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A Fast For Immigrant Rights Opens Weekend of Actions in Virginia: Protest and March this Saturday!

Richmond, 04.02.2007 18:09

This weekend Richmond, VA will be the center of attention as community and civil rights organizations from across Virginia come together in the Journey for Immigrant Justice. This Journey comprises four days of activities all designed to send one unified message to the Virginia legislature. Virginia�s economy and quality of life depend on the contributions of Virginia�s hardworking immigrants. Virginia�s elected officials must reject the dozens of anti-immigrant bills that are before the House and Senate. These bills attack the human and civil rights of both immigrants and citizens who support them. They range from bills that would allow every law enforcement official from state troopers to game wardens to serve as immigration agents to legislation making it a felony to assist an immigrant that is undocumented with humanitarian aid. The bills would burden our faith-based organizations, encourage racial profiling, and divert scarce resources from the core missions of our state agencies and non-profits.

Living Wage movement alive and well in RVA!

Richmond, 04.02.2007 18:09

While the Federal government stalls on increasing the minimum wage, local efforts work to increase wages for Richmond City contract workers and workers accross the state!

March for Immigrant Rights/Marcha por Derechos de Inmigrantes

Richmond, 04.02.2007 18:09

The journey for Immigrant Justice kicked off on Friday, including a loud and enthusiastic march on Saturday from Monroe Park to the state capitol. Mexican Sin Fronteras (Mexicans without Borders), the Virginia Justice Center, the Defenders and Virginia Anti-War Network were among the groups coordinating these four days of events.
Over 50 bills are before the state legislature and more than 40 of those bills are deemed anti-immigrant by the Journey for Immigrant Justice. These forty bills before the General Assembly deny in state tuition to immigrants, make it a misdemeanor to be undocumented, require nonprofits to check legal status for anyone they service, and allow local police much more authority in regulating immigration. El Viaje de Justicia para Inmigrantes empezó viernes, incluyendo una marcha de alto volumen y entusiasmo el sábado desde el Parque Monroe hasta el Capital del Estado. Los grupos coordinando las actividades de estos cuatro días eran Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, El Centro de Justicia de Virginia, los Defensores, y la Red en Contra la Guerra.
Hay más que 50 legislaciones antes del congreso y más que 40 de estos son anta-inmigrante según el Viaje para Justicia para Inmigrantes. Estos 40 legislaciones antes de la Asamblea General niegan acceso a la universidades estatales, cambian el no tener papeles a un crimen de misdemeanor, fuerzan los nonprofit a fijar los documentos de todos antes que les dan servicios, y ofrece mas autoridad para la policía a cuestión de la inmigración.

Marcha para Inmigrantes En Espanol

Richmond, 04.02.2007 18:09

El Viaje de Justicia para Inmigrantes empezó viernes, incluyendo una marcha de alto volumen y entusiasmo el sábado desde el Parque Monroe hasta el Capital del Estado. Los grupos coordinando las actividades de estos cuatro días eran Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, El Centro de Justicia de Virginia, los Defensores, y la Red en Contra la Guerra. Hay más que 50 legislaciones antes del congreso y más que 40 de estos son anta-inmigrante según el Viaje para Justicia para Inmigrantes. Estos 40 legislaciones antes de la Asamblea General niegan acceso a la universidades estatales, cambian el no tener papeles a un crimen de misdemeanor, fuerzan los nonprofit a fijar los documentos de todos antes que les dan servicios, y ofrece mas autoridad para la policía a cuestión de la inmigración.

Feb 3rd Rally to Demand that Miami City Officials Take Action to Defend Free Speech

Miami, 04.02.2007 17:37

Feb 3rd Rally Demands that Miami City Officials Take Action to Defend Free Speech

Indymedia (eo)

Barcelona, 04.02.2007 15:08

Venu al la Indyfesto!

-ding dong ding- Bonvenon kliento,

ni volas festi kun vi nian sesjariĝon en Barcelono per speciala oferto. Estas periodo de rabatoj, kun varoj, vojaĝoj kaj emocioj por ĉiuajn. sistemkritikemaj troloj, senkompataj enrompantoj,kunvenaj animantoj kaj bonaj kaj malbonaj okupantoj trovos elirvojon por iliaj libertempobezonoj en la Indyfesto la sabaton 20an de januaro je la 18h.

