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Mt. Hood Recreation Sites Threatened for Closure

Portland, 09.02.2007 11:40

The Forest Service is beginning the "Recreation Site Facility Master Planning" process on Mt. Hood. The RS-FMP process was conceived by top Forest Service officials in Washington D.C. (not at the Mt. Hood Forest level) between 2000 and 2003, with no public process or congressional oversight. The result, as seen on forests that have already completed the process in Colorado, is 1) campsites and other facilities that are not a priority are being shut down; or 2) sites are being converted to private concessionaires or Forest Service pay sites. Mt. Hood National Forest is beginning this process with two workshops. Join Bark and other concerned Oregonians at these meetings and help say "NO" to recreation closures and raise the real problem: congress and the administration defunding recreation on Mt. Hood National Forest. read more >>

Washington County Peace Vigil 2-7-07

Portland, 09.02.2007 11:40

Over 70 people assembled tonight to voice their disgust and frustration with their senate, congress and president. The Iraq occupation is not going well folks. As I post, an aircraft carrier strike force is cruising to the Persian Gulf. The newest sign tonight was held by two young girls. The sign said, "VOTE". Another high school student from Madras, Oregon came with his dad and his new sign. Gordon Smith: We are watching your voting record. Greg Walden: Oregonians are watching you and your voting record with this current cabal. Oregonians will be on the streets of Portland March 18 at 1:30 pm (Sunday) on the 4th anniversary of Chimpy's launch of this illegal war, invasion and occupation. Any elected official (local, state and federal) that supports this policy is pathetic. Continue to go against the grain of the majority of Oregonians and you will be voted out! Feel free to participate to any local, state and regional vigil and protest action. As a dad of an active naval officer, I am sickened by this 4 year failure of presidential imcompetance. The soldiers, air personnel and sailors want to come home now.

Rad Camp is Coming

Houston, 09.02.2007 10:39

Radical Encuentro Camp takes on Climate Change

Pirates of the Southern Ocean: Sea Shepherd uses direct action against whalers

Aotearoa, 09.02.2007 07:41

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter have been engaged in militant confrontation with the Japanese whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru since 0530 Hours this morning.

During the confrontation which happened in fog one of the Sea Shepherd's inflatable Zodiac boats and the two crew members onboard were lost at sea. However the boat was recovered after seven hours with the crew members safe and sound.

The pirates of the Sea Shepherd, during the confrontation with Japanese whaling vessel the Nisshin Maru, "successfully delivered six liters of butyric acid onto the flensing deck of the Nisshin Maru. This "butter acid" is a nontoxic obnoxious smelling substance. The foul smell has cleared the flensing deck and stopped all work of cutting up whales." Sea Shepherd crew members also used nail guns to secure metal plates over the drain outlets that let off the whale blood that accumulates on the whalers deecks. The confrontation allowed a pod of whales in the area to escape.

Sea Shepherd News: Whalers Activities Disrupted by Sea Shepherd | Sea Shepherd Searches for Two Missing Crewmembers | Japanese Whaling Fleet Forced to Run from Sea Shepherd

Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Melbourne, 09.02.2007 07:41

Sea Shepherd Engages Japanese Whaling Fleet

Feb Peace News

Houston, 09.02.2007 05:08

February 2007

Mass media mergers, more lies on the way

Aotearoa, 09.02.2007 04:10

Reports that newspaper giant Fairfax is considering the purchase of CanWest Media’s radio and tv holdings in New Zealand is yet another example of the consolidation of all mass media into a handful of multinational corporations. Such corporations have little interest in creating a ‘public sphere’ of debate and discussion through their media channels. Rather, they seek only to maximize their profit margin by selling audiences to advertisers through ever more sensationalised reporting. Fairfax owns nine daily NZ newspapers including The Dominion Post and The Press (Christchurch) newspapers, over 60 community newspapers and a string of popular monthly magazines including FHM, New Zealand Gardener and Cuisine. It is an Australian company that has significant control over the major markets there, including ownership of the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne) and The Australian Financial Review. At the end of 2006, Fairfax further expanded its empire and diminished the diversity of voices in the Australian media through its takeover of the Rural Press that operated over 170 regional titles and printing operations in all States of Australia and the ACT. Links: News media ownership in NZ | How to use Indmedia

Piquetes en Chaco / Qadhuoqte

Argentina, 09.02.2007 02:08

Smoke and Mirrors:

Cleveland, 08.02.2007 23:38

Smoke and Mirrors: Mittal Steel's Playbook to Cover Up Their Pollution

Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca

Cleveland, 08.02.2007 23:38

Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca Take Over

Philadelphia rally in support of Lt. Ehren Watada

Philadelphia, 08.02.2007 23:08

Local activists protest international diamond conference in NYC

Philadelphia, 08.02.2007 23:08

The Anti war movement and the media: Boston welcomes David Barsamian

Boston, 08.02.2007 22:09

On Wednesday, January 31, 2007, Boston had the pleasure of welcoming David Barsamian alongside community members and activists for a round table discussion hosted by Suren Moodliar from Encuentro 5. The topic of the night’s gathering? The anti-war movement and the media.

Sen. Coburn promises he will not run again if ethics law passed

Oklahoma, 08.02.2007 20:38

Term expires in 2010 Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, R-Muskogee, was interviewed on the C-Span program "Q & A" on Sunday, Feb. 5. On the C-Span program "Q & A" on Sunday, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn (R-Muskogee) told host Brian Lamb that he feels so strongly about the dangers of the ethics bill recently passed by the Senate that he will not seek a second term if it is enacted. "If this becomes law, I will guarantee you I won’t run again. I’m not about to put what I’ve worked for, for 35 years as a physician and a businessman, at risk, so I can represent the people. I will say I’m cashing it in. We’ve just imploded ourselves." Coburn believes such a law would subject elected officials to expensive law suits from critics, and be a deterrent to future candidates. The House of Representatives also took up ethics reform in the past month, but there, new standards were adopted as rules, rather than federal legislation. The House would have to approve the Senate version for it to become law. Sen. Coburn's first term expires in 2010.   The interview also addressed Coburn's well-publicized propensity to hold (prevent from reaching the floor) bills proposed by other Senators with which he disagrees. Noting the antagonizing nature of such actions, Lamb asked Coburn how he was treated in the Senate dining room. The senator acknowledged that "there is occasional coldness," adding, "That’s OK. That’s a small price to pay, if in fact, we fix the problems that are in front of us. It's not about me." Read Tulsa World story  C-Span video and full transcript available at the link below: 

Fugazi's Ian MacKaye Straightens Out City Council on Clubs

DC, 08.02.2007 20:11

The DC City Council is seriously considering a bill that would end a hallmark of the DC music scene, the "all ages show," by restricting patrons under 21 years of age into clubs. Fugazi's Ian MacKaye tells them why it's wrong. Hear Ian Jerk the City Council's Ass Into Line, via YouTube

Al Gore Training Project Taps Local Instructor as Global Warming Messenger

Oklahoma, 08.02.2007 20:08

Oklahoma City resident Joel Baker has recently completed a rigorous training program led by former Vice President Al Gore to spread the message about the threat of and solutions to global warming. Joel Baker, of Oklahoma City, recently participated in a training program led by the former Vice President and noted environmental activist. Baker has a new web site and is available for presentations about global warming. Oklahoma City resident Joel Baker has recently completed a rigorous training program led by former Vice President Al Gore to spread the message about the threat of and solutions to global warming. "Joel is an outstanding example of the millions of Americans who have been energized by the call to action on the climate crisis,” said Gore. “We are so pleased that he has made a serious commitment to this challenge by coming to Nashville to become part of this unprecedented grassroots effort.” “Mr. Baker will be spending the next year making presentations in and around Oklahoma City, discussing how individuals and businesses, schools, and other organizations can be a major part of the solution to the growing crisis of global warming,” continued Gore. Joel Baker was part of a select group of individuals chosen to receive this important training Jan 4-6. Each trainee took part in an intensive tutorial about issues surrounding global warming, led by Gore and a team of renowned scientists and environmental educators. In addition, each received technical training to become experienced presenters of a version of Gore’s computer-based slide show, which became the basis of his best-selling book and documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Mr. Baker has been hard at work setting up his website to help people in the OKC area educate themselves, find answers to questions, read newsletters, and even communicate with him about scheduling a presentation for their group or school.


Colombia, 08.02.2007 19:39



Uruguay, 08.02.2007 19:09

Se agudiza conflicto en Medio Oriente

Personal Care Assistants Unite for Improvements

Richmond, 08.02.2007 18:09

Personal Care Assistants announced a new Professional Association made up of caregivers to the General Assembly on Wednesday. Caregivers from across the state joined the people they care for, seniors and people with disabilities, to speak to their state representatives on Wednesday, February 7th. Care givers work hard every day to help their consumers live independently at home, but they are faced with many challenges.


Portugal, 08.02.2007 17:39


Movement for Justice in El Barrio presents &quot;Message from the Zapatistas&quot;

NYC, 08.02.2007 16:39

Movement for Justice in El Barrio is a grassroots organization of Mexican immigrants fighting against gentrification in El Barrio and is part of the The Other Campaign. In November, a delegation from Movement for Justice in El Barrio screened a video message from Mexican immigrants in NYC to the Zapatistas for Subcomandant Marcos. He responded in this interview with a message for Mexican immigrants and the Other Campaign in New York!

Local activist Daniel McGowan needs your help

NYC, 08.02.2007 16:39

Daniel McGowan needs letters of support written to his sentencing judge. Info below.

Blairmont Site Assembly Heading to the Long Final March

Saint Louis, 08.02.2007 15:09

. Has Paul McKee's Blairmont juggernaut slowed? Not likely. However, word on the street is that they various active purchasing companies — including Sheridan Place LC, MLK 3000 LLC and Dodier Investors LLC — are making contracts with close dates as far off as May. The hold-up may be due to capital flow issues, or perhaps it's a strategic timing to avoid greater scrutiny in the wake of recent publicity. Read on for the latest on Blairmont's landbanking in North St. Louis.

Indymedia ha qualche problema...

Switzerland, 08.02.2007 15:07

In questi giorni indymedia potrebbe avere qualche problema tecnico, in particolare relativo alla visualizzazione delle immagini. Li risolveremo il prima possibile!

Genova: riparte il processo a 25 attivist*

Switzerland, 08.02.2007 14:37

Il 16 Gennaio il processo contro 25 attivisti accusati di "saccheggio e devastazione" durante il summit del G8 tenuto a Genova nel Luglio 2001 è stato riaperto dopo un lungo rinvio dovuto alla decisione di cambiare alcuni giudici della Corte. Le udienze dovrebbero continuare per un mese, fino al 16 Febbraio.

Il primo testimone è stato l'ufficiale di polizia Zampese, che al tempo aveva scritto una cronologia degli eventi avvenuti durante il summit. Era già stato ascoltato l'11 Ottobre 2005. Secondo lui, il G8 è stato "devastato" da attivisti violenti, la polizia non ha agito contro la gente, nessuno è stato picchiato e nessuno è stato ferito dalla polizia.
Supporto Legale è l'associazione che sta sostenendo tutti gli attivisti sotto processo, così come i procedimenti legali contro i poliziotti accusati di violenza, tortura e abuso di potere. Supporto Legale denuncia il modo in cui le udienze sono tenute e l'uso di Zampese come testimone.

Inoltre, il 17 Gennaio, c'è stato un nuovo sviluppo nel processo contro i 29 poliziotti accusati di falsificazione delle prove e diffamazione, connesse alla violenta incursione militare effettuata dalla polizia nella scuola Diaz, dove gli attivisti di Genova dormivano e lavoravano durante il G8. Due molotov, che erano inizialmente state usate come prove dell'atteggiamento violento di una parte degli attivisti che stavano nella scuola Diaz, ma che si era successivamente scoperto essere state messe lì da membri della polizia, sono ora scomparse. Il processo è stato fermato, in attesa del ritrovamento delle molotov. Nel frattempo si aspetta un intervento del Parlamento italiano, la cui richiesta di un'inchiesta parlamentare sul G8 era stata bloccata dal precedente governo di centrodestra, perchè l'istituzione di tale inchiesta sia riproposta al nuovo governo.

L'appello per un'inchiesta parlamentare rappresenta una crescente richiesta di diritti umani, contro l'inumana detenzione di massa dei migranti e contro la brutalità della polizia in Italia.

Oltre ad Haidi Giuliani, un'altra importante voce che ancora chiede una spiegazione è la madre di Federico Aldrovandi, un ragazzo picchiato a morte dalla polizia i cui assassini sono stati recentemente sottoposti a processo.

Licei: l’ossessione delle riforme

Switzerland, 08.02.2007 14:07

Siamo in un periodo di riforme scolastiche non c’è dubbio!
Risale solo al ’95 l’ultima riforma degli studi liceali, la valutazione sull’ottenimento o meno dei risultati sperati dalla riforma non è ancora terminato, ciò nonostante, le pressioni di alcuni ambienti, soprattutto dei politecnici, ha spinto il dipartimento degli interni svizzero a creare un anno fa un gruppo di lavoro per proporre quella che verrà poi chiamata “kleine Revision”. Di fatto, piccola non lo è affatto, solo il nome pare un ossimoro. Questa riforma a tutti gli effetti è stata elaborata nel giro di sei mesi e quest’estate è stata proposta ai rappresentati dei politecnici e solo in autunno ai direttori liceali. Agli studenti non è mai giunta nessuna informazione, sino a poche settimane fa, quando, per vie traverse, qualche informazione ha cominciato a circolare. Gli studenti si sono ritrovati scandalizzati all’idea che si possa tenere nascosta una proposta di riforma, e arrabbiati per la scoperta che una decisione sarebbe stata presa da lì a pochi giorni dalla conferenza dei ministri dell’istruzione.

La conferenza ha chiesto degli ulteriori approfondimenti su determinati punti quindi attualmente si attendono nuove evoluzioni. Ma l’attenzione resta elevata, anche perché alle porte c’è un altro progetto, quello di armonizzare gli studi a livello svizzero (+info). Le perplessità sono molte, non si comprende bene perché voler mischiare tre riforme differenti.

Le certezze sono poche, ma di sicuro non si può non osservare l’andazzo verso il quale si sta andando. L’obiettivo è quello di rendere il liceo (e la formazione in generale) più selettivo e, per di più, nei modi più artificiosi possibili, di accentuare ulteriormente l’importanza delle materie scientifiche e di inserire nella scuola dei metodi di valutazione che comporterebbero una mole di burocrazia inimmaginabile, e quindi sprechi di soldi, energie e tempo, ma soprattutto un forte rischio di abbassamento del livello culturale del liceo. Si ripropongono in chiave liceale gli stessi limiti della contestata Riforma di Bologna. Gli studenti si stanno riunendo nelle assemblee di sede per comprendere cosa sta succedendo e per decidere il da farsi. Praticamente tutte le assemblee fin qui riunite si sono dette contrarie alla proposta [1 - ] e non si esclude l’intenzione di scendere in piazza. I prossimi mesi, saranno molto accesi, anche perché, i termini di elaborazione o rielaborazione delle varie riforme sono assurdamente brevi.

> Maggiori informazioni sul sito del SISA

February 5 Ft. Lewis Demo/Mistrial - A Short report

Portland, 08.02.2007 13:40

I think the mistrial is the best news possible for this week's trial. The media just finally stopped ignoring this case, expecting a lynching, and now they will have a harder time ignoring the issues that Mr. Watada raises. If there is a new trial, I hope to double our presence at the gate.


related: Ehren Watada Rally Brings Thousands To the Streets | more pics from Watada rally | Others Face a Similar Fate | A Father's Grief | Photogs of Rally in Support of Lt. Watada | More Watada Rally and Vigil Photos | four more pics (watada court martial rally, monday)

Video From the Rally To Support Lt. Watada

Thousands lined the roads, the overpass leading to the gate, and a nearby field where many spoke and sang out their support, often speaking of other resisters who have taken similar stands of conscience, most without the enormous outpouring of support afforded Lt. Watada. None faulted him for this, yet many urged the crowd to educate themselves about some of the other soldiers whose lives have been equally devastated, both by their experiences in Iraq and their treatment by the military machine.

And the high price is paid as well by their families, their wives, children and parents. Many of those who spoke that day were these family members. This is a video of three of these, all women, two mothers and one wife. Their stories are deeply disturbing, and their sacrifices which go far beyond the injustices suffered at the hands of their government, in the name of patriotism and Democracy make a mockery of both.


related: Watada Trial Update #1 | Lt. Ehren Watada's Trial Update #2 | Lt. Ehren Watada Trial Video Update #3

Jakarta Kebanjiran, Lagi !

Jakarta, 08.02.2007 10:11

Delapan Hari Menuju Titik Kejengkelan ...

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.02.2007 08:10

Great Southern Plantations destroying Tiwi Islands

Maywood Residents Confront Police Brutality

LA, 08.02.2007 08:09

Maywood Residents Confront Police Brutality

Fue firmado el decreto provincial de expropiación

Argentina, 08.02.2007 07:38

Rosario: comunidad toba Qadhuoqte logra la propiedad de sus tierras

Fue firmado el decreto provincial de expropiación

Argentina, 08.02.2007 07:08

La comunidad toba-qom Qadhuoqte logra la propiedad de sus tierras


Athens, 08.02.2007 06:39

Εκατοντάδες καταλήψεις και πορείες ενάντια στην εκπαιδευτική μεταρρυθμιση

Invitacion para entrega de Documento.

San Diego, 08.02.2007 04:08

El Planton de Protesta en el Consulado Mexicano, como apoyo a la Novena Megamarcha en Oaxaca el 3 de Febrero, contempla tambien la entrega de un documento de Demandas y Exigencias esta vez al Secretario de Gobernacion.

Proposed Healthcare Budget Cuts Face Protests

Chicago, 07.02.2007 21:09

On January 29, protesters vowed to fight a devastating series of cuts that will close 16 clinics throughout the city (many school-based)and shutter the Mother/Baby Unit at Provident Hospital and the Sengstrack Obstetrics and Pediatrics clinics. The proposed cuts are bound to affect senior citizens and primary caregivers across Cook County. Plans for additional actions are underway.

The battle has only grown more heated in the weeks since, and the fightback is expected to continue down to the wire — the end of February, by which time the County Board must pass the budget by law. The upshot? Nothing is fixed in stone — and the protests are having a growing impact. Read more

Photos / Coverage: 1 | 2 | Video:1

Protestors Greet Bush at Kingsmill

Richmond, 07.02.2007 20:11

Peaceful but determined protestors meet heavy security when Bush comes to Kingsmill on the James to woo House Democrats. It was noon on Feb. 3. Police stood between the demonstrators and the U.S. Presidential motorcade soon to exit from a private, mid-morning meeting between Bush and Democrats from the House of Representatives, whom demonstrators vowed to hold to their election-day mandate to defuse the war in Iraq. "A patriot is mocked, scorned and hated; yet when his cause succeeds, all men will join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” — Mark Twain

“All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds” Demonstration in New York a Success

NYC, 07.02.2007 19:09

The “All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds” demonstration and press conference called by the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) in New York City Monday was a great success. APSC is a white solidarity organization working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Movement.

SMOLKA SMOKED: NYPD Chief Responsible for RNC and Critical Mass Arrest Resigns

NYC, 07.02.2007 19:09

"After 26 years on the police force, two-star NYPD Chief Bruce Smolka is retiring and leaving for a security job at Revlon. The timing of his departure is both striking and curious."

maybe he had a little PUSH!
This news article includes VIDEO!

War Opponents Occupy Congressional Offices

NYC, 07.02.2007 19:09

From Alaska to Washington, D.C. yesterday, peace activists escalated their tactics and occupied Congressional offices, demanding elected officials vote against George Bush,s request of $93,000,000,000 to extend the war.

Anti-War Student Strike At Columbia On Feb. 15

NYC, 07.02.2007 19:09

A coalition of anti-war students at Columbia University and Barnard College issued the following call for an anti-war student strike at Uptown Manhattan's Columbia University on Thursday, February 15, 2007.

VA Senate votes to increase state Minimum Wage!

Richmond, 07.02.2007 18:09

Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, along with Virginia Organizing Project and many other groups, are working to increase Virginia's minimum wage - and having success! The VA Senate voted to increase - now moves to House.

Who Controls the Internet?

Bristol, 07.02.2007 18:07

Discussion at Kebele Computer Workshop Who Controls the Internet? - discussion at Kebele Computer Workshop Kebele writes: Who controls the internet? No one, right? It's all free access, loads of individual portals, the perfect anarchist structure, right? Wrong. The internet is controlled by the US government, and ONLY the US government. Come along to the Kebele Computer Workshop tonight and find out how they do it. This is one of a series of discussions or tutorials held at the Workshop every Wednesday, starting at 7pm at the Kebele Social Centre. It will include other internet-related discussions, such as how to get the most out of your connection. Apologies for the late posting of this, but the discussion will also be repeated at a later date. We will also be offering our usual service of PC repair - see for further details. | Who controls the internet - discussion at Kebele Computer Workshop |Kebele Chess Club - Believe it! | Social centre celebrates outlasting Blair | Related Links: Davos07: Who controls the internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Boston Activists Protest International Diamond Conference in NYC

Boston, 07.02.2007 16:09

Members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement from Boston traveled to New York on Monday to participate in the “All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds” demonstration and press conference called by the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC). APSC is a white solidarity organization working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Movement.

Where Is Everybody? Antiwar Organizers Talks About How To Escalate A Movement

NYC, 07.02.2007 14:09

The current issue of the Indypendent is out! It's full of interviews covering this past week's antiwar rally with analysis of the state of things as the war is escalated. Local reporting on Chavez’s oil for heat program in low income neighborhoods and sleazy landlords in the Bronx. A look at RNC arrest data and the Sean Bell investigation. There are international stories from the WSF in Africa to Thailand fisherman. And in our culture section are reviews by Irina Ivanova and Hueso Taveras covering the lastest books and films. Along with columns by Nicholas Powers and Steven Wishnia.
The PDF|||| Community Calendar|| Hugo Heats Up the City || RNC Data Freed || Cops Face the Grand Jury || Take it to the Bank || HPV and You || Same Clinton, Different Gender || Involuntary Conscription Not So Bitchin' || Escalating the Antiwar Movement || Iraq Anti-War Timeline || Confusion on the Left || Upcoming Antiwar Events || Finding a Visionary Narrative || World Social Forum Goes to Africa || Development or Disaster? || Back In the GDR || A City View of the World's Children || Bosnian War Drawn Out || Bi is Beautiful || Married to the Left || Last Song for Alice Coltrane ||

Camp Quixote in Olympia Given Orders to Shut Down

Portland, 07.02.2007 12:39

On February 1st, the day that the City of Olympia banned sitting, panhandling or performing on the sidewalk, the Poor People's Union set up a tent encampment in downtown Olympia at the corner of Capitol and Columbia. Dozens of local businesses and residents have donated food, clothing and other assorted necessities. People who would have been sleeping outside alone, isolated from any sort of community have now found one.

Today, February 6th, the city manager Steve Hall and the police chief came down to the camp and, after kicking one of our tent poles over, gave us a verbal order to disperse. We need people to call all of their friends, contact as many media sources as possible and generally spread the word. We need people to physically be there for support and to continue what we are doing when some of us are in jail. | read more >>

related: "Homeless" Tent Encampment in Olympia Feb 1 | !Raccoon Radio! - Poverty and Homelessness | Homeless Encampment in Olympia | City Refusing To Talk With The PPU!

From the Newswire

Perth, 07.02.2007 11:10

Free water for BHP Billiton despite $8 billion 6 month profit

Waitangi 07: Tino Rangatiratanga flags around the world

Aotearoa, 07.02.2007 07:11

"As the wild wet winds continue to whip around Waitangi. Feburary 6th 2007 showed that although the flag did not fly on THAT bridge, the Maori Independence Flag, pretty much flew everywhere else" said Teanau Tuiono.

Kiritapu Allan continued "The Tino Rangatiratanga flag symbolises the long tradition of struggle and resistance by Maori against colonisation and the Crown sponsored theft of Maori land and resources. It is a symbol used by Maori who continue to resist the pressures of colonisation and cultural and economic genocide. It is part of the international movement of indigenous peoples drive for self-determination. Such a concept embraces the spiritual link Maori have with 'Papatuanuku' (Earthmother) and is a part of the international drive by indigenous people for self determination."

Links: Aocafe | Te Mana Motuhake Ō Tūhoe | Maori Independence Site | Waitangi a Personal Perspective

Proyecto subRADIO

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2007 06:39

subRADIO: Mesa Redonda Estudiantil

Proyecto subRADIO

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2007 06:09

subRADIO: Mesa Redonda Estudiantil

Proyecto subRADIO

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2007 06:09

subRADIO: Mesa Redonda Estudiantil

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