.01.2007 04:15

(add your info in comments. calendar will be updated regularly.)

Opponents of youth ban turn out in force at Graham's roundtable

DC, 27.01.2007 04:15

On Jan 25, Jim Graham held a "community roundtable" to discuss his proposed ban on young people at nightclubs. Only thing is, opponents of the ban had to listen to over three hours of speeches from law enforcement and other supporters of the ban before being allowed to speak.

SOTU prompts downtown protest

Oklahoma, 26.01.2007 22:38

Dozens of Oklahomans send a message to Bush: No "surge" End the war, troops home About 40 peace activists held a protest in downtown Oklahoma City on Wednesday, January 24. Participants included members of The Peace House, the Department of Peace Campaign, Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Democrats for America, Code Pink and others. Large signs asked drivers passing by to "Honk for Peace" and the response was very encouraging. A news crew from local Channel 25, the Fox affiliate, was among the media that covered the event. The event was in response to President Bush's State of the Union address the evening before. #flickr_badge_source_txt {padding:0; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif; color:#666666;} #flickr_badge_icon {display:block !important; margin:0 !important; border: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0) !important;} #flickr_icon_td {padding:0 5px 0 0 !important;} .flickr_badge_image {text-align:center !important;} .flickr_badge_image img {border: 1px solid black !important;} #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper {width:150px;} #flickr_www {display:block; text-align:center; padding:0 10px 0 10px !important; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif !important; color:#3993ff !important;} #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:hover, #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:link, #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:active, #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:visited {text-decoration:none !important; background:inherit !important;color:#3993ff;} #flickr_badge_wrapper {background-color:#ffffff;border: solid 1px #000000} #flickr_badge_source {padding:0 !important; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif !important; color:#666666 !important;} More of peacearena's photos tagged with 20070124 About 40 peace activists held a protest in downtown Oklahoma City on Wednesday, January 24. Participants included members of The Peace House, the Department of Peace Campaign, Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Democrats for America, Code Pink and others. Large signs asked drivers passing by to "Honk for Peace" and the response was very encouraging. A news crew from local Channel 25, the Fox affiliate, was among the media that covered the event. The event was in response to President Bush's State of the Union address the evening before. Afterwards, several activist met over dinner to plan for another action, scheduled for Jan. 27, in conjunction with the national march on Washington. (see Click on photo badge to see more photos of the event. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License.

Nashville's Urban Development Policy Revealed: Out With the Old?

Tennessee, 26.01.2007 22:11

Nashville's Metro Council is considering a proposal to build a 19-story hotel/condominium on lower Broadway, which would change the appearance of the area considerably. What is the wider context of this move? One of the things I remember most clearly about my first visit to Nashville, thirty-five years ago, was seeing an outhouse in the back yard of a home about a mile south of downtown. I don't know if it was still used—in fact, I doubt that it was; but that's a keynote for the Nashville that used to be. I remember when Old Hickory Boulevard's southern loop was a rolling two-lane road through fields and woods, and friends of mine lived in the funky, low-rent neighborhood that used to stand where Vanderbilt's athletic fields now lie. My wife went horseback riding on the old railroad bed that is now I-440. It was a great place for a kid to have adventures.

verzet loppem

Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.01.2007 22:08

Groene actiegroepen bundelen krachten tegen megalomaan nieuw stadion Club Brugge te Loppem

CODEPINK/Instead of War Sends Convoy to DC

Saint Louis, 26.01.2007 19:38

As part of a national movement to announce public disapproval of the Iraq War, CODEPINK St. Louis and Instead of War have sent a convoy to DC to make our voices heard. Check back here for more stories/pix/videos!
MORE INFO: Portrait for Peace 1/27

Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners in Oaxaca! Freedom for Oscar and Sacramento!

NYC, 26.01.2007 18:39

Anarchists and anti-authoritarians have played a vital role in the struggle against the government of Ulisses Ruiz Ortiz in Oaxaca.
Among the many prisoners being held in jails around Mexico are anarchist activists Oscar Santa Maria Caro and Sacramento Delfino Cano Hernandez who were arrested on November 30th in Oaxaca.

