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a cuatro años del doble crimen en Santiago

Argentina, 07.02.2007 05:39

Miercoles 07 de Febrero 2007 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
A cuatro años de la aparición de los cadáveres de Leyla y Patricia

Mexico Films Wrapup

Houston, 07.02.2007 05:39

Houston Indymedia Hosts Films from Mexico's Front Lines

Tierra para quien la trabaja

Uruguay, 07.02.2007 03:38

Tierra Sí! Desalojos No!

Toureando a Liberdade: histórias de prisão e repressão no Estado Espanhol

Portugal, 06.02.2007 22:39

Toureando a Liberdade: histórias de prisão e repressão no Estado Espanhol

Bob Marley Tribute

DC, 06.02.2007 22:10

Celebration of Bob Marley's 62nd birthday

Opposition to WEF and WSF

United Kingdom, 06.02.2007 21:39

From 20th till 25th of January 2007 the World Social Forum (WSF) took place in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the seventh Forum which coincides in opposition to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos Switzerland.

Up to a 100 000 participants were reported at the WSF though criticism of exclusivity because of high entrance fees was raised from the local population. (The impact of the WSF on the people of Kibera: "a Failure" | Kibera fails poor). This lead to the local population storming tthe entrance and the overpriced catering: What happened in Nairobi .

On Monday evening, the Indymedia Radio station was robbed by armed gunmen taking as much eqiupment as they could carry (audio).

Newswire Reports: [ The Wider SF movement | What's hot and What's Not | WSF A Rolling Carnival of Resistance | WSF marches against EPA | March through Nairobi ]

Reports about the WSF on other Indymedia sites: [ | Israel Indy | Germany Indymedia | Ecuador Indymedia | Argentina IMC | Athens Indy | Belgium | Norway IMC | IMC Philadelphia | Barcelona Indy | LA Indymedia | Houston Independent Media Centre | Marseille Indymedia (1 | 2) ]

Meanwhile in the Northern Hemisphere, activists were marching and mobilising against the WEF in Davos, Switzerland. [Report]

Reports about the opposition to and actions against the WEF: Switzerland IMC (German | Italian), Imc Netherlands


Maritimes, 06.02.2007 21:09

February 7, 2007: International Day in Solidarity with the People of Haiti

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2007 19:39

February 7th will be an International Day in Solidarity with the People of Haiti. The day is part of a campaign against the US/UN Occupation by the popular movement in Haiti, leading up to February 15th, when the UN Security Council is due to renew its Haiti mandate.

In San Francisco, people will gather at 4:30pm for a rally at Powell and Market Street, followed by a march to the Brazilian Consulate, 300 Montgomery. Brazil commands the UN military force in Haiti. In San Jose, people will gather from 5pm to 6pm at the South end of Cesar Chavez Plaza, Corner of Market and San Carlos Streets.


Peru, 06.02.2007 19:10

Sabado 28 Octubre 2006 | Asesinan a compañero de Indymedia en Mexico
Oaxaca sangra.

How to Revive a Spiritually Dead America in One Easy Lesson!

Baltimore, 06.02.2007 19:09

America is going down the toilet! Question: What are you going to do about it? The Russian writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, urged his people, in 1974, to take on the Stalinists remnant and to “Live Not by Lies.” Today, America is languishing under the Bush-Cheney Gang, Masters of Deception. “Obedience to lies,” Solzhenitsyn said, robs a people, keeping them “in the herd and a coward.” Remedy--”Live by the truth...It is the only [choice] for a soul.”

Lt. Ehren Watada Court-Martial Begins

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2007 16:39

Jeff Paterson reports that Monday morning's "proceedings covered numerous defense motions, including a few related to what the military judge Lt. Col. John Head despairingly referred to as the 'Nuremberg Defense.' All motions, 'DENIED', cause: irrelevant." Aaron Glantz is covering the trial for KPFA and Free Speech Radio.
Photos | Audio

History Recalls and Nothing Changes

Boston, 06.02.2007 16:09

From January to February Northeastern University hosted History Recalls, an exhibit addressing the effects of conflict and war through an international collaboration of artists. Currently the exhibit features the work of four artists who focus their diverse experiences on Lebanon and Iran. Artist and organizer Naveed Nour wants to create a venue to bring together the multiple perspectives about conflict. The exhibit has just finished its run in Boston, and the collaborative effort plans to include more artists while traveling to Australia, as well as other points.