Kan Kadena patronas tiun-ĉi kunvenon disponigante diversajn spacojn kie niaj klientoj povos ĝui video-elsendojn, teatron, koktelojn kaj senkontrolajn muzik-koncertojn ĝis ege malfrue en la nokto. Ĉiu geuzanto ne povas eviti partopreni en tiu-ĉi memorinda evento. -ding dong ding-

ne forgesu ĝin: [Kan Kadena C/Laureà Miró, 134 Esplugues de llobregat L5 Can Vidalet + tram can clota + aŭtobusoj 57,157,63,67,68,N12,N14 +]

rilataj novaĵoj: SCA Barcelono havas 6 jarojn... kaj adicias spritaĵoj... ::: SCA Barcelona aranĝas ion... nun ne, sed tre baldaŭ... ::: SCA Barcelono baldaŭ celebros sian 6an datrevenon

+infoj:: >>>indymedia

Protesting the Human Rights Violations of the Oromo People by the Ethiopian Government

Portland, 04.02.2007 13:39

The atrocities of widespread torture and genocide are being committed by Tigriyan led minority government of Ethiopian empire (TPLF) against the peace loving Oromo people in Oromia.

The Portland Ormmo Community Association is marching to protest the actions of the Ethiopian governement and raise Portland's awareness of the Oromo.

When: Thursday February 8th

Where: Meet at Llyod Center Cinema parking lot 9:00 am. March ends at Federal building downtown on 3rd St.

Homeless Encampment in Olympia

Portland, 04.02.2007 13:39

On February 1st at 12 PM, the Olympia Poor People's Union (PPU) set up a tent encampment on city property. The date of the action intentionally corresponds with the city's implementation of an amended pedestrian interference code already in effect. The addition of Ordinance No. 6456n to the existing law criminalizes sidewalk sitting with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. This act of civil disobedience, the encampment, was carried out in response to growing discontentment amongst Olympia's poor people over the slow, systematic attempt at the dispossession of our city's homeless, orchestrated and supported by some city officials and business owners.

In addition, significant portions of the population of Olympia have taken on a generally dismissive and apathetic attitude towards the plight of those in need. This is the inception of an ongoing effort on the part of the PPU to find a sustainable, dignified way to address the issue of homelessness in this area, rather than to ignore it or to punish its victims.


City Refusing To Talk With The PPU!

After passing a serious of ridiculous laws banning sitting on the sidewalk, panhandling and busking, the City said they would give 200,000$ to the homeless. Regardless of the fact that 200,000$, divided among all the homeless in Olympia, cannot do anything, the City is not only threatening to take away the 200,00$, but they are refusing the even talk with us. There has been talk that the police may move in on us on Monday. So, refusing to talk with us or respect us as human beings, the City is ready to use force against us.

Please, tell everyone you know about what is going on here and, if you can, come down to the encampment. It is located on the corner of Capitol and Columbia, behind The Brotherhood bar.


Audio: Lt. Ehren Watada Speaking In Seattle, January 27, 2007

Portland, 04.02.2007 13:39

Today, just 9 days before facing a military court martial for refusing deployment to Iraq, Lt Ehren Watada spoke to an overflowing house at the Langston Hughes center in Seattle Washington. He is the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment, and has garnered enormous respect and support from the people of this country.

His keynote speech came at the end of a Seattle rally and march attracting at least 1000 people, protesting the war and Occupation of Iraq, as well as his upcoming court martial, scheduled for February 5, 2007 at Fort Lewis Washington. On that day there will be a gathering in support of his act of conscience, at the overpass to Interstate 5, exit 119, beginning sometime around noon.


related: [ attend the court-martial of lt. ehren watada | The Tipping Point And Lt Watada ]

solidaritate cu miscarea populara din oaxaca

Romania, 04.02.2007 09:07

La inceputul anului, Global Women’s Strike a circulat o scrisoare de suport pentru femeile aflate in mijlocul conflictului din Oaxaca, Mexic, cu o descriere a situatiei:

The US gears up for war with Iran

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.02.2007 04:09

On January 30th, Bush ordered on a second aircraft carrier strike group to the Gulf region, raising the US naval presence in the region to its highest level since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. A U.S. buildup for war against Iran may currently be underway. President Bush has ordered the US military to "seek out and destroy" Iranian networks in Iraq, and confirmed last week that he has authorized American troops to capture or kill "Iranian agents". The chief accusation being levelled against the Iranian regime is that its agents are supporting and arming Shiite militias inside Iraq to attack US troops-a charge that has yet to be substantiated with concrete evidence. The US, on the other hand, is confirmed to have armed the main Shia militia group, the Badr Brigade, through arms transfers to the Iraqi army.