Activists denounce Hollywood collusion with diamond industry, protest 2/5

NYC, 26.01.2007 18:39

At the recent Golden Globes ceremony, many of Hollywood's taste-makers participated in a new marketing campaign entitled “Raise Your Right Hand For Africa.” This campaign was launched by the Diamond Information Center (DIC), a marketing arm of the De Beers diamond cartel. They’re advertising that women should buy a diamond ring to be worn on the right hand as a show of support for economic development for African people.

Images from the Picket Line: Wobbly Workers Fight Back 1/20/07

NYC, 26.01.2007 18:09

Wobblies, fellow workers, community and anti-capitalist activists come together to fight back.

inmigració (ca)

Barcelona, 26.01.2007 18:09

La Llei d'Estrangeria mata: Derogació

Manifestació, Dissabte 27 de Gener. 17hrs. Plaça Universitat

Centenars de morts, ofegats, de fred, de fam o de set quan fugien de la misèria o la guerra. Confinaments en centres d’internament, deportacions. Vides clandestines que depenen de tenir o no uns papers... això és la Llei d'Estrangeria.

Notícies relacionades: El seu petroli sí, els seus caiucos no? ::: Persecució policial d'inmigrants als Encants ::: Deportacions al desert per encàrrec de la UE ::: Redades de subsaharians al Marroc ::: Detencions i deportacions al Marroc ::: Les fronteres europees: zones sense drets ::: Absolt un policia després de matar un inmigrant a Santa Coloma :::

+info:: >>>immigració

inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 26.01.2007 18:09

La Ley de Extranjería mata: Derogación

Manifestació, Sábado 27 de Enero. 17hrs. Plaça Universitat

Centenares de muertos, ahogados, de frío, de hambre o de sed cuando huían de la miseria o la guerra. Confinamientos en centros de internamiento, deportaciones. Vidas clandestinas que dependen de tener o no unos papeles... esto es la Ley de Extranjería.

Noticias relacionadas: Su petróleo sí, sus cayucos no? ::: Persecución policial de inmigrantes en los Encantes ::: Deportaciones al desierto por encargo de la UE ::: Redadas de subsaharianos en Marruecos ::: Detenciones y deportaciones en Marruecos ::: Las fronteras europeas: zonas sin derechos ::: Absuelto un policía después de matar a un inmigrante en Santa Coloma :::

+info:: >>>immigración


Colombia, 26.01.2007 18:08

Tiro de gracia al Seguro Social


Colombia, 26.01.2007 18:08

Tiro de gracia al Seguro Social

Protest against the Racist Philly Police

Philadelphia, 26.01.2007 15:10

Battle of Belle Vue

United Kingdom, 26.01.2007 14:09

"I tried to help someone up who was on the floor, he was at the feet of a policeman with a dog snapping right at him, and was holding his leg and screaming. I went to help him out of the way of the dog and got hit from behind by a truncheon in the side of the knee and back of my leg 4 times before I could get out of reach." Alex - would be party goer.

Last night (21st Jan)about two thousand party goers were attacked by police whilst attempting to attend a free party in the Manchester area. The A57 was closed for about 2 hrs when police forced party goers out of a warehouse and on to the streets. According to one first hand report the rave was already filling up by around 11pm, nearly half an hour before the police arrived, and the premises were protected under section 6 "squatters rights" due to it being the permanent residence of a small number of people.

The police upon entry ignored this warning and proceeded to use extreme force on people who were showing no resistance and breaking no laws. This behaviour was carried out under supervision and instruction of the attending Detective Inspector. Several accounts confirm that people were beaten with police batons, bitten by Dog units for not moving fast enough and/or were thrown around by the police.

Outside the venue a large crowd of about 800 people had gathered outside in anticipation of the rave. It response the police saw necessary to form a line complete with riot units, and rush the crowd with both dogs and batons, again attacking people who were unfortunate enough to either not have moved fast enough, or fallen down in the road.