The two anarchist hunger strikers are being released

Athens, 06.02.2007 16:09

After 70 days of hunger strike, for being detained awaiting trial

Industrial Transformation District - A Back Door for Development With No Community Input?

Philadelphia, 06.02.2007 06:09

VIDEO: Rev. Billy arrest 2/3/07

NYC, 06.02.2007 05:11

On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 3, Reverend Billy was arrested as he theatrically exorcised the cash register at Astor Place Starbucks. He was joined by the Church of Stop Shopping, along with supporters.

3rd Annual Israeli Apartheid Week - NYC - Feb 10-17

NYC, 06.02.2007 05:11

Israeli Apartheid Week will be a weeklong series of events held concurrently in different cities around the world to contribute to a growing public discussion of Israel as an apartheid state and to gather support for the international boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign called for by more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations in July, 2005.

Day 75 of Hunger-Strikes at Canada's &quot;Guantanamo Bay&quot; Prison

NYC, 06.02.2007 05:11

WEDNESDAY, 7 February 2007

Canada's Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister seems to think that human rights violations are okay as long as prisoners have access to chocolate sauce. Canada has its own mini-version of Guantanamo bay, a new six-cell prison that was opened in April 2006 specifically for immigrants and refugees who are detained without charge or trial, under secret evidence, indefinitely, under threat of deportation, to places where it has been recognized that they are at risk of torture.

Canadian Consulate General - New York City
1251 Avenue of the Americas
Concourse Level
New York, New York
Tel: 1 (212) 596-1628
Fax: 1 (212) 596-1790

Unlawful Anti-Union Retaliation Continues In the Brooklyn Food Industry Warehous

NYC, 06.02.2007 05:11

At 5:00 AM Monday December 18, 2006 IWW members from Top City Produce, along with a delegation of IWW members marched on Top City Produce to demand justice. Workers at Top City refused to go to work until the boss agreed to obey the law and start paying minimum wage and overtime. That afternoon workers at top city went back to work after the boss agreed to start paying the legal wage and open dialogue to discuss owed back wages.

On Saturday February 3rd workers were all suspended from work. The bossed handed each workers a letter saying Top City Produce will close from February 3 rd until February 24th in order to restructure to be able to pay off debts. Another 6 workers are jobless in retaliation for organizing a union, enforcing minimum wage laws, and demanding respect. For background info about the organizing drive among immigrant workers in the Food Warehouses check out

E2=SF VisionBROWARD Community Leadership Forum Feb 8 - 9 (Economy &amp; Environment)

Miami, 06.02.2007 05:09

E2=SF VisionBROWARD Community Leadership Forum Feb 8 - 9 (Economy & Environment)

Critical Mass Miami: Saturday, February 10th we ride again!

Miami, 06.02.2007 05:09

Critical Mass Miami: Saturday, February 10th we ride again!

Vicdani ret: İşkence

Istanbul, 06.02.2007 03:39

Vicdani retçi Halil Savda'ya işkence

Two days of action target climate criminalsOver the weekend actions up and down the country and beyond, have targeted dangerous ‘greenwash’ desperately pushed by corporations and politicians. The actions come in the wake of the Intergovernmental Panel on

United Kingdom, 06.02.2007 03:08

Over the weekend actions up and down the country and beyond, have targeted dangerous ‘greenwash’ desperately pushed by corporations and politicians. The actions come in the wake of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report released on Friday which warns of world temperature rises of as much as 6.4C by the end of the century. The reports findings show a 4 degree rise would mean a 10% loss in global food production due to draught, increased flooding, water shortages, and an increased risk of diseases such as malaria. Most frightening of all, we risk run away climate change. While the world wakes up to the magnitude of climate chaos, Shell and Exxon Mobil last week announced record breaking profits. With the figures laid out so clearly the nauseating hypocrisy spouted by corporations and politicians has spurred action from Paris to Aberdeen.

LINKS actions: shell wildlife photography sponsorship - background, press release, action photos video plane stupid (newswire report? previous plane stupid actions?) glasgow edinburgh greenpeace (newswire report?) text of IPCC report Climate camp : 2006 indymedia page, 2007 camp is 14th to 21st August next organising meeting is in Leeds 17th-18th February http://

Thank You Ehren Watada Rally Brings Thousands To the Streets Near Ft. Lewis

Portland, 06.02.2007 02:39

It feels like about 7000 of us are here rallying to stand up for LT Watada at the beginning of his court martial. But that's hard to tell for sure because we're in three different places over 60 acres of land or so and walking to and fro perpetually. More are coming in still from all over the country as well.

more pics from Watada rally | Others Face a Similar Fate as Lt. Watada | A Father's Grief read more >>

Watada Trial Update #1

Lt. Ehren Watada's court martial trial began at 9:30 am today, February 5, 2007, at Fort Lewis, Washington. Here is the first video update here on the ground, which shows the morning's scene of supporters, including Sean Penn who is interviewed in this piece, flooding in to support Lt. Watada.

Lt. Ehren Watada's Trial Update #2

Occupation of Mt. Augustus Begins

Aotearoa, 06.02.2007 02:09

Members of the Save Happy Valley Coalition have begun an occupation of Mt. Augustus in an attempt to stop state-owned coal miner Solid Energy from continuing its activities in the area. For several months now, the coal miner has been blasting an area that is habitat to the critically endangered snail Powelliphanta Augustus and the Great Spotted Kiwi. The occupation is on Department of Conservation land but falls within the mining company's blasting exclusion zone and is aimed to force an immediate cessation of blasting activities.

"We aim to provide respite to the snails and kiwi that are otherwise being blasted by state owned coal miner Solid Energy. Ultimately, we work to protect the last habitat of this species, and so ensure it is not wiped off the face of the earth." (SHVC Media Release)

According to the NZ Herald, Solid Energy has rejected the claim that protesters have forced a halt to its operations, but it is unclear if they mean Stockton mine in general or Augustus in particular.

This latest action by the Save Happy Valley Coalition comes just over a week after 60 people tramped into nearby Happy Valley, also threatened by Solid Energy, to celebrate the one year anniversary of their occupation of the Valley, claimed to be the longest-running environmental occupation in Aotearoa's history. At this point, no attempts to mine Happy Valley have been made by the coal miner.

Links: Save Happy Valley Coalition | Mt. Augustus Campaign Information

Artichoke Food Co-op

Worcester, 06.02.2007 01:40

Artichoke Food Co-op Celebrates Five Years!

Olla Popular

Worcester, 06.02.2007 01:12

Olla Popular celebra su inauguración

Abbie Hoffman Remembered in Worcester

Worcester, 06.02.2007 01:12

Worcester Remembers Abbie Hoffman

ICE protest

Houston, 06.02.2007 00:09

Melt The ICE: Protest against immigration raids

January 07

Houston, 05.02.2007 23:38

January 07

Migrant March II Update

San Diego, 05.02.2007 23:09

MARCHA MIGRANTE II is a caravan traversing the entire MEXICO/US border from San Diego (Feb 2) to Brownsville Texas (Feb 9) and back (Feb 17). The caravan will gather stories along the border journey and share these stories at the People's Immigration Hearing in San Diego on the 17th as well as take these stories directly to Washington DC. The goal is humane and comprehensive immigration reform.

Initial Reports: (via Enrique Morones, Border Angels) San Diego (2/2): We planted the first of 4400 crosses and honored Oscar Garcia Barrios killed at border May 18th, 2006 as a very emotional letter was read (by Micaela Saucedo) from his mother. We then said good bye to all and 25 autos joined the MARCHA MIGRANTE II as we headed to our first stop the Holtville cemetery. Holtville (2/2): We planted 440 crosses for the unidentified but not forgotten migrants buried there. Yuma (2/3) We were met by 100 local community members and we placed 100 crosses for those that have died in the region the last 2 years alone. Phoenix (2/3): In the evening 500 people met us as we camped out and joined Elias Bermudez and other Arizona locals on a "fast for justice" 464 more crosses on the fences surrounding the camp site. Tucson (2/4): Isabel Garcia shares two heartbreaking stories of the tragic deaths of two children. Father Carney, Kat Rodriguez, Alexis Mazon and all of us were moved to tears as 12 year old Mathew (the youngest of the caravan group, asked "why we killing all these people" as 200 crosses laid in the middle of our circle. Douglas (2/4): Deliver supplies to migrants and to remember the tragic murder of Francisco Javier Dominguez (killed in the region, last month).

--Read More-- | Marcha Migrante II Schedule

MI6 Iran Disinfo: The Prelude to War?

United Kingdom, 05.02.2007 22:39

Campaign Iran has pointed out that the current media spin about Iran, some of which appears to originate from MI6, bears more than a passing resemblance to the WMD hype that preceded the ongoing slaughter of 650,000+ Iraqis. So are we on the verge of a massive escalation of the criminal US-UK imperial war?

There have been many warnings [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] about the possible use of US or Israeli nuclear weapons against Iran. Furthermore, Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research has warned that this is just one part of the US "military roadmap" for the Middle East [ text | video | audio ], while Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed wrote last summer that the war had already started.

Needless to say, a war on Iran would be illegal, and would only add to the long list of war crimes that Bush, Blair and their conspirators are guilty of. But then, what would legality matter if we became a planet of the nuclear dead?

Read: Selected Articles on the Proposed US-Israeli Nuclear War on Iran | Articles on the looming war with Iran | Middle East: Cradle or Graveyard of Empire? | Indybay feature: The US gears up for war with Iran

Liege, 05.02.2007 16:37

Depuis la mi-décembre, pas un jour ne passe en Grèce sans voir une ou plusieurs actions de solidarité avec Tarassio Zantarozni, en grève de la faim depuis le 29/11/2006, et Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos, depuis le 15/12/2006.


Valencia, 05.02.2007 16:37

El proper 7 de febrer es celebrarà el judici a la Ciutat de la Justícia de València. S’acusa els tres joves, militants del SEPC i Maulets, de faltes per lesions i amenaces, Alerta Solidària convoca a la concentració que, en suport d’aquests joves, es celebrarà el mateix dia 7 de febrer a les 11:30 hores a les portes de la Ciutat de la Justícia de València.
Comunicats de denuncia de les organitzacions de l'EI Comunicat de premsa de Maulets. Judici contra tres militants independentistes (07.02.2006) ++ Crida del SEPC a la concentració convocada per Alerta Solidària el proper 7 de febrer a la ciutat de la justícia de València ++ Comunicat d'Endavant(OSAN) arran del judici del 7 de febrer contra 3 militants independentistes ++ CAJEI-Comunicat de suport als tres independentistes encausats al judici del proper 7 de febrer a València ++ Jutgen tres estudiants independentistes pels fets ocorreguts durant les eleccions a la Universitat de València


Valencia, 05.02.2007 16:37

El próximo 7 de febrero se celebrará el juicio a la Ciudad de la Justicia de València. Se acusa los tres jóvenes, militantes del SEPC y Maulets, de faltas por lesiones y amenazas, Alerta Solidaria convoca a la concentración que, en apoyo a estos jóvenes, se celebrará el mismo día 7 de febrero a las 11:30 horas a las puertas de la Ciudad de la Justicia de València.
Comunicados de denuncia de las organizaciones de la EI: Comunicat de premsa de Maulets. Judici contra tres militants independentistes (07.02.2006) ++ Crida del SEPC a la concentració convocada per Alerta Solidària el proper 7 de febrer a la ciutat de la justícia de València ++ Comunicat d'Endavant(OSAN) arran del judici del 7 de febrer contra 3 militants independentistes ++ CAJEI-Comunicat de suport als tres independentistes encausats al judici del proper 7 de febrer a València ++ Jutgen tres estudiants independentistes pels fets ocorreguts durant les eleccions a la Universitat de València

Photos 3000 Dead Memorial in Medford 1/6/07

Rogue Valley, 05.02.2007 13:10

A large gathering of peace activists came together in Medford, Oregon on January 6, 2007 to remember the loss of 3000 United States solidiers in the Iraq War.

Click on any photo to make it larger

Peace Demonstration - BANDON, OR!

Portland, 05.02.2007 10:40

Cruising down 101 to the Redwoods when VFP flags were seen ahead!

In Bandon, Oregon (southern Oregon coast), the Veterans for Peace and other peace-loving folks have been holding a weekly demonstration for some time. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the gathering.

As my daughter and I were heading from Portland to Aracata, I noticed the glorious VFP flags waving on Friday afternoon/early evening. I pulled over, parked, took out my signs, and joined them.

Массовый арест рады &quot;Молодого Фронта&quot;

Belarus, 05.02.2007 10:37

Минобразования: в 2007 году в вузах Беларуси будет сокращено 700 бюджетных мест

Belarus, 05.02.2007 08:37

February 6th Press Conference and Fundraiser for Josh Wolf

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2007 07:39

On Tuesday, February 6th, a noontime press conference in support of Josh Wolf will be held on the steps of the San Francisco Courthouse at 1 Carlton B. Goodlett Place. A benefit for Josh's legal defense will be held on Tuesday night from 8:00pm until late, at House of Shields, 39 New Montgomery St in SF. The Free Josh Coalition says that Josh has become the longest-imprisoned journalist who has ever been held on contempt charges in the United States.

Global warming facts obscured by politics

DC, 05.02.2007 06:11

"73 percent of all respondents* perceived inappropriate interference with climate science research in the past five years." - "Atmosphere of Pressure" Based on a survey of hundreds of federal climate scientists, the new report Atmosphere of Pressure by UCS and the Government Accountability Project finds wide-ranging political interference in research related to global warming. The report supplements these survey results with dozens of in-depth interviews to detail how climate science is increasingly being tailored to suit political goals. Atmosphere of Pressure (pdf) Systematic Interference with Science at Interior Department Exposed || The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

Hillary &quot;explains&quot; her vote for war

DC, 05.02.2007 06:11

With respect to whose responsibility it is it to disarm Saddam Hussein, I just do not believe that given the attitudes of many people in the world communtiy today that there would be a willingness to take on very difficult problems were it not for the United States' leadership, and i'm talking specifically about what had to be done in Bosnia and Kosovo, where my husband could not get a security council resolution to save the Kosovar Albanians from ethnic cleansing, and we did it alone as the United States – and we had to do it alone. Hillary Clinton, at a meeting with members of Code Pink, Washington, DC, March 2003 Hear Hillary "Explain" Herself, via YouTube

March for Immigrant Rights in Richmond VA

DC, 05.02.2007 06:11

The journey for Immigrant Justice kicked off on Friday, including a loud and enthusiastic march on Saturday from Monroe Park to the state capitol. Mexican Sin Fronteras (Mexicans without Borders), the Virginia Justice Center, the Defenders and Virginia Anti-War Network were among the groups coordinating these four days of events. Over 50 bills are before the state legislature and more than 40 of those bills are deemed anti-immigrant by the Journey for Immigrant Justice. These forty bills before the General Assembly deny in state tuition to immigrants, make it a misdemeanor to be undocumented, require nonprofits to check legal status for anyone they service, and allow local police much more authority in regulating immigration.

From the Newswire

Perth, 05.02.2007 06:11


Maori Flags over Aotearoa this Waitangi Day

Aotearoa, 05.02.2007 04:09

Spokesperson for Te Tino Toa, Teanau Tuiono said 'its nothing new for indigenous peoples to be ignored and our aspiration stifled by the Government and their agencies -that has never stopped us'.

'This Waitangi Day we are calling for all people to fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag wherever they are to show their support for indigenous rights here in Aotearoa'

'Indigenous brothers and sisters from the Aboriginals to the Navajos have said they will fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag in solidarity'

'The flag symbolises the struggle for Maori self-determination and embodies the hopes we have for future generations as a thriving indigenous nation'

'The flag is an embodiment of what we as indigenous peoples wear on the inside, our history and our future.'

Links: Maori Independence Site | Aocafe | What is Tino Rangatiratanga? | Maori News

Resumen Informativo

Argentina, 05.02.2007 03:38

Noticias Destacadas

The Cocheco Waterfront Development Plan is an Unoriginal Project of Gentrification

New Hampshire, 04.02.2007 23:10

Condos, townhouses, and yuppie art galleries are not the way to distinguish Dover from any other waterfront mill town on the rebound.

virinoj (eo)

Barcelona, 04.02.2007 21:08

Ni ne plu esperas iri al la ĉielo, ni volas esti ĉie ajn: Maaaaaaaambo>>>

La Tri Magoj kaj la plej antikvaj deziroj por la nova jaro alportis nin la vakigon kontraŭleĝan kaj senanoncitan de la feminisma domo Mambo kaj ankaŭ de "Can Mireia". Politikistoj, katalunaj kaj hispanaj policanoj, diktatoroj, papoj, diversaj ŝtatestroj kaj reĝoj helpis nin senesperiĝi pri la ĉielo, jam post longa tempo ni volas esti ĉie ajn!

Kroniko de la vakigo de Mambo: Komuniko de Mambo pro la vakigo + Apoga alvoko la vakigan tagon + Alvoko dum la vakigo + De kiam estis inaŭgurita + De kiam estis okupita: certe oni ankoraŭ kuiras ion...

[12gen] 20h Gat del Raval: Ago-Manifestacio proteste kontraŭ la vakigo

rilataj novaĵoj: klarigante la aferon: anarkifeminismo ::: po 4 inoj el miliono estas murditaj far sia am-paro en la Hispana Ŝtato ::: Feminisma lukto antaŭen! ::: Joan Saura "la Vakiganto" ::: Hereu cenzuras la proteston kontraŭ la loĝejo ::: loĝej-rajto povus esti reklamaciita ĉe la francaj kortumoj :::

Oni vakigis Can Mireia-n!

[13an jan] je la 18a en placo de la Trini: Amasiĝo kontraŭ la vakigo de Can Mireia-n

+ infoj : mambo + girlswholikeporno + >>>inoj

tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 04.02.2007 21:08

Ni horizontaligu la Mondan Socian Forumon [20a ĝis 25a januaro]

FSM alispeca tutmondiĝo? + Monda Socia Forumo aŭ la moderna religia liturgio + FSM 2007, Kenio-Najrobo. Indymedia kaj la Sociaj Centroj + Imc Radio apogo al WSF 2007 de Kenio + Arkivo kie oni enmetos la aŭdio-registradojn en malsamaj lingvoj kunlaborante kun IMC + La Afrika Indymedia konferenco bezonas vian subtenon + Aŭskultu kun AMARC la sociajn alternativojn de la 7a Monda Socia Forumo + Ĝeneralaj Celoj deklaritaj por la Monda Socia Forumo 2007 + "Ecologistes en Acció" (Agantaj Ekologiistoj) + La MSF estas ekspansianta spaco + MSF 2007 (Najrobo) vizitas Katalunion

wsf global radio nodes

[20a la 24an de januaro] Apogo de Radio ((i)) al MSF 2007 :
Najrobo + Dublino + Barcelono (en la angla)
en - ca - es --- Instrukcioj por agordi
[16a ĝis 23a] Veno al "La Quimera" por kunlabori!!

+infoj :: indymedia + Indymedia Kenio + ((i)) radio + La Quimera + + imc-madiaq + tutmongo

NHK Found Guilty of Censoring Women's Tribunal/「NHK番組介入裁判」に全面勝訴

Japan, 04.02.2007 19:07

In a closely watched court-case, the Tokyo High Court found the public broadcaster had bowed to political pressure and distorted a program about the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery, in which the late emperor Hirohito had been found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Over 1000 Military Personnel Call for Withdrawal from Iraq

Richmond, 04.02.2007 18:09

"As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to support the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq . Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home."

A press conference was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Norfolk on January 15, 2007 (Martin Luther King Day) to formally announce a military "Appeal for Redress" in connection with the conduct of the Iraq War. Members of active duty military and National Guard, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Veterans for Peace (VFP), Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) and the Virginia Antiwar Network (VAWN) were among those who spoke to the public and press. || View photos by Garrie Rouse

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