US policy towards Iran may also be shaping US policy towards the Palestinans, with some seeing the current fighting between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza as part of the US's larger policy against Iran.

Oklahomans Participate in Campaign for Department of Peace

Oklahoma, 04.02.2007 03:37

Six District 5 Constituents travel to DC for Conference Oklahomans attend national conference, meet with representatives, deliver petitions Oklahomans attend national conference, meet with representatives, deliver petitionsA group of Oklahoma City constituents from OK District 5 met this morning to participate in an historic citizen lobbying effort to create a U.S. Department of Peace. The meeting was arranged by Darla Shelden and Denise Northrup, 5th District (Congresswoman's Mary Fallin’s District) Director. Eleven concerned citizens delivered nearly 1,000 signatures in favor of the new department. While they were there, they had the unexpected pleasure of meeting with Congresswoman Mary Fallin herself. She introduced herself to each person and was presented a copy of the resolution. There is currently a bill before both Houses of Congress. This landmark measure will augment our current problem-solving options, providing practical, nonviolent solutions to the problems of domestic and international conflict. Domestically, the Department of Peace will develop policies and allocate resources to effectively reduce the levels of domestic and gang violence, child abuse, and various other forms of societal discord. Internationally, the Department will advise the President and Congress on the most sophisticated ideas and techniques regarding peace-creation among nations Six Oklahomans traveled to Washington DC for the national conference this weekend and have scheduled appointments with Senators Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe and Representatives Mary Fallin, Dan Boren, John Sullivan, Tom Cole and Frank Lucas. The Peace Alliance Annual Conference, taking place Feb 3 - 5 will feature the following guest speakers: Deepak Chopra, Representative Dennis Kucinich, Marianne Williamson, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and others, with a special appearance by Joaquin Phoenis. There are currently 80 Congressional co-sponsors of the legislation and the group is asking Oklahoma representatives to consider giving their support to the bill. For more information:

Brooklyn Peace Delegation &quot;Disappointed&quot; With Senators Clinton and Schumer

NYC, 04.02.2007 02:08

Peace advocates repeatedly emphasized the need to use the "power of the purse" to rein in a Chief Executive, who seemed increasingly reckless. A particular concern was the mounting tension with Iran. Would the two Senators support the Byrd amendment, requiring President Bush to seek Congressional authorization before attacking that country? The staff members would make no commitment. Brooklyn Parents for Peace|| The Occupation Project || Voices for Creative Nonviolence

The American proxy war in Gaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.02.2007 01:08

In the past week, fighting between Hamas and Fatah has left more than 32 people dead and many more injured, bloody clashes that have pushed Palestinians one step closer to the brink of a civil war between Abbas and his Fatah faction on the one hand, and the Hamas-led government on the other.

Palestine has become another front in the Bush administration's Cold War against "Islamofascism." Mahmoud Abbas and Gaza warlord Muhammad Dahlan have become the willing proxies for the Palestine franchise of this wider project. Since October, eight truckloads of AK-47 rifles and machine guns and several million rounds of ammunition have entered Gaza from Israel. Abbas' Presidential Guard has also attacks against he Islamic University in Gaza, shelling, burning and destroying parts of it.

Saint Valentine's Day: a day to support prisoners of war

Philadelphia, 04.02.2007 01:08

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 03.02.2007 23:09

A monthly column of political commentary. Thid month: Demonstrations for peace

The Barclays Backlash

NYC, 03.02.2007 22:38

From Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB.NET)

Barclays Imbroglio Continues...

More on the Barclays naming-rights matter in breaking news from the Brooklyn Paper website, where the paper makes a correction to a glaring error, but stands by the substance of its initial article on the issue:From the editor: Our Barclays coverage (Editorial)

Barclays: No ‘blood money’ here
By Dana Rubenstein
A British bank that is under fire from black leaders for profiting from the slave trade centuries ago is fighting back, issuing a long-awaited statement that claims the allegation “is simply not true.”

Letter sent from Barclays to the Brooklyn Paper.

