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Two Ohio election workers found guilty; supervisors get off scot free

Portland, 02.02.2007 09:40

According to sources interviewed by Black Box Voting, the women were offered plea bargains but declined, and their supervisors were never publicly required to account for the illegal manipulation of Cuyahoga County ballots during the 2004 recount of the presidential election.

Three Cuyahoga County elections workers were indicted; two (Kathleen Dreamer and Jacqui Maiden) were convicted today. The third, Rosie Grier, was acquitted. Neither Cuyahoga Elections Director Michael Vu nor Cuyahoga County Board of Elections chair Bob Bennett have publicly answered questions on this matter.

&quot;Safety&quot; Lanyards Required At Franklin High School

Portland, 02.02.2007 09:40

Today the "Safety Lanyard Policy" at Franklin high school was put into effect. The policy stated that, "...all Franklin HS students will be required to wear safety identification lanyards with transparent sleeves for display of Franklin Student Body Cards." The student body cards feature student's full name, photograph, grade and identification number.

A week ago, I made a flier identifying the lanyards as a violation of privacy and an arbitrary rule. The school system is promoting mindless obedience by instituting a mandatory rule for vague and unclear reasons and forcing students to wear a lanyard and ID "for their own safety" is using fear to force students into obedience. I have the right not to follow rules without reasons and I have the right to withhold my personal information from anyone I choose. Please read more from my flier here.

Schumacher Furs protest report (last call for cruelty), January 27

Portland, 02.02.2007 09:40

This week the Schumacher Furs sale signs were affixed with labels reading, "last call," apparently signaling that the departure date is near (either that or they're using the old marketing technique of urgency to try to move their cruel product).

As of several weeks ago, officers are no longer stationed full time across the street from Schumacher. Make no mistake, they were not there continually over the past months because the protests actually warranted police presence, but to protect the city from Schumacher's threatened lawsuit in which they claim the police weren't doing their job. So, Schumacher has returned to the days of calling the police at every whim. And each time it has been affirmed that protesters are in fact not breaking the law.

&quot;Non-escalation&quot; resolution introduced in Oklahoma legislature

Oklahoma, 02.02.2007 08:08

Contact your state representative and senator Oklahoma state senator Connie Johnson has introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 for "non-escalation" of America's involvement in "Iraq and other areas" and "requiring Congressional approval prior to such action." Oklahoma state senator Connie Johnson has introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 for "non-escalation" of America's involvement in "Iraq and other areas" and "requiring Congressional approval prior to such action." See the Resolution (below). Every Oklahoman can urge their Senator and Representative to Cosponsor and Support SCR 3 (House co-author of SCR 3 is Representative Ray McCarter from Marlow) Don't know who your State Senator is? Here's a link to the Senate directory: http://oksenate. gov/senators. htm Don't know who your State Rep is? Here's a link to the House directory: Call and/or write, and convey your message succinctly & courteously. Senator Johnson made it clear that she is introducing this item because it represents the wishes of the public. House co-author Rep. Ray McCarter is an educator from Marlow. He holds an Ed.D. degree from the University of Oklahoma, and is a Vietnam veteran. Maybe you would like to send a note of appreciation to him for co-sponsoring SCR 3. Here's his contact information: http://okhouse. gov/Committees/ Member.aspx? MemberID= 94 Want to do more to support SCR 3? Start an OKLAHOMA PEACE MAIL LANDSLIDE!!! Forward this message to friends and activists who might take action. Forward this message to journalists and editorial writers. Forward this message to ministers, priests, and rabbis. -Bill Bryant, Oklahomans for Global Solutions; Co-Chair, Okla. Campaign for a US Dept. of Peace -Nathaniel Batchelder, The Peace House Text of resolution below "fold": STATE OF OKLAHOMA 1st Session of the 51st Legislature (2007) SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 3 By: Constance Johnson of the Senate and Ray McCarter of the House AS INTRODUCED A Concurrent Resolution urging non-escalation of involvement in Iraq and other areas; requiring congressional approval prior to such action; and directing distribution. WHEREAS, United States involvement in Iraq has resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 U.S. soldiers, the wounding and disabling of more than 22,000 U.S. military personnel to date, and the deaths of countless other people; and WHEREAS, according to the Massachusetts- based nonprofit National Priorities Project, Oklahoma is second only to Arkansas in the number of young men and women sent to the Army. Oklahoma contributed 1,296 of the 68,556 recruits signed by the Army in 2006, which represents a rate of more than two per 1,000 Oklahomans aged 15 to 24; and WHEREAS, while American troops have valiantly upheld their duty in Iraq under dire circumstances, President George W. Bush has proposed an escalation in the number of U.S. troops deployed in Iraq, and in Oklahoma this will mean a third or fourth deployment for many of our soldiers; and WHEREAS, such proposed escalation will further extend National Guard tours in Iraq and other areas. The significant cost to states of the call–up of National Guard members for deployment in Iraq and other areas is measured in lost lives; physical and emotional combat injuries; psychic trauma; disruption and distraction of family life; individual, family, and business financial hardships; interruption of careers; and damage to the fabric of civic life in our communities. The cost of rehabilitation support services to assist our soldiers to effectively and successfully reintegrate back into society alone will be staggering; and WHEREAS, more than $375 Billion has been appropriated by Congress to fund military operations and reconstruction in Iraq to date, money that could fund desperately needed education, health care, housing, nutrition, and other social services in our state and in communities throughout the United States, or more peaceful oriented humanitarian assistance abroad. Previous budgets that have prioritized Iraq have led to cuts in critical block grants for states and have increased the federal debt, which compounded by interest payment, will likely lead to even larger cuts in funding for critical needs in the states, such as resources to combat the wildfires caused by Oklahoma's drought and the devastation caused by recent ice storms; and WHEREAS, recent polls show that the vast majority of Americans do not support increasing the number of troops in Iraq, and that most military experts, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, oppose escalation in Iraq as a strategy. Legal experts on all sides have determined that Congress has not only broad authority, but a long tradition of limiting escalation or forcing redeployment of troops through the constitutionally designated power of the purse. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE 1ST SESSION OF THE 51ST OKLAHOMA LEGISLATURE, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING THEREIN: THAT the Oklahoma State Legislature, on behalf of its citizens, urges that in a period when the Iraq Study Group, leading military and diplomatic officials and allies around the world are calling for a reduction in troops and U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the United States government should not escalate its involvement in Iraq and other areas. THAT the Oklahoma State Legislature believes that, at a minimum, President Bush should obtain explicit approval from Congress before sending more American troops to Iraq and that the United States Congress should pass legislation prohibiting the President from spending taxpayer dollars on an escalation in Iraq unless first gaining congressional approval. THAT a copy of this resolution be distributed to United States President George W. Bush, and to the Oklahoma Congressional delegation.