Reports and comments

Tree sit in progress on campus

Portland, 26.01.2007 12:40

On the UC Berkeley campus, there is a grove of old oak trees which is now in jeopardy. The UCB regents are planning to cut the trees to expand the university's sport stadium. They will have a difficult time, though, as a tree sit is in progress. Within the last few days, three women "of a certain age" have joined in the protest. Former mayor Shirley Dean is 71 years old. She is joined by 86 year old Betty Olds and 90 year old Sylvia McLaughlin. The women have a long history of working in the city government and on environmental issues. They are not about to quit now.

There is a law against cutting mature Coast Live Oaks in California, but that law was waived so that the $125 million addition to the sports complex could be built. Tree sitter activist "Redwood Mary" said that she would enforce the law against cutting the trees with her body if necessary. A temporary restraining order against cutting was issued on January 12th, but the battle is not over. For more information, you may go to or email

Protesting Bush Video

Portland, 26.01.2007 12:40

Well it was fun and inspiring for me in putting together this video collection of miscellaneous pictures/photos many from Portland Oregon Protests. I want to thank those whose pictures I am using in this montage music clip I made, titled "Protesting Bush." When putting this together I felt the energy come from these photos, of all the people who were out in these streets making a stand. As I worked with these images and music, I could really feel for the dynamics of what is involved of the anti war/bush protesting movement. With the multitude of diversity, tactics, creativity, spirit, costumes, un-ending ENERGY and down right old fashion taking it to the streets... ... you protester "rock"!

People out in the streets pushing for change, to make this world better, and a safer place with less death & torture. People who are, united in peace, and who are standing up to... .. "be counted." People who go on the record before "all society" that we want change from this Insane Bush direction.

Support and Defend the Constitution with Veterans for Peace

Portland, 26.01.2007 12:40

On Thursday, January 25, Veterans For Peace began Operation Support and Defend the Constitution:

To demand congress follow the will of the people, de-fund the war, and use the money to Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home Now!

To restate our oath of service as veterans to support and defend the Constitution.

To remind Congress that they took a similar oath, thus they have a responsibility to hold in check the powers of the Executive. Tell Congress they are a branch of our government, not an arm of the President.

To work to force the President to stop illegal acts such as unwarranted surveillance and torture, and to repeal laws that are in violation of the Constitution, such as the Military Commissions Act.

To invite veterans across the nation to unite with us in our effort to defend and support the Constitution by advocating for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney.

Stand with us from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., January 26-28, at Terry Schrunck Plaza, SW 3rd Ave., Portland (across from the Fedral building).

<h2>A Tale of Two Climate Change Conferences</h2>

United Kingdom, 26.01.2007 12:09

Cooling the Planet is said to be "undoubtedly one of the most important environmental conferences being held in the world over the next 12 months". Nearly 1,000 delegates from around the world are expected to attend and it's happening in Sheffield, at the Octagon Centre on February 7th. But what are its aims, whose behind it and why are the Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change organising their own conference in the same week?

Sheffield is My Planet is a week of events on climate change in Sheffield from the 5th to the 9th February. The highlight of the week is a lecture by former US Presidential candidate Al Gore at Sheffield University. It's part of Wednesday afternoon's "global climate change conference" Cooling the Planet. Al Gore's lecture was the main substance of his recent film on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth. But access is by strict invite only and it's not a conference for campaign groups, environmentalists or even climate change scientists. Cooling the Planet is a conference for business leaders.


Colombia, 26.01.2007 09:38

TLC: salto al vacío

Food not Bombs Resist Police in Christchurch

Aotearoa, 26.01.2007 07:10

Today in Christchurch, at the usual lunch time "Food Not Bombs" sharing of food, police threatened arrest and gear confiscation if the group did not move from the open public mall known as Cashel Mall. At the height of Christchurch's BUSKERS FESTIVAL Food Not Bombs activists refused to move when council staff and police bullied them to do so. Stating Council Health and Safety standards, bylaws and traffic laws, these officers tried to get the group to move on, but to no avail. Food Not Bombs is an autonomous group of people who share free food every Friday in Cashel Mall to whomever wants it. To them, serving up free food is a statement against capitalism and the corporatisation of a basic human right. "Food is a right not a privilege, and poverty is violence,so if someone goes hungry today we are at war." said Edith, one of the people at the "Anti-capitalist" kitchen.