London calling
The Independent, a British national newspaper, published on Friday an account of the controvery surrounding Barclays bank in Brooklyn.
ArticleAnd Norman Oder, who was the recipient of a letter from Barclays Bank as well, writes this followup: The Barclays backlash; call for retractions met with resistance, questions

Barclays Capital is fighting back, sending strongly-worded letters to journalists who've written about the reported links between the company and slavery, and asking us to "immediately retract and cease making any further misrepresentations of this sort." Barclays two weeks ago announced a more than $300 million deal for naming rights to the Atlantic Yards arena, to be known as the Barclays Center.

I received a copy of the letter emailed to two different email addresses as well as hand-delivered to my workplace. The latter was delivered some five hours after I emailed several pointed questions to Barclays, asking for backup information. No response was forthcoming by the end of the day.

Brooklyn Paper stands ground, mostly...

Continue reading

criminalization &amp; repression (en)

Barcelona, 03.02.2007 17:09

A year later... 4f(Feb4)..kidnapped by Spanish State

It's been a year already!!! complete summary :: Call for demonstration

DEMONSTRATION February the 4th at 18h in Universitat Sq. (bring your own saucepan)

+Álex, Juan and Rodri's communique after a year in prison

4F(Feb4th) 2006 - 4F 2007: a year of mobilizations for freedom: 9F February 4th Prisoners' Communique :: 19F Some 4F news disappear from City Council's webpage :: 26F Informative lectures :: 30M Álex's letter, 4F detained :: 20Jun Communiques in the start of the hunger strike :: 12Jul Gathering at Youth Prison :: 13Jul Support demonstration to February 4th prisoners :: 17Jul [video] Interview to the mother of a detained :: 18Jul Hunger strike situation :: 20Jul Juan's communique from La Trinidad :: 22Jul Gathering in Berlin :: 28Jul Communique on Àlex hunger strike's end :: 30Jul Day of international action to support the prisoners :: 3A 6 months detained :: 4A Action in support of February 4th prisoners :: 12A Repression in Santiago during the meeting for the freedom of 4F anarchist prisoners :: 15A Buenos (A)ires active solidarity with 4F "compas" :: 25A Protesters burst in... :: 26Oct Gathering with flowerpots for 4F prisoners :: 4N 9 months into jail, support ride :: 12D Situation of 4F prisoners in the beginning of December

Related news: Iñaki de Juana and forced feeding + The cost of writing and the revenge ::: Gathering in Reus to ask for the investigation of Benissai's death during a police operation

+info: >>>criminalization & repression + +

Tolerancia Cero en San Marcos Sierras

Argentina, 03.02.2007 15:42

Las sierras cordobesas también víctimas de la represión policial

Portugal: empresas da engenharia genética atacam de novo

Portugal, 03.02.2007 14:39

Portugal: empresas da engenharia genética atacam de novo

8th Anniverary Amadou Diallo Memorial Film Screening

NYC, 03.02.2007 14:39

Hundreds of people gathered at Riverside Church for film screening contrasting and commemorating the lives and tragic deaths of Amadou Diallo and Jesse Thyne, an American Peace Corps volunteer living with the Diallo family in Guinea, West Africa.

Mother of Marine Rejects Preferential Treatment for Son: Continues to Challenge US Congress

Saint Louis, 03.02.2007 14:38

Tina Richards and son Cloy are indefatigable Missouri peace activists in a time of escalating war. They accompanied hundreds of other active military families and veterans to the forefront of Saturday's 500k-person peace march in Washington DC. (DC-IMC, US IMC). Upon learning on 1/30 Cloy was called for a 3rd deployment to Iraq (the backdoor draft), Tina chose to stay in DC to take the fight directly to Congress. His deployment is now unlikely, because of Tina's action, but the Richards do not want preferential treatment. They continue to stand up for “the thousands of other soldiers and marines facing this draft, disrupting their families and futures.”

More: [IOW Page] | [Donate to Tina Richard's fund] | [The Occupation Project] | [IOW Occupation Project, starting 2/5/07]

Will the US bomb Iran?