Week of Action Update: Activists Arrested at Public Housing Takeover Feb 1st

Miami, 02.02.2007 04:37

Week of Action Update: Activists Arrested at Public Housing Takeover Feb 1st

No al TIFA

Uruguay, 02.02.2007 04:08

Paso previo al TLC

&quot;Forest Biomass Extraction&quot;: Logging By Another Name

Portland, 02.02.2007 02:39

"Forest biomass extraction" threatens our remaining 5% of native forests in the U.S. A runaway train is heading our way, threatening to steamroll nearly every acre of our public forests, and its name is "forest biomass extraction." The corrupted and/or misguided proponents of this most recent attempt by the timber industry to cheat Americans out of their forests, (the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, colluding politicians and even some environmental groups) insist that the only response to rejuvenative wildfire should be to aggressively "thin" out every acre of healthy, native forest they can lay their hands on. As it is essential to stop our nation's dependence on fossil fuels, some elements of NON-forest biomass should be supported, such as the use of crop residues, manure biogas, solid wastes and landfill gas. But once a "forest biomass" plant is built—like an old-growth sawmill—it will be driven by an insatiable hunger to devour ever more of our forests. Shredding any of our remaining 5% of native forests for an insignificant energy source is NOT the answer.

Native Forest Council (, Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates and allies are building a coalition of citizen groups, elected officials and other concerned individuals to stop "forest biomass extraction" in its tracks.Please take a moment to contact Governor Ted Kulongoski and Senator Ron Wyden and urge them to oppose any projects based on fire hysteria and industry's greenwashed energy production, as well as any other form of extraction from our life-giving public forests.

Congressman McGovern's Effort to End War

Worcester, 02.02.2007 02:09

Congressman McGovern Takes Lead in Effort to End War

Indymedia and British Intelligence Services

United Kingdom, 02.02.2007 02:09

Following the American pattern after 9/11, the UK government has used its own alleged terrorist attacks to push towards a police state, which is not exactly a new phenomenon, as Nafeez Ahmed, for example, explains. This has involved increasing the funds allocated to 'security services' and granting them extra-judicial powers; the systematic assault on civil liberties and human rights; media-spun fear based on dubious 'terror plots'; the clamp-down on activists and the relentless attempts to infiltrate their networks. Even Indymedia, it seems, has not been spared. At least two Indymedia activists have recently been, in one way or another, approached by British intelligence services, offering them better-paid jobs.