The Struggle for the Siskyou Mountains Salamander

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.01.2007 07:09

The California Fish and Game Commission is poised to take public testimony with regard to the threatened-species status of the Siskyou Mountains salamander under the California Endangered Species Act.

Read More


Japan, 26.01.2007 05:08







Estudante é perseguido e agredido pela PM após manifestação em Vitória/ES

Brasil, 26.01.2007 04:09


UE dá passo a favor dos transgénicos.

Portugal, 26.01.2007 04:09

UE dá passo a favor dos transgénicos.

Action Alert - ATT Proposal To Fayetteville

Arkansas, 26.01.2007 03:10

As was mentioned by long-time journalist Bill Moyers at the recent National Media Reform Conference in Memphis, the media giants will stop at nothing in order to consolidate, not only their profits but their power to control the content of what the average person is exposed to . In recent days, AT&T has made a proposal to the City of Fayetteville which could, in the long run, adversely affect Community Access Television and internet service in the local area. What follows serves to further explain the potential threat which now looms over independent media in Fayetteville.

A Critical Mass of Anti-War Proportions

NYC, 26.01.2007 03:09

So NYC critical mass isnt what it used to be. . .

While im not ever going to give up on it, i think its important for nyc critical mass riders to experience a critical mass in a less hostile city, at least once a year. it keeps you sane.


Rogue Valley, 26.01.2007 02:41



JANUARY 27, 2007



A(nother) Weekend with the Minutemen

San Diego, 26.01.2007 02:39

I wonder how many people know that there are a lot of organizers who spend almost every morning with the Minutemen and almost every weekend with them as well. Well, not a lot every morning at 7am, but on the weekends, we're all pretty busy.

This weekend with the Minutemen started on Saturday morning at 7am. First, the usuals went to the Home Depot on Fairmount in mission gorge. The Minutemen go there daily and harass day laborer and anti-racist organizers go there every morning since the Minutemen have been responsible for pepper spraying, assaulting and threatening people with physical and sexual violence on numerous occasions.

My Saturday began when we went to Gabriel Pollach's barbershop at noon. Gabriel is the Minuteman who pepper sprayed about 10 non-violent artists and activists in National City, with absolutely no response from the police. So, a bunch of us decided to visit him at his place of employment. We figure that since the Minutemen spend everyday stopping day laborers from geting work and feeding their families, we should do the same...

Related: 1 | 2 | 3

Keep the Dream Burning: Candlelight Vigil for Vanderbilt Workers

Tennessee, 26.01.2007 01:11

Nashville, TN—On Friday, January 26th, at 4:15 p.m. on the Library Lawn of Vanderbilt University (see attached map), workers, students, community and faith supporters will gather together in a candlelight vigil to ask for a living wage for Vanderbilt workers. The group will then proceed to the steps of the Kirkland Administration where prominent community activists and faith leaders will speak to the assembled group. The event is sponsored by the Vanderbilt Student group, LIVE-Living Income for Vanderbilt Employees, and the Vanderbilt Community Alliance. Says Reverend David Shivers, a member of the Vanderbilt Community Alliance, “we are gathering today to ask Vanderbilt University to show its workers some dignity and respect by paying a living wage.” Even after a decade of service to the Vanderbilt University, many workers still make less than $10/hour.

Get Down to Your Local Indy

United Kingdom, 26.01.2007 00:11

Local Indymedia groups (IMCs) exist all over the UK. Some have existed longer than others and some are more active than others, but they all have one thing in common: they need your help. If you're interested in working on independent media on a local level, or if you have technical skills, why not become involved? Help organise film screenings, benefit events, or report on local issues, compile features and do admin work on the websites. There is a lot to be done!