Portland, 03.02.2007 11:39

Detailed plans and attack orders for an attack on Iran, along with the forces to carry them out, will be in place by the end of February, 2007. Debkafile reported on January 31, 2007 that an Iranian official predicts that the first US military action against Iran will begin around the end of March. The US would simultaneously execute with lightning speed: air-to-ground attacks, naval shore bombardment, anti-ship and anti-submarine attacks, and marine assaults on Gulf islands and coastal areas with anti-ship and anti-air emplacements. These attacks will be to secure the safety of US naval forces in the Gulf, and to secure control of the air over Iran. At the same time sea-launched cruise missiles with preset individual building targets, will begin the attacks on nuclear, military and economic infrastructure targets (transportation, electrical utilities). As soon as naval forces are safe and control of the air is secured, more of the same target types will be attacked by air-launched cruise missiles and guided bombs with pre-programmed precision targets. Note that the plan is not to invade and occupy Iran, but only to seriously degrade its nuclear and military capabilities, along with some related transportation and electrical generation infrastructure.


related: [ Army journal maps out the future for the middle east with Kurdish nationalist map | IRAN. Chirac: "Teheran could be completely destroyed" - Stepped up US preparations for war | CRC: Warning of the Illegality of US Military Action Against IRAN ]

DIssent Network: Anti-G8 Information, US Tour

Portland, 03.02.2007 11:39

Once a year the leaders of the 8 richest nations meet behind closed doors in secret with no publicized agenda or published minutes, to discuss the fate of the world. They've been making empty promises for decades about improving the environment, poverty in Africa, and lots more, but the fact is that the G8 is not the solution to these ills, it is the problem! We are preparing in Germany for large scale protests against the G8 meeting this June 6-8, 2007, and plan to come tell you about what is going on here. We have done over 200 presentations in 25+ countries since November 2005, and are now coming to your town!

In case you haven't had a chance to check out the big number of anti-G8 web-sites we have over here in Germany (or got lost on a German language site looking around for more English), we've attached an overview below of what our normal "foreign" presentation consists of. There are also many links below.

As you can see, there is generally a first part that talks about the History of the G8, including going over German protest experience in Munich '92 and Cologne '99 (20,000-30,000 or more protestors each time.)

Six Angry Grandmothers of the Surge Protection Brigade Arrested

Portland, 03.02.2007 11:39

On Friday, February 2, 2007 members of the Surge Protection Brigade in Portland, Oregon successfully blocked entrance to the Army/Marine Recruiting office on NE Broadway for two and a half hours. Emphasizing that many of them are grandmothers, they arrived at 7:45 AM with their rocking chairs. They rocked and stood in front of the three doors of the office, denying entrance to two recruiters and several visitors. At one point, frustrated recruiters physically pushed two of the protesters aside to squeeze through the back door. When two recruiters left to get breakfast they were denied re-entry and the accompanying police officer told them they would have to wait outside.

The police, after calling in enough reinforcements that they out-numbered demonstrators by about two to one, finally moved to arrest six of the grandmotherly protesters. They also took three rocking chairs into custody.


related: [ 6 arrested at the Recruiting Center || Surge Protection Brigade:Nonviolent Resisters will Return to Recruiting Center Friday ] week 2: [ Surge Protection Brigade ] week 1: [ Surge Protection Brigade Strikes Again: Nonviolent Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center ]

SDIMC Meeting/Discussion

San Diego, 03.02.2007 07:39

San Diego Indymedia is having our next open meeting/discussion:
Wednesday Feb. 7th @6:30PM
The Other Side Cafe
4096 30th St San Diego

This meeting is for those of us who have been around, out of the loop, and any new folks who want more information and/or like to get involved. So bring yourself and feel free to invite others.

Prefeitura de Floripa volta atrás na restrição ao passe estudantil. Agora vem aumento?

Brasil, 03.02.2007 01:40


New Orleans Police end occupation of St Bernard Houses, Bork arrested

DC, 03.02.2007 01:11

New Orleans - Housing activists who have occupied a portion of New Orleans' St. Bernard Housing Project were arrested this morning by city police after almost two weeks protesting, by their presence, the scheduled demolition of the buildings.

A Fast For Immigrant Rights Opens Weekend of Actions in Virginia

DC, 03.02.2007 01:11

Civil rights organizations from across Virginia will come together in Richmond, for the Journey for Immigrant Justice. Virginia’s economy and quality of life depend on the contributions of hardworking immigrants. Virginia’s elected officials must reject the dozens of anti-immigrant bills, that range from allowing every law enforcement official, state troopers to game wardens, to serve as immigration agents, to legislation making it a felony to give humanitarian aid to the undocumented. The bills encourage racial profiling. FAST: Friday, February 2, 11am in Capitol Square Park at 9th and Grace Sts., Richmond, VA. 10am Press conference, House Briefing Room, 1st floor, General Assembly Bldg MARCH: Saturday, February 3, 10 AM Gather at Monroe Park, Main and Belvidere Sts., Richmond. 1 PM march for justice from Monroe Park to Capital Square for rally. VIGIL: On Sunday, February 4, 11am ecumenical event in Capital Square Park

Prefeitura de Floripa volta atrás na restrição ao passe estudantil. Agora vem aumento?