Read: Recruiting Spies at British Airports | Coincidence or Grooming? Oscar Beard's chance to join MI5 | Is It Really About Terrorism?

Ecological Defence

Perth, 02.02.2007 00:43

Great Southern Plantations Ltd: ripping the heart out of Tiwi Islands

MEXICO videos

Houston, 01.02.2007 23:08



Houston, 01.02.2007 23:08

Houstonians Protestan Contra Guerra junto a Sheila Jackson Lee

New Johnsonville Holds Public Meeting on Community Health Issues

Tennessee, 01.02.2007 21:11

Humphreys County consistently has one of the highest rates of cancer in Tennessee. Dioxin and dioxin-like compounds (DLCs) are some of the most toxic manufacturing by-products released into the environment. DuPont’s New Johnsonville facility is the 4th largest emitter of dioxin in the United States. DuPont also releases into the air, the Tennessee River and landfills many heavy metals and other chemicals, including arsenic, that can be toxic to human health. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) does not currently monitor the dioxin released by the DuPont New Johnsonville plant. TDEC is in the process of granting DuPont a permit modification to its landfill under the assumption that “no hazardous wastes” will be accepted for disposal. On Wednesday, January 31st the Sierra Club, Tennessee Environmental Council and the United Steelworkers hosted a community meeting in New Johnsonville for everyone to talk about pollution and community health concerns.

Milakabilaka. Respeto a Euskal Herria.

Euskal Herria, 01.02.2007 20:09

Decisão de Juiz ameça fechamento da Cipla

Brasil, 01.02.2007 19:09


Vandals Target San Diego Migrant Camps

San Diego, 01.02.2007 18:40

SAN DIEGO--More than a half dozen migrant camps in the Rancho Penasquitos area have been vandalized in the past week, leaving many of the camps’ residents without clothing, blankets, or shelter.

In all cases, intruders entered the camps while the migrants were away and used knives or scissors to slash tents, tarps, and bicycle tires, slit open sleeping bags, and cut up blankets, shoes, and clothing. Many of the damaged items were new, some with the tags still attached. The camps’ residents who were interviewed asked not to be identified, but one said that even his pencils had been broken in half. He said he “just can’t fathom the hearts and minds of people who would do something like this.”

Video: Vandalism in Migrant Camps

Related: Minutemen Swarming San Diego Day Labor Sites | Resistance to Minutemen in Socal | "Border War" Protest Video | Operation "Where's the War!?" | Video of Operation W.T.F (Where's the Fence) | Racist Violence in National City Saturday | Residents Celebrate as National City Becomes Sanctuary | | Border Patrol and SDPD Arrest Day Laborers | The Minuteklan Rallies: Observer Arrested | A(nother) Weekend with the Minutemen | The Homeland War

No al TIFA

Uruguay, 01.02.2007 18:39

Paso previo al TLC

Protesta Contra la Guerra

Puerto Rico, 01.02.2007 18:09

EEUU: Fotos de la Marcha Contra la Guerra en DC

Protesta Contra la Guerra

Puerto Rico, 01.02.2007 18:09

EEUU: Fotos de la Marcha Contra la Guerra en DC

SP: TCM questiona planilha de ônibus e câmara vai decidir o que fazer

Brasil, 01.02.2007 18:08


Listen Gore: Some Inconvenient Truths About the Politics of Environmental Crisis

NYC, 01.02.2007 17:38

Al Gore's film lays out the case against global warming. But what solutions does Gore offer? After all, he was in the seat of power in the U.S. for eight years. goes to DC 1/27/07

Oklahoma, 01.02.2007 17:08

Must-see video of the national march against the war Timberwolf and other Tulsans record the historic event.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 01.02.2007 16:37

Indymedia Oost-Vlaanderen XL-Meeting

Our website is back

Houston, 01.02.2007 15:09

Our website is back: consider donating

Do You Have &quot;Restless Leg Syndrome&quot; (&quot;RLS&quot;)? What You Should Know

Portland, 01.02.2007 10:11

You've seen the commercials: Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) claims to have unlocked the secret to a mysterious "syndrome" that is "afflicting" many Americans. Dubbed "Restless leg syndrome," or RLS, this syndrome causes your legs to feel restless and irritable, as if they need to be stretched. It can interfere with your sleep at night, it can cause you discomfort and frustration, it can cause you to feel like you need to get up and move around. Lots of people have experienced these symptoms, and are probably jumping at the chance for relief. GSK says they have that relief, in a drug (recycled from use as a Parkinson's treatment) called Requip. But... Wait a minute.