Another interesting development is the setting up of a new Indymedia collective in Wales. The collective will have its first meeting on Saturday 3rd February and anyone interested is invited. The meeting starts at 1pm at The Vic (previously Victoria Youth Centre), Hill Street in Wrexham. Ideas include the setting up of bi-lingual website to cover news related to Wales. Other collectives that are meeting up in the near future are:

Birmingham: Thursday 8th Feb, 7:30pm at The Midlands Arts Centre (mac)
Bristol: Monday 19th Feb, 8pm at the Hillgrove Pub, Kingsdown, Bristol
London: Wednesday 31 Jan, 8 pm at London Action Resource Centre, see Map
Nottinghamshire: Wednesday 7th Feb, 7pm at the Malt Cross, St. James' Street, Nottingham
Wales: Saturday 3rd Feb, 1pm at The Vic (previously Victoria Youth Centre), Hill Street, Wrexham

Links: United Kollektives Groups and Contacts | Volunteering with the Independent Media Centers | Indymedia's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (global) | From Indymedia UK to the United Kollektives (article) | Indymedia at the Camp for Climate Action 2006 (article) | (a history of Indymedia UK)

Sunshine in Tennessee

Tennessee, 25.01.2007 23:11

If you live in TN, there is a chance you have seen me since I travel a great deal and live here. You may have met me in the grocery, walking in the mall, dining in a local restaurant, checking in to the same hotel in which you stay, walking in the park, trying to access my laptop in the library, arguing for or against a proposed bill in a legislative committee, or conducting business at the bank. You would recognize me because when I travel, I always travel with Sunshine and she is unforgettable. She weighs about 60 pounds, is two years old and as sweet as can be. A musician friend of mine once told me she has hair most women would kill for- curly with red highlights, blond and white hair. She IS the Sunshine in my life.

Jim Graham proposes law to segregate nightclubs by age

DC, 25.01.2007 23:11

In response to a recent accidental shooting at a club at 1919 9th st near U st, Jim Graham has introduced a nasty little bill to bar everyone under 21 from all clubs with liquor licenses, and prohibit clubs that admit youth from serving liquor to anyone ELSE.

Former Black Panthers Arrested And Indicted In 1971 Homicide

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.01.2007 19:09

On January 23rd, New York Authorities in San Francisco announced the arrests and indictments of former Black Panthers in the 1971 killing of police officer Sgt. John V. Young-- despite the use of torture to obtain confessions. Constitutional Rights (CCR) Legal Director Bill Goodman said, "The case against these men was built on torture and serves to remind us that the U.S. government, which recently has engaged in such horrific forms of torture and abuse at places like Bagram, Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo, has a history of torture and abuse in this country as well, particularly against African Americans."

The film "Legacy of Torture: The Ongoing War Against the Black Panthers" will be screened at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco on Sunday, January 28th at 12pm.

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 25.01.2007 19:09

Bon Pastor: un barri sense futur. Comencen els enderrocs de les cases barates

Tots els intents que diferents entitats, internes i externes al barri, han estat portant endavant per salvar les 784 cases barates de Bon Pastor, patrimoni històric de la ciutat, o almenys per garantitzar una sortida digna als més ancians dels seus habitants, estan fracassant dia rera dia davant de l'arrogància i la despreocupació amb la qual el Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge (Ajuntament de Barcelona) s'ha permès de començar les obres de vandalització i tapiat de les cases fins i tot abans de què tots els veïns hagin abandonat els seus habitatges. El Patronat especula, l'Associació de Veïns col·labora, els mitjans de comunicació silencien les veus contraries... només quedarà la memòria de la lluita d'unes 200 persones majors del barri, en contra dels abusos de poder i del despreci d'uns polítics que es diuen d'esquerres, però que lo que volen és aprofitar econòmicament els terrenys, enderrocar, construir, i apilar a la gent en blocs de pisos.

Divendres 26>> l'Hereu inaugura els nous pisos: concentració en solidaritat amb els/les afectats/des a les 17.45 entre els carrers Claramunt i Vilamajor!

Llegeix més:: [audios] y [fotos] :: Més destroçaments i mobbing a Bon Pastor - fotos (25gen) :: Mobbing immobiliari del Patronat en contra dels veïns i veïnes de Bon Pastor (24gen) :: Sentència del Contenciós Administratiu (22set) :: Veïns de Bon Pastor impugnen l'enderroc de les cases barates (1nov06) :: Aquest any el Patronat enderrocarà les primeres 150 cases barates (Masala, juny 2006) :: Estudi sobre les opinions dels veïns (2005) :: links (2004)

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 25.01.2007 19:09

Bon Pastor: un barrio sin futuro. Empiezan los derribos de las casas baratas.

Todos los intentos que diferentes entidades, internas y externas al barrio, han estado llevando a cabo para salvar las 784 casas baratas de Bon Pastor, patrimonio histórico de la ciudad, o por lo menos para garantizar una salida digna a los más ancianos de sus habitanes, estan fracasando día tras día delante de la arrogancia y la despreocupación con la cual el Patronato Municipal de la Vivienda (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona) se ha permitido de empezar las obras de vandalización y tapiado de las casas incluso antes de que todos los vecinos hayan abandonado sus viviendas. El Patronato especula, la Associación de Vecinos colabora, los medios de comunicación silencian las voces contrarias... sólo quedará la memoria de la lucha de unas 200 personas ancianas del barrio, en contra de los abusos de poder y del desprecio de unos políticos que se llaman de izquierdas, pero que lo que quieren es aprovechar económicamente los terrenos, derribar, construir, y apilar a la gente en bloques de pisos.

Viernes 26 el Hereu inaugura los nuevos pisos: concentración en solidaridad con l@s afectad@s a las 17.45 entre la calle Claramunt y Vilamajor!

Lee más:: [audios] y [fotos] :: Más destrozos y mobbing en Bon Pastor - fotos (25ene) :: Mobbing immobiliario del Patronato en contra de los vecinos y vecinas de Bon Pastor (24ene) :: Sentencia del Contencioso Administrativo (22set) :: Vecinos de Bon Pastor impugnan el derribo de las casas baratas (1nov06) :: Este año el Patronato derribará las primeras 150 casas baratas (Masala, junio 2006) :: Estudio sobre las opiniones de los vecinos (2005) :: links (2004)

Revolta muncitoarelor chinezoaice din Bacau

Romania, 25.01.2007 18:07

Muncitoarele aduse din China de o fabrica de confectii din Bacau s-au ridicat impotriva patronatului fabricii si solicita in mod disperat ajutor!

Polícia agride estudantes e sem-teto durante protestos contra o aumento de tarifas de ônibus em Salvador

Brasil, 25.01.2007 17:39


Local 201 members meet to oppose cuts in GE health care benefits

Boston, 25.01.2007 16:09

Lynn, MA – With less than four months before the start of national GE contract negotiations, a top union negotiator told almost 300 GE's River Works union members and retirees that there is no good economic reason for GE to shift its medical costs to employees. Steve Tormey, from the United Electrical Workers Union, spoke with IUE-CWA Local 201 members about GE's real health care costs and why it is important to oppose any cuts in health care benefits.

Militante do MST é preso em São Paulo

Brasil, 25.01.2007 14:39


The Peoples’ Counter State of the Union Message

Portland, 25.01.2007 13:10

While the Liar-in-Chief, George W. Bush, was giving his so-called, "State of the Union," message inside the U.S. Capitol, on Tuesday evening, Jan. 23, 2007, demonstrators were outside robustly exercising their First Amendment Rights, on the west side of the building, near its reflecting pool. Close by is a monument to one of my heroes--Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. The protesters listened to voices which were truly representative of the electoral results of Nov. 7, 2006, on the real condition of this country. The speakers demanded the Iraqi War be immediately stopped and that impeachment proceedings be launched against both Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney for lying the country into that conflict, spying on our citizens, condoning torture, and for other violations of the U.S. Constitution.


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