Brasil, 03.02.2007 00:42


Plenária marca o início das mobilizações contra o aumento da tarifa da água em Joinville

Brasil, 02.02.2007 22:09

Águas de Joinville

Boston Peace Protest draws 300+

Boston, 02.02.2007 21:39

Over three hundred protesters on Boston Common demonstrated for an end to the war in Iraq in solidarity with actions in Washington, D.C. and across the globe. This is a boston Indymedia audio report. Approximate length: 3 minutes.

Anarchist Ideals in an Ideal Community: Boston Anarchists Talk About Strategic Resistance

Boston, 02.02.2007 21:39

Anna Marie’s father was an Italian immigrant with anarchistic ideas but who in the 1920s didn’t identify himself openly as an anarchist. He raised his daughter in the rough and demanding environment of a working class family where hierarchical powers were not to be trusted and human relationships were critical for the survival of shrinking societies. Later in the 1940s and 50s, Anna Marie felt naturally attracted to the beat poets and dharma bums, but it was only when she read Emma Goldman that she connected with the “deep desires of anarchist ideals.”

The Anti war movement and the media: Boston welcomes David Barsamian

Boston, 02.02.2007 21:39

On Wednesday, January 31, 2007, Boston had the pleasure of welcoming David Barsamian alongside community members and activists for a round table discussion hosted by Suren Moodliar from Encuentro 5. The topic of the night’s gathering? The anti-war movement and the media.

criminalitzacio (ca)

Barcelona, 02.02.2007 21:10

Un any després... 4f...segrestats per l'Estat Espanyol

Ja fa un any!!! resum complet de la història :: Convocatòria manifestació

MANI 4 de febrer a les 18h a Pl. Universitat (porta la teva cassola)

+ Comunicats d'Álex, Juan i Rodri després d'un any de presó

4F 2006 - 4F 2007: un any de mobilitzacions per la llibertat: 9F Comunicat Presxs 4F :: 19F Desaparegudes notícies 4F des de la web de l'ajuntament :: 26F Xerrades informatives :: 30M Carta d'Álex, detingut del 4F :: 20Jun Comunicats del començament de la vaga de fam :: 12Jul Concentració a la Presó de Joves :: 13Jul Manifestació solidària pels presos del 4f :: 17Jul [vídeo] Entrevista a la mare d'un dels detinguts :: 18Jul Situació de la vaga de fam :: 20Jul Comunicat de Juan des de La Trinidad :: 22Jul Concentració a Berlín :: 28Jul Comunicat de la fi de la vaga de fam de l'Álex :: 30Jul Jornada d'acció internacional pels presxs :: 3A 6 mesos detinguts :: 4A Acció en solidaritat amb els presos del 4f :: 12A Repressió a Santiago durant el míting per la llibertat delxs presxs Anarquistes del 4F :: 15A Buenos (A)ires solidaritat activa amb els "compas" del 4F :: 25A Manifestants fan irrupció... :: 26Oct Concentració amb tests pels presos del 4F :: 4N 9 mesos a presó, bicicletada solidària :: 12D Situació dels presos del 4F a principis de desembre

Notícies relacionades: Iñaki de Juana i alimentació forçada + El preu de l'escriptura i la venjança ::: Concentració a Reus demanen que s'aclareixi la mort de Benissai durant una operació policial

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió + +

criminalizacion (es)

Barcelona, 02.02.2007 21:10

Un año después... 4f :: segrestados por el Estado Español

Un año ya!!! resumen completo de la historia :: Convocatoria manifestación

MANI 4 de febrero a las 18h en Pl. Universitat (trae tu cacerola)!