CRC: Warning of the Illegality of US Military Action Against IRAN

Portland, 01.02.2007 10:11

There are increasing indications that the Bush administration intends to take military action against Iran. There are also indications that the administration would support military action by Israel against Iran.

The undersigned organizations issue this Open Letter to All Members of Congress, the Administration and the U.S. Armed Forces to reiterate their affirmative duties to prevent military action and to refrain from ongoing threats to peace.

Such military action would be illegal, and any member of the administration, the military or Congress supporting such action would b aiding and abetting this violation.

Washington County Peace Vigil 1-31-07

Portland, 01.02.2007 10:11

Over 70 people met at 5th and Hall this evening. As we speak, Chimpy is going forward with his escalation in Iraq. A second aircraft carrier battle group will arrive in the Persian Gulf in February. Please let our senators know we demand the non-escalation resolution to be passed. Der Monkey's saber-rattling is disturbing. End the occupation now. Throw the bum out! Impeachment is not off the table.

Surge Protection Brigade: Nonviolent Resisters will Return to Recruiting Center Friday

Portland, 01.02.2007 10:10

Friday morning February 2nd at 8:00 a.m. the Surge Protection Brigade will once again pay a visit to the recruitment center on NE Broadway and 13th.

We have successfully caused the recruiters to lock their doors by our mere presence for the last two Fridays. What took Seattle 2,500 people to accomplish (see, we did with 20 -30. But we always welcome more!! We return to the recruiting center yet again because we've sent too many of our young men and women to fight and die in an illegal, immoral occupation. Somebody has to stop the madness, and it looks like it's going to have to be us.

Please join us for all or part of the day. Come for your lunch hour or spend the day with the brigade, support the cause. Bring a sign or hold one of ours.

LA Mobilizes Defense of Former Black Panthers

LA, 01.02.2007 08:09

LA Mobilizes Defense of Former Black Panthers

7 de fevereiro: Mobilização internacional pelo Haiti

Brasil, 01.02.2007 07:10

Sub-imperialismo Brasileiro

Apreensão ilegal dos equipamentos da rádio Filha da Muda

Brasil, 01.02.2007 07:10


Começa a resistência à restrição do passe estudantil em Floripa

Brasil, 01.02.2007 07:10


MPL realiza I Encontro Regional Nordeste em Salvador

Brasil, 01.02.2007 07:10


Tarifas podem aumentar a qualquer momento em Floripa

Brasil, 01.02.2007 07:10


Governo Arruda desaloja 300 famílias na Estrutural

Brasil, 01.02.2007 07:10


Public Access TV Future At Stake in Illinois Legislative Fight

Chicago, 01.02.2007 06:08

The biggest struggle in the local media policy scene in 2007 might be the forthcoming fight over state video franchises and the resulting impacts on community media infrastructure in Illinois.

Phone companies like Verizon and AT&T want to push their version of cable television, but they don’t want to pay costs for public service obligations like building technical infrastructure to poor communities, paying for community media centers, or providing public access channels (which airs local shows like Chicago Independent Television and Labor Beat).

Phone companies have been working to change laws at the state level to reduce or eliminate such obligations, pushing for state video franchises which would remove control and funding for local cable from local governments. More than a dozen states have changed their laws to include state video franchises, and Illinois is the next target.

The Illinois General Assembly will convene this year, and the Illinois Telecommunications Act (the main state law concerning media and the internet) is scheduled for a rewrite. A coalition is assembling to struggle on behalf of local rights, much like a similar struggle and victory in 2005. Read more

Additional coverage: Daily Herald: AT&T pushes for state video franchises

Related links: CAN TV | Alliance for Community Media | | Free Press: Defend Local Access | Chicago Media Action

Over a Thousand People Rally to Protest War in Downtown Austin. Now What?

Austin, 01.02.2007 05:50

With slogans like "Purge the Surge" and "Impeach Bush Now" Austinites again rallied in opposition to President Bush's war of choice in Iraq. The protest saw an increase in numbers since anti-war momentum tapered off in late 2003, leaving many hopeful that nationwide mass mobilizations will help end the U.S. occupation of Iraq. However, I spoke with several people at the rally who remained depressed about the state of the anti-war movement in this country. About a dozen people that I talked to only attended the rally in order to see the turnout, and remained doubtful of the effectiveness of such demonstrations. "We need to see more direct action against the war machine," said one demonstrator, "marching through downtown and waving American flags isn't going to change anything." She cited recent actions against recruiting stations in Pittsburgh as an example of how to effectively challenge the government's ability to wage war. There, the Pittsburgh Organizing Group or POG, has built popular support for ongoing demonstrations that have actually shut down a recruiting station, while also informing countless would-be recruits of the real perils of joining Washington's war machine. In fact, counter-recruitment groups are forming across the country with the aims of disrupting the day-to-day operations of recruiting stations, and dispelling the myths of easy money, job training, and equal rights for women and homosexuals in the military. This past weekend demonstrators across the country took the time to come together and combine their voices in the hope that the President and his advisers will heed their warnings about escalating an already failed imperial enterprise. It seems clear however, that the decision makers and war profiteers are determined to perpetuate and even expand Bush's Terror War. The very waging of this war despite unprecedented opposition and record setting numbers at protests should be proof enough that those in the Bush Administration do not care what demonstrators in the streets, or representatives in Congress for that matter, have to say. In the words of one seasoned anti-war activist at Saturday's rally, "its time people in Austin and around the country get serious about stopping this war. We need to make it so that they can't have this war. If we are serious about this, then it is within our capabilities to shut them down." Other Personal Accounts of the rally || Photos from the rally 1 | 2 || Video from the Rally For More on Counter-Recruitment Efforts See: The Yinzer's Guide to Countering Military Recruitment || || Nonmilitary Options for Youth || GI Rights Hotline ||

Unidxs contra la impunidad

Argentina, 01.02.2007 00:39

Distintos sectores se organizan

Re: &quot;que se lleven unos bollos de esos para el muerto de hambre&quot;

Barcelona, 01.02.2007 00:08

Report Back from the National Conference for Media Reform

Tennessee, 31.01.2007 23:09

I recently attended the National Conference for Media Reform, which was organized by FreePress. In case you're not at all familiar with the issues, here is a thumbnail sketch: The oligarchy has been controlling the mass communications media, and biasing it heavily to support their worldview. We need to recapture the mass media, as much as possible. And whatever alternative or independent media they don't control, we need to learn to use as effectively as possible. All other issues could be viewed as subordinate to this one -- if the people can't hear the truth about the war, about healthcare, about unfair taxes, etc., then we can't win any of those battles.

Local Reporter: World Social Forum/AbuGhraib

Rogue Valley, 31.01.2007 21:40

I attended one presentation where two women from Abu Ghraib gave their testimony about their treatment by American soldiers . . . . One woman started to give her testimony in Arabic, when the room erupted with "Alakbar, alakbar, down with USA, alakbar, alakbar, down with Bush, down with USA, down with Bush!". (Amen, amen, down with USA….). These men thrust their arms up in unison with each line, and I about jumped in my chair. (This was when I flipped over the badge stating my name and country.)

Worcester Indymedia News, January 31, 2007

Worcester, 31.01.2007 21:39

Worcester Indymedia News, January 31, 2007

Dr. Makdisi Urges a One State Solution for Palestinians

DC, 31.01.2007 21:10

It is time for the Palestinians to abandon the notion of a two state solution, says Dr. Saree Makdisi. He’s an author, professor and frequent commentator on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He says the two state solution plays into Israel’s role as the dominant and occupying power. “A one state solution,” he argues, would reveal Zionist Israel as a “nakedly racist settler colonial enterprise...a state for one people at the expense of another.”

Jazz and Justice - The Issue is Race and Black Leadership

DC, 31.01.2007 21:10 joined the show to discuss race and Black "leadership"

Eminent Domain at Atlantic Yards Mapped

NYC, 31.01.2007 21:09 has a nice new map showing just how much property Bruce Ratner and the State of New York need to take from people to build the Atlantic Yards project

SOA 16 Trial: Grand Island and Syracuse Residents Sentenced to Federal Prison

NYC, 31.01.2007 21:09

New York residents Alice Gerard and Julienne Oldfield of Grand Island and Syracuse, respectively, were sentenced to federal prison today by the Columbus, Georgia federal court.

Wasting Our Money

NYC, 31.01.2007 21:09

The Community Service Society recently published a report on The Concerns of the Working Poor that shows New Yorkers biggest concern is the lack of affordable housing. This is an issue that Mayor Bloomberg could certainly do something about. While he has laid out an ambitious plan to build affordable housing, the Mayor has failed to even approach the amount of affordable housing needed by New Yorkers.


Argentina, 31.01.2007 20:40

Intentaron asesinar a dos referentes de la UTD de Gral. Mosconi

New Orleans Police end occupation

New Orleans, 31.01.2007 20:13

New Orleans Police end occupation

New Orleans Police end occupation

New Orleans, 31.01.2007 20:13

NOPD SWAT team ends occupation of St. Bernard

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