+ Comunicados de Álex, Juan y Rodri después de un año de prisión

4F2006-4f2007: un año de movilizaciones por la libertad: 9F Comunicado Presxs 4F :: 19F Desaparecidas noticias 4F desde la web del ajuntamento :: 26F Detenidos 4 febrero: charlas informativas :: 30M Carta de alex, detenido del 4F :: 20Jun Comunicados del inicio huelga de hambre :: 12Jul Concentración en la Carcel de Jovenes :: 13Jul Manifestación solidaria por los presos del 4f :: 17Jul [video] Entrevista a la madre de uno de los detenidos del 4F :: 18Jul Situación de la huelga de hambre de los presos del 4f :: 20Jul Comunicado de Juan desde La Trinidad :: 22Jul Concentración en Berlín :: 28Jul Comunicado del fin de la huelga de hambre de Alex :: 30Jul Jornada de acción internacional por los presos :: 3A 6 meses detenidos :: 4A Acción en solidaridad con los presos del 4f :: 12A Represión en Santiago en el miting por la libertad de lxs presxs Anarquistas del 4F :: 15A Buenos (A)ires solidaridad activa con los compas del 4F :: 25A Manifestantes irrumpen... :: 26Oct Concentración con macetas por los presos del 4F :: 4N 9 Meses en prisión, bicicleteada solidaria :: 12D Situación de los presos del 4 de febrero a principios de diciembre

Noticias relacionadas: Iñaki de juana y alimentación forzada + el precio de la escritura y la venganza ::: Concentración en Reus piden que se aclare la muerte de Benissai en una operación policial

+info: >>>criminalización y repressión + +

arremetieron contra vecinos, artesanos y turistas

Argentina, 02.02.2007 20:39

Represión policial en San Marcos Sierras

arremetieron contra vecinos, artesanos y turistas

Argentina, 02.02.2007 19:38

Represión policial en San Marcos Sierras

IPCC Releases Summary Report on Climate Change

NYC, 02.02.2007 19:09

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases summary of new report on climate change.

Download pdf summary

Un mes lleno de corsos

Argentina, 02.02.2007 18:39

Empieza el carnaval

Un mes lleno de corsos

Argentina, 02.02.2007 18:39

Empieza el carnaval

Protestan contra Fox y apoyo a Oaxaca

LA, 02.02.2007 18:10

Protestan contra Fox y apoyo a Oaxaca

Marchas maciças exigem Assembléia Constituinte e repudiam o Congresso

Brasil, 02.02.2007 18:09


From the Newswire

Perth, 02.02.2007 16:40



Colombia, 02.02.2007 16:39

Matan líder campesina que buscaba recuperar tierras

Berkeley Oak Grove Wins Court Injunction

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.02.2007 16:11

On January 29th, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Barbara Miller issued a Preliminary Injunction barring the University of California at Berkeley 's proposed removal of a century-old stand of native Coast Live Oaks in response to motions filed by the California Oak Foundation and its co-petitioners including Save the Oaks at the Stadium.

'Peace-In' At Rep. Matsui Office Approaches End Of Third Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.02.2007 16:11

The Sacramento Coalition to End the War has been holding a "peace-in" at the district office of Rep. Doris Matsui since January 8th. The Coalition of dozens of peace, religious and veterans groups said it will not leave the office until Rep. Matsui publicly commits to vote against any supplemental funding for the war and occupation beyond the $70 billion budgeted for 2007.

Deputados Federais tomam posse e PM reprime manifestantes

Brasil, 02.02.2007 13:09


Free Skool Marks Two Years of Learning Outside the System

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.02.2007 10:10

Two years ago this spring, Free Skool Santa Cruz started as an idea between friends. It was a resuscitation of an old idea: interactive and informal learning in a non-intuitional, non-hierarchical setting outside of the monetary economy. And in two years, Free Skool has offered over 260 different classes on everything from DIY-philosophy such as bike repair and knitting to more academic subjects such as local and radical history.

Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Live Nude Girls Unite!

Bristol, 02.02.2007 10:09

"Wickedly funny, subversive, provocative!" Village Voice Monday February 5th 2007 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds. Monday February 5th 2007 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds. A must-see for anyone interested in workers' rights and how we can organise. Winner of the Audience Award at the San Francisco Film Festival Live Nude Girls Unite! is a documentary by Julia Query about the dancers at the Lusty Lady. They felt they were being exploited by management - being paid poor wages, having no changing area, and being racially discriminated against. Query tells the story of how the women not only confronted management, but also picketed in front of the peep show. She shows you the inside of the peep booths, where customers stand, and the layout of the whole place. As she tells this story, she also tells her own coming out story - how she tells her mother she's not quite straight... A truly queer film, and one of the few that is able to celebrate sex work while still highlighting the abuses in the industry. Full article. Venue: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol - Map| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Live Nude Girls Unite! | Cube Cinema Directions